Derelinquat me gehennam solus


War on (insert term)

I am bloody friggin frustrated these days.  Between watching the Globalist’s scrambling to finish their brobdingnagian schemes, our “elite” playing 18th century french royalty games, and the fact that no matter who gains the chair of power, the bureaucrats will still be running the show behind the curtains, I just don’t know about some of my personal plans. 
Yeah, this one may get a tad personal. Here is one side of that for you. You can read about some of this at Fred Reeds  site to.  Our current Medical Kerfluffle   (I refuse to call it a system) is a maze of Lobbyist supporting mega corps and raping the people in general.  Obammy helped push through a plan that was originally called Hillarycare written about the time I was wrapping up my stint in the Corps.  THEN, I could afford to go without insurance. Now I can’t afford insurance. What is offered is so much crap for such a large percentage of my income, I seek alternatives to care. Including rolling around with a small trauma kit in my truck, Just in case. And yet, if you live in Mexico, the care is comparable while the billing is actually REASONABLE!  (Some will ask why all the immigration then? My guess is the free everything else being offered.  And I wonder if it isnt ,at least in some regards, blown way out of proportion by the media. I am not on the border so I really do not know. ) this I do know. In TJ across the border from San Diego, I was able to walk into a Pharmacia  and buy, without prescription, no ID check and no questions, a 250 count bottle of 500mg erythromycin tablets for about $12.   HERE on the other hand, that is a controlled substance and you have to have a doctor, with governmental permission, to write a scrip for you and if you are lucky, may pay twice that amount for a 30 day supply with no refills .  Granted there are some places where they offer heavy discounts on generics but the point is, why is it so different here vs across the border.
BIG PHARMA of course. And many bought and paid for politicians, and the behind the scenes appointed for life bureaucrats.
At least the corruption of officials in Mexico is blatant, in your face corruption .   La Mordita ain’t a city outside of Nogales for those not in the know.  It’s a bribe to keep your scrawny butt out of jail. And it is literally everywhere down there. But better that than the high dollar back scratching that rapes every single
person north of that border. 
I do want to bring one point that so many have failed to see.  MEDICARE/MEDICAID are the pricing policy of all insurers now.  Think about that, think about the fraud (on both sides of the billing)that has been uncovered occasionally. Then think about how every clinic , docs office,hospital etc has to hire a damned near army of specialists, JUST TO HANDLE THE BILLING SIDE OF THINGS.  When I worked as a computer tech at the hospital, most of our job was preparing the system for EMR electronic medical records and the communication of such with every single other facility within CONUS (the actual plan was for worldwide, but the logistics of such just wasn’t there,  THEN!    It is now) think about how much that actually costs, then think how the insurers and providers are going to pass that cost along.  Remember, corporations don’t pay taxes or invest at loss.  Those things are payed for by YOU, and everyone else along for the ride.  And what about those on the dole that pay $3copay for office visit and zero for every thing else?  Where does that money come from? Exaggerated billing on hopes to collect a percentage, and of course from the actual taxpayers, and not so obviously, inflation driven fiat money that our “betters” throw around with abandon, and no accountability.

And all of that is just ONE aspect of what’s f@$dup in this country.
And don’t even say “if you don’t like it, leave!”   May as well pack a small bag of clothes and a water bottle and try and sneak into Mexico. Fair warning, they do send ya back if caught. But even if you tried to do it ‘legal like ‘ the IRS  is gonna hammer you hard, then you still have to pay a surcharge for citizenship, that may or may not give you equal treatment as such (not in ol mehico, no voting, among other things and you have to bring a skill that won’t put a native out of work, And you must speak at least rudimentary spanish.   Funny how the standards there are SO MUCH more restrictive than ours, eh) nope, don’t even try to say vote with your feet. It may have worked 100 years ago, not now.  The State OWNS us and it hates losing good slaves. (Heck, it rewards the lame ones and beats the good ones for more.)
Yup, feeling just a tad frustrated these days. Watching the whole dog and pony show going on in Cleveland isn’t helping matters either. It’s all glimmer and shine and what substance there is hasn’t yet hit the wall of Mordor on the Potomac.  IF it makes it that far.  Too many things are telling me that the Wicked Witch from New England has the fix in, scary as that thought is.  (Recall,  Obammy made it in TWICE)  I can hope but I ain’t gonna hold my breath. And God only knows how far the disruption will be if that “fix” is blatant. One only need watch the disruptions already taking place then factor in a multiplier.  
That is what I see as our future and that  doesn’t help my frustration either. 

Anywho, I am gonna go back trying to move things forward, I only hope I am not wasting my efforts.  I think that is a lot of what all of all of us are feeling. An insecure future.  Doesn’t matter about our financial success if what determines that is toilet paper in 6 months/year/?  .    Doesn’t matter how much we have squirreled away if certain actions by our “betters” aren’t stopped and soon.  And not one damned thing they do has shit to do with us here at the ‘berg level, but all of it can and will affect us. And people still buy it. That is where my real frustration comes from. 
Fuck it, gonna mow the grass and weedeat the scrub along the drive.  May not be real productive, but my yard will be lookin good. And that’s more than I can say for the future.

Call me da breeze

I know that many of you are as frustrated by the slo-motion downslope action that is taking place in this country.   It is accelerating, what with the shooting war on cops kickin’ off in a two way shooting gallery, ( something that I think has been building for a very long time, mind you) and the globalist trying like hell to hold onto what little credibility they perceive as still theirs.  Some of this is shown by the recent “Laws are for Peons” attitude that was flagrantly shoved down our throats by the Clintons and their cronies.  I still say that Comey was trying to get her but was stymied by the payoffs upstream so went to the court of public opinion.   I am willing to be proven wrong, as always, but until such time, that is the nature of my thoughts on it.   Yeah, he is a stoolie from the hill, has had history with the Clintons in the past, but his actions speak more to me than recent opinions or past history. 

Anywhoos, I am working on things here at the homestead.   I figure, it doesn’t matter one whit what these asshats do, because by the time I could do anything to counteract it, my actions will have the finality of a suicide.   Not real interested in dyin’ anytime soon.
The other side of that coin is in recognition.   These asshats NEED us, while we really do not need them, in fact, it would benefit all of us if the government was reduced to 1/1000th its current size, or even done away with all together.  (argue with me later if you are still of the statist bent.  This post has a purpose along other lines.)  If we continue to give them attention, they feed on that.   If we continue to ‘recognize’ them as ‘our betters’ by voting for the scum, they will continue to rape us of our worldly goods and by default, of our self respect.  Dunno ’bout you, but I do NOT, think Hitlery is a better person than myself, and My only respect for the Donald is that he is a self made person, not some parasite crawling out of the septic system of politics. (and I believe he wouldn’t try crawling into such except to fix it.   This isn’t a self sacrifice either, He is going to gain something from it, you can bet good money on that.   He doesn’t strike me as the self sacrificing type.)  Nope, the only way to rid ourselves of such is to ignore it.   If you can’t ignore it, SHOOT IT!   The only power that they have over us is threat of force, and if we deliver that right back into their faces, they will fold like the limp noodles they are.  (you can’t enslave a free man, the most you can do is kill him.)  
I know, I am up on my soapbox playing the hypocrite here, preaching one thing and practicing another, so to speak.   Yeah, I am still a wage slave, but my efforts are quickly drawing to an end. One where I can walk away from that rat race and start to spend more, FAR more, time on my needs and less on chasing a quixotic myth called Federal Reserve Notes.  My financial footprint continues to get smaller and smaller the further I get along on building my homestead.  Eventually, I should be able to get that footprint off the mainstream and into the grey economy.    Then I will know as true a freedom as anyone can in this institution called USA.  

I gotta shift topics here.  I keep coming back to that mess called politics and I am sure that some of you think that this is all I think about..  Not true!  I probably only spend an hour a day on it, mostly observing, gathering intel as best as I can and assimilating that intel into what makes sense and what is complete bullshit.   Most of the rest of the time, I am twiddling neurons trying to come up with some better way of building something, or some idea that has been on the back burner and needs stirred up so it doesn’t burn to the bottom of the pan.  
So, what have my neurons been fiddling with this week?  
Wind generators.
Yeah, I have one in the air, and it works, some-days, especially in the winter when the leaves are off the trees.  But it isn’t running 100% even on the best of days and my mind has been over it and over it trying to ‘fix’ the problem. 
Well, the problem isn’t just the hardware, its the location.  When I put up the tower, it was further away from my abode, and my abode was 1/3 the size of current.   Second problem is that it was originally at 36′ but due to design errors (all mine thank you very much!) I had to shorten that tower to 24′  bringing it further into the turbulence zone of the house. 
When you work in automotive there is an axiom that the old guys will tell you when you are trying to build a race car.    Fast, cheap, reliable.  Choose two because you can’t have all three.  With this genny, I forgot that axiom.   I built fast and cheap, and reliable went right out the door.     Now, I am looking at losing one of the first and regaining that reliable.  
I plan on doing this in two ways.   FIRST: a much more reliable tower design.   Triangle truss and a more robust guy-line system.  SECOND:  Moving the tower location further out into the field, and getting into the tops of the trees again.  (not literally.   I just need that altitude.  Nearest tree to it will be 50-60′)   THIRD:  There is a new genset out that is non-cogging.   That means lower start up speeds, and that equates to more efficient.   FOURTH:  and this one is still in the air, Considering going with a Vertical system vs a Horizontal one.   Now I have something more to talk about.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. (VAWT )(think about the turbine vents you see on buildings.   Thats what this idea is.)  VS Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT (don’t laugh!))
Been doing a lot of research on it, and if you look on youtube and its ilk, you will find a lot others have as well.  Kinda.  Sorta like.    What I mean by that is there are about as many designs as there are shade tree engineers, but of all of them, very very few actually put their unit under load for testing.   Yeah, its pretty turning in the breeze at a gazillion RPM, but it doesn’t take a whole boat load of torque to turn free wheeling blades.   Put that thing under a 200 watt load and watch it sit like the paperweight it is.   I  found this out when I originally purchased the Raptor blades.   Worked great until there was an actual load to deliver then the things wouldn’t do squat unless there was a tornado in the area.
Then I started looking at reports and papers from technical schools and what I find is that the big guys won’t touch VAWT because they have already ruled it out as an infrastructure type design.   In four papers I read, all of them wrote the idea off, but only one stated that it is feasible for point use, but not for large scale; IE it is likely an efficient method if you are not trying to power a city with it.  
My needs, being what they are, have to account for mountain winds.   If you have lived in the plains all your life, you may not understand that.   In the mountains, wind is tricky.   One second its blowing up hill, the next, down hill. Then it comes at you sideways, and the trees 40′ in front of you aren’t touched by it.  Part of the problem I have had with my current genny is that turbulent air.   This is part of why I want to run VAWT instead of HAWT,   The vertical doesn’t have to revolve into the wind for the blades to be effective.   (part of this as seen by empirical observation is centripetal force. The blade setup in HAWT  act like a a huge gyro and those do not like to be tweaked, not without forces being redirected somewhere else and at odds to needs.  I am sure you have played with a gyroscope as a kid.  You could feel the resistance when trying to force it sideways off axis.    This is the same effect as felt on a motorcycle wheel at speed.  You want to turn right force the wheel left and the bike leans right and so turns right.  The same thing applies here.)  There is a certain amount of mass and forces tied up in the unit when it is operating, shifting those two means something has to give and since the mass is fixed in nature, the losses happen in the forces. (and no, I can’t show you the math, even though I know it exists. I understand this stuff intuitively.)  The blades are forced to slow down, and that may mean that the whole stops operating if the shift is radical enough.   (and those forces have to go SOMEWHERE as they don’t just evaporate into the aether.   Nope, those forces are transferred into heat (a little,) and vibration (a lot) into the tower itself.  This isn’t a good thing in the long run.)  And there are days where those shifts are radical enough I can watch the whole tower flex around like a noodle, despite the guylines holding it upright. (kinda slowmotion of a guitar string, one half vibrating on the x axis, the other half on the y, and then they swap around.  Thats called a harmonic and harmonics are NOT GOOD for fixed machinery or architecture.   They can build up to dangerous levels and destroy the item in question.)
(and for my readers that know this stuff, I apologize, but there are those that do not.)
SO, by my analysis, the VAWT would benefit me by being able to better access the wind energy, even in the turbulence of the hills, and that should alleviate stresses on the tower as well.   So there is Reliable.   NOW, Cheap or Fast, Choose one.   Well, It ain’t gonna be a race car, so I am going to go with cheap.   I went cheap and fast on the current tower, and it sure ain’t reliable.   Time to get that character back in the fold and do away with the miscreant screwing up the works.  So that leaves me with Cheap.  
But none of this stuff is cheap.   Tower truss (prefab) is outrageous even if it comes with that sheet of paper saying it will hold up under a force 10 hurricane.  The Genset is reasonable, but the VAWT side of that is kinda out there.  R&D being what it is, even by some shade tree engineer/tinkerer, things still cost money and mistakes cost three times more.   SO, staying with the cheap aspect, I have to build it myself, and R&D it myself.   Since much of the R&D is kinda done (blade design, number, etc) I really only need to scale it to what demands I see are needed.   I am not going to be building something the size of a water cooler and expect it to put out a billion joules of energy.  I know better than that.    But that will be later on.  Right now, I need to build a tower, tower base, and set guy-line points on the ground. (concreted in the ground as I think this thing will have a slightly higher wind resistance factor involved than the last)   But I can build the tower truss now.   That is actually the cheapest part of the whole project.

I originally wrote this as a bleg of sorts.   I sat on it for several days before doing this final edit.  Thearticle is valid, the bleg, not so much.   I do not need any of the above to continue my evolution in off grid living.   It would be nice, but,,,,,,     as is, I am going to rebuild and relocate the tower.  Once I am at the point of standing it up, then I will make the decsion of VAWT or HAWT  The easiest part of this being staying with what I have (with a different genset at the heart and that will happen no matter what I use.)  It will give me time to get the shop built where I can use the jigs for making the tower to build the frame to hold a VAWT and I can experiment around with blade design, blade pitch, variable pitch blades, direct drive or geared drive, and be able to mount the whole she-bang in my redneck wind tunnel for testing (in the bed of the pickemup going down the road).
Of course, all of this makes a big assumption about the future.   Heck, I have to go with that assumption right now.   I have done pretty much all I can to prepare for the worst and I can’t sit stagnant awaiting what may or may not come down the road.  I ain’t gettin’ any younger. and if you think about it, designing and building a better moustrap is a further prep for the future.   This may end up being a point of income, or it could just be a one off for little ol me alone.   Depends on how it turns out, and depends on whether or not I can actually get it going.   Many many many variables ‘tween now and then. Like our world slowly doing a summersault with no idea where the landing zone is.  OF the variables I can control, power generation is one of them and I am trying to get as many different options as I can, while at the same time trying to maintain what I have. (and do it all while working a 40+ hour work week, single, and keep the parental unit satisfied that I am not completely off my cams.  Sad to say, I am going on 48 and my dad still rides me like a 13 year old punk, and I don’t even live under his roof!)
Any whoos, Yeah, this started as a bleg, but I changed my mind on that.   To many are in far worse shape than I and if I can’t scrounge what I need, I’ll figure something out.  I always do.

for those interested.
WINDBLUEPOWER     For the gensets I am planning on using in this and other projects.
A real VAWT system that doesn’t blow smoke.
No affiliation with either and I recieve zero compensation from them.   (maybe I should approach some of these places,,,,,,, KIDDING!)

Moving in slow mo




This is the bathroom door in Mi Cabina.  Wood was from a demo of an old house and is of questionable pedigree, may be pine, poplar, or hemlock: who knows.  The center strap is red oak and from the pallets I have been getting from work. 
That latch is the cool part IMO.  All wood, including the spring inside the housing.  I saw that movie about the guy in Alaska and how he built his place and that inspired  me to play here.  The spring is a piece of thin maple, tapered, then set into a slot and wedged tight. It sits passive until the bar is moved.  The bar is two pieces of red oak, shaved smooth for ease of movement, then mortised at right angles. No glue, no pins,  just a good tight fit.  The housing was made with a circular saw, drill, and chisel.  Everything was hand fitted using a knife to scrape off high spots and to smooth things out.
Family members keep joking (?) That I should cut a crescent moon in the door like they did on the old outhouses.  It’s in consideration, but not fixed yet.  It would give it more character but I think the door already has that now.
May have more to share later this weekend.    Talk laters

Political dissent

some of you that I have talked to in meatspace, are aware of one of my political beliefs. For the rest, I will list it.
“If you are after political office, the likelihood of you being fit for it are nil.”
I am going to make an exception for Trump on this one because of his history as a business man and the fact that his main selling point is to fix the fuck up of the last 8 (read 100) years.
Can he do it?   I have my doubts, but not because of Trump in general.  No, My doubts tend to the fact that he is an outsider in the beltway and those that are there are going to stonewall him at every turn out of spite.   He may be able to heckle his way into some of his intentions, but for the most part, both sides are going to treat him as enemy number one.  I just don’t see any other outcome.  
(all of this is assuming that he even gets the nomination. let alone gets elected, which is still up in the air despite his track record thus far.)
All that read this know that I despise HRC (I won’t even type her full name here anymore.)  That evil POS has haunted the hill since Nixon was in office and even then was in trouble for ethics issues.   Her history precedes her quite well, even to having a book written by a secret service agent that served under her husbands tenure as Prez.  
(Note: I really don’t think Bill wants the witch elected.   It would put him back under the microscope again.)
So what is this post really about?   Just wandering thoughts mostly, but in correlation to the last post (that linked book in particular.  You did read it right?) I want to make a slight prognostication here.   IF, a certain Femfatal (intentional misspelling) gets the brass ring she so desperately desires, I think the chasms that are infecting this country are going to blow wide open.   The whole mess will stink of corruption like a cracked septic tank.  Hell, it already does, but at that point, the crud will be leaking to the surface.  I can think of a few people that will blow sky high at that point, and only God knows what that would lead to. 
Lets face some facts.   The shooting war in this country has been pretty one sided for the longest time.  The events in Dallas show that its starting to become a two way range.  The facts that certain types are “above the law” and they don’t care one whit if the peons are angry about it or not, shows that “Rule of Law” is a whithered corpse.   That two way shooting gallery may open up even further.   There may even be some states that choose the day after elections to start the whole secession cycle (depending on outcome of course)  

But then again, there may just be enough apathy for the whole shebang that nothing at all happens no matter what the election outcomes are.

I have said it before, I say it again: “they NEED US, we do not need them.”   I am just feeding that fire of ego by even mentioning them.  SOooo,,,,,,,,,,, with that in mind, I am going to let the ball drop on that for a few posts and try to get back to what is really important in my little world.   Next post I will put up some pics of some changes in “Mi Cabina” .  Little stuff, but one of them is pretty cool IMO.     
Talk at ya’s later.  Voo out.


HRC dodges bullet like Neo from the Matrix

5 cops dead, one lone gunman with a middle name “blowed up” (referent to assassinations here)
And the multiple schlerotic media attempts to shift attention to the horrible racists that “don’t understand”.

Oh, I get it alright, maybe a little TOO well. 
Now, I read that HRC is attempting to align with Bernie as her VP, likely to pick up his followers to clinch the election. 

Gotta say it. 
I have NEVER seen such a transparent disregard for propeity and such naked aggression against the world I grew up in.
The bitch is just flat EVIL.

OK. That rant out of the way, shift gears for a sec. 
Comey:  read some comments elsewhere that, even with death threats hanging over his head, he should have held to his integrity.  Actually, he did.  He stated his case against  her, then said that there is no chance there would be any prosecutors willing to take the case.  He did what he could in his compromised position and put the case out to the court of public opinion.  His way forward was blocked by a bought and paid for Attorney  General, who is THE last and first authority of Law Enforcement. Comey is only an investigator, not an enforcer.
There is only one way out of this for HRC and that is to grab the brass ring.  If Trump wins it, last I heard, there is no statute of limitations on leaking classified docs, just as there is no precedent requiring proof of intent in this situation.
She can’t get a presidential pardon because she was never indicted, only accused, and she can’t fall back on double jeaprody because she never went to court.
Don’t buy the rhetoric, Comey did what he could given the situation and character of those he had to work with.

Back to Dallas,  the blowing up of a shooter leaves me cold.  From all the accounts I have read, he was surrounded, and negotiating, and they sent in a $100,000.00 EOD bot and destroyed both it and the shooter.  Seriously?!?!   What’s the “real back story ” was my first thought, and then I thought about it a little more.  This was cold blooded vengeance.  This guy had single handedly made DPD look weak, killed 5 of their own,  and held SWAT at bay for some time. (And some call the guy a coward for using the same tactics ANY warrior would use against a larger force.  Fart on those fools I say) (second note: media reported that he “executed” a cop.  From released footage, it’s pretty clear that said cop was flanked and killed in a running gun fight.  An execution would have been if said cop was unarmed and held in a submissive stance.  )  None of this is news to me. A lot of our LEO playbook was written back at Ruby Ridge and Waco (first one) the rules of which, LEO’S have even used against their own (Dorner )

Ah but this leads up to where I give you some homework.  I ain’t gonna do all the work for ya, ya gotta learn too. 
Read this little book from 1997. You can download a pdf file at that link. Read it, observe current events, make up your own mind. Look at history and warnings that seemingly everyone ignores (1984, Brave New World, Animal Farm etc etc etc.
And remember one seriously important fact.  COPS ARE PEOPLE TOO! That goes both good and ill.  They are NOT above the law even if they act it. ( HRC is not above the law either and she DOES act like it ) they need to be held accountable for their actions, the same as everyone else.  That is an issue that is growing logarithmicly the last decade or so and across the spectrum of our world.  People are no longer held accountable and the lack of that is showing how thin the veneer of human civilization truly is.

Goin back to work now. Y’all take care (and read that book!)

I think I get it now.

Yeah, still on the whole HRC nonstick issue.
Fact: Comey spent 13 minutes talking about all the wrong doing of HRC and ended with 90 seconds of ” but we ain’t gonna pursue this because no career prosecutor is gonna touch this with your d!€k.” (not verbatim, just the gist )

Now a couple days later he is up to his neck in Congress  critters saying the same thing.

The man is not stupid.  He knows how the corruption on the hill rolls or he wouldn’t be were he is. He has history to guide his choices (Vince Foster, that recent weight lifter from the U.N.) and his boss, Lorretta Lynch, showed where her loyalties were in Phoenix.   

I am reminded of a scene from “the Moon is a harsh mistress ” by Heinlein. The scene is in the Raffles hotel and Manny, Prof, and Wyoh are talking to Mike (sentient computer) about the fink files in his memory. He waffles around the subject, not because he doesn’t want to tell them but because his rules are fixed. He needs to be told the password to open the file. 
Comey  is in Mikes figurative shoes.

I guess at this point, we get to see who is loyal to the party, and who is loyal to their ethics. 
The masks come off and I have to tip my hat to Comey for this round. 

Let it burn in, deep like.


For some of you, I needn’t explain. For the rest, a little background.
I worked in the entertainment industry as a touring and regional sound guy.  One of the clients for the company I worked with was W back in 2004.  I worked closely with and along side Secret Service during these events.  That podium in the foreground in the picture is called “the goose” and it is not JUST a podium.  I don’t know all the details of it but I do know it is armored, has its own road case and does NOT travel on AF1. (Or did not, who the Frick knows now )
There is one other aspect to it. That Seal.  It is removable.  It is to be removed whenever anyone, ANYONE, other than the prez his self  is at that podium.

Ok, OK Dio, get the bloody point would ya!
This image is being propagated for a reason. It ain’t good, and the fact that it is out there tells me oodles about the next 5 months and potentially the next 4-8 years.

John Ross anyone?  Brackens’ trilogy anyone? 
Shits starting to get heavy and I know a few are going silent, just due to that image uptop. 
Bowman seems so apropos right now.


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