Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Whatever  (slight return)

Ok, prolly gonna get some people angry here, but,,,

Truth hurts.

Big mess in Charlottesville over the weekend and I don’t need to link to it because its pretty much everywhere on the web right now.   

Fact: one dead, several injuries marked in double digits, and the perp was driving a pick-up truck.  Motivation? Don’t know, don’t care, it happened and that can’t be changed.

Here’s where I piss someone (s) off.

If this event horrified you, you are NOT going to make it through when shit really gets hot.  Disturbed, I’ll give you, more for the blatant state interference, than the violence.  I feel for the dead and injured, but I can not allow that to color my perceptions.  War, true war, is a whole lot uglier than the crap that went down over the weekend.  This isn’t even a dent in comparison to the damage war would cause. You want a better demonstration of what could be, you need only look south to what is happening in Venezuela.  (And that is what the lefties are aspiring to. Talk about a serious case of delusional beliefs and outright denial of reality.

Selco tells what he went through back in Bosnia.  Reading his works, there are times where I feel he is actually toning it down, though I can’t say for fact.  Then again, there are some events where the words just fail to convey the truth. (His english is pretty good considering its not his native language, and that secondary nature may be part of my perception as well.)

In comments in the base post, Spuds comment says it pretty well.  If the people pushing this shit right now, get their way, its going to be sib vs sib, parents vs children, neighborhoods vs subsivisions, etc etc.   And there will be one force holding back for the right time to regain control: THE STATE.  And they will hold back until everyone left is begging for relief.

Not that this is going to happen this way.  I have seriois doubts about it, hence these two posts.  But if it were to fall out as feared by many, it will be just another move on the game board of the world.  Some will die, some will live and the power mongers will keep selling the same ol’snake oil about “you need us to keep things safe for you”.

I ain’t buying it, and I haven’t bought it for years. Sadly, there are far more that do buy it, and they far outnumber those that don’t.(I would say that you could get an accurate count of those that buy it from the voter roles, only, there are places with 144% registered voters to actual voting age population.  Nawwhhh, there wasn’t any voter fraud in 2016! Who believes those crazy conspiracy nutz anyway?)(snark off) 

Nope, like I said, this is a nothing burger.  My condolances to those killed or injured, but in the bigger picture, the figures are miniscule.  Things are going to have to get a lot worse before you see this country explode into the next civil war. (Not like the last one was an actual civil war.  It was two countries at odds over borders and respect of opinion.  Thats why many call it the war of northern aggression. But I digress.)

Beat advice (advice those hurt at the protest now wish they had heeded)

Stay away from crowds.

Have two exits, preferably more.

Try to keep communication routes operational and secure. (And if you failed on rule one, have some structure of command and control, PERIOD.

Thats all I have.  Keep your eyes open, and your brain free to think.  Things are rarely as they appear on first glance.  And the puppet masters are good at deceptions, even when its obvious the gloves are off.



Start of the next Civil War?

Only if people believe the MSMs.

From reports from people with boots on the ground, this is a completely staged event, built around an actual event.  

Who? (Cui bono?)

What? (What is the goal?)

Where is obvious.

As is ‘When’.

As is ‘How’.

But then there is the sixth question: Are we being Played?

And that brings in the title to this post.  Whatever! So what else is new.  Thats not to say I am not watching; watching/observation/intelligence is the first order in any survival endeavor.  And we need to be watching everything.  But at this stage, my opinion (which is worth its weight in swamp gas) is this is a nothing burger.  Just another distraction from what is really going on.  

I see preambles of reigniting the war with North Korea (China), preambles to an invasion of Venezuela, but note that the MSMs are near vacuum when it comes to Muslim immigration, ANYTHING to do with the economy, and almost nothing about what is taking place in Europe.

Smoke n mirrors baby, smoke n mirrors.  

Just keep your eyes open.  This world is attached to many strings and the puppetmasters are VERY good at what they do, but they are not infallible.  Soros and his ilk aren’t out of the game yet.

Heads up

Going through some ‘growin pains’ right now so if’n my posts seem a bit frazzled or irate, mea culpa.  

I don’t want to tread on what those pains are right now as they may or may not come to fruition and if they don’t, the fewer who know the better.  Its nothing illegal or even in that vein, but, it is more than a bit personal and not just my person.  

K, nuff of that teasing around.  Just know I tend toward grumpy right now and it may reflect in my writing.

 Questions of the mind

In many ways, one could call me paranoid. According to the Wacky dictionary Paranoid-adj- one aware of all the facts.  Well, I KNOW I don’t have all the facts, and that fact alone makes me paranoid, so the definition above is bunk.

(even so, I can see how it would apply to some one employed by the Clintons.  LOL)

But there are questions that must be asked, preferably on a day to day basis.   

  • Who benefits (cuo bono)
  • Why Now! (why is this information being “leaked” now?)
  • Where’s the money?  (follow the money)

These things help narrow down the few facts available.  As SiGb shows in his recent posts, a little investigative work, even at the civilian level can expose answers that the Eliteist find uncomfortable with.  The three questions above lead to a fourth. 


lately, as in the last 17+ years IMO, whole heartedly AYUP!  War on Drugs, War on Poverty, War on whatever twangs the heartstrings of the electorate this week.  All designed for one thing,  POWER.   Get them to give permission for X, use X for expanding Y, and Z will will flow in like water in the bottom of an old Ironsides with wood rot.  Constitutional protocol be damned, “Its for the children,” “It keeps people safe!”  yada yada yada, ad infinitum.

Heres a simple thought for ya.   see if you agree.

I like that one because it opens up a counter-argument, almost immediately: ‘But without licensing, how do we know who is qualified?’  My rebuttal is two fold.  How do we know those arranging the license are qualified? And what criteria of minimum is acceptable?  Take a drivers license for a simple example.  Pass/fail.  If the criteria are set too high, you lose revenue at the state level, and open up a series of other problems.  Using a closed market (law enforcement) you regulate those not qualified by removing their privilege.  Now, using that example in a truly free market, imagine a health care professional. (One recent ran a series of offices for years, but I do not believe he was guilty of anything other than avoiding the state permission.) Imagine a person goes to school to become a doctor.  Spends 8-12 years dedicated to this mission and oodles of money doing so.  Shouldn’t the market determine his success, not some government drone that did not pursue such a dedicated course?  Lets assume the doctor isn’t  up to snuff, mediocre at best: wouldn’t word get out around his patients and their families?  Isn’t word of mouth advertising one of the best or most damning of advertising methods?  

Now, while I am not at all happy about the state of Oblammycare, (gonna start calling GOPcare since the fukwads couldnt get a simple repeal done correctly (yeah, I’m lookin’ at you McStain!!! You and a few other quisiling shits!) )  this post is NOT about that, specifically, more about government in general and how, on a day to day basis, we truly don’t need it. A government that governs best, governs least.  (There have been some that are arguing for a return to monarchism, but I have reservations even with that)

Some call it anarchism, some call it other things, I just think its common sense.  

So, who benefits?  It certainly is not Joe blow average in the heartland.  The guys that buy into joining the military to defend the US anf liberty and freedom for all.  It sure isnt the little shop owner that struggles to make ends meet while jumping through hoops to make sure they arent in violation of some obscure wording in some even more obscure way, all while being an unpaid tax collector.

Why now? Why not?  Even Greenspan is saying collapse is imminent.  Some one is leaking shit to stir up the gristle in the bottom of the pot.  (This answer should lead back to question one, but for simplicity, I will continue forward)

Wheres the money?  Blown away, blown into vapid things called debt instruments, blown out of your wallet before you were even born.  

And there lies the fourth question: Are we being played?  I will leave you all with that warm n fuzzy feeling to think about for awhile.

 ATired of the BS

Adult language warnin’ for the sensitive types.  If you find yourself turning blue; stop reading, breathe and then please, grow up.

I’m gonna lay it out.  I’m tired of a lot of what I read in todays world.  No, it ain’t all black and white, there are shades of grey.  But

 There are polar positions that aren’t  entirely negotiable.   IE: I was born with white skin, ergo I am a white, not black, yellow brown or green with purple fringes.  This fact is NOT negotiable.  Second fact: there is an appendage hanging between my legs that identifies me as MALE. That fact is not a matter what my sexual bent is, whether I am hetero, homo, or bi or whatever trendy horseshit people are trying to pin on the donkeys ass this week. That second fact is determined by an X or  Y chromosome and really is not subject to negotiations.  (Granted there is ONE grey area here and extraordinarily rare, hermaphrodites, but for the majority, one or the other and you don’t get to choose.) In my case, i am definitely hetero, proudly so, and couldn’t even imagine being any other way.  There may be others that swing on a different branch, and as long as their partners are of legal age and consenting, so damned what.  BUT, I don’t really care to see any heavy breathing in public, no matter what bent you are, so, keep it at home, k?

Heres anudder one.  I have said it ‘n said it before.  I don’t  give a rats ass about your race sex or creed, so long as you are morally upright, functional, moderately intelligent (or better) and open minded enough to know that, as an individual, your position in the world means little to nothing. I don’t give a shit if you are the queens own or the next best thing since Einstein, until you prove you are worthy of being called human, your opinion means nothing to me, and I concur that mine means jack shit to YOU, thats just a given.

Point is, you are important to you, I am important to me.  If you are feeling left out because of something beyond your control (IE color, nationality, what not) or because of a personal choice (sexual orientation counter to your genetic code, religious alignment, whatever)  

I do not give a rats ass!

Most people don’t even think about it unless you are in their face with it, so leave it the fuck at home!

There is far more important and farther reaching problems than what skin color you are or what holes you like to play in!

But, lets hit what the REAL problem is.  The words.  If you get in my face or comment about your race, gender or anything else that currently has a meme attached to it, you have already lost the debate.  Why? Because you have already proven you are a useful idiot to the game.  Language: control the language, you control the narrative.  Control the narrative, you control the thoughts of the masses.  Open your mind, open a book, find out exactly how words work together, and arm yourself against the Oblammies, and others of that ilk.  A damned good book for those wanting more ammunition than just a Websters is “Thank you for arguing ” by Jay Heinrichs.  It covers rhetoric and how it applies to daily life. Get one, study it, practice it then go back and watch prior presidential speeches and see if you can spot the hooks they use.  Believe me, THEY. ARE. THERE. (When I was in school, rhetoric was no longer a subject (hadn’t been for decades) but there was an english teacher that started the process for our class.  Time has polished it some, self education has helped.) 

Off my soapbox and on with my little life.  Laters.

Book report and observations 

Bought Matthew Brackens recent addition to his line up (kindle version) and read it front to back in less than 24 hours.  Good damned read, period!  One his best with a huge amount of character development in a short amount of space.  (His characters always develop out well, but this is the first book where so many do very quickly).

There is also a historical bend within the story that he explains at the end.  Its actually quite important, not so much to the story, but to current events in the real world.  Make sure you follow up on it if you aren’t already aware of it.  I feel it may be a critical point in assessing future potential of world events.

Now, observations: phone conversation gelled up some of my thoughts.  A big issue in these parts is propaganda.  Part of the problem is NPR.  Its the most prevalent source of information in these parts.  Not everyone has cable or satellite, but everyone has a radio and NPR is about the only signal you can get consistently.  In fact, from my location I can get three different frequencies of NPR, each about a minute apart in signal delay, yet can get only one private source cleanly.  NPR being a college based system, and the take over of acadamia by the leftie/progressives, its little surprise that many whose only source of information is NPR tend to think certain figureheads are flat evil. I get my information through more sources and a broader spectrum of thought than just that one source. I listen at times to the shit (and it is shit) spewed on NPR, knowing from other sources how edited what is being broadcast, either through creative editing or just flat out omission, and have just one thought.  Clinton rules of engagement.  Any one who remembers the mess in the Baltic and what Prez Clinton authorized as legitimate targets of combat should understand my statement.

The only problem with that is it is not a cure, its just removing a symptom.  Like using a fever reducer while the body is fighting an infection.  It might ‘help’, but it won’t fix the problem.

With that last paragraph, we bring up the question of “Then what is the problem?”.  Its a little too late to bring up the myriad issues of that, but the key problem at source is people in general. Far to many want the easy fix.  Far to many want someone else to carry the burden of choice (burden of leadership). Far to many just want the reward, without the consequence of earning it.

I hear it often enough when discussing my place.  Solar and windpower, isolated water source, wood heating and natural cooling.  People want to know what they have to do to ‘reduce their footprint on the grid’.  My answer hasn’t changed in 4years: change your lifestyle.  You have to give up certain luxuries to gain the peace of mind of self reliance.  And its WORK, even after you get there.

They never want to hear that and more times than I care to think about, I have heard ‘well I can’t live like that’.  Nope, no you can’t, you quit before you even tried.  And it makes me wonder how that person is going to react when things really fall apart. My preps are dual natured; I prep for when things go loud, and for when things go quiet.  By that I mean for when (not if) the world attempts to suicide, or for when things break down so far, everything goes quiet.  I ha’jokingly say that my spread IS my retirement.  I know with all certainty that by the time I am of retirement age, there will not be any of those things that current retirees have.  No SSI, 401k’s pilfered, etc.  I fully accept the fact that my ‘retirement’ will be a working one, and my endeavors are towards that end: how to reduce my dependency on a system that is showing signs of imminent collapse.  Power, self produced/collected.  Water, isolated collection and storage as well as treatment (no flourides).  Sewage, is simply a septic system.  House is exceptionally well insulated and designed for airflow for cooling.  Heat is renewable hardwoods (with more than enough available for my needs)  I have a back up genny (3 actually) but have not needed them after the initial build.  I will need my Onan 4k for running my welder later and am keeping in mind that alternative fuels are likely to be needed to keep it operational.  

Lifestyle MUST change if seeking self reliance.  It is not optional.  The less the change, the higher the cost financially, but even with unlimited cash, there will still need to be some change.  You have to change the way you look at things.  Use, use up, repair, adapt, repurpose, etc etc.  You can not keep looking at the world and its materials as a disposable commodity if you want to be self reliant.  You need to learn skills that seem daunting at first.  And the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know, and that you need access to others in some areas of knowledge/skill/ability.  

For myself, that “lacking” is in peoples.  I am not a people person, despite what some will tell you.  I ‘fake it’ well for short periods, but in most cases, 48 hours and I am ready to start slitting throats.  It takes a special type of person for me to claim as friend and accept for longer periods.  Knowing this, I have been investing in a “buffer” friendship.  He has the skills with the people and is acceptable to me as a friend and AND understands that I have a extremely short fuse when exposed to stupidity.


Ok, this has turned into more of a rant than anything else, so I think I will cut it short.  First up, buy, beg borrow or steal a copy of Matts book.  Enjoy it and think on some of the scenarios he describes.  Some of its available online at his site but, believe me, those are just teasers. 

Second off, look pat the disruptive narratives from the District of Criminals and see what is NOT being talked about.  (Hint wha’s goin’ on in Europe.)