Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Watch the birds

A breeze is picking up and strange things are afoot.

I dunno what this is meant to accomplish unless it is part of something much bigger. There is a lot of tension building

And whats with the armed protestors at state capitols. Liberty boys and €○○¥♤|○○ boys popping up swearing affilitaion for Burnlootmurder or flat stating ‘not pro-Trump’ (no answer needed, its more of an intellectual exercise,,,)

And this, I can see it making sense in one direction, but not in the other,,,


42 hours

As I sit writing this, that is how long “until the ball drops”. How it drops, which direction, how hard, and thrown by ‘whom’, all questions up in the air right now.

Lots of speculation, but one thought I see recurring frequently is that current sitrep of DC as a ‘message’. One from the host occupying those halls, that ‘we, the people’ are headed the way of the dinosaur. That our voices and opinions means naught and when they finalize the religious proceeedings at Noon 12021, we are to be removed replaced or just exterminated.

42 hours.

I would like to see Trump be the one to drop the hammer, but hope is not available any longer. Vibes from outside me are saying that if we truly want our inheritance from the founders, we will need to prove it, the same way they did.

Message recieved, but I am just one body, and as contrarian as I am, likely to be targeted by local ‘true believers’ before this shitshow gets steam up. Thats ok too. Just know that if you see my name in the papers, I won’t have started it, but I will have finished it, and I won’t be making the trip alone.

42 hours.

Keep dancing y’all. It aint over yet.

Not my sort of tune

William Lind has some thoughts on Jan6 and beyond

I read all sorts of things on the webs. Both sides of center and as far from center as I can without growing physically ill from the odor of the content.♧

William is right of center for certain, but not so odiferous as to be uncomfortable. Yet in this case, I have to call foul. First point of contention:

The Establishment is calling the events of January 6 an “insurrection”.  A more accurate term is a “revolt”.  The oppressed majority revolted against an elite that simultaneously despises them and lives off their tax money.

Sorry, that wasnt a revolt, that was a damned ambush. And the MAGA walked right into it. If it had been a revolt, the lamp posts would have been decorated with interesting and ‘strange fruit’ and there would not have been a return to session by 7pm.

Second point;

The most important is, keep it peaceful.  If a crowd is big enough, it can push its way into buildings without offering violence to persons or property.  In this kind of war, the way you win is by suffering casualties, not by inflicting them.  Every casualty becomes a martyr, and you win by accumulating martyrs.  That is how Christianity conquered the Roman Empire,

Emphasis mine

Bull! Shit! Martyrs are well and fine, but that sure as hell is NOT a strategy for winning . And Christianity did not ‘end’ The Roman Empire, the high rate of immigration and diluting of the Roman populace by ‘barbarians ‘ along with total crap policies that started feedback loops for more crap policies is what killed the Roman Empire. Christianity was there, mostly in hiding and was able to “outlast” the empire, then moved in and filled the shell to create ‘the holy roman empire’ and even then became riddled with strife and split. Orthodox Christians vs Roman Christians, the last becomeing Catholicism. Oh yeah, this took several centuries to come about and that fall led to the DARK AGES. Does that sound like a strategy you want to incorporate into what we have today?

Point three:

In Victoria the federal government’s attempts to force cultural Marxism down the throat of every American undermine its legitimacy to the point where the state itself disintegrates

That IS how the Roman Empire fell. It didn’t fall, it disintegrated. Ours is currently going through the initial death throes of such. People are aware that we are not represented by the corruptocrats at large. We know that the selected are stooges out front but that the real powers operate in the shadows (deep state).

We also know that Jan6 scared the ever lovin’ shit out of them. (Proof positive: 30000 troops to protect a virtual Inauguration; srsly?) The private corporations in league setting up censorship is another indicator they are freaking out.

Keep dancing people. But don’t buy the “we gotta keep it peaceful” crap. All you need do is read what they say about camps and re-education to KNOW they have zero intent to “keep it peaceful”. Try for ‘non-violent’ but not peaceful; be annoying, beligerant, obnoxious and generally ungovernable. Like real Americans SHOULD be.

♧ I’m using the commomly defined terms of Left /right here, not the actual referent of right being zero government and left being total governmment. In reality, the US has been hivering near center for 245 years , leaning this way and that but never straying far from center.

Another dance step

Ht to Big Country Expat.

OK, Y’all want a mission?Here it is… buy a set of envelopes and stamps while using gloves.No fingerprints   (easy to do in these ‘covids!!!’ days. No one will look twice atcha wearing a mask and gloves in public-Dio),  Look up a celebutard, the MOAR libtarded, the betterThen, write a ‘random message’… NOT ‘the chair is against the wall’ but random… like  “Bobby needs new shoes”Mail it, no return addyFlood themMake it impossible for the US Postal Service to track any and all mailMy main reason for this is we don’t have communications dominanceONLY by ‘alternative means’ do we regain the abilityONE way to do that is flood the current system and keep it upEven with computers, there’s only so much they can handleAnd if this goes national?

It’ll take a shit ton to work, (think all the crap mail you used to get before they started jacking around and monetized all the cool sites on the web.) but if they think they can get all the webs we weave isolated, they will chase every ghost they see.

Ya think, maybe people are waking up?

Just had this pop up on my phone.

#6 on Amazon charts this week.

Maybe its ‘suggested reading’ for some, and likely a recap for others, but I have to think people are starting to SEE again.

A dance tune to carry us into the start of a new week.

(Read the lyrics on yootoobe.)


Noted that recently, some links are breaking. Shouldn’t be surprised with current ‘cancel culture ‘ running rampant like a rabid cur from a Stephen King novel.

Still frustrating. When I link, I may have to start taking Mikes line and expurgating tons of others writings. I don’t like it, but seems the only way to beat the system is to load the system up.

More later

My issue with the mess

First off, I am an INTJ. My personality profile demands FACTS. Always facts. One description I’ve read states; “an emotional outburst in front of an INTJ is the psychological equivalent of projectile vomiting all over them.”

Yup! I hate it when People get all squishy and tear ridden, snot droppin’, emotional. Its usually over what amounts to nothing in the big picture.

Thats not to say I don’t have emotions or that I don’t understand them. Its more like the sex thing: keep it behind closed doors. Share it with your partner but leave the rest of the world out of it.

But Facts, oh please give me the facts. Facts are a foundation, solid footing in fluid times.

But the crap I see these days is,,, What the hell happened to reporting facts!?!?!

You can call an elephant a duck, glue feathers to it, and sew a duck call into its nose so it ‘quacks’, but at the end of all that, ITS STILL A FUCKIN’ ELEPHANT. What I see being reported is the feathers being glued on. The shutting down of social media accounts is sewing the duck call in place. But there is still a very large pachyderm standing in the room, looking mighty embarassed to breath for fear of quacking.

I read the stuff, I see the double standards, the twisting of language (a huge peeve of mine) the shaping of the language, not to convince, but to shame. The whole thing is reminding me of an alcoholic GF I once had, total inebriated wreck, puking on herself and me, swearing it wasn’t her fault; I was to blame because I ‘didnt understand her’.

I did understand her and thats why she is no longer anywhere near me in my life and wasn’t very quickly after that epsiode. I do understand, at least so far as I see a mental patient in dire need of sedation and a straight jacket.

Somewhere on the nets, very recently, someone did a study of mental health issues, and political leanings. It stated that the further left a persons political ideology, the more likely they would be in therapy, on mood stablizers, or other medications; usually psychotropic. The study showed higher levels of depression and anxiety issues on the left/liberal, at a significantly obtuse proportion to right/conservatives.

After reading “Man, Alive” (see my pages above for access to it. You’ll love it or hate it) I could have written that studies report. People that try to live the lies being fed to them will have programming glitches that start positive feedback loops, and any engineer can tell you a positive feedback loop is destructive. Ask a computer to divide by zero and watch the poor thing melt down. That is the analogy of what most people are trying to do in their daily lives; trying to divide themselves by zero. (Most all computers now have an algorithm written in to ignore the “/0” function. Old punch card types did not and they would self destruct in the attempt. People have safegaurds too, but will still keep trying and keep trying to justify the attempt. The depression and anxiety are the outward displays of the ‘errors’.)

FACTS!!!! Simple checks pf reports from a year ago to today. See how violent one event vs todays event compares. It doesnt take long, but it seems like doing so is anathema for the media. “Here and now are real”, but history is myth and to be ignored, but only if it doesnt ‘fit’ the reality they want.

Between a couple, emotions are fine, its how we cope with the day to day. But in society, feelings need to be set aside and calmer cooler heads need to prevail. Emotions can quickly escalate and become uncontrollable, like a forest fire, sweeping everything up in its path and outracing the best runners.

And here we are. Emotion riddled governance by mentally compromised educated idiots. Idiots without moral foundations (and no, self aggrandizing is not a moral.) In another 72-ish hours, an mentally deficient enemy collaborator will perjure himself in virtual reality from a city being gaurded by TWO military divisions, and supposedly take the reins of power to ‘the highest position in the world’. For those that voted for him, please read that again. Just the fact that there are 30000 troops guarding the city should say something to you, about the legitimacy of this election. in January 2017, DC was run amok with women in pink hats and only 5000 extra troops to assist traffic control. Those troops were not armed, there were no armored and weaponed strykers positioned at intersections. School buses and trash trucks were not used to cordon off tactically deficient locations. DC looked more like a party zone than a war zone, despite the heckles and cat calls of pussyhats.


I feel like I am wading in a vomit and shit filled cesspit these days. The emotional vibe I get has me showering three and four times a day, and I still feel ‘icky’ at the tail end if the day.

I sent up a plea to IS yesterday evening: “please restore some of the sanity to the world”. Sadly, I think that, however things fall out over the next few days/weeks/months/years, that sanity can only be restored by removing a large portion of the rot in humanity. (Not a call for such, just an observation that surgical methods may be the only course to a cure). And I fear that such is going to happen quickly, almost at the speed of light, when the true power behind the mess we see, gets impatient and drops megatonnage in key locations.

So, on that most somber and dark note, its time for a dance tune, and I will give the crazy lefties one of their own today.


Impeachment Gluttons Of The Ring….

RTWT (and crank up that Dance tune, while your there)

This is the page with broken links. Target site deleted post fir reasons unknown. Pic is from there.

Reality break and status update

No dancing in this post (well, there may be after fact.  We’ll see.)

It’s winter, its not coming, ITS HERE. Kayaking has been ‘Meh!’ For 2 months.  Mostly equipment updates, dryland exercise and dreaming.  I have a 19′ stripbuilt kayak in the works, kinda sorta, as I’ve been holding back some.  Mostly due to fact that my work area is colder than a witches teat in November and glues don’t like working below 45°f.    And there is the whole ‘winter slow down’ with work so Lucre is spotty, and the fiberglass and epoxies I need are just the other side of “OUCH!” In costs. 

Besides, its not like I don’t already own 6 kayaks.  Like my dad keeps saying,” ya can only paddle one at a time”.  Yeah,,,,

So, another winter activity, also Kayak related: Roll Class.  B n I are scheduled for a roll class Sunday the 24th.  Assuming the new asshat in charge doesn’t shut down interstate travel, its on.  Sadly, the nearest class we could find that was still operating under ‘Rona!!’ Is in Ohio.  3 hour drive one way for a three hour class in an indoor pool.  Absolutely flippin worth it IMO, even if its a “bit fur’way”.  If Gropey doesn’t shut down all traffic in the US, I will have camera on hand and have B manning the phone cam, and maybe, just maybe. I will finally be able to show y’all success at one of my goals.  And if so, you can bet I’ll be doin’the happy dance that day.  (And being a terrible bore for all my kayaky friends as I practice it anytime there is water under my keel.)

By 1000 guffaws

74Million,,, thats a big number

1.9 Trillion. Thats a bigger number.

1.9 triilion dollar “budget” that is 200 times larger than our GDP. Tell me that ain’t a thigh slapper. Makes for a great joke ’til ya realize the fool takes it seriously.

So ya steal win an election, cordon off the capital, and hold an inaugural procedure in Virtual Reality because you are so legit you fear the mobs of supporters will suck all the oxygen out of DC.

The girls got issues.