Derelinquat me gehennam solus


So there I was,,,,

Out on the road again doing little Gospel plays for Marv again, trying to build up a nest egg to finish the homestead up.  Further preps you could say.   

Blam, the BRICS hit us broadside (well only if you hadn’t been paying attention) and the dollar plummited to less than currency in Zimbabue overnight.   At least the cast members have family or distant relations in the town we were in.  Most of ‘em anyway.   Not so much me or my late lighting guy:  Funny how being white of skin can be so detrimental to your health when toilet paper becomes more valuable than the cash in your pocket.

SO, here I am, 1100 miles from home, basic bugout bag (hard to get some of that stuff through airport terminals so it was left behind) and white enough to stick out like a neon sign in a road house in the desert.  Least to say, I move at night a lot.

But weapons??  What does a body do when firearms dissappear as soon as the body hits the ground and you aren’t exactly armed to the teeth?   A Mora knife, and a Gerber Multi-tool aren’t exactly formidable weapons (The Mora is quite lethal upclose and personal, but I like a bit of distance in self defense)

Here is where things get ‘Interesting’   


That little beauty is made from a section of 3/4″ PVC pipe, and some Paracord (you do carry paracord in you preps, right?)    I heated the pipe over the coals of a campfire one night after I found the pipe at an old construction site.  Once the pipe was soft enough to bend under finger pressure, I flattened the ends from center out using a couple peices of 2×4.  After cooling for a few minutes, I started heating small sections and applying bends using  my thigh (covered in a towel) and a wet rag to speed the cooling process.   I chose the horsebow as my end product since they are very compact and powerful, and I only had a 5′ section of pipe to work with.   

Arrows I made from some old river cane that were pretty dry already and some hardwood twigs to support the nock and whatever I could find for a point.  Broken glass works well for knapping quite similar to  flint but much more fragile.   I “glued” all of the parts together by melting old soda bottles  in an old soup can and dipping the parts in the melt before assembling them.  Fletching is just a split feather tied on using paracord guts and more melted plastic to fix the ends. 

Smoothing the shafts was the hardest part really as the lumpy sections of cane can really rip hell out of your hand shooting off the knuckle.   I started by trimming those parts down with the mora, then using the back edge to bring them near finished.  I then found a chunk of sandstone and proceeded to get into a zen like state smoothing out 6 decent shafts.   The rest I already described.

Shooting the bow came as a bit of a shock.   I had read about the practice, but reading and doing are two completely different things.   This little bow pulls somewhere in the neighborhood  of 55-70# @28″  My shoulder is telling me all about it .   The heavier of the six shafts fly almost as well as my old Carbons do from my Store bought unit at home.   And that knapped glass broadhead leaves a wiicked wound in animals.   I haven’t had to track down a wounded animal for very far; they bleed out pretty quickly.

For field-expedient, I am VERY impressed, and given my druthers, I think, If’n I survive gettting home, that I will have to make another one with a slightly longer draw  and keep the old store bought one for teaching others how to shoot.  

Back to getting back home, take care!

(This little piece of fiction inspired by Youtube videos by  Backyardbowyer and many others.    I just had to experiment and am blown away by the fact that something so ubiquitous as PVC can be made so VERY useful in a less than optimal Urban survival setting.   Yes, the bow does pull somewhere north of 55#  and easily punches arrows THROUGH my target out to 30 yards.   I would have to purchase some testing equipment to give accurate measurements, but this $3 peice of pipe easily outperforms my $200 bow.)

Teaser, more later

As you can see, I’ ve been a busy lil bee.  And even have good water pressure.

More later with better details .

Just lurkin’ n wonderin’

Been a hella two weeks of ol’ man Winter here. Found that the transfer case in Lazarus is defunct, and due to that have not been able to drive to my house since all the snow piled on us. Been using my dad’s 4 wheeler to get up and down the hill here to get to my transporter; Let me tell you, that sucks at zero dark thirty when the temp is single digits of the negative sort. Laz also decided this week that 365K miles was enough for the powersteering pump and that took a shit as well. If’n it ain’t one thing, it WILL be another. Good news though, water is back in the tank, new valve in place, and trenching is going quite well. The wet has made the clay we call dirt in these parts malleable enough to dig and finding all the newly grown rocks much easier to find, as well as removable without a jack-hammer. Tree roots are still a pain the ass, but that is just one of those things a body can’t get around. Still lots of digging in my future and I am hopin’ that I can get the lions share of it done before the ground drys out and that clay turns back into psuedo-stone. At least as far up the line to where we decided a backhoe was in order. (Heh, only about 200′ of digging, ¡No problema!)
The lurking and wondering part of my monologue here is in response to some recent goings-on at another blog site. I read the posts, I read the comments (at least the ones that are not complete mindless droll, seething through the teeth, rending of flesh stupidity.) and I have to wonder about the future.
I, and many others that I still converse with, are not making plans for revolution, or insurrection, or forming squads to take the townhall, or any of that other shit. WE are working on the only things within our control and that is our immediate world, within our grasp and within our means. We are attempting to rebuild before there is a collapse and trying to make something livable in the here and now. The mess is going to collapse, there is no doubt about that, the real question remains though, is it going to collapse so fast that the ball bounces, or is it going to go meekly out the door and the new ‘leaders’ (same as the old leaders) roll out a manifesto that the 51% accept blithely? My thoughts on it are the latter. Things should have gone under several times over the last 10 years or so. TPTwB continue to find ways of propping it up to keep the corpse looking fresh and lively. (weekend at Bernies anyone?) In addition, there is the imminent threat of world war on the horizon if certain parties continue thrashing about in ignorance of historical precedence. Leaving the religious shades out of things, this whole tapestry resembles the precursor for WWI, with the addition of Nuclear weapons as a potential main dish. Look at the posturing and end moves taking place upon that hill in the District of Criminals with the head of Isreal and our current pResident. No matter what happens “here” in CONUS, if Iran gets uppity, Bibi is going to make a new glass ashtray in the desert.

Can’t we all just get along?

Yes and a resounding, NO. We can all get along just fine if the doofuses in charge could understand the simple thinking of ” My sand box, my toys, YOUR sand box, your toys!” As long as the parties agree to play nice, there is peace. When one wants to take the toys from the others sandbox as their own, or limit the amount of toys that the other has, THERE AIN’T GONNA BE NO DAMNED PEACE! (grammatically incorrect, but ya get the point.) The other aside to that is that you can’t restrict whom gets to play with whom either. If Putin wants to play in the Ukraine with those boys, it is NOT the US’ business and to butt our noses in is just asking for said nose to get punched. (Barry of the mom jeans, Keep that in mind. You ain’t no bully, but you are bully bait with your effeminate ways.)
Ok, my thoughts, unasked for and probably dismissed out of hand by most. We are already past the point of no return in collapse of what was. The building of what will be is already in well into final approach and what will be, the majority of this country will welcome with open arms. The rest of us will either knuckle under, be erased, or re-educated as such in power see fit. Of course, that assumes that we don’t go down in a blaze of horror, or that we don’t just ship borders before things get too hot. There may even be a few that find a lone sailboat and head over the horizon for calmer waters but I think that may be a false hope unless certain efforts were made last weeknow.
In summary, I don’t think there is much hope that we will see a ‘new’ beginning of America, but the gradual and steady decline into a North American Union (read socialist republic) from Panama to the Arctic Circle. I could easily see Alaska seceding and joining back with Russia, just to keep the peace. I can see Hawaii slipping back into the hands of either Japan (unlikely) or China. There is no way they could hold their own as they are pretty strictly a tourist economy.(or supported by .mil )
By my own words, I am probably one of those that will get waxed early on. I am not famous enough or in the lime light enough to be granted certain immunities. (as in, I’s a nobody with a loud mouth.) So why do I continue at what I do, instead of shooting for the big kahuna of the next revolution? Because I know that I can make efforts to continue the belief in true freedom, far more so than trying to tackle that bear of tyranny. I won’t say I won’t fight, but I won’t go looking for one either. I know the ones that are itching for a fight are going to to be used venomously by the state media as examples for the 51%. It doesn’t matter if you have the moral high ground either: those persons will be painted with a broad brush of every malignant vice that the Media can come up with and even if you survive the first round, your character will not survive the media circus leading up to your trial (which will be decided weeks before you actually see a lawyer or judge.) No thank you. I will do what I can, where I am, and have the ability to boot-scoot if need be. I can build what I need anywhere. I think that alone scares the jiggers out of TPTwB far more than some guy in camo and an AR blogging about revolution. (on the same thought, the recent ammo ban? Sorry, but if you can’t see yourself getting set up for a sucker punch, I can’t help you. That whole ban is set up to get someone, or some group to jump the shark. All in the game plan and they need that move to open up the rest of the plan. Don’t be ‘that guy’.)

Enough about what is inevitable though. We didn’t light this fire, it was started long before even my Dad was born. This, whatever, is coming like a freight train out of control and when it gets here, its going to be stealthy and quiet and we will wake up and wonder,,,,,,,,,,
Go Galt, NOW while you still can is all the advice I have.


is for the damned bears. It sucks when your thoughts grow further than “Berries, roots, get laid, Sleepzzzzz” (not to say that they don’t include those, I am male after all and while not hormone laden and in rut, T’ain’t ded yet either.)
Long story short, Ol’ man winter is really kickin’ ass around these parts. This is my second day off work due to being unable to traverse my drive off the hill. We had a “bit” of snow yesterday while at work and that piled on the frozen stuff on the hill and by the time I came home, slicker than snot! Lazarus is stuck, the temps dropped over night to sub-zero and what was ‘stuck’ is now frozen beyond recovery until the rains (if the weather man is right) tomorrow. Tonight is supposed to get down into a balmy north of the arctic circle -17 so I ain’t even gonna try to get out until that goes its merry way. I’ll just stay at home, keep the fire burnin’ and hibernate for awhile. But that doesn’t keep the mind from churnin’ away at things.
I could provide links to many of the things I am reading while down, but to be honest, it just gets to the point where a body is just chasing ghosts with all the information we have available. I love the internet, and hate it at the same time. Un-regulated, it provides oodles of information and good learning (so long as you are smart enough to realize that there is also a 90% BS factor in almost any web crawl.) and yet, I see that there are parties in favor going all regulatory on it.
Fine. Have at you interloping fucks. Ruin a good thing like you have ruined so many other good things. Keep it up and that habit will lead you to get your ass hung from a lamp-post somewhere.
But hey, thats just a pipedream on my behalf, right? Ain’t no group going to step off the porch until the stuporbowl is no more, the cheetos are gone and the beer is all skunked and flat. Then they might wake up and wonder “WTF? Where’d the good times go?”
Welcome to the party pal! Hey, I don’t care about any of that shit do I? I don’t really drink, I hate cheetos, and I have only watched the stuporbowl twice (and watched the bengals get their asses stomped by SanFran BOTH TIMES and in THE SAME WAY, stupid fuckers. )(give you an idea how long ago THAT was? LOL)
Well, it’s damned cold outside, that I can say with no hesitation. Its not cold in my hovel, again, no hesitation. In fact, I have had to crack the door and vents on occasion as it was uncomfortably warm. Even Voo, with his Texas fur decided that the snow was more comfortable than the Death Valley heat that daddy had in the house.(but not for very long each time. he cools off QUICK) I have food and more than enough to last me through this snap, I have coffee, and clean dry clothes, and enough space near the stove to dry out what gets wet while outside, including boots. I ain’t hurtin’ but damned if I ain’t bored outta my skull.
Which brings me to another prep, and one I have slipped on, obviously. Mind games or card games for one. Company for the other. Remember the rule of threes? There is one rule of three that many people leave out. 3 minutes w/o air, 3 days w/o water, 3 weeks w/o food, and 3 months without companionship. That last is entirely dependent on a persons mental state, but some form of companionship is essential for the long term, and some way of exercising the mind without getting into a mental loop is CRITICAL.
In my case, Dog was good enough for the companion aspect, especially with the way the mutt listens to me. Unfortunately, cabin fever is not friendly to either of us. He just wants to sleep when he is in, and gets frustrated at how slow I am walking in this frozen shit. (He has four wheel drive while I am a big lumbering hulk on a pair of stilts. I sink!) Least to say, walkies are a test of frustration for the both of us in this weather, and the rat bastard likes to nip to get me movin’. Pass I say.
I think I just need to dig out a good Heinlein book and ‘escape’ for the rest of the day.
Flame at will, or comment in general, don’t like talking to the walls of this blog.

Yup, weatherman was right for once

Ol’ man winter came rip-roarin’ back into town over the weekend and jeez, was he pissed off.
All that work on the water tank put on hold for sub freezing temps and I lost all 350 gallons out of that tank thanks to not listening to the weatherman. The 2″ ball valve froze and characteristic of plastic and ice, one had to give. Much easier to break a pipe from the inside than out and the ice won the day, to my dismay. I haven’t finished the down hill side of things so the valve was closed. I went to put insulation around the exposed bits early sunday morning but the damage had already been done. I couldn’t even get to the tank until mid-afternoon due to all the ice from 300+ gallons spraying all over that little hillside below the tank.
Good news though, I now know what needs the most attention and from there can move forward.
The real fun with Ol’ man winter in these parts started today. All that snow that has threatened us but never shown up decide to come down in the first few hours of the day. Not hateful in my book, but a lot of the guys I work with figured that it was safer at home than waiting to drive home. By lunch, the shop was down to a handful of guys and my line was decimated. I went ahead and left as well. Good thing too, as while driving home, the weather shifted from snow to freezing rain. Thinking that getting off my hill come the wee hours is going to be fruitless. I am going to give it a few more hours to see what happens, but if the temp drops off like they are forecasting (and so far, since saturday, they are batting 1000) then that steep hill leading up here (that took three tries to get up before I succeeded, even in 4 wheel ) is going to be one solid sheet of ice and no fun to traverse in the dark hours of the day. It can be tricky enough after a good hard rain and the resulting washouts.

Well, whatever happens over the next 24 hours, I am safe at home right now, the fire is going, and I am even getting a trickle of charge from the panels since I cleaned off the snow. Wind is down or I would be getting that as well. That will pick up later though, or so they say. It is still nice to be be able to claim the independence of energy. That just keeps getting better and better as time goes by and I hear all the guys at work whining about the outrageous electric bills they have to contend with. Yeah, I paid for the panels and mill, and batteries, but the end cost over the last few years has more than justified the shift in lifestyle. It isn’t for everyone, that I can say with confidence, but it suits me just fine.
It’s winter, and it’s almost over. Then things can really take off again and I can come out of hibernation.

Oops, spoke to soon

Water water everywheres and I’ma gonna be able to drink it!!!!

Well, I spoke just a bit soon.  My Dad is completely responsible and I humbly stand aside for his accolades. He found a spot up the hill a ways and dug down to stone and even before he could install the collection bucket the hole was filling up on him.  The tank was placed and the water ran to it and within the space of 4 hours had almost 100 gallons in it.   It was completely filled by the next morning.
The collection bucket is a 5 gallon bucket with some holes in the side and a fitting to attach a hose to. The hole it resides in is about 3′ across and the remaining space is filled with limestone gravel to act as a sediment filter.  Limestone also does a bit of a trick in getting rid of other things that may creep in as well.   I am not going to run a filter on the line as most of the water is for utility use, but I am going to have a Berkey filter for drinking water. 


Still in install phase, water level is down after flushing line out.


This flow is constant. about a gallon/5minutes


Lotsa diggin in my future. Say hi to Jack-jack


Tank looks tiny from this end.

There is still a ways to go yet before the system is functional for me, but by Dog, I think we’ve got this.   Lots of digging in the near future to get the pipe under frost level, but that isn’t as deep as you would think around here.  I have to dig a trench to cross the drive here but like the rest of it, a mere matter of labor and the worst is out of the way. 
Yet another step towards self-sufficiency; its gettin on time for the garden as well.  
Next step, House and shop.  or should it be Shop and house?   I be thinkin’ that Shop/ House is in order, only because working at home will make more steps feasible over having to travel for a paycheck. (and having somewhere to make things out of the weather is always nice.)
Side note:  For those that have thought of taking the RV/Travel trailer path.  If you do it, do not plan on being in the thing for very long.   They are not intended for sustained living.   The amount of maintenance to do on them gets outrageous very quickly.   I have been in mine going on three years now and the wear and tear is getting to a point where I am thinking total renovation would be needed.   Small leaks become big leaks after a freeze and the small ones are the harder to find/fix. Eventually, you have more patch than structure.    As it stands now, I am not going to renovate the beast.  I am going to build that house, use some of the fittings and such to fill in the house (stove, fridge, sinks, maybe some cabinitry) then scrap what I don’t use.   The beast will not be for re-sale after I am done as I wouldn’t want to pass along the mess to anyone else.  Besides, there is lots of good steel in the beast; 1″ square tubing, and the like. (she was made before they started using the aluminum framing) The frame would be the biggest part to reconfigure, and the panels that make the shell can be re-use’d for other things like insulation in the floor of the house or something. And of course, miles of wiring; with the price of copper now, the hell I will just send that to the scrap yard.   I already have plans in place to pull the Onan 4K and put it in it’s own little genny shack for powering the shop when I need to.  I want to convert it to propane or woodgas, but that is just a small detail that will have to be addressed later down the road.  No need to junk such a useful piece of machinery.  As for the mechanical side of things on the beast, I will likely part it out.  Its a 2 1/2 ton rear axle set up and I am sure that someone around here could use it.  It doesn’t have a boatload of miles on it like Lazarus the SUV does so it will fill the bill for someone that needs such.  The engine needs rebuilt, but the transmission is newly rebuilt.  (Heck, I know a few racing types that would happily cough up cash for a Turbo400! LOL)   (and now I am just rambling on and on. )
Nothing goes to waste around me, but it’s likely you won’t recognize it later.
Well, the temp outside is getting to the point where I can work on this water mess and get some diggin’ done.  Talk atcha’ll laters.

Islam and you

Over the weekend, I ran across a discussion on TED that rather “got my Goat”.  I followed along as long as I could, but to be honest, the level of willful ignorance of facts and reality left me gasping for air.   Yeah, there are similarities along the way, but they tend to stop after about the first chapter of the varied tomes that each religion leans the most on.   Pretty much about the time of Noah things really start to separate and go different pathways.
BUT, that doesn’t bring to light the realities that those persons willfully “forgot”.   Like the recent beheading’s of truly neutral persons.  Nor the annihilation of an entire community of Christians who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Everyone, from old to young and even infants violently removed from our current timeline,,,,,
But what does all of this have to do with us here in the united states safely across thousands of miles of ocean between them and us?
That particular event, little,  but the sum of the whole, EVERYTHING.   What most of those commenting on that site linked above failed to bring up is history, specifically the history of Islam itself.   They forgot that Islam has been at war with the rest of the world pretty much non-stop since the middle ages.   They failed to bring up the Caliphates of the past, nor that current data indicates that there may be a new Caliphate in the next few years.  They failed to mention that if the Caliphate decrees war (Jihad), that becomes the new normal for ALL Muslims, not just a few “extremists”.  They failed to mention that there are Muslims in every single nation world wide that would listen to the decrees of a new Caliphate.  (enemies in your backyard that you don’t even see as enemies until they have the knife at your throat.)  Nor did they mention the precarious establishment within Saudi Arabia.  The fact that the current (new) King of KSA has to, essentially, bribe the population to not rise up against him and his is not mentioned, not even in passing.  The Wahabi factions have been sucking at the teat of KSA since its inception back in the day, and the only reason KSA could ‘afford’ it is the almighty Petro-Dollar.   
Think about that for a minute.   The whole house of cards is built on buying loyalty using a debased and near worthless currency.   A currency now being broadsided by BRICS.   There have been movements to undermine the validity of the current regime within KSA including the assassination of a Key General of the KSA armed forces.   There are many that are loyal only due to the free money passing around and if that free money is in question, than so are the loyalties.   How long would it take for that loyalty to pass over to the other side if they thought it would be more prudent to change flags?   Seeing how things have been going of late, I would say a blink of an eye would be too long.
How long before the oil fields of KSA are no longer such, but the oil fields of ISIS?   How long after that does a new Caliphate rise up and the cooled Crusades begin again?   How long after that, does the petrodollar evaporate like the aether it is?

How long after that does this country explode into civil war?

Here is another historical fact for some that may be leaning toward ignoring this ‘tirade’.   Our current wars are not the first time we have ever fought Islam.   Desert Storm was not either.  The Philippines were not the first either, where “BlackJack” Pershing decimated the Muslims there.  Nope, the first time Americans fought against Muslims was Tripoli.   We went there to remove a pirate menace and those pirates were Muslims.   They were only following the dictates of their religion and persecuting “nonbelievers” and extracting Tax for that ‘crime’.  (of course, as in all things, perception is key, but I think the world view at that time overrode whatever perception the pirates may have had.  Hang’em High may not have been the key phrase back then. but the result was the same.)  Heck, even some of our founders warned about the menace of Islam, even Jefferson made mention of that in some of his writings.
Having been in the Middle East for Desert Storm, and having had some shore liberty at a couple of places there, I saw some things that made me question a lot of what was being passed along on the “religion of Peace”   I won’t call myself an expert by any means, and as individuals, most Muslim are pretty decent people if you can get around the strange habits they exhibit.  But the whole she-bang is not a religion at all, but a ideology of political tyranny wrapped in the words of God.   (even the names are the same in the Koran if that gives any indication. )   For more of why I say that, look up the history of the Prophet Mohamed and see for yourself just how deviant he was and figure that as the catalyst for the directions this so called religion has progressed along over the last several centuries.)  I can tell you some stories that have been told to me by people that have had to deal with them much more closely than I ever did, but I don’t really want to pass along third hand information.   I can tell you this though: if truth (and I don’t doubt it) the persons witnessed are just as morally backwards and perverse as the original yahoo that started this whole mess.

Yes, there are a lot of variables to contend with and I won’t get into one of the side debates about the “evil Jooo’s” that started
(about the time I said enough self-inflicted mental torture was enough)  There is a benefit to re-visiting history on occasion.   Many times, what was, will be again, and with a group that still presides in the 14th century, such will continue to come back and haunt us, and not just with a sheet and rattled chains, but poltergeists and oodles of bad mojo.

I have to say, there isn’t a whole lot that can be done about the situation as it sits right now.   I have read proposals to nuke Mecca and Medina, and I can’t say that would be a bad thing, but on the same note, I can’t say that it would accomplish the goal either.  The only aspect that I do agree with is that there would have to be a blood bath, not just on the extremists of the mess, but the clerics that drive it.  The Imams are the key to what current doctrine is, and with the Koran (Qur’an, or whatever spelling you prefer) all precedent is superseded by the word of the current Imam/Caliphate.  (FYI, all of this can be verified with  only a few hours of research of your own, don’t take my word for it.)  Seriously, if an Imam declares all woman should have their labia removed with glass shards, that over-rides ANY prior word contrary to the decree.   Does that sound like a religious thing or a power thing?    (and such was decreed by one at some point in time or we would never have heard about genital mutilation of young girls)
With the fact that I have no idea how to deal with the situation, nor would it do any good as I am just a little blogger fish in a great big sea of other fish that care or don’t on a whim; I can only suggest carrying on as you have been.  What is coming is either going to blow chunks faster than an RPG into a crowded mall, or simmer over many years the same way the Crusades did.  (and with all the attendant interesting history that provides us.)     THE ONLY ADVANTAGE WE HAVE AT THIS TIME IS SPEED OF LIGHT COMMUNICATION OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD.  And that may be brought to a screeching halt by Government at any moment (and they will if they feel it threatens their position of power.)  So, keep preparing for worst case, and hope you won’t need it.  Sadly, I beleive we are going to need much sooner than later.
Build your personal insurance policy as no one else is gonna build it for you.
:o  More later that won’t be so downbeat.

Update: more about the (H/T to SiGB)Crusades and Jihad


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