Derelinquat me gehennam solus


And we do the hokie pokie

Brexit, now fact, economic swings in place and of course Soro’s is cashing in as he always has. 
Ah, but the call widens.
Texas =texit.
New Hampshire=NHexit
California as well but I am going to speculate that those wishing separation are well north of LA. When I lived there, the divide was Los Angeles Co. And even in North County of SandDawg, there was a very different mental state from those in LA.

Many have said it, self included; We live in intresting times .
Heck. Just look at the 60s throwbacks  having a temper tantrum sit in , in the halls of Congress.  All because they don’t want the mud people  to have icky and oh so dangerous guns. Joel called it when he said  he now understands the thoughts of the Kent State shooters. My only thought when reading about all of these things: Oh shit! Now the globalist’s are gonna start really hammering down.
And maybe that is not a bad thing.  Seriously,  things are gonna have to get worse before more people say “ENOUGH!”

There times now where I am reading the headlines and feeling like I am embedded in an Heinlein novel.
Chaos seems to be the order of  the day  in world events, while at ground level all seems normal, sorta.  That ‘normal’ in the face of all else is what worries me.  When the chaos starts to trickle down, anger starts to escalate.

Two rules of advice (opinion) 1:be prepared to leave your baggage.  2:when the ship lifts, all accounts are settled.(rule 1 is why I have an EDC. Rule 2 fills it’s own niche)

And here’s a third one: get the first shot off fast, it may not be accurate, but it will get their heads down so you can
make the second one count.

And compliments to Remus for the fourth: Stay away from crowds.

Keep watching, the show is only going to get more interesting from here on out.
(Note: this is not the post I intended to put up this week, look for it late Sunday.  I just couldn’t resist with all the fun in the news)

UPDATE: a quote first

As Brexit proves, working people around the world are in no mood for common sense

Seriously, what level of indoctrinated sheltered on the east coast head up your ass while submerged in vodka do you need to be to think WE miss out on common sense?!?!?!?
First off, COMMON SENSE is not and has not been common for ages . My only guess I can extrapolate from this should be read as COLLECTIVIST SENSE. Last I checked, I don’t sport an exo-skeleton and membranous wings. Therefore, I am not a bee, nor part of a hive. The writer of this seems to be though.

Nada much

Been workin’, workin’ on the cabina, and trying to heal a bum shoulder and elbow at the same time.  Can’t say the injury is work related or just way to much fun earlier in my life, but it is definitely slowin’ me up. Heck, just admit it Dio, age is gettin’ the best of ya!  LOL, seem to remember Wonderdawg stating “gettin’ old ain’t for pussies” a time or two.  Yeah, no shit! This stuff hurts!
Work on the cabins has been mostly electric in nature. Wiring up so’s I can have a fridge inside.   Been using a cooler for the cold stuff and that is getting rather old, so I had to resize my battery bank, am ordering a larger inverter to handle that load, and building a crib for the fridge. The crib will be extra insulation in addition to a height change for what is essentially a dorm fridge.  It worked well in the beast but looks like it will need some help in the house.
I am also planning on adding another cell or two on the roof.   Until then, I will cycle the fridge and will keep a large steel weight in the upper portion as a cold sink for overnights.  May sound silly, but that is the entire basis of how an old ice box worked.   Heck  if it works well enough and I don’t see the batteries taking a hit from it, I’ll leave it that way. 

On to the political shenanigans,  I am still in awe of the fact that HRC is still walking free.  This charade shows just how corrupt our system is and explains why Donald and Berne are so popular.  I can only hope the rest of the PTwB  are feeling a chill air blowin’ up their backsides.
That chill air is the wind of change and is being stirred up by a whole shitload of angry people. (Self included )
I stated in a prior post that I felt this Selection cycle was going to kick off a lot of strife within our country. Reading headlines,  I missed my mark by overshooting. It has already begun.  Only time will tell historians how it ends. I highly doubt it will end in my lifetime.  What we see now is just the tip of that ‘berg on a horizon.  We haven’t yet seen all the portion above water let alone the remaining 90%below the waterline.    This thing is big and I see no way that the good ship America can miss it. 
Oh well, potatoes are ready to be harvested,peas are ready, the beans will be soon.  And I still have full time work outside of the hollar, so not much I can grumble about (though I am gonna grumble anyways what with this bum arm n all)
Talk at y’all sumore laters.


I have written about the area I reside in, and how it has never truly recovered from the great depression.  I can think of nowhere that truly shows such as the people that are no longer. The dates on headstones declare what a hard life many in this area endured. Some of them, so sadly, are single dates: born and died at birth. This is just a reflection of how poor this area was, and in many ways, still is; and becoming once again. 
The hospital in town, has no doctor on staff.  They ‘borrow ‘ one from up the highway once a week.  This is actually a new problem from over the last 4-5 years. 
I don’t need to elaborate a cause amongst my readers , do I?
I leave above as a reflection for y’all.  I have enough to keep me melancholy for weeks. 
Take care all.

Insanity, by definition

Look around you, take a good long look.
If you are like me, you see stands of red oak, white oak, maple, sour wood, and poplar.  Maybe an ocasional squirrel or rabbit or turkey (the deer are in the fields this time of year)all dependent on whether dogs are asleep or not.
Then look at the news or independent agreggregator like Drudge.  The comparisons are world’s apart. (And as it should be. Everyone needs a chance to get away from the asylum now and again.)
I am watching a world that is vaguely familiar, ripping itself to shreds, over ideas that make not one ounce of sense when observed through the lense of reason. Of course, when you have no foundation for reason, you haven’t any sense of proportion and therefore, no sense.
One thing going round is the whole “self-identified” malarkey.    Seriously? You are either a pointer or a setter; what’s in your  head is superseded by what’s between your legs. (IE:your imagination is always trumped by the physical world) If you don’t agree with what nature gave you, that’s your issue, not mine nor everyone else’s. Dunno what the problem is here other than the fact that most people are just not satisfied unless they are making everyone else miserable. (They must all be democraps, it’s the only variable that makes the equation balance)(note:balance but still not make sense)
Another point going around (again!)is gun control. Here’s my take on it


There are only obsolete tactics.  What I bring with me to the party is only a tool towards an end. I am what makes the world dangerous to my enemies. Ban whatever you want kids, I will still be functional and just as dangerous tomorrow.    (Maybe more so, depending on how desperate y’all make me)
Insanity.  The world is full of it, and the insane seem to feel the need to fuck with the rest of us.  Yeah, keep it up, I am going back out on the porch and watch the Robins chase bugs.

Greyman vs self reliance(delayed post )

We had a hella storm blow up tonight, straight line winds, massive rain, I even saw my wind genny furl for the first time.  Knocked out power all over the area.
It got me to thinkin’ ’bout this whole off-grid thing from a tactical stand point.  Luckily, most of my neighbors are relation. There are one or two that are not, but we are on good terms with them, even if we don’t interact much.  But what if (you do play the ‘what if ” game, don’t you?) I didn’t live amongst friends?  How would I approach this situation, or, more specifically, retain a certain amount of security?  One night likely wouldn’t strain relations amongst neighbors, but a situation like I was in in Cincinnati back in 2008, where power was out for a week or more, well, I could see some people developing a certain amount of jealousy or envy, and that could  lead to more of the seven deadly sins.
Let’s imagine that one is completely off grid, raising a decent garden, minimal livestock to provide food as well as breeders, and has ZERO need of most day to day that the rest of us take for granted. Imagine that person in a situation where the infrastructure has failed and what others nearby could react like.  How do you establish security then?
My only thought starts with, you had better start that security  premise long before you need it.  Don’t advertise your preparations, be aware of power outages and practice light discipline, muffle the hell out your generators (that sound carries like you wouldn’t believe, even the quietest Honda genny is loud when ‘normal’ background noises are removed) etc etc etc.  

Just some thoughts on things.

A little EDU thingy and thinking ‘but preps

Just to keep things different and to not bring up the whole political situation in this selection cycle, I decided to share some of the things that have been going on and strengths and weaknesses that I have found.   Some of this is just stuff that works (or doesn’t, depending) for me, YMMV.

Ticks.   God’s meanest little parasite that is still visible to the naked eye.   Hate ’em.  And where I am at, they are a year round menace.   One thing I have noted lately, is that I react badly to them, more specifically, my BODY reacts badly to them, in ways I don’t ever remember happening as a kid.   I don’t know if its me developing an allergy to them, or if they are carrying some new bacteria or what, but every time I have been bitten by one in the last couple of years, I get this reaction.
It starts out as a weal in the skin.  Then the itching starts, and after a day or two, I have what looks like a spider bite.   The itching is unholy at this stage.   I tried topical antihistamines, the pink stuff, powdered aspirin salve, etc etc etc.   Finally, I tried something completely different.   I took a bandaid, put a couple drops of Tea Tree Oil on the gauze, then placed that over the bite mark.   Within minutes, the itching was gone.   The next day the weal was gone and there was only a spot of redness where the site was.   There was some discoloration in the gauze so I know whatever was there that my body reacted to, was drawn out by the oil.  And the TTO is an antibacterial/anti-fungal agent.  
It can be found at walmart but it isn’t cheap.  I paid almost $6 for only 2oz, but that should last a long time as I only use it a drop or two at a time.   It also has an odor that some find offensive (my opinion is it is pretty strong, but not bad).   You may want to try a drop on a sensitive area first to make sure you won’t have any adverse reactions to it.  I have been using it for a couple of years now for various things, and know it doesn’t bother me. 
Run search engine for other possible uses of it, such as bug repellant and such.   Good stuff to have on hand in a kit.

OK, next item.   This one is a strength/weakness and you will understand that better after you read this.   Was helping my mom and sister out and putting mom’s excess stuff in a storage unit.  In the process, ripped open a gash nearly 2” long across my forearm.   No muscle damage, but it did expose muscle.   I had my BOB with me, and there is a pretty well laid out First Aid kit in there; one that can even do sutures.  PROBLEM.   I can’t do sutures one handed and the location of the cut was such that I would have been forced to.   My sister does not know how to do sutures and I wasn’t comfortable with trying to talk her through it (no local in my bag and that needle stings like hell passing through skin without some type of local.  I don’t think she would have taken my wincing well is what I am trying to say)  So, I had her help me butterfly it closed (took all that I had, time to restock!) and I just bandaged it up and kept going.   Luckily, it was a very clean cut (looked like a knife cut, but was done by the edge of a piece of formica.) and by the time I was home and could do a better job on it, it was showing signs of closure already (8 hours later).    Due to the fact that it was still open, I did the sugar treatment on it over the weekend and just kept it bandaged loosely and a steristrip or two to hold it as closed as possible.
15 days later, its almost completely healed and no signs of infection were ever present.


Strength: being able to take care of a serious wound on the fly with flexibility of treatment.
Weakness: Not having another person with similar skills on hand.
So, this past week, I have been practicing a running suture with one hand.   I have some #5 braided suture that is big enough to play with and I use a surgical towel folded up in a fan shape to simulate the skin.   Its large enough to get the technique down and keep from punching holes in yourself while learning. 
I am still weak with anything technical with my left hand, but now, if I cut my left arm again, I can sew it up.   Not having that skill was another weakness in my preps.   I continue trying that left hand stuff though.

I guess what all of this is, besides giving you real life experiences, and not just some theoretical stuff jotted down as notes, is that there are places in all of our preps where we have weaknesses.   Not just in the physical, but in training as well.   I hadn’t thought to practice something like a one handed suture because I never thought I would have to suture ME.   In hind sight, with the way I live, chances are, I am the one that will have to do such, and this little situation showed me that.  

Ok, enough about me, here’s where I send you off for info if you haven’t already gathered it.   
Ditch medicine by Hugh Coffee.  May be a little over the top for some, but excellent information for preppers.    This is where I learned about the sugar treatment for large open wounds.   Get a dead tree edition for your library.  
There are also several books of related information out there, but I have not had chance to read that many of them let alone purchase them all.   If you look on Amazon, the genre will pull up oodles of such.   Read the commentary on them and make up your own mind.
SUTURES:  you can buy these on Amazon*, and the manufacturer states plainly that they are labeled for Vet use only even though they are manufactured in the same plant as the ones for human use.  Dunno ’bout you, but that’s good enough for me.   The sterility functions are identical and legal disclaimers mean little to me.   If you get them for emergency use, 3-0 or smaller 4-0 and 5-0 are what you will need.   If you have never done a suture, it isn’t like sewing a patch in your jeans so look at the practice suture pads and there are even practice KITS you can get.  There is some other gear you will need as well, but the biggest part of it is KNOWLEDGE, learn what you can now while we can still access the knowledge of others.
Lastly: Try to find the time to practice what you know.  Make a game of it if you will.   Try to start a fire after it rains.  Suture up a banana peel, just to see if you can.  Little things.   You have to make time to do things, but if you ‘learn’ something only by reading it, you miss 90% of the skill.  You may even find that you know something, only to find its beyond you because you didn’t practice something odd: like me not able to sew up my arm.   (or practice shooting with your off hand because you may not be able to use your primary hand for whatever reason.   Just an example.)  It all will boil down to you eventually, are your prepared?  (and for those that crap on us preppers, I always ask if they have a fire extinguisher at home.  Yes, then they are a prepper too.  No, then they are just FOOLS.)

*  I am tired of watching what I purchase online.   There is so much that I have to buy that I can’t find local, I have to use the nets.   The way I see it, they already have me on several lists, why worry.  If they are going to come for me, they are going to come for no matter what I have purchased or not purchased.   Fuck it, I can’t live like a prisoner, even if I am incarcerated in the FUSA.

As the world churns.

Just sittin back n watchin, frosty froggie spankin spunkin pukin shiite that is being passed off as Democracy ain’t but you couldn’t pound that through some of the blue blood heads even if you were to use a 2×4 fired out of a cannon.
HRC is supposedly lining up an all broad cabinet, (talk about froggy, the Witch has serious intent, acting as she has already “won”)(fact is, as this selection cycle progresses, she may already have. All the shenanigans we have seen show just how stacked that deck is.  “It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it!” )
Trump is stacking things as well and God only knows just how frosty it’s going to be at the RNC in Cleveland this year.  Have a sis up there and can only hope she can steer clear of any human nature that exposes itself.
But, I keep at it. Run in virtual broke-ness week to week, stocking on expendibles like suture kits, 22cal, long storage food, and still work on getting the stead in line.   Started laying out the foundation of the shop this weekend, seeing how I recently acquired over 5 ton of cinder block. It just needs old mortar cleaned off.  (Demo job, not from a house fire or anything)  Going to set things up similar to the house, running block anything round the perimeter, but then will fill entire area with concrete.  (Figure to fill most of it with rock, gravel and scrap to bring things level -4″ from top of block.  )   then I can really get busies!
Oh yeah, picked up a 12v ceiling fan on amazon for $115.  Install went well and the little thing just rocks.  Makes climate control in mi cabina a breeze (pun intended )  was cool enough early this weekend for a fire and I certainly didn’t use the usual amount, a lot less, and there were zero cold spots in the house (another reason I chose a vaulted ceiling and terminated walls instead of floor to ceiling walls) The little thing only pulls 20w at its highest and I can run it all night with seemingly zero draw.  Well worth it seeing how I do not have any capacity for an AC unit. This may not cool the house, but air movement is critical once the humidity/temperatures start hitting summer highs. And in this fishbowl,  that level reaches putrid fast.

Any who’s,  kick back with friends, have a beer and continue watching the lemmings rush headlong off the cliff of oblivion into the sea of facist, communist hell.  (Sadly, they somehow manage to drag us with them, but at least we can see hell for what it is. )


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