Derelinquat me gehennam solus


As the world churns.

Just sittin back n watchin, frosty froggie spankin spunkin pukin shiite that is being passed off as Democracy ain’t but you couldn’t pound that through some of the blue blood heads even if you were to use a 2×4 fired out of a cannon.
HRC is supposedly lining up an all broad cabinet, (talk about froggy, the Witch has serious intent, acting as she has already “won”)(fact is, as this selection cycle progresses, she may already have. All the shenanigans we have seen show just how stacked that deck is.  “It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it!” )
Trump is stacking things as well and God only knows just how frosty it’s going to be at the RNC in Cleveland this year.  Have a sis up there and can only hope she can steer clear of any human nature that exposes itself.
But, I keep at it. Run in virtual broke-ness week to week, stocking on expendibles like suture kits, 22cal, long storage food, and still work on getting the stead in line.   Started laying out the foundation of the shop this weekend, seeing how I recently acquired over 5 ton of cinder block. It just needs old mortar cleaned off.  (Demo job, not from a house fire or anything)  Going to set things up similar to the house, running block anything round the perimeter, but then will fill entire area with concrete.  (Figure to fill most of it with rock, gravel and scrap to bring things level -4″ from top of block.  )   then I can really get busies!
Oh yeah, picked up a 12v ceiling fan on amazon for $115.  Install went well and the little thing just rocks.  Makes climate control in mi cabina a breeze (pun intended )  was cool enough early this weekend for a fire and I certainly didn’t use the usual amount, a lot less, and there were zero cold spots in the house (another reason I chose a vaulted ceiling and terminated walls instead of floor to ceiling walls) The little thing only pulls 20w at its highest and I can run it all night with seemingly zero draw.  Well worth it seeing how I do not have any capacity for an AC unit. This may not cool the house, but air movement is critical once the humidity/temperatures start hitting summer highs. And in this fishbowl,  that level reaches putrid fast.

Any who’s,  kick back with friends, have a beer and continue watching the lemmings rush headlong off the cliff of oblivion into the sea of facist, communist hell.  (Sadly, they somehow manage to drag us with them, but at least we can see hell for what it is. )

Viewing if a Cannibal festival

I just love this time of season, flowers busting out of the ground, trees buddin’ out, and around here, there is an entire festival dedicated to one tree, the Redbud, and for good reason.  The hills around here are alive in the color of Redbud.(which is closer to purple in my opinion, but hey, red it is for the record.)
But that is not all, there is the entire mess with the pResidential selection cycle going on, and I find it funny that for once, you can really see the workings of the machine, and how broken it really is. CONvention delegates stating openly that the will of the people is meaningless and THEY decide who moves forward.  The current sitting pResident is starting to unleash the dogs of the FBI and AG on one of those LeadersPRetend asspiring toward that lofty office of puppet for the puppet masters behind the scenes.  The outlier runners are kicking ass on both sides of the aisle and the incumbent wannabe’s are getting their panties in a wad over it: Passing rules to keep the front runners out of the conventions, trying to get the media to smear them with whatever shit they can dredge up, even if the media has to LIE about it and spin it so fast that you can’t hear anything but the whine of bearings galling up.
Heck, I even read that Sharpton had a little insight into what our future holds and is warning about it.  (and I bet his teams of organizers are trying to figure out how he can stir the shit up AND make a profit at it.) 
In addition, there have been more than a few posts along anti-social media from the leftie useful idiots about retributions.   And it doesn’t seem to matter if Trump wins or loses, they are calling for reparations from those that are pushing for the Donald.  Something along the Baathist purge that took place in Iraq after Saddam Hussein was ousted.  Pretty ugly shit all around.
News for ya, we are already in the beginnings of American Revolutionary War III.  It doesn’t matter who wins, or who goes to jail for being a snake from the get go, or even if said snake walks slithers away scotfree.
The one thing you aren’t really hearing is what the conservative side is doing, thinking, saying, planning for.   Of course not.  We don’t believe half of the shit that the left spews forth like a drunk projectile vomiting his peanuts.   They talk a lot of shit, and may even shit all over the first amendment because they can’t handle hearing the truth. (I firmly believe they KNOW the truth, and are just so fuckin’ spoiled rotten, they throw these little tantrums to ‘get their way’)   Nope, the conservative side, that aren’t cuckservatives, know what comes next, and while we are aware of it, we are hoping we are wrong, hoping, but not really leaning on that hope.   Don’t know about any of you, but I have found myself getting out the ammo box, making sure things are in order there, getting gear reset, and even taking longer and longer walks in the hills with Voo.   Not just trail walking either but getting between the lines of drift and following deer trails.  (the deer around here seem confuzzed, they act like friggin’ Dahl Sheep and want to climb cliff faces.  Makes for some interesting ‘walkies’ to say least.)
Here is what I think, and I figure if you are reading this, you probably are too.  This shit is going to hit the fan come the second week of November.   After the selection cycle is fully over and decided, things will get hairy.  If Hildebeast wins (not just the nomination, but the cycle) certain inner cities are going to start burning.  If Bernie wins it, other inner cities will start burning.  If Trump gets the nom, and wins, all the inner cities will start burning.  If Cruz gets the nom and wins it.  The east coast will start burning.  If a compromise is reached, and Trump/Cruz run as Prez/VP, things will probably get hairy, but the real clincher will be that somewhere between November and January, there will likely be a Kennedy option played out and Cruz will get to be the head honcho.
Note I have not mentioned any of the other parties running this race.  At this stage, they are meaningless, because there is so much attention being placed on the whole Trump/Cruz fight and the HRC/Bernie fight.
If you can’t smell the sewage backing up, I envy you.
If you can’t see the broken gears showing through the shattered gearbox, you need to start paying more attention.  This run-up is really showing that our country is not as intended.  We are NOT a representative Republic.  We are NOT a Democracy.   What we are is a Socialist country ran by a Corporate Oligarchy and the only voices that are going to be heard are those of the leech class bought and paid for by the rest of the taxpayers.  .

And that will start the Cannibal Festival in 2017.  It has already begun, but thats when the teeth will be fully exposed, and the blood will run freely.   Fully expect our current Manchurian Candidate to step up the pace on removing any last vestige of our ‘freedoms’ between the day of voting and the inauguration of the loser.  (loser because they get to keep the powder keg being handed to them.)
I’ll tell you this; I don’t even try to educate people near me anymore.   No one wants to hear about it.  They only want their teevees, pop shows and owl-kee-haul. ‘Turn the toons up louder, dude, Ah’m startin’ to hear my thoughts!    And give me some more of that ‘Shine, Ah’m starting to feel my lips again.”
Fuggem!  When shit starts to fall apart, the trucks aren’t deliverin’, and we start seeing Pohlice in full military garb on daily basis, they will shit themselves and I will be sitting on my hill laughing.(assuming of course that they haven’t come for me by then)

Keep watchin’, this is likely going to be the last gasp of the Great Experiment.

Time for something new and not just a new boss, same as the old boss.

More on that next post.

Touching base

I am still working on that dialogue between Diogenes and Lucretius, just so you know: I have to say, the entire work is really taking it out of me and there are times were I have to question my own sanity,   Those are the times where I just save the whole shebang, sit back for a couple of days and then go back and re-read it as if I were just looking at it for the first time.   Part of the reason for that question in sanity is the fact that I am playing both roles in my head, and while I am solid in the one personality, the other is a bit more of a reach for me these days.   Imagine if you will, stepping back in time and having a heart to heart with yourself thirty years ago.     We all have stated “If I knew then what I know now,,,,,” and that is pretty much what I am trying to accomplish with this, without the actual going back in time part.  Playing the apostate while hammering logic can get near schizophrenic at times.   I am just channeling my teenage, early twenty something self and finding that what I knew then was fairly complete indoctrination.  (and I thought I had a pretty decent school, that avoided that kind of shit.  Wrong!)
Anywhoos, on with the Diogenes show.  
Been watching a lot of stuff on the webs, some of it is encouraging.   I see people, many people, waking up to the facts that many of us already know, and have had the hardest time getting others ears for.   Like ‘THE MEDIA LIES!’   for one.  Second: Voting is how they keep us on the plantation: we may be able to vote in a new master every four years, but who is really choosing who we get to choose FROM.   As noted on the Drudge a week or two ago, one of the Delegates flat stated, “the people don’t choose the candidates, We do!”  And if you don’t get to separate the chafe from the wheat, guess who gets the chafe in their bowl in the morning?  YOU.  Just one more piece of evidence for the masses, that we do NOT have a representative Republic, but an frickin oligarchy.  And like Stalin said, it only matters in WHO counts the votes, not who you voted for.

Let me fill you in on some of my doings.   I have been playing around with what started out as a whim, and has quickly turned into a “what if,,,,” thought line.   Here is the first half of the story.


That is a replica of an 1858 Remington Percussion Revolver.   Obviously a black powder weapon, but it was deadly back then, and can be so now as well.   It has the advantage over the Colt Army/Navy designs of being able to swap cylinders without complete disassembly. (on the Colts, you have to pull the barrel off to pull the cylinder.)  I bought this because I have always been interested in hunting deer with a pistol, but most states have this odd rule about needing a barrel longer than 7 inches.   (the barrel on the Rem is 7 1/2” as measured outside of the receiver, actual length is 8 1/2”)  I chose this model because I wanted to be able to load hot and that top strap allows you to get a tad aggressive with the loads.   Current load is 30 grains of Triple7 under a 200grain Semi-Wadcutter.  I have not measured the speed of this (yet) but I can tell the thing is going to kick some serious ass.   I also shoot 40 grains/.454 round ball/wad and that is just flat devastating on a rabbit.  (found a seriously sick rabbit on the trail and all I had was the pistol.  Least to say, I burned it in two pieces.  The poor thing looked like it had swallowed a bottle of nitroglycerine and got it stuck in its throat. Yes, burned it, because the problem it had was a tick infestation that drained it.  The poor thing was dead already even though it was still breathing (barely))
Looking at the above numbers, one would think shooting a heavier bullet, one would want more powder pushing it.  I thought so at first, but looking at the amount of contact of lands and grooves the SWC has in comparison to the ball, less is actually better.  There is a noticeable recoil difference between the two and the SWC is much more powerful  (it also compresses the powder better so there is a better burn with a decrease in the amount of smoke.)
So, where does this leave us?  I want to use it this year for deer hunting, but it also got me to thinking about BP in preps.   Believe me, I like my cartridge guns, especially for those longer shots, and I still take more than a little pride in being able to STILL accurately shoot 500+ yards with iron sights.  Not driving tacks at that distance, but I am turning pie plates into colanders.   I don’t believe I could get that kind of performance out of a BP gun (and I am more than willing to be taught otherwise if anyone can do so)  But there are aspects of BP that make it seem quite fitting for a prepper to consider.
1. Variable charges without having to bust out oodles of gear to change ONE shot.
2. Lead is much easier to cast than composite bullets of lead/copper/mild steel.
3. Black powder can be made with minimal issues, and materials tend to be fairly common and naturally occurring. (minimal in the sense of modern smokeless powders and the need of serious acids to reproduce them)
4. Black Powder can be used in several different methods, not just for loading a firearm.
5. Even the caps in percussion pieces can be reproduced if need be, though you may find it much easier to stock a couple hundred thousand caps than it is to stock a thousand rounds of anything other than .22LR
6. Black powder is not limited to single shot rifles as is so easily forgotten about by so many. (more on this in a minute)
7. For those with Federal restrictions, this may be a viable alternative.  Do NOT take my word on this, do your own research and cross check with your state laws.  Example, here in KY, it is legal for a Felon to own BP guns, but they can be busted for having a loaded firearm if they have a cap on the nipple during transportation.  (ain’t laws fun, trying to figure out where they hide the trapdoors to bust you.)
So, with minimal fuss, an extremely limited budget, and no need to go through an FFL or even walk into a brick and  mortar, I have added a fine piece to my collection, and loaded up with nearly a thousand bullets, several pounds of powder, and am working on getting those caps up to the same level as bullets.   Using the Triple7, clean up is a breeze (hot soapy water) and I have the ability to hot swap cylinders nearly as fast as dropping a mag out of a 1911.   (Granted, I still need to purchase a couple extra cylinders, but that is coming.) (For an example of how easily the cylinders change out, watch the final shoot out in the movie Pale Rider and you can see Eastwood swapping cylinders in detail.   Sadly, the pistols he used in that scene were modified for cartridges, but Remington did that around 1873 or so.  Of course, that means that the cylinders could be reloaded even faster between shooting rounds.)

I am also not limited to just a pistol.


Pretty sweet huh? (my next purchase and I drool over this picture at least once a week.)
18” barrel,  .44cal six shooter, and if you purchase the pistol from the same manufacturer, the cylinders are completely interchangeable.   Imagine this and a pistol, four extra cylinders (two in the guns) and you now have 36 rounds ready to unload in haste.  No, it ain’t an AR or AK, but this is not intended as a battle rifle.   You may find you need that kind of firepower though depending on your situation (like taking out a pack of ‘Yotes, or that mamma black bear that thinks you want to hurt her babies.)
Both guns, the extra cylinders, powder, lead, dual bullet molds, caps, wads and a learning curve for under $1000.    And no need to have a permission slip from the principle to purchase them, nor need to even ASK.  Other than your credit card slip and shipping transactions, NO PAPER TRAIL, for those of you that find such important.  Heck, they deliver to your house; how cool is that?!?!
No, it ain’t a squirrel gun, but I can tell you, I can take a squirrel with it but shooting the branch underneath him. (Supposedly Boone used this method and called it “barking” squirrels)   I could probably do similar by shooting underneath a rabbit.   I could also load it with a shot wad and use it like a shotgun in close quarters (the equivalent of a .410) though the rifling would probably make anything past 20’ impractical.  (No, I haven’t tried it, but I have seen shotshells for other  pistol combinations and I know they are good for killing snakes and birds.  I could see such for small game in other cases.)
So, if’n you think long term, like I do, and more than just the next battle with Goons and JBT’s, you may want to consider this little combination, or even just one side of such. The investment is minimal in comparison to modern rifles and bullets and magazines, and while I wouldn’t want to get caught in a firefight with this setup, I know I could use it in a pinch if need be.  (part of the reason it would be a no go in a firefight, every time you pull the trigger you send up smoke signals pointing out your exact location.)

(Funny thing is, while doing my research on the pistol, I recall reading some comments on the nets about people just not thinking these things were efficient enough to take game.   My thought at that point was, ‘Hell son, they used to kill each other with these all the time, and taking game was pretty much a daily thing back then.  How is the design less efficient NOW compared to then, when we have better powders available to us, more stringent manufacturing methods of bullets, barrels, etc? “  I can tell you this much, after seeing how much of that rabbit was left, and the hole in the ground behind him (damp earth, the hole was about 9” deep before I found the ball.) I can tell you, with proper shot placement (important no matter what you are shooting) this pistol WILL drop a deer in its tracks.  I would not be surprised to see it take a black bear, or Boar Hog either.   I am looking for a bullet mold to make hollow point bullets, but so far, no luck on that note (yes I found some, just not in my caliber.))

A wee experiment here

This is gonna be a fun post   First up, a little on the house.  Hot water is still a wonderful invention and the on demand system is still tickling me at how well it works.   Nothing new there.   Been working on some walls and shelving using boards that were recovered from pallets at work.  Interesting look but not a lot of coverage so only using that on smaller walls like the side of the closet and what not.  The shelving is coming out nicely as I don’t want deep cabinets, just open shelves.
About the stupid: I am not going to go into too much detail here but I have to say, there are days where I feel that I am losing IQ points just being in proximity of certain individuals.   Almost like they are leaching away my intelligence in their very existence, like vampires or ticks.   
I really need to start looking for a new job or finish (start) my shop and ‘retire’.

I know that there are some of my readers that don’t want to delve into the political while reading this but there are some things that have been eating away at me, and this is my blog/catharsis site so I am going to open that can of worms up and have at here shortly.   For those that don’t want to deal with it, here is your fair warning.   I would hope that you at least skim it, as I think it will be a far cry from what your preconceptions are.   Just sayin’.

So, in apology to Socrates, Plato and Diogenes of Synope, here goes.  Please note, this is expurgated for quicker reading   I am working on a fuller peice along the same dialogue(s) but more indepth than shown here 

Opening scene, Diogenes is sitting along his tub petting one of his many dogs when Lucretius arrives and addresses him.
L: Diogenes, why are you sitting here with these flea bitten mutts when there is a debate between the candidates at the forum?
D: Honestly, there isn’t any debate between the Narcissistic that I feel I need to hear.  Why do you feel such a need?
L: The candidates for the new emperor have much to say about how our government should be ran, and many of the social issues that are causing strife, and what they plan on doing to fix them.   These are important topics.
D:  maybe you didn’t understand what I said, Perhaps I should try a different approach.  Why is it that you feel the need for a leader?  Are you not a morally upright person, capable of thinking for yourself?   Are you not able to determine right from wrong without someone else to decide for you?
L: well of course I am, I know its wrong to hurt others either physically or materially.  What has that to do with why you won’t go to the debates?
D: please stick to the question.  Since you are able to determine right from wrong, why do you choose to have someone else tell you what is right and wrong?   As you said, you are capable of that yourself, are you uncertain that your decisions are sound?
L: It’s not my decisions I question but the decisions of others that I don’t trust. 
D:  So we have a conundrum here.  You trust your thoughts, but not those of others, but you are encouraging the debate of others to make decisions for you?   Am I correct in that surmise?
L:  What?  No!  I know I can make the right decisions when I need to. But someone has to be in charge to make sure that everyone follows the same rules.   You’re putting words in my mouth.
D: I am just trying to understand your choices here.  I am seeing dichotomy in your thoughts and I don’t think you can see them.   Help me understand what I am missing.  So.  You don’t trust others in their choices, but you think that putting someone in charge over everyone will make them better at choosing correctly, is that right?
L: That may be a little simplistic, but in essence, yes, you surmise correctly.
D: and in choosing that someone, you have to rely on the decisions of others as well, Correct?
L: Well, yes, that is what democracy is all about, majority decisions for all.
D: but you have already stated you don’t trust the decisions of others.   Do you not see the contradiction here?  I am just trying to understand.
L: Someone has to be in charge or the ensuing chaos would be terrible.  Blood in the streets, rape and pillaging, hordes of barbarians would be preferable to what would happen if there weren’t someone in charge.
D: I see, but you still haven’t resolved the contradiction.   If you don’t trust the decisions of others, how can you be satisfied with majority rules?   Furthermore, If you don’t fall into the category of that majority, and are not inclined towards their decision, now do you resolve to fix that dilemma?
L: Alright, this is going in a direction I wasn’t planning on, but you seem sincere.   Someone has to be in charge of the country of there will be bigger problems than what we have.   I may not like the decisions of the majority, but I am but one person.  I will accept if my candidate does not win, because in another four years, I can try again to get the person I do like.   You have to accept the role of authority because that is just how it is.
D: so, you don’t solve the dilemma, you just wait until the next cycle and hope you can get what you want? 
L: Yes.
D: In the meantime, you accept whatever decisions are made and follow those decisions? Correct?
L: Yes, I may not like them, but that is how this works.
D: earlier, you stated that you knew it was wrong to hurt others either physically or materially, Correct?
L; (with just a hint of caution in his voice) Yes.
D: And you will abide by the decisions of whomever is in charge, even if you didn’t choose that person. Correct?
L: Yes.
D: so if the person in charge says that everyone should break the index finger of the person to their left, would you do this?
L: NO!  That’s ludicrous!   No leader would do that!
D: but you said you would abide by their decisions, are you now saying otherwise?  It is obvious that you hold a moral conviction by your reaction, yet you have stated that you would allow your morals to be subject to the decisions of others.
L: you’re putting words in my mouth again, I never said such a thing.  
D:  Actually, you did state this by saying that you would abide by the decisions of the new emperor, even if you didn’t choose him.   Are you now saying you won’t abide my his decisions if you didn’t choose him?  I only want to understand your conviction in the need of a leader.
L: Maybe there are decisions that our leaders make, that I don’t like.  Maybe there are times where I don’t like those in charge, but we must have them, or everything will get worse than it is.
D: How so?
L: well, if we don’t have leaders to guide the country; If people relied only on themselves to make decisions, nothing would ever get accomplished.  We would be running hither and fro like a herd of lemmings rushing for the sea.
D: Ah, Lemmings.   They do quite well for themselves until they are rushing towards the sea.   It seems to me, that one of them must take charge at that point and lead them towards destruction.  Its the individuals that choose otherwise that remain behind to build their population back up.  So, where do you suppose that leaves the individual in reference to Government, that you claim we must have?
Are you one of the individuals, or are you part of the government?
L: we are all part of the government.   Government of the people by the people for the people.  That is what a democracy is.
D: Still the question remains, Why does an individual need government, if the government does not represent that individual?   How is it that one must conform for the sake of many, even against his moral code, and all at the behest of one person?   I am still confused on this.
L: Its part and parcel of our constitution.  That is the law of the land.  A contract amongst the people to obey, for the peace and prosperity of all.
D: even if that “law of the land” contradicts a persons moral code?
L: Yes. Though it isn’t always so obtuse, such as you are being right now.
D: I apologize if I am offending you, but I really wish to understand this concept.   As it stands right now, I am not seeing anything useful to me, and what I am seeing is contradicting and delusional.   
L: Delusional?  I wouldn’t go that far.   Yes, there are some contradictions, but the benefit outweighs that contradiction. 
D: You mentioned the Constitution, and you stated it was a contract amongst the people.   I have a hard time with that concept, help me if you will.   A contract is an agreement between two or more parties, correct?
L: yes,  any number of person or groups can enter into an contract with another.
D: In contracts, there are persons mentioned as responsible to the execution thereof, correct?
L: Yes
D: and the contract always states whom those person are, so that they are held liable incase of breach, correct?
L: (with trepidation) Yes.
D: so where in this constitution am I mentioned?
L: you are a person of this country and that makes you part of that contract.
D: but I am not mentioned by name, nor have I signed such, showing my agreement with such.  How am I liable for completion or breach of this contract that you mention?
L: Well, the founders signed it, making it a legal contract between all the people.
D: So, if I go down to the wharf, make a contract with the lenders stating that you will pay them back, and sign my name on it, you will still be liable for breach or completion: Is that correct?
L: No!  You can’t sign your name on something I am liable for, nor can you make me liable for something I had nothing to do with!
D:  Another contradiction.   Do you not see the fallacy of your thinking when it comes to this thing you call government?   Or am I just not seeing the whole picture,  Please help me to understand. 
L:  I don’t understand what you mean by “another contradiction.   We are talking about the Constitution, not some contract with lenders or realtors.
D:  But that is the contradiction.   You stated that the Constitution is a contract between the Government and the People, but at no time have I been addressed to sign that contract, nor is there such an entity of Government that can sign its name to that contract.   How am I liable for such a contract, when there is no alternate party to complete or breach said contract.  And how am I liable because someone else signed his name to said work?
L:  Well you were born here and that makes you a part of the people, and that means you are part of that contract.  You are liable to the people around you, as they are liable to you.
D: So, by simple birth, I am now part of a contract, with many many others, whom I don’t know, nor will likely ever know, and I am liable to such, all on the signature of someone else, that I neither know, nor have met, nor can meet as they are long dead.   Explain to me how that situation can make me liable to anything other than my own needs, which I don’t need a contract for, as that is a simple case of self interest.
L: Put in such a manner, I can’t explain it.  Such thinking is dangerous.   If everyone thought in such a manner, the whole of Government would fall apart and where would we be?
D: Ah, A question I can answer.   We would be sitting here talking about many things, same as we are now.  Only we wouldn’t be trying to figure out how something that doesn’t truly exist, effects so many.

(and on that note, Lucretius begins scratching one of Diogenes’ dogs behind the ear, shaking his head at how hard it is to get his point across to such as Diogenes.)
(Further posts will be in similar vein,  If you are intrigued by this and want to know where my thoughts are coming from,  The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose is the book I have been reading lately)

A prelude


More forthcomung, talk soon

Hot water n soup

Been a crazy week or two here.   Kinda lost track of time what with the water heater fiasco, weather doing its Febuary Tango, and some issues with the mom unit that still need addressed.  It is not something I have been advertising here and only a handful of people are aware of it, but my step dad passed away not too long ago, leaving my mother with a mess.  I won’t go into details as it is unimportant in this venue, but it is putting some strain on my sister units.  And myself as well, though not as intently, nor at the same level, I just don’t have the time or resources that they are able to expend at this juncture.   And yeah, there is a twinge of guilt there.   Move on.
The mess out in Oregon is resolving in some manner and I won’t go into to it here, but I do want to pass along as WireCutter did, Lavoy Finicum’s book on Kindle.  It won’t help him now, but any amount of income to his family will.   I purchased it, read it and I did give it Five stars.   Damned good read and I am not usually one for Cowboy based stories.   Good mix of Cowboy, post-apocolypse, self-reliance fiction.   Well written, and backed with information links within the chapters for those unaware of certain facts.   Go get a copy (kindle only as far as I know) and help his family out.  The only thing that bugged me about it was the fact that the man had to die before I found it. 
Product review time.   EccoTemp L10 Tankless water heater.   Product description is pretty accurate on Amazon so if you need details of that nature, go there.   What is not on that site, either in comments, or otherwise, I will put here.  (disclaimer: I am not a professional installer, or engineer, just a jack-leg mechanic-tinkerer-goofball of a human.  Your milage may vary) Water heater installed last monday,  My dumb-butt forgot to get the D cells to power the ignition system so I was not able to get a hot bath shower until tuesday,   I initially installed the system with a Shur-flo water pump on it as the parameters called for at least 20psi and my system is only 18psi static.  That worked, kinda, but the pump really didn’t like the setup and seemed to cause cavitation in the heat exchanger.   I would get bursts of steam.   I pulled the pump out of line and that cleared up.  I did have to turn the gas regulator WAY low, but I have two settings now marked on the face of the unit.  One for 90 degrees and the other for 100    I like the lower one for showering and the higher for doing dishes.   I don’t have to open the cold spigots at all, just open the hot wide open and I get the temperature I want (after having turned the regulator there of course.  )   That took a little fiddling, but at this point in the season, I could have ran three hundred gallons through that little furnace and not put a dent in my tank level. (times like this where I wish I had a thousand gallon tank up there instead.   Would make September a little more bearable where we lose water levels for a spell.)   Some pics for ya




Surprises for me with this unit.   I expected noises on ignition, like some crackling or popping noises: didn’t happen.  A little ‘fwoosh’ and there are flames and that happens as soon as you open the valves.  No delay to speak of.   You do have to wait for the hot water to reach you but then, even with a tanked unit, you have to wait for the cold water to clear the lines from the tank so no change there.  I did splurge one night and took a long hot shower, I figured what the hell, I have the system and the infrastructure is still working, I can handle a little extra gas tonight.   An hour later, still steaming hot water falling on me, no fluctuations in the water temperature, at least as far as my skin could detect, and I was pretty much thoroughly basted with wrinkly fingers and toes.  
I can’t say that a tanked heater would have been able to do that.  I recall the heater at the old house running out within 20 minutes and then the temperature flucuating wildly for a spell.   I also don’t have to worry about anyone opening a cold tap or flushing a toilet here so that eliminates that surprise factor that is common in every indoor water system.  (at least, I don’t have to worry about it YET, but there is a future possibility, slim as it is for this grumpy crusty old curmudgeon.)  Also, I have not ran the vent like I was intending, I wanted to see just what kind of performance this unit puts out.   After an hour of a full use during my shower, the rain cap on the unit was only about 130 degrees,  the outer wall was warm to the touch but not at all hot.  I am just going to run a vent over the top and not an actual flue setup.  This is just to keep the CO poisoning risk down.  The heat exchanger works very well, and the unit does not get much hotter than the top of my stove when I am running the oven.  
Anywhos, Tankless water heater works friggin awesome, short version, I will highly recommend the unit or similar to any that are following along with my build or off on their own tangent.   It would work well in a tinyhouse format, as well as a cabin.  The company above also makes an indoor unit sized for permanent install in a 2-2.5 bath setting.  I haven’t priced that but it is something for others to investigate if they are so inclined.   I know the units I priced at the big box store were outrageous and I could find little in complimentary reviews in them, but the smaller cheaper unit I picked up works very well for my needs.
I am going to start adding something to the end of my posts now.   Y’all know I am a voracious reader.   I have started and finished two books in the last two days, one I reviewed up top, the other I am going to list but not review (at this time) but I still recommend it to any and all Freedomistas, and even to some that are not so much, though they don’t know it yet.
Here is the other Book.

The Iron Web by Larken Rose.   Get it on Kindle as the printed versions are way out there (unless you get from Larkens site.)

(Edited to add link)

Hot water, only,,,,,

Not just yet.  Through no fault that I can attribute, I am not in hot water right now.   Not the hot water of trouble, but the hot water of bathing.   I did get my tank less hot water heater in, alas, it is not to be just yet.   There was a little problem either in shipping or prior to, but the unit was damaged upon arrival.   And in such a way, that I wasn’t even going to shrug it off and attempt a fix



That is the gas inlet after the solenoid valve.  Yeah, pot metal, but looking at the brackets, this thing was dropped, HARD.  Pot metal will put up with a certain amount of abuse or we wouldn’t use it all.  This was beyond that.  The water side of things is all in brass so it held up. 
Anyway, long story short, Amazon rocked my world.  They not only credited my account, without having the product in hand, the CSR also directed me to another unit, same model, NEW, not used, and $20 cheaper.   I ordered it Thursday night, and it is scheduled to arrive SATURDAY, and that is not UPS, but USPS!!!!!!!!!  Watching the delivery status, it will be here, though I may have to wait til Monday to pick it up.  Seeing how its a weekend, and this is the Post Office,,,,,……I do have to return the old unit, but hey, they are even mailing me a return label for UPS to do so: that is what I call customer service.   NO hassles, just fix the issue in the timeliest manner possible.  Rockin!
Anyways, I will post more about it once its on the wall and working.   Looks like a good unit despite the cheaper part there.  The heat exchanger is top notch in appearance, and the simplicity of the whole system tells me that this thing is near foolproof (despite the cheaper part there).  I believe it will be well worth its weight in FRN’s.   I am anticipating those hot showers already!


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