Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


What’s not being said

Is always a tell in a propaganda scenario. Always!  

About this time last week several large corps on these shores were afflicted with Denial of Service attacks.  The media was raising Kaine about, screaming Russia this Russia that.  This week, “chirp, chirp” of crickets about the whole scene.

Now why would that be?  Could it be that they have proof against what they were saying?  That what they were saying was complete fabrication?  Naw, not OUR national media, so honest and forthright, couldn’t happen. (Snark off)

Here’s what went down and RTWT, see just how close our problems really lay.  And just how compliant the MSMs are to government.  As if we didn’t already  know, right? 

My take, supposition at best right now, is that this attack (having issued from a military facility )along with the Homeland Security advisory to the States about assisting against election hacks, are precursors to a November 8th attack of serious proportions.  The elite are nervous as hell that us dirt people are getting uppity, and need to get us back in line. 

This could also lead to the false flag that several people have predicted is likely if this election looks to swing against the PTwB. No matter what the polls are showing (seeing how most all are easily rigged) it is likely that Trump has this in the bag. That scares the bejabbers out of these people.   There are many that have every reason to believe they will be behind bars if Trump lands in the Oval Office.  

But even if he wins, they still have two months to do as much damage as they can, and they will still have access to the levers to do that damage.  How best to cripple your replacement than to destroy that which they are taking charge of: it will short circuit any and likely all of his plans to fix the ills.  He will be scrambling just to keep order.  With all of the social divides already showing like the San Andrea fault, that won’t be easy, nor will it be painless. 

Shutting down the nets will also speed things along as there are many with little to no alternative in communication.  We are fairly separated from landlines now with cellular being the ubiquitous method and that can be shut down locally even easier than the nets can.

Anyway, if ya havent, go read that article, think about implications of what an infrastructure failure could do, and assess your alternatives.  You WILL find weakness in your plans (I have, for certain )and then get on the repair of that weakness.

Blahblah, blah blah, blah

Y’all ‘member the original Charlie Brown cartoons on broadcast TV around the holidays?  The adults voices were always the sound of someone mumbling through a kazoo. Whaa,whaawaa whaa! Yeah,  that sound.  

That’s what I hear when I listened in on the debates the other night when HRC was yapping.  The moderator would ask a question,  then she would start by rephrasing it and spinning it off into her ideology and never really touching base of the original question.   Whaa, wawhaaa, waaaaaahh.  And always with a morally righteous edge about her view, right or wrong.

I have seen this before.  You have as well if you ever watched any Perry Mason shows.  The criminal would always justify their actions with a similar spin.

Things that make you go ‘hmmm?’.

Another point, but about Trump this round.  I have noticed that he can not have inflections, without his hands moving.  If his hands are locked to the podium, his voice is flat and emotionless.   Hands moving, his voice takes on inflections and the hands add emphasis.  He may be a mogul of real estate, but he ain’t no poker player;  too many ‘tells’.

Anywhoos, I am back to getting things in line with what seems to me to be an upcoming tsunami of change.  Putting a new clutch and rear main seal in the truck this weekend.  Gonna order another box of surplus ammo, price be damned,  and put back some more longterm foodstuffs.   I have a half bushel of potatoes eyeballing a spring planting.  Also downsizing my shop ideals so that I can get that rolling faster.  Really only need enough space for the machines, even if having workspace for a truck would be nice.  Time is short and I am gonna have to compromise on that workspace if I want to be functional for the upcoming party.

In the next three weeks, what future history has in store for us will be clearer.  Right now, it’s all speculation.  The interesting part is, even the Libtards are scared as hell.  Been reading some of their sites and listening in on NPR (draminine and moonshine, trust me) and the whole frufraw over Trumps unwillingness to pre-accept the outcome of the (s)election had them in coils.  Even HRC stated that he is tearing at the fabric of our “democracy”.  WRONG! He IS ripping apart a very corrupted system, but we were NEVER meant to be a democracy.

Maybe it’s a tad premature, but here is my suggestion towards a change in the selection process, if there is ever a chance to change any of this peacefully. 

Voting: the person’s acceptable for voting should be of 21 years or better, property owners, as in real estate or business property, and can not be accepting any welfare or assistance from a governing agency ( farm subsidies to be included)  . Note, there is not one mention of race, sex, or religious exception.  21yo, property owner, no welfare. Period.  I chose 21 because that gives a couple of extra years out of school to get a better feel for how the world works.

I would also like to see the electoral college put to rest.  There was a time when it made sense, as in week long periods for information to travel, but that time is long gone.  It has become a tool for the elites to manipulate even further, an already manipulated system.

I have some ideas on the actual election process to eliminate or at least reduce fraudulent systems.   But that is a subject left for the future.  As it is, we put our faith in a system, controlled by people within the system and the while thing smells of “letting the 4th graders grade each other’s tests “.  There will be a whole lotta “you give me a good grade, and I’ll give you a good grade ” goin’ on.  I know the election system here in KY is overseen by a known Marxist demoncrat and I have more than my share of doubt that the system is not rigged.  And I am not the only one.

Ah, but that’s crazy talk Dio!

Yup, and if it’s crazy, I know of an English bridge in the middle of the Arizona desert if ya wanna talk crazy? (Google London Bridge in Arizona, if’n ya don’t believe me)

Yup, the establishment is scared shitless right now.  Pat Buchanan wrote about it along the same reasons I just mentioned.  Other voices of better standing than myself are seeing it and saying it as well.  The fact is, we are at that point in history were our founders were at when the Declaration of Independence was written.  Shits broke, the people put in charge of it don’t care, and people are sick and tired of it. Even the racial protestors are sick of it, the only difference being they buy the rhetoric from the problem source.  We all have this much in common; we aren’t in the big club (reference to the late George Carlin)

We can only sit back and watch at this point.  Whatever direction we are headed in will be settled in a few weeks anyway and then, then, well,we’ll see won’t we.  Are Americans still firebrands, or did we smouldering out after WWII.  We’ll see.

A letter to President Putin

Mr Putin, I am just a lone blogger voice in this world, reaching out to you in fear of a possible future. I read more than just the propoganda spilled on these shores as ‘news’, and I see your actions as one reserved, but determined.  These are the traits of a warrior, something the war mongers here misinterpret as weakness. I see actions in your country showing concern for your people, the true heart of a country, not the real estate.  I also see no such actions on our shores and see it as a sign that the very people that make up this country, are considered as either expendable or cannon fodder, but I repeat myself. In fact, as evidenced by the arrogance and corrupt news of a certain candidate, we deplorables are unwanted by those on high.

Mr Putin, I don’t think I am out of line by saying that a majority here share that sentiment; we don’t want them either.

You and many of those in charge of nations about the globe are watching the outcome of this year. We here, at least many of us, are as well.  We know that the future of our country is at stake, and there are some here that do not care so long as they make a profit on it. There is more to this than shows within the bounds of our shores, but most choose not to see it and refuse to have such illuminated for them.  We have reached the nexus where the barbarians are not at the gate, they are in the walls and manning the watchtowers.   This country is doomed.

It has taken a while for that realization to sink in thoroughly but I can not see any other conclusion.  The reason I am reaching out is for the sake of the humanity that still exists here, and not the sake of the union formed in the 1860’s. I don’t know how this election will fall out even though I have my suspicions, but as I have stated on my blog elsewhere, the outcome will determine which version of war we will see: not if not there will be a war.

I pray for the sake of the whole world that it is not the global kind.  

Not only would I not wish war on the world,  as one such seems disposed to, I would rather our internal issues be resolved peacefully. Alas, the divisions are much too deep now.  As such, I know and already see signs of what is to come.  I would ask only that yourself and the peers of yours refrain from intervening while we work out our issues.  Such was the case in the Lincoln years, I can only hope for the same now. Even Great Britain sat out of our War of Northern Agression and that country still had interest in us then. 

I do not speak or read Russian but I have watched some of your speeches, so long as the captions were correct, you speak as a nationalist, and your actions do as well.   No matter the language, the emotion comes through, and that is one thing I do not hear in the words of our ‘duly elected’.  They are completely separate from those they ‘rule’. Our lives mean nothing to them. And as we mean nothing to them, they further alienate us, fomenting the very things we dread.  While I have reservations about the least bad choice, I have no delusions about the other choice; she is the epitome of all the ills this country face; Unwarranted arrogance, deluded reality, no sense of proportion, physically ill, and power hungry to the point of destruction (everyone else’s prefered.)

Maybe when all of this is said and done, whatever remains of this country can get over its empirialist addiction and start as a friend of other nations again.  Maybe our children can finally be taught truth and what it means to really be American. I have to have some hope seeing as all the other hopes have been shattered like glass. Yet, I am also a realist; I am quite aware that I will likely not see the end of the troubles. I came to grips with my mortality many years ago, no worries.

In the event of the other choice being stolen made, I realize that any decisions you must make, will be with your people in mind first. That’s your job, why your people chose you.  I ask only that you keep this thought; that the people that actually make up the entirety of this country, are not the ones attempting to pick a fight with you.  Keep us in your prayers.  And know this; we would and likely will fight the very same people that are the ones picking that fight. I believe we would fight now if we didn’t feel so solitary in our lives.(and I believe this is by design and fed by propaganda )  As is, when we have nothing left to lose, we will fight and we will do so as true Americans.  We may lose, most will die, but we will fight. (Proof is how well we fight amongst ourselves when we have no common enemy)

May this letter be for naught, and God Bless you sir.


It’s only failure if you quit trying

Edison was quoted in an interview as saying “I didn’t have 20000 failures, I found 20000 ways to not make a lightbulb.”.

That is perseverance.  Funny that I am not actually a fan of Edison, more so for Tesla than Edison. I have my reasons for such, and not just to the fact that Tesla was shammed in so many ways. (If you look, Marconi is still credited with the invention of the radio, but a SCOTUS decision changed that as Tesla’s documents at the patent office are older than Marconi’s )

Maybe I was born too late or something, and am a romantic in more ways than I can count, but I think the height of American history was reached during those times.  We still do great things, but our society is becoming more dependent upon the work of other societies.  We design, they build, then improve and sell us that improvement.  It’s been happening on a growing scale for decades.  Of course, I could go on and on about how our education system is at fault (it is ) but let’s go to the source itself :Government.  

H/T to SiGB for the image. link is to his article

Note, of all 10 items, only three are not related to Government in direct or indirect form. Illness and loss of a loved one are two of those three. Identity theft is the third.

I could argue that government has some reach into at least two of those areas, but why bother when seven out of ten make my point for me.  Government is a problem and people fear it, and those that establish themselves in it, more than they fear illness or death.

If that doesn’t say something, maybe this will.  Out of 356,000,000 (apx) people in this country, are Donald and Hitlery the absolute best we can come up with? SERIOUSLY? If that doesn’t show just how much of a sham our (S)election cycle is, well,,,


Perseverance ~success

My question with that in mind is this, 

At what point do you quit the game ‘they’ designed and modified, to persevere and do what is needed to succeed?   

Fact is this, no matter how Nov 8th goes down, the establishment wins, we lose.  We will still be saddled with onerous taxation at threat of life and limb, we will still have the largest percentage of citizenry imprisoned and the majority of which are ‘victimless’ crimes.  I could go on and on, but you get the point.  Even if Trump wins, there is no way one man can change the shape of the bureaucracy that really runs the show on this continent.  Oh, he may make some changes, even for the better, but it will be the same old same old,  and some of the stuff will just go idle until the next statist tool takes the helm again.

Then you have all the civil strife that is festering like a boil under the surface.

I get it, I really do.  What I see makes me want to throw my hands up, turn my back and walk away. That’s quitting/failure.  I don’t like quitting.  It’s a feature/fault at times but it is how I am.  I can only hope that enough people wake up this round and then, maybe, real change can start taking place.  Get this leviathan we call FEDGOV in check, downsized, and back to what works while allowing people to be people. (Not children led by false promises )kill the whole tax scam and make people self responsible again.  

Again, I ain’t holding my breath, but I truly wish this time is going to be different. I have serious doubts that it will even make a difference.  My biggest fear is an HRC win,,doubling down on what the last 8 years have been with even wilder escalations of overseas trepidations resulting in the next world war.  There is also the potential for further disarmament of the populace, but that doesn’t bother me as much (due to the fact that it is a windmill for them). (That’s another post, but one I will wait until Nov 6th to post.  We may need it then)

Alright, enough of my fey mood, it’s the weather I guess, grey outside making me grey inside.  Gonna shut off the nets for a day and just be me.  Talk later.

R&D, or how failure is a learning tool

Have had the VAWT test rig in the air since last Sunday. Quite disappointed honestly.  Oh, it whirls on a whisper of air, but it’s speed never reaches anything approaching usable. This may be due to the blade width (not wide enough) angle of blade (incorrect/excessive stall angle) or any number or combination of factors, like not enough blades for this design or ,,,

Well, it’s fun as heck to watch though, mesmerizing even.  But, I am not one trifles so it will come apart while I figure something else out.  I am toying with the idea of the blades ‘slipping ‘ on a pivot so that the angle of attack shifts around as pressure is applied to the blade. More pressure on the ‘up’side and the blade shifts showing a smaller profile to the wind. I had thought about this for this unit prior, but my desire to keep things as simple as possible withheld me. I am still hesitant to try it because of my lack of dedicated workspace and the fact that the slip joints ,while mechanically simple, are complicated to reproduce accurately without my shop being functional. (Excuses excuses Dio, shuddup n get ta work.  LOL . I haven’t quit on it yet, just setting it aside for now )

So, sliding this pot toward the back of the stove to simmer a while longer. Serendipity may bring it back out front again soon, or not; will see. I have more information to work with now and that will start to spin up newer thoughts.  My muses never truly rest, they just get to romping in the back rooms of my mind, mixing things up, finding new angles, and then slipping it out to the front for me to see.  Most of its trash, but occasionally, ,,

Talk at y’all more later.  

Red Queen addendum 

Another aspect of ZMANS proposal was local and state governments.  Most of them March on lockstep to federal demands.  Secession may be possible, but not widespread enough for effect.  I do believe that if Texas were to jump the barrier, a large enough percentage of others would follow suit. 

On another note, I awoke from dreaming about 3 this morning from the most dreadful REM analysis.  I recall from the dream news broadcasts in mid November after Trump took the election.   The broadcasts were about NY city and one other, though not DC, had been nuked.  Guess where Trump was?  

I will leave the further ramifications of such an event as an exercise for you.  

Further, in said dream, the broadcasters  were swearing that said attack was solely the work of Russia, with no forensic fact checking.  They were pounding the drums of war hard in the dream.  My feelings (just before coming fully awake) were “Reichstag, Pearl Harbor, etc”.  

Just wanted to share that, just in case we see such.  Keep your wits and be prepared to de-escalate others before we go chasing hare’s down holes.

Ruminations of the Red Queen

here is one view, RTWT including comments

But that is just one view.  

Here’s mine. It starts with a leftist turn then 180’s and heads off a cliff, thelma n louise like.

DIVERSITY: yeh, that mantra the left have been chanting over the last 50 years or so. Here’s a little myth buster for ya.  Diversity can work, yes it can: there is one condition that absolutely MUST be met for that to happen though.  There must be a universal adoption of the societal criteria, with complete abandonment of former such.  IE:if you want to be German, you must lose all vestiges of your former nation.  Learn the language, learn the culture,  and leave your former world as memory. 

We don’t see that much anymore.  And not at all with the new waves of immigrants.  Nor do we see it with natives born to enclaves of near tribal level mentality. And said natives are not taught the meanings and necessary applications of being a citizen.  I firmly believe that a certain Martin Luther King would be horrified by our current “racial” trends.

No, short of near total assimilation, there can not be the mythical ‘diversity’ that the lefties harp about. (And IMO, the lefty leaders don’t want nor desire any such designs. They need the antagonism to further their goals, either through strife or fear.) What we have goes far beyond polarization.   Polarized, ZMANS premise would be sound, the same as it was back in 1850, when we were polarized, North vs South. This time it goes beyond just coasties vs flyover country ,this time we are are so split up its going to be inner city vs burb, town vs farm n ranch, heck, in some areas, it’s going to be ghetto vs ghetto, depending on racial and ethnic lines. 
(That was the 180, now we start to accelerate for the cliff)

I stated my belief about which turns this country will make dependent upon which candidate makes it on November 8th.  I will restate in simplistic terms again for those that haven’t read that post. Trump =Civil war, HRC=WWIII with a likely nuclear aspect between the Eagle, Bear and Dragon.

One, ugly as hell, bloody and not likely to see a country survive intact.  The other: ugly as hell, bloody and likely to see a country completely annihilated or surrendered to the last dude standing. I have been reading several strategic articles from around the globe and the message is that, while yes, Russia is weaker militarily overall, she is in much better hands than the emasculated command structure we have been left with after 8 years of Oblammyboy.  Point 2 is that while yes the above is true, what is not being told to the general public via MSM in the US, is that the US had been trying like hell to provoke that bear, and Putin and his generals are doing everything they can to keep the mess from escalating. What is being reported here is spun right around to show that the bear is the one doing to poking.  One only need look at our fucked up secretary of state foreign policies over the last 8 years (longer actually but totally out of control the last 8) and you can extrapolate which media is being more honest.

 Another point of evidence is in Russia’s recent exercise in evacuating major cities into bomb shelters.  I haven’t read what the outcome of that was, but you sure as hell don’t see OUR government showing signs of concern for its people. (Well, it’s ‘citizens’, I am quite certain the ‘people’ at the top have rooms under some mountain.)(a side point here: C.O.G.  Continuity of Government.    I am sure you have heard the phrase.   Never in all the times I have heard mention or reference, was there a mention of the people of the country, only the leaders.  Wonder why that is, I do?)

None of this is intended to sway anyone’s vote.  I don’t think it really matters at this point because I think the election has already been stolen, the Dems just can’t show that card until midnight of the 8th.  They have to maintain the illusion of choice or they know that they will be fighting a war within hours of the announcement.  (Recall; it was Stalin who said “it matters not who votes, only who counts the votes.  Recent state anouncements by Homeland security over “fears of a hacked election” are just the opening salvo for a complete screwing over of the voters.)  Yup, gotta keep up the fiction to keep all the deplorables quiescent. What I find the most disturbing of all this, is how so much leakage that is and has taken place over the completely fraudulent aspects of the media and various party lines, and still, we do nothing but play THEIR GAME by their rules. As if holding our breath while waiting permission to be free.  I don’t get it.  I can’t say what is holding people back but if I could hazard a guess, I would say it’s fear.  Not fear of the turmoil but fear of being responsible.  I do know the only thing holding me back is more of a moral contraction: I don’t believe in suicide, and me going ballistic would end up as a suicide run.  Lord knows, when I read about certain persons getting away with literal murder, grift  and graft, and not even a slap on the wrist but rewarded with a presidential nomination, well,,,   steamed is a polite way of describing my state at that point. Another point is that I am not getting any younger and this body has seen better days gone by.  What I would be best at providing in times of strife are far more support oriented.  Materials, R&R if need be, médico stuff (working on more than field trauma thanks to links on WRSA lately). I am no leader, nor do I desire such. I just don’t want the future I am seeing barreling down on us.  Even so, I have made many preps to not just get through such times (God willing), but have made as many preps as I can afford to affect the rebuilding that is going to need done.  My library is focused on that as well as tools and such.  

I know my limitations, and they are gaining on me.

26 days from now, we will know the end result of all the buffoonery, mudslinging, perjuring,and payoffs.  What happens afterwards, well, Goodluck to you all.  We’re gonna need it. We are in free fall now, see ya at the bottom.