Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


I’m back up

And I can tell you, the hiatus did me some good.  Less stress as I wasn’t deluged with the political shenanigans of our world, (admittedly, I did check it’s pulse on occasion, recoiling in horror each time.) and took Voo for walkies a bit more. But I am back up with a new data plan and able to look further than the trees on my hill. 

Have to say though, I almost dont want to.  Been reawakening an inner child with some fun stuff when the sun goes down but its too early for bed. And before you get all weirded out, look at the pics.

Part of this is from my drone fun.  I like the quadcopter, but its efficiency is lacking.  So I started thinking about a plane and well, one thing lead to another and here I am building a frame and dope model of a high winged Cessna 172.  I have servos and the like on the way and plan taking the rest of the winter to complete this project.  At least while I have short days and long nights, this will fill the hours I would usually sit and stress over shit out of my control (and smoke way to many cigarettes).

Yup, inner kid getting to play.  No need to justify it, it just is,  and with no SO to tell me otherwise, let the boy out for awhile.

Just read

That Trump is not going to pursue charges against HRC.

Starting to get that little feeling in the back of my neck like I had just before court against my ex-wife.  You know the one, the one that says “we’re getting screwed again” 

Actually, I am rewlly not surprised, I only wonder what other backsliding is gonna take place.  (This may just be a setup as well, but I aint gonna hold  my breath over it)

So ya wanna build a wall

And ya have a budget already in place,,albeit a small one, and ya want it up fast? Whats a body to do?

I don’t know the name of rhe technique, but the military has used it for reinforcing FOB’s around the planet, and the Army Corps of Engineers uses it pretty frequently as well.  Ya take sections of chainlink fence and make a box out of em, then fill that box with rock and stone then do it again.  The chain link is fairly cheap, the stone is gathered up around the site and the danged things are, once a few are inplace and stacked, pretty much impervious to conventional weapons.  So, you take some boxblades and dozers, start clearing a section of the border gathering up any rock larger than a marble, and stuff all of that in these chainlink boxes, stack em up like bricks, 3 deep and 4 high.  I figure, depending on terrain, a one mile section could be done in a week with a fairly sized crew.  Security for the crew could be handled by one or more of the many militia groups already supplementing  the border patrol so hiring or contracting that isn’t an issue.  Supply lines can be handled  along the cleared areas and provided by local communities and not some big conglomerate, further keeping costs down.

Not that I have thought about all of this or anything.  I just know that once government gets at an idea, well, the saying “an elephant is a mouse built to government standards” comes to mind.

When it comes to actual surveillance,  there are oodles of boundry tools available out here.  Radio links, IR beams, multi-light camera systems, etc etc.  Heck, just a simple string of motion detectors coupled to that wall with a remote monitor site and one guy could ‘watch’ miles of the wall, while a reaction force can be on standby to head to the detected breach.   Fer-cryin-out-loud, we have pilots in Nevada, flying ARMED drones in Iraq and Afghanistan by satellite feed; simple security of a wall should be a gazzillion times cheaper than that.

But all of that precludes one simple point.  We already have laws pertaining to immigration: enforce them.  

More importantly, stop giving everyone a free ride!  As Heinlein states ‘There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.’  Come here, work, earn your way, no problems.  Come here to leach off a system, BIG Problem.  And if you come here to leach off a system while you are training to attack the people here, then we really have a problem.  (And no, I don’t lay the blame for that solely on Oblammy, we had this problem all the way back under Slippery Bill and it escalated under the Shrub with the attack on the twin towers.) 

But all of that gets into other symptoms of the real problem, and Trump has initiated a possible cure for that as well.  No new regulations without removing two old regs from the CFR.  Its a good start but I would have pushed for a 10:1 or better ratio myself.

Anywhoos, thatsa my two cents. Comments are open..

Dang it, Dio messed up

Due to all the fun with (s)elections and research, I have pretty much ate up my data plan for the month.  Posting is going to be a tad lighter for the remainder and only when I can get to a hotspot, so, pretty much just the weekends.  Sorry to all of ya, but I am sure you can deal alright.   I won’t get comments either until I log in, so no response doesnt mean I’m ignoring ya.

Sheesh, grow up would ya 

Was surfin around and ran over to JCs’ site and read what he had put up.  I have no idea where he found these, but credit goes to him for them.  This one first

Sorry little guy, but the people ya want pick on already beat you to those things and much more,  like knowledge and skills.  If ya feel frosty enough, the ‘yotes could us3 some fresh meat in these parts.

That second one (and the first one as well to some extent) really needs some serious psychological help.  I get the anger, at least somewhat, but what I can’t get my head around is the fact that these people had proof of HRCs crimes shoved in thier faces and they STILL wanted her in office. WTF?!?!  The only explanation I can come up with is they are morally and ethically stunted.  Nothing else even comes close to clarfying the issue.  (Oh yeah, to that second tapeworm, the C word you refer to is not a cuss word perse, its an acronym.   Can’t Understand Normal Thinking. And we DO NOT use that word lightly and never in reference to our spouses, children, or anyone we have any respect for, PERIOD. BUT, I would happily use that word to describe said tapeworm as it’s obvious the word fits.)

I have to extend that invitation to the boonies for the second imbecile as well, but I don’t think the ‘yotes would like that one; to bitter n stringy, but might make halfway decent fish bait after marinating at the bottom of the stockpond for a month or two.

Its funny, when Oblammy-o-boy was elected the first time, the tea party was formed, but not because he was elected, but because Mordor on the Potomac ignored us about the bailouts and all of that shit. Yeah, we protested, but we didn’t bust up shit, or trash our sites.  In fact, the parks people in DC applauded the fact that the areas were cleaner AFTER the event than at the start.

But then, we weren’t bussed in nor were we paid to be there. Hmmm?  Makes me think there might be more than a little Soros involved.

I won’t say we are at the cusp of conflict, but I would warn these sniveling crybrats to tread very carefully, or they may get their wish.  I know more than a few people, myself included, who are flat sick of hearing, hearing about, and witnessing these pampered pets run roughshod over a great country. And I know most of us already own and practice regularly with some serious amounts of firepower, and many of them have also been through the practical app  called combat.  

So, to all those that are wearing the diaper pin, ya really REALLY need to think about your actions ’cause this time round, there WILL be consequences. If you’re lucky, it will just be a spanking, like the one your mamma wouldn’t let your daddy give you when you most needed it.  

Then again,  it might be the bruising you are hollerin’ for.

Quadcopter FPV

I bought that drone over a week ago, been playing with it quite a bit and getting decent at handling it.  Ain’t gonna say I am expert: all ya need to do to see expert is do a utube search for quadcopter/drone racing and that stuff will blow your mind.  I am not that level of proficient but i am getting better at keeping it out of trees and making recovery if I bump into things.  

But there was one issue i just couldn’t get around; short range.  I was never able to get past 135′,altitude or distance.  So, being the curious cat that I am, I busted out the screwdrivers, reading glasses, and opened up things to see what I could see.  

In the controller, I found this

I looked in the copter itself and that antenna extended the length of one of the arms.  5 times more than the transmitter.   

Ok, no mod to the copter, but definitely one to the controller.  I drilled a 1/32″hole in the board at the end of the printed antenna and soldered in a section of solid core wire there, making sure it adhered to the printed strip. I then drilled a small hole out the top of the controller and extended the wire through that, then reassembled everything. 

Testing time.  

Sadly, I had to wait a bit as the weather wasn’t cooperative; rather breezy. 

Then came sunset and calm air.  Test time! 

The vid I took was 2:56m long and I didnt start recording until I was above the trees.  That image is from that vid.  By the altimeter in the app, I hit 251′.   I likely could have kept going, but to be honest,  I lost my nerve.  That little drone is danged hard to see up there and the marker LEDs aren’t all that visible in daylight, so knowing if you are accelerating or turning is tricky w/o using the FPV mode. (First person view ) I still have not mastered that yet. (Gonna have to work on that)

Anywhoos, I realize that doing what I did may have voided any warranty this thing may have had, but danged if it didn’t work, and amazingly well, for such a cheap mod.  

 (Yeah, I know, I am a big kid at heart and in soul,  and toys are always toys, even if I can make it out to be useful.)

In hind sight, seeing how this is an entry level ‘toy’, a short range makes sense.  Seeing how I am a cheapskate, the mod was bound to happen eventually.  And yah, getting a little addicted playing with this thing.  So, of course been researching other applications,  IE RC planes and remote cameras and whatnot.  Kinda like the idea of something you can trim back to conserve battery power while still being able to fly. Quadcopters are not all that  efficient at flight even if they are maneuverable as hell. Cant exactly fly a plane sideways like a quad can. Yup, I’m an addict now.

3 days 72 hrs addendum

When I mentioned my biggest fear being rhat Trump may be a cloaked clone of HRC, I wasn’t kidding.  I think several things would bring it to light, but the biggest would be sticking to the statements Comey has made.  Everyone I talk to think the witch is guilty of many crimes just this side of genocide (and many feel if she had been elected, she would have added that one to her resume as well.) .   I have no idea if there were any agreements made Thursday between T and O at their little get together, and I certainly hope that if there were, that a pardon for her was NOT a part of it.  Thw witch is guilty, and while the investigation would bring down many more than her, that would, in itself, be a good thing.  As he said in his campaigning “Drain the swamp “; and it needs done, badly! 

Failure to, at the very least, push the investigations forward would be the equivalent of complicity in the writers opinion.

Of course, I am just an ‘uneducated white male racist deplorable’, so what the hell do I know,right?