Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

A failure to communicate

Dogs and Cats are notorious for failure to communicate.  Unless they are raised together, the language barrier is immense.  For a dog, raised head and ears and a wagging tail is an invitation to share sniffs and ‘get to know each other’.  For a cat, that swishing tail says ‘I’m irritated as all get out and I am sharp on 5 of my six ends.’ 

Communication requires some common ground between the peeps involved,  whether they be furry and four footed, or stand upright and resemble a sapien. 

Problem these days is that certain factions want to play games with definitions and expect everyone to follow along.  You can not communicate with someone that is reading from a dictionary where the definitions are tossed around all hob nob and scratched out when the definition ‘offended’.

Like the word ‘niggardly’.  That one is a variation on miserly with connotations of vast ignorance, yet in todays day and age, the ‘woke’ only see the first six letters and raise a howling fit to match the songs of the wargs in Tolkiens trilogy. 

Communication is important.  Knowing how someone communicates helps any negotiation.  Currently I have ‘adopted’ two 6 week old toms, similar in fur pattern to Mamakat,  with socks and white under bellies.  Mamakat at first was “aw hell no!!!”, but I had a trick for her.  I took the boys inside while she grumped off i to the woods in disgust, and gave them a quick bath using my soap.  Not enough to soak them down, just to get them smelling more like here and me.  I then took some ashed from the stove and wiped their dampened fur down with that. 

When Mamakat comes back, she will still see ‘intruders ‘, but they won’t smell like intruders, and that is the first step to getting her to accept them. 

Voo doesn’t give a dang one way or the other.  They are way to small to threaten him, and the more rambunctious of the two already curled up with him here on the porch.   Voo just gave me a look like ‘Dad? WTF?’, but didn’t freak, or jump or growl, just a sniff, the look to me, then laid his head back down.  Voo has always been good with littles, both two foot and four foot.  Its the adults that he has issue with, especially around his food bowl. (That, and Buzzards, geez how the boy hates a buzzard, and he can spot them soaring at 1000’+.  I think its from when he was roaming as a stray in central Texas before hooking up with me.  He probably had a run in or two over food with them.)

I am hoping Mamakat accepts these two.  More for her than me.  She has been clingy and depressed since last year when Grizzykat passed on.  She can’t litter anymore: the last Brood damaged her during birth.  She needs a playmate/pride/friends other than me.  I spend way more time away fromnthe house than at, and while Voo is in same boat, he at least roams over to my Aunts during the day and has my dads dog Jack as a buddy.  My Cousin takes all the dogs for a walk to the river every day.    Heck, during the summer months, the dog doesn’t even come home until sunset or even later. He adopted this ‘hollar’ faster than he adopted me.

Communications are breaking down fast. Current Power that wants to Be encourage it, subsidize it, and turn a blind eye to those that are adopting it. They have ruthlessly assaulted thise that still hold to the old dictionary, and recent attacks had a definite ‘probing attack’ feel to them; kind of a Recon by Fire attack.

The ball is rolling, picking up speed, and where it stops, is anyones guess. My only consolation is the same as Sarah keeps berating us with: those at the levers of power have zero clue how to actually run a society and proof positive is in every decades long democrat controlled city.

What is coming is going to be short, and bitter and likely very bloody, but the key point is it will be short. Very possibly shorter than WWII.