Derelinquat me gehennam solus


Picking the ball back up

I must apologize to Spud, as I kept dropping that ball I told him I would carry forward. It may be a tad late, but I am going through and doing what I originally intended to do, as best as I can.
Here is the link to James Dakin’s post and a quote from him.

If you’d prefer an easier way to pay, you can PayPal me and I’ll send a check for that amount to Spud. Just make sure to label that particular donation “For Spud” or “Spud Fund” or something similar.

Please help out if you can, Spud was t-boned by a soccer mom while riding his Enduro on an errand run. He had his entire hip rebuilt and is laid up for no less than 6 months with zero income. I am sure there is more to it than just loss of income, but that can be enough by itself.

You’ll have to go to Jim’s site to use that button, I truly suck at the whole HTML thing, but I am sure that Jim won’t mind the added traffic over there.
Thanks to any and all that help out, I know that Spud will appreciate any assist as well.

Where to begin?

A deep thought post for y’all.

How many of you, in your travels, travails, and enjoying of life, have ran across someone so lost in the void, as to be a burden on everything and everyone around them. Persons (loose attribution here) that have been given life, the same as everyone, but so confounded by daily existence, that they can’t even contemplate getting their heads out of their ass.
Sadly, I see this daily. We are given a gift of unimaginable wealth when we are brought into this world, one only need be bold enough to go for broke to achieve that wealth. Throw caution to the wind and see what life can really taste like. As the saying goes

for those that will fight for it, life has a flavor the sheltered will never know

I lived with my head up my ass for many years. It was during Desert Storm that I realized (unconciously) that life had far more to offer than those things I had been ‘trained’ all of my life to accept. The 9-5/20+yr career/retire and get a gold watch path for examples(this might fit the bill for some, but like anything in life; your joy, might be my poison). I was suffering from some gastro-intestinal issues while we were under all of those black clouds and could see the oilwell fires all around us, and the thought “so this is what hell is like” passed across my mind. The old me died in that hellhole. No bullets fired, no sudden death by artillery, or slow miserable suffering via nerve agent. Nope, that me died the same way a caterpillar ‘dies’. His ghost still roams certain sections of my mind, but his influence is much much reduced. Since that time, I have had explored my world as much as possible given what opportunities I could grab. I have been accused of fabricating stories at times by people that don’t really know me. All I can say to those people is “believe or don’t, I have my proof in my knowledge and memories”. (I have more than a few mementos as well, but that is another matter)
I think that most people that suffer the above infliction of being stuck in life as they are, have only one real issue: not knowing where to begin. It is one thing that is not taught to us because it goes against the status quo’s agenda. ‘They’ expect and demand that people go by that agenda. ‘Go along to get along’ kinda thing. And that really makes for a lot of lost souls in this world.
I am well on my road of grabbing life for all I can get out of it. It isn’t a monetary quest or materialist rush that drives me. My drive is knowledge and experience. Others will find different drives such as metaphysical quests, or artistic endeavors, but the end result is the same; an enlightened and content person. I really wish more people could say the same. Sometimes, ‘where to begin?’ is the hardest question to find an answer for.

sometimes at night
I see their faces
I feel the traces they’ve left on my soul
Those are the memories
That make me a wealthy soul.

travelin man-Bob Seger
Further thoughts on this subject from a better voice than I.

Sellin the drama

Wishin’ I could sell this one, alas,,,,,

Just ta let y’all know, some jackknob fool blasted his derelict drama into my and my da’s life this past weekend, and while we attempt to clear the air of his putrid existance, posting will be light. Not that it really matters much, as it is that period of the year were readership becomes minimal anyway.
So PM’s out to those that need ‘em. Snake, still working on that mail to ya , plz b patient.
Rusty, ain’t heard from ya recently, heres hopin all is well.

Nope, still nuthin’.

Sorry for lack of posts, jes not a whole lot to say right now. Spud is still in recovery. K, Soffitrat’s wife is under going chemo then a round of rad therapy for breast cancer, so if’n yah can, send a prayer or well wishes as appropriate.
Myself, same ol’ same ol’. Typical questionable drama at work, not knowing if we are holding water or ready to go under in this economy (despite the fact that people are still dying to get into our products,,,). The sawmill is still in “work in progress” status but coming along. R&D is much easier when money isn’t a deciding variable, LOL. All in all, the project is still on the success road. Cost is still under $300 and the goal was to keep it under $500 so I still have some wiggle room if need be. I have another project in the works as well for a foot powered grinder. Found with the machining of pieces for the saw, I have a real need for a water cooled grinder that is not reliant on AC power. (Never have been comfortable mixing iron laden water with house current. Gee, I wonder why? ;-p ) Yup, HSS bits really hate getting heated up during refacing and I have quite few that need attention. This is one project where I already have all I need, I just need t put it all together.
And all of this while watching the world burn. LOL. We certainly do live in interesting times, no?
More when I actually have something to share or raise Kane about.

Flubber and bumbled tinkerin’

Ya gotta love when it all comes together, just to go flyin’part again. Long story short, the recent evolution in the saw mill did not make the survival of the fittest requirement.


BUT, the saw did function well enough to see that the foundation is solid enough. A couple-a-changes in order and then all should be hunky-dory towards when all the logs are in place. The cherrywood I am running testing on has other purposes already in store for it but is tough enough to stress the system in testing. Have a gander of it.

Slowly but surely, this whole project is moving forward. Have been gathering up the stone for the foundation while out walkin the Voo n Jack. They keep me honest about doin so by not allowing me to slack off just because I am beat from work. (They are both slave drivers, I swear!). I should rig up a harness and strap Voo to the cart but I think there would be a quick end to that idea, and not one in my favor.

Anywhoos, the world continues its slow smolder into WWIII and the Islamic world has yet another anniversary to ‘celebrate’ on our doorstep so who knows what the big picture will look like next week. Just keep on preppin however you can and we will get through this, I hope, maybe, God willin.


See, I am not fixated on ‘one way, my way, period!’. I can adapt as need be. In all actuality, this seems to work far better than the wood discs and, other than a big tube of RTV to hold the rubber in the groove, every part was from the wheel itself.

I did use 1″ bar for the shaft and had to set up the 3-1 to turn things down for bearings and boring holes for bolts. Would have been super nice to have the ‘Bend up’n runnin for the threads but alas, far more work for such a short run. (I have to put my toys away as they are not on my playground yet)
I had a post ready to go up of political nature, but news has came out that nullifies it to some extent. I will edit and post later.
Till then. Y’all take care. More later.

More on the saw thingamabobber




As you can see things are coming along. I set up the engine so that I could use the unit as a wood lathe to turn the hubs concentric to the shafts. All was going well UNTIL I put the blade on. Whoops! The shafts are to small and flex inward so the blade pops off. Simple fix but a bit more cash involved for larger bearings. Still under $300 all said and done. Told ya all I was a cheapassfrugal beast.


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