Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha





The clock is ticking, and I feel it more acutely this week than prior.

‘Til these thoughts gel, I will not be posting much at all.

The world as asylum

No politickian stuff today .

I had a 9mm round pass within inches of my head tonight, while pushing the gun out of my face. It was close enough I felt the flash burn on the side of my face, and there are bullet holes in my truck.

I don’t want to say too much as the other person involved is being held for attempted murder and wanton endangerment and there WILL be a trial.

No matter what else can be said about this year, I think most anyone can say it has brought out the absolute worst in society as a whole. I saw that first hand tonight; up close and VERY personal like. For what I think is the first time in my life, I have never been so relieved to see flashing blue lights. That a deputy was driving by was serendipitous, the local PD showed up several minutes later, in part from my 9-1-1 call and more from the deputy calling it in (IMO).

And I still don’t blame the gun. To place the blame on a inert object is psychotic. The real weapon is the mind behind the hand holding whatever inert object was chosen as the tool. In this case, I really do not believe the mind was all there. That doesn’t excuse the guys actions under the circumstances, but it doesn’t push the blame to the tool, either.

I’m alive and unharmed. But I won’t just let this slide either. Civility MUST be maintained, even when the world becomes an asylum. Maybe more so.

Follow along with an open mind

Please don’t try to convince me otherwise. That’s not the point of this post. The point is a mind experiment for you, one you need to keep an open mind for. I would like for you to read this post over at Cold Fury, follow the links even and read them.


Ask yourself one question: “what if,,,???”

Let these things sink in, that maybe all of the last 7 months wasn’t about a virus, but about grooming a populace for the next phase.

Time will tell, one way or the other. Just don’t be surprised by the outcomes. People have been warning this that and the other for months. Someone is gonna be right, and chances are, no one is gonna like it.


Its Fall. It’s rainin’. Its cold(ish). And kinda windy.

And I said to hell with the normies, I’m going kayakin’!!!

Gah! What kinda smile is that Dio?

So, trying out some of the gear I purchased over the last several months, and the real reason I wanted to get iut besides seat-time. Level6 drytop: 5 stars. Didnt capsize, but I did do some hipflicks and didn’t get a single dribble in. The forward hatch on Serena leaked so I did get wet feet and ass but they aren’t out in the breeze. Level 6 Pogies: 3 stars. Kept my hands warm but are such a generic cut with limited adjustment (read NONE) that I would only want them on cool water, not COLD. Granted, if its whatcha got, its whatcha run, but hands will get chilled in these, just not as fast as being exposed. (I also have diving gloves that I usually use so the combination may work better, but haven’t tried it yet)

Lemorecn 5mm wetsuit bottoms; I fell in love with these earlier this year. In combination with the doubled tunnel of the drytop, the tunnel of the sprayskirt, and whatever drywear is underneath all of that, my core CAN NOT get cold. I know some will say I should just go full bore drysuit, and I may yet, but this setup does quite well, is adaptable, and in this region, more than enough to keep paddling year-round. (Why did I fall in love with a wetsuit bottom? Cuz relief isn’t a mad body twisting scramble away.)

If I move to a coastal area, a full drysuit is definitely in order. (It all depends on how long you will be immersed. Here, I can get to shore quickly. In an ocean, it may be a bit before I can get back in my boat and the shore may be a distant memory.)

One thing I love about rainy day kayaking: no power boats. Other than a lone fisherman standing on shore, I had that entire lake to myself. I saw one bassboat early on before I put in, but never saw nor heard him again.


Now if I could find some way of making this pay,,,,


Still manning the watchtower though I’ve little to nothing to add of late.

But I gots ta thinking about some larger aspects of things while driving twixt here and Charleston last week.

I can’t say how many times I have read or referenced analogy of current events to the Fall of the Roman Empire. And I can’t say that the analogy is wrong, but I am starting to think its off. Just as Malthus was wrong in his day, and for much the same reason: ignoring technology and species resilience.

IMO if we are going to see an Great Endarkenment, we are already well into it. In my observations, literacy is the biggest sign of that. Not that most can’t read, but that they are showing loss of comprehension and serious lack of attention span. If it takes more than 140 characters to express an idea, you are likely to lose 95% of a potential audience. I can’t count how many times I have heard, “in twenty words or less, what’s your point?” or some generalization of such.

With loss of comprehension and attention span, the next victim is critical thinking. We already see lack of Critical thinking skills by the simple fact of so few questioning the Heglian Dialects being shoveled around this year. Even when the numbers are obviously being skewed to perpetuate a fallacy, it seems that no one wants to ‘rock the boat’ and so remain compliant and obedient.

Our forefathers must be so proud of what 200+ years have produced.

What I am seeing that does fit the Fall analogy is the population replacement that took place near the very end of the Roman empire. By the time it was a worthless shell, the population of Rome itself had almost no Roman bloodlknes left. They had outmigrated long before.

We are aeeing that happening now as people leave the outskirta of certain cities to warmer friendlier areas. Its not a diaspora, yet! Come November, I would not be surprised to see caravans leaving said cities, loaded with all manner of desperate and haunted people looking for anywhere NOT at war.

Because we are, ARE, at war. Most people are still in denial of that fact because the body count is still below 100 corpses. When that figure starts to approach 4 and 5 digits,,,,

We are at war for ideals, just like we were back in 1860-65. One side still holds values that may seem cliche and labeled as racist or whatever, but they still hold value to those people (note, I am one of them) and the other side see those same values as the ruin of humanity or some such crap. Where a person stands amongst those two sides is a simple matter of degrees, but its not hard to find the divide these days. Hell, its in your face almost 24/7 now.

I touch upon one course of future in my recent book. When I was writing it, I had no idea just how far or how rapidly we could descend to this stage. I would like to think a “Divorce ” amongst the states could be done amicably, but I am a realistic in my pessimism. A break up is inevitable. And it will be heated and bloody. If it becomes a permanent breakup with this continent housing several nations like Central Europe, or one side dominating the other and a new nation/potentially old nation taking the forefront; who flippin knows but the fickle fates and God.

But Grear Endarkenment; not so much. There may be a slow down in innovation (already there on most fronts) and there may be decades where many formerly first world countries are vying for third world status, but it won’t be the centuries of the Dark Ages. Our technology is to advanced and education to ubiquitous to allow much more than a couple decades of slowdown. The only way this world would see such dark ages again is if the madmen started launching multi-megaton nukes with great abandon, shattering any semblance of our global structure and reducing world population back to 15th century levels(or less). Recall I said our tech and species resilience are the two factors keeping the Endarkenment at bay.

I know; such a lovely topic for a Friday post. Apologies to all.

Anywhoos, some memes to fit some of the above points.

SRSLY, Can we move on now??

How do we know this? Here is the CDC on attributed weekly coronadoom deaths.

That number on the bottom of the y-axis is 0. As in zero. Which we are rapidly approaching. Let me use the grammatical trick beloved by kiddies (though I loathe it): It. Is. Over.

Note: both my Dad and Aunt are currently in quarantine over popping positive for this bug.  Neither is showing ANY symptoms, no fever, nothing.  RECALL TESTING IS FOR CORONA VIRUS DNA, not specifically CoVid 19, and the common cold is a, what? oh yeah, a CORONA VIRUS. 
Test all ya want, it does only one thing: perpetuate a panic over NOTHING.

The list took off

One week outta town and my work list tripled in size.

No less than two weeks behind now.

yay me.

Where I wanna be,,,,

Buh,,, I’m not done,,,

Saw a few leaves falling.

I know the fall equinox has already passed and we are on the freight train towards solstice, but the winter train is always so much slower than the summer train.


Its not so much the weather that gets me, its the dead and empty feeling the landscape takes on. I get the anxiety ridden feeling that was doled out so well in the opening scenes of “the Book of Eli”.

OK, maybe I exaggerate a touch; there are some rather enjoyable memories with this time of year to quell the anxiety, but the world “going to sleep” always fills me with melancholy. I know heading back north those changes will seem accelerated, and that, well,,,, Yeah, *sigh*,,,,

Back on the road and its gonna be a long-ass day. And back to the millstone tomorrow, ugh!

Woof! (Reprise)

Yesterday, following a relaxing day at the beach, I, along with Sis n BF and his bud, proceeded to extract the 26′ straight truck we managed to get stuck at her property here in SC. Digging slamming branches in holes, trying to get the axles off the ground again. Managed to get it moved several feet but in the end (maybe shoulda started here) called a towtruck to winch the beasty out of the mess we created.

Then the fun began. Put all the stuff we pulled outta the truck back in it to transport to a storage unit to unload the truck AGAIN! Yeehaw!

Long physically stressed day.

Today is bloody mary’s and chill out mode. We drive back to CinCity tomorrow AM and then I get in my truck and double back to home. And back to work on monday, yeehaw.

Working vacations are always the best, in my opinion, as they make the transition between a tad easier to swallow.

Simple fact: falling in love with Charleston SC. KY may have a shortened residence for me.

Waiting for word from Credit Union on a car loan. Time to move on from the beasty S10. Great truck but she has 300k on the clock and is starting to nickel and dime me on repairs. Watched my budget over last two months and what I am spending on her is slightly higher than what I would spend on a loan payment. May as well spend the money and not have the headaches or loss of confidence for roadtrips.

Now if the rest of the world could cooperate and not blow apart for at least another 6 months,,,,,


Another first in a strange year.

But this one was fun.

Been a few years since I’ve been near salt water and never with a kayak. Didn’t accomplish much but learned a ton. Next time, Serena makes the trip and we’re gonna see what she really knows and I need to learn.