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PVC Bow update redux

Just a short note to pass along something that I found NOT to do when making a PVC bow.   DO NOT use superglue of any sort to attach anything to the bow.   I made two bows out of schd 80 pipe (and that size irrelevant to the point) and made shelfs to shoot off and attached them using superglue then wrapping with either Jute cord, or hemp cord.   

Both snapped after about 2 weeks of use.   (I shoot my bows in for those that are buying them.  If its gonna blowup, I want it to happen inmy hands, not thiers)  The snap was so0 clean, I could see where the glue began and ended and each one, the snap occurred at the terminator of the glue.  On the other side of the joint, the break tended to jagged.  I don’t know the chemical changee made, but somehow, the glue turned the PVC brittle like glass.  I have since made two more and each is performing just as well, and there is no signs of weakness at the shelf and I used a simple non-volatile glue (Elmers Probond) to seat them, using the wrap to reinforce the point.  Three weeks of use (not daily, but alternate days.  I shoot at stumps while walking the dogs), no weird noises, no creaking (the sign I heard both times on the ones that snapped) and even with the temps being up, no significant loss of performance.  (I unstring them between use, so they don’t ‘set’ in the flexxed position.)  Both bows are ready for their owners and will be delivered this week. 

That said, the bowstings are just flat rockin!   No issues, no stretching, and the teflon coated serving material I have been using is pretty cool too.   I haven’t needed to use a glove for some time (other than my 65# bow.  That one eats fingers if not protected) thanks to that coating.   It also makes it easier to adjust nock points for different types of arrows.   I use ones with a 400 spine for stump shooting (100grn point) and 340 spine for broadheads (160grn point) and there is a 1/4″ difference in nock point to keep them happy.  With the teflon, I just use a thumb nail to pull a section higher or lower, then slip the rest along the same way. test fire and watch the arrow, if it wags, adjust a bit more.  it stays put at all other times so shot consistency is all on me; as it should be.   ((For those interested, I am using  Mustad Classic Braided fishing line for the main string at 65# test (.016″ dia)  I use 22 strands for most strings (11 wraps on the jig). For the serving material, I am using teflon coated SpiderWire, also 65# test but slightly larger diameter.  I made my serving tool out of an old solder spool, a piece of rubber tubing and 3″ machine screw with a butterfly nut.  Tha actual frame is a piece of PVC cut in half, heated and flattened then bent to accept the spool.  Small hole drilled in the flat for the string, and tension is adjusted by tightening the butterfly nut, compressing the rubber tubing against the spool walls.  Cost me nothing but time, and works better than the one my cousin bought for $20.   The string jig is an old 2×4 with a series of 1/4″ holes drilled at 1″ intervals and labeled.  The string points are 6″ x1/4″ steel rod, that I chucked into a drill to file the string followers into.  Nock points are just a section of Hemp twine (the small stuff) double wrapped in place, then a dab of pine resin to hold the knot.   No need to be complicated, or to spend boatloads of money on this hobby, just be as inventive as our ancestors were when they came up with a new way to throw sticks at animals.  (and be willing to have stuff break on you.   each failure is a chance to learn a better way.   Something to be said in failure, and its something many kids today, need to learn.)


Now, some of you may have recieved an email of a post that you can’t see on my site.   Ignore it, I was just venting a spleen and the only way to delete the mess was to post it first.   The wordpress app is kinda goofy on that note.  “t’won’t happen again.

Overheard at the local hunting shop (two parts, one post)

“Ooh!, That braided handled pigsticker would look so good on the shoulder strap of my Bug out bag!

I don’t think I need to point out the fallacy of that statement to my regular readers, but, Here goes.  Just who in this forsaken time period, worrys about FASHION ACCESORIES on a damned BOB?  First and foremost, that braided handle wrap is worthless as a survival tool IF it lasted long enough for you to need it.   CHEAP ass steel for the blade, the pararcord may or may not be 550 stuff (likely not) and if you ended up needing it, the blade then becomes a liability and potentially crippling if you needed to actually use it as a knife.   Blisters are a real bitch to deal with when hygiene practices start to become harder to have, with questionable water.   Yeah, looks good dangling from that shoulder strap like your were some sort of operator.    I wouldn’t even take the time to strip it off your corpse when I raid your pack for decent stuff. (I already know you won’t have anything GOOD , because you wasted your cash on crap that ‘looks cool’)

Part two:

My recent posts are about education.   Trying to teach something, without making it a boring dry run drill.   Maybe you never need the info, but maybe, just maybe, you might, and even if you never practice the skill I presented, it may stick in your head enough to allow you a fighting chance.

Education.   Thats a subject that was just brought up in comments over at Soffitrats blog.   It was also a point that was brought up time and again in an Ebook I just read.   Eric Rudolph wrote a book entailing his run from the FBI for 5 1/2 years, and the events in his life leading up to it.   Extraordinary  read.   I won’t delve into my thoughts on what he did, but I have to admire the guy for living between the lines of Drift for 5 1/2 years, dodging the group looking for him, and not losing his frikkin mind in the process.(That last rule of threes applies to my thoughts on this.  Three months without a companion.)  Even if you don’t like the guys politics, reasons, or what he did, the book is a valuable read for the insights he has on living at the most base of levels in the wilds.  And its free.(Google “between the lines of Drift by Eric Rudolph” and look for the PDF version.)

Back to my thought line: Education.   I have spent the last 8 years in a fairly steady state of self education.    Most of what I have learned, I paid nothing for, but that is not to say the education was free.   I had to work at it, I had to research it, I had to wade through the trash to find the gems, and I had to make mistakes along the way to enforce the learning process.  There were somethings I learned where I had to make an initial investment to have what I needed to progress.   I bought my 3-1 blind, because I knew that I could not progress without it.   I broke stuff, I wasted some money buying things that I later learned how to make, and I invested even more on dead tree editions of books that I had ecopies of, (because you just never know, and I prefer the tactile feel of a book in hand.)  That beginning opened up even more avenues of education to me.

There is no excuse to not educate oneself.  In todays world, with so much information at out beck and call via the internet, there is absolutely ZERO excuse.   Heck, just trying to find stuff is an education in and of itself. (thats where you learn to wade through the crap to find the gems.)

I mentioned in comments to Soffitrat, that I had found, in hindsight, many many gaps in the education I received in public indoctrination school.  Things that, while seemingly unimportant at the time, could have radically changed my world  views.    I remember being told that Ayn Rand was a truly nasty writer and I shouldn’t waste my time.   I could never access the Anti-Federalist Papers (until the net that is) so was never able to see the other side of the Constitutional Debate.   Alesander Spooner was NEVER EVER mentioned and questioning any aspect of the curriculum was, while not verboten, definitely frowned upon.   And I went to a fairly conservative school. Even so, the tenticles of progressives were taking hold and choking the real teachers into submission.(I had one history teacher that encouraged us to question his curriculum, but was hindered by the admin of the school on what he was alllowed to say.   He could only point us to the information and let us decide.   There were only a handful of us that ran with his guidance.)

This is what happens when you allow a Government free rein. “like fire, a useful tool, or a horrible master”

And that education thing, is all by design.    Control the education of people and you can control how they think (or if they even CAN think after you are done with them.)  A person that is unable to think for themself, is not going to be able to govern themself, so will be dependent upon outside governance IE THE Government.   Give them a lifetime prop-up in the form of ‘assistance’ and you have a useful idiot tool at your diposal.  Whether that tool is for cannon fodder, or voting as you wish, it will fulfill your needs until such time as you no longer need it.

The real problem that I run into was illustrated quite well in a cartoon.   I can’t find such now, but it was a picture of a guy sitting in a personal library with this look of horror on his face.   The caption read “It’s not so much that People are doomed to repeat history, its that those who know their history will be doomed to watch as others FORCE us to repeat it.”   I continue watching the slow motion collapse and all the political wrangling going on and can only think one thought.


We are on the edge of the next dark ages and there is such a small percentage of persons able to see it, and that percentage is so small, all we can do is look on, yell into the void hoping to wake others, and pray that something of merit will survive through to the other side.

With our current ‘lack of education’ system, the only hope I can wish for is that other patriots see the problem as well, and take steps to remove their children from the influences of the State.  Damn the cost, damn the inconveinence, just do it.   Most kids I have ever met (prior to high school that is) WANT to learn.  They absorb information around them like a sponge, and want to know the why of literally everything.   It takes an extraordinary effort by our ‘educators’ to destroy that, and yet, by the time most kids hit middle school, that desire is burned out.  Don’t let them do that to your children!  There are many resources online for Homeschoolers, and there are textbooks for near everything under the sun, and usually much more reasonably priced than the crap the schools buy.  There are even groups of homeschoolers that lend the books as needed to spread the cost amongst themselves.  You will still have to register your child for school in most states, but there are ways to do what needs done without exposing the child to the mind washing that takes place in those institutional walls.  (and I hear all the time about ” but the child needs to be socialized amongst peers” .   that is what little league is for, or gymnastics, or any number of other group events are for.  (I would say scouts, but,,,,,,))

I have much more to say on this subject, but it is late, zero dark thirty comes much to early, and I am starting to drift in my thoughts.  

Talk more laters.

Life happens

I know I promised another installment of “So, there I was”, and it is in the works.  Doing a complete rewrite of it as I just was not at all satisfied with the direction it was trying to take.  (not that I am really rewriting it, just setting it on a back burner until it makes better sense.   Too early for that chapter yet)

But life happens.   New truck, fuel pump went out.   Fixed, but danged if those things haven’t skyrocketed in price since the last one I had to do.  Other good news: Am now full time on the payroll at work, not just another temp.   That alleviates many issues I had been dealing with, to include, uncertainty of employment.   Payraise was included and nothing to be sneered at.  SO, things will be improving sooner than later.   Still, the transition period and the breakdown have left my world on the leans side.

I have also been playing catchup with some friends about the country, and seemingly, its the same story, LIfe Happens.   Loss of loved ones, New loved ones born/ married to/ or seperations, cancer cured, cancer caught, job changes, political influence increased/decreased, etc etc etc.  No matter how bad things get, life WILL go on, and it doesn’t make a lick of difference who is in power, or what shape the economy is taking, life goes on.   WE all have a finite time upon this earth and what we do with it, is our story.  It may be a story that no-one will read but ourselves, but it is a story and it does have a reason.    It may be that we never really see that reason until the moment has passed, but it was there the whole time.  WE may be born equal, but our lives and what we do with them is never equal.  Some may make a huge impact on generations, some may only impact themselves; doesn’t matter in the long run as only we know the whole story of ourselves.  That story is what we have to carry forward to the next step, whatever your belief of that next step is.  (I won’t pick nits with anyone on that point.  you believe what you believe, I will believe what I believe.) That story is what makes our limited reality, REAL.  Otherwise, we would all be nothing more than extras in someone elses reality.(and we are anyways, but that is neither here nor there.  but I digress)

Life happens, get over it, move on.  If it didn’t kill you, it was to teach you something.   Some lessons are learned through repetition.  Some are never really learned.   Move on.  Life happens.  And then there comes a day, when it doesn’t, and there isn’t a one of us that is able to escape that day.   You can’t let the knowledge of that hold you back. Life is meant to be LIVED!  Live it, live it like tomorrow is not in your cards.  Do something you have never done, read a book that isn’t in your library, Argue with a priest, or flirt with a nun, something, anything, or nothing at all but sitting on a rock watching a sunset as if you had just gained sight and never seen one before.  Just take what you do as another experiance to add to your story for whatever future you are flying into.  


(and I am off my metaphysical soapbox.   back to our regular programming.  Don’t ask where that came from, I just kinda tapped it out off the hip.)

Bad blogger, no sausage biscuit for me!

I know I know, I have been lax as hell lately.  I have to ask for some slack though.   Things have been a tad hectic lately and part of that hectic has been due to the following.

Yup, New (to me) truck.   96 Chev S10 4X4 Extended cab, 5 spd and standard bed, with a 4.3 Vortec.   Patience has paid off and I managed to get a pretty good deal out of it, AND, managed to give Lazarus a new home in the process.  One where she (odd calling a ‘hicle named Laz female) won’t have to worry about asphalt ever again.   The guy I bought the above off of, wanted a beater truck for the woods and Laz fit that bill quite nicely. 

I do have an upcoming installment of “SO there I was” but it is not quite ready for prime time just yet.  A couple of tweaks are needed and adjustment for current events or the whole thing won’t make a lick of sense.  Hopefully, the whole story line is just an alternate future/history, ((a Heinlein thing, sorry)) but only time will tell.

So, with some other events happening in my little world, that I have to keep under wraps just a bit longer, I leave you with a musical interlude/intermission(and a bit of a teaser to upcoming fiction) (Note: Not for all tastes, but apt for the story line)(Unable to embed at this time, here’s the link)

PVC bow update

Just came back from my cousins place where we were doing some testing on the bow.   Admittedly, I made a couple of tweaks last night before all of this.  I realigned the tips so that the string sat centered on the grip, and I bumped the limbs forward just a tad.   It’s easy to make these adjustment when all you have to do is add a little heat.

Anywhoos, testing.   Draw wieght: 53# @ 28″  Arrow speed:154fps 154fps 149fps(X2) 153fps  all arrows weighed within 20 grains of 368 grains.(32″ carbon fiber spined 340, feather flecthings with a radical 3 degree helix, 100 grain field point)    Jokingly, we decided to do a paper test, where you shoot at a target behind a piece of paper to see how much the arrow is wagging and in what directions.  This is a tuning tool.   Two arrows, seperate shots, and both made bullet holes, no side tears in any direction.   We both were quite shocked!    (and this was with a bare finger release, no funky trigger releases)

Final analysis: This bow would be a contender in any contest of traditional archery.  Dio is giving himself a pat on the back and Oodles of Kudos to Nick Tomihama, the Backyard Bowyer for such detailed information out on the the webs.

So, there I was,, (2)

Been on the road a few weeks now, though I am not actually on a road, just following along one trying to stay outta sight.  The military has been a big presence of late, and I suspect drones as well but can’t say.  Can’t see how they are operating with the currency being shot to hell.  Then again, when you own the printing press, money is just a book keeping entry.  

So there  I was, still a couple hundred miles to go to get home.  Been living on what I can bring down with arrow and what little I can gather.  February is a crappy time for the hunter gatherer when you weren’t able to prepare for it.     It’s not like I wasn’t prepared, I just wasn’t prepared for becoming a refugee: well not a refugee for weeks on end.   My BOB had food for a 3000 calorie day for 7 days.  Mostly rice, sugary goods and basic proteins. I managed to stretch that  out almost three weeks by hunting, but cold weather burns far more than what I was fueling on.  Yup, plain ol’ boring rice sounds like a danged feast right now.  

At least I am losing my love handles.  

Well, another 300 plus miles and I will be home.  Just have to get around the troops, crazed bat-shit insane locals that are pissed off about the situation, druggies going through withdrawal, keep myself hid AND fed, and get across this damned lake in front of me.  Going around is no option (guessing adding another 1000 miles to already tired feet and half starved body) and the troops own the only bridge. Swimming is out; that water is damned cold in February and I won’t steal a boat.  Hmmmm?

Willow reeds, dead nettles for cordage, and a mylar blizzard bivvy bag make up my materials.  Ima gonna build a kayak.  Only has to last long enough to get across a quarter mile of open water  and keep me out of that water.  A paddle is going to need fashioned and that will be done by cutting a sapling and bending the ends upon themselves, them using some material and covering the ends. Not efficient, just expedient.  

Jus like the rest of this trip.  

Good thing the dog is home with dad, this wouldn’t work at all with the lummox.  

So, make the general shape with 4 or 5 willow withes about the size of your thumb, don’t exceed the length of your bag. Now tie them together at the ends really tightly.  Cover the loose ends with scraps of clothes or towel to keep them from ripping the mylar.  

Now take dozens of withes about the size of your little finger and about as tall as you are and loop them on themselves.  Take two of the heavier ones and put them about waist width apart in he center.  Tie the main withes to them spreading the main unit apart and open.  I try at this stage to make it more a broad ellipse than circular for stability; don’t want to go rolling this boat into nearly freezing water.  At this stage, the shape is nearly complete, use the remaining withes to firm it up.  Once everything is tied up and double checked, and anything that can poke is trimmed off, its time to put its skin on.  Slip the frame into the bivvy bag, being careful not to poke any holes in the skin.  Then tie the end close like you would a dry bag: tight knot, double up and tie off again.  Make sure you have enough cordage for the next part.  Find that center again and cut a hole in the mylar.  I just use a simple “x” cut and fold the ends down inside, then use my cordage to tie things in place.  Getting it in the water is the part where you must be cautious.  Any hole and you WILL be swimming. Find a log that juts out in the water, this is your pier.  Put BOB down inside, front or back as is your preference, then feet first to the rear, than knees in and you sit on your haunches. Keep you legs spread a tad to spread your weight around than grab that paddle and get moving.  Your feet and calves are gonna get cold so the faster you paddle the sooner you can get to dry land, stretch your legs out and get warm again.   Wind on the surface of the water is cold so make sure to dress warm on the top half as well.   Don’t use your real sleeping bag for insulation between you and the water, you may need this to warm up on the other side and it is likely to get wet even inside the boat.  Just suck it up and get moving.  

(We are NEVER helpless, we just have to use the one advantage Mama Nature endowed us with; our BRAIN! )

Frugal, practical, and still teachin’

Here I am, sittin on my lil porch, listen’n to helo’s and a dog scarfing away dinner.   The helo is a lifeline helo heading to some hospital other than our local one which can’t support any real emergencies.   (new normal?)  I spent most of today building a PVC bow with wooden siyahs and making a real bow string for it, continuous loop style.  I probably could have saved some money by buying dacron B50 but what I found was Spiderwire braided fishing line.   Rated at 65# breaking strength, its comparable to the dacron, especially since I have have to use more loops to get the string thickness right.  (Pics to follow monologue)

List of materials

Schd 80 PVC pipe 10′ (used 44″) $13.99

Spiderwire 65# 125yds (used apx 30yds for a 48″ string)$12(same string at the bow shop would cost me $15)

Siyahs- From my wood pile $0

String silencers- Original cost was $7 for the 250yd of wool yarn   No friggin idea how much is left but there are silencers on alll my bows now and i still have ooddles of yarn remainhing.

The grip is covered in hemp twine and held in place with Titebond III for waterproofing and those are both from my preps so I can’t include a cost as I have no idea how much I paid then.   Hemp is cheap, though titebond is not but what you can do with them is pretty much like having a swiss army knife for repairs and other things. (note: the bow is unstrung in the pic, Being a deflex, the limbs point away from the shooter when unstrung.  When strung, the bow takes on the classic “cupid” bow shape)

and that gets me into the knife aspect.   That knife in the pic is a Mora.   China turned me onto these almost three years ago (gah! Time sure does fly by!)  These things are hair poppin sharp from the factory, inexpensive as hell and just damned useful.   I know there are guys out there that have to have the latest and greatest pig sticker, but I have to say, from a homestead view, those pig stickers are boat anchors.   May be good in hand to hand knife fight, but try and use one for carving out a siyah, or cleaning a fish, or gutting a deer, castrating a hog, carving a toothpick, or cleaning your nails.  Hah! Never gonna happen.  

I do modify my Mora’s just a tad but for the most part, they are the same as the day I bought them.  (I have 4 now since I found a local supplier.  Cheaper to buy from them than order on line and pay shipping.) (FYI, I prefer the Carbon Steel blades, but have one of the stainless.  I can honestly say, I have never had a stainless blade hold an edge the way this one does.  Get what you can afford or find, You won’t be dissappointed.)  The mods are as follows.  I use heat to reshape the top of the plastic sheath that they come in.  I fold it back on itself then fold it along the main body where the knife resides.  That way I can slip my belt through there and have a higher riding knife.   I like the handle of the knife to be above my belt.  (its a personal preference, you may like theway they come as is.)  The other mod is to use a stone on the back edge of the blade to make it like a scraper.   All you have to do is grind the rough back smooth and at 90 degrees to the sides of the blade.   It makes smoothing up what you have carved on so much nicer and keeps you from using the sharp edge for that.   I will say that these blades give regular sharpening stones, fits.   I use diamond and ceramics to keep the edges and I have a strop for the final touch.  Worksharp makes a really nice unit with two diamond plates (rough and fine) with a couple of ceramic rods and a leather strop on the sides.   There is also a broadhead wrench built into the body underneath the plates that comes in handy for me.  I think I paid $35 for mine,  Look around at the shooting/hunting stores, You may find one.  Small enough to slip in jacket pocket and good enough for most all sharpening needs short of chainsaws.  (different animal, different needs)

The reason I mention the mods I make to my Mora’s is in the last pic of the siyahs.  The one on the right was cut out by saw, then shaped with a bench sander.  The one on the left was carved by hand (my hand) and scraped smooth using the backside of the blade.(the nock points were carved in both using the mora, sharp means you can cut across grain easily.   ) I chose to carve it as I feel I have more control of the blade than I  do of the machines.  And I wanted this thing “right” the first time.  (The wood is maple from my woodpile, I split a chunk to use for this.)  I could never have done this using my Kabar and its sharp enough, just too damned big for detail, (unless you are doing exploratory surgery on a bad guy)   Yup, For everyday use, the Mora is the way to go, and easily able to slipped into a budget.  To be honest, I would rather buy 10 Mora’s and save some money, than throw down for some of the Tacticool stuff I see for sale.

Ok, question for ya all.   I last posted a little bit of fiction trying to teach something.   I got a few responses, all good, but I was wondering if maybe, just maybe, I should keep writing little works like that and try to show different ways of being prepared?  I have some ideas floating around in the space where my grey matter should reside, and they want out (and my brain wants back in  :-P )   But I don’t want just the usual suspects to partake.  You need to spread the links around.   I don’t want to sound narcisistic, but if I am going to play with this, I need feedback, and from more than just friends.   (I know my stats are down, and that doesn’t really bother me as I am not posting like I was 2 or 3 years ago.  And to be honest, I have tossed near 100% of my writings of late because I am just repeating myself in them. It does little good to point out the falacies, when the persons that need to see them won’t read or listen.  And we in the choir already know the tune.)   Ok, enough of the Bleg, on to the pics  (lets see what I can get uploaded this round.)


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