Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


DIY Carbon brush revisit

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“Lack of” ain’t the problem

Water that is.  

We get more than enough throughout the year, the problem becomes more, how to keep things dry.  I am not certain about numbers, but have heard that this area is only an inch or so shy of being considered a rain forest area.  Keeping things dry becomes very important in such an area.  I have personally seen where water was so prevalent that it leeched the treatment out of treated lumber causing it to rot within a year of installation.

Ambient humidity like swampland. Mists that appear in hollows thick as smoke  (smokey mountains? Duh! ) (actually 100 miles apx north but close enough). Intermittent springs that pop up immediately after storms, spewing water a foot or two in the air.  And those ‘travel’ , sometimes at this point next time 10 feet away, or not at all, unpredictably.

Earlier this year, I had one of those springs develop UNDER my house.  We ended up digging a 6′ trench around the uphill side and installed 4″ drainage and a thick layer of three inch crushed stone in an attempt to reroute it.  In digging, we found that my house is located on top of a huge sheet of clay about 2’down.  The surface water coming down hill, accumulates on that clay and starts looking for easier channels out.  When you get a couple of inches of rain dropped on you in a short amount of time, that water builds up fast and  will find a way out.  That one time, it found a way out under my house, and made one helluva mess.  Luckily I didn’t get a bad problem with that spring.  Some damp wood, but it has dryed out since we put the drainage in.  Nothing warped that I  can see.  The situation could have been much much worse.  

Its not a bad thing to have too much water I guess, but it does require a certain amount of adjustment.  Keeping materials dry requires more thought and preparation.  Things like blackpowder, brake fluid, and even alcohol, are hydroscopic: They absorb moisture right out of the air.  Considering I don’t have any climate control in my home, I have to take extra steps in storing these items.  Even keeping guns clean can be ‘interesting’.  I found CLP is a no-no here because it absorbs moisture, causing the iron parts to rust.  Instead, I have to spray the parts down with brake cleaner after I clean them properly, then spray them with a silicon lube.  I use graphite for the sliding parts and everything seems to work alright. (Miserly note: buy 5b art pencils at office depot. Cheaper by far than spray graphite tubes.)

Heres something that the ‘Nam vets will probably recall as well.  Keeping your feet dry.  I haven’t had any issues, but one of the kids where I work ended up with a case of foot rot from wet feet.  Nasty.  There are other areas where that can be an issue too. Crotch, arm pits, as well as the hindside crack.  

Yah, ‘lack of’ isn’t the problem.


One reason I have been quiet of late is due to really covering the blogosphere for impressions of the state of the world.  

Man, it is getting ugly out there.  Divisions started by the Lame stream are really starting to look like crevasses, and in some areas, canyons.  

Racially, I am neutral: dont give two shits about your skin color, so long as you are intelligent, hardworking, and believe in meritocracy.  That whole character above color thing.  And I know many of you have met that ‘white trash’ that is just as disreputable and uncouth as any ghetto trash.  It isnt strictly regulated to blacks.  I have met gangers of all stripes, and all of were worth my efforts of avoidance.  Having been around the country, going to schools in Arizona and Ohio, I managed to get a pretty good feel for character assessment through observation without interaction.  One of the schools in AZ I attended was 95% hispanic 1% (closer to .5%) black with remainder being white.  There were 7 of us white kids.  The one black kid that actually came to school hung out with us white folk as he was REALLY hated by the hispanics.  It wasn’t safe for him even then, but at least he had witnesses that would back him. And we had to on a couple of occasions, as well as hold the line while advancing to the rear.  Outnumbered always, we never started shit, but we learned early on how to finish it, and tacticly removed ourselves from more at the same time.  

I was eleven then.  Think about that.  Not just the age, but the years since and ” how far we’ve come” in our ‘Liberal society’.

At that time, getting an education was secondary to surviving to get home.  I wouldn’t take my books home with me because they slowed me down. I wouldn’t walk the same way twice, and never ‘shortcuts’ through alleys.  Only main roads where, if somehow I did get cornered alone, I at least had room and a chance to make a break for it.  Yeah, run like hell, cuz chances are, you were about to get piled on by at least four.  They never came at you by themselves, singly, only in groups.

But I don’t  profile hispanics anymore than I do blacks.  Those kids grew up, same as me, and that meant more than a few became adults as well.  There are some, not just hispanic, black, yellow, whatever, that don’t grow up.  They are the ones that give the ‘rep’ of ghetto, gangsta, thug, whatnot, that tends to color perception.  There are a few white folk, even around the hills where I live, that act like they are the “typical ghetto thug”  so it isn’t “just blacks”.

Is there a disparity in ratio of black thug to white thug or hispanic thug?  Hell yes!  I may have a different racial perspective, but I am not blind.  I realize that, more often than not, that thuggy shit is directly associated with welfare.  In every situation I have been witness to, the late teen thug that didn’t grow out that shit was supported by the state/county/whatever system and more often than not did not have a father at home, or if they did (rare), the father was just as much a thug.  Moms are wonderful things, but a Dad is needed.  And supporting people the way our system has over the last 50ish years is NOT helping.  It feeds the problem further.  All you need for proof of that is to watch the utube vids of bragging welfare moms discussing how much they earn for popping babies out.  Those kids are nothing but a monthly check to those women, and that trickles down to yet another broken homo sapien in need of support by the system, cradle to grave.  Note, I said homo sapien, not Human.  The thugs are far more animal and don’t rate human status in my book. (Watch a pack of feral dogs, then observe a Saturday night on any corner in Chicago or Detroit. Other than how many feet they have on the ground, the similarities are astounding.)

Thats the meat of where the ugliness has birthed, but not the why of it.  The ugliness I have been reading is reaching levels and content that remind me of earlier KKK days.  And its not limited to whites, I am seeing it in spheres of other races as well.  

There will be no going back if this continues at its current pace. That guy that predicted the Balkinization of CONUS may have been quite conservative in his predictions.  

Most people won’t see the things I am discussing here.  They tend to stay in their little enclaves of society, places where the thugs aren’t likely to visit.  The media blatantly gloss over these things and if they do report on it, spin the words to avoid being labeled racist.  

I may not be ‘racial’ in the normal regard, but with current trends, I have modified my stance some.  I have fast become the separatist.  I stay away from all non-white race areas and am wary of any non-whites I don’t recognize in the areas I do frequent.  (There’s a black guy that eats at the same diner as I do and he is not a thug by any means.  He dresses well, and on Sundays comes in with his wife and daughter, dressed to the nines for church.  No issues with him at all.)  

So, am I prejudiced?  

Yupp.  But prejudice is not ‘racist’.  It literally means “pre-judged”, nothing else. I don’t even trust many of the whites if they dress like street trash.  Color aside, if someone is dressed decently, doesn’t smell like a dog or like a dog with half a bottle of cologne on, and is acting civily, they have a chance to prove they are decent.  If they drop any one of the above criteria, they will be treated as such until proving themselves otherwise.  (I know there are days where I know I am going to trash the clothes I’m wearing so don’t wear anything nice.  At least I try to not smell bad, and not by drowning a stink in cologne.  I expect that others do similar when the situation calls for it.) And if they ‘strut’ or whatever that silly ass street swagger is called, I go code red and watch for trouble.  Color doesn’t mean a damned thing as we have more than a few white trouble makers around here that act the same as the black thugs I encountered in Cincy. 

Heinlein said in one of his books (“Friday”, my first introduction to Heinlein) that the first sign of a dying society was personal rudeness.  Treating people badly as first choice.  We are at the stage where even those ‘raised better’ are starting with rudeness, before polity.  Example being one such as I have stated in prejudicial stance. (I’m no hypocrit, I admit my fallacy) .  Also, the state of public restrooms is a symptom but one that is readily seen.  You might note that in higher income areas, the public restrooms are pretty decent, but that level starts to fall as the income level, and even gets to the point of non-existence because proprietors aren’t willing to clean up after animals or make constant repairs on facilities. (And have you seen the prices on plumbing fixtures? Even doing repairs themselves, that costs! Add in hiring a plumber, astronomical! I can’t blame them for keeping the toilets locked up.)

Ugly divisions between and even within groups.  Lack of common language  (I don’t speak ebonics, or any of the other slanged bastardized variants of English common in inner cities.) No common principles. (And many without basic principles!)  Religious factions at odds with other factions (Christian vs the Mohammadem.(which really isnt a religion but a political ideaology wrapped in vague religious trappings))(and this area is growing no thanks to an electorate playing silly ass games with population for personal gain.) The list just keeps getting longer, and the divisions wider.

I hate the facts, but I won’t ignore them.  I just bide my time, prepping, hoping, trying to teach some of this stuff to any that are actually listening.  

K, enough of this tonight.  Y’all take it easy ‘n keep your eyes open.


Post Theatrical Sound Disorder 😊

There is a county fair going on down in the Valley.  I was sitting on the porch this afternoon and the wind was just right, and those (in)famous words drifted up to my house; “check one-two, check” . Shortly followed by a rythmic ‘booom,  boooom,  booooom’  

Ah, the sweet sounds of sound check. I could almost feel the faders under my fingers, the headset over one ear,  and one eye on the VU meters.  I vicariously reached out and cued my mic and asked for the snare, and up the hollar came the sound “Thwack!  Thwack! ” and I could hear the sound guy dialing in the reverb.   Shortly thereafter came the sounds of the bass player, and I could “see” exactly how the sound guy had laid out his board, what instruments, on what channel, and other than knowing how many vocals; knew I could run that show, point blank, and have everything dialed in during the first song.

I swear, that was absolutely the BEST job I have ever had.  Like any job, there were ups, downs,  good people bad people, good shows and shows you’d wish to never remember, but all in all, I absolutely loved what I did.

But it is not a job for getting old in.  Ears go.  Knees go.  And the endless travel is really more for the young n restless than a 50 sumpin with a lingering case of tinnitus.  But I has my memory, and days like today, I am right back there, pushing faders and feeling the blood pumping as the energy of it all blasts the air around me.  I may not have made the music, but I was as intergral to the show as the band on the stage.  And I was the one that mixed it right or mixed it up, and audience response told the band if I got it right.  It was (is) a feedback loop, and in some ways, quite addictive.  

Gotta say it.


Words have meanings

And placement can change them.  

Example: “I am allowed to do that, am I not?”  Vs.  “Am I not allowed to do that?’

Two questions, with similar or outright same wording, and yet two different meanings.

Reading some articles written today, I question the literacy of many in the MSM.  Even more so, I question their editors literacy.  

Granted, I occasionally get loose with my language here, and oftimes quite loose with the colloquialisms, but, the paycheck to me($zero), signed by me(Still  $zero’s), and my editor  (paid in kibble) determine that I get free reign over my writings.  Yes, the editor is thoroughly bribed and quite loyally ignores my double negatives, split infinitives, and my blatant use of the word “ain’t”.  (Aint, aint a word an I aint gonna use it!  Recall that little ditty of a bygone era?)

It works for my style. 

Whereas, those ‘journalist’ are making some serious lucre to turn out stuff my freshman english teacher would have vomited on.

Sad. It truly is.

Anywhoos, thats my passing thought for the day, I felt I should share.

Out n about

Headed ‘home’ for the weekend, kind of a working weekend actually, so I won’t be available for chats n such.  Wanted to go ahead and wish my respective Dad readers an early “Happy Dad’s Day” and will be back with something soon, I hope,,,

Sorry for lack of posting recently, but I have pretty much ran out of things to say and motivation to keep singing the same old tunes.  Maybe, dunno.  (Can’tcha just feel the vibrant ecstasy in my writing 😆)

Is it getting hot?

Guy, known lefty, older type, went ballistic.  IF the media is right. It seems strange to me that in less than 12 hours, MSMs already have a name, pics, and history, as well as motive and intent; and yet (!) They still look to blame others.  I remark on such because of a comment made by a talking head on FOX that I caught in passing.  She stated (and I have to ad lib here a bit)”if anything, the blame shouldn’t fall on Bernie Sanders, because he was not the presidential candidate.”

Spin spin spin spin spin till the plebes get dizzie and can’t tell up from down.

Lady, the only, ONLY, person to blame, in any act of violence, is the person that DID the violence.  This ain’t got a damned thing to do with the elections other than the fact of the lefties being piss-poor losers.

One thing the same talking head stated was a lack of trust/respect between Dems/Repubs.  56%/42% against respectively, per her quoted poll numbers.  I won’t even contemplate accuracy in that statement, but one only needs look at all the (rather extreme) rise in Lefty protests since November, as well as the increase of violence with such, to assess that there is some truth there.  A problem is VERY apparent.

I don’t play on social media like facepalm, or squeakbirds, I  rarely use my GAB either (though this is getting linked there this run), so I can’t tell if there is a rise in the vitriol or not.  And it would be hard to tell unless one were subscribed/friended to those not like-minded persons.  (No thanks, stupid people give me piles and avoidance of such is critical in keeping me off deathrow.) (Note, I haven’t even checked the pulse at Gab yet, it isn’t exactly one of my go to tools for information.)

Anywhoos, lets do a quick AAR from the information that has been currently leaked, and assess what we are seeing.

  1. Guy is older. Not one of the Millennial types.  
  2. Semi-auto though ‘witnesses’ are claiming full auto.  I have my doubts, though a trigger happy shooter can give the illusion of full auto.
  3. Came with multiple mags, so he knew A) he was going to a target rich area, or B)knew he was a pisspoor shot or, C) both A and B.
  4. None killed and only 5 injured and only one of those serious, according to media.(supports B in prior point)
  5. One lone person (media had not mentioned Whom, last I checked) with a handgun, bought some time for everyone else to take cover.
  6. The media has asked why they didn’t gang up on him with baseball bats. I have only to say “Don’t bring your fists to a knife fight and don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.” And if ya do, KNOW you WILL get badly hurt at the very least. The senators actually did the smart thing, amazingly.

All in all, I have to say, a really badly thought out attack, even if he did some research on his targets.  (Unless he had been fed a certain amount of information, who knows.)   I won’t delve into how he could have done a better job of it, other than target practice every weekend until he knew his weapon and its character. (Oh, audder point! Dude is from The Socialist State of Illinois.  How’d he get a damned gun?!!?!) Nope, no need to feed any silly thoughts into some moonbat types.  The less they know of tactics, shoot n move, etc, the better.  Especially if shit like this starts to spread.  It may be the “first shot” of a civil war going hot.  I doubt it, but then,,,,

Keep eyeballing the world and keep preppin’.  We are only beginning entrance into the crazy years.