Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


So,,,, news is

Some shitstain opened its mouth and spewwed forth, well, a lotta shit. Big Country has a glorious merc rendition of diplomatic suggestions for said shitstain, and this monkey-armed Jarhead concurs whole heartedly.

Now, what does it mean to me?



Won’t be no Dio complying with illegal and unconstitutional edicts from a fraudulent shyster/communist puppet. Nor from the Vice-whore or that walking pustule of a Speaker of house. Send the blue helmets in and see what a landwar in the US looks like. Send in our military ans find out where loyalties TRULY lay. (Hint: it is not in the knob polishing suck asses with stars on their lapels)

Send around your vaxnottavaxx squads to collect info on who is/isn’t so you can later send in your brownshirts to cancel out lives and round us up for summer camp. Yeah. Do that out here and the poor schmucks are gonna find out what the ‘Revanooers’ did.

So to the Fraud in Chief, go ahead, start that war your handlers want, hope the fifth column of liars (MSM) can paint over the truth for the sheep, but us in the sleeping majority aren’t asleep any more, and the anger is getting close to the flashpoint. Go ahead and be the trigger. It will be the ONLY notable thing you’ll have EVER done in your entire useless life.

Fuggem, with a rusty chainsaw with a WOT throttle, sideways. When this shit kicks, there will be more people running TO the gunfire than those that start the shooting could comprehend. So many want payback for the shitshow we’ve seen of late.

Just diggin’ on faiths

Back a few years ago, I wrote this. RTWT, it wont take ya long.

Recently I started reading stuff by Metallicman, (follow the link and prepare for the rabbit hole,,, ) I don’t expect 90% to understand, and I would bet MM would concur. Hell, make that 96% (another thanx to Ohio Guy for the suggestion.)

And then I see things like this

The top image is 9 harmonics of sound that make up Music within one octave. The bottom is an xray of a shellfish. Not really something I didn’t know, but ‘seeing it’ side by side gives a little different perspective.

Particles or waves or both? Go ask the quantum.

I’m not goind to dive into my beliefs here, short of the short-story link above, but I strongly feel that 99.9% of the things we were taught are complete bullshit, written thousands of years agi by those intent on power. That the KJV bible is only a partial version (many missing books left aside for ‘reasons’) and has hundreds of mistranslations within, is all the reason I need to not rely on it as a guide.(and recent evidence in letters between translators, shows the mistranslations were intentional!!!) I understand that many will wanna argue with me about this and want to “save my soul”,,,

Spare me, please. I’m 52, raised in a southern baptist church for many years, have been around the world and seen/studied several religions including the one in the middle east that is NOT a peaceful one, no matter how many times some idiots state otherwise. I have studied several pagan religions as well, and the only thing I can say about ALL religions is they can make swallowing the unknown a little easier. The unknown in most cases is, “what happens after I die?”. And of all the religions, most all have some bullshit answer that doesnt actually answer shit. Most of the answers are about as informative as, ‘because the sky is blue’. The best ones IMO are the Buddhist and Wiccans. Reincarnation based on current moral alignment, or return to the summerlands for ‘recycling’. Basically the same premise with a little twist of lime for flavor.

Fact: no one really knows and if they claim they do, check your wallet and keep an eye on it. All supposition on this side of the matrix is just that; supposition. Stories told to ease the turmoil of ignorance that has no remedy. The knowing you don’t know and can’t fix the issue.

As stated in my story, I think its a change of state. And the vehicle is all that remains ‘here’ when we make that change. I have many reasons for thinking that and even lay one or two out in that short story, but recent reading has reinforced and expanded that thinking, and with scientific support. And the scary thing is, the theory is several thousand years old, pre-christianity, and was co-opted IN PART only, by those that wrote things in search of power and control. There are small signs of evidence of that theory scattered about the globe and in ruins that have only recently been uncovered. (Last 100 years or so recent)

I don’t care what you believe, just believe SOMETHING. and don’t try to force it down my throat. But even when you believe, QUESTION EVERYTHING because what you believe may have been perverted for someone else’s benefit.

And no, I am not an agnostic. I DO believe there is a higher power, just not the current defining talking points of a God or gods. I think its quite a bit more complex that that. I might use those terms while discussing such with a believer, but only to ‘not rock the boat’; my beliefs are compatible with most of them, so long as I don’t expand on it to much.

Anywhoos, I don’t like dragging all that out on ‘just a post’. More often I will write some little story or such to explain it, instead of creating a lecture or sermon. Most people are more open to that format than the others. And if they dont agree, it was ‘just entertainment ‘ and doesn’t make a ripple in thier lives. If it rings true to them, then the door is opened for discussion.

Maybe I’m weird

But maybe not.

Seeing more of this


I ain’t the only one that remembers,,,,

Growling outloud

I have machine tools. One is going away today. Sad, but true. The lathe is a wonder of the industrial revolution and the only machine capable of making itself. And mine is going to a new home where hopefully it will be used more than I have been able.

I could keep it and utilize it as a money maker, only, not so much. It would not be competitive against modern CNC machines. Its great for the hobbyist for knocking off one off parts (the ONLY reason I had it) but as a money generator, not so much.

But hauling a 1500# boat anchor 400 miles through the Great Smokey Mountains,,,, ummm, I’ll pass. Especially as I have no storage at the LZ. Time to part ways, maybe with a tear or two, but no regrets. And I have even more that needs sent on. This one is just one piece of a collection of stuff built up over the last 12+ years. (14 years since the split in august of 2008 *sigh*)

Rules for my decisions of ‘keep/maybe/pitch’ start with ‘do I use it weekly, or make a profit with it?’ . And I will make three piles or lists in that fashion. Once I have all three done, the Pitch pile goes for sale or trash, and I start on the ‘maybe’ pile. If I know someone with a love for the item in the maybe pile, they get a gift. If not, sell/pitch. (Pitch may be a goodwill donation if they take the items in question. They do have a ‘nope’ list. I don’t like cluttering up landfills with stoopid shit.) Techy stuff gets wiped to factory settings, memory scrubbed, and then sold or donated. I sold my old phones today after I wiped them with hard resets.

But one thing I found out the hard way about,,, Books. Never EVER sell your books. (Well, maybe the cheapy romance stuff, swap the things till the covers fall off, who cares,,, I don’t have any of those, so,,,) when I moved out after the split, I sold more than half of my books accumulated during that time, and now have a struggle replacing them. What I NOW have, stick with me. (And I am reeling in loaners that are out,,,) books may be cumbersome, but they don’t fail when the power stops flowing. They don’t accumulate errors from lending. And they will always maintain proper format for the end user. (So long as the bastards can read!!!) I need to start collating some of my older, out of print, ebooks into dead tree versions. Life keeps getting in the way on that endeavor,,,,

The books are the legacy that can potentially rebuild the world. Not just the ones I own, but all of them. When/If the net implodes, gets co-opted by evil or the infrastructure supporting it fails, all of the information we have learned to rely on will vanish into the æther, but books will remain.(for awhile anyways) KEEP YOUR BOOKS as well as the tools, both hand and power(and the bangy types) because they WILL be needed; its just a matter of ‘when’.

Some things to ponder

Big country has some words for ya

Been saying that shits gonna get A LOT worse before it gets better, and some of the info he links or shows says much the same.

So, question: ya gotta backhoe? Or dozer? Or friends with shovels, as in A LOT of friends with shovels?

I ask only becaue mass burials require serious earth moving. And that chart he shows indicates a die-off WORLD WIDE.

Mehbe there is MORE to this vaxnottavax shit then you’ve been told. (And the information IS available, but getting harder and harder to find as the suppression machine is in high gear)

One place curiously absent from that list is China. May be that the think tank doesn’t trust current demographics from the ‘leadership’ of China, or could be that they felt it unimportant for whatever reason. But that it is NOT ON THERE, and China currently has a large portion of the world pop,,, India and several other key Eurasian countries also absent,,, hmmm.

Another point to ponder; in fuedal times, borders were not hard geological points, but fuzzy areas defined by culture/ethnic groups. Smaller spread out population may revert to that if upper leadership starts failing.

And we are seeing central governments failing. The flashpoint hasn’t happened yet, and maybe thats why we are seeing things like the chart BC shows. Maybe the upper groups are ready to go all genocidal to knock down pops and scare the peeps into submission. And why we aren’t seeing China and India on that list,,,,

I dunno.

More later,,,

I hates a move

Never have like moving, its always a drag.

In this instance, its into a new phone. Yeah, we have lots of baggage in these little pieces of plastic silica and lithium matrixes. N’er woulda thunk it possible in 1986, or 1992 for that matter. Even though I was the first of my friends to readily jump on the cell bandwagon back in the late 90s, even then I’d of never thought how much of our lives can revolve around and IN these ubiquitous and often obnoxious lumps.

Last ‘lump’ was 2 1/2 years old; memory issues started fouling the nest, and crashes were becoming a daily event. This one has 32 gigs of mem, and I swapped over my 64 gig card with all the pics and files. Should be good to go for awhile yet. Happily, there was a swap app and I was able to move in with only a couple of “Gawddammit”‘s. Have no clue how much of that stuff was also sent to DHS or NSA, and really doesn’t matter, they likely already had copies of ut anyhow, since I have been that obnoxious extremist white supremacist male conservative they so despise the last few years. (And how they can fit extremist and Conservative into ONE description really shows how whacked the whole issue is,,,)

One thing I have yetto figure out is how to recover my bookmarks in Brave. So my daily reads are one day behind right now. I’ll catch up soonest and gt back up here with sumpin.

Talk atcha laters

The ONLY argument needed

After all, there’s no revenue stream in a one-shot vaccine that protects you for a lifetime.

The whole point of the last 18 months, REVENUE and POWER.

That Herr Doktor Fauccocini has his name on MULTIPLE patents for these v@xxines should say ALL you need to hear,,,

Day after recovery ROFL

Recovery? Whuts-dat?

Domestic duties, IE, Laundry n stuff. Only, laundry become ‘help Da split up a ton of Hickory and Live Oak.’ Yeah, recovery,,,,

In a small way, it probably DID help, by keeping me from stiffening up, but now the small of my back has a twinge that wasn’t there prior. Oh well, Hot shower, some tigerbalm and a good stiff drink with a night of rest, should be good to go in AM,,, (I love my tempurpedic,,, )(and three minutes playing a game on my stealth (planking system) has that twinge running for the border. No affiliation, just a system that works for my narrow self.)

Things are getting squirrelly in my world again. Just received word that Da wants to make the move to SC, is actively looking for a place (sis in place as a proxy doing leg work. We could both do it, seeing how we know, probably better than he does currrently, what he is looking for.)

This is both good and bad for me: 1; I’m not quite ready for that move, and 2; I mentioned the darkness issue in a prior post. Love my dad but he is the biggest naysayer in my world,,, But, If he does make the move, it will ease some of his issues (too damned big of a house with way to much damned yard to take care of for one.) and I won’t be alone to help keep an eye on him, so could get some diatance as needed. FYI, my da is 82, still active as hell, but showing signs of the gears starting to slip. (And knows it and gets irate at himself. We want to keep this from becoming a self destruct sequence and he is fully capable of it.)

That brings to mind the biggest fear of most INTJs. Fear of losing our minds. I fully appreciate his frustration because I can concur. Me losing thought processes frustrates the holy hell outta me, and thats on a good day when its simply due to ‘too much on my plate’ or getting distracted by sumpin else. Its also why I have been focusing on memory training stuff, because I fully believe its a ‘muscle issue’ more than just an age issue. (I’ve seen 100+yo people still sharp as a tack with recall that would rival that of a 5yo.) Not to say that age doesn’t have a play in it, but I think ‘lack of exercise’ has more to do with it. Both physical and mental types. And why I do the “you can’t do that,,,” stuff along with the regular boring stuff like planking, pushups, and situps. (Look at George Gilder. In his later age, still running marathons and sharp as a whip with razor blades attached.)(knees are blown so that running is a ‘Nope!’, but walking is still fine, and I do walk, a lot, but could prolly do with a regular course for it.)

Wait a sec!!!! I started that paragraph talking about losing my mind and ended talking about staying in shape,,,

Lol. Thats how my mind works, it follows threads and the rabbit holes get deep and QUITE COMPLEX. (That one was simple like a burrito, but yiu get my point.)

Its sunday, I have 2 days of catch up to do on my reading, and its a scorcher of a day. Cats are flat puddles of feline ooze in sheltered areas inside the house, so you know its ‘stinkin’ hot’ by the cat thermometer,,,, I’m tempted to just crank the fan up and siesta my afternoon away,,, the Spanish had the right if it on that note,,,,

You cant do that- the day after we did

Feeling it, I’m certain B is as well. D might be feeling it in his calves, you’ll see why in the second pic.

Ignore the elevation, only had three navsats available and elevation requires four or more. But topo only needs three. Speed and distance were all I was concerned about. (Side note, has anyone else been noticing issues with US Based navsats dropping offline or is it just my hilly location messing with me)

Not quite 40 miles as advertised but we’d still have ‘made it’ with several hours till sunset, if it had been.

Three old doods, and a metric ton of drift boats, bass boats, a few other kayakers, and one unruly mob of Jetskis making like a biker gang bustin’ ass down the highway. (Yeah. We git the hell out of their way. Heard ’em coming for a few minutes before they blew by us on a highwall of white soupy water and a bunch of rooster tails.) (Actually, they were ‘unruly’, but they are damned fast, we ran into them again at the take out an hour later, and they were all cool as heck.)

In order, shore to river, Hobie Mirage with peddle drive, Perception Carolina 14.5 (B’s Serenity, my old Carolina) and 17′ Prijon Kodiak aka Ghost.

We kept outrunning the ‘bubble’. We’d stop, relieve pressures, grab a drink or snack, and the waterlevel would come up and start floating our boats. Take back off and have that current giving us a boost, then start easing back into the kludge of turbulance on its wave face. You could feel it trying to push you back upstream.

We did 10 miles in 2 hours before our first stop. Spent a half hour talking to people there. (Shoulda got a pic but,,,) awesome rock arch called the rock room, and some other kayakers but mostly some daywalkers. Lots of questions about the boats, what we were doing, what its like, etc etc.

Second stop was 6 miles further, Lunch!!! Working up an appetite by then.

Third stop was 7 miles on,,,, that beer at lunch was a rental on my part and i have NO ASS and things were starting to feel pinched in my left leg from it. Ised my float bag as an improvised seat pad for a short while after that, and it helped, until it didn’t. The air started to expand from my body heat and was raising me up, throwing my balance all to hell. Rafted up with B and let some of the air out; much better. About five minutes later here comes the Jetski Brigade and I’m even happier that I did let that air out. My balance was so bad, I would have capsized in those waves. As it was, just rock a little and keep paddling, no problema.

The last 6 miles or so was the worst. River opened up wide and deeper, current slowed WAY DOWN. We had averaged close to 5mph and that last few miles pulled our average down to 4.4. And we were all starting to feel the years and asking “are we there yet”. Knowing that the only bridge we would see is our take out, and that we had to round a bend to see it, every bend was rounded in expectation and disappointment.

But then, there it was and we had done it!!! Can’t be done is usually “‘I’ cant do it” a mindset they translate that into ‘no one’ can.

Will we do it again? Hell yeah!!! and take some lessons from this time. Wont need so much gear since we didnt need it this time (was the just in case stuff) start later to catch that wave, not the wave front, and I will take Serena (she’s been on that river before and she is a river queen for wide open rivers, not the creeks)(and at 32# unladen, not a back breaker like the shown fleet was,,,)

But today is domestics, appeasing Kittehs, and rubbing tigerbalm into places complaining. Nothing torn or immobilized, but all of its saying unkind words to the brain. (I ain’t 20 sumpin anymore,,,)

What she said!!!!

Damned skippy!!!! RTWT

Lets take a different perspective. Tomorrow, I’m engaging in what, big picture, would/could/might be considered ‘a frivolous activity’. In the big picture, it is, because its not gonna change the world, or stop Covidiocy, or effect gorbalwhatchamacallits. Frivolous!!!

But from my perspective (the ONLY one that counts in my solipsistic little world) its borderline Herculean effort will help build back some damaged portions of ME that desperately need it.

So in the bugger picture, I-ME-MYSELF will be in a much better frame of existance to confront the raging war of Stoopid vs Common sense.

And lets face it, that is EXACTLY what is going on. The Side of Stoopid (you need only watch 30 secs of Kamalaladingdong to know I speak truth) THINKS they have the market cornered on IQ, for varied reasons they’ve fabricated. But they have NO common sense!!!! None, Zilch, Nada, Nyet!!! They think they can kill off 90% of the world Population and maintain their place of comfort in the world, never for a minute understanding that PEOPLE created the foundations they exist on. These things may be able to be supplemented with robots and AI, but the cores will always need that greasy thumbed tech, or that green thimbed farmer to sort out the issues.


Yeah, they are THAT level of stoopid. Just watch (on an empty stomach, or mildly intoxicated recommended) Occasional Cortex discussing economics.

Or (heavily intoxicated suggested) XiBiden, supreme pResident of the White House, Puppet in Chief of the Woke, just opening his mouth for babblegabbling some shit for the MSMs to ‘interpret’.

According to “reports” roughly half of the populace has been v@xxed. The numbers of issues continues to rise despite severe strapping down of reporting agencies, and the numbers of the wuflu had tapered off well before 10% had the jab. Personally, I feel that the way the original reporting, which has been shown to have been heavily padded, and the way they are suppressing information, the whole thing is a sham. I felt that last March, and to date, NOTHING has been laid out to sway me otherwise. The few I have read about locally that supposedly got the bug, had issues, but survived after a lengthy hospital stay, all had the same thing being said, simple treatments were the final solution (ivermectin or the quinine stuff) and worked fastest with least side effects,,, one guy spent 3 months on intubation before his wife demanded they ‘at least try’ the simple way, and was released 1 week later!!!! But the story was scrubbed after initial printing and I can not find an electron form of it. (Go’head, gaslight me and tell me ‘my lying eyes’ didn’t read that article or that ‘it never happened ‘,, I wasnt the only person to read it, and it was brought up by Bossman to SON without my prompting.)

Now, to say there was nothing? I’m not saying that, but I am saying that it was blown so far out of proportion for one reason only: hysteria induced power grab. A good friend of mine, Bones, has COPD that has strangled his breathing by 75%. He can NOT walk across a parking lot or more than 30′ before he has to sit and catch his breath. When this bug started, we were all concerned tbat it was his final days. For FACT, the man was exposed 4 times (if you trust their testing, I do not.) Never caught it or if he did, never showed a single sniffle from it. How has this man survived a pandemic that damn near shut down the world?

Because it WASN’T the bug, but the power mongers that shut it down.

If you’re still buying their bullshit. I CAN NOT HELP YOU. Nor will I try,,,

Wake up, accept that you have been lied to and lets ALL OF US get back to living and run these stoopid shits back under the rocks they should be hiding under.