Derelinquat me gehennam solus


Kickin back(sunday rumination)

Was trolling the net for sources of RV appliances and suddenly felt the need to do a quick post. Voo n I are chilin on the porch listening to cicadas and the distant highway and the steady drone is makin’ eyelids quite heavy. But I am chillin’ on MY porch!!!!!!!!!

LOL.  It’s a good feeling even if there are an infinite number of items that still need done/purchased/combination thereof. That list when taken as a whole is intimidating as hell and the actual FRN quantity needed is even more so.  Likely, on some stuff, I will go with used or refurb, because face it, I ain’t rich, no matter what some of the locals want to think.  (I am better at money control than they, but that doesn’t make me a rich man). When I start to feel that dread or intimidation, I take a day (like today) and enjoy some of the fruits of my labor and refocus on the current priority detail and put ALL of the others on a back burner.  I don’t forget them because there are times where serendipity kicks in, deals fall together and one must be ready to grab that ball before it sails out of reach. But  I have to focus on one aspect at a time or the whole picture stops me dead.  (And I admit it, treating myself to a steak dinner wold be nice, but even there I have to maintain my focus or I will backslide elsewhere and the whole shebang will crumble.)

I guess what I am tryin to get to is the focus thing.   Far too many I run into are so easily distracted.  I fail there as well but not nearly so much as others it would seem. It just seems to me that a majority could be classified as “short attention span theater” types.    

Oh well. I will keep my rudder on plane with my keel and weather through the storms laying about.  I may never acheive the final goal, but damned if I won’t try, and double damned if I will let some other take it away because “you didn’t build that”. (Like thats not my blood on display in a few places on those studs and sheaves!).  (And enough of libertarian anarchist rantfest) 

Y’all have a good week and I am going to go back to gaining the FRN’s to keep pushing forward.   Septic, plumbing, stove, electric, insulate,flooring, panels, appliances,  ,,,,,,,,,,,,  (FOCUS!!!!!)

On hold, kinda

not much to post about this weekend.   Been working on the house, but at this stage, the progress is miniscule, and not very exciting to watch.  Little stuff like making sure that I have jackstuds in place where panels edge out, getting boxes in place for when we run electric, put up some insulation in the ceiling where I won’t have any electric ran, and installed two windows.   It was rather dark in there in a couple of places and those windows helped oodles.

Sourced my septic tank, and that will will be the next big project,  likely in a couple of weeks while we hopefully dry out  some.   Its been extremely wet here thanks to hurricane season.    Wouldn’t think so being so far inland, but thats the case.  Heck, I have had a fire going the last two days, not to keep warm, but to dry out the RV.   Wednesday, I went to bed and felt like I had laid down in a damp beach towel.  Not horribly uncomfortable, but not exactly conducive to sleeping well either.  Voo doesn’t mind it, his thin fur isn’t cut out for winter weather much, and he has been sleeping next to the stove the last couple of nights.   This may be a prelude to a rough winter, and I am glad as hell that I am in the dry now.   What I have to do, I can do no matter what the weather is like outside, and here, soon after the septic is installed, I will be installing a wood stove. (at which point, it becomes a working residence)

Sorry no pics this weekend, but know that I am still busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.   Voodoo ain’t happy because it means less walkies, but he is really moving in.   He has even figured out which rooms are which and signals his needs accordingly.  Sleepies, lays in the bedroom.  Dinnertime, lays in the kitchen area.  Walky time, pester the shit out of dad by laying on tools or stealing wood.   LOL   he is just a big kid with simple needs.

More laters,  

Wrappin up the weekend.  

Still haven’t recovered fully from that bug that laid me low tuesday.  So some progress was thwarted by lack of get up n go.   

But there is still forward momentum. Pics explain

Still lots ta do 

More later


Wet Friday 

Anudder full day in, still more to go obviously.  No siding on the porch side yet and still need it in the peak area. Will be adding some frame and barrier up there early in AM 

Starting to look likea house!


Just a quickie

First load of Hardie panel enroute when I leave work.  

Whupped Sunday

Still have the back half to get under steel, batteries were dyin left n right, and not just those of the tools; ours as well. Not so worried ’bout rain now.  

Next up, winders, doors n sidin’.   Woowoo!    Sadly back to 10 hour days til next saturday. Has to earn the ducks to pay for all of this.  

More as I get there 

Saturday still bangin

Still have the back half to do then the tin but much much closer 


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