“Before all else, be armed!” – Niccolo de Macchiavelli


How’s this for a headline?

Native born legal American kills absolutely no one while practicing shooting on his property.

Yeah, sounds like the truth, so, well  ya know the MSM’s wouldn’t say jack about it. 

AH, but now a LEGAL immigrant has killed five while playing jihad or whatever in a mall.

With all the rule of law flying out the window like yesterday’s wash water, I have a question as to WHOM decides whether this guy was here legally or not.

I swear, the forth estate has really hit some new levels of hubris that rivals the depth of the pile of horse shit next to my Uncles garden. And, IMO, the manure smells better.

I won’t go into too much else, but the distractions over the real stories are coming faster than the contents of a broken 8″ sewer line.

That tells me that the libtard’s are scared to death, and that means they are losing the Red Struggle. 

Who knows what happens next, but like any creature in its death throes, it will lash out wildly, and if one is too close;Whack! It gets ya. 

Stay away from crowds, keep your own centers flexible and healthy, and keep an eye on the future.  Things only get crazier here on out.

Looking through the glass darkly.

​This is going to be a bit of a somber post for me.   Or, at least one more somber than they have been of late.

In comments, Spud indicated that he felt we were close to Thermonuclear war again.   I can’t say that he is wrong, as much as we would all like for that to not be the case.   No use in wishing though.

As such, I got to thinking about something Oppenheimer said after the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.  The optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds, the Pessimist fears it is true.”

There is a lot of wisdom in that quote.(and it is a quote from a Hindu scripture.)  

When the U.S. Developed atomic and Nuclear weapons, it was not the only one attempting to do so, it was just the first to do so successfully.  The Germans were after them, the Soviets were as well.  The Brits were in league with the US or they would have had their own teams working on it on the island as well.

It isn’t that it wasn’t going to happen if we didn’t do it, we just did it first.  And so far we were the first and the last to use that tool as a weapon of war.  Note, I said TOOL, not a weapon.  In as much as there is a mass fear of these things, its not the tool that we fear, but the tool in the hands of someone with no conscience.  We have developed non-atomic tools that are capable of nearly as much destruction (MOAB) without all the lingering effects, and no one fears that tool like they do the “big one”.

Heinlein wrote a short story along the premise of Conscience, and accountability in developing a weapon/tool of this nature.  It was called ‘ Solution unsatisfactory’ and it wasn’t exactly an encouraging story.  In that story, the weapon was radioactive dust that killed within hours of direct exposure, days after indirect exposure, and completely removed all exposed materials from use for the living for decades.   It was delivered by air drop.   Primitive to the ICBM’s and warheads we have at our disposal now, but the effects are the same.   Shit is destroyed, people die and the lingering effects take a long time to go away, and until they do, the living can’t safely exist in that area.

Since 1945, this world has gained a nuclear superpower with a regular basis.  We have the US, Russia, Israel, Pakistan, India, China, etc etc etc.  We have Iran with capability, if not outright possession now.

And those are just the ones off the top of my head.  A quick search online would likely scare me senseless for a spell.

And that lead up brings me to my where this post is going.

Politician vs Businessman.

It doesn’t matter whom the Democratic party brings to the forefront for the presidential race.  They will be a politician through and through.  Count on it.   It doesn’t matter if HRC drops dead before swearing in, because the alternative in that case will be a Politician through and through. (in this case, likely Paul Ryan, being speaker of the house, will step into the role until such time as there can be another election.  That thought does not exactly give me a warm fuzzy feeling.)  Even the Repugnicans want a politician of chosen breeding for that seat, and that alone should give one pause about what is really going on behind the curtains of the District of Criminals.

Yes, I am giving Donald Trump my endorsement, not that the endorsement of a lowly little blogger with a readership scaled in the hundreds has any merit.

But here is why.  

Nuclear Weapons.   The lefties recently put out a video decrying how they don’t want someone that “Fires” people to have access to nuclear weapons. (they had many other ‘feelie’ kinds of arguments, but that was the one that stuck in my craw.)  here is my counter argument.

Trump is a businessman first, not a politician with a record of voting for or pushing violent conflict forward for political gain.   The man is about profit, benefit, and working relations.   His thinking is going to be for what gains can be made, with as minimal loss as possible.   

Dropping the Bomb is NOT profitable, or of benefit to anyone, and rather mucks up any working relations you may have had with more than just the person you dropped that bomb on.

I stated many times that the person to lead this country forward needed to be a businessman because he would look at the country as exactly what it is: a giant corporation trying to get better.   Maybe I should amend that statement now.  A giant corporation that needs to restructure for better.   A politician is not going to have the first clue how to go about that because they are not builders.  Another point in fact.   The Clinton foundation (cover-op) has received how many millions of dollars over the last decade, and what is there to show for it?  Political gains, nothing more.   At least the millions that Trump has gained and spent have real tangible items surrounding them.   He is a builder, and even if he gains by that, so the fuck what, there is something that is going to be around even after he is not around.   The Clinton foundation isn’t going to last past Chelsea, if it even makes it into her hands.  (hopefully, the people will wake up to that scam, but I ain’t holding my breath.) Nor is the Clinton foundation going to be building anything other than political careers, which on a scale measuring anything meaningful, will show ‘NULL’ or “EEEEE” as a result.  

The left argue that Trump has had Bankruptcies in his history.  So what, how many people around you have had one.  How many have the Clintons avoided by having that stinking foundation to dip into.   Whose actions in this case are more honest?  Trumps, or Clintons?  And that leads to the rest of that point: this country is technically bankrupt.  Our expenditures exceed our production and the payments to service the interest on our governments debt are pretty severe and will get worse when the FED raises interest rates (don’t think for a minute that they haven’t thought about what killing the Gov will do for their end of things.  Parasites they may be, but they aren’t stupid ones, just misguided.).   Do you think a politician, that is used to kicking the can down the road (look at her voting records on debt related items) or would rather use force to make things ‘right’, is going to have a clue how to restructure a country AND keep it functional at the same time.   A businessman might, and if he has experience in restructuring a company in dire straits, he may have even more insight in to this aspect of running a country.  He would also entertain any and all options before resorting to force to ‘fix things’.

No, Trump will do what he can, as a businessman, to get this country in order.  My only holdout on this is that he is going to get stonewalled left and right within the workings of the District of Criminals because he is THE outsider, and not willing to play the game they play.  There is far too much corruption on the Hill for one man to eradicate, no matter if his position is the highest in the chain of command.  

But it would be a start.

Far more so than having a politician take that seat.

And it would likely stall any escalation to that thermonuclear war that we all dread thinking about.

Here is a list of what I think is going to flummox a Trump Presidency.
1. Racial Division as introduced by the Welfare state.  The same Division that is being fomented into war with the police by the MSM’s even now.

2. The Diversity the left has pummeled us with for the last 20+years.  We are not a homogenous country any longer.   Minorities have more political clout than majorities thanks to the “Diversity mantra” chanted with cloying regularity.

3. Communist Academia.  There is only one solution here and I won’t go into it here; far too complex for this screed.

4. Obviously, the Corrupted entrenched in DC. They are going to enforce the rules they have totally neglected with Obama.   EO’s are going to get scrutinized severely where Oblammy has been given free-rein.

5. The Dependent Class and the upcoming Financial cliffs.   People are soft nowadays.  They are not going to be able to handle when things get really rough financially, and will cry for the State to fix things for them.   We aren’t going to see the backbone and pride we saw in the “Great Depression”.  We are going see this country do a faceplant then scream like a 2 year old about its boo-boos. (and we wonder why the rest of the world looks on us with dis-deign now)

Donald has a lot of trials that will come his way, and his solutions will be practical.   That is something this country needs, but I am not sure it can handle at first.   People aren’t responsible enough anymore.   Some are, at the individual level, but there are entire communities that are not, and they will be the ones that ‘cry about their boo-boos’.  Hell, some of those communities already are crying and this is not the tough side of things yet.
On the other hand, we could get a zombie president; one with a penchant and history of shady deaths, out-right fraud, special elite status procedures and oodles of ‘looking the other way’.  

Yeah, the one with a chip on her shoulder that likes to spit in the faces of her peers (Putin would be a peer at that level) and think that everyone should just take it.  She obviously has no concept of extended consequences, unintended consequences, nor accountability for her actions.  The woman IS representative of what we are seeing in sections of this country, and that makes me wonder if there is even a chance that we will make it over the next decade: Trump or Clinton.   It seems that we are on the cusp of something ugly, and it all revolves around what happens November 8th.  It seems that no matter who gets elected, the shit is going to hit the fan, the only determining factor of the color and odor of that shit is WHO gets elected.  If Clinton gets it, we are likely to go to war against the Dragon and Bear and every little friend they can throw at us first, all while we continue the slippery slide into oblivion here.   IF Trump gets it, every little hissy fit shit bag in this country that gets a morphine drip from ‘Unca Sugah’, is going to blow chunks and start smashing and grabbing at whatever.  In response, the responsible are going to say ‘enough’ and start driving through crowds with loaded weapons and no remorse: but at least we will have a chance to avert a war with the Bear and Dragons.  

And of course, the looming financial collapse that the MSM’s are deftly avoiding by bringing up every little infraction by the PoH-Lice to keep that little war rolling.   Gotta keep ’em distracted from what the REAL problem is or they will start to ask questions, and questions lead to hemp rope and lamp-posts, or goodyear necklaces. (if you aren’t aware of that term, look up what they used to do in South Africa.  Not pretty and not for the weak of stomach).   You may say I am trying to fear monger with this post.  It may seem as such, but I am just trying to get my head, and those of that read my posts, around what MAY be.   I am only an observer at this stage, definitely not an instigator, but what I see is the actions of instigators and what I see is leading to something truly ugly, on a scale NEVER seen on the face of this planet. (my facts for that NEVER are that we are at our highest population world wide EVER.   When this shit blows up, its going to have body counts that are staggering to say the least, and in numbers that leave Hitler, Stalin, and Mao look like rank amatuers.)

I know that this is a little scatter-brained.  I am typing off the hip here, so my thoughts will ramble.
And with all of that said, I can only leave a little advice.  From Ol’ Remus “Stay away from crowds”
and From me.  Be your own spheres’ center, all things come from your actions, and all actions return to the source. Choose your way carefully.

TPTWB aka an Aristocracy

​Bush family to Endorse Clinton

If, just if, you think there is any integrity left in DC (don’t choke, you read that right) the above article should strip away the last of your delusions.

For a power monger to step out of party lines and endorse the opposing parties candidate, shows how much these family names have to lose.  It may not be readily apparent, but intuitively, I feel that they are in fear the secrets will be dug up, if Trump wins, and for treason, there is no statute of limitations.

Another report, shows a great amount Of fear in the “endorsed”. Dunno if it’s legit, but it seems in character to me.
Yeah, pitchforks, torches, tar barrels, feather pillows, and hemp rope all seem like appropriate tools forth coming.

Ya know that this means war,

Yeah, Voodoo was in much better shape when I got home.  Much better.

But in a completely different frame of mind as well.  Proof #1

And proof #2

Granted, I was the one that did the killing, but the Voo was like a serpent seeking missile on high alert.  He did learn something as well; his caution levels are much better, but he is seemingly bound and determined to evict every single one of these low laying neighbors.

He is using better tactics now.  I can see him using his herding instincts to isolate and drive the snake.  That rattler had him a bit flummoxed at first; as he backed off it relaxed and started moving again, then he went into action.    He isn’t attacking them, he’s herding them to me so I can do my job.  And the look of total bliss on his snout while he is at it, shows its in his breeding.   He has found his niche, since we don’t have cows.

FANGS! Update.

Just arrived home, and the Voo was waiting with a dog smile and a tail wag.  Guess he really didn’t get tagged as well as I originally thought.  Talking to my dad though, the furry bone head learned NOTHING by this little incident.  He went and found the carcass and was carrying it around today by its midsection.   Yah, bright boy.  It may be dead, but it is still a snake.  Jack has the right attitude about snakes: snap it up and start whipping it around like the Devils own jump rope.   When he does that stand clear ’cause snake bits are goin’ everywhere. Live or dead, that is Jacks’ tactic. Voo, um, not so much.  I forsee another snake bite in his future, possibly more.  We have LOTS of biters in these hills, both timber rattlers, and copperhead’s,  supposedly cottonmouth aka water moccasins,  near the water ways, but I have never seen one.  The first two though, at least once a week, we run across one or the other, usually the copperheads.  The rattlers tend to clear out when they hear ya.  The copperhead are more aggressive and territorial. 
Gots ta make dinner for the mutt and self.  Talk later


Voodoo had a little run in with a neighbor last night, the neighbor lost, but not without leaving Voo with a reminder about personal space and respect.

It was a long night, but other than some swelling and wounded pride, he seems fine.  

Will update later tonight when I return home.

Let’s re-invent the wheel!

Here comes another rant from Dio, so, if’n ya aren’t inclined to read a rant, pass on by.

First up, this rant is inspired by some research along wind turbines,DIYer’s,  and edumicated blowhards. (Don’t get me wrong, education is everything to me, but I also think it needs tempered with real world, grunge and gunk under your fingernails experience. ) 

So, there are several schools of thought about DIY wind turbines, ya have the VAWT vs HAWT school, then ya have minimal blades vs porcupine blades (my description of some of the wilder blade/hub setups) and then you have the wider is better vs the small and fast crowd. And none of this is even reaching into the pro scene where, if you ask them,’small turbines just do not work! ‘End of discussion.  (I personally think that last is due to career protection;  if everyone were energy independent, they would be out of a cushy job that hauls in huge govt subsidies. Jes saying.)

Only one answer in all of the forums I have been hitting nailed the head of the problem. (Pardon me for not linking it, I can’t find it now) To paraphrase :”it’s a balancing act on a flexible medium.  We are trying to find the best combination that works under the conditions ,here and now, that change from season to season.”


You may have a good unit, that does reasonable during the spring, sucks feathers in the summer, starts easing your mind in the fall and blows your wildest dreams in the winter.

Or not.

It may be a great generator but weak blade setup.  It may be environmental. (Actually,  most likely ). Or it may be tower height, too long of a cable run, pitch of blades not adequate /overkill, etc etc.  The only constant in this case is that power is a cube of winds speed and speed is what makes the flying quisinarts produce juice. 

Why does every td&h feel the need to re-invent the wheel?

Profit of course.  But I won’t dwell on that game too much, even though I have an argument against reinvention for personal gain.  To clarify that last; It’s one thing if you break tradition and find a better way, quite another to just “improve the same old same old” in claims, but have added NOTHING to the pool.

This is gonna take a slight turn here. I recall a recent story about the same idea (wheel reinventing ) as happened to the navy.  They wanted new computers to replace the targeting computers on the old battleships.  If you aren’t familiar with them, they are a marvel of engineering. Almost entirely mechanical with old style analog electronics (they originally used tubes!), these things could put a round the weight of an old VW Bug, 26 miles over the horizon into a target of about 10 square feet, and do it from a platform rolling around in waves. And then do it again just as fast as the boys could shove rounds in the tube.

Well, the navy brass thought that our current technology could improve on it, so set a budget to do just that.

FAIL. They could get it part way, but from what I understood from the article, they just could not get the accuracy or the reliability,  more the latter then the prior. 

And here’s the real shitter! The engineers that came up with the original “computer” used 


Talk about a kick in the teeth for the redesign engineers.  One was quoted in the article saying,’I am just so impressed what those guys did using engines, torque converters and differential gearing. Just amazing.” And they didn’t have high speed computers accurate to the nth decimal place. Nor CAD , CNC, or any of the other things we have come to take for granted. 

Again, our tools are great, and can do some amazing things (12nm switching for example; molecular electronics with atom sized or even quantum being the next step) but they are just tools.  Even at the grunt levels, we are exceeding our level of understanding with tools that are capable of such high levels of precision.   The guys that  built the computers for those ships were doing it using the tools available, but with an understanding of the principles that makes even our best thinkers look foolish. The tools they had were ingenious in their own rights.  Look ,seriously look, 

at a slide rule and you will see just how complex the guys were of that time. (And those slide rules helped put a man on the moon, far more so than the computers at the time.) Look at a Southbend lathe or atlas mill, made before 1940 and tell me that we produce as well, now. And most of the parts of those machines were hand fitted!  Scraping of the ways, bearings, and some other parts, all done by hand.  Hell, the bearings on my 1929 Southbend are original and in better shape than the bearings in my lawn mower!  And yes, I know we can produce as good or better,  but I think there is a disconnect between what we make now  vs what they made then, and it is in the very creation itself.

But we have to reinvent the wheel every generation or two, or so it seems.  I think it’s the inbred hubris of being human: We can’t casually accept that we stand on the shoulders of giants.  It’s seems that as one gets older, that acceptance gets easier,  but, I could be wrong. (And of course there is the whole individual personality thing that gets thrown in play for such)  

Like I started out saying,  I have some issues with reinvention. It’s not always such a great idea, but, on the same coin, different side, if we don’t try, we don’t progress. This is a troubling issue for me because some of my feelings on it border socialist thinking;IE sacrificing for the greater good, and that makes me just a little shy of broaching these thoughts. I use Tesla as such an example : the man was a genius,  and recent revelations into his doings showed that he was far beyond those around him in his thinking.  His work lives with us to this day, and you see it everyday when out and about.  Our entire electric grid infrastructure is from that man’s head. It’s been 100+years and we have not really improved on it.  Some minor stuff, more efficient production, transfer, and even expansion into nuclear and alternative renewables, but no real improvements that change the scope of his idea.

But the man died destitute, while Edison, who fought him tooth and nail, ended up wealthy as hell.  There are even some parts of the Tesla world named after Edison, other than the incandescent lights.  We used the term ‘edison’ for all of our standard wall plugs in the entertainment industry. It really made a difference to keep all the different plugs and jacks separate from one another in directions. And even if Edison derided everything Tesla did, Tesla still had a lasting impact, and both are equally famous in their own rights.

As I write this, I am also evaluating myself.  I reflect alot, so if you are new here, get used to it.  I really feel that my education was circumvented in many ways.  I read Heinlein and how his ‘kids books’ have one residing theme, the kids understood maths, science, and we’re growing into understanding PEOPLE.  Our current education system is a reinvention of the wheel so to speak,  and tries to teach kids how to be people, first.  They have all of their lives to be good people, but they have a very finite time to understand the world  at large that takes up so much more space than the people around them. And those wonderful tools of math, science, logic, and communication should be paramount to any “feels”. And to reinforce that thought, they have the advantage in learning to be people, because they already ARE people, but most of them won’t have any more than an intuitive grasp of what makes the world work, or the universe, or ,,, And many won’t even have that.

I’m back on my soapbox again, eh.  Yeah,  me thinks it’s time to emulate the Voo and call it a night.   Y’all take care, ‘k?

(Oh yeah, would some one PLEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE comment on something.  It been way too silent around the ol workshop of late.)