Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha



Thats the thought on my head from the weekend. And I find it exceptionally funny that the people that squawk the loudest are the ones with the most ignorance about the subject.

I’ve said it before, here and elsewhere, that we aren’t “created” equal, but we are all born equal: equally helpless, equally demanding, equally ignorant. I’m getting to see my theory receive a proof, right before my very eyes. Buzz had 5 kittens just one month ago. All were born within 2 hours and only one had some issues in delivery. Here it is 4 weeks later, and all 5 are at different stages of development. Nothing drastic mind you, but one or two are starting to want Mama’s food, the others sniff but find zero interest in it. One is still struggling a bit on the sure-footedness thing, she still stumbles a lot. I know, kittens aren’t graceful cats, but you can see that her coordination is less than that of her sibs. The one that had to be helped, is one of the advanced students, and has a real desire to eat Mama’s ears and gets wrestled down by mom frequently.

All were born equal, but they are NOT equal now. But all have had exactly the same environment and food supply and nurturing. So why aren’t they equal? I think the question is more ‘why are the genetic combinations not the same?’ Thats just how Mama Nature operates. She rolls the dice down the double helix and the changes that show improvement carry on and the ones that regress, well, sucks to be you, mama says. LIFE. IS. NOT. FAIR. And anyone thats trying to say different is trying to sell you something.

The differences are subtle, you have to observe them for awhile to see it, but those differences are there. And not just in these kittens.

“The biggest fallacy of democracy is that everyones opinion carries the same value” RAH

That quote has deeper implications than just opinion. Not everyone can be equally skilled, or knowledgable, or productive. The biggest issue resolves to “from each according to ability, to each according to need.” Where ‘need’ is completely subjective, but ability is a finite. When the people start to adapt their thinking to that socialist lie, entropy of a society increases exponentially.

I spent the weekend in Cincy again, and wandered around town a little on Saturday. That thinking is so prevalent up there, I see why my sister is so desperate to bail out. Anywhere will seem better with that as a backdrop on your thought processes. What I found the most interesting was the layering and how obvious it was. The corporate types were in the towers downtown, which turns into a ghost town on the weekends. The ‘gibmes’ were scattered on the fringes of the downtown area, and further out was where the corporate types, the entrepreneurs, and honest producers lived. Even further out were the people more in tune with earthly things, farmers, self employed skilled types, etc. You could tell what part you were in by the number of little convenience stores vs the chain types.

Parts were definitely first world, and other parts were bordering on third world. Its eerie to see the evolution of the town from when I lived there to now.

Things most definitely are not equal, and its never going to be ‘fixed’ by government: the change has to, absolutley has to, start with the individual. And with that as a fact, the myth of equality gets shattered.

Cincy: first world

Olongapo PI: third world

The differences are VERY subtle.

(Images chosen due to personal experience. I lived in one and visited the other twice.)


Keep watching,,,,

I’ll keep saying it. Watch this stuff and you are gonna want to learn more about it.

Kiwi goes crypto

The basics aren’t hard. If you were to want to start ‘mining’, thats a whole different game, but learning what it is and how it is used; that, you want to learn.

Seeing how the last couple of posts about this are showing growth in credible markets, I am seeing the beginnings of a snowball effect. Keep watching.

Dumb gov stufs

Over at SiGreybeards there was this to say about recent feels from Poly-ticks about Gungrabbing brainstorms.(link to below RTWT)

AnonymousAugust 14, 2019 at 10:47 AM

the Republican president doesn’t appear to take council from the NRA,
then there won’t be money from NRA donors for presidential run #2.

Umm, I do believe that is a running bid for comment of the year.

And just to add my two cents, it won’t make a lick of difference in any direction. The law breakers don’t care from the git-go, and many of us out here will happily become lawbreakers if this gets pushed anymore.

It ain’t the tool, ya retards, its the guy swinging the tool. I dare ya to put your 8en1$ on my bench and see if it doesn’t get whacked with a board.

(Stolen from SiGB and from who knows else)

Tips n tricks

If you really want to learn something, the best way to do it is total immersion. Ya gotta get wet, and not just your toes. Language? Surround yourself in it. Foreign radio links, flesh and blood speakers that use it as their primary language. You’ll be thinking in it within weeks.

You want to know about stocks and bonds, without getting burned? Most modern brokerage houses have electronic ‘games’ where you can do trades of ‘real’ stocks and see how you do and learn from the fails. You aren’t actually using real stocks or money, its a virtual world that takes its input from the real world. Other ‘games’ like Cashflow 101 and 202 work as well.

Wanna learn how to roll a kayak? You really have to get wet here. This is one where you (read ME) needs a warm body other than self to help out, but if you aren’t getting wet, ya ain’t trying.

But if you really want to and I mean REALLY WANT TO learn something, you have to go all in. You’ll be an expert in a week. (Well, maybe longer for things like a lawyer or surgeon, but you get my drift.)

A lil sumpin for my granbehbies

(And for everybody else interested)

Of all my most successful endeavors, and I’m not trying to claim omnipotent knowledge here, they all had one common trait: enthusiasm not overshadowed by pessimism. There was energy to spare, because it wasn’t being drained off to hold the pessimist at bay.

And they were mostly based in reality: I wasn’t trying to develop a warpdrive engine using an as yet undiscovered power source to push an imaginary ship across space. Good entertainment, but not reality. No, these were based on real things, usually just out of reach, but by making the extra effort, were attainable. The incentive was personal happiness as measured in achievements; I have stories to tell even if I didn’t gain in material things.

Broad brush moment here: Most people won’t make the extra effort due to risk aversion. We are a ‘security’ minded people; we want to play it safe because safe is comfortable. Risk is dangerous to that comfort.

But if you don’t risk it, you can’t fail, and if you can’t fail, you don’t learn. Not learning is true failure in my world. Not succeeding is part of the learning curve, get back up, get on the bike and try again. Get out of the water, drain the kayak and try again. If you ain’t trying, you ain’t living.

Now, I have my own personal limits of what I’ll try and won’t; I have zero desire to go base jumping for example but would be (am) willing to build a FAR 103 ultralite and learn to fly. Its all a matter of degrees. My current goal is a little more aetheral but still achievable if I stick to my guns amd guts about it.

The trick is to keep the naysayers at bay. They have a way of wiggling doubt into the slightest crevice; doubt that grows like a cancer and destroys willpower. Willpower is what you need . The truly sucessful are more certain of themselves and are more resistant to the negative: I need a little more breathing room than that, but can still pull some amazing things off when I get my steam up.

I’m building that head of steam now.

No joke

Wal-mart applied for a crytpo-currency patent.

The article flat states that wallyworld has ‘no plans for the patent at this time’, but the fact that they are making the move, even preemptively, tells me something. They even suggest in the article that wally is going to leave the currency aspect alone, focusing instead on the blockchain side.

Recall some of my last posts about this, that blockchain is the core idea here: One loaded with massive security features that protect the end user specifically. This is progressing very quickly, almost as fast as the doubling of memory every year. It’s something you are going to want to be at least familiar with because at current course and speed, we WILL see something coming out of all this that will have a direct impact on how you do things in the real world. Having a heads up on it will help a lot when suddenly you find people paying for things with what looks like a thumb-drive, and the teller looks at you weird when you hand her cash,,,,

Annddd, its Sunday

Started off with the intention of repairing my dads truck. The front differential started making some funky grinding noises last month, thanks in no small part to a leaky seal. We knew the bearings were toast so ordered them and new seals.

Today though, we started diving in and I dropped the drain plug to clear the case and heard two quite distinctive ‘Plop’s. Ran a magnet through the muck and came out with two large chunks. The ring gear is shot. Snapped those teeth right off.

Not sure what my dad intends on doing at this point, but we disabled the front end so he can’t accidently engage it and really screw things up(like lock the front wheels while driving, that wouldn’t be pretty.)

But its sunday, and that means laundry day, and maybe kayak time, and it also means back to work tomorrow. Blah. But ya gotta make the donuts and while I am working the passive income side of things, its just not enough, yet, to tell the job thing ‘sayonara’. I’m a determined stubborn headed mule type; it’ll happen yet.

I broke down though and did get another laptop that is running windoze. I need it for using the Kindle publication program so that I can get a better product from my writing. Yeah, still pounding keys, emulating a room full of monkeys trying to copy Shakespeare. (LOL, like I could actually compete with the Bard himself, NOT!) Its helping in that regard ONLY and only reinforces why I so dislike win-dohs. Thus is one area where I would love to teach programmers the wisdom of “if it ain’t broke, don’t FIX it.” (Interestingly, when I wrote that last, my thumbs typed ‘FUX’. Yeah, thats about what it seems they do with each ‘upgrade’) I much prefered XP and Vista builds over the last 2 or 3 builds. 10, which is what I have on this new unit, purt much flat SUCKS. Its a clonky patchwork of crap that attempts to give the feel of a smartphone operating system(and fails in the most mind-numbing way).

It wasn’t broke boys, but ya tried to FIX it anyway,,,,

Bad programmer, no latté for you!

And its so funny that the reason I need the windohs, is for a program to write a book, that will be read on a unit, that has a unix based OS under the hood. Wait, what? Why?

I couldn’t answer that with any amount of research, and I’d bet Bezos couldn’t either, but some project manager could, if you could comprehend his mumbles.

But, its Sunday, laundry is done, and I hear the gurgle of the river calling to Duh!kee.