Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Long day Tuesday

one of those mind breaking, “puttin’ out fires” kind of day. On a job that was bid for the mere fact that they employ ME. No way in hell would they have touched this job if I weren’t there, and I am not only the fabricator, but the installer on this one as well. Unfortunately, I have found I am building on the foundations of a carpenter that does not know how to read a square or level,,, Makes some of my measurements borderline bullshit, and that makes the rest of them get a might wonky too. Bash to fit and paint to hide has come out more than once, sadly. BUT, the build is solid and there won’t be any escapee doggums from this ‘daycare’ center,,,

Though I did manage to show one of the newbs why they pay me so much more on the hour than they pay him. I wonder where these kids grew up since the ‘tricks’ I use are stuff I picked up at my Da’s elbow over the years,,,, I figured this is redneck country, they should have tricks out the whazoo for ‘making do, making it up, and gettin’ it done’. Guess I was wrong to some extent.

And I got to pull my favorite line on him. him: “how do you know all of this stuff?”

me: “know it? hell dood, I am making this shit up as I go along,,, Try to keep up.” (the tricks are old hash, but the combinations are sometimes quite unique.)

Anywhoos, seems that someone/group did some damage to the underwater sections of the Nordstrom 2 pipeline. And there is quite a bit of the Russiarussiarussia hoopla spilling out over it.

Like VodkamanBad would go out of his way to sabotage his own bank account? Srsly!!! Think for ONE minute about HOW and WHY and you will see that the creepies screaming blood are running cover for someone else. And just how do you initiate a 2.8 explosion that deep underwater? The first thing that came to mind for me was “Depth Charges”. Dunno how much Vlad has in the way of those but I am certain that there are still a few relics laying around in ammo mags in this country. (hell, we were still carting out Willie Pete that had 1950 dates on the crates they were stored in. And that was in early 90’s when I was playing in the mags on Pendleton.). Key point here; Depth charges are NOT something some terrorist are going to go through the trouble of making. This was some STATE job, the only real question is WHICH STATE. I have my thoughts, and they all point in the direction of a swamp, and damaging evidence could be found in certain STATES of Euro bend starting to waffle on the sanctions because they are feeling the cold weather blowing in. What better way to HURT Vlad, AND make sure that your ‘alliance’ feels the pain you intended them to feel. They want us downtrodden and beaten, and that goes for their ‘friends’ and ‘allies’ as well. They WANT the world to crumble and BURN.

It would behoove you to remember, these monkeys are NOT SANE, but they have a lot of power and influence. And they are NOT the faces we see in Media: those are the fall guys when this shit goes sideways on them.

Monday mind dump,,,,

Maybe I have been looked upon as a Simpleton, with no imagination and the social graces of a pampered cat.   The first two are total malarky, and the last is spot on truth given the right occasion.

BUT, when it comes to former relationships, I can assure you that the above description has been applied.  Especially that pampered cat thing (more like a tom in rut, but I digress,,,,)

Apologies, I should step back in my monologue here.

For pleasure (OMG, He’s talking about having ‘FUN’, everybody hide the Knob Creek,,,) I have been re-reading one of my copies of Heinlein.    In this case  JOB: a comedy of Justice.   It’s been near 20 years since I last read it.   And, interestingly enough, it was the book my EX suggested to me (its one of the few Heinlein’s I wouldn’t jump into after reading the back cover,   BUT, it is worth the read.  Interesting ‘twists’ and on second reading, probably one of the Masters better-written mind benders. An arguable point and one subjective to personal opinion, but I won’t go into it here.)

See, when Amy and I first met, I was subjected to a number of tests, and I didn’t realize until just now, finishing the re-read, that this particular book was one of her tests.   I ‘won’ her, not by the read, or some of the tests, but by Skitz, her cat: the paranoid recluse of a schizophrenic cat that ‘won’t come out around ANY strangers’, who made a liar out of her, and curled up in my lap the first time I visited.  (that whole Tomcat in Rut thing, I swear,  Kats sense that shit.)

I can see now, what she was looking for, and I could have told her then and there “I ain’t that”.   Oh well. seven years gone and I learned a ton, toured the US, and made a ton of cash (and have not one dime to show for it, but thats part of that learning cycle I had,,,) and 

I grew up.

Before and during that time, I was still locked in that Mid-twenties hormone sweep, and it took losing literally everything I owned except the shirt on my back, to wake me up to reality.  

Yeah, that was the start of my being red-pilled, though, at the time, it was more like waking up from a psychedelic dream.  And I still call it ‘waking-up’ to reality,,,    It was also the start of my writing ‘career’ (if you want to call it that).  Granted, that part is still growing, and I haven’t thrown that towel in.   Probably couldn’t if I wanted to,,,, Once the writing thing gets its hooks in you, well, You’re hooked,,,   *groan*.  Yeah, that could have been worded better, but its the truth.  You start writng out your thoughts, opinions, what not, then next thing you know, you’re telling vignettes and scenes for fun, and that grows into a damned novel, and, and, and

When Sarah talks about the characters in her head running amok, I know well what she says, though her experience is probably magnitudes of order bigger.   

I have to explain to people at work that I am NOT talking to myself; they are only hearing one half of the conversation with a character in my head.   And good thing I mostly work alone, eh?   And there are days where I have to turn the tunes up loud so that I drown those voices out, or I would get NOTHING done for the J.O.B.,,,  (and one reason I feel that maybe, just maybe, I need to bite the bullet and go full time with the writing thing.  Many a great idea comes to me while at work, then by the time I get to a keyboard,,   POOF!!!   If it weren’t for the environment I work in, I would take the ‘puter to work with me and have it available for those moments.    And No, writing it out manually doesn’t work for me, I type faster,,, and have you seen my chicken scratch handwriting???)

Joel once stated that he realized after the third (???) marriage collapse that ‘maybe the problem was him’.   That was part of my waking up too.   Only married once, but had ‘common law’ relations over a twenty year period, and all failed for ‘reasons’,  and while I can’t say that all of the problems were centered on me,  I can be certain that I lacked something the other half desired and I couldn’t fulfill: Children.   ALL of the ex’s between divorce and now all went on to have lots of kids, and I was the weak link there.    (long story short, I bought the narrative that the world needed less people and ‘fixed’ my end on it. Bad move,,,,)

But I am older now, and my prospects are likely Grans as well, and that makes me a little more of an item.   And I do miss having someone around that has more than ‘mreow’ and ‘kblert’ as their running vocabulary,,,   Now, If I can steer clear of the Krazzeee that I seem to attract,,,  (and that IS all me, I know well.   I just have to be picky as hell,,,  Too far along to spend the next 10 dealing with ‘psycho’…)

Ok, nuff of dredging the past.   On to other things.   “There are no Problems, Just UNSEEN solutions”.  Yowp! about the size of things,,,    Mentioned that I ‘need an expensive vaca’ in my last post.   Didn’t think that I had written in my solution when I pounded those keys.   Went to work today and one of the guys wants me to teach him how to kayak.  Not just paddling, but the rolls too.   WELLLSsssss.   My biggest issue has been lack of ‘support’*, IE, going solo all the time.   Now, dude does not have a kayak of his own, likely doesn’t even have a PFD; but I DO, and this is going to turn into a ‘scratch my back’ thing.   Maybe I do have some bad habits, but I will spot them if I see them developing in someone else, and can correct BOTH of us.  (like not keeping your head down when recovering from a capsize,,,  I know I do that often enough that I have to pay attention to it, and thats from lack of GOOD practice)(another of my ‘issues’ is getting in a damned hurry while underwater,,,  Anxiety kicks in even though I know better. There is a reason the BCA makes their instructors do a ’10 second roll’, and it’s not because 10 seconds is fast,,,).  And who knows, If I am successful at teaching him, maybe I should research getting credentialled for instructor and start doing it locally.   I know of a few longboaters in the area (like two states local, we’re kinda spread thin here’bouts)  and occasionally see queries on Fakebook along the lines of “am I doing this right”,,,,

Anyways, seeing how the world is trying to burn down around our ears, but we still aren’t shooting the bastards yet, I intend on having as much fun as I can while I can.   I figured out that wealth is not all about money, but being able to LIVE on your terms, and yeah, sometimes that costs an arm and a leg,,,

But not always.

* this is not a slam on friends I kayak with.  They have lives too, and I tend to have a bit more freetime seeing how I have an empty nest,,,,     When we can, I JUMP on the chance to paddle with them.  Its just far and few between, especially once the weather turns colder.

Side note two: Just noted when I opened up the editor online, this is my 5700TH post! Hot shit, that’s some writing for a little fish in a big pond,,,, (and that’s only on THIS blog, not the two prior or all of the forum stuff I have done. (and still crumbs to all the writing that Sarah and Francis do,,, Gotta get my game face on now,,)

Gonna need a vaca

Not from blogging, but from work, home, etc.

I need to go someplace where seakayaks are a thing, and get some professional training.

Love the boat, but, its WAY more seakayak than my skills are up to.

And admittedly, going solo does LITTLE TO NOTHING towards inspiring confidence, and sadly, solo is my norm.

She’s fast. Bloody FAST. The top end shown was my normal paddle stroke and its a full 2 mph faster than Blue Jean wih the same stroke. I never pushed hard. The low moving average was because I spent A LOT of time in shallows playing with edging, hip snaps and laybacks trying my damnedest to get comfortable with how Liz feels.(I was on water well over two hours but ‘moving time’ shows 20 sumpin minutes) Better?Yes. Where I need to be? Not even close. The fit is much better with the hip pads in place, but I am still adapting to the whole ‘knees together’ seating. None of my other boats are like that, not even Duh!kee. And its tossing me a hard left turn I haven’t figured out how to negotiate. (I know B: seat time, seat time, seat time,,, whaduya think I’m doing out here. 😆)

Still a barefoot paddler.

I know of a couple places where I can get that training, but ain’t a one ‘close’ Great Lakes area, Charleston SC, Savanah GA, or Floriduh (in your area Big Country,,,) so a vaca would be classes ($$) lodging ($$$$) and loss of income during said time ($$$$$$$$$) So, I has some figurin’ things out to do. If I want this (by gum you frillin’ know it) and I cant get more (supported) seat time locally,,, I will have to seek outside help.

On the upshot, the water was very pleasantly warm today. Downside was the weather didn’t hold and it was pissing down while I loaded up to leave, and I won’t ‘fart around’ if there is no one here to make that call of 9oneone if shit goes sideways.

Experience trumps education everytime, but ya need the education to get experiance sometimes. This is one for me. (And I probably already have some bad habits that need removed, and why I am struggling,,,)

Compromise tinks.

Just sitting here thinking about kayaks,,,

Like you would expect anything else out of me these days, right? (and the sudden shift in weather has me feeling the winter blues creeping in. Its COLD out there,,,)

Well, its not just kayaks, but some philosophical bends as well. Like Chines, Compromises and life in general.
Follow along,,,
Chines, on a kayak allow certain ‘moves’ to be done easier or harder depending on the nature of the chine, and the nature of the move. Hard chines on a long boat make edging easier, but turns a bit more sluggish. Soft chines make edging a little trickier, but turns are smooth as butter. Hard chines on a spud boat allow the boat to carve and slice like a sports car, but can also make the paddler be much more precise in execution. A little too much edge or not enough when peeling out, and you are going to get a dunking.  (the reason for the polarity there is ‘Length’, )
V-hulls make long boats less stable and more stable at the same time. They ‘Feel’ unstable but are able to handle wilder water with less effort. A flatter hull (often called a ‘planing hull’) lets you surf easier, but can really bugger you up when the waves are  abeam or quartering or you are not surfing and trying to punch out through waves. Its all a part of compromises. One gives this, but gives up that, and the end result is less than optimal for all purposes, but very precise for key purposes. Thats why white water boats (especially the creekers and play boats) look completely different from seakayaks. A recent trend for ‘crossover’ boats was all compromise, and the end result was a mushy feeling boat that rarely gets used past ‘floats with friends’ and I have never heard of anyone using them for the stated purpose of the designer: White water and open water runs.

Compromises: Those are what ‘make’ our Republic different. Or should I say MADE our Republic different.
The problem with compromises is like any other less than optimal solution; Over time, they build up and what you end up with is a mushy feeling boat that doesn’t do what the company intended, and the end user feels a touch cheated. When things really reach a head, the end users are of divergent camps (White water or Open water) and the company is at a state where all they want is the money; loyalty be damned.
Just like our current situation at the tail end of 100+ years of compromises. Two broadly stroked factions (socialist/communist vs leavemethefuckalones) and ‘leadership’ that is stoking the fear factors to ram through as many porkbellied scams as they can, to line their coffers before the whole she-bang goes boom.

Much the same as companies that are failing, which get hollowed out from the inside long before they finally collapse; our ‘government’ is showing all the signs of such. The compromises have weakened the original to the point it more resembles a theatrical facade than a functional design; A poorly done facade by 4th graders for an upcoming play. The Money exchanging hands is inflated paper and while the numbers look astounding, the values are meaningless because they have no attachment to reality: only emotion. And the biggest emotion is fear. Fear of losing out. Fear of ‘not being good enough’. Fear of planning for an uncertain future. Negative emotion driving what should be a positive environment. And that emotion is constantly being re-enforced at the trough of Public Media.

Compromises. Shut off the toob, enjoy what you can while you can? Stay plugged in and hope you see the out before everyone else does? Mix it up and stay plugged in two three days a week, then take the rest to unwind?

I dunno; everyone has their own way of dealing with this world. Some just choose to deny it and keep on as if nothing were wrong. And while I think that is foolish, I can’t say that they are wrong either. Maybe we need more to play that role and then reality will fall back in line by the sheer determination of a populace not wanting change. I don’t see that happening, but I can’t say it won’t either. Stranger things have happened in history.

Gorebal warmening can kiss my narrow @$$

Sept 23 2022: first official full day of autumn, a bit chilly but not unseasonable.    House temps after the sun went down were around 60F.  Saw how the kats were burying faces in tails and said “fuggit!” 

First fire of the season.   

Did I need it?  naw, just bundle up like the kittehs and alls good.  Toss an extra blanket or four on the bed: all good.   Close up the house, draw the curtains tight and the temp would have stayed right at that sixty mark all night.   The insulation in my house is good enough that a kerosene lantern would keep it ‘livable’ even if the temps dropped down in the 30’s overnight.  (thats not saying that would work all winter, but it works fine to hold a temp if things aren’t frozen outside.)

All the hoopla about “Climate Change” and “Science says” is boochit.    Its called weather people!!!!   Its cyclic, has more factors applied to it than just us blobby bags of water scooting around the surface of this planet, and will continue to “CHANGE” long after we have made ourselves scarce/extinct/vacated for other planets.   

It’s just like that 400 ton HVAC bolted to some houses these days.  If its running at 50% capacity and can do no better, for whatever reason, your house is going to be cold or hot, in direct relation to whats going on outside.   Well, the planets main furnace has been running a little cold the last few years.   The last time SOL was ‘running hot’ was in 2012, and I remember those days in the Texas outback quite well.   130F in the shade during the day,  winds that would strip you to the bone as the sun went down, followed by nights where you would wake at 3am to find your water bottle with a layer of ice on the surface of the water.  Solar cycles make much more sense about ‘climate change’ than some of the WAGs that I have seen about holes in ozone, greenhouse gasses (which have been debunked repeatedly but still keep making rounds)

Am I a “Climate Change Denier”?   Yup and Nope all at the same time.  I deny that “THE SCIENCE” is right, but I accept that climate CHANGES, because that is obvious to a blind man,,,    It was in the high nineties just a week back, here I am having a fire to keep my house (and kittehs) warm overnight.  Its been changing since I can remember, and NOT FOR THE WARMER, or at least not consistently.   I was 8 or 9 when we had to dig our way out of our house due to snow drifts.  This was in the Greater CIncinnati area.   The next year, I don’t think we had a single snow day.   I recall that summer in Texas as being the scorcher to end all scorchers, then that winter I was in Bloomfield IN and the weather dropped to minus 20 and stayed there for two weeks.   That was the year I installed a woodburner in my RV and it kept me and Voo alive.   We froze a bit, and poor Catahoula Cur that Voo is, with his slngle layer fur,,,  Yeah, He hated that winter. 

The only thing I can see about “Climate Change” hulaballoo is that its designed to move money around and not for the benefit of the frickin climate,,,    “Lets build a bunch of useless windmills, financed by ‘carbon taxes’, that do nothing but add more complexity into an already complex system that is running 130% and hasn’t been updated in 70 years“.  and they have to ‘de-ice’ those blades in the winter using Helo’s, burning more fuel to stay aloft than the windmill will offset in generation,,,    Kinda like driving an electric car, towing a diesel generator to charge the battery: it makes just about as much sense.   Yeah, Green Energy Deal,,,

The only thing green about it is the cash flow for select persons of interest.   

And I recall seeing that the lifespan on one of those blades is measured in single digit years; they aren’t recyclable, and they bury those monstrosities because they don’t deteriorate.    At least the blades on my little wind genny are able to be recycled if they wear out.  (yes, I am ‘green’ for my personal use power needs, and even I keep a gasoline powered back up because I know that weather is NOT going to supply all my needs 24/7.   I have written about how ‘green energy’ needs to be completely localized to be effective and then it only alleviates the loads on the main system, it can not replace it.  Not yet anyway. And not if people continue to take it all for granted at the levels they do. Lifestyle changes will be mandatory, but that’s part of the ‘own nothing and be happy’ that the DAVOS crowd are trying to force feed the world.)

So when someone starts screeching about the Greenland Icecap melting away faster than its growing, I don’t get bent out of shape about how we are all going to burn to a crisp by 2032ish.   These things happen, right?  What no one seems to be asking is, WHY is the cap melting faster?   is there a volcanic caldera building below it?   That would cause such melting, and probably faster than a high sunspot activity would. (and we are in a low Sunspot cycle currently so thats not it.).  And its not a global issue either since there are other caps growing faster than normal,,,    As for the arctic and antarctic caps: they change all the time, and usually quite suddenly.   Seems to me that I read the last iceage came on in less than a 100 years, and lasted several thousand.   Climate change?   Sure was.  And somehow that was the fault of HOOMANS?  How?   Lets be practical here and THINK for fucks sake, okay?  

Oh, but that doesn’t fill the coffers of Poly-tick-ians or Lobbyists, and they MUST keep those coffers growing or,,,

And I honestly feel “thinking”, for some types, is downright painful.


Alright, rant over.    More later after I get some paddle therapy in.

Boring, but productive

So, didn’t go kayaking.  My mind just wasn’t there for it today.  


I didn’t waste the day away: trimmed back my half acre of weeds (read. mowed grass) did quite a bit of straightening up around the house, and cleaned the litter box seeing how its getting to the cold months: The kids don’t really use it much in the summer months, unless they are trapped indoors by Thunderboomers and hydraulic pressure becomes too much.   I used to clean it weekly, until I realized I panning an empty box during the summer months.  Yup, even penned inside the house, they will hold on until the last second as they much prefer the out of doors to do that business.  A settlement I have no issues with,,,

As for that mowing the weeds thing;  gah!!!    Lets see how many allergens we can stir up and cause Dio’s nose to make like a faucet,,, On top of the mold spore issues,,,   

Its been pretty dry this week: had a little rain yesterday morn, but not enough to get the ground wet.  No gaping cracks in the dirt areas, but there are signs of them coming along, (certainly not those leg breakers we would get in Texas.   You could lose a cow in one of those canyons that open up in the summer.), and that made for quite a dusty endeavor; especially since my ‘yard’ is still untamed, grows rocks better than grass (or even weeds for that matter) and where I had no issues last week, suddenly, I am hitting a dirt mound.   Nope, not mole hills, just where one section of ground has settled lower than its surrounding area and the remainder sits proud enough to get clipped by mower blades.  Totally untamed yard.   It will take another twenty years for this ground to settle down.   Old tree roots rotting under ground is the big one, then those pesky rocks that seemingly rise to the surface like breaching whales.    Rock: denser than earth, but rises to the top like a cork in water.  At least that’s how I figure it.   Or, they are semi-intelligent and want a suntan or something: and maybe thats the case, they just operate at a MUCH slower frequency than we do.   Dunno, but might make a good point in a some storyline in the future.   (been done, Star Trek I believe, but copying an idea for a story is NOT plagiarism: if it were, we wouldn’t have anything to read beyond the bible,,,,)(and another book that comes to mind. Which art in HOPE. If you’ve never read it, give Francis some love and do so. Good read with some serious thinking about what a TRUE free enterprise world could look like AND how it could be torn apart by its own people in later books.  No more teasers though: go read.)

Damn!  Mama and Grizz figured out I had the laptop open,,,  They INSIST that this time is THEIRS,,,  Can go hours without a peep from them, but the minute the Mac starts to purr, they demand my attentions.   More laters when I can get them to leave me be,,,

Feelin the pinch in a way

Maybe y’all have noted it too.  Seems very few places are carrying the usual inventory they normally do. Went out this morning to pick up stuff I realized i was missing to finish up the polish job on Lizzy.  Three places to get all of the stuff together, where it should have been located at one.  One had ‘this’ part, but not ‘that’ part.  The second place had ‘that’ part, but not the compound (nor did the first place), so a third place to get the rubbing/polishing compound I needed, and that third place didn’t have either of ‘this’ or ‘that’.  

Is it a sign of our disrupted supply chains?  Or is this a symptom of the ‘Zon take over of retail?   Dunno, but it struck me as odd, especially seeing that the first place is the sole supplier to my cousin that does bodywork.  I guess he orders through them and they deliver it when it arrives, but I am not familiar with how he operates so can’t make that judgement,,,

Empty shelves in every store though, EVERY STORE.   And that is definitely a sign of supply chain disruption.  

Lizzy is all polished up and loaded on Buffalo now.  Ready to hit the lake, just not ‘ready’ to hit the lake.  Kinda just wanna stroll through the day doin’ nuthin’ for once. (reason follows, bear with) 

and its cold out right now.

not that the water is cold, it was a lot warmer than the surrounding air this morning and the fog around the waterways was thick enough to cut with a Semi.  Nearer the river, it was thick enough that headlights were only visible from 100′ or so.  That sort of fog is an accident waiting to happen, if there is an intersection in it.   And when the speed-limit is ‘drive it like ya stole it’, as is normal around here,,, (have noted that most cops these days just wait for the speeder to screw up and then stack up charges against them. )

And I have a slight case of laryngitis kickin’ right now.  Lots of sinus drainage the last week and its taking a toll on my vox-cords.  Not my first rodeo, won’t be my last so long as I live in the Mid-WET, with all its mildew and mold spores floating around.   Good reason I don’t live in the the Pacific North-WET, its even worse there as I found out while touring.    (and why I REALLY want to move south and preferably coastal: never seem to have this problem in those areas.). Kinda don’t want to go out and tempt something worse, buggie-wise.  No need to be bed ridden with the Ills, and I make a craptastic patient.    Would hit the alcohol to kill the bugs, but its not a bug that’s eating me, its allergies, and alky does notta danged thing for that.

After loading up Lizzy, I sat on the eastern side porch soaking up sun-rays, watching Mama and Grizz playing in the yard enjoying all that warmth of fresh non-cloud filtered sunlight.  Grizz is a Ninja, with moves that defy physics.  Mama is just a BRUTE, using her guile to lure him in, then pinning him down and having her way.  Apparently the ‘babies’ she thought she was having have worked out of her system.   Frickin’ hormones drive her, and by default, the boys and I, up a frillin’ wall.  Maybe its time to go have that system ‘fixed’ so that our future is more sedate than it had been the last two weeks.   (not like she can have kittens, but she sure thinks she can and will.)

ON other fronts.   BCE notes that his ‘hit count’ is down dramatically.  I noted about 4 days ago that my counts were showing a serious drop as well.  And unlike BCE, this blog doesn’t see that high of numbers to begin with.  When I see a drop of 60 across the board for several days, even with at least ONE new post a day, I know something is up.   And the curious one is my “DIY Carbon Brush” post: that usually sees at least one hit EVERY SINGLE DAY, hasn’t had a single hit in 5 weeks.   That tells me that Giggles is ‘adapting’ the algorithm to re-direct traffic away from any site even slightly ‘Right of Lenin” (that post mentioned, is my all-time heavy hitter.  It’s well over 5 years old and holds a quarter of my total hits in that time frame.  )

And that fact, that Giggles is ‘fuckin’round’, tells me they are losing, BIG TIME.   As Sarah points out, that window is shifting on them, and they don’t like it much.   Reality is a stone cold bitch and ALWAYS wins.  And their “reality” ain’t real,,,

So, all the talk about canned sunshine/russia/stoopidXi-den/etc, is, IMO Inflated to upset the balance that is developing amongst us THE MAJORITY, THE SANE, and THE RIGHT.   

Fuggem!!!   They wouldn’t know how to keep it straight if the did win, so lets kick their asses to the curb and take back what we need to take back and FIX their shit.   

and maybe we can get stuff back on the shelves again,,,,

Goodbye Summer

Today is ‘officially’ the end of summer, though by sunrise/sunset, there was an eight minute difference between night and day. Not going to pick nits about it, its getting chilly as all get out, outside. Kittehs are bundled in cubbies about the house, letting me know they are not appreciating the shift in the worlds thermostat.

But its not so cold that I want to build a fire, just yet. When the evenings start dropping and staying in the low 40s, then I start the burn cycle: Until then, I dress accordingly. Hoodies are a must, as are long pants. My runnin’ around in shorts days are pretty much at an end until next summer. Chances are there will be a day or two around and about still, but not for long and not frequently,,,,

And that means that I busted out the cold weather kayak-y gear and loaded it into the truck: Dry top, Pogies, neoprene hood, fleece and polypropylene shirts,,, Everything but the wetsuits and wetsuit pants. Those I put on before heading out since they sort of require a bit of privacy to don.

Lizzy is coming along nicely. Still need to buff and polish the hull. One more session of wet sanding with 2000 grit and then polish time. Her hull is silkie smooth right now and starting to show shine from the progressive sanding efforts. The shinier she is now, the better the buff and polish will turn out. And as I was told a long time ago: the smoother the finish, the faster the boat. Been a LONG LONG time since I ran a buffer on gel coat, but some things are never forgotten. It’s not like I am shooting for a race boat in Lizzy, but the easier a boat glides, the less you have to push. And maybe I do want to race her,,, Gotta get some serious seat time in and get my confidence levels built up. And there are a few months between now and when the next races will be to get some conditioning in. (and sock back some entry fees. They started getting expensive the last couple years. First race I ran was a $20 entry fee. the last was $50 and I have seen some as high as $75. And its not like you are shooting for winning a pot or anything,,,)

And I need to get some conditioning in for other reasons. I went to the website of a sea kayaking group. The one the late former owner of Lizzy belonged to. And the KEY requirement of all their paddles was “have condition paddled 3-10 mile laps in the last month”. condition paddling is holding ‘above cruise’ for the entire lap. I have no idea what cruise is for Lizzy, but I have read in several forums, 6 knots. Compared to Blue Jean, whose cruise is 3.5 knots, and I have pushed and held her to that, but not for 10 miles,,, Got a lot of paddling to do to get in shape if I want to play with the Big Kids apparently.

And oh, to have access to BIG LAKES like that group does. They went on Lake Superior two weeks back and had a 7 hour drive for them to get to the ferry they accessed. That would be a 12+ hour drive for me,,,, And from the ferry it was something on the order of 8 miles open water to reach the Island they were camping on. When you are on water in a kayak, at 2 miles, all you see is horizon in all directions. That deck compass doesn’t seem so frivolous in that situation, does it? But that is the paddling I want to do eventually: Long open runs, camping in remote places, days or weeks in length, and NO PHONE.

in the video description, this is unusual weather for that area: glass water is NOT the norm on Lake Superior. That island Is the one the group went to for the weekend and the event was slated for 4 days in their calendar.

So, goodbye summer, but not a goodbye to kayaking for me. Just have to change my ‘fashion’ the same way the world is changing seasons.

Fixin’ Lizzy

at least weather is holding for a bit. Hear its supposed to get witches-teat cold this weekend,,,,

one of those cracked up areas underneath the seat pan. you can see where I started ‘drilling’ before getting the camera out.

Not a perfect match, I didn’t account for the epoxy to darken the pigment.

And all sanded smooth as a babies butt. I have a few more areas that need attention, but the cracked up areas are all taken care of, then its time to sand things smooth and start the polish process. Nothing major, just some rub marks and a couple of small gouges, but since I started this, I figured do it all and do it right. Shame about that pigment not matching though,,, Its not horrid, but you can see the repair more than I would like.

And at the rate I am going, I should be back on water by Saturday,,, (shooting for Friday, but I need to get hours in at the J.O.B. too)

Direction is more important than speed

Unless you are actually in a race, but I digress.

And there are times over the last few years (decade DUDE!, get it right) that I feel like I am just spinning wheels, lots of power to the ground, but no speed, no direction, nothing worth a damn but the smell of burning rubber and lots and lots of noise.

Time to smell the flowers, not burning rubber,,,

I keep looking for my personal map, to offer me a direction worth following.  I have my compass, but a tool without information is a paperweight.

And there are those that keep saying “Find your purpose”.   Yeah, that thing.   I THOUGHT my purpose was to become a teacher, and that got dropped the wayside long time ago.  And seeing how our government has twisted and deformed our education system into the penultimate indoctrination system without teaching a damned thing,,, Prolly for the best that was curbed when it was.

Oh, I still teach, just not everyday, or any one subject, and never to the same people each time.  I have to show newbs how to do their job more times than I care to think about at the J.O.B.,,,  And get frustrated as hell when I see the same damned shit repeated over and over even after being shown a better EASIER way,,, and not just once but several times a week, and sometimes multiple times a day,,,    They give me accolades on how easy it is, then turn around 5 minutes later doing the same shit I tried to correct.   Maybe its that whole muscle memory thing as they disconnect the brain, and in a case or two, never engaged to begin with.


Dunno, lots on my mind today, and some of it is vaguely kayak-y (repairing those cracks on Lizzy.  They aren’t very deep, but I would prefer them to not get deeper.). And the world at large seems to be holding its collective breath waiting for what happens in the U.S. come November.   Will we even have a (s)election cycle?  Will the States themselves hold ACCOUNTABLE (s)elections, curtailing the FRAUD we have been witness to?   Or will THE FRAUD initiate a full blown war, either in this country or world wide (on the verge now) and ‘cancel’ (s)elections?   (and in doing so, kick off the former option, IMO). 

And I know there are others saying that ‘this is the most important election of the century’ crap again.   Mehbe so Virginia, mehbe so.  BUT, then they all are, so long as the propaganda arm keeps manipulating information and skewing public opinion.   Seen the new ads on Fakebook for the ‘false information’ and how to combat it?   LOL.  Thats a quite the feat if your critical thinking skills are lacking: such has been shown by a large portion of the world over the last 2 1/2 years,,,,   And far too many just want to be TOLD what to think, as if they could have a coherent thought past the fleeting emotions they feel.

Damn, I am sounding flat negative today,,,,

Which is odd, because I am NOT feeling negative,,,

Ok, maybe just a little, not so much negative as frustrated with the downturn of hours at work.  Not surprised seeing how inflation is kickin’ everyones ass, but hey, when the hours drop off, my efforts must as well; if they require FRN’s, which is ‘most of them’.  

And that is part of the ‘direction’ thing I am searching for.   I have options for long term income production, and I am working on them, but they don’t pay the “NOW” bills, and that is the only reason I stick with the current gig.    Until such time as I find another,,,

I’m gonna cut it short before I start thinking in circles and convincing myself of the impossible/improbable/insane solutions that sometimes come to mind of a highly imaginative person,,,   (those are what the stories are supposed to be, not reality,,,) 

That, and I have found that THOUGHTS are definitely a contributor to personal reality.  Like wanting a fiberglass boat so damned bad that it was in my every waking thoughts and suddenly not only the boat appears out of nowhere, but the means to acquire it did too,,,   I can’t write that off as complete serendipity due to the strength of my thoughts prior.   Maybe there was some “woo-woo” involved with ghosts of people past (Jim, Mom) but if so, it was my thoughts that attracted them,,,,

I think.    

Hell, I don’t know, but it’s not the first time ‘shit has happened’ when my thinking has been so obsessive.   When things aren’t happening is when my thoughts are disturbed and convoluted, like now, looking for that ‘personal map’,,,,

Guess I had to come down sometime,,,

I HATEZ Mondays.   If I thought it would do any good, this is the one day of the week I would sleep through, given my druthers.

And I have been on a Happy-High since the early weeks of September, as you are all aware.  I guess I had to come back down to earth sometime,,,


Short ass day today at the shop.  And there are times where I am happy I am mostly deaf.   Some of the stuff I “think” bossman said, may have been blurred speech due to mushy eardrums, and I am going to run with that, because if what I thought I heard was actually said,,,,

Hell, I have been quitting that gig frequently for years.  Maybe its time to make the separation more permanent.  Of course that means I need to find some form of replacement income in the meantime.

And hey, short day, I have some time on my hands to do some searches.

Sadly enough, that also means further to drive, because whats available around here isn’t exactly a ‘lateral move’ income-wise.   More of a ‘fall down the stairwell and bounce off the bottom’ sort of move.

Can’t win for losin’.

And, because it IS Monday, I try to take anything and everything with a grain of salt, because if I didn’t, I might be leaving a stack of bodies somewhere.   I HATEZ Mondays,,,,

Doing a small experiment on the glass slalom boat.   Wanting to see if the white pigment I have will work well for gelcoat repairs on the Nordkapp.   If so, I will be fixing those cracked areas.  If not, no loss since its on a boat that is likely ready for the scrap heap, and most definitely NOT worth a full overhaul as it needs.   (you never get out of them what you put in, financially that is.    Thats why they call boats, “Holes in the water that you throw money into.”  And why I prefer kayaks over bigger boats.  I enjoy the heck out of them, and usually break even on resells.)

Funny thing though; I hatez Mondays, and the weather outside mirrors my mood.  Grey cloudy gloom-cast.   Perfect boating weather as it’s still warm, suns not beating you into submission, and the rain looks to be holding off until nightfall (not that rain would stop me, only lightening does that.)   Alas, I am not going to be getting on water this late in the day though, as much as I would prefer to be there.

Ok, I feel a touch better now.  BUT, I still HATEZ Mondays,,,,,

Sunday wind down, wind up for Monday

Monday has to be my least favorite day of the week.  At the J.O.B., its when everyone remembers, as they are loading up for the jobs, just what they forgot to put on my Fab list, and oh yeah, need it RTFN!!!!   So I end up slamming out hours worth of work in less than one, and feel frazzled as all get out for the rest of the day/week,,,,

But today was domestics day, make sure Da’s meds are full up for the week (or he won’t take them.  Heck, he forgets at least one day a week,,  Purt’good for a guy that until a year ago never took meds, at all, rarely took OTC’s for anything other than the occasional headache.).   Made my hip pads but didn’t install them.   I did put them inplace in the nordy while I was out, and yup, BIG improvement in ‘communication’ between us.   I reallyreallyreally need MAD seat time in this boat.    I can edge her just fine while sitting: enough that I can get the skirt in the water, but when we are moving, I struggle.  Don’t believe its the boat in anyway shape or form; thats all me.  Is it lack of control or just ‘outtashape’ and need to work on the muscle groups.   Or is it that I am not used to my knees being so close together?   That probably has a bit to do with it and that can’t be “corrected” in any of my other boats since they are all ‘splayed seats’ with long open keyhole cockpits.  The nordy has that dinky ‘am I gonna fit in that’ ocean cockpit so the knees can be, and with the deck shape, MUST BE closer together.   What that means to me: I need to leave BlueJean and the others at home for awhile and just work with this one until I can develop that edge while moving.  Its critical to turning this boat with its extended keelson/skeg stern.  (and that ocean cockpit is growing on me.  Its a little different getting into it, but the feel is ‘just right’ once you are seated.   And that tiny skirt for it? No way in hell is that getting imploded by a wave unless you are so far over your head in a tempest.  Someplace you shouldn’t be in to begin with.)

But we are starting to communicate now, and that can only be a good thing.   Didn’t feel near as ‘tippy’ as yesterday but the only change was my points of contact: reset the backband for me, and slid in those hip pads.  Now that I know they are what I need, I can make them a part of the seat and that contact should be even better.    

And yes, she is bloody FAST.   Didn’t have the GPS on me, but I can tell.  Dig that GP in and this boat SCOOTS, sweep it and she starts to skim.    Thinking a good buffing and wax job on the gelcoat will make her just a might bit faster too.

Way more boat than I have had in the past, even Serena and Selkie weren’t this smooth.  Duh!k is a close second, but the length makes the difference. (they are the same beam, just 2′ different in length, and about 14″ different in waterline.) 

So on to the name: Nordy is not gonna work.  Seen to many of them referred to in that manner on the UK forums.   BUT, I kinda want to keep to the Brit theme here and with the recent passing of a monarch, thought maybe some variation of Elizabeth would be in order.   Not settled on it yet, but thinking “Lizzy” is the most likely.   And if any Brits find that offensive, let me know that too.  

The biggest thing though,  I really need to build a group here locally to paddle with.   Not sure that is even possible in these hills with rednecks, ridgerunners, and hillbillies.  Was actually told by a local at the lake today “Ain’t never seen a boat like that’un”.   B and T are good to paddle with, but the distance, and life itself, gets in the way of opportunities.  When we can, I JUMP on it, but those times are spread out.  I can usually get on water at least once a week, sometimes two or three, but going solo gets old, and its not the best way to learn new things.  I like having that ‘backup’ of another person around when I want to start pushing my limits to see how far I can go.   Thats what I like about paddling with B: we push each others limits.   I wouldn’t have tried white water if not for him, and he wouldn’t have found he likes ‘long boats’ without me. (and there is always the fact that I wanna move out of this area, but that’s a different point altogether.)

Anywhoos,  enough with the kayak-y stuff.  I don’t have much to talk about in the world at large that I didn’t cover in last evenings post,   Figure things will escalate sooner than later, but when is anyones guess; How is equally in the dark.  

Talk atchay’all more tomorrow

Nordkapp rnd 1

Before I really dive in, let me establish, this post is NOT a negative review,,,

Left out of Bs early, very foggy near any and all water sources.  Cleared up some by the time I made it to ‘My Beach’ on Laurel lake.  Sat for a few, finished my breakfast of a 1.99 heart attack in a sack, then loaded out to the beach.  FYI to Jim and Linda; that skirt fits me perfectly.  I was afraid it was gonna pinch me in two, but it seems a better fit than my J-lo skirt for the ARC, which has proven to be one of the most comfortable skirts I own; Til now. (And it does not leak, not a single drop. As long as its on the lip,,, lol!!!)

Wet exit: only real difference being, lean forward and push off. Anything else will get ya hung up. I had to know what to do if things go inverted and I miss a roll. That whole ‘grabstrap, push, pull’ thing is a wee bit different to, but not horribly so.

Knew immediately I need to spend some bench time on this boat (working on a name though I’ve pegged it to down to three possibles.) My narrow ass slips around far more than it should.   Shoulda known a trial fit with jeans on, was not gonna give me the right message.  I need to work on the backband and hip pads to snug up the cockpit.   The center knee pads work fine, but I am used to a much wider splay on my legs.  That does NOT work so well in this design.  Closer to center and you absolutely MUST use torso rotation or you will not get the full benefit of this boat: its very similar to how you would sit in a surfski, and the paddle stroke is identical. Not being snug, I was unable to get comfortable enough to utilize that twist very well. Hint to others: the boat MUST fit correctly or you will struggle. Hip and knee control is essential and if the hips aren’t making contact,,,

Bilge “Chimp” pump. Works well, but is not in the most stable of locations. Needs must: rafted up with another kayaker or a sponson float on a paddle end to help stablize an unstable swamped boat. Didnt try it while the boat was dry (duh!!!) And probably feels fine then, but swamped,,, oh hell no, get some support or you’re back in the drink!!!

Even so, I can tell, this boat is fast: quick on takeoff, and a higher than average cruise speed, and tracking that demands edging or you will just keep shooting straight.   Exactly as described on several forums.  Waves? Just like BlueJean and Duh!kee; the more the merrier.  Flat water feels unstable and dancing water feels like a walk across plush carpet.

So, the synopsis? My learning curve just recieved a vertical boost and I have some work to do.  And I cut my water time short so I wouldn’t create any bad habits. I only spent enough time to get a feel for what needs adjusted: the learning curve starts when that is done.  (And I need a cart to get to the waters I use,,   She’s lighter than BJ, but more likely to get out of hand if winds are blowing.  BJs cart doesn’t want to work with this one.

Not home,

But with extended fams.  Stopped at Bs to drop off some stuff I made for him, and yeah, maybe just a little to show off the new to me kayak.

And lookin’ like I ain’t leavin’ tonight.  Third beer in an hour and feeling quite relaxed.   Considering I just drove 600+miles on a friday in a section of country where the Friday speedlimit is “drive it like ya stole it”   Hell, even my GPS couldn’t calculate ETAs correctly,,,   

Did Indianapolis to Somerset KY in 4 1/2 hours.  (Don’t bother copper, this site is an alias with no tax record: piss off!!!)  And I was still being passed like crazeee.  Especially near any city like Cincy or Lex,,, 

And Who in Gods Green Earth thought making a Lamborghini SUV was a good idea?!?!?!  That poor soccer mom in a sports badged monster was a detriment to traffic flow.  From a 1/4 mile back it looked like Moses parting the Red Sea and that poor white knuckled mama was about to have a serious accident all over those fine Italian Leather seats.

More money than sense I guess,,,,

And of course selling a name, not necessarily a product,,,

Tomorrow is a water day for me and I will post about it but right now, its time to enjoy the wrap up of a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Dio,,,,

More laters.

Note: its late in the day, no word at BCEs place. Anyone in the know? Just message a thumb up or down so this Blogger ain’t a worryin’.

Clocks a tickin’

One more full day at work (fingers crossed, could use the hours,) and then its FRIDAY!!! and I get to go pickup my Nordkapp!!!! Whooohooooo!

I mentioned in a previous post that I feel I need to make good on the promise I have been given by the spirits of the world. That promise is to learn to do these things.

Now, I do have a roll, but as you can see in the above, ONE roll is not all there is. At the two minute mark, he starts doing sculling braces and laybacks, and those are the level I want to be at. I ain’t there, yet. BUT, is that a matter of a better boat, or is that just lack of seat time? I say both, but,,,

I have been getting stronger on my edge control, and I am hoping that everything I have been learning about the Nordkapp proves true. IE, its not a beginners boat, and it will push the envelope of your comfort, but will reward you when you need it most. I once told C, a femme Kayaky friend, that I wanted to take my tippier boat when we did a float, and she about flipped! “why tippier?!?!” . Because you don’t learn good technique in a boat so stable that it responds like a cork. That boat was Duh!kee, and as I was reminded in a past weekend, I hit the nail with her ‘liveliness’: she’s quirky and maybe a little vindictive of poor technique. She is the first boat I capsized in rough weather, and she did so so fast, I came up the other side as the word “SHIT!” was leaving my mouth. If I had any clue on rolling at that time, I would have been in a stable position to ‘finish’ the roll. My biggest problem with Duh!k is she is a shoe thief, and she isn’t very comfortable. Those ribs that make up her shape are the thieves of shoes and why I started paddling barefoot, even in winter. The seat problem has more to do with my skinny ass and I can’t add padding without making her even more tippy; like, uncontrollably tippy. Trust me, I tried, and that’s why she ended up being the wallflower for three years. I will keep her for races since I am moving so much in a race, my butt doesn’t stay in one place very long, but for the other stuff I want to learn, I will take that to another boat.

The Nordkapp.

This is THE Nordkapp I am picking up

and that clock to pickup is ticking and I am feeling anxious to get her.

BUT, thats not the only clock ticking.

BCE has court (Sept 15th) to get custody of Adrian back. Not sure what the details are and I am sure I don’t need to know, BUT, I do know the type of person that mothered her, and she does NOT need to be in that situation. I am sending as many positive thoughts his way as I can, hoping that things work out for them in a very positive manner.

The clock is ticking around the world, and we don’t know the way the wind is gonna blow when it gets up to speed. Will it be financial meltdown on a world scale? Will it be some Nuclear Power getting its panties in a wad and tossing canned sunshine ‘just cuz’? Or will it be more localized at our Federal level and the Deep State drops all the masks and starts trying to round up ‘Extremist MAGA peeps’? Dunno. Just trying to watch the events unfold as they do and see if anything shows a pattern. Personally, I think when it starts to unfold, its going to open up like a parachute pulled at full speed. And even having a finger on the pulse of things won’t be enough to keep you from being broadsided by it. BUT, having preps in place and having some sort of plan for when things go sideways will make recovering from that broadside that much easier. (and one of those plans should be ‘what If it goes down when I am NOT AT HOME?)
“It can’t happen here” is a denial, and one that has been proven fatal by history. It has happened here, it will happen here again. What “It” is, doesn’t matter: we have had concentration camps. We have had genocides. We have had Hoards wiping out swaths of countryside (Shermans march to the ocean,,,). Being prepared and having back up plans is not a solution, but its sure as shit a better game plan than “HOPE”. Gotta live to see the other side, or there isn’t much point, is there?

And hopefully it will be as quick as that first capsize of Duh!kee, and by the time we are all done saying “SHIT!” it will be over and we can start the clean up.

Yeah, I said ‘hopefully’, but I ain’t holding my breath.

Bleg-a-prayer-good wishes post

Not for me. I’m collecting all the good mojo left from my recent events and sending it along.

This is for Big Country and Wifey and Adrian.

If ya pray, send up to the BigGuy for well wishes in their endeavors.

If ya dont pray. Imagine in your head the Big dude Wifey and little Adrian cruising home to Floriduh singing happy songs.

And to BCE: ya might wanna look at the KY/VA/TN area if your digging on where ya at now. Only down side different from there: Rock. Hard as diamond rock 3″ below the surface. That ol-timers made a livin’ farming here blows me away.

Not denial

Some may think with my plethora of Kayak-y posts, that I am in denial about the state of the world.  Not at all.   I have been here at this soapbox since 2012, and this is my third blog site.  The other two are still ‘up’, just not used anymore.  (one was blogger, and so far as I know has not been deleted by it,,,). Since 2008 I have been on the soapbox and often yelling at the top of my lungs.  

The throat gets a bit tired of that shit.

What all this kayak-y stuff is, could be called ‘escapism’, but I like to think of it as “I’m gonna have some fun while I still can”.   I have been at this since 2008 and the difference I have made can be measured by farting on your hand: it would carry about as much weight in the world.  Maybe I have made a difference for some individuals, but on the broader scale,,, 

Yeah, so what, right?   and I know it.   Don’t care, this is more a way for me to vent pressures so that I don’t become one of those statistics of “gone postal, suicide by cop”.    

Never expected it to take some of the turns it has (published books) or that I would be tagged on occasion by some other, much better read blogger.   Never have been picked up by a national, (sigh of relief, Don’t want that level of notoriety)

I just talk, and if you listen, good’nuff.   Comments are WANTED, but hey, even a like is good enough feedback.  (I note they no longer have a rating button, just ‘like’.   dunno why that is.  Maybe I need to find a pluggin of that nature.). Feed back is appreciated, and while I prefer it, I don’t need it,   I’m gonna be here talking one way or the other.   I need the vent,,,

And I need the water time, so y’all have to deal with me goin’ on about that stuff too.

I used to have much more about going off-grid, doing serious stuff with molten metal, machine shop blues and woes, and Whoa’s!!!, and still may in the future, if our future holds on a bit longer.  Even assuming I am around to see it,,,   You never know, I may drop dead tomorrow morning from some case of sumpin’ or nudder,,,   Likely not Arkan-cide, since I have nothing on that group that most with a finger on the pulse of poly-ticks don’t already know.   But ya never know,,,  Thats part of why I need the water time.   I want to ENJOY A LIFE, before they remove all options on such.  

And that they are making every inroad to do so should be obvious to all, except those that are still at the kool-aid fountain.

And there are times, where I have to be reminded to ‘let go and enjoy’.   This past weekend was as subtle as a two-by-four to the head of the “kick back and enjoy”, and no one had to force the issue.  In fact, there were some times I had to be nudged back into reality.  My mind was all over the ‘happy place’ and a firm “HEY, Dio!!!” was needed to pull me back down to earth.    

Maybe that says more about B, T, and Bub’s company than my mental situation: that I get that relaxed around them.   Certainly, there was some alcohol involved, but NOT THAT MUCH.  Never got stinking falling on my face annihilated, and was quick to find food or shut the flow off if I felt too much of headchange.

And I have 48 hours of being chained to the wheel until I can cut loose and go retrieve a new to me kayak.

Sorry, Mama-kat is pestering me, so if I stray, its her fault.

Where was I???   

Kayaks, world falling down, denial/escapism/fugitall live life,,,  Yeah.   Seeing how the spirits of the world coalesced and made my little kayak-y world a bit more interesting, I think it behooves me to master as much of that as I can.  Show those spirits they made a good choice.  The weather is supposed to be near summer like during the day on Saturday, and I think I need to spend as much of that day on the lake with my new friend getting to know each other intimately.   Not just paddling, but sitting in the shallows and getting stupid with paddle and float.  And seeing that this one is an ocean cockpit*, do some wet exits, first without skirt to make sure I can clear the coaming without trouble, then with the skirt so that I know just how different a glass boat is compared to the rotomold ones. (I do know the coaming on a glass boat is much better at holding the skirt in place.   A rotomold boat you can usually ‘pop’ the skirt with a knee or just grabbing the loop and pulling wildly: glassboats are harder, and with reason.)

But I haven’t turned my back on the world.  Just have nothing to say about the clownshow that predominates now.   Seriously, I don’t think there is one writer on this plane of existence that could write the script of the shit-show we see these days.  And if there is one, they are likely so far gone in their own mind, that there is no coming back from that ledge.

And there are so many actors on the stage, that the dialogue is a cacophony; no coherence to anything.

So, I work on my enjoying life, trying to hold those that I have found worth holding, as close as I can, and just hold on to the days as I am permitted them.  Some day, yah, the AUTHOR is going to write me out of the script; no one gets out alive, right?   But until then, here I stand, I can do no other.

* Cockpit designs are of several types and the name “ocean cockpit” is misleading to new paddlers.  its MUCH smaller than a keyhole cockpit and requires some contortions to get into depending on your leg size.  It’s smaller so that when on the ocean, there is less chance of water invading the boat since its a smaller hole, and less surface on the deck of the skirt to avoid implosions under wave forces.   As for the difference in coamings: in a rotomold or blowmolded boat (like ALL Prijon’s) the lip is roughly 1/2″ thick and well rounded.  On a glass boat, its the thickness of the glass making up the boat, almost a knife edge, and it bites the skirt material much better.  Where a well placed knee can pop the skirt on a plastic boat, to pop the skirt on a glass boat requires you to ‘push-pull’ the loop, and anything less will not do.   That is how Selkie is, and her coaming lip is not rounded (other than to get rid of anything that will cause premature wear on the skirt)

The struggle of anticipation

Man, when you have a ramp up in anticipation, time slows ddoooowwwwwwnnnnnnn,,,,

Y’all know I’m slotted to pick up a 38yo new to me kayak this week and that anticipaion has nearly stopped my personal clocks. And adding to it, B did me a huge favor and bought landing pads for my rack: so my new boat has a throne to ride in versus that ‘icky foam’ that was my option prior to making a seat for her. Highly appreciated, but don’t play poker with dude,,, I had no clue he had done it, and the discussion came up several times with not a peep or hint,,,,

Usually when ‘the waiting game’ is the order of the day/week, I immerse myself in make work or hobbies or sumpin. This week started off with ‘hurry up n wait’, waiting for measurements to a project and nothing to fill the gap. Yesterday seemed to last an interminable length. Told B that I’ll be borderline schizophrenic by friday at this rate.

And maybe thats some of whats going on the world at large: we’re anticipating “something”, and while our desire for something particular is high, our confidence towards that, is low. Far too many variables and bad actors out there to lock in the good.

And then time crawls,,,,

And minds go ‘Bbzzzzttttt’ in overload.


At least I know I’m getting the boat. What the world at large is getting remains to be seen. And it may take longer than a ‘few days’ time unlike my current anticipation.

Monday and back at it

I was going to post yesterday after my initial post, then decided, in memoriam of those that didn’t make it through that horrible day, I would leave things be.

And I was busy as heck getting things done around the house and dealing with four four-feets that had been feeling abandoned over the previous three days. *eyeroll*.  (they had food and water, but my Unc doesn’t really spend any time with them, and they were attention starved.)

And I have 96 hours before I take a roadtrip to pick up another deal of a lifetime kayak,,,,    Feeling just a touch itchy; like a kid at Christmas,,,

B and I had some good paddle time, in the rain, on the lake on Saturday.  Both of us in longs, He in Selkie, self in BlueJean.  We had 5 paddles between us, three I made, one he made and my carbon-fiber greenland.   I brought the Aleutian paddle I made, that I wasn’t real keen on and let B use it:  It is now his.  After the initial flutter mania of a new paddle, he dropped right in with it and I was doing all I could to keep up with his powerstrokes that he is infamous for.   (doesn’t help that he was in Selkie; that boat is quite a bit faster than Blue Jean.). Even with the ‘race paddle’, I was pulling hard to keep up with him when he found his stride.   I have some learning (unlearning) to do too.  I was able to keep up better when I stopped trying to ‘pull’ and started using my abdomen and ‘sweeping’ the paddle, but its harder in a boat that starts getting squirrelly the closer she gets to hull speed.   Since the Nordkapp has a much better defined keel/permanent skeg, it will track better and that stroke will need to be refined on my end. (and I can’t wait to get my narrow butt into it. BTW, the boat is 38 years old, and looks like she was just on the showroom floor.) As is, I felt like I had done a thousand crunches that night (gee, wonder why? >Sarc<) and thats not a bad thing, but I certainly am not in the shape I need to be if I want to race boats.

We both played with the Storm paddle.  Its a shortened version of the Greenland, almost no loom and you use a sliding stroke side to side to use it.  You literally slide the paddle from one hand to the other and grab the paddle end on your ‘offside’ stroke as the push side. Its VERY different, but once you get a feel for, not that much different from a fullsized GP in speed.   

Neither of us did any rolling.   Just not in the mood I guess.  I certainly wasn’t.   Just wanted to get out and stretch the muscles and get some seat time in, on water with good company. (and the rain was an added bonus though it didn’t last long.)

And the conversations we had, All of us,,,, Lots of laughter,,,  Always the best medicine.

I so needed this weekend, and yeah, I will admit it, THIS was the best birthday weekend that I have had in over 20 years.   They are usually on the lonely side and this one was not.   And I can’t articulate the words for how grateful I am for that.

All I can say: when you find good people, HOLD ON TO THEM.   

21 years,,,

9-11 is legal drinking age today.

Its cracking dawn now. Sitting here tapping this put out on the ditz-phone. I’ve already broke down my part of camp and am loaded up ready to roll.

And then it hit me what today is. Today was the beginning of TEOTWAWKI 21 years ago. I haven’t flown since 2006 when EX n I went to New Mexico and had half of our hiking gear stolen by TSA baggage handlers: “those items were considered weapons” was the excuse, in stowed baggage, away from all access by passengers,,,,, yeah,,, and I’m the flipping Pope!

And that was the easy part of all this. We then had 8 years of ‘The ONE”, A slight reprieve under ‘OrangemanBad’, and here we are being ‘led’ by a meat puppet with no brain,,,,


We aren’t as bad off as they WANT us to be. They want the widgets to do their bidding, eat the bugs, own nothing and be happy happy happy happy,,,

But we don’t comply, and it bugs the hell outta’em. We voted in Trump when the steal was so set they ‘knew’ Killary couldn’t lose. They had to game and rig the system to make sure ‘OMB’ didnt get a second term and STILL had to steal the show in the middle of the night, because we didn’t comply,

Here I am, at a campsite, enjoying life, friends, mama-nature, and waterlife, and ignoring the Kabuki theater. I may be reminiscing of times past, but what they do now, FUGGEM!!!!

They shred all symbolism of ‘Legitimate ‘ and they don’t adhere to the oath EVERY PUBLIC OFFICIAL swears to: support and defend the Constitution.

Oath breakers, every one.

Lower than petty thieves IMO. Even the shady used car dealer has more of my respect.

Their ill-gotten weatlh through grift and graft means nothing to me for respect; on the contrary, it shows inversely how much I should despise those shits, since it was literally stolen from the very people that DO make this country what it is.

I’ll have more up later after I get home and take care the domestic stuff. I have some fish-funky paddling clothes that need serious attention by a washing machine. Y’all take care today and spend a moment reflecting on that tragedy that was a turning point in our world.


Hi Sasha

Thats Bs (one of two) great dane. Came back from the showers this morn and she was all over me sniffin-snufflin getting to know me again.

Very very quiet here at the rv park. In fact, its eerie how quiet it is. My personal theory is its economic. The last two years never showed this down slope here, but there are far more empty sites than usual. (And of the ones ‘occupied’ the camper is here for the season, not necessarily its owner.)

And the lake is not seeing the usual level of boat traffic. Saw two bassboats and a couple cabin cruisers yesterday, a pontoon, but the usual up this tributary is a lot heavier, and thats not this weekend.

One more symptom of Bidenitus?

Gonna get worse yet, me thinks.

Winters pool

Winters pool on Lake Cumberland. Where’d the water go?!?!?

Still gonna go paddlin’ just have to hump a bit further from he campsite to get to it.

In July

Just as comparison. Thats about eight feet level difference. Over the entire lake area, I can’t even get my wee head around hat number. Wrote ‘trillions of gallons’ and my hind brain said ‘too small, its more than that!’,,,

More later


Damn, an entire day just swept past me in a whirlwind.

I has a good excuse. Sorta, kinda like. I had a birthday, and by God, one of my best by far in a decade or more.

And I even went and did 8 hrs at the J.O.B.

And towards the end of the day found out that Jolly Ol England had a power change over. Y’all enjoy King Charlie and his Gorbalwarmening schtick. Not that you have to worry about him pulling stoopid shit like in the old days before Parliment or anything. Nice to have the power source sequestered behind walls I guess.

And I am at the lake for the next 48hrs or so. Campout wknd. B n I sat talking till the dogs begged to go to bed. It all the topics from ol work shenanigans to kayak philosophy. The formal apology for blowing up on him a few weeks back has been made and in person.

Back to the sack for me. Posting may be sporadic due to where I am and the fact that this is a celebratory weekend for me. I will try though. (And I just watched a Doe and her twin fawns meander by like a silly Hooman tapping out a post on a phone is normal. They know they are conpletely safe in this area.)

Gone fishin’

Long hot one, taking the night off the blog

May have a helluva story soon, but can’t drop hints just yet; don’t wanna scare the deal.