Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Airing a beef

Just voicing an opinion of mine, one that irks me and gets ran across more than I’d like.

Illiterate commentors.

Poor (as in piss poor) punctuation, fouled spelling errors which are obviously NOT typos, weak to nonexistent foundational logic, and atypical memes bordering on cliche.

A friend says he hates having a battle of wits with an unarmed person, yet, if comments are any indication, our society is rapidly becoming disarmed in this area. And don’t say “I was using my phone for that,,,” as that excuse holds no water for me. I use my phone to write every post on this blog and do pretty danged good. Not perfect mind you, but that is on me as editor, not the phone.

It’s all just a sign of laziness in my opinion. Too lazy to read, too lazy to learn, likely too lazy to live.

Ok, off the soapbox and back to work. Y’all take care.


Simple truths

Good judgement comes from experience, experience comes from surviving bad judgement.

You gain financial independence not by having the biggest pile of cash, but by having the smallest pile of needs.

Personal note on above: greed and paranoia are relative to financial status.

The most dangerous man, the one with absolutely nothing left to lose.

Truly honest people are few and far between, honest politicians rarer yet.

Learning is a lifelong career, get good at it.

Changes are never permanent, but change is. Get used to it.

Shit happens!

When you are 20, life seemingly crawls; 20 years later, you feel blindsided by time.(30 in my case, lol)

Even more shit happens after the other shit is history.

Mornin’ coffee. Nuff said.


Still here

Just been idling along, working, existing. No momentum in the kayak right now, the skin is kinda pricey and other priorities keep popping up; truck stuff, registration, other things to keep me mobile. Should be soon though, and cold weather is the best for sewing this stuff from all of my research and observations, so that ‘timingworks for me. Its weird to see, but I can take the cockpit with its cover outdoors, and in minutes its loosie goosie, take it back in where its warm and a few minutes later, tight as a drum. So, stretching and sewing the skin will be outdoors in the cold, that way, in warm weather (when I am going to be using my toy) that skin will be tight as hell.

Its that time of year again, slow downs and all, plus spending levels go up due to holidays, so while I say it may be soon, it will be at the sacrifice of something else. Thats just the way things are.

Anywhoos, y’all take care, keep checking in, I may have a post or two up before I post about round 9 and I may even have another Christmas story this year. I believe I skipped last year so I’ll have to make this one a doozy.🤔

Interim post and a movie review

Back in Cincy for a week(ish) helping my Sis get work done on her house and spending turkey day with her n me mum. Had solo time as well (being the introvert, manadatory for my sanity).

Well, we all went tothe movies for t-day, saw “The Greenbook”. Double thumbs up from me, and had no expectations walking in, so zero to near zero bias as well. But it hit me with a delayed reaction. I can tell ya this without spoiling the flick: few movies make me want the soundtrack, but this movie did just that. Excellent music throughout the whole.

Now, trying to not send up some spoilers, how it hit me delayed like. The movie is based in the early 60s, JFK era. The key characters are a white man, and a very talented, educated and refined black man. Most of the movie revolves around prejudicial attitudes and reactions, from both sides of the aisle, and specifically the personal emotional toll placed on the main characters.

It hit me, after the fact, that we have come full circle since then. Instead of blacks being beaten senseless for walking in the wrong bar, we have the ‘knock out game’. We see at least once a week, where some white person was accosted and beaten near to, if not to death.



I ain’t seeing any MLK equivalent talking peace either, from either group.

And our “elected leaders ” continue adding nictric acid to the mix with the whole lack enforcement of laws on immigration.

Just reinforces my suspicion that one(or more) of the oligarchs wants a Civil War.

I can only say “Be careful what ya wish for, ya might get it.”

Anywhoos, MOST EXCELLENT on the movie, go see it if’n ya can.


Happy Thanksgiving

Away with family, hope you are with family as well.

A lot to give thanks for this year, in my personal world.

On to round 9 test float complete

It floats. It paddles. Its tippy as all get out, but that’s a feature, not a bug.

Does it need adjustment? Yup. I need to move the cockpit back a couple of inches. I can also add a strip to the chines to raise the volume, and I am tossing that around some as she does sit quite low in the water. I need to move the cockpit back to raise the bow. Both bow and stern sat pretty level, but I want the stern slightly lower with the bow riding a touch higher. Here is a fuzzy view of it

As it was set up, I didn’t want to push to hard as she is tippy and that open cockpit area would gulp water if I tipped too far. She paddles easy though, tracks straight (too straight if you can’t edge, which I couldn’t with that wide open top.). Can’t wait for the real skin and a skirt (and nicer weather) so I can really learn what she can do.

Do I have video of it?


Commentary is via my cousin. 🙄

No test as yet:-(

Weather and work have been conspiring against me, and the whole seasonal time change didn’t help either.


Will post about it A S A P. I promise.