Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha



Im still kickin’, just distracted by internal dialogue of ‘what’s eating me?’. Definitely ‘something off’ in me and I need to get it straight.

No need to bore ya in details of the inner workings of an INTJ and self reflection. And no, not suicidal, just “off” a little, and I don’t like it. More like a batch of mediocrity has infested me and I am anything but mediocre,,,,

Not just NO, but ‘F@#k NO!’

Ain’t hurtin’ but ain’t right either

I sure as sh!t am not 20sumpin anymore.

But yesterday’s festivus activities,  ya wouldn’t know I know it

Around 10 people, but B n I started just prior to the Noon marker,  and were cracking the hard stuff by 1400.  By the time people started arriving, we had a hella headstart on things.  

Recall clearly how good the food was, and that it smoothed out the thickened skull feelings, but other things are a little more fuzzy.

Dead soldiers of the evening: one fifth of Knob Creek Bourbon, 1/2gallon of Fireball,(adnd I do recall the last three or for rounds of that, my passing it on without partaking) close to a case of Michelob,,, and to show we have some experiance at this game, many bottles of electrolytes,,,,   and there were several others that were more ‘samplers’ than the main course: two in mason jars,,,

And this went on till just past 0200 this mornin, when I finally crashed, only to rise at 0530, wide eyed and mehbe not so bushy-tailed, but thoroughly functional. now

Its now nearer 1600, and I can tell I am still not operating on all 8 cylinders. Gots an intermittent miss somewhere on the left bank.

And I needed the ‘let your hair down, cut loose a bit’ night, so I am not complainin’. B n I are in full agreement though: next meetup, there’s gonna be a lot LESS of the knob crk, and better moderation for uptake of what we do get.

No one died, we laughed A LOT, and for a day, all of that wasn’t even a blip on the screen. Now, I am drinking fluids, electrolytes, and trying to get that random misfire sorted out.


Maybe its the fact that I have been able to get on the water so much more, but my outlook today, actually surprised me.

It was a simple “We’re winning” thought.

Think about it.  The FRAUD is shitting bricks and trying everything they can to get involved in a major war with Russia (Vodkaman BAD) because that is all they have left.  We gave in to their demands under the Coronaphobia, allowed them to steal an entire government system, even turned a blind eye to the collusion of Pedo-Rings and even though a certain someone was convicted, her list of clients has seemingly NEVER been investigated (because they are all sitting reps in said government system. Betcha!) 

Why are they shitting bricks? 

Because we haven’t begged them to ‘make it all go away’.  We haven’t rushed out and put our homes in hock to buy that electric vehicle (monster 4×4 diesels are still selling faster, as well as the campers to tow behind them.).  We haven’t kneeled at the alter of communism like they fully expected us to do when they rolled over so many Executive orders shuttering commerce and trade, and even with said food shortages, we haven’t rolled over.  

WE ARE STILL ACTING LIKE AMERICANS, and that makes them damned nervous.   Enough that they started pushing the gun thing even though another section of said Gooberment just laid a landmark decision out, totally opposite of that ‘red flag law’ that Turtle boy McConnell showed his true colors with.(among other traitors of the people,,, formerly called Repugnicans.)6114982672942479281891

The FRAUD knows it does not have the support it needs to keep this ball rolling, and while I have no hope that we will ever see another honest election (have we ever seen one in the last 54 years?  I wonder.) THE FRAUD can’t hope to keep enough leverage in place without fully tipping the cards.  They NEED a major war, just like FDR did.   

Funny how that whole shell game keeps coming back around, isn’t it?   

We are winning.   And we just have to be patient.   Keep hacking the local politics, as that is where they are weakest.  The local peeps can’t run and hide like the big-dogs can: and the locals peeps know “we know where you live” isn’t a threat, but a promise that if things get real flaky, someone will pay the bill, other than the taxpayers.   Thats not a bill they want to see in collections with their name on it.

One commenter over at Frans place stated that “if you want to do what the left has done, you have to do it the way they did: take the long walk through the institutions.”   Maybe.   Maybe not.  The Institutions are how they managed to brainwash the majority, but the majority don’t reside in said institutions: they reside in the real world where reality always wins, no matter how much they wish otherwise.  Maybe not all of them come to that moment when they find what they thought they knew ‘just ain’t so”, but a lot of them do.  Those that do, are the ones that have been running for the gun counters and buying up toys they ‘thought’ they despised just a few years prior.     They are the ones that are suddenly silent on FB and Twatter because ‘things aren’t adding up right’.  When an African American offers to buy up Twatter stock to ‘take it back to 1st amendment territory’, and they lose their ever-lovin’ minds over it, you know, THEY KNOW they haven’t one foot on solid reality.   That said AA is also caucasian really perturbs their claims on “virtue identity” and the whole racism crap they spew.

And the whole shrug off of “Pride Month”,,,,    in these parts, NO ONE gives a rats ass.   It’s all about getting on the water, or getting into the woods or the mud trails and ENJOYING LIFE.   So what if its gonna cost three times as much to run the boat for the day, better that then dealing with Libtard fantasies that only make life a misery.   Even I have been saying to hell with it;  I’d rather burn a full tank of gas to go see friends and get some water time in, than dwell in the dystopian mess they WANT and DESIRE.   

All I can say to that ‘want and desire’: We should bring back institutional commitments.  Re-open the asylums and keep these people safe from themselves and us.   Cuz if we don’t separate them and us, someone is gonna get hurt, BAD.  More likely A LOT OF SOMEONES, like nuke-lee-air fried icecream hurt.   






they can crank it to eleven and we are still winning.

they can do all the shenanigans that every tyrant has pulled since Alexander the Great, and we will continue on our way, because we are winning.   
They fail to heed the warnings of history, such as that which led to the King John signing the Magna Carta.

  Its not the leaders that make the power they wield,,,,

Anudder flub

Its Friday, another three day weekend begins and while I have to unload all mu toys for tomorrow (BBQ@B’s and picking up ‘stuff’) i went to Laurel lake to get some paddle tume in.

Went to different location this round: flatwoods boat ramp. Don’t normally hit this’un cuz “pass required ” and I pay plenty in taxes to justify using said ramp on occasion (not like I actually use the ramp, kayaks carry around such just fine) Had some fun , caught some wave action, played with paddle techniques, leaning and edging, caught some more waves, played with sitting atop the kayak with no support (raises CG and makes a tippy kayak even more unstable: good practice for feeling more stable when seated correctly)

And tried, yet again, to get a pic from the water of Blue Jean on the shore (like the pic of Serena in the header). Even with the backlight maxed out, I can NOT see this screen in daylight. Got a great picture of my sprayskirt floating on my front side,,, and another of some of those waves, but no shoreline, no kayak, no love for BlueJean,,,

Mehbe next time,,,

Keith Richards and the end of the world

What if, just as in Noahs day, God were holding back the destruction of the world, waiting for Methuselah to die; only this time around, ‘Methuselah; is Keith Richards,,,,

Just a thought that crossed my mind of late, Thought I would share and give ya all a laugh.

Maybe I should post sumpin,,,

realized today, I hadn’t posted jack since Dad’s day.   

ru-roh, break rule one of blogging, post frequently and often,,,,

Sorry y’all, but I really am not feeling the pull to keep up on this crap anymore.  Maybe this is through osmosis of the general feelings of those around me, or maybe its defeatism writ large: I dunno.

but, what I am seeing here locally is total apathy to anything outside of local politics: almost as if, “Let the fuckers blow it up, we got this here, and they can go to hell in a hand basket for all we care.”


And maybe, just maybe, that is what needs to happen.  Think about it.   ALL, and I do mean ALL of our troubles we are going through current, are because of a renegade gooberment that is obviously out to destroy EVERYTHING that makes this country something good.  And I am using the term ‘renegade’ lightly seeing how I also feel they are illegitimate, fraudulent, and completely anit-Ameri-CAN in all forms.   Our country has been taken over by an enemy power from the inside and ,,,


Ok, that is where I start getting angry.   the ‘And,,,’: toss in “we do NOTHING’ or ‘ we haven’t started shooting the bastards yet’, and I start to fedpoast and to what end?  

High BP and pulse and my gastro-intestinal system starts doing nasty things, best left unsaid.   I get so pissed off, I have heard my shoulders ‘Pop!” as the muscles start straining joints.   Not a good thing. 

And why bother fedpoasting when I have double digit readers that are of like mind and all I am doing is screaming into an echo-chamber.   It does me nothing good, does not sell my books, and I don’t ‘feel better’ when I do: I used to, but the last 2-3 years, the act has turned back on me and made my attitude worse.   And as I said, is making my health worse as well.

Now, if things start getting frisky, I am all in.  May not be the groundpounding Grunt of yesteryears, but I can still hit an 8″ pie plate at 600m with iron sights.  Put me on higher power and glass, that range goes up a couple places.  And I can still hump an old Mosin-Nagant into the woods to leave as a false trail,,,,   If you don’t get the reference, read “Enemies: foreign and domestic”

What I won’t do is jump shark and start a-killin; drawing fire from LEO and TLA’s and a highly toxic and compromised media system.  And that doesn’t even approach the Courts system that is so sideways from the original intent of Constitutional Protection of Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness,,,,   (and I have good news of a sort about my foray into the courts system as a legitimate victim, but thats for later after I know for certain how it falls out.)

Seriously, I can’t give a damn about what the FRAUD is up to, because there is no way WE THE PEOPLE can fix this without getting off the porch and stretching some necks: and for all intents and purposes, THAT AIN’T HAPPENIN!!!!


People aren’t hungry enough


and while the anger is palpable, especially at EVERY GAS PUMP in the country, it hasn’t gelled up enough to get the ball rolling.  People are still able to keep the cars and trucks moving, it just eats a little deeper than it had.

And people are still buying houses and buildings are still being built, so while the economy is shitte, it hasn’t tanked.




And I am still alive and breathing and while that is possible, I will savor every moment as best I can, and until such time as the world ‘gets a clue’, I live my life.   When the world does get the clue that all of our problems are from one source, and its not “Us”,,,   and I could argue it either way, but after seeing the debacle of 2020 (s)election cycle being outright stolen in the middle of the night and the collusion of every media outlet and suppression of voices across the internets,,,,  We are the Marks at this table, not the problem.

savor life

Three day weekend, I am still getting used to them. Yesterday (Saturday) found me on a loose tether, and while driving to the lake to go kayaking, I took a right where I would normally take a left. Sign said that Somerset was only 19 miles away at that point, and I figured to stop in on B and fam, say hey. Off the cuff, unplanned, and frivolous. Totally out of character for me.

Well, B and Fam had plans in place, but we did get to spend about an hour just being alive and in good company. and then I went to a place suggested by B.

Thats the tail waters of Buck Creek as it hits the Cumberland river (upper lake area but still considered part of the river,,,). You can see by the walls of the cliffs, DEEP DEEP WATER. When the waves get built up, they have some power, let me tell ya.

today, up early, Da and I split out the rest of the wood left over from Saturday morning. Big ass chunks of maple, and some of it the most gnarly wood I have ever split. I could see in one ‘trunk’ peice, 5 individual sets of rings, so at some point, this tree began life as 5 different trees and they ended up growing together.

and now, to celebrate Dads Day, I am back on the water, (or was,,,,)

headwaters for Cannon Creek lake. 2.3 miles from put in. gusting winds and in these hills, one moment in your face, the next off your beam, and you have a fight on your hands to get anywhere. Or, I would have in any other boat than Blue Jean. She just doesn’t care what the wind does, cuts across off the quarter and you only need minor corrective strokes to keep your heading. And I have not added that skeg yet. She still gets squirrelly when you ‘let off’, but as long as you are paddling, she moves forward and you just have to add a sweep or two in, to keep the heading.

Take time to savor your life, no matter what the world is doing. Find something that brings on that Zen moment, something that doesn’t run you an arm and a leg to do (my investments in kayaks aside the point, this cost me nothing but a little fuel and my time.). Take the time to remember that you are HUMAN, and that your life here is a temporary thing, and ‘this too shall pass’.

(I always know when I hit full relaxed mode: my shoulders ache from the release of tension. I have always held my stress in my shoulders, and today, they are throbbing something fierce. Time to go home and take a scorching hot shower to further the relaxation there.)


I know this has been hit time and again, here, elsewhere, etc,,,

But WORDS,,, And I am not harping on “words have meanings” this round. More something that keeps rearing its head and I wonder which direction its going to take when things really go ‘all wonky’.

There was a time when a mans word was all you needed for trust. His word, a handshake, and good to go. No lawyers, no (written) contracts, no courts system, (if he reneged,,,). His words carried weight, and he defended those words with his every action.

Now-days, “No Pics (or vids) It didn’t happen” and this isn’t just in the social spheres, its amongst the police as well. A few years back, a neighbor shot up my Da’s dog, Jack-jack. Bird shot, not turkey or buck, or Jack wouldn’t be with us today. I went to file a report for Da against the guy, but was flat told, “No pics or vid of the incident, we can’t touch it.”

Is this a sign of the ubiquitous level of cameras in the world? Or is it a sign that people are just not that trustworthy anymore? or a combination of both? I dunno. I see it all over the place though. Recently, one of the new guys at work, (and this is what started this train of thought in my hindbrain.) was a total bullshitter; Not very good about it, either. IF you laid claim to something, he had done it better or some-such. On more than one occasion I called him out on his crap. He claimed that he had been a carpenter for 10 years: We were installing a wooden fence, so I put him on the hammer to put up the 2×4 truss. 10 minutes. I gave him 10 minutes of rope to hang himself with. That boy couldn’t drive a 16 penny nail if his life depended on it. I pulled him aside and told him: “Stop digging your holes here. Shut up, do the job, and SHOW US what you know, don’t tell us; We ain’t listening anymore.” He immediately fell back on the excuse “we only used screw guns” to which I responded “I WAS a carpenter for several years after touring. I totally bullshitted my way into the job, and we used screw guns too. BUT, to get the job, I had to show them I could use a stinkin’ hammer FIRST. Y’ain’t done that, so STFU and show me something I CAN use you for.”

Two days later, he was a no-show, and we ain’t seen him since. Seems he claimed to be this ‘rising Rap Artist’ on Tik-tok and some of the younger guys called him out on it, and the shaming began. Something like Tiktok is easy enough to check, where his claims of work may be harder (company went bankrupt, owner died, or ‘yeah, he worked here from this to then, but we can’t tell you anything else,,,” )

His word wasn’t worth the crap out of his ass. At least his crap could be used for fertilizer on something non-edible.

I’ve done many things in life. My ‘careers’ cover the gamut of service industry, and yet, I don’t lay claim to half of them. They are part and parcel of my history, but if I were to list them all, I wouldn’t get hired on anywhere. Too much experiance, or something to that point. Instead, I show what I know. I can run crews, because I have been management. I can work with electric because I had to tie-in many many PA systems to house electric, and usually done ‘Hot’. I have operated Generators in the mulitple KW ranges, because those were what we used with remote concerts. I have had to work on vehicles because “the show must go on!” is not strictly cliche. I worked as a mechanic for several years; even had 7 of the 8 original ASE certs (all but automatic transmission) and that started because a neighbor in Cali ran a shop and saw me rebuild my Fiat X/1-9 in the backyard of my apartment complex, and offered me a job. I loved working live audio and did it for years for pennies, or even just a good meal, until such time as I ‘broke through’ and was approached by a regional touring company. (and what caught their attention was my doing voice overs for local radio spots, advertising the event I was producing at the time. I have the radio voice, and a face for such as well.) One thing led to another, and I didn’t settle for ‘this is good enough’, I was always looking for that next ‘high’. I am a perpetual student, even now, I am learning more about kayaks and boating, and business, and internet sales, how to promote books I have written, how to fricking write a book that WILL sell,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I don’t bullshit,

I DO, I SHOW, I SHUT UP AND LISTEN when I know I am league with betters,,,,,,(and they will have SHOWN they are such)


I don’t renege.

If I say I am going to do something, I do my damnedest to make it happen. It may not be the end result I envisioned, but I do try to hit that goal, even when odds and materials are against me. I will be the first to tell you that what you ask for is “turning mud into bourbon”, or that to get to the end goal, you are going to pay out the nose, or that what you ask is beyond my skills,,,,

We, the few and proud, have done so much, with so little, for so long; we can now do the impossible with nothing,,,

Sure feels like that some days.

And why? Because my word carries value with the people I work for. MY WORDS. Backed by deeds, not bullshit. Shown, not Told.

I told our Bullshitting Newb “Your Reputation Precedes you” and he didn’t understand that concept. The poor fool with go through the rest of his life, miserable, and growing spiteful, because his word is shit, and he will always think he is owed something. (and he will never see that it all comes down to the three fingers pointing back at you.)

I may not be the epitome of a superlative human being, but I have my reputation of “Git-r-dun” and becoming the “Go-to Guy” at every place I have been.

And that trait is getting to be rare specie indeed.

Oh Bog, i’s hot

That was returning from a bank run.

Kayak on board, time to go cool off,,,  beginnings of a three day weekend (digging on this aspect of 4-10 hr days. Though pulling 10 hours in this heat kinda blows)

Had a little fun: set up for a seal launch on a berm that was over a foot (I’d say about 18″) above the water, jumped in, sealed up and pushed off!!!   Total submersion!!!  The whole boat went under and the water was up near my ribs before she “Bloop!!”ed back up.  And stable???   Like a rock!!!    Current may have played some havoc there, but what we dont have is CURRENT, right now.  Some, but not a lot, and not where I put in.  Hell, the water level is down 6” from this past Sunday and with weather trends in this area, we aren’t likely to see any serious rain until September.  Scattered showers are our best bet, and they don’t fill rivers. (The trees get first dibs and they are thirsty right now.  You can tell becaus the hardwoods are showing the bottoms of their leaves to the sky.  Old wives tales say its how trees plead for rain.)

One good aspect of this drought:  I don’t have to mow as much, and seeing those temps; don’wanna!!!

Dunno whats all planned for this wknd, just winging it for all I can see.  Da doesn’t want to split wood in this heat (nor do I) and he’s been hiding in the AC during daylight.  I don’t get that option, and haven’t for years.  I’m kinda used to it, and going into a grocery or box store, I freeze.  But then I have to go back out in it and it takes longer to readjust to the heat than it did to the cold.  Even so. When the mercury rises into triple digits,  I’m just as miserable as everyone else.

I may just load up Blue Jean, a laptop and a tarp for the weekend: hit the lake during the day, set up the tarp for shade and work on some writing.  Use Blue Jean to get somewhere secluded to do so.  (I still have a kickass pelican case, from my road days, for transporting ‘puters, waterproof to 6 meters and floats like a cork.) (Do need to work on a solar bank to keep laptop batteries alive,,,)  

As for the rest of the world,,,,   still watching, still reading,  still assessing directions of the fall.  That its falling (failing) is beyond doubt now, just trying to stay off the path of where it lands, and hope to help pick up the peices.   But I can’t let the weight of the world drag me into insanity; I’m living instead. May get blindsided, but not near as much as the 90 % in denial that “shits about to get heavy” will.  And having already made the ‘offgrid’ move,,, three steps ahead of the curve.

Looking for bugs

When you view ‘life’ through a microscope, you’ll find the bugs.

And miss the 50000 good cells near it that it couldn’t get its hooks into.

And when you don’t control the microscope,,,

The Enemedia controls 90% of what we see of the world at large, and they use a microscope to show us, avoiding those good things in lfe, like all the detered crime because some civilian had a gun,,,.

The saying “if it bleeds, it leads” comes to mind, and that shows what They want you to see.

Push that microscope away for awhile and look for all the GOOD cells still out there. We are out here,,, you are not alone.