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Chinese scientists study viability of manned radar station on the moon

Chinese scientists study viability of manned radar station on the moon.

Think about it.  They are getting flak from the naysayers, but how else do you explore “the final frontier” without taking that first step.
I for one applaud them for taking the steps this country pissed away over the last couple of decades.    We are finally seeing private enterprises take up where NASA dropped the ball, but I firmly believe China has the were withal to pull off something like this, and make it work finding many work arounds  for the many many complications that are sure to bust their chops.
Granted, they currently have a much larger workforce and this is a project that will provide several key positions and oodles of lower ones.  I have to think that there are many people, not just from China, that would jump at the chance to live on the moon. (If I were 20 years younger, I would start studying mandarin just so I could volunteer )
There is a downside option to this as well.  Read “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” by Heinlein.  The moon sits on the other side of a gigantic gravity well.  It only takes a little power to flip a sizable rock over that edge, and the kinetic energy in a falling rock is pretty substantial.  A small guidance system and ,,,    well. Read the book,  you’ll understand.

I just thought others would find this just as interesting, inspiring, and worrisome as I did.

Bolts and really nutz!

It’s together!  Still need a windmill outta the sky and guy lines but the tower is assembled and laying there waiting for me to put a crew together for all the fun.



And here is a detail of the top mast.


I used a pair of binocs to look up at the tower to see what I did for the top mast last time.  I still had 12′ of that pipe left over so, what the hell, do it, and if need be, bring the torches up here and do some on site welding.
Time for the “rest” in my weekend, talk atcha’all later.

Damp n muddy

Lots done today, thanks to a friend from work.  Tower base concreted in, ditch dug, conduit laid and the wire ran, all before noon! Woo-hoo, go us!


Rough pic, was using the zoom function


Detail of base and where the conduit exits

Buddy left then, and it was time to go work on the other parts still on the bench.  Was able to get things rolling and had the welding  side of things done (for the most part, one more small section  needed) and was even in the process of paint, when the rain made


Hillbilly paint booth

a return.

I am using the flat earth tones for paint as I really prefer my stuff to not stick out like a beacon.  It’s bad enough getting the occasional sunlight flash off the blades when they are in motion.  That flash can be seen for over a mile, as I witnessed last winter. The blades were powder coated black at work and I find that they still reflect.  Much less than if they were still unpainted aluminum though.  Bright shiny galvanized pipe would stick out hard once the leaves have fallen, so, Camo paint.😉
Tomorrow (today, seeing how I forgot to post this last night) is housekeeping and laundry day so while I am doing laundry, I will be working on that last section.   May have an update Sunday evening (Monday morning) and hopefully one with pictures.
Still need to set guy lines, pull down the old tower, and I still need the new alternator from windblue, so this will be an ongoing monologue from yours truly.

That said, I can already tell that this design is going to perform so much better than the last one.  In that pic where I have that long section laid out, there was no sag even though it was only supported on the ends.  The current standing tower would have sagged 4″ or better over the same length.  Guy wire support should be much simpler to tune with this one (I can hear the current ones sing due to how high strung they are to hold the tower steady ). In addition, this one is set up further from the house and trees, as well as 18′ higher (current rig is only 24′)  I shouldn’t have as many problems with low lying turbulence.   All in all, I think it’s going to play a much bigger role this winter than what I have, did last winter.  (And I won’t lie, the current genny leaves a lot to be desired in output even when it’s cranking over good.  I am very disappointed on that purchase.)

Friday frets, (no music,,,

Though plenty of muses.  
Had a rant all ready to roll out, then read Francis’ blog post this A.M. and felt a chill.  I had written nearly the same thing, though not word for word, and even cited the same players in the field, John Saxon, and Jaime Escalante. We even equated public education to child abuse!!

The universe does work in strange ways, it matters not if you call it God, Is, Universe, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster: It just works! So long as you believe!   That’s why I tell people, my beliefs will NEVER clash with yours, so long as you respect my position of belief, just as I respect yours. Anywhoo, go read his post if you haven’t already.  I deleted mine since he said the same things, only better.
Been back at the tower again today, had to refill my atcetylene tank, and managed to get the MIG to do more than sputter.  She was able to at least get some pretty nice tack welds in place, and that made for some faster building.   But here are some pics for ya.



The first row of points for the guywires


Made from a 5/8th lock washer. Beefy!

Tomorrow is a bit of a change of pace.  A bud from work owes me some cash, but I worked it out where he can help me out in stead. We are going to concrete in the base and trench in the PVC conduit to the house as well as do the initial wire runs.  Being alternating current from the genset,  I can run 12-2 from point to point and not have many issues. (For y’all overseas, 12-2is three strand solid core wire, and I believe they still call it Romex over there. I know old carpenters still call it romex over here as well.)
Tomorrow is another day, and I will try to get pics, weather permitting.  Weather won’t stop us unless we get lightning,  and since I will be holding the base, hinge, and 10′ section up, no thanks on that scenario.
(Oh yeah, the hinge)


  Mañana tarde!

Thought you should know.

Gotta make this go viral.

I have stated it more than a few times here.  The woman has history that makes many a bad person look saintly. 
Please, if you blog, repost this, make it go viral.
(Edit: read this as well.

Weekend wrap-up

(Written Sunday afternoon, posted when I had signal. Sorry ’bout the delay)
Laundry day and grass day and “get it ready for another week” at the millstone, but I was not idle on the tower either.
Not much done but headway nonetheless.  Here are the visuals ferya.


Gotta love that warp in there


Warps straightened out some and call it a day


A weld from yesterday after hitting it with a wirebrush

As you can see, practice indeed does improve one’s self.  I won’t say makes perfect because perfection is for universe,  not us squishy Lil lifeform types.  Try as we might,,, 
But that’s a discussion for other forums,right?  Yeah, leave it lay for awhile. 
Anywhoos, it’s still hotter than a habenero on a jalapeño sandwich round here and ol Dio just wants to sit ’round for a wee bit and watch the birdies and flutterby’s melt. Voo is hangin’out under my aunts house hiding from the heat so I am dogless  for a few hours. Time ta chill.  Talk in a couple a days.  
Peace (what we all want but can only strive for in this world)

Quittin’ early today

The humidity is driving the heat index through the danged roof.  The sun is starting to get to that angle where it’s bearing down on my work site.  (Note: my dad’s house is oriented facing west-southwest. Don’t recommend this unless you live further north.  My house is oriented on the cardinal points and I have very little issues with the late sun beating my house into submission during the summer months , while in the winter months, that sun shines right under the roof and helps warm things up.)
Anywhoo,  here are some pics to show my progress


Before heat stressing the warp on the top leg


After. Top leg only


How the two joints will lockup


Roughing in the diagonals

Ya gotta look close at the two pics  showing the warp and treatment.  At some angles, it was blatant.  I wanted that all straightened out before continuing with the bracing.
It’s getting closer to completion.  I was going to start working on the top piece today, but can’t recall if I used 2″ or 1 3/4″ pipe for the pivot point. (Oldzhiemers  is kickin’ in LOL) It’s not critical right now and that is something that can be dealt with after I pull the old one out of the sky.  I can then handle all the changes on that end and make sure everything works together.

Notice I am forgoing cutting angle in the braces on this run?  Getting lazy as well.  I think this will work just as well, and it gives me a little more meat to work with for the welding side of it.
If any of my engineer readers have anything to add or contradict, feel free to comment.   I haven’t committed to this plan just yet


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