Derelinquat me gehennam solus


Hot water n soup

Been a crazy week or two here.   Kinda lost track of time what with the water heater fiasco, weather doing its Febuary Tango, and some issues with the mom unit that still need addressed.  It is not something I have been advertising here and only a handful of people are aware of it, but my step dad passed away not too long ago, leaving my mother with a mess.  I won’t go into details as it is unimportant in this venue, but it is putting some strain on my sister units.  And myself as well, though not as intently, nor at the same level, I just don’t have the time or resources that they are able to expend at this juncture.   And yeah, there is a twinge of guilt there.   Move on.
The mess out in Oregon is resolving in some manner and I won’t go into to it here, but I do want to pass along as WireCutter did, Lavoy Finicum’s book on Kindle.  It won’t help him now, but any amount of income to his family will.   I purchased it, read it and I did give it Five stars.   Damned good read and I am not usually one for Cowboy based stories.   Good mix of Cowboy, post-apocolypse, self-reliance fiction.   Well written, and backed with information links within the chapters for those unaware of certain facts.   Go get a copy (kindle only as far as I know) and help his family out.  The only thing that bugged me about it was the fact that the man had to die before I found it. 
Product review time.   EccoTemp L10 Tankless water heater.   Product description is pretty accurate on Amazon so if you need details of that nature, go there.   What is not on that site, either in comments, or otherwise, I will put here.  (disclaimer: I am not a professional installer, or engineer, just a jack-leg mechanic-tinkerer-goofball of a human.  Your milage may vary) Water heater installed last monday,  My dumb-butt forgot to get the D cells to power the ignition system so I was not able to get a hot bath shower until tuesday,   I initially installed the system with a Shur-flo water pump on it as the parameters called for at least 20psi and my system is only 18psi static.  That worked, kinda, but the pump really didn’t like the setup and seemed to cause cavitation in the heat exchanger.   I would get bursts of steam.   I pulled the pump out of line and that cleared up.  I did have to turn the gas regulator WAY low, but I have two settings now marked on the face of the unit.  One for 90 degrees and the other for 100    I like the lower one for showering and the higher for doing dishes.   I don’t have to open the cold spigots at all, just open the hot wide open and I get the temperature I want (after having turned the regulator there of course.  )   That took a little fiddling, but at this point in the season, I could have ran three hundred gallons through that little furnace and not put a dent in my tank level. (times like this where I wish I had a thousand gallon tank up there instead.   Would make September a little more bearable where we lose water levels for a spell.)   Some pics for ya




Surprises for me with this unit.   I expected noises on ignition, like some crackling or popping noises: didn’t happen.  A little ‘fwoosh’ and there are flames and that happens as soon as you open the valves.  No delay to speak of.   You do have to wait for the hot water to reach you but then, even with a tanked unit, you have to wait for the cold water to clear the lines from the tank so no change there.  I did splurge one night and took a long hot shower, I figured what the hell, I have the system and the infrastructure is still working, I can handle a little extra gas tonight.   An hour later, still steaming hot water falling on me, no fluctuations in the water temperature, at least as far as my skin could detect, and I was pretty much thoroughly basted with wrinkly fingers and toes.  
I can’t say that a tanked heater would have been able to do that.  I recall the heater at the old house running out within 20 minutes and then the temperature flucuating wildly for a spell.   I also don’t have to worry about anyone opening a cold tap or flushing a toilet here so that eliminates that surprise factor that is common in every indoor water system.  (at least, I don’t have to worry about it YET, but there is a future possibility, slim as it is for this grumpy crusty old curmudgeon.)  Also, I have not ran the vent like I was intending, I wanted to see just what kind of performance this unit puts out.   After an hour of a full use during my shower, the rain cap on the unit was only about 130 degrees,  the outer wall was warm to the touch but not at all hot.  I am just going to run a vent over the top and not an actual flue setup.  This is just to keep the CO poisoning risk down.  The heat exchanger works very well, and the unit does not get much hotter than the top of my stove when I am running the oven.  
Anywhos, Tankless water heater works friggin awesome, short version, I will highly recommend the unit or similar to any that are following along with my build or off on their own tangent.   It would work well in a tinyhouse format, as well as a cabin.  The company above also makes an indoor unit sized for permanent install in a 2-2.5 bath setting.  I haven’t priced that but it is something for others to investigate if they are so inclined.   I know the units I priced at the big box store were outrageous and I could find little in complimentary reviews in them, but the smaller cheaper unit I picked up works very well for my needs.
I am going to start adding something to the end of my posts now.   Y’all know I am a voracious reader.   I have started and finished two books in the last two days, one I reviewed up top, the other I am going to list but not review (at this time) but I still recommend it to any and all Freedomistas, and even to some that are not so much, though they don’t know it yet.
Here is the other Book.

The Iron Web by Larken Rose.   Get it on Kindle as the printed versions are way out there (unless you get from Larkens site.)

(Edited to add link)

Hot water, only,,,,,

Not just yet.  Through no fault that I can attribute, I am not in hot water right now.   Not the hot water of trouble, but the hot water of bathing.   I did get my tank less hot water heater in, alas, it is not to be just yet.   There was a little problem either in shipping or prior to, but the unit was damaged upon arrival.   And in such a way, that I wasn’t even going to shrug it off and attempt a fix



That is the gas inlet after the solenoid valve.  Yeah, pot metal, but looking at the brackets, this thing was dropped, HARD.  Pot metal will put up with a certain amount of abuse or we wouldn’t use it all.  This was beyond that.  The water side of things is all in brass so it held up. 
Anyway, long story short, Amazon rocked my world.  They not only credited my account, without having the product in hand, the CSR also directed me to another unit, same model, NEW, not used, and $20 cheaper.   I ordered it Thursday night, and it is scheduled to arrive SATURDAY, and that is not UPS, but USPS!!!!!!!!!  Watching the delivery status, it will be here, though I may have to wait til Monday to pick it up.  Seeing how its a weekend, and this is the Post Office,,,,,……I do have to return the old unit, but hey, they are even mailing me a return label for UPS to do so: that is what I call customer service.   NO hassles, just fix the issue in the timeliest manner possible.  Rockin!
Anyways, I will post more about it once its on the wall and working.   Looks like a good unit despite the cheaper part there.  The heat exchanger is top notch in appearance, and the simplicity of the whole system tells me that this thing is near foolproof (despite the cheaper part there).  I believe it will be well worth its weight in FRN’s.   I am anticipating those hot showers already!

House update, with pics

SO here we are again. Lots going on in my little cranium, not as much in the physical world. Have some pics of what I have been doing while waiting for my hot water heater to arrive in the mail. IMG_20160110_095716_434 IMG_20160110_095727_027 IMG_20160110_095830_756 IMG_20160110_160709_546 IMG_20160110_160722_117 IMG_20160116_162054_978 IMG_20160116_162117_285I picked up that Bamboo hardwood flooring on discount, but it rocks. Gotta be careful cutting it as splinters from bamboo are flat out EVIL!!!!!! and like metal splinters are daggum hard to see, but you sure as shit know they are there. One little point about building my own counter tops, I get to choose the height! I ain’t a short person and the one issue I have always had with general purpose factory built counters is that they tend to be for shorter people. I ain’t getting any younger, and leaning over a sink to do dishes tends to make me want to not do them. (and my sisters will tell you that is just one more excuse in a long line of excuses over 40+ years, LOL) (heck, why lie, I hate doing dishes,,,,) Anyhoos, long story short, that counter is at 39 ½ inches and makes all my counter work much easier on this abused back. Cooking, prep, dishes, all easier on the old bod. I am still figuring out how I am doing the shelving underneath, but that is all part of the fun. At least now, I have a mostly functional kitchen (hot water hot water hot water, waitin’s on the hot water,,,,) and while I hate doing those dishes, NOW, I can do them as I work, and not have them build up on me. And believe me, in a house this small, one or two meals of dishes looks like I have been lazy for a week. (and part of why I like living small, makes one more honest in chores and storage of things.)
More on that bamboo flooring. It is three layers sandwiched together like a laminate, but all bamboo, not center filler of MSB or some-such like in Pergo flooring. Tough stuff. All the dimensions on the box are in Standard English measurements, but, BUT, the original mill work was done in metric so where you think three layers might be 3/4” it is actually 14mm.(9/16”) and length looks like three feet but is actually one meter. Kinda messed me up because I am used to standard measurements when building and not having to convert over, but once I got going, easy-peasy. Heck, it looks good anyway, and being tough stuff, I know I am not going to have to worry about it for years. I glued all of it together, and to the framing, with TiteBond III which is waterproof once dry, and I used flooring nails and finishing nails to hold it to the 2X4 framing. The fit is tight enough that it tried to flex up once I got that last piece in. A little weight (sleeping dog) and a couple of bench clamps, and all good. Long story short, If’n I ever sell this place and the new owner wants to replace that counter, He/she is going to be cursing my name and all of my hell spawn with language that would make a Marine grunt blush. Someone is going to have to use a sawzall and hope they don’t tear down the house in the process.
At the sink, note there is a second faucet like thing on the right. That is a drinking water tap that is fed through a filter. I decided that route instead of trying to filter all the water in the house. Yes, the water I collect is spring water, but there has been a lot of work done in these hills (logging and Strip mining at one point) and I would rather not risk something percolating into my supply. Washing up in it is fine, drinking it, not so much. As is, I do need to clean my tank frequently and I treat it pretty steadily through the summer months. Not enough to destroy the taste, but enough to keep algae from forming on the walls of the tank. It’s been over a year in place and so far, no odd odors in the tank, just water and a hint of chlorine for a day or two after I treat it. Stinking water is my biggest fear as that would mean starting that whole process over. We have wildlife all over and the chance of something dying up hill from my spring is very real. Don’t know if it will filter out in the rocks or not, but there is always that chance it won’t. Not a good fuzzy feeling thinking about that scenario.

I have a couple of posts in the wings, but seeing how little traffic I have had of late, Holding off. I don’t know if its the time of year, or just general feelings about whats been going on in the IIIper/prepper/militia/conservative/libertarian/ what have you movements. Been watching things and to be honest, I think we are right back where we were when Oblammy took office. Lots of damage done recently and the divisions amongst groups has receded to where it was then. At least that is my opinion from this perspective. I could be wrong, and hopefully am.
Anyway, I have an on demand water heater arriving later this week and I will be installing that on the weekend. I will try to document it in pics as well as I am doing something a little different with the exhaust side of things. I read a couple of reviews where people had the internal pipes freeze and bust and that is NOT covered under the warranty. After reading the reviews though, it sounds like someone just tried to shortcut the system and set themselves up for failure in the process. Either way, I don’t intend on having to deal with that and the setup I plan should act as an airlock against such happening. (I also am NOT located north of the arctic circle and installed the unit in an unheated storage shed, so I just might be going overkill. Either way, the vent is on a windward wall, and I don’t want winter killing my water heater.)

Will post all of that up next sunday sometime.  Y’all take care of yourselves this week.  I’ll be busy.

First week in review

Back again, another year come and gone, and the start of something new.   Wishing that you all had a fruitful Christmas and a safe and happy New Years.    Things were a tad interesting around here for the New Years.   The usual suspects of firing off ammo at the drop of the ball were mysteriously silent this year.  Kinda.   Actually, He fired them off at midnight, on January 1st!!!!   LOL, we all called him up and gave him all kinds of shit for sleeping through the new year festivities.
Update on hot water.   I am throwing in the towel on this endeavor.   I am ordering an on demand system within my range of expense.   The reason I am giving up is due to my own demands and criteria I set for myself in the early stages.   I could still do what I intended, IF, I were willing to move a wall or two and make the run to and from the stove much much shorter.   I lose way to much heat, even with insulated pipes in that run.  The only way I could get the water in the tank to comfort levels (not even talking HOT here, more like luke warm) was to run the stove full tilt boogie, and then the interior of the house was stifling hot and any effort to clean myself would have been wasted with all the sweat I was pouring out.  Given what I have learned, if things get really wonky in the future (and they may just yet) I know what needs done and I have the material on hand to make it work.   Never throw away good plumbing parts, EVER!  I also know what I need to do to improve the heat exchanger side of things and  I will probably do that as a first project once the shop is up and running.   Little space to really dig into things like castings and what not as yet.  Soon though.

Anywhoos, a little bit of development going on in the bigger picture of the world since we last talked.  Thought I might share some of that with you.   Did some reading on the Kerodin/III Arms debacle and what I read only confirms my gut feelings I had at Mercer County (was it really 4 years ago?   WOW, how time flies.)  I don’t need to go anymore into that but if you want to do some digging yourself, Wirecutter has a great start point for you.  Just go to his place and look in the menu and start the fall down the rabbit hole from there.   
Oblammy-o-boy followed up his threats on the gun scene, kinda sorta, sumpin like.  Reading the list, the only real damage he did, maybe, is to open up a can of worms on those getting SSI.   Heres a tip.  When the doc asks “Do you own any guns?” the proper answer is “Nope, sold the last of those last year .” or somesuch answer.   Heres another tip: If you feel like making the investment, find a druggie or street bum willing to sign his name a time or two (however many guns you have) for a couple of bucks.   Have him sign receipts to be filled out later and there is your ‘proof’ that you sold said guns.   Just remember, its on you if you follow my tips, I take no responsibility if you do and get hammered. 
Been watching this whole mess out in Oregon.  I am going to stay neutral on it.  I think the media is doing what the media does best and blowing the whole thing outta proportion, basically condemning the guys involved to a loss in the courts of social media.  That being said, the militias, IIIpers, and any body else that the SPLC douchenozzles have labeled as Domestic terrorists or whatever buzzword they are using this go-round, are going to be, YET AGAIN, collateral damage.  It’s not as if the whole schloznozzle wasn’t ground into the dirt during the last Clinton era, but here we are, going into another one and they are getting a headstart on the defamation of Patriots, and pretty much any and all Constitutionally minded patriots are going to be ostracized by the media.   (yeah, I am pretty much convinced the game is rigged to get Hildibeast in office.  Side note: If I ever hear anyone mention that maybe its time for a woman to be President; they are gonna get jawjacked, then I am going to demand that they prove Hillary is actually a woman.  I have my doubts.)  At this stage of the game, it does not matter how the stand off ends, the Media will spin it the way they want it to be portrayed; IE, a negative for Freedom lovers.   Hope you are good at PR, its gonna need to be handled locally by each and every swingin’ Richard to try and rebuild images.  I ain’t mad at the guys in Oregon.  Not at all.  I think it could have been handled differently, but, and a big but, How many people would have ever heard about the mess the BLM has created out there, if these guys hadn’t stood up, even against the wishes of those they intended to defend.  Maybe, just maybe, there will be some people that open an eyelid to see if there is more to what is going on than the media is reporting and start the wake up process.   I have my doubts there too as there are too many people of the short attention span theater mentallity and the media has become expert at keeping people off balance.   One only needs to watch one week of news to see emergency after emergency being slammed out there like it was the end of the world or something.  
But here is what I am really thinking about.   I once heard someone say “its not what they are telling you thats important, its more ‘WHY are they telling you and WHY now?’ that you have to ask.”  All of this stuff coming down, Executive suggestions (note they didn’t call them EO’s this round.  Too many legal complications, and they have a new AWB in the halls to play with) Militia stand-offs, upcoming Primaries, N Korea testing a nuke, The usual SNAFU in the ME, etc etc etc.   My question to you is, What aren’t they talking about right now?  
and the next question is “Why not?”
one thing I can tell you on that note, The whole Nuclear deal with Iran.  The one that everyone blew a gasket over for five minutes before the 24/7 newsfeed distracted them with something different.  
Wanna know a secret the Media didn’t tell you? 
Too bad, I am going to tell you.  The whole deal was such a farce, the Iranian president didn’t even bother to sign it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it is sitting in the round file right next to the mans toilet.
It isn’t what the deal was about either is my assessment.  It is more that the U.S.of A has been so emasculated over the last 7 years, if not in reality then at least in the eyes of the world, that even if we had the punch to back up our words, NOT ONE OF THOSE COUNTRIES WOULD BELIEVE IT.  And I am not so sure that they are wrong at this stage.  Our Generals are all political suck-asses, the Command Cadre has been whittled down to only those that are Diversity Compliant, and I hear several times a week about NCO’s and SNCO’s bailing as soon as a slot opens.  What remains is exactly what O wants it to be.   A hollowed out shell of a military, that needs permission to ask permission.
Heck, even Putin stated as much in one of his talks (New World: new rules or No rules conference,  Look for the one with subtitles as its in Russian)

Yeah, we are in for one tough row to hoe at this rate.   I don’t believe we would see a take over by another country, as we have a whole lot of land to cover and despite the attempts to disarm the populace, there are still, and will still be, a whole lot of firepower to contemplate (Admiral Yamamoto I believe was the speaker that stated “there will be a rifle behind every blade of grass).   I think the real enemy that we all have to face is shown to us everyday in the news cycle.   It ain’t a candidate either. 

It is us.

Our own division is tearing this country apart and we can’t even agree to disagree.  Division in the IIIpers, militias, and even among the lonewolf keyboard commandos has turned what should have been an opportunity into a PR nightmare,  Racial divisions abound, and then we have the invasion of refugees (notice they don’t even mention the influx of ‘children from Latin America’ anymore?  Bet that hasn’t slacked off either, but, crickets,,,,,,,,) 
Balkanization is only a breath away, and I don’t think even a tenth of a percent of this country has a clue and will scream for help when it happens.
And that brings me around to another thought I shared with a ghost not too long ago.    I have stated over and over again, I DO NOT WANT TO LEAD.   I don’t.  I didn’t any of the times it has been thrust on me.  I hate leading.  
But there is a problem.   Success leads to leadership.   If you are successful at surviving, you will become a leader, PERIOD.   If you are able to defend your AO, You are going to become a leader, PERIOD.  If you are able to keep a small amount of infrastructure functional for your tribe, YOU ARE GOING TO BECOME A LEADER.   
I don’t want to be a leader, but I refuse to be a failure; its a paradox, like so much of life.
Leadership can be a burdensome bedfellow.   I was good at what I did when I was on the road and the number of hats I had to wear on a daily basis was ungodly.  But, I was good at it, and for each one I excelled at, the more I found I had to wear.   If I hadn’t blown my hearing, I would likely still be on that road to this day, doing more and more with more responsibility and even less budget.(they liked cutting budgets, a lot.)   It is not a bedfellow I want to court again.  And yet, If I can keep this little dream of a working retirement from society alive and well, I will attract those that want to be led down the same path.  

I guess we will all have to cross that bridge when we come to it.   It’s not one I am looking forward too.

Hey, only 1800 words this post.  I must be running out of things to say. LOL  
Y’all take care, I will post some pics of the house soon, swear. 

New Years Eve rants and raves

And another year has come and gone. Not that this was a bad one in my world. I am out of the RV and into a real house (though some would argue that a 16’X24′ Cabin constitutes “House”. Not gonna pick nits, they don’t have to live in it, while I do, by choice and happily so.)

But what about the New Year coming at us like a daggum freight train? What is in store for us? Hell, I am sure that there are prognostications from hell flying around the nets right now foretelling everything from complete financial collapse, to CERN opening up a wormhole in Europe, to WWIII, to God only knows what. I can’t even bring myself to get hyped up enough to read most of the tripe anymore. We have been hearing it going on for-frickin-ever it seems and to be quite honest, I am tired of it.


Shit is going to get worse far sooner than it gets better. Anyone with any sense (and those tend to be far and few some-days) can determine that we are in the deeper part of a negative history cycle like every large scale government devolves into given a long enough time line. Just like life in an individual, death is inevitable, and governments die just like a living breathing entity. In some ways, I think our government, as we were taught it was to exist, died many moons ago. The current zombie sporting its cloths is not the one I was taught about, and even it is shambling further down the entropic road to oblivion.

We’ll get back to that in a minute or so. My current plans are to finish the house up, and at least get it further along in livability. I have a tub now; a tad on the small side, but it holds water, I can get in it and bath/soak on those days I need a good soak, and the shower works well for all the other times. Still working the kinks out of the hot water system, but I have defeated the leaks for now. I am working on the kitchen as well (all that plumbing, may as well do it all in one shot as best I can) and that is coming along well. Have my choice in stoves for cooking, three sets of sinks (2 from RV’s, one full size from a house) and am doing all open cabinetry for ease of build (and because I am cheap ass LOL) I am looking for a deal on a three way fridge from an RV and even had one not to long ago: sadly, it had developed a leak and all the ammonia was out. It wasn’t in the greatest of shape either so I just scrapped it, instead of dumping good money after bad on it. There are a couple of RV places around here and I intend on stopping in one some evening and seeing what I can come up with in a Renovated Fridge. (figuring about $500ish for one and that falls inline with what I have seen on the net) Things are that much closer to completion.

Shop update. While things are moving on the house, and that seems to be a perpetual project, I have not forgotten the shop. Come hell or high water (and up on this hill, its gotta be damned high), I am going to have the pad poured as soon as winter starts to break. I need to have that, maybe not fully operational, but starting functional, by the time the election cycle winds down. (This will bring me back around to where I started this post.) I don’t know what the economy is going to do in the interim, but I can well imagine that the ups and downs are going to start to feel like a fair radical roller-coaster ride. It won’t be felt very strongly around here, AT FIRST, but when it does start to hit, its going to roll over this area hard. The Appalachia area never really recovered from the first great depression and that is one reason I decided to settle here. People know how to do without, make do with little to nothing, and squeeze Lincoln till he squeals when they have that penny to rub against another. It is not the greatest place to try and start a business, but then, the business I am starting is oriented to fill the gaps left behind in the last fifty years. There are no blacksmiths around here anymore, small foundries are non-existent, and there are enough farms around here, that my skills will come in handy in more ways than not. (heck, they already do and I am building a small but loyal client base, even as I work over the table and pay Uncle Sugar far too much for far too little.)

and now, we are back to the subject of the moment, New Years.

Just some thoughts on things. I know the Media has been trying to play Putin as some lying slick bastard that is trying to start another world war. And yet, the more I dig into things, the more I see that this is just plain bull shit, intended to distract an already deluded audience. I have watched several of his speeches and the man is just saying things that even Trump is saying, and Putin has a much better intelligence agency at his disposal. I know that he was formerly KGB and we all pretty much understand that when the Soviet Union fell apart, the leaders of that mess retreated to the woods for a week, and when they came out, they were no longer wearing uniforms, but pinstripes from the finest suit makers. They didn’t go away, they just adapted to the times. So the fuck what. If a man speaks truth, does it matter what clothes he is wearing?

More on him in a minute.

Next off is the whole election cycle. I can’t believe the things I hear at work about this run-up to a Presidential election. Are people so fuckin’ blind that they can’t see how stacked the deck is, or how the media is going to spin shit for whomever is signing the paycheck? Lets take a gander at how I see it. These debates are in turmoil. The dem debates are being scheduled in such a way as to minimize viewers, and the low-man on that totem pole is raising Cain about it, and I don’t see much changing despite that ruckus. Second off, the Repub debates; Trump is nailing the polls, but does anyone think that he has a chance of making the primaries? Seriously? The RNC is so shocked by him and his stance, they are going to do everything they can to get someone else into that slot. IF that happens, Trump said he will run as Independent, so now we get a three way vote. Those that are sold on the the Donald, the loyalists’ to whatever party (and lets admit, it, after being sold down the river by Ryan recently, is there really any difference?) With that scenario, I see Hildebeast taking it by a cunt hair, and THAT just means that what we have seen the last 7 years will be continued, if not accelerated. (and there is a part of me that, reluctantly, cheers that line of stupidity on. “ Bring it on, embrace the collapse of this mess so that we can start the recovery!”

Anyways, I am watching this whole thing as closely as I can without losing my cookies, hoping, that I am wrong. But there is the whole history of the last 16 years of questionable elections (hanging chads, electronic booths that always vote Dem, no matter what the voter puts in, 114% turn out with 100% dem votes in one Floriduh county. Etc etc etc) that give a precedent to what is going on. I have my doubts about this one as being even remotely legit. Let me put it another way, something stinks when I am watching this election, and I keep checking but it ain’t my feet.

Back to Putin for a minute. One thing he said recently bothered me. A LOT. He made mention of the whole ME thing as being a great training operation. One that would allow training and hardening of troops INDEFINITELY. WTF? That can only mean that his country is NOT the only one with that in mind, and the fact that we have been at war there for FOURTEEN FUCKIN’ YEARS, tells me that our country, with or without intent, has the same goal. Only one group is making out on this deal and it sure ain’t the American people. (though, some people actually have jobs due to it. Someone has to make the tools that get destroyed over time in combat, as well as the ammo, ordinance, etc)

Granted, fire hardened troops are an asset, assuming they survive intact. But this borders on shit I read about in Frank Herberts’ DUNE series. The only reason I didn’t go completely off the hook on this one was the fact that at least he outright SAID it, whereas our “leaders Pretend” keep spouting politically correct horseshit designed to keep the general populace feeling, maybe not good, but at least not so bad that they start revolting.

A little homework, if you are up to it. Find a recent Vet, now discharged, and ask them how many tours they had. I can guarantee you it was more than one if they are not maimed, or completely out of their mind. (at which point, you have to ask “For what?”. Defending America? That can be argued from here till hell freezes over and the only point will be that those arguing over it will dig in their heals and hold their stance. I have my opinion on it and will leave it at that.)

Paul Ryan. Currently the biggest schlemiel in the District of Criminals. Sold out to Democratic guile and sold the Tea Party out in the process.

Then a new AWB comes out within 48 hours of that stupidity in the wee hours of heading to holiday break (seems to me, a similar stunt was pulled in 1913 and we ended up with Income Tax and the Federal Reserve (in that order).) Well, Fuck Ryan! There are enough people pissed off about the whole sell out, I am certain that someone has him at the top of their list. Let it roll is all I can say. That AWB, which in reading it has Barbara Boxer written between every stinkin’ line (including that whole barrel shroud thing,)

Why now? Coupla points: First, this is the Coup de Grace, their dying gasp to push that part of the agenda. Second, its great distraction from Ryans betrayal and will supposedly rally people to the Repugs to “do whats Right” and help them recoup lost points. (strategically, it makes sense. I am hoping that more people see through the fog for what it is; a political ploy, nothing more.)

Fact: an AWB is going to be useless, unenforceable, and just another division in an already heavily divided nation. The only other possible scenario is this could be what they hope sparks the war they need to push that agenda further.

Of course I am just guessing on all of this, but after watching the shenanigans of that steaming pile of dog crap we call DC for the last 15 years, it fits the bill.

So, AWB up for vote, lets do some number crunching and figure out why I say it will be unenforceable.

Since the inception of NICS checks in 1989, there have been over 400 million checks done. Recall please, that a NICS check is for one purchase order, not “one” gun. It can be multiple guns being sold at that time to one buyer. For ease of crunching, we will go for one check, one gun. So, since 1989, there have been a respectable number of gun sales. Given that there are only 350 million people in these united states, that is more than one gun PER person. Recall also, LEO’s and LEA’s do not need a NICS check, so those numbers are not tabulated, nor are any private sales between individuals. (Private sales don’t really count anyway as they are prior purchase)

350 million people, with age ranging the spectrum as well as a legality spectrum, so for calculation sake, say 50% are legally able to make that purchase. That means 175 million people own 400 million guns. And there is no reasonable way to calculate how many rounds of ammo is on hand for those guns, but I can well imagine it ain’t zero.

NOW, Here is how it becomes unenforceable. There are 1900 police departments in these united states, of that, there are only 1,000,000 officers (rough number) all of whom want to go home at night. Everything about their training revolves around that simple idea. That is why they are getting a bad reputation for abuse, among other reps they may have. Here is the simple math. 174 armed citizens to 1 cop. Maybe, just maybe, the first few raids will be successful, and the media will cry about how great it is that these tools of mayhem and murder are ‘off the street’.

Then they meet someone that says “don’t cross this line” and has the balls and firepower to back it up. The only option they have at that point is to burn them out, and do not for one minute think they won’t. They burned out one of their own when he went rogue, and you and I are even less important in their play book.

At that point, if the media even mentions the event, and it won’t matter how they try to spin it, the rules of the game change, and not in favor of the police or whomever is assigned to carry out the orders of the Criminals. There are enough people in this country with the McGuyver streak, to come up with all kinds of party favors that make an EBR not so scary to the Libtards. Of course, they haven’t carried that part of the calculation out all the way, and of course, their form of social calculus does not give any weight to the term “Unintended Consequences”. Trust me, one of those “Bitter clinger, bible thumping , rifle hugging rednecks” with a little aluminum powder, some fertilizer and a 15# canister of LPG can make a building disappear! And he won’t lose a wink of sleep over it either. And the cops still want to go home at night. Dying ain’t on that wish list so the first deaths will likely start an avalanche of resignations.

And like the men (and women now) in uniform fighting in the sandbox can tell you, when your opponent looks like every man woman and child on the street, you have no idea who to shoot at. SO when the Criminals get their wish and outlaw our personal property, they are going to have one hell of a time trying to figure out if that janitor down the hall is there to mop the floor, or MOP UP THE MESS.

Anywhoos, to wrap all of this maudlin epiphany up, I come back around to Putin. I am wondering, just in a rhetorical curious fashion, if any groups from inside CONUS have attempted to reach that man and maybe strike up conversation about support in overthrowing the current Federal puppetshow. Granted, he would not be the one doing the talking, that whole ‘plausible deniability’ thing, but I am sure that there would be some interest in that facet of the world stage. He hasn’t come outright and said it but there have been a few points in his talks that imply his desire to see our current leaders pretend forget about that first step on the stairs. (and for those that cry TREASON!!!!!, ya might want to take a closer look at what certain individuals are doing to this country and then re-read your constitution! Recall this as well. “Treason doth not prosper. Why, for if it prospers, none dare call it treason.” Right now what I call treason is prospering quite well on the hill, and trust that the bank accounts of those there are showing it as well.)

Nuff. Y’all a have a safe and happy night, stay safe and I will talk at ya laters.

Rip me a new one on this one if y’all feel the urge.

Y’all have a Merry Christmas

Take it easy on the nog and keep them eyes open.  Talk atcha’ll after the break.

an new about me, kinda rant thingy

So here goes. Things that have been stirring around in my puny skull that are wanting out. This is mostly opinion on my part, but there are some people in my past that are coming back around that kinda need to know that I am not the same person that they knew way back when we were all chumming around the Cincinnati music scene as I was breaking into the regional/national scene.
First off, I don’t proclaim myself a Republican (ofttimes referred to as Repugnicant or similar.) Democrat (IE Demon-craps) nor am I a small libertarian. ( See, after my breakup with A, I spent a lot of time re-learning history in ways that were never taught to me in school. One of my tutors was a black woman that I met at a protest of the Federal Reserve and how she went off on the group wanting their picture taken in front of a statue of Lincoln. Confused I was, but she set me straight. More on that later.) I was thinking of myself as a hardcore (BIG L) Libertarian up until my time spent on Pickdogs ranch while I was reading some of the books that he loaned me to pass the whiles between daylight/working hours. Hoo-boy, that was an education. In conjunction with my Heinlein upbringing (and if you have never read any Heinlein, you will be lost in a fog understanding this) Larkin Rose, Michael Z Williamson, and a few others, my eyes were opened up to other possibilities for a much better future. Other reads that I have had since then are either re-reads with a new light shown, or new to me reads that were written way back in the McCarthy era. Back when being a communist/socialist/pile-o-shitist was considered anathema. Some of these reads were also on the ‘These authors are nasty people, you don’t want to read them” list from Public Indoctrination education days. Persons such as Kurt Vonnegut Jr, Ayn Rand, among others. I have even delved into Greek Philosophers, really only to have more information in counter argument than enlightenment. We don’t need no stinkin’ philosopher kings, dangit. I have even dug up old history books written right after the Civil war that are now in the public domain (one of the few things that I thank Google for, now if they would just stop spying on us.) Least to say, when I hear or read some of the things that are being passed around as common knowledge nowadays, I blanch at the level of propaganda and ignorance that has entrenched itself in this society.
So there is some of the background, I didn’t even touch on all the manual skills I studied and practiced in that time, nor how I was freelancing as a carpenter, or welder, mechanic, ranch hand, machinist, etc etc etc. Everything over the last 8 years (this all started while Sen Obama was running for President pResident) has not been just written word, but hands on. This doesn’t even cover the preparations for whatever our future holds in the negative. (some of that is covered here in the blogosphere) No one can see the future, but we can make some educated guesses, and the more one has a foundation in history, the better those guesses can be.
Just a little prognostication here: whatever is coming, has been a long time building, and when it breaks on us, its going to be like a tsunami. Those left will be some of the strongest smartest people you can imagine, and they are not going to be all good. There will be evil as well. This spiritual fight is not even close to resolved, this is just one more battle in an epic war.

Ok, My stance on some things, and this is my opinion but opinion built on experience and study.  Any arguments you have with my stance had best be delivered with FACTS, not just some “I wear my bleeding heart on my sleeve, so you had better respect my feelings” special snowflake type arguments. Nor will I accept “victim card” slams as an end argument. I will hurt feelings, but that is one step to understanding. Truth fuckin’ hurts, deal!

Racism: I am not racist. Anyone that has ever worked with me for any length of time can tell you, I don’t judge by color, but by character. That is one aspect that MLK jr nailed perfectly. There are several people that I work with right now that will tell you I treat them “like niggers”, and I do. Using the original meaning of the word which is a bastardization of the word ‘niggardly’ which means “being ignorant’, I treat them as such. Why? Because they have proven that they are worthless pieces of shit that deserve every bad thing that comes their way, and usually bring it on themselves by their own actions. Note, I didn’t mention color? For the record, they are white. (there is one non-white where I work, and he is hispanic, and does not fall under that formerly mentioned group. The dude is as sharp as a knife and plays the ‘dumb mexican’ as a game.)
Now just because I am not racist, does not mean I don’t recognize racism as a problem. I see it all the time. I see how the media spins news articles to hide it, I see how the country is in a turmoil over it, but no one wants to talk about it. I also know that it has come full circle and even if you aren’t interested in it, it is interested in you. For those that say its all bullshit, I challenge you to walk downtown Detroit in the middle of the night, unarmed. Or, better yet, walk around D.C. , our Federal Capitol, in the middle of the night unarmed. I have worked both of those areas while out on the Gospel plays and I know for fact, that the cast members(who were black) were nervous of those areas. Heck, with all the five star hotels in D.C., they chose instead to put us up in Virginia and not because of budget reasons.
And never think that racism is just a white black thing, fuck no it ain’t. La Raza for instance. Literally means “THE RACE”. And you want to see vicious fighting, a hispanic gang vs a black gang will make even the hardest of the hard re-think what cruel and unusual means.
I don’t have an answer to how to deal with it, in part, because I don’t think there is one. Far too many are content being the way they are, and have no desire to accept that their way is not the only way.
And that brings me to something else.
Islamophobia: First off, I despise the Muhammadan anything. I was in Kuwait, had a few stop overs in countries in that gulf and was able to see what that mess entails first hand. I dug around some while there, found four factions that I can name and I can garan-damned-tee you that there are more. Second. A phobia is classified as a IRRATIONAL fear; IE I have Acrophobia, scared of heights. Totally irrational in my fear as I can stand on top of a skyscraper, but can’t climb a 14′ ladder. My fear of Islam is not irrational, it is based on facts, study, and history. If you think that the be-headings as shown on youtube and what not were faked, guess again. They may have staged them for the camera, but the actual event happened, with a dead body and a severed head to prove it.
Nope, nothing irrational in my fear of what the Shiites, Sunni, Wahhabi, or even the Sufi, plan for us “infidels”.(please note, the media really only covers the first two, as they are the ones that have been making waves most of late. The Wahhabi are even more zealous than the first two, and the Sufi are an unknown at this point. The Sufi I met in Abu Dhabi was quite nice, and even friendly to an infidel such as myself, but his beliefs were still very much founded in the Qur’an, and that is at the heart of the problem. Another point to consider with him, he was much older, (guessing around 70 or 80) and the United Arab Emirates is still very secular and very socialist in how they treat their population. A similar situation resides in Saudi Arabia with the Wahhabi so there is little that can be determined about zealotry in those areas. Betcha a nickle if the Emir or House of Saud stopped paying dividends to the population, they would be hanging by their testicles before the sun broke the next day, and we would have the names of those groups very much on the winds within our Media.
The facts I have covered elsewhere, and it doesn’t take much to look them up yourself either. For those that want to argue “there are good muslims too, the ones that make a stink are the extremists”, I have only one thing for you think about. If the “good muslims” are so good, why do they allow the extremists to use their mosques as, quite literally, arsenals, and staging grounds, and recruitment centers? Answer me that, with a straight face, and we can continue the discussion. Chances are you won’t sway me away from my stance though. I have had since 91 to discover all I need to know, to know that Islam is not good for the world. (and really, that whole argument is a parallel to the “good cop, bad cop” argument. The answer remains the same for either point.)

Homosexuality: I am not gay. I have had gay friends (and one that I have suspicion of now, but if he is, he has not come out of the closet yet. Nor does it matter because he has proven a friend, and is not stupid in any way) I really don’t give an airborne coitus if you are or aren’t. My only problem with the whole snafu is how such a small percentage of the population can make the remainder bend knee and submit to what is such a non-issue. I don’t give two squirts if you want to marry your partner, be they of opposite or same sex. Just don’t make me, or any other person have to acknowledge it at the threat of force. If you want to get married, your business, find some new age church and do the deed, and live happily ever after for all I care. But when 2% of the population can get the Government to back up their desires with the threat of force, we has a problem. I call Bullshit!
Let me elaborate a touch here. Amy and I were never legally married, but we had a house together, and our children Bert and Coops (dogs), along with Hami and Skitz (cats). When the whole thing fell apart, it tore me up as bad as if we had been married, but because there was not that legal contract between us, we were able to make the split much more amicable than we would if we had to duke it out in court. This was a heterosexual relationship. We were even able to get each other on our insurance plans (though we never did) and I would bet that there were more than a few homosexual couples that were in similar situations and without the “discrimination’ that has been blown out of proportion by the media trying to sell “THE Agenda”. It doesn’t matter to me, and I would imagine many others feel the same, what you do behind closed doors with your consenting partner.
Lets try to get back to that and we can all agree to leave each other alone and keep the government out of the damned bedrooms for chrisakes. (and a personal note, this whole transexual, transgender crap is so much fuckin’ bullshit. Its just propaganda to help divide us even further. You were born one way or another, get over yourself and be a fuckin’ human being for God’s sake.)(addendum: You want to be special? Work for it, do something that people will talk about for decades. Look at people like Bell, Edison, Newton, etc; their legacy precedes them even now. And I would bet they didn’t feel special because just because they had a dick, nor were they envious because the guy next door got laid more often or whatever brings that particular disorder to the surface. Just don’t expect people like me to think you are special just because you want to identify yourself as ‘different’. Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck,,,,,,,).
And that brings me to the last of my stances (well, not really, but all I am willing to bring up at this time)
Government: Like Professor La Paz states in ‘The Moon is a harsh mistress’ “I am a rational anarchist. I am free no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate. If I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.” (emphasis mine)For those not familiar with what freedom is, re-read that last line, frequently! Freedom is not free! You have to work for it, at it, and you may never really achieve it. This country had it for a very short time, up to the time that Alexander Hamilton started muffing things up. Jefferson was against the whole mess from the get-go but went along to try and ease the damage that was being done. (reference to the whole Continental Congress that wrote our Constitution as it was originally laid out.) this brings up a point about our current education system that I didn’t take notice of until recent years. I recall being taught about the Federalist papers, but finding the counter arguments in the Anti-federalist papers was not only impossible (pre-internet days) but highly discouraged. Even then, something twigged in my skull that something was not right. Fairly showing both sides of the argument displays trust in your position. To hide one side shows that there is a problem that is being hidden, and that other position is likely the stronger one. I never ever forgot that, even if it took another 22 years to come back around to it. Another name that was never mentioned is Alesander Spooner. Reading his works woke up that old point, and I did some re-education over a few months. (note: I am not wanting to load up this essay with oodles of hyperlinks. Google the names mentioned and you can do this education on your own. Remember, if you want to argue with me, you must bring FACTS to the table or I will dismiss you as one of those special snowflake types that need safe rooms loaded with puppies to calm down when you get frustrated.).
But I digress.
Government; I argue that we don’t really need government. There are some that would argue for limited government, but even there, the problem will progressively grow until what we have is what will be. I don’t need some dunderhead, over-educated ignoramus a thousand miles away (or even 15 miles away) to tell me how to live my life. I can go years between needing a cop, and usually, when they are around, it is not in my favor, and is usually expensive; added taxes that need collected to keep the government I don’t need, up and running. See the cycle. Government is all about control, and it isn’t your control but control OF you. Those fines and fees, are usually extracted for “Victim-less Crimes”. And they say the laws are to protect us. I call bullshit on that as well. My interests are better protected by myself than some biased yahoo with a badge or some ‘representative’ with a diploma mill degree. To many people don’t want to get their hands dirty though so they elect others to do that dirty work for them. And yet, those that are ‘hired’ or “elected” are never around when the protection is needed, and the person being abused, or assaulted is left with a vexing dilemma: break the law and protect themselves or suffer with the potential of death or dismemberment. Like the saying goes, when seconds count, a cop is only minutes away. And even there, our courts system has stated that the cops have no duty to protect the citizens. NO DUTY. So,“To Protect and Serve” means, What? Nothing unless it’s to “Protect the State, and Serve the warrants for arrest of the citizens” No thank you, don’t need it and really don’t want it. (granted, there are now ‘laws’ on the books called castle doctrine that make self defense ‘acceptable’. Seems to me like a hot air case of trying to ‘justify’ the natural order of things. You won’t see a lion backing off from a hyena ‘because it isn’t legal’. Just another case of Government giving itself a reason to exist.)
My problem with Government goes quite deep, and I have had wars in my head and spirit on how to deal with it in manner that settles both sides of the argument. I have even had a time where I was modeling a new constitution, one with limited government, but also with teeth to keep it limited. I gave up as my education grew. The reason I gave up is in a Heinlein quote.”there are only two types of people in the world; those that want to control others and those that just want to be left alone.” and that is it. I just want to be left alone, but there is that other side that only wants to have control of me and how I live. The power of the latter waxes and wanes through the decades, but it never ever really goes away. It is apparent in every form of government, every religion that has a heaven or hell, and even in the economic sphere, it rears its ugly head. How does one ‘get away’ from that?
The only solution I have found is the one I am working on. My (unknown to him) mentor has achieved it to a large extent, and I am working on it daily. All I can do is withdraw from society as a whole and maintain only that amount of society that agrees with my stance and is also able to work with me to maintain it. I have been called a Hermit (even by myself.) and I am OK with that (though its not quite the truth.) I will get to a point, (sooner is better, but I am patient) where my dealings are with like minded persons and everything else is self reliance. This is partly why my education over the last few years has been so eclectic. I am pulling the plug in the only way within my means, and I am very nearly there.
And I know that is the very thing that any government fears more than terrorists with bombs or lone shooters from book repositories. They fear the independent person that doesn’t “Need” them, because if there were more like myself, they would be completely irrelevant. That is why we are seeing such a rise in welfare, immigration, deficit spending (thanks for the new omnibus spending bill by the way. Gonna be a bitch when the producers stop producing tax revenues for y’all) They need people to be dependent on them or their very existence is null and void. The only justification I can see for any large (relatively speaking) government, is to protect the borders. to protect economic interests on the world stage, and to allow its citizens freedom to achieve whatever they desire, Our current government is a total failure on all points. I have stated that true freedom is to have the ability to be stupid and fuck your world royal, without bringing others down with you. The obvious corrollary to that is you also have the ability to be fabulously brilliant and achieve great things. If you are being taxed to death, for anything and everything, every time you turn around, you will never be able to rise above your position to reach your full potential. This is by design in our current world. TPTwannaB like the feudal caste system. The original intent of our government was a representative system, but the disconnect between our “leaders” and “los mundano” is very apparent to any with even half a brain. If you doubt me on that tax thing, take a month, save your receipts. Look at any charge that was added on for any reason other than a service fee of the company or interest payment. Those are taxes. Like when you buy a tire (like I just did) The state charges $1 for the purchase, $2.50 for disposal of the old one, and another 6.5% sales tax. The place selling the tire has to collect that tax at threat of force with no compensation so has to hire someone to keep it all accounted for, so raises the prices to cover the additional costs. (another tax in a sense) And all of that is just at the end process, I can’t even imagine all the fees and taxes associated with the construction of said product. We don’t have the VAT here, YET, but Europe does and it really hammers producers of any and all products. (and people bitch about companies sending production overseas. Hell, If I were being taxed into bankruptcy, I would move my operations to a friendlier country too. Hmmm, maybe I just need to move.)(for the record, that thought is not new to me, I just haven’t found it agreeable enough to finalize the effort.) At the end of the month, add up all those fees and payments and see how much you really pay in taxes. Between income taxes, FICA, Medicare, Local and State, you are likely paying well over 50% of your earnings out to people you will never ever meet, and whom are much better off than you. Again, we are talking about revenue generated to support a government that we do not need.
Like mentioned, I am pulling the plug. I refuse to help support a group of people that have zero intent of being any form of productive for the sole intent of keeping some other group of control freaks in power. Cut the cord and many of those on welfare, once they stop howling about the loss of Uncle Sugars freebies, will start to work for their meals again. Those that don’t are either going to starve to death or get killed pulling some stupid stunts. No loss in my opinion. Those that really need it, need to prove it, and it shouldn’t be a government that provides that support, but the local community to include the churches (those that pay tithes should understand that is the role of churches.) The Social Security issue is a bit touchier, and its because those that are retired, payed into a system that was promised to them, so they have ‘earned it’. It should be up to the government that made that promise, to fulfill that promise. But the whole scam should come to an end, immediately, with only those that earned it receiving until the day they no longer can. Stop stealing our money to pay for a promise you can’t fill, it ain’t right, and I know that I will never ever see it myself, so your promise to me is empty.
And with that, I leave you all to have a good night, (and get cracking on your own self education, even if it is to pick nits with me.)
post script: Murphy payed me a visit this week. New tires for the truck. Not much movement to report on the house.


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