Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha



Yesterday on way home, started seeeing something ‘off’ in Buffalo. (My truck for those uninitiated) RPM was kind of erratic. This morning it was worse. Transmission slipping. Fluid dark but not burnt, but really thin feeling.

I know she is due for transmission issues, 278thou on the clock, but this time of year,,, To

Took a chance, went to a place where I used to be a manager (in Cincy, not local). They have a machine that swaps out all the fluid without needing to drop the pan. Found long time ago, you drop that pan after so many miles, you’re swapping a transmussion next. The flush though,,,(and trust me, I was skeptical as all get out until I saw real proof it works)

So, $150 lighter in cash, but the slipping is gone. Still seeing some ‘hunting’ going on at lower speeds, so I know the torque converter is worn out, but I’ve bought some time between now and ‘She’s dead Jim’. Hopefully I can get through into spring when Bid-ness picks up and I have more available lucre.

And that is why I didnt get a post up until this late hour. Gonna spend the rest of the day playing catch-up on the distractions of the day, and maybe extrapolate some wild assed idea of conspiracy,,,lol.

Cya all tomorrow

Short RANT

Link a Vid, provide a transcript (specifically the talking head vids from news casts) I don’t want to watch a bunch of bloviating drool monsters showing how important they FEEL to deliver a message that is less than 100 words on length.

Rant off. More later.

Closer to home

Without solid documentation,  what I am posting can be construed as a bunch of Bull by others.  Empirical analysis tells me something is wrong though.  Its not just people my age or older.  This year has seen a serious uptick in people dying: not just older gens.

A kayak friend is hospitalized, right now, for cardio issues.  This is a mid thirties mother of 5, avid kayaker, climber and business woman.  Non smoker and healthy diet (without being anal about it) and VERY active. 

She also bought into the “Jab” horseshit.  I recall in March she had her first dose and got sick as hell for 2 weeks.  Didn’t hear about her second dose, but 2 weeks ago, she had her third. (Info from her husband)  Tonight she is in a hospital.  Her heart can’t make up its mind about her pulse rate or its own rhythm. (I know there is a medico term for that, but it eludes me right now) She can’t walk across a room without feeling like she will pass out, while also feeling like her heart is climbing into her throat. (No Idea what her BP looks like but it sounds like its through the roof)

Granted, I’m biased in my thinking.  I feel STRONGLY, that these clotshots are being pushed with malicious intent by powers with an agenda, and that ‘positive health’ of the recipient’s is not at all on their list. 

Biased or not, the more information ‘leaks’ out, the stronger that bias becomes.  And maybe I am seeing the world through filters, but I find it hard to see any other possible ‘reason’. 

My resolve to remain in the control group of ‘pure-bloods’ grows stronger with each passing day. 

And I know I am not alone in that.

I’m praying for her and her husband and her 5 kids. She is a wonderful human being and her kids NEED her around for several more years yet (her youngest is 4, and all girls)

Let the blood dancing begin

Saw a link to several of the communist Propaganda outlets about some 15 year old getting gun crazy and killing three of his schoolmates and wounding several others.

I won’t be linking those sites as if this isn’t a black student going bal-lista-shit, the Propagandists are going to be stretching and spinning this every-which way but truthful.

FIrst off,   Kid is 15.  NO LEGAL WAY he could acquire a gun.  So any calls for tighter “reasonable” gun restrictions is BULLSHIT from the starting gate.

Second point on the docket:  GUN FREE ZONE!!!   Yeah, that magic sticker at the entry ways did wonders didn’t it.   Massive surveillance in the school did wonders didn’t it.   One point I didn’t read about but I could well imagine they had; Armed security (on or off duty cops usual, sometimes even a separate section of the local PD). Yeah, all those lefty magic tricks and still some kid gets mad and shoots up a school.

BUT, you NEVER hear about how it may be due to LEFTY AGENDA that said kid went off the rails.  Maybe all the psychotropics they put in the boys these days to make them “more compliant” had something to do with it (and I would bet a little digging would find the boy has had run-ins with the psych department a time or two.  IMO, its trying to force kids into these jack-assed molds that aren’t based in reality that leads to the issues, not the kids in general.  )

You never hear about how the school systems are so over-regulated (one system my sister worked for had 4 (FOUR!!!!) Principles and similar Vice-Principles and a small army of Secretaries, Counselors and other aspects NOT directly attached to the teaching element.  And that was just for the High School,  There were more ADMIN than teachers!!!)

I digress.   Y’all know How I feel about the Education system, I have never tried to hide my disdain for THAT “institution”. 


We knew something was coming down the pike against the guns.  We have been expecting some backlash since Kyle WON. We know they lost some ‘control’ when the RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE was upheld by the courts.  The backlash against the CLOT SHOT is rising world-wide, and the Wad they shot last year has exhausted itself and their desperation is EPIC.  Is this a planned event? Not likely, but as i said at the top, they sill stretch it and spin to no end, if they think they can get SOMETHING rammed through to ‘Get the Guns’.   Expect to see DiFi’s face more than a few times over the next couple weeks leading to Christmas. (and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they pulled a Christmas Coup the way was done with the FEDRES back in 1913).      

Heads on a swivel, keep your ‘Stoopidchit” radar on high gain, They think they have control, but they stole the election, they DO NOT have the one key element that makes this country work: CONSENT of the GOVERNED.

Be ungovernable.

We need more Dennis Leary in this day and age,,,

They would lose their shit!!!

And we could get back to living again.

Hanging in there

Long ass day in the field for the J.O.B. fixing another companies’ shitfestivus. All good, looks like it may extend into a 2 or 3 day venture. Y’all know how fixing things ends up: fix this issue, that issue becomes more obvious, wash rinse repeat. Clean the counter and you realize the wall is covered in crud kinda thing.

Doing some reading in the darkening hours and decided I need a break from the never-ending stream of crap. If its not Shits&Giggles, its the fruition of years and years of HB1 visas coming home to roost.

Enuff!!! Read enough of it and you virtually BEG for the fires of the sun to do a reach out. Burn the whole thing down so we can rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Maybe we will, maybe we won’t. But you can be certain something comes after ‘all this’. May not resemble anything an imagination can acquire now, but something follows this.

Be still, listen carefully, you can hear the winds of change in the distance.

Its winter outside, though we haven’t YET seen the snows. Its winter in my soul, and those snows keep blowing in hard when they come. Its winter in the Former United States of America, and we see the snows of decrepitude swirling the swamp and its outlands.

Ya gotta ask yourself: are we ready?

Cyber Monday funday with wood

Went in this morning to find out that bossman seems to have forgotten that he has a full-time welder on staff.   Nothing at all to do.   Spent a couple of hours piddlin’round, made another rudder blade for Ghost, more like the one I just made for B.  Like the shape better.  Roughed out and I will finalize it later; have a few months yet to get things together for kayak season and there is no rush since there is a perfectly functional rudder on Ghost now.

As I get older, the one thing that gets to me easier and easier is the COLD.   Hates the cold. And when your workshop is a figurative Refrigerator, with all the comforts of said appliance,,,     I didn’t stick around long.

Came home, built the fire back up, got my core warmed back up and started playing with wood.

Get your mind out of the gutter, If I were playing with THAT wood, it would be between me and the toy and I wouldn’t go advertising the fact.

Nopes, playing with kayak.   Better?  

Need a coaming but she is ready for skin, almost.  gotta oil the wood first.  I didn’t oil it the last go round and there were places where the skin had bonded to the wood.   Nothing major but I did tear a couple areas when removing the old skin.

images for your amusement.

20211129 1501111122421378389883127
20211129 1501193922359311595933162
see that ‘interesting dink’ in the keel? its not huge, but its there and no idea where it came from.

So there she is, ready for oiling, then ready for skin. And still no coaming. Working on that and a couple of other things all at the same time. Even enlisted B to help in a roundabout fashion.

Here is another project that I have talked about.

Thats the rudder I am making for B’s kayak. Nowhere near finished, but its starting to look like something. Not one thing measured, all by eyeball and matching marks on twin pieces.

Tomorrow is another day. SON of Bossman told me that we have a mercy mission tomorrow to clean up some other companies Fecal Explosion. (that was part of my piddlin’ this morning; getting my stuff in order for the AM). And it sounds like its going to be an all-day event with lots of Dio Expletives Deleted flying about. Yippee-Kay-Ay!!! Welcome to the party Pal. Most of the guys are used to my field attitude, but we have one young’n that is a bible thumper and I have a feeling his ears are in for a scalding tomorrow. All well-n-good, so long as he keeps his opinion to his own-self, or he may get the wrath of a Drill Instructor, and then the scalding REALLY begins. ROFLMAO. I cuss a blue storm but its nothing personal until someone makes it so. Just the way I am. (note: one of the other crew leaders is a preacher and he has never tried to berate my language, not once. He is also former Air Force, so I have no doubts he hasn’t heard anything new from my throat.)

Spread the word, get people to “Watch” when they refuse to read,,,

TL Davis has been a voice against the Encroachment of Government for YEARS, and one that you should be listening to if you haven’t.   He has a production company, one he created for the sole purpose of ‘waking people up’ and he hasn’t been idle with it.   

GO CHECK IT OUT, SPREAD IT AROUND, and to help him pay for things, LET THE DANGED ADS PLAY THROUGH, (you can mute them like I do,)

Further linkies for information you can share with those that refuse to read the truth, but are willing to sit and watch things.   IT WAS NEVER ABOUT HEALTH.

All of the above links are HT to WRSA and/or Matt Bracken.   

We aren’t in sporky times YET, but damned close.   So Close, when they start, its going to take everyone by surprise even though we know its coming.   No idea which way the ball falls when it falls of the razors edge it’s riding, but its gonna fall and soon.  You can make guesses, but until such time as the shooting commences or the rail cars start rolling,,,      Look to Australia if you think ‘it can’t happen here’.   I am sure there are many many OZymandians * that thought the same thing, yet they are getting corralled up and put into “Wellness Camps’.   I feel certain that when certain characters in the FRAUD read about it, they get harder than a teenager with 30mg of Viagra in him.  Or, on the case of the female variant, so damned wet it looks like the had an accident.   Sick fucks? why yes, we have those too.  They just haven’t pushed as hard as the OZ-FRAUD has done:  YET.   Give ‘em time.

Please, watch the above links, spread them around to others, like minded or not.  Awake or ‘woke’, blue pilled, red pilled or even the black pilled,  Maybe, some will heed the warnings,   Even if its almost too late, better now than the surprise at the edge of the pit7_12

*Not really related, but I thought the poem fitting in this instance.

If ya gotta argue

Be smarter about it.

I’ve said similar in less words recent. We have to take the language back and not let it be twisted to the benefit of the wannabe controllers. Fascism as an example. Freedom lovers being labeled Fascist by people actually practicing fascism is a typical lefty strategy. Let me rephrase that: a well known COMMUNIST tactic. Yeah, that; if I’m gonna use this soPbox to preach a point, I need to practice what I preach, right?

Turkey day done and gone, back to working on ‘stuff’,,, stuff I’d much prefer to have behind me like this past Thanksgiving,,,

Still figgerin’ me dope on this Cockpit coaming thing. No donor cockpits to be had currently (its mid WW season, I’m betting there will be some trashed boats come spring,,,) and its not like I want the cockpplit to use ‘as is’. I want it as a mold for fiberglass work. My little trials into making said mold have all bit me, and I am not made of cash to keep buying the materials to just trash them later. (And have you seen the price on wood materials lately? WTAF? Redwood I expect to see high prices on, but $6 2×4’s??? Of PINE???)

It’ll happen, even if I end up (leaning this way HARD) making it using strip built methods and glass over the wood. Heavier, but much more flexible constructuon method. And still tough as heck. Just much more tedious and nit-picky.

More later, things ta do,,,

Black Friday Rule

I’s a wonderin’ if this year pulls retail into the black. Seeing some if the prices listed as deals,,,, Naw, ain’t no inflation this year, eh?

I don’t get out for Black Friday, safer for the world at large. Seen way to many instances where I would have left a stack of bodies vs a stack of bills. Sadly, what I have seen in the past gives creedance to Kiplings ‘the female is the deadlier of the species’. Without saying to much, ‘woman’ is the kindest word I would use in those instances, LADY was far and abroad in these cases.

So far, its quiet out there. Makes me tthink that the Deep State is struggling with some internals, like how to animate a corpse for another month or two while they reprogram VFICUS into simething usable. Or at least pull up a more palatable replacement:SanFranNan ain’t it. Hear’d she’s found a retirement mansion in BCEs stompin grounds. Guess all the homeless Junkies sqautting in the streets of the golden gates don’t appeal to her. Reap what ya sow, and all that, but if’n ya have the ducks, fly for safety. I THINK DeSantis needs to do some investimigatin’ and see how he can make her escape pod not so pleasurable. Just sayin.

Its Round Two of Givin’ T’anks day. Three groups today. Sis is in town and thats a bonus. Last night with my extended family of a brudder from anudder mudder was excellent and needed. Have a nuther kayaky project in for consideration. Thinking something like Brians River runner fer this’un. More inline with my brudders drive.

Thumbs up or down B, letta me know

Stay safe out there today people, sanity is a very thin veil when people think they are getting shorted, and we have been shorted more than a bit this year.

Hadta share!



Kinda understand

Lotsa spekulatin’ about Federal backlash over the Kyle trial.  I’m not gonna dive in at this point because its all moot: Kyle beat the odds, and as a whole


Anything the Feds do against Kyle from this point forward (besides being petty and tyrannical) is against ALL OF US, and we need to respond accordingly.  If they use lawfare against him, we need to support his legal teams.  If they use the street thugs in ‘mostly peaceful protests ‘ we need to BE like Kyle and show our prescence and willngness.  (Oh, and I don’t use FMJ, I never signed any Geneva Convention rules).

Its right simple now. They shot their wad in 2020. (RTWT) Everything we are seeing is THEIR plans falling to peices without a backup plan in place.  Like that article says,’ the best plans fall to peices when the enemy doesn’t play by the script‘ and we, “the unwashed, deplorable, dirty pawed uneducated ” masses, have and are failing to follow that script.

We need to keep that up, AND double down on making those elite as uncomfortable and discombobulated as we can

Someone in comments somewhere was talking about seeing (yeah I know, third hand second hand information) the Commie News Network peeps boohoo-ing about the ‘travesty ‘ of letting Kyle walk free.  They absolutley can NOT stand the idea of a White Male having the God Given RIght to Defend his own LIFE,,,,   That very point is totally counter to their great plan and undermines it like kegs of blackpowder beneath Parliment. ( Oh if this had happened on the Fifth, the Guy Fawkes masks would be flowing off the Zon and other retailers shelves)   I bet the male(sic) versions of the propaganda Arm at commie news are wetting thier beds at the thought of a teenager with an EBR in a ready sling, and I bet the wimmz are wetting their seats at the idea of a authoritative man defending them,,,  Oh but they could NEVER  admit to that one, it has to be kept in hiding, their little dirty secret as if a fetish best kept quiet.

More later, runnin’ to do now.

Thats over, now it begins?

Full acquittal for the Kenosha Kid. Pleasantly surprised, most definitely. Thought more’n’acouple times that this was gonna turn into kangaroo court.

So my new question becomes “Does the left take the f#$kin hint and back off, or is this the trigger to double down on their losing strategy?”

I imagine when Burnlootmurder torches the courthouse where justice was properly handled, or 12 people who did the right thing are suddenly rinning for their lives,,,, yeah, we’ll know then, won’t we?

Hopefully, Kyle does the next step with the same deliberate care he utilized in Kenosha. Take all those political hacks that had acted as judge and jury over the last 15 months, and hit them in the only nerve center that they can feel: their wallets. Libel, defamation of character, slander,,,, Pile it on thick and deep Kyle, hit em three ways to sunday with lawfare and make em PAY.

Que raro

A rare link from me, but in this case, I concur 110%.

The actual miracle is that we choose to kill so rarely, rather than every day being a Killing Fields obstacle course. 

Very much so. I’ve stated many a time, if I were to go cold turkey on my nicotine addiction, the trail of bodies would stagger the imagination.

And mentioning the tunnel vision, auditory exclusion, and other aspects that arrive when the switch gets thrown,,, you’ll find that your memory of the immediate, right in front of you, will be a silent soundtrack that is Crystal Clear in HD and quite literally, nothing else. Pleas for mercy will go unheeded because your ears are turned off, but you will see EVERY! SINGLE!BLOOD!DROP! in slow motion for the rest of your days. I can tell you that from experience, not some shitlib read fest.

And if you have the tools in the brain, you’ll carry on with your days as if it were another day at the office, sleep like a baby, and know what yiu did was NECCESARY.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand PTSD is a real thing, and I have a few friends that are truly messed up with it. I try to understand it by looking at the way the samdboxes were ran, the fact that many were running back to back deployments sometimes barely fitting on one hands count. Or in one friends case, a combat nurse, non-stop 48 hour blood fests . Horrors on top of horrors compounded with sleep deprivation, bad diet ,,, yeah, thats a recipe for “fucked in the head”. Choosing to flip the switch vs being forced to deal with its aftermath can make a huge difference in psych trauma.

Aesop mentions Kyle not appearing remorse about things, but thats not entirely true. Crossing that line will ‘change you’, and the fact that Kyle did blubber some on the stand shows he feels something negative about what went down. Thats a good thing. If he didn’t feel something, I might be concerned: but I would bet a silver buck, that he sleeps the sleep of the righteous because he is still upright and breathing.

Maybe I am wrong in my assessment that few will be able to cross that line and survive mentally: Aesop is absolutely correct saying its hardwired into us. Theres damned good reason the hairless ape without claws or sharp teeth sits atop the pyramid; and it is not just because of our grey matter, but our instincts for being completely ruthless when need arises.

(Musta had the day off. Dio posted three times!!! Yup, total rain out)

Weekend Post-mortem update

and Lesson in Kayaks for those interested.

Here are a couple of pics that I wasn’t able to add on Sunday,

First is the overview, my playing with chines to set hull shape and thinking that I may want to run a single chine this round. Will have to be thicker and wider than the half by half ones you see in the pic, if I do that.

This one is to show how much of that rocker I eliminated with this set of ribs. I’m dropping in a pic of Serena V1.0 for comparison.

NO, that is not exaggerated, she really did have 6″ of rocker

She still has a rocker’ed gunwale line, and my freeboard at cockpit will be less from removing that rocker in her keel, but old girl will track like a missile. That is part of why I am considering going with a single chine. Harder lines will help in edged turning; more authority with the water. I still haven’t settled on that point yet but I have the week to keep playing with sticks and looking.

Big Country asked a funny question in my last post, one about XXXL Kayaks. and one thing I have learned a lot about while building, and studying other kayaks is DISPLACEMENT. Y’all may remember my attempt at surfing a kayak in October of 2020? That boat was too small for me, in all honesty (and why she is no longer in my fleet,) but she was a hella easy roller.

I hover around 200#, that boat was ‘rated for 160 max. But I took it into surf, and took it down class II white water, and learned a lot about WHAT works. I honestly feel that most of the ratings on modern boats is a legal-ise thing of CYA. Even a Liquid Logic Flying Squirrel 95 is only rated 230# max. BUT, that boat displaces 95 gallons of water when fully submerged. Think about that. Can you, with only your body, sink TWO empty 55 gallon drums? Thats close to what the Squirrel displaces. Another way to look at it is that water weighs in at 8.2#/gallon. 95 gallons weighs 779#. For margin of safety against poor judgement figure half that displacement would be considered ‘safe’: 389.5#. The max rating on that boat is 59% of its half displacement rating. I would bob like a cork in the thing. Even the Piro, in the above pic, was a cork when she went under, and she LOVED playing submarine in waves. Even when I went in that hole on WW, She went IN, and my hair stayed dry, even though I was soaked to the neck, and then she came flying up and breached the back side of that wave like a Boomer going for broke, then ‘boofed’ the rest of the wave train: BOOF! Boof! Boof! (yeah, that is a proper WW term and it IS the sound a boat makes when you ‘splash down’ off a wave.

So I guess what I am trying to say is YES, there are XXXL kayaks out there, but you wanna try one on FIRST. Just because it has the displacement does not mean it has the room for YOU. My Prijon Kodiak is an expiation level kayak, has enough volume to carry an entire campsite, a weeks worth of food and several gallons of fresh water if needed, but if you are a little thick in the middle, SHOE HORN NEEDED. I fit, but my ass is so damned narrow, I need padding in boats WITH padding. Most of my weight is up top or in my thighs and calves. (all that danged running and humping in the Corps). In my comment to BC I mentioned seeing a VERY large woman getting into a Lifetime 10′ sit-in kayak. ( these were the rage mid-2020 in these parts and Wally-world couldn’t keep them in stock.). She set the boat at waters edge, but on shore, got in, then Gorilla launched. I swore she was gonna go bloop, and stuck around in case some dumshit needed dragged ashore. NOPE, she pushed and pushed, then when the cockpit hit water, she was floating and she took off paddling across the bay. She may have about buried the freeboard in water, but the cockpit was above the waterline and she wasn’t foundering at all. She easily was pushing 400#. EASILY. This woman FILLED an XXL cockpit and didn’t need a skirt to keep the water out.

That being said, most REC boats, short for recreational, have XL sized cockpits. I know many of the Perceptions are generous in cockpit size, as are most Pelican boats. I have a bias for the perceptions as they tend to be ubiquitous, cheap when bought used, and was my first kayak. My only experience with the pelicans was when D and I took on the Ohio Navy on Lake Cumberland last July of 2020, and he used a Pelican. He was able to keep up with me when I decided my stomach was about to come out with prejudice, (in sprint, but Serena was a race hull made for dynamic water, He’d have been hurting in short order). He handled 9 miles of 3′ seas in an open boat, no skirt, and never foundered, wallowed or capsized; Good boats, with solid plastics making up the hull, not the level 2 PE that is used in the Lifetimes and Sundolphins. That plastic quote applies to both Perception and Pelican.

So, BC, look out for something along the lines of Pelican, or Perception ( I would suggest a sit-ON in your location, as they are more like surfboards and can be wicked fun in waves without having to ‘worry’ about capsizing and being trapped upside down. (they also have a shorter learning curve, unlike my Skin boats,,,) In the case of sit-ons, definitely look at TOTAL displacement and that will lead you to properly sized boat. or at least close enough. Or go full wild water insanity and become one of the COOL ASS M-F’ers that wear skirts. ROFLMAO.

Let teh rumble begin

Seventeen ribs. I needed to remake eight.

The carnage on the floor looks like the after event at a ribs eating contest.

I’m still learning. Wood that I thought would bend up nice, shredded at the least amount of torque. Other pieces; buttah!

Eight ribs, likely thirty attempts. Still have quite a bit remaining, but the chore is DONE!!! Will need to trim ends on a couple ribs that stand rather proud of the rest, but tha’s simple once they’ve “set”. And as chill and dry as it is, that won’t take long. That chill and dry is part of why I had a time of it too. My steam box was all over the place temp wise as the wind would cool off the boiler. Temps rode between 140 and 200 and I need the temps to be as close to 200 as thet will stay. When the wind would die off, that temp went straight to 200 and I was able to bend easy. Keeping it there was an issue.

But the hard part is past. Now its a matter of tweaking things to get the profile I am looking for, and thats setting chines and stretching fabric over things for a look-see before I tie it all together.

Yeah, TIED. No screws, no nails; synthetic sinew (dacron string) and patience. Cutwaters get tied and tenoned and the whole thing is able to flex in the waves. People that paddle hard boats are always shocked at well Skin boats handle rougher water. They absorb so much, and I feel you have a better feel for what the water is doing, and better reactions for it.

Sorry, no pics as yet, weather is foul so my signal here on the hill limits me to text only. Maybe later.

But now, itsa time to toast one more step out of the way, and enjoy a few minutes of satisfaction, before I start frustrating myself with other things.

Failure is NOT an option

Cut my rib stock today as mentioned.  Have around 30 peices 5′ long so roughly 60 to make into ribs.  They are all different lengths so in some cases, I may get three from one section. 

This stuff was so green, tree sap was blowing out of the kerf.  If it won’t steam for bending, nothing will.  (And the smell, gah!!!  Like being near a bus station bathroom: Blech!!!   Would make some great wood alcohol if I were so inclined: I’m not, just sayin’)

Made one tentative rib just to check the new gage.  Layed it on top the stove for 10 minutes to heat up and it bent fairly smoothly, though not as well as if it had been steamed.  Gage is off a hair, and I adjusted it.  Will still need to adapt as things progress,  but that will be trimming ends; Easy peasy,,,

Now the sun is setting, and my work shop porch is losing the battle to Can’t see/frickin COLD.  Stoke up the fire and call it an evening watching the boys do their thing of gaurding the house from those damned field mice.   Grizzy caught two last night, Zooms one.  The mice try to move in when the cold starts, and my boys do a fine job of keeping that in check.  Mama? Not so much.   She is still playing GrumpyKat and staying out until the tummy grumbles.  But she is a long hair and the cold doesn’t phase her like it does me and the boys.  She does come in around 4 or so and curl up at my feet on the bed,  but come day break; C-YA!

A good day, may the trend continue,,,,

Natch-ewe-rawl sea-lect-shawn

Blogging rule 537sumpin: choose weird spellings for titles,

And a link to the subject matter

I hate to say, but have been saying it for years: we, as a species, are devolving; because we have chosen to ignore MamaNature and protect those that should be permitted to pass on, before they pass on their issues. We call it humanity, or being ‘humane’, but in some cases, I think its virtue signalling “I care more than you so I’m protecting what should die” . Virtue signalling is always selfish in purpose even if our society has twisted it. It has become a ‘one up’ game in a race to the bottom of stoopidity. We see it with the Cancel Culture: people apologize for being themselves, just because a VERY small group feelz offended.

Read the article, extrapolate what is going on with THE FRAUD importing a replacement populace, the rise in female babies over the last 50 years, the rise in Male emasculation in near ALL media outlets (white males especially) and toss in our forever wars in effort to reduce the number of Aggressive personalities, that may interfere with “Agendas”. (Its my theory that the wars, experimented with in Korea, formalized in Nam, and carried forward in ths Sandboxes, were to eliminate people that think outside of the marxist dogma spewn in higher education. Just a theory and likely full of holes, but,, )

Go’head, accuse me of Eugenics, I can take it.  I don’t think that is the line I am drawing here, but I could be wrong,,,   At least I am not like the founders of certain organizations that created them to isolate and control a certain ‘race’ (and let the whole she-bang get ‘weird’,,,).  And I am not advocating Infanticide either.  Sparta we may admire, but there were points where they showed the darkest side of human nature: the piles of bones of babies in a pit would prove that one, but the myth has yet to be convicted.  

I don’t have an answer, That line of thinking leads rapidly down a hole that gets morbid and murky with things that are best left to horror writers, of which I am not.  I do think we are devolving into a lower order of species and that without addressing things in some fashion, we are going to eventually work our species into a corner with no escape.  

Think ‘Idiocracy’,,,,

To Quote the above article and get back on topic,,,

Aristocrats — probably a standard deviation above our leaders today in intelligence — recognized this and consequently, stayed away from Social Darwinism and instead used the law of Plato:

Good to the good, and bad to the bad. 

. (emphasis mine)

It doesn’t take much mental gymnastics to see that this is also a FREE MARKET mentality.   You make good products, have good customer service, you receive good incomes and grow.  Build shitte, piss on your customers; you won’t be around long.   WE DO NOT HAVE A FREE MARKET set up in this country or Giggles, Twatter, and Feekbuck would be struggling.   They are supported by being unethical, IMO, in selling their user base habits to anyone with the cash, including (especially) our very own Big Brutha,,,,

In a truly free-market world, we wouldn’t have the issues we see in a welfare state/socialist state/ pre-communist Regime.   And that we are very much on the doorstep of such is only a matter of degrees and observation.   If you choose to not see the system failures and supply chain withering on the vine, you won’t see them, UNTIL THEY ARE IN YOUR BACK POCKET and your ribs are being gnawed on by your tummy.   Interestingly enough, I am not 100% certain we will ever get to the point where Russia was at prior to 1986.   Oh, we may see lots of empty shelves, especially in large cities, but out in fly-over country, there is ALWAYS someone with a garden, and the ability to bribe the jackboots is well understood.  (and they know out here, if you can’t bribe ‘em, BURY ‘EM). It will get rough, but in the parts of the world I am currently in, it has been rough since CWII.  There is good reason why there are churches on danged near every ridge or in every hollar out this way: that is THE community source for what really keeps this place alive, when all other factors say it should have died before the turn of the 1900’s.  Appalachians are tough, stubborn, and SMART, even if they have a reputation for dumb shit.  And they don’t like being played with, like the current world order is trying to do.    This area is renowned for the “leave me be” attitude.

Ok, enough of my dribbles and drabbles, I have a white oak that needs cut into Kayak Ribs for steaming (tomorrow?!?!?!   Hopes!!!!)   Still need to work on a couple deckbeams but they can wait until I have the hull shape I like.   Yeah, I am kinda building this one in reverse this time: shooting for a specific shape.  Have to experiment with rib lengths and those will determine what I do uptop.   More later if’n I get the drive to fire up the lappy again.


Sometimes ya just gotta say “F#*k It, Drive on”,,,    

Emperor Xi-den issued a royal decree today from his potty chair, that DESPITE a court ordered pause in his Mandates, that businesses should still comply.   

push buttons much asswipe?

Keep pushing them, because the more you do, the easier my job gets,,,,

In Sarahs post (linked first), she talks about how people in the US have more hobbies than in other countries.    I have always found it interesting that old skills are kept alive as more of an exercise in “Hobby” than actually trying to keep one of the OLD WAYS, alive.  I find it a little disheartening to find out some craftsman has passed on without passing on his/her knowledge, and that has happened quite a bit of late.  (our redneck bootlegger recently passed along without passing on his ‘secrets’, so my supply of Tennessee clear is what I have until I can find another moonshiner,,,) but that always happens, every generation, and there are those that make the effort to try and save something, even if only in written word.

We are a resourceful lot, we Ameri’CANS.  The FRAUD, not so much.  People may take pictures of ‘redneck ingenuity’ and post them on social sites, but for every one person laughing at the pic, 3 others are making a note on what someone else did as a ‘make do’, and thinking how to do it better.    It’s that attitude that led America into leading the Industrial revolution after certain Tinkers visited England and stole her best ideas.  “You did it this way, I do it that way, cheaper, better and faster,,,”   Its why Henry Ford is (incorrectly) attributed with the Automobile, He didn’t ‘invent’ it, but he made the production process so effective that his vehicles became ubiquitous in very short order.  And others copied him and things PROGRESSED.   The “Progressives’ are anything but; we should attribute a more proper term to them.  REGRESSIVES.   The “Plans” they are trying so hard to push through leave the world without so much, and in their minds, they would be sitting on top of it all.  BUT, they fail to realize that without “what is NOW’, their utopia WILL fail and they will be at the top of a pile of shit that not even a desperate pig would want to claim.

One of my Favorite Heinlein ‘shorts’ is “The man too lazy to fail” as told by Lazarus in Time enough for Love.   The man would perfect his chores to the least amount of effort needed and then get promoted, leaving a streamlined system behind him.  The parable also mentions that his ‘inheritors’’ always managed to Gunik up the system he had created.    

Maybe we are witnessing the Lazy mans Inheritors Gunking up a good machine, but if so, its been building for 150 years or more.

I still feel that THE FRAUD is going to so something so stoopid and inane either T-Day or, and I am leaning more towards, Christmas.   I think it will somehow be attributed to the Rittenhouse Trial and a ton more of those “mostly peaceful protests”, 

I just wait for the pushback, and its coming.  People are getting fed up, knowing that the accordion stooge is why we are seeing $3+/gallon gas, supply chain issues, employment shenanigans, and “Royal Decrees” that would make King Georgie blush.



Still here, still in recovery from the weekend snotfest, and purt’much just lurking. Watching the Rittenhouse thing and wondering what horrors will erupt when Kyle is (justifiably) acquitted. Cuz of St George Fentanyl has been playing the race card (who needs logic when your madness knows no limits,,,) The FRAUD has been unusually silent about the case, considering what is really on trial is the right to self defense, and other collateral points (2A is the least of it, but its there too.) Kinda hard to push for massive disarmament of your ‘subjects’ if they are highly aware that self defense is one of those “God given Rights” not subject to the whims of dictators, tyrants, and psychopaths (but I repeat myself.)

Go over to ATH, she has another good pep talk on WHY this situation can not ne sustained.

As for “Fragged”, some’o’y’all may be familiar with the term, some more personally than others. My purpose for it here is as a reference to what I am seeing at large. We are being gaslighted in ways we don’t even see. Mostly through information blackouts. Anyone recall the freedon protests in Cuba? Since they were first mentioned, now silence. I can think of reasons for that, both good and bad, but I won’t dig to deep. Another point; Venezuela,,, silence. Sweden (in the covidiocy aspects) India (same) Musloid takeover of Paris, Luxembourg, some other predominate cities in Europe. Heck, all the Yellow vest protests (didn’t just fade, so much as drop out of sight).

We are being fragged, and we keep getting diatracted by the next OMGWAAGTD boochit about the weather, or next wave of deltalambdafalaladingdong’Rona variant.

They just keep tossing us these little frag grenades. No real damage, but enough to keep us from thinking and seeing Truth.

Keep your EDC close, know where your clothes are in the dark. I feel its getting close, and the level of desperation from THE FRAUD is about to hit critical mass.

Too stoopid

They think they are smart because no one understands what they mean,,,,

That we are too frail mentally to grasp their concepts.

The EGO they display in their insanity astounds me. Granted, the puppet in that video is beyond this world in his dementia, but that the controllers offer him up as “their solution ” is an exhibit of what they think about the rest of us.

You get tired of it: insomnia edition

All of it.   

Francis has two posts up about ‘the state of the union’ so to speak.   Definitely watch the Vid in the second link.   Think carefully on what the ‘end goal’ is.

What I get tired of, or should say SICKENED BY, is the deliberate characterization of WHITE MALES as portrayed by modern advertisers.   (watch that vid for some of the more obtuse versions)   I dropped the TOOB in 2008, and all of my current confrontations with the TOOB are in passing, as in “passing through the store” or sitting in a Doctors office,  where they have that flat screen running 24/7 to ensure the brainwashing of the masses doesn’t have any gaps.   

With all the COvIdEEOOcccyyy on top of things, Like BC says,

“Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit… we’re gonna have to hang Big Bird too.
Goddamn it.”

All of this is “OUR FAULT”.   We just wanna be left alone.  WE didn’t push back, and WE DIDN’T DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY.  When the system didn’t support our views, we didn’t fix it, we just “voted harder’, expecting the system to work.  When the schools started indoctrinating, not educating, we didn’t pull support, we didn’t pull the kids out, 


we didn’t do a frickin thing,,,,,

And its sad.    Watch that video.  Look at the “white doods” doing stoopid shit.   Those aren’t CGI, (some are, but those are obvious) Those are paid actors,   PAID ACTORS.   The almighty dollar is our downfall in this case.  Those actors were more about making the buck than standing up for Being WHITE, MALE, HETERO,    

you know, 


We did this; we allowed them to do it to us. We know its not real, but the message is out there, common, and even I have felt some of its effects when out and about, here in the Appalachia.   I see it in so many young ‘men’ that look so damned effeminate.   Its not the just the hair, its the dress, demeanor,,,,    There are times where I wanna walk up to one of the ‘boys’, and ask how bad it hurt when they took his balls.   


Now the question is.  How do we fix it?

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Day 4 Da

Running over all creation: doc visits, hospital to pay bill, errands and shoppin’

The SHEER magnitude of stoopid running amok at the hospital,,, temp scans every door way you walj through, lady behind glassed partition with cellophane over the ports wearing a damned mask in an enclosed room (ahe had it off as we walked up but put it on to deal with us as if NONE of those safety protocols were in place.

The paranoia factor is nearly that of an NBC training program. I was tempted to hollar ‘Gas! GAS! GAS!!!’ Just to see who would dive for their MOPP suit.

All for a bug that is,,,,, I’m preaching to the choir here, y’all know what I mean.

One more Cardiology visit, first week of the new year, and a 6 month between visit back to urology. Da’s doing good, and we were able to take him off two(2!) Of those damned meds today.

I call that a WIN. 5 more to go, not counting the aspirin, and he was taking those prior,,,

Now, if we could walk that clock back about 24 months to before the STOOPIDemic overwashed the whole f#@kin planet,,,,,

Take the kings shilling: breakfast edition

You do what the king says.

But this is a freemarket (choke) not a Monarchy. You can choose to not do the bidding of said ‘King’, but said king is gonna stop giving the shillings. Aaron Rodgers is now in the opening throws of his personal cancel culture war.

His sponsor is cotrect to drop him if his actions run counter to their image. No issue there, right? But I’m watching what they AREN’T saying openly. That lashback against the Vaxxnottavaxx is GROWING. They keep feeding fuel to that big lie but people aren’t buying it so much anymore. Still in the cities as far as I can tell, but get out into lowbuilding land, flyover country,,,,

One thing I’ve beenwatching for is the Cancelation of the Nascar Driver who’s name is so popular these days. Granted, it was the reporter trying to gaslight a sticky situation and the driver is totally innocent, but when does innocence have any bearing in the current culture wars.

For that matter, where does logic come into play???

Oh, thats right, insanity doesnt need logic, or reason, or even reasons , it just needs to fit a narrative,,,,

Domestics day, back with more as I do some surfin’

Ok, so mehbe I fibbed a little,,,

At least when I said I wasn’t gonna post till Saturday, but something really shot my blahs right outta the water.

Last post I linked Sarahs gofundme. Hell man, I’ve never seen THAT level of ‘sending the love’!!!!! Less than a day and over double her goal and still climbing towards triple. Hot shit man!!!! THATS CALLED A NETWORK!!!!

When I first linked it, the amount was under a thou. By the time I checked it b4 bed,it was over 70G. IN SIX HOURS!!!! The woman most definitely has a BROAD fanbase.

That’s the power of words!!! And she is way far better than I at making the words count. Watching those numbers, as a representation of how much people appreciate her work, really gives me hope that we are on our way into improving times.