Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha



Thats about the feeling I have right now, middle of the movie, time for the attendees to grab a bathroom spot and get another batch of popcorn and drinks for the second half to start.

Big Country puts a spin on things with recent developments. Dont give a damn if his language offends either, we are so frickin past the age of civility that one of my teen anthems is pointless these days.

I still carry the “character before color” teaching that MLK hoped would carry the days forward. We went to that but the momentum carried us through to the other side where,,,

Wanna know what priviledges I have for being a white male?




I bust my ass to get by, learned everything I have in my head by using copious amounts of skull sweat and enough bloodied knuckles that the new skin would cover my burned ass if needed. When I didn’t know, I asked, read a book or paid for instruction. When questions arise, I don’t ‘assume’ I have the answer, I look for them. When shit goes sideways, I look for solutions and not swing my arms around pointing at those around me assigning blame.

That, if its white priviledge, is what I have. Whats in my head, and the willingness to back it up with muscle as needed.

Example: sent to a job to repair a rolling gate. Me in one truck with welding rig, three others in separate truck to assist gerting gate down onto ground. They leave after to attend to a different job leaving little ol me to ‘git-r-dun’ (bossmans words verbatim).

Cut out one bent section (worst one) and splice in new. Weld what I can reach. Attempt to use hydraulics and chains to straighten second bend out. No go, splice in new. But being on ground, I can’t finish the weld around lower side. Solution: lift gate off ground of course. Problem: Im one little hooman and that gate is 35′ long and 8′ tall, all heavy HS220 steel pipe (schedule 60 for the plumber types) and 9gauge wire. Solution: come along and ratchet straps and Irish-engineering and hoist that bad boy back on its rollers. Use truck as scaffold to attend setting top rollers in place then use same truck to access top rail for finish weld. No bitching, no whining, no calling for assist (well,once to back up to gate, needed extra eyeballs and that was by flagging down a walker, not calling shop.)

I was wrapping up, putting welding cable and tools up, when second team returns, does a slow driveby with wide eyes, and continues on home.

This is why I am the highest paid person there. They send me out and KNOW the job will be handled. I NEVER get visits from the bosses unless I call specifically for that.

Is that white priviledge?

If so, I fucking EARNED it. No one ‘gave ‘ me that.

Gonna be an interesting second half me thinks,,,,


I think the hardest pill I’ve had to swallow is this; living through the death of a nation is far different than studying such. But that is where we are. This nation is dying. (some would argue already dead but influenced by momentum still.) There are holdiuts from both Constitutional Republic and the obvious Marxist Gramiscian influences that currently hold the reins; no matter how they grabbed hold, their hold is tentative at best, and smacks of desperation on all counts. Current ‘bully on the schoolyard’ posturing with Russia is a display of that desperation. I notice the media is not talking about the moves China has made in its sphere and its current motivation to land grabs nor that they have tripled the size of their naval power since 2008. (Its likely even more than that, but I’m taking a conservative guesstimate as the other numbers seem out of proportion to useful deployment. You can’t control the world from the sea anymore; not like Great Britain did in the 1700s. Air power and rockets/missile tech have knocked pure naval domination down.)

But the most interesting thing to me is how blatantly the majority avoid admission of a fact. While Trump was in office, warfare was at an all time low, WORLD WIDE. The media is still avoiding even mentioning the Abraham Accords that have started the process, and very successfully, towards peace on the Middle East. Something NO OTHER PRESIDENT had been able to do since we divvied up power there after world war 2.

But now that the Puppetmasters have their boy as the figurehead, its business as usual and the efforts to foment class/race/gender division on the home front are back in acceleration, and keep the military-industrial-academia complex happy, we must piss off the rest of the frickin world.

Why Russia? Why not China since they are doing the exact same thing with their efforts in the China Sea? Who do you think bought and paid for the new puppet in chief? Can’t be shitting on your employer so early in the game,,,

Perspective. Watching the failure from within is entirely different than studying past failures. And while the lines are not identical, they are quite parallel; enough so that one can see possible futures. The biggest fog to deal with is in communications. We have never before had such resilient communications nor as fast as what we now have before and that is fogging where the lines are headed. There also werent 8 billion placeholders at large either. The dynamics have shifted to more individual and less State: and I think that is the why of how tech is brainwashing as many as they can keep on the hook. Control the signal to direct the momentum. (Yeah, total “Duh!!” point there, huh?)

The fabric the thieves cut in this act of the world play, is unraveling. The spin doctors are rushing like crazed bovids from one fire to the next, trying to keep the narrative alive and fresh. They built their fraud from so many sticks and held it together with mud, but the rain of reality is picking up.

Interesting times indeed. Now if we can keep the bully from pissing off the quiet nerd and getting his ass stomped, and in turn our asses stomped because we didnt stop the bully, well, we might have a chance to rebuild. There is no returning to where we were, and what comes next can be even better,,, or we may be headed into the Endarkenment as Billy Beck so eloquently termed what he sees as the next chapter.

Time: doesnt stop so we can get our shit together.

CHANGE: The only REAL constant in Human Society.

Think about it

Does the premise hold water?

Have we been witness to such an application recently?

Think. Always THINK. Question everything.

Just do what ya gotta

The world isn’t going to stop to let ya catch up, you just have to put your personal gearbox in overdrive and push harder.

While we see the world losing its collective mind, (and I have a theory on the why of that but that may be a future post) and question our own sanity frequently, LIFE DOESN’T STOP HAPPENING.

If you let the beast inside, it eats you alive. You have to maintain a certain amount of ‘safe space’ for you, and you alone. My safe space tends to be on open water with minimal contact with other people. Sure, I may have a chance encounter with another boater, but its usually passing courtesies, asking conditions on other waters or some other stuff: never what the rest of the world is going about. If I am camping and have others about. We avoid ‘the real world’ in conversation like the plague. We are camping to get a break from it, why would we wanna talk about it ?

But usually I am camping, alone, and with nothing but the frogs and crickets singing lullabies and a small fire for a companion, and (hopefully) not another soul within 1000 yards. I am a minimalist, and may have a phone about, but not for entertainment, and never a way of dusturbing the peace of nature. I hate hearing blaring music from campsites even though I love music. I don’t go camping for the music scene,,,

Its almost that time again.

Time to load a certain kayak atop the truck, toss the camping gear in, and head to some place where I have to paddle to a spot that can only be arrived at by boat. With a kayak, I can get into places the power boats can’t even think about. One with a waterfall nearby will do me quite nicely right about now. A day or two away with my only worry being that MamaKat and Voo are perturbed ‘dad didn’t come home’ and destroying something in the house in anger. (Last time, MamaKat knocked half my books off the books shelves, and had a ball with two full rolls of TP. You can imagine that mess.)

Mortared by my confidence/Giants

Usual routine to start, then my prior confidence flubbed and came back and mortared my day.  Big crater and lits of smoke but my screw up was corrected without need to do a complete rebuild of the end product.  A little grind to flatten welds and you have to look to see that I “stretched ” a 19′ gate to 20′.

And now I’m trying to get back on track of the regular routine and my muse slaps me upside the head with inspiration.

We are ALL standing on the shoulders of giants.  Every little tool device widget INFORMATION we use day in day out was discovered or developed by people that came before us.  Growth happens through surprise, not routine.  Most never break the mold of routine.

We are always one decision away from a life changing event.  Choose wisely!”

I have had many of these.  I have walked away from careers “just cause”, and burned a few bridges along the way.  Sometimes choices were forced on me (losing my hearing so I couldn’t work live audio anymore) and others, some small change inspired radical moves on my part (Mama Night song being asked to move out.  Sorry Nic, but it opened doors for you as well.)

My ‘divorce’ in 2008 was a choice as well. Continue living in a downward spiraling hell or break free and find out exactly where the problem was. (And I took full blame for that period and am still working on it; IE me!!)

Since then, my life has been a path of rediscovery. Rediscovering lost skills from the past, rediscovering what I like, love and why, discovering that being human is not as f@#ked up as I had been told it was (check out the Man! Alive! page to see what I mean.)

And a lot of rediscovering just how many giants we have supporting us.

Certain figure heads have recently been trying to be the Giant, redifining practices in an attempt to be the Giant. But the practices they encourage are counter to decades/centuries of practices found useful by the Giants we stand on. They are trying to grow without ‘surprise’, and doing so at great cost to society as a whole.

I can think of no greater sin. Even murder takes a back seat to the willful destruction of a society for personal gain.

The Giants would not be pleased.


At least thats my take on things. And talking to some others, I’m not alone.

Seriously, the last 13 montha have shown just how sheep-like the majority are. All the hoopla and closet tyrants exposed by what boils down to a variation of the common cold for the majority of society. Big Government, Big Pharma and Mega Media sold a bill of goods and the population world wide swallowed the bait, hook and all.

And so many are willing to ignore facts so long as it means they don’t get harrased. And even more are willing to take a pittance bribe and never question that they had already paid that much and far more into the system already.

They’ve been bribed with their own money!!!!! And they don’t see it!!!!

But what the hell do I know? I’m just a grumpy white dood that lives on a hill and writes silly books, welds a ton of dog kennels together and makes his own suicide toys kayaks and other krazzeee stuff.

I ask myself at least once a day; “am I the crazy one?” And the answer I get is negative but because I see the crazy, see the facts and still see people cruising down the interstate with rolled up windows and a mask and they are the only occupant of said vehicle,,,


Its dogwood spring, its cold. Its raining, and GrumpyKat has commandeered lap . Fire built and the stove is heating up, so at least the house will be warm tonight. (And why GK is playing fuzzy buzzy lump on my lap) and the world at large is comfortably distanced for now. I still hear the highway, but with the rain, its not penetrating noise like it is when its just cold out.

Society can stay at the bottom of my hill so far as me and the four feets are concerned. I have to go out there regular like, but I can retreat when it gets to be too much. I dunno how the rest of y’all handle it; I can’t without some sanity breaks and decompression. (Also called water time as well as recoil therapy. Gourds are awesome targets, especially when filled with water. ;-p )

And to be quite honest, taht a shooting war hasnt broke out in earnest still flabbergasts me. It tells me that the bribery is working. 😦

And that tells me that when the fraud invokes some EO and eviscerates any semblance of 2A, most will give up the bangsticks without a whimper.

Not all mind you but enough. Discouraging thoughts but I am a cynic,,,

Me thinks a little grainy goodness to numb the disillusionment I’m feeling may be in order tonight.

Still breathin’

Been a hectic couple of days, but I’m still upright and breathin’ so I must be doin’ sumpin right,,,,

Saw this while playing catch up on some places and peeps,,

I was in early middle school when the Holocaust was first introduced to my learning curve. Met two survivors of it through a teacher. Proof positive was the serial numbers tattooed on their forearms. Don’t recall which camps they were in, (hey, its been 40 years,,, ) but i remember the look of haunt in their eyes retelling of those times.

I’ve talked about my reading teacher in the 8th grade, the one that was an escapee from East Germany in the 50s. Her parents sacrificed themselves (literally!!!!) to get her out of the hell. She told me several stories, introduced me to writings from others that have been from equally horrid hells, and is definitely one of my influences is my waking over the last couple of decades.

I freely admit, when I was younger, the swansong of Socialism called to me. It has a that effect until you’ve felt the reality of, well, for lack of better words; rape. Because that is what all of the programs and plans and legislation amount to; Raping the productive to support the ‘plan’.

I’m already seeing headlines for a fourth round of ‘stimulus’. “How do you turn a Capitalist into a Socialist? $1400.” They figured out they can bribe the populace with the peoples own money and can graft on all sorts of pork at the same time. Just dig through all the line items with dollar figures from the last round and see just how little the bribe was in comparison to the pork sent out to cronies and even enemy states like Iran.

Re-read the last line in the above meme




Just gonna be a matter of time before the winds topple the charade, or blow the embers of tyranny into full flame.

I don’t believe this administration is capable of such; only because the cannibal feast happening is so obvious. But if another, stronger charactered person with more support than Gropey or Kamalaladingdong were to take the wheel,,,

We’ll see, won’t we?

Predawn, redskies,

Seeing lots of noise in the system this week. Noise screaming that the FPTwB are about to drop cash to go full cashless society. Just one example

What I do know about things is that it will fail. It doesnt matter how they go about it, set it up, use social media tools to sell it, or that there is word they intend on using a social credit system as well: it will fail.

Recall the huge power issues Texas recently had? What about the Booms in Nashville early in the year; the booms that crippled comms in a third of the country for weeks. There are still comm issues in AT&Ts network here in SEKY from that one incident. How many outages before they realize that people will starve or freeze or,,,, Not that they give a rats ass, most of the outages will happen in places they call flyover country where the voting population is decidedly red. But those outages create issues system wide even if they aren’t failures at that level. Logistics get screwed up and that has ripple effects both up and down stream.

Have ya noticed how much lumber is running right now? Or that it is sporadic in availability? Client of ours was stalemated in production by not being able to find decking boards. Searched everywhere; 5 counties and the three states within 3 hour drive. Nothing. Finally got his shipment, 2 weeks late, and his boys went into over drive to clear the lot of half finished units.

Other problems will arise. International ones. I have no idea how the House of Saud will respond when Gropey Jo or Kamalaladingdong tell them they have to accept a digital dollar for the light sweet crude. I wouldnt be surprised if they immediately turned around and started talking to Putin. Not one bit. Turn Russia into the petroleum powerhouse and watch the US cumble like the decrepit old maid she has become.

Maybe that is the intent. Total teardown so they “build back better” but we all know the end story of that. They have no clue HOW. Their proposals always disregard human nature. They think they can perfect people and that is the basis of their Utopia. Its the foundation of their delusion.

That human nature is why a cashless society won’t work. People may be willing to operate within a digital system; I do for the most part. But there is a failsafe riding shotgun to it; CASH. Even if the system goes down for a day or a week, I have cash to keep moving. Most places here’bouts haven’t dropped cash either (one tried and the AT&T thing scared ’em purple). So even if the system fails, the wheels keep rolling. Go full on digital; one glitch and the whole thing seizes up. Even though I operate 98% cashless, I always have some on me for those odd moments.

I won’t give a dollar figure, but figure one weeks salary bare minimum as a start. You will need that much wiggle room if shit gets silly. If shit goes full sideways, at least a months salary and it had better have a back up of solid shiney stuff as a backup to that. Even junk silver is better than toilet paper.

But here’s the rub. That stuff is climbing through the ceiling right now because investors are in full cognizance of a looming meltdown. Better insurance right now is getting to know everyone with skills and that know how to grow and process. (You can raise a pig, but do you know how to process it so it’s food?) Believe me, when shit goes sideways for an extended period (say 2 weeks) those with food will be kings.

Kings are high profile targets as well.

And I am certain someone is going to ask. “Why would they do this?” I’ll answer with a picture.

Do you really think they intend on paying this back?

There are two ways out of debt. Payment or default. And when you default, real property exchanges hands.

Who “owns” our debt?

No conspiracies here; look and find out.

Y’all have a wonderful Sunday, I’m going kayaking

Let downs and uplifts

I get frustrated with people. Dogs, Cats, not as much because they have roles, know the role and fill them. Peoplees,,, people have roles to fill too, but don’t always come through. I hold myself to certain standards with an iron fist. If I say I will be somewhere at a certain time and then am not there, its because something blew up, disassembled catastrophically, or my legs fell off at the hip in a moment of altered reality. I can say that the last has never happened.

I push myself hard, and over the years have found that if its “gotta get done”, I am likely the one that is “gonna havta do it”.

I hate that because its whittled away at my trust in humanity as a whole, and I get to the point where I trust no one, not even the pros to get the job done right. And my recent foray with fraudulant billing,,,, yeah, charge one person for the entire shift salary rate, hope that person pays because the other 6 are all welfare and you can’t bleed a turnip.

I won’t delve into why that blurb up above came to be, other than to say there are some I am disappointed in right now.

So, a disappointment lead to an inebriated friday evening, cat and dog hid from out when they saw the mason jar come out (they hate the loud music that usually follows) and I wallowed in “what if I’m the one thats crazy” followed by a sleep of the dead.

So my motivation this AM was sorta fuzzy, as was the ensuing hangover, and I read Sarahs friday post.

As well Big country’s.

They aren’t the same, but they circle the same vein, the same vein that started the drinking last night.

Some people have grounded ethics, and some don’t.

And it seems like those that don’t hold power of late. Enough power that they also control narrative.

But holding power does not change reality. Entropy will prevail without huge efforts to cofferdam against it.

And those with grounded ethics will be there to build it back. Better? Depends on if you are solid and dependable or willing to waffle (go along to get along)

I haven’t many friends. My standards there are almost as high my personal ones. Punctuality. Adaptability. Intelligence with Wisdom to know they don’t know everything.

But the biggest, willingness to TRY without needing conjoled or needled. I’m getting to damned old to hold someones hand to get them to do what they should, or worse; what they said they would and don’t. I don’t understand how someone can fail to keep a promise and not have it eat at them internally. I have a sequel I promised out in March and is behind schedule and its tearing me up. (Sticking points in plot, but it will get finished dammit!!!!)

But then, I see it weekly around here. I see it where I work, and just saw a sign expressing similar at the local greasy spoon. We have at least one worker every damned day just not show up. Some days its several and, well, when you don’t have enough workers, shit doesn’t move fast, if at all.

When I first started working, a no show was a termination, period, full stop, no appeals. These days,,,,

Entropy increases, strap in, its gonna be a rough ride.

Can’t happen here

Oh really?

I’ll play the line that we don’t have concentration camps,,, yet,,,

But when a group of “legislators ” have openly expressed desire for reeducation of children of ‘Trump voters ‘, Camps aren’t really all that far behind, are they. With camps come atrocities. Seriously, people whine about how illegals are treated at detainment facilities, but then turn around blithely demanding similar treatment of ‘wrong thinkers’. And yet, the dichotomy of thought remains unseen by them.

Only in an illusory world can such opposing correlaries nestle so tightly, without destroying the host. Waking that host up will trigger massive psychological damage, depression being the least one.

Its said amongst the right and libertarians that Leftism is a mental illness. I can’t argue against that. I would like to say its a series of programming glitches. But that is a definition of an illness. Glitches start stacking up until the host succumbs.

And maybe thats what the right needs to do, step aside and let the infection proceed to the destruction of its hosts.

The problem there being; the destruction will not be isolated to the patient. The hallucinations of delirium in the host will produce those factors such as Camps, and programs to ‘correct’ the problem.

Go with the flow, keep away from crowds, educate those you CAN reach, and keep on. We haven’t even started the real game yet (thanks to a power mad illegitimate power structure that is acting schizophrenic so early in its gestation.) but this is far from over and level heads and stern backbones will be needed to pick it all back up.