Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


😊 I was wrong!

And very happy to say that.

Yesterdays rally in Virginia was a glowing success for pro-gun people. Estimates floating between 22k and 25k people, many openly carrying and not one douchebag throwing a tantrum. If antifa was there, they didn’t pull the usual crap.

But like a friend said in a conversation about it all, ‘the guvna isn’t done yet. Bloomy bought him and wants a return on his investment.’ That part is still up in the air, and the VA dems aren’t out of office. Even if the show yesterday doesn’t inform them their days in office are numbered, they will push the agenda. Suggestion to those there civilly fighting this monster: fight all of the legislation these asshats are proposing, not just the gun stuff. They are proposing law changes to rig elections in their favor. The job ain’t over. Don’t do what the cincy bengals did: have strong start and drop the ball on the second half°. Use the momentum you have.

But I am still happy to say “I was wrong”; I can’t express that enough.😋

° They did this in both superbowls they went to. Both times against the SF 49ers. Great start and then the second half they fizzled and sputtered but could not get it back.

Richmond January 20, 2020.

Looking above at the date, it has an eerie quality to it. 245 years and one day ago, ‘The Shot Heard ‘Round the World’ happened. I spent last night and into this morning pondering the events slated today and can only come up with two possibilities.

1: ain’t a thing gonna happen. This being the fact that saner heads prevailed and managed to get word out in time to tell the pitbulls to stand down.

2: shits gonna hit the fan and there will be two entirely different narratives of what really happened. One from the MSM, and one pieced together from various cellphone footage by people that were near ground zero.

Sadly, I am thinking that option 2 is the rising star on this day.

Is this going to be the next shot heard round the world?

If so, may God forgive us for the things we have to do.

Some thoughts for the grassroots people

You are making headway at the local level. Every week more and more counties are signing on as 2A Sanctuary, even in other states (19 last I read). Even here in KY we are getting 2A Sanctuaries. So why on Gods Green Earth would you want to stop a successful tactic and start playing by rules not written by you? To mix it up in public with other protestors where the Law Enforcement is going to be out in droves, and the likelihood of bad actors getting in is incredibly high, is asking for a butt whoopin’!!! Look on Wikipedia for the events in Charlotte a couple years back. The original event was supposed to be very peaceful but that page shows the negative outcome and has pictures of the fringe element that flipped it over to ‘not peaceful’. There is still some question of the popo having a hand in that, and I’ll give a wooden nickel that they “had orders”,,,

Thats the point though. Why take a play thats working then hand them the opportunity to discredit the whole thing? Bracken covers this in much greater detail, even showing how the whole law thing is gonna have to go through the courts (I know, ‘trust the students to give honest grades’ argument) where it isn’t likely to survive. But if you hand them a chance to make ALL OF US look like “trouble waiting to happen” , then public opinion will hold sway and this shit WILL BE. A DONE DEAL! And then you can count on bullets flying and no support from your local guys that you have tried so hard to acquire recently. That day may be coming, but let US choose the time and place, our rules, not theirs

My two cents that likely no one is going to heed: Do not attend the Richmond event on the 20th. Instead of attending, write a letter (email or snailmail. If snailmail, get it out now so it arrives pre-event.) to those people in power in VA, stating the reasons you chose to not go. Your suspicions of bad actors, your fear of manipulated law enforcement, counter protests that have potential for friction, etc. Cite Charlotte as an example of what you mean. If you are one of the leaders getting things moving, send a copy to the local papers and television stations as well, mark it as a public opinion editorial or what not and send it attention of the editor. Send it to all of them if you can. Make your stand in a peaceful way NOW so that you maintain the high ground. To go to Richmond is to drop into the ditch with the very people you are at odds with. And believe me, they are already there and waiting with buckets of mud and shit to paint you with. .

My second point: I don’t give a rats ass if you ‘like’ to read. You MUST educate yourself and there are damned good reads out there that put forward possible futures and scenarios about this particular 300lb gorilla. Unintended Consequences by John Ross. All three of Brackens EFAD series. And thats just 4 off the top of my head. There are more out there. Yes they are fiction, and hopefully not prophetic in nature. They will give you a chance to ‘see’ scenarios, and that will give you a chance to figure how you would handle the same thing, maybe in a different manner. Some of whats coming at us is out of our control, but how you deal with that is completely your own.

Read. Think. Gather intel, decide, THEN ACT. Stop Reacting like a goosed cow, and don’t attempt to play by their rules.

What of it????

Progress (not progressivism) is measured in time and resources. The resources we use today, are the same as available to cro-magnon man way back when. The only difference is how we use them whereas they didn’t use them. Thats due to technology and progressive growth. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and one of those giants was that cro-magnon man.

That progress is creeping towards my house even as I type. The strip-mine two ridges over is expanding. They have been doing sample core drilling within 100 yards of my house. Nothing that I wasn’t aware of as possible, but it is moving faster than I’d expected. You see, my water source is from a tapped spring underneath a rather large coal seam. There is a shallow mine probably left-over from depression years when people did what they had to. Where that water percolates out pf that location is my source: filtered by sandstone shale and coal. I just store the overflow in a tank that is connected to my house downhill through a 2″ pipe.

If the mine does head my way, my source will be shot as that is the seam they have been drilling to.

No worries as they say, I have options, but the biggest problem will be my location. I live far too close to said encroachment for comfort. They will have to buy me out or forego getting that coal. Its not on my land but well inside legal encroachment laws.

What’s gonna actually happen? I have no clue. No one from said company has approached me, no notices have been posted on my door while I’m out, I just don’t know. Heck, nothing at all may happen as they may decide the gains aren’t adequate for the expense.

Even if they do make the decision to mine and I do get bought out, I will take it as a blessing in disguise. Where will that ‘blessing’ take me? Too early to even contemplate (though I am contemplating, just not making arrangements: not just yet.)

Its progress, you can’t stop it; you just have to adapt to it. To not adapt is to die, and I’m not quite ready for that road. LOL.

Virginia, gun grabbers, and you.

Been watching this and all the grass roots opposition to it in Virginia and KY, as well as others and, while I am no political expert, I see it all playing out exactly how the Leftards want it to play out. (Note to grassroots ppl: do not compromise! Its what they want!)

Its like a screaming brat child: scream yell, kick and throw a tantrum about wanting that bag of cookies on the fridge. Then when mommy gives her one to be quiet, alls good; for now. The leftards are the brat child. And the bag of cookies is total gun confiscation, but they’ll settle down for another year or two if they can get one more little infringement on 2A.

I ain’t playing that game anymore. I’m just one little guy in a big pond of fish, but even I can see that one cookie eventually leads to the whole bag. It doesn’t take rocket surgery to see the end game here. Even now, with all the BS they’ve piled on 2A since the 30’s, a person can still buy a gun without jumping through hoops to do so. Feeding it is almost as easy unless its some truly odd caliber, or full auto, and that last just gets flat expensive in short order. Yes lefties, a body can still buy full auto out of the back of a car in a dark alleyway even now. Its a hell of a lot easier that way than jumping through the legal hurdles and tax stamps and awaiting approval from our “lairds of fairfax” in the ATF.

Its actually much easier to build a full auto open bolt “grease gun” than to make a semi-auto. Accuracy may be lacking, but when you are spraying copious amounts of lead downrange, as Stalin said, “quantity has a quality all its own”.

There are more ways to make a pea shooter than the “lords on high” have any clue about. We spend our hard earned cash on quality because its cheaper that way than going through the methods of building said quality at home. But when all the market options are removed, home brew becomes the norm. You can’t stop the signal! We’ve been here before! Then it was called Prohibition. More recently ‘The War on Drugs’ (hows that working by the way? Seems its yet another bureaucratic nightmare to me.)

So to all the yahoos that think the gun is the problem, keep screaming for your cookie, but know everytime you do, I, and many others will get another longshooter that has no paper trail atttached to it. It ain’t rocket science, even if it is ballistic. We’re being nice right now with all the grassroots stuff. You don’t wanna see momma get mad.

Happy New Years!

To all my readers, I wish for your world to gain a positive momentum for you and yours, and that your dreams and aspirations begin to bear fruit this coming year.

Blogging will continue and likely will be equally sporadic as I am pushing the envelope in other directions. Stay safe out there tonight .


(Snark on full) the lovely people have spoken and wallyworld has pulled ALL vape products from their stock. I mean, why not? A handful of people have died due to use of those products, “we have to keep public health standards” and yet,


There are cartons and cartons of cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, dip and chew, right there as well. Products “known by the State of California ” to cause all sorts of health issues and terminal diseases.

So, you pull the one product that helps people quit a habit, but provide a source for the habit they want to quit. (Snark off) There are ads on u-tube drumming against vaping, and I’d be completely unsurprised if certain big tobacco wasn’t involved in the creation of such. Public issues with one of the product lines was traced back to the fact that they wouldn’t sell out to one of the big names, and as soon as they did, ‘public outcry’ against them ceased.

This begs the question: How much of our social media is actual manipulation by corporate types to herd the people in a direction of the corporate types choosing? How much is state sanctioned manipulation to keep said herd in check?

Rhetorically asked; how legit is what we see and hear now?