Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Dammit BC

Ya opened up some old itchies in this old grump.   LOL.

Been a bit since I had my hands on the knobs and faders of a mixer, but its like riding a bike I guess.   Seriously though, If you send me a screen shot of the ‘mix console’ of the program you are using I could give you some serious input on how to get better sound.   One in particular is engaging any “compression” algorithm that may be built in.  Don’t crank on it, you just want to pull the low stuff up and pull the high stuff down so that its in a narrower bandwidth.   A little EQ and you are in the ball park.  You’ll hear the difference right quick too.    Not at all bad for a first run.  A quality Mic does wonders and the one you have looks like its top notch. I couldn’t make out the brand, but its designed for Vox for certain.   (side note, My personal preference for vocal mike is a sennheiser Guitar mike.   You see one in use in the Santana video, Smooth. Rob Thomas is using it in the street, and I laugh every damned time I see it because he has it backwards in every other shot.  (its directional, gold side to source) )


another fair warning, you can lose a lot of money digging into AV equipment.  and the usual advice of K.I.S.S. applies.   And one thing that my old boss taught me, day one: “you want to get loud, figure out what you have to turn DOWN.”   Of course, with just you and some background tunage, not much to worry about other than background noize, and that may be something as simple as hanging a blanket on the intervening door to where that noize is .

As a (retired)Sound dood, my job wasn’t so much to make the band ‘sound good’, it was to keep the system ‘clean’ of all the noize that makes things NOT sound good. As a monitor Guy, it was to make sure the band could hear themselves, or something specific, and sometimes (MOTORHEAD*, LOOKIN’ AT YOU!!!) just to turn shit up so damned loud that the house PA usually wasn’t needed for anything other than vocals.    

Anywhoos, Keep at it, you have a face for it and a voice that does as well, Feel blessed, I have a voice for radio and radio only.  My Mug would break that poor camera first five minutes.

*I did not work with Motorhead directly, but the company I worked for DID supply Lemmy his personal Monitor system and tech. A floor full of Wedges and a set of sidefills that looked like a regular PA system for most medium sized venues.  I was there for one of the sound checks and by GOD, that system could destroy ENTIRE CITY BLOCKS, and Lemmy would stand there like it was just normal conversation level stuff.  The tech, Chuck, told me that more often than not, the house would only run two mics for the band.  Lemmy and Kickdrum.  everything else was bleed over from the stage.

This time of year

Melancholy is always my issue this time of year.   This year seems worse than usual and looking on things, I understand why, just don’t like it.    BUT, I am not the Premiere Overseer of the World (and wouldn’t want to be if offered) and have zero control of what the rest of the world does, so can’t fix the issues.  Even if I could, y’all prolly wouldn’t like my solutions.  Jus-sayin’.

A band I mixed monitors for, a couple of times at Annie’s, a local place in SinCity. (has changed hands and is now a ‘Shed’ for regional tours)(checked out their webpage, and, yeah, WON’T BE going there anytime soon. “PAPERS PLEASE!”   fuggem!!!!) (Annies is where.I mixed for Jackyl, BTE, Seven Mary Three, and so many more that I can’t remember names of.   Mixed there and a few other ‘dives’ for either the up n coming or the on the way outs,   The touring was where I got to work with “ridin’ the wave” groups.)

The ‘Feelz’ in that song are where I am at, even if the subject matter is ‘off’.   IT is that shift towards hibernation, whimsical looking back, wishing for the warmth of summer again.

Maybe I am just looking for my door into summer, like Petronius Kat and Danny in Heinlein’s time travel Fic.  

Maybe that is why I prefer to build Kayaks this time of year; a door into summer kinda thingy.   Interesting thing about the current RE-build:  I was making Serena this time of year in ‘19, and had her maiden float in November.   Feels like a TimeLoop right now.  Maybe I can avoid the mistakes I made last time.(and damned if I ain’t-a-tryin’).  Her build was started before I ‘sank a Duh!k’, and put into overdrive by that sinking.  Maybe thats why I missed some key points: got rushed.  Not this time, I am taking it easy, and being picky as all get out with my materials this time.   The ribs I am leaving in place are fine, but I knocked seven out of service for just showing a splinter, if not outright breaks showing.    The chines that weren’t broken will go back in, maybe, but not as chines, but as deck stringers where I can spread them out to build up the curve.  The new keelson is setting in clamps right now and is double the width and height of the old one.   Little details that add up, but what the hell, this is my escape from the doldrums of melancholy.   Keeps my front feet and mind busy so that I am not dwelling on ‘the shit’ so heavily.   Don’t really want to go down that hallway of darkness. (I know whats down there; I  locked it away years ago, for good reason.)

Note on experiments with sealer(resin) and skin.   Using the Polystyrene Resin and 12oz fabric, things look really good.  My first impression with the resin not saturating was false.  It leeched through over a period of a few hours, but did not form stalactites as I feared was possible.  BUT!!!!   I can’t do the same thing I do with the two part Polyurethanes: Work back to back before setup.   The polyurethanes are meant to be done before full cure or they ‘layer’ and peel.   With this resin, I will have to put on a light coat to saturate the skin, allow to cure before the next coat goes on.   Longer to do, but that means more control of the finish will be.  I always felt like the two-part was ‘hit or miss’, especially with the way the pigment would mottle up.

So, my post last night about things getting “interesting” around T-day?   I still stand on that premise.  It ‘explains’ the fallback regroup that seems to be taking place with Xi-den and THE FRAUD.  They may have shot thier wad with Kabul and other over-reaches, but they are NOT just going to pack up and go home. (Dawg, how I wish they would!!!!) I think there isn’t a one of us that doesn’t know the only way this is going to be resolved is with sweat, blood and pain, LOTS OF PAIN.

Eighteen months ago

I wrote this post

Key question asked towards the end of it

Do any of you think we will go back to where we were in March, before they started all this shit?

Never thought, even then, that a year later we would see the things we have.  That we would see a government blithely stolen in the dead of night, and the Patriots do nothing more than stage protests.  That a medical experiment would be granted permission for human testing on a massive sce with zero accountability for the researching companies.   That further division of an already fractured country could take place AND polarize the divisions so completely.

I’m not holding hope that the resistance of the crews of SWA keeps rolling.  Wish, yes.  Hope, nottasomuch.  Pessimistic? After the last eighteen months?  You’d best fuckin’ believe my pessimism has been injected with steroids!!!  Like I said in that linked post, ‘never thought I would see Americans roll over to show tummy so fast’ or so damned completely!!!

Maybe it will,  maybe it will and is spreading to other industries.  I know the medicos are seeing losses from mandates, but to what extent? Hard to say because of the compliant EneMedia lapdogs playing hushpuppy.  Trawling FB tells me nothing because the algorithms are fast and rapidly modified for new information suppression.   And the GAB thing,,,,   hell, I hated twitter from the geego, and GAB is basically the same setup with different LMIs.  I cant stand the way threads explode and to stay on top of it, you about need a live monitor in your face 24/7.

I love the Net, but I have zero desire to live ‘IN‘ it.  And I much prefer flesh and blood relationships over 145k ‘FB friends ‘ that I may meet only ever meet 14 of.    As communications, perfect, like texting and emails or delayed commentary.  I do ‘get to know’ my readers via comments,  and those sometimes expand into IRL friendships (and in a case or two, IRL enemies) 

Face facts, knowing and conversing with someone in Australia via the net, is not a flesh and blood relationship.  Georgia and I drifted apart quickly because of the distance and that is just fact.  Maybe with the net we could have stretched it out longer, but the distance is very physical, and people NEED touch to ‘make it real’

The FRAUD and their handlers KNOW it too, and thats why the isolationist demands were so strong right out of the gates.  Its why OZ and other places are still there. 

And you can bet that if the ‘movement’ began by SWA Crews ‘sick timing’ resistance  spreads, the Delta-lamda-falalalala “will explode” right about Turkey Day and the Enemedia will make it sound like the next Black Plague in the effort to shut us down.   And half of this country that is starting to wake up will ‘chicken little’ and run back behind the 12 masks and locked doors and 60′ social distancing and ,,,


I just watch, hoping to be proven wrong, and sometimes I get surprised.


So watch, By Thanksgiving. And I bet they blame it on a free moving populace during Halloween,,, and that, even if the ‘outbreak’ is real, it will be blamed on the unvaxxed and that the numbers will be manipulated to show more unvaxxed than vaxxed as suck, even though we are seeimg entirely the opposite in other places.

Wknd w,,, uhm,,, Sumpin

Early start today, 3am, powered up the Mac, started some warm ups, walked outside with Grizzy for a few (he likes walking the drive in the dark, strange kat) and it was 72 and breezy.

4 am, temp plummets 15 degrees and the breezy becomes WINDY and the Rain starts pouring.  ZOOOMMMMMSSSSSS.     ZoomKat bounces in onto my desk and does the Shake like a Dawg and EVERYTHING IS WET!!!!

Thanks Zooms,,,

Has a list of stuff I need to do, pick-up, or purchase today, and ZERO MOTIVATION.  Rainy days, blah,,,

Around and about the Nets, seems like I am not the only one with a serious lack of motivation, or even input.   There is a haze over things right now, like that breezy feel this morning; something is brewing, but what, which side, (both sides?) and when it ‘pops’,,,,      Easier to predict where the ball will fall in a roulette wheel.

Read an old Heinlein piece as linked to in a comment somewhere (At ATH I believe, don’t wanna wade through 500 comments to find it again,).   Kinda freaky some of the ‘crap’ he wrote about in the 50s.   The Editors felt compelled to start the show with the “THIS IS FICTION”, yet, reading it now, especially the opening paragraphs, with public nudity, transvestites, hamstrung and ineffective cops,,,    It’s almost like a visionary document.   I won’t give any other spoilers, just go read it.  (Best viewed on a computer, the webpage is NOT mobile friendly.)

Much of my frustration, lack of motivation, what-hav-ya, is just wishing this shit-show would go full vertical so we can get it over with and move on.  EVEN if that means we are dealing with Gulags and other things, at least we will have something TANGIBLE to fight, not this aetheric pandmonium of Dementia patients and Asylum escapees that seem to be running the coop.  In the words of the frustrated Vulture, “Patience, Hell!!! I just wanna kill sumpin!”   

Maybe thats an extremism, 

or not.   

Time will tell, but damn, the WAITING for something to give,,,,

Yeah, I took yesterday off from the nets for good reason.  Did a lot of catch-up at work, managed to knock down three jobs that need closure, and feel like something is up at the J.O.B.    Not sure, may be reading more into things than is there, but it feels like something is on the verge of major change, like maybe Bossman is finally going to retire and let SON have the pursestrings.   (long overdue IMO, but I’m just the smart assed flunky, right?).  The FUBAR with the project involving a former boss  seems to be wearing just a bit more than normal, and I saw an argument between BM and SON yesterday over that very problem.   I thought it was over with, but apparently LIttleman/socalledpreacherman had a few more surprises in order, and SON is flat pissed off about it.   I know for a fact that between my time, travel expenses, and materials, they have burned through almost two grand of profit from the job ‘trying to appease’ littleman.   

Some people,,   As I said to SON, ‘IF, I ever run into Dood in a dark alley,,, ‘  SON replied, “I’ll hold him down while you do,,,  IF I don’t get a few good kicks in first,,,,”    LOL

and its all part of the game, and we all know it.   The longer they can hold onto the money that was set aside to pay for this project, the more interest they accrue on it.  But that game goes two ways: the longer they sit on it, the smaller the profit for BM.   

I stand by my statement to Littleman, I will happily go back there to ‘fix’ whatever they need fixed, BUT, it will be as an independent contractor and they WILL pay upfront.   And I have the blessing of SON for that so I won’t be in “conflict of interests” land when/if that time comes about.

on other news, not much progress on “the kayak carcass formely called Serena”.    I puttered, a bit, and puttered with the coaming jig, but really didn’t accomplish much.   hell, passed out by 8:30 last night and slept like the dead until 3am.  Today, running, and wet weather so probably WON’T get to squeeze in the little bit of kayaking I had tentatively planned.   (was just a 6miler on a section of the local river I have never ran before,   It’s not going anywhere, even if the water levels change). Today is also my Aunts 96th bday and the family is getting together at an Uncles house for a dinner.   Seems we are all a bit long in tooth on Da’s side, but not so much Mums.   (and Genetically, I am more my mothers side.   Too tall where Da’s side is all short and stocky.)

anywhoos, I’ll be back up later with more of something to tap about, but its time for me to get off my bum and get ‘doing’.   Take it easy today and try to enjoy being alive in interesting times.

Wanna just sit back and watch.

Not post about it anymore, just sit back, read to keep up, and just watch the collapse from an easy-chair.

I like reading Sarahs posts because she helps keep me on an even keel when MY predilection is for wildly swinging anger and depression.  To ground and center, I have to keep the paws busy or I will go vertical with angst.  So, and y’all know it, I am working on the makeover of The Kayak Carcass formerly known as Serena.  (thinking her new name will be Selkie or sum-such.  Definitely a more Celt name, then the bastardized ‘Serenity; Serenity/Siren for the record.)

Today was not a good day.  Though, not a bad day either,    I did get to stick a thumb in the Eye of a former Boss, in a sideways fashion, and that had SON laughing quite a bit.  We did a big job for his company and he has been niggling over details to avoid paying.   I just shuttered his last ‘complaint’ with Custom built latch, then flat told him, IF, I have to come back down there, it will be as an independent contractor, and I charge milage ( I live an hour away.) Flat rate, and cash on arrival.  Last I heard, Bossman was called, and that he was able to pick up the settlement for the job.  Myself and the TURD have had run-ins before, even back when I did work under him.   Dood is a preacher, supposedly, but I have heard cleaner mouths while in the Marines, and on Tour (especially in Noo Joizey.). And I have flat told him, after watching him “critique” another employee, in public, “You ever talk to me like that, in public or private, I WILL break your fuckin’ jaw and walk away.”  Preacher he may be, but I am sure his congregation is warped and twisted like he.

Makng that latch FIRST THING, was what unsettled my day.  I had thought I was done down there, as of 12noon yesterday when I wrapped up the programming of the security system. Best be over it now.  I may get called back as someone ALWAYS manages to FUBAR the system the first month trying to ‘fix’ something they think should work different. (and its usually the keypad system,,,)

Yah, I am feeling a touch pessimistic today.   People are not my favorite creatures.   I definitely have more friends of the Four-feet variety,,,,

I’m not going to go into what BC covers in his post today, but 6 years ago, when the insanity was gathering power for launch, I had much the same response as BC covers.  NUTZ is NUTZ, no matter how many pronouns you toss on it.  

its been a day.  one pathetic enough to wish into the dustbin and memory-holed. Accomplished little worth talking about, but I haven’t blown up or gone Postal so I guess thats a win.

Xi-denlandia, home of the obscure and deluded

a different perspective on whats going on down south.  

THings are getting sporky and NOT ONE MEDIA outlet is talking about it in any way shape or form.  PRAVDA means TRUTH.  Did we learn NOTHING from the Russian experiment?

Yup, last night I made a trip to the store for a Coke (been cutting back, but,,,,) and the Enemedia was spouting something about Kamala-laladingdong trashing the US again.  Ok, thats a positive since she is a sitting VP, even if illegally ensconced, and the bitch shits all over the country she ‘represents’.   Good optics there, you heels in air whore.


Nada about the southern border becoming a hotbed of fun and games of the third world order.

And it is all about “REPLACEMENT POPULATION” and the Cartels are making BANK on it.   I never knew about the wrist band things: thats a new spin on this mess.   It shows that even the cartels have to package deal the product to keep up with it.  And that brings up: where the hell are these people getting the money to pay the cartels to move them?    Seems to me that someone is supplying a certain amount of lucre   Why would someone pay three grand to come to the US when that same three grand would set them up quite nicely in some of the places they are bailing on.   Incentives on this end, IE Free welfare promise and edu-mi-cation.   Short term thinkers for certain, because TANSTAAFL is damned near a natural law.   What we have is collapsing before our eyes and teetering on sudden implosion.

And I thought I was up on things in my research for “Wings”.  LOL..   Damn, this world is heavy into Wide Open throttle towards hell and we ditched the brakes somewhere around 2019.

I keep watching the markets for that seismic disturbance indicating full melt down, but all I keep seeing is the deadcat bounce.(not the proper term, but it sounds cool.)  Manipulated much?  Someone is making bank on this mess, but it sure isn’t the small investors or the producers of real goods.  And that ‘Someone’ is using it to destroy this place.   THAT!!!  Christ in a handbasket, this shit can’t be written like a story, NO ONE would believe it.   I know for certain that if someone had traveled back just two years to warn of us of what we have been witness to, They would have been locked up as KOOKS with a quickness.

Nuthin Serious tonite

Long day at the J.O.B. and I was purt much brain dedz by the time I made it home and dealt with Kittehs and Dawgums.   Stopped at the Da’s on the way home, checked BP.   108/58.  Dood is in far better shape than I and he’s got almost thirty years on me.   May be a little tired, but hey, after 81 years, who wouldn’t be?   (and its not like he sat around all day.  Passed him on the road returning to the shop earlier, and he had a load of firewood in his truck, delivering to one of his brothers.)

SO, instead of playing with wood and making things, I fiddled with materials, experimentun!!!   Trying to figure some way of cutting my costs down and still have a reliable product.  Yeah, I can be cheap like that sometimes (most times,,,,).   If I like what I see with this experiment, I will just order the fabric and buy the Bondo Resin local.   The Experiment is on a piece of old left overs from building Serena, gussied up in a Cross-stitch hoop that I happened to find in a pile of trash at the river awhile back.   Seemed like a serious waste to leave it to the elements, even though I have zero use for it, or, well, DIDN’T have a use for it.   Silly shit comes back to haunt in a happy way.      My first part of that experiment went well: I wanted to make sure that the resin wouldn’t ‘bleed’ through and form stalactites.  It penetrated  about as well as the Two-part does, which means there will be raw material on the inside, same as with the two-part, and why Serena would get as Baggy as Cankles ass when she was wet through and through.   Ballistic nylon is hydroscopic and sucks water up like a sponge.  And when it does, it stretches out.    

Yeah, about that fabric getting all loosey-goosey,,,    Even Duh!kee did it the first year, but she had a smaller weave, lighter fabric that eventually shrank up tight and stayed that way.   Serena had that heavy ass canvas back and she might have tighteed up in a couple more years.   This round though, I am going with Aircraft fabric intended for bush planes.   Heavy weave, but its a polyester and can shrink with even heat application (used something similar on my model planes so I am familiar with the process) and WON’T stretch out when wet.  Price for that is similar to the other and a company I have used prior with good experience.  The other place has been hit or miss at times, and I am still waiting on either an order or a refund from an order from them last November,,,,  *sigh*. Another reason I am looking for alternatives.

Gonna have to break down at some point over the next week or so and take a half day to get that log to the sawmill.   Not desperate for the wood, but it would be nice to have a wider selection of choices in grain.   Funny thing about that sawmill, that’s where dad picked up all that firewood.   Endcuts and ‘refuse’ they toss in a pile and let people pick through.   It’s where I picked up my whiteoak for the ribs last time, and where I will go to get more for the replacement ribs this round.   Can’t beat the price and you get to hand select what you need, even if you may have to cut it out of a big chunk, and its ‘green’ so steaming it is a dream.   (and its also what I will be heating my house with here in the next few weeks, when Fall really starts kickin’ it.). The Ribs in place now are rock solid in those bends, and it only took 10 minutes in the steamer to make them pliable like a leather belt when I was shaping them.

I know, I know,  BOOORRRRRIIIIINNNNGGGGGG.    Sorry y’all,  I LOVE my kayaks, and can spend a day discussing them, but would prefer to be paddling them.  Since I can’t paddle right now,,,,    (well, maybe.   I think I may be able to squeeze a day in this weekend and do a river run, if the weather holds.   Don’t do flood waters on the Cumberland, Too many downed trees (called strainers in boater parlance.)

More atcha tomorrow, and I promise, it won’t be a kayak post, (but I may mention it,,,)

Pic’ee post

I WANT this shirt!!!
Buh-bye Rocker!!! Hello speed freak!!!

Above are pic of what I was talkin’bout yesterday,,, been a full day at the J.O.B. so I’ll try to have something a bit more substantial latersss.

Did what????

Dunno what I did, but my short ribs are aching like I’d been shanked.   Not a kidney thing, since it only hurts when I sit certain ways or bend,   YEAH!!! that!!!!   OUCH!!!!

Likely some damage from handling 10’ panels without help at the J.O.B. thingy.   Doesn’t take much to twist things out of alignment in this old jalopy these days.   

Anywhoos, hurting bad enough that I called it an early day at 1300, headed to store to get DedKow for Mamakat, who is doing her “GrumpyKat” routine again.  Must be in heat or something cuz she’s even whomping on Lil Grizz, who hasn’t gone into the whole puberty mode yet.  (funny that, Zooms and Grizz are same age sibs, but Grizz is half the size of Zooms, and behind in development.  Lovey little fart, but growing slow.)

So, took the day off early.  Came home, fed Grumpy, and Grizz; Zooms off and about laying low from Grumpy I guess. (he did show later). and figured some Excedrin and relaxing afternoon. 

HAH!!!!    Yeah, right!    Nopes, I spent the entire afternoon piddling with the Carcass of a Kayak formerly called Serena.  Made the first four deck beams over, added some width to her beam in that area (still at 22” beam widest point) and figured out where my twist was coming from.   Deck beam four mortices were apparently cut off kilter, because as soon as I installed that beam, WHAM, that twist was back with a vengeance.   Grab the Carpenters file, hog it out some, reinstall, and things settled down.   Later when I start wrapping things up before I skin her, I will fill that mortice with some schmutz to keep it tight.  With the guwales resting on the horses, a 10# weight on each end, she sits where I want her to sit.  Plugged in some of the old ribs (the good ones) and nearly flat keel is obvious.   I really wish I had access to the nets, other than my phone.  It takes over an hour to upload ONE pic, and I just don’t wanna futz with it this late in the evening.  Y’all’re just gonna have to wait for a day when I can post up a pics only post.

And now, its dark out, could light up the porch and keep at it, but I want to spread this out as a relaxing project, not a “Git-r-DUN” project.  And I want it to be right, Seriously RIGHT, this go round since the price on skin is at the OMG level since the last time I did this.  I paid $160 for the kit last time, now, Its almost 300.  So, in a round-bout kinda way, the other day when I cut that skin off, I figuratively sliced up $300 cash.  I’m no Scrooge, but that kind of shit hurts, right in the back pocket.   To put it in a different perspective, I can buy an oldskool WW kayak for around $300, sometimes less, and with a whole lot less hassle getting it to the water. (and I saw one on FB market for $100 that was just calling to me to save it from loser that had outfitted it as a fishing kayak.   ROFL. Get a good sized Cat hooked while in that boat and you will find out if you can do a straitjacket roll REAL QUICK!!!!)

Ouch, Yeah, this is a back issue, not kidneys.  Just twisted to let Boo out, and felt things ‘grind’,,,   Ugh,  Don’t get old kids, Its a trap!!!!  (and when you figure out how to not get old, get back with us oldzhiemers and let us know so we can stop the madness.  LOL)

And While playing Ketch-up for the day, after ol’ SOL settled over the horizon, I ran into this at Big Countries homestead.  

Funny, Anyone with a little knowledge, proper information, and at least four braincells functional can see that ***COVER-UP**** is taking place left and right by the ENEmedia.   That not one of them has made an effort to bust the FRAUD wide open on all of this booshit flabbergasts me.   They MUST BE bought and paid for by groups intent on destroying this country.   Just saying.   (feel free to say ‘DUH!!! Mr Obvious Much?”   ).  I’m starting to get a little paranoid about falling aircraft seeing how my homestead is below several Class A zones with three international APs within 100 miles.  And I know that getting hit by falling aircraft is about as likely as getting hit by lightening (or less so, but I digress). but start throwing in all the Clotshot stuff and dead at the stick pilots,,,,,   At least the majority of major airlines are highly automated these days (to the point that many landings are done by OTTO, the autopilot with the IRL Pilot supervising.   Go search SIGB’s site for his post about adding fuzzy logic to the flight controllers so they weren’t wearing holes in the runways by hitting the EXACT SAME SPOT EVERYTIME.  Interesting read to a wannabe pilot like me.)

Probably not going to be much of that in the airlines, but private craft?   Scary thought.   Lots of private pilots and I highly doubt that FAA will shutter licenses over the VaxxnottaVaxx because it would undermine the FRAUD.  Who cares how many die because some Dead at the Stick Pilot plowed a neighborhood IF IT SAVES EVEN ONE LIFE.    

The insanity continues apparently.    

And people wonder why I retreated to the hills in 2010.   Or still practice 6 and 700yard shooting on a regular basis. (and if I get that AR10, it will go to 1000,,,,_)

bits n pieces

couple things going round the spheres right now that have my attention.  One was the thing in Roma Texas.   Kept looking but kept coming up with nada.   Lots of hush-shush-hush goin’ on around that little firefight on the border.   BC gives a better breakdown from better sources than I.  My two cents on the hushy-hush going on: total collusion from the string pullers of Xi-den emperor poopy-pants, kid sniffer the first.  Supposedly that area is a hot spot for human and drug traffic.   Bought and paid for media will play for the Emperor without question.  

I have little doubt that the FRAUD is getting a new load of littles for the diddlin’, and plenty of blow for the shin-dig to go with ‘em.    Serious as a heart-attack here: when the time comes, there needs to be a stadium set aside for the public execution of these fucks.  Put it on every channel with close-ups and full HD quality vid from every camera angle possible.  Then do as the kings of yore would, and truck the carcasses around the country for display, until they get too ripe to haul.  THEN, feed them to the Pigs.  No funerals, no last rights, nothing of the respect we would provide for a Human or our pets.

Second point of order: Pilots of Southwest Airlines revolting against the ClotShot Mandates coming down from Corporate (in response to appeasing the FRAUD, or sumpin,,,)

Sorry, Gotta say, “too little Too late” on this.    The only UP side is that people are finally starting that pushback we so desperately need. (and needed back in the early part of this year before half (if legit reporting, has questions there) of the population had been inoculated with that poison.  The fact that, AGAIN, the media is playing all hushy-hush to keep from disturbing the narrative says far more about whats really going on than what the reports say.

Maybe this is the final straw that pushes AMERI-CAN’S into action that precludes going full on Civil War.   Not that it would stop that, the FRAUD won’t just shrug shoulders and accept their fate: aw hell no!   But if people rise up BEFORE the railcars start shipping peeps into “wellness Camps”, we have a chance, and a real one!!


Ok, more bits n pieces, but on the home front.   Finally went and did it.   Pulled all the hardware off Serena and skinned her like going to town on a Great White.   

Starting to see why I have had gut feelings to not put her on water lately.   Pulled the skin off: was a kinda stuck to the top deck a bit (I did not oil the deck beams and the two-part bonded some.) but the hull skin peeled like a banana.  

And the keel fell OUT of the boat.

IN THREE PIECES.  All of the lashings were busted loose and the keel pieces were just ‘floating’ in place with only the skins shape holding them still.

One Chine was broken in a few places, but was ‘holding’ until I cut the lashings holding it in.   The other three were (are) solid still.   BUT, the broken keel and chine were enough that two ribs are also in bad ways.  Too much strain on them since they were holding a flexing piece of wood where they should have been spreading the load around to all the ribs.

SO, No more Redwood Cedar in my boats.   If I do end up using it, I will scale up the parts for strength.   The coffeewood I get around here holds up so much better than the RWC.   

And I have log of Coffeewood, well seasoned, just need to get it to the mill.   Serena is on the horses broken down to the Gunnels and cutwaters, no ribs, I pulled the forward deckbeams out to boot.  (that weird twist I fought with was due to those deck beams, and my crap ass horses of two years ago.   That problem is fixed and I can now see what needs done to correct things.). I have a project to keep me from whoring around and being stupid before things go all sporky.  Funny, I figured I would spend a week on her, but now its looking  like a full build of a month.  But she will be as Brand New when I am done.  (just in time for my Winter Solstice paddle too!!!)