Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


there was a SOTU that lasted more than 3 seconds????

Cuz thats about how long it would take me to make the statement on the state of the state,,,  

We’re Fucked,,  Good night!

ok maybe 2 seconds,,,the wind up would take longer,,,,

And that they managed to get and keep Joe the Potato coherent cognzant animated for the length of that pagentry,,,,   Cuz thats all it was, not one lick of truth in there at all,

full disclosure,  I didn’t watch.  I didn’t even pull it up, just noted that it had ‘happened’ and about blew a shot out my nose,,,

Klown World,,,,   I was going to say ‘Twilight Zone” but that ‘universe’ was actually intelligent, even if a bit over the rainbow at times,,,   This,,,   This admin has the IQ of a box of Crayolas, all in green, or shades of green,,, Nothing else.

We, the People, already know that actions have consequences.   This Admin is starting to make that education process and they don’t like it, not one wee bit.  

And I play the worlds smallest violin for them, with all the skill I have on violin,,,,  And the kats run hells bells for the hills away from the hisses and screeches that ensues. (I should have picked up bagpipes instead,,,,)


Further fun, but with wood

My idea and preference
Bossmans preference

Not that it matters what I prefer, I’m not the one paying for it,,,

Wrappin up here, gonna try to post later, if’n Grizz isnt in my grill complaining about my shoddy weather control issues… (calling for rain and he hatez rain. Kat, duh!

early start, but nottapost post

Get y’un over to BCE’s place if ya haven’t. Want you to get a piece of intel that the EneMedia isn’t givin’ out.

Now, what that means to you and me, right now is ‘ nothing much’ but all information has value (just how much value is the question)

But something about that little nugget kicked over some other little peice of information I had stacked in a corner, and NOW, I am in the process of a ‘reach out and touch someone’, tracking down some friends/aquaintances from me past.

Two are former USSR escapees/defectors. Older so I may or may not ‘get lucky’, dunno.

The other is hush-hush with a physical history,,,

What am I looking for? TRUTH. I heard a little bug say that maybe the defectors would want to go home seeing how this country is becoming Klownworld USSR V2.0; you know, that place they ran from way back when, when people stood in food lines for days on end to MAYBE get a loaf of bread, (we ain’t there YET, but all the talk from up high says that IS the endgoal sorta like.)

Maybe Russia is corrupt oligarchs running the show, but from things I have heard, its better than here at the street level, other than the conscription thing of military aged MALES (and they aren’t going through this mulltiple gender insanity crap either,,, )

I don’t give a damn if Ivan is in expansionist mode. My personal take, Putin may be in expansionist mode but he only wants that buffer zone seeing how his reach out to join NATO under the Klintonz went sideways and upside down. Maybe there were legit reasons, but I feel the only reason they gave him the middle finger was to keep that “coldwar” enemy in the wings so the MIC had a reason to maintain existence. That NATO wasn’t dissassmbled when the USSR fell tells even more,, (and talk about calling a kettle black, Expansionist NATO pointing its finger at Putin screaming “Expansionist”,,, LOL hasn’t anyone else seen this hypocrisy?) And no one (exceptions BCE mentions it in the above post) even talks about the sting pulling and manipulations that THIS COUNTRY has done in the area, There is a reason we have terms like “Color Revolution” (think Maidan 2014, when a Russian freindly admin in Ukraine was ousted and it was proven to be instigated by USINTEL,,, )

Anywhoos, work today and investigatin’ as best I can, start with ol emails to see what I can find.


Heavy metal

About choked on my breathing today.   Things didn’t go the way that almost made me choke, thank the small gods of electrons and welding wire,,,

Been working on make one of the work trucks a flat bed, and this mornin’ Bossman told me that he found some plate and we were going to pick it up first thing. 

What made me choke was his saying “yeah, he has 1/2″ and 5/16″ and some other stuff.   I think I want it in 1/2″,,,”

CHOKE!!!!!     All I said was, “if thats what you want,,,” then went to talk to Son of Bossman, and let him know what his ol’man just said.  Ain’t gonna get in the middle of this’un,,,   Son about choked when I told him.  


We get out to the place with the steel, and there is all sorts of stufff,   (its actually metric, not English) but that 1/2″ is right on top.   When Bossman sees 6 of us straining to just stand one side up,,,  “Maybe we shoud go with the thinner stuff”  and we all breathed a sigh of relief.   

So, three sheets of 4mm, a little oversize width and length since its a metric measure not inches and feet,,, but thats fine by me, more to play with.    Shoulda gone 10gauge or similar, but the 4mm was the thinnest.

And I am well on my way,,,,

Just don’t ask me how I got that stuff off the flatbed I used to get it, onto that frame I am working on. Somethings are best forgotten,,,,,, (and yes, I did solo,,,,)

and so far, I haven’t made a mark on that third sheet. Kinda hoping I can get away with not using it, so we have a full sheet for later projects. Will do what I gotta though.

Home, dinner for furries and then me, and I really want a shower,,, grinding, plasma cutting, welding, leave a layer of scum that can not be described. More later

Maybe I’m wrong

I keep tabs on things in the Kraine, and the one thing I keep coming back to is a logistics issue. Certain talking heads in the bloggos keep mentioning how Ivan is losing his ass,,, Mehbe,,,,

Look at the logistics of things. You have one country being overrun by another, and the locals are holding,,,

BUT, NOT ON THIER OWN. There is a logistical tail attached to them that flows all the way back to DC through several Euro countries,,, Rumors of troops along with equipment (and I can well understand why they want those to remain nothing more than rumors,,,) but the Ruskies don’t have the same benefits as Krainfeld does (IE the rest of the ‘free world’ by the short hairs supplying his weapons and feed)

Cut the supply, Kraine folds like a cheap suit,,,, I have no doubts. BUT, that goes against everything they ‘stand for’, so they keep sending in our “just about ready for DRMO” gear, and that frees up the space so the Generals can buy more new toys, and the MIC gets to keep the profits flowing,

and Ukraine becomes the proving ground without our having to send in troops.

I know there are a lot of armchair warriors watching, learning, studying the tactics of the low-down against the ‘big-boy’,,, BUT lets be honest, WINNERS don’t call for help,,,, And the Ukraine has been bleating for help from the west since day one.

And if we hadn’t made it a point in Affy, our gear is sorta lacking in durability,,, A large majority of it was designed to go against modern tactics, and for all intents and purposes, ‘modern tactics’ are not the wars we will be fighting anymore. The only ‘war’ we fought using modern tactics (Call it 3G, not the 4G we saw in Nam or Affy, or the other little skirmishes we have been in,,,) was Kuwait, and that wasn’t a war so much as race across the desert. 3 days, and I slept not a wink becuase we were moving to the next position. may only have moved a mile, but we did it several times a day, and by the time we had locked in the guns, were being given orders to advance AGAIN,,, I don’t think I dropped on round off my truck until AFTER the war was ‘officially’ over (only the poor SODs in Aljuafra didn’t get the message,,,) and then it was ‘Send it all downrange, we ain’t takin’ nuthin’ back to ship,,,’

then I got some sleep, sitting on the beach waiting to load up on the jollyboats to get back on the Tarawa,,,

I have no love for this shit. I have said it here, that the whole thing, BOTH SIDES, smells of grift and graft to milk the people, of both sides, of their means; all to keep the shell game of the Twentieth Century alive and well. That shell game started in 1913 and expanded when we made trade sanctions with some assbackwards tribes and turned them into Oil Kings,,,

That shell game is about to collapse, from several reasons, but the ‘owners’ of that game,,,,

—————————————————————— I gotta get to work and my brain is running on four tracks right now,,, if this is confuzzed, that’s why. more later and maybe a bit more coherent.

Smells of fish,,,

this whole thing with the recent release of info on “three flyovers while OrangemanBad was in office”,,,,   Seriously, there is something fishy about the balloons, the timing, and the media, and The feeling I GET, is telling me this is actually more of an internal struggle within the courts of the swamp,,, (not the judicial courts but the courts where the preening and posturing happen among the un-elected and unaccountable.)

Seriously, if there had been three spy balloons over the CONUS when Trump was Prez, the media would have blown it all the hell and back, anything to make Trump into more of an ogre than he already was.       Now, I ain’t saying there weren’t, I am just saying that if it had been made even partially public knowledge, the media would have been on it like a pitbull on a porterhouse steak.  

I smell fish.

The fact that under the oh so well loved Xi-den>sarc< there was a kerfluffle about it,,,, WEll, it was lower in altitude than ‘usual’ weather balloons so people could see it with the naked eye,,,  Kinda hard to disclaim that, AND China was releasing statements claiming it as theirs, and OOOPSIES,,,, We lost control of it,,,,

BUT, the fact that they waited and waited, and waited some more,,, Until the bloody thing was over deep water, but stlll in controlled waters,,,, 


its starting to stink in this shop,   Need to open up the windows and doors and air this joint out,,,,

I think the internal squabbles between DOD and INTEL are still in play.  I think there is some movement within the Ranks of the DNC to get Joe removed from office somehow, someway, and they are in a conundrum over it right now because  Kamalalading-dong,,,,,   Peelousy not being in line for next up kinda puts a spin 0on it that they don’t like either, but her popularity was on par with KamelToes,,,, and god-forbid Occasional Cortex be in line,,,,(that would actually be the funniest 5 minutes of American history, but I digresss,)

And there are still the WEF  members in the machine to contend with,,,,  


ALright, so what my point?   Only one, and you know it and may not want to admit it.   


Don’t think Trump can make a come back, don’t care either.   Don’t think Desantis has a snowflakes chance in hell (even with or especially with the endorsements of the BUSH Cartel,,,)   

And I find I just don’t give a rats ass anymore.    They intend on collapsing the system, every effort they make is claimed as something else, but the end result is always ‘one step closer to the end’, and they are raping the coffers for every last whiff of revenue.    You do not write 30 trillion in debt without making sure the payback is so far down the road that you are guaranteed to be dust when it gets here.

Don’t worry, I have no intention of going off the deep end and doing anything stoopid,,,  you know, like talk to FEEBS and get set up in some sting operation as some white supremecist or some other bullshit claim.     

And if I DID go off the deep end, it would be quiet like, no collaboration, self contained.   I am a firm advocate and follower of S-S-S,, especially that last S,,,

but you don’t have to worry about that,   I have a life to live, and kayaks to play with and when things do get frosty, I will be in shape enough to help in some manner because I am not sitting on my ass trying to berate a beast that wouldn’t  even acknowledge my existence, except as some scapegoat to keep the normies in line.


Long day today. totally solo on a “me” job, that was started with help last Turdsday,, (Never gonna have that assistant EVER again, details don’t need vented, since Son of Bossman agrees, even though he was tickled as all get out by the details,,,) But, the install is complete, and information passed along. May be called back out as the educator/trainer for the system, but the install is solid and tested three ways to Sunday before I left.

one day of four down and out of the way, Da’s doc appt on Friday then its CAMPING,,, and my soul is feeling twitchy in anticipation,,,,

weekendz end,,,

and this one is wrapping up quick-like,,,,

Starting to feel the urge to go camping, been tossing around the idea of loading up BJ with my campgear, just so its on board when/if the urge strikes hard and fast.    Currently all of my campgear is in a backpack sitting near the door ready to toss in the truck, but having it IN a kayak that rides 24/7,,,,   Yeah, spontaneous escape plans,,, Me likes,,,, Ain’t done it yet,,, YET,,,

Talkin’ to sis about the balloon thingy,,,   Not much to add that others haven’t already.  Damned shame that the administration of this country is so damned compromised with traitors/fools/grifters.    Bigger damned shame that the majority of the Peeps DON’T see it,,,,

Critical thinking is definitely something in short supply these days, that much is obvious to even this near deaf hermit on a hill in the backwaters of Kentuck,,,

Won’t lie. I strongly feel like we are already at war with TPTB, the only problem being, WE AIN’T SHOOTIN’ YET. Its pretty obvious they are using weapons of war against us, The weapons of attrition, starvation, economic collapse, political division, and other ‘civil’ weapons, and in some cases, yeah, they ARE shooting at us too. While we aren’t exactly starving, you see that such wouldn’t take long and may be/is highly likely to be in our immediate future; the barren shelving or near barren shelving in our markets, the once a week story of another supply source being taken out by fire/plague/economic failure,,, The whole EGG thing the past month that was caused by avian flu,,, thats going to trickle down to higher chicken prices real quick (is already here, )

I can’t say that these things are planned, but when you start seeing so many of them, one after another,,,, That saying ‘once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, third time is enemy action” comes to mind.

And yesterday morning I watched four doe wander right across my yard at sunrise. Totally ignoring the fact that I was there on the porch with my cup of coffee.

I won’t be starving,,,

thats the funny part about all of this. The cities are where ‘their’ voter base is, but the cities are what will hurt FIRST when things get scarce. Places like here, where there are gardens in nearly EVERY yard, usually large enough for three households,,, Chickens are robust enough that you don’t see avian flu outbreaks, there are cattle, goats, hog, rabbits and other easily raised livestock, and the wildlife is abundant. People DO KNOW how to process it, rivers are everywhere and the fish bite even when the water is one degree above freezing, AND the people here DO SEE THE FRAUD,,,,

They just haven’t decided to get mad yet. (and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why,,, the anger is there, I hear it every day.)

BUT, when they do decide that,,,, That switch is thrown and it doesn’t get reset easily.

such a heartwarming wrap up to my weekend, huh?

Summer is coming, and it may be a hot one. In more ways than one,,, Time will tell, and I ain’t holding my breath, and WILL live my life on my terms in the meantime. When the shooting starts,,,,

NO, they don’t

HT to Chris

And then,,, Over at Francis’s place,, we have a metaphysical question, or is that a socialogical one,,, Dunno, but it had me thinkin’ all night.

One of the biggest issues I have with the Constitution resided on one word: “Happiness”,,, The original word was “Property” but the New England delegates took offense at that (that whole slavery thing, people being considered property, etc etc. The whole ‘aw hell no’ from the New Englanders is rather illuminating, seeing how many of them AT THAT TIME were still slave holders,,,, You tell me who’s calling the kettle black here,,,, )

The real problem with “happiness” is how subjective it is. My happiness is not your happiness, is not his happiness, is not her happiness.

And I think THAT is where Fran’s question hits the roadblock. It presumes that happiness or freedom be a prerequisite to the argument. You can’t make everybody happy (without large quantities of mood stabilizers and psychotropics in the water supplies,,,,) and there will always be ‘that one’ that desires to tell others how to ‘BE’, (modern parlance calls this type Karens,,, but those are only one such type of the same species.)

I don’t have an answer for Fran on this one. My take on it, IF and when we regain the Freedoms, we, those that ‘just wanna be left alone’ need to start being proactive in maintaining that. Don’t go ‘hunting’ but when those that want to tell others,,,, get involved, WE the unwilling, the ungovernable need to get in their faces, grab a belt loop, and ‘do the deed’ that has so desperately needed done these past 250+ years. Start with the ‘punch in the mouf’ and escalate to slitting throats as needed. BUT there must be that proactive side to make sure that those that would lead from behind others, know they will not be tolerated.

How do you decide? And thats the problem: ‘the state’ is always lurking nearby, just waiting for that one willing to make the grab. And as Fran Illustrated on his fictitious planet ‘Hope’, even the ‘leave me alones’ can become ‘The State’

still thinkin’ here,,,,,

But in the meantime, I’m busting out Starship Troopers and “Then there were none” again. Between the two: enough state vs libertine to get some thinks going.

Is there an answer? I have my doubts: the human species has some issues that need addressed and that may make the whole argument moot. And I’m thinking Aldous Huxley sorts of ‘addressed’, influenced by ‘the state’ and that fits neatly in line with what the WEF hints at,,, scary shit, really scary shit.

more sound stufs


Posted this yesterday, and Got to thinkin’ some of ya may think I am a little off my rocker,,,

Just to fill in some blanks, NO, I don’t buy into all the Ancient Tech theory that gets covered in some of the utoob vids on these things. Like the ‘fact’ that the ancient Egyptians used 432 repeatedly in the building of the largest pyramid,,, Sure, you can do some figuring this way and that, and I can promise you will find co-Inky-Dinks in everything. But when you start spouting ‘it was exactly 432 Long Cubits wide’,,,, Dood, get real, A Cubit is an ANTHROPOMORPHIC measurement. Its determined by YOUR body, and no one elses. Mine will be slightly different than yours. We didn’t hit standardized measurements for centuries after the great pyramids were built. Even the Greeks had anthropomorphic measuring, though they would and did standardize for particular builds. The Acropolis being one that we know they standardized FOR THE BUILD only. Archeologists found measuring instruments that were provided to the workers so that they were all on the same page, not using thier elbows to fingertips (which is what a Cubit is,,,) or some other squishy type of measurement. I would imagine the Ancient Egyptians did similar for building massive things, like the pyramids or the temple of Thebes, but I wouldn’t use the Cubit or any other body type measurement as a standard for “facts”. Anthropomorphic works well when you are building personal items, like kayaks, that are meant to fit one person and one person only. but when you have a small army of masons and carpenters, you need that fixed measuring system, and it doesn’t matter what it is, so long as everyone is using it. (and why I make sure that people I work with at the J.O.B. check their tapes against mine. It may not be 100% correct, but if we all are the same, it works.)

Where this sound stuff makes me scratch my head and ask ‘is there something to this?’ is with the music. That music can stir emotions is probably the least questioned aspect of it. People are very much emotion driven despite our trying so hard to be rational creatures (most of us anyway) and music speaks to that emotional side.

We know that certain combinations of sound, timbre, tone, frequencies, etc etc, strike certain ’emotional nerves’

so, why couldn’t a frequency choice be positive or negative in its application. The hardest part about this search is that its highly subjective. Some people are more sensitive to sound than others, some,, Usually the psychopaths, have zero sensitivity to sounds and people like me analyze the shit out of these things,,,, me, because it interests me greatly.

that doesn’t make me a crackpot,,, LOL

or does it? hmmmm,,,

but what if, there is something there, that makes us better, or at least more in tune with the rest of the world? Wouldn’t it be cool if just a change in music scales helped shift peoples attitudes for the better?

nope, not looking for that silverbullet to save the world, but I would like to see some alleviation of the ‘Ick’ that this world is seeing,,, Dunno that sound is the key, but its what I do know, and understand far better than I understand people. People still trip me up (and why I get along with furrypaws better than I do most people,,,,)

mehbe I am the crackpot,,, after all, I believe that our souls reside in the quantum cloud, and this ‘reality’ is a game for our real selves,,,, Take it with a grain of salt (one of the first standardized measurements btw,,, grains, scruples etc See what I did there,,,)

small sad today

and I do mean small.   I have had my ‘Studio’ monitors for damned near 20 years now.  Today I was jamming out and kept hearing something off.   looking closer and a little digging around (by turning up, LOL)  the surround is torn on one satellite speaker:  Subwoofer is fine, the left channel is still fine (for how long,,,, dunno) its not ‘bad’, but it is making some distorted crackles when driven, it will only get worse, they don’t heal themselves,,,


amazingly I can still find this model available. (says something about the quaility of the product that they are still making it) and if I can find the model, I can find a replacement driver for it.

OOPS, spoke too damned soon. $800 from a private seller,,, Logitech doesn’t produce them anymore and apparently the replacement model is ‘lacking’ as one commenter put it. ok, my small sad just grew a notch on the belt line,, grrr.

and as long as i don’t ‘drive’ the unit, it may last longer yet.

ROFL, me? not DRIVE a system,,, ROFLMAO,,WHooo, tha’s funny right there,,,,

And now, I am thinking about building a pair of satellites from some car speakers that I have. I just need to match impedence of whats in there to keep the rest of the system in range.,,

still, 20 stinking years and I drive the hell out of it and the only issue to date is that surround starting to give way, and one replaced input line a couple years back (1/8′ phone jack, finally gave up.) I think I got my monies worth out of them. (and that subwoofer is still kicking ass, taking names, and rupturing foundations,,)