Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Shhhh!!!! Listen close

Lots of quiet out there currently.

If I were Emperor kid-sniffer Poopy-pants, (or his string pullers, same difference) I’d be getting a might bit nervous.

Silence is not a sign of acquiescence or submission. Silence is the sound of preparation and ‘biding time’.

Web silence is the sound of meat space dialogues.

It could also mean someone/group, just tried a bluff to instigate, and it flopped.  

Everyone is saying that nothing Emperor Poopy-pants Declared, is being acted on in ANY bureau and without them (they are the Deep states Arms after all) nothing moves.   His lowness Xi-den spouted off a bunch of shit, that was shit, and did it only to tip some fruit-loop over the edge, hoping against hope that there would be something ‘credible enough’ to get some legislation rolling along to,,, 

Its ALL Kabuki theater. ALL OF IT.   Especially the Scamdemic, that a lot of peeps are still buying into. (Today saw two different retards with windows up, on the open highway, alone in their ‘hicle, wearing the Diaper of Shame.  Virtue signaling and I OPENLY LAUGH at them now, especially in public.  Probably gonna get shot at again if I keep it up.)

Bizzy week, lots of gates made and a few odd-ball items for self and SON,   Made a flag holder that ‘latches’ to his fifth-wheel hitch on his camper so he can fly Old Glory and Uncle Sams Misguided Chilluns flags while he camps out this weekend.   Finished my kayak racks for the truck, and they are ROCK SOLID this go-round.  And no howling or whistles like the last set.  Whoo-hoo!!!   Had to play ‘Rent and tell Da “NO! You can’t mow the grass yet, not till the Cardiologist gives you a green light”.   He wasn’t pleased, but agreed.  I’m telling you, the man is a harder worker at 81 than most of the twenty sumpins, and even the Thirty sumpins, we get at the J.O.B.   Most of us that can be counted on to ‘Git-r-dun’ are well into our fifties.  Two are past retirement age and only work because they would likely die if they quit working.  FYI, I’m only back there because SON asked me to come back, and after seeing one of the gates that was ‘welded’ up while I was out, there is good chance I am going to be remaking several to make sure they get paid.   Chicken shit looks better than what I saw today.   Son and I had lunch while we were out and I reinforced something I told Bossman over a year ago.  They need to hire someone for me to train, or they are going to be right back where they were three weeks ago, and likely with little warning.  I have no problem teaching my replacement, but Bossman is too chintzy, IMO, to want to pay double to make sure his ass is covered later.  SON agrees, especially on the other aspects of my J.O.B. IE, the controllers for the powered gates, radio programming, electrical installs for the controllers, programming card readers, among several other things that I have had to teach myself over the last 7 years, to fulfill Bossmans ‘can’t say no to a customer’ lunacy.   He bids these jobs, has no clue how to fulfill them, buys surplus gear from a cheap outfit ’trusting the salesman’ , and I have to jackleg the shit together to make it work.   (And that is where I am quoted as saying “Know it? Hell, I’m making it up as I go along.”  Because in those cases, that is exactly what I am doing.  9 outta 10, I never saw the manual until I was getting into the truck to do the install, and its dropped in my lap by Bossman saying, “Here, read up on this and see if you can make it work.’.). BUT,  if he won’t, It’s not my fricking problem, and he has been warned.   I was hoping that my two month vaca would have woke him up, but, can’t out-stubborn a rock.

I’m tired, its getting dark, Grizz is piled on my shoulders snoring, Voo is piled on his bed, snoring too, and the sound is feeling quite contagious tonight,   Talk at y’all tomorrow.


Ummm, did some one turn out the lights?

Wrote this Tuesday evening, somehow ended up in drafts, not published, Only asking ‘cause it seems like the world is holding its breath or sumpin.Not that that’s a bad thing. We all need a break. BC is taiking about ‘Ground and Center’, and its a concept I am well aware of. Hell, this past weekend was my chance to ground and center after three weeks of Da being in dire straights. He’s doing so much fricking better now, BP humming along at his usual numbers: 117/69, pulse rate has dropped back into the 50-60 range, which for an 81 year old man is out-flipping-standing. And his blood O2 is getting back into the high 90% range. Fluctuates between 94 and 98, but much better then the 87-90 range he was in after his heart attack. I could make some guesses as to why it dropped, but that its rising back up means his body is on the mend, and that is damned good thing. The catheter is out, and fluids are flowing freely again, so maybe this next follow-up with the Urologist will be his last. Fingers crossed.But as far as things are going around the scenes, just doesn’t seem like a whole lot, and that’s good. For now anyways. More than a couple days and I start getting twitchy waiting for the next hammer to fall and toss the world on its head.Maybe the written and verbal backlash over Emperor Poopy-pants’ Declaration fo War forced them to take pause. Word has it several intelligence agencies were on the watch out for said backlash. These idjits have no clue that when the switch throws, it won’t be via ‘hate-speech’ on the webs. No, when that switch flips, there won’t be any hateful words, but there might be plenty of short messages like “Rolling at 0900, y’all in?” Maybe something like that, but likely a whole lot less obvious.Made a new Kayak rack at work today. Figure since they pretend to pay me Welders wages, I’ll pretend to be a dedicated welder.

Had a half hour killing time between projects, trying to stretch out my day for a full one, and said, ‘what the heck’. Took about 10 minutes and a couple of measurements. Figure later, I will remove it and take it to the powder coaters. If things continue on the way they have the last week and a half, I will have the front rack remade to match tomorrow.Anywhooos, I’ma gonna enjoy the silence of the world this eve, y’all take care. Cya in the mornin.

Where’re the honeybadgers?

FedSelection 2020, Georgia general election Jan 2021. Califruitopia recall election 2021.

All had conspicuous, unabashed, glaring, shameless, arrant, bald, barefaced, and brassy FRAUD involved, yet,,,

No burning statehouses. No macbre halloween decorations hanging in the trees early. Noisesomes neck is still the same length….

Endless wars with no decisive goals, constant needling of rules of engagement by those that had never recieved more than a papercut, and an industry built around them to derive profit from the culling of the aggressive.  A world of sheep was being engineered for the inheritors of the grand design began in 1860.

From my Post “A Fairy tale”

Conspiracy theory?

Or is it that ‘they pretend to Govern, and we pretend to go along with it’ ? 🤔

Getting a might tired of the BS meself…

Millennials n the elders

Just a wee thought in me cranium this morn. (I keep tell’n y’all, it doesnt stop and is always on three tracks,,,)

Read sumpin about Millenials making up a significant portion of the population, a higher ratio than has been seen among other gens. The same article (I believe it had the focus of the fourth turning or seventh crisis or sumpin. It was informative but didnt grab me other than key points) noted that these same millenials are also much mote socialist in mindset; specifically on fairness and misguided racial issues. I say misguided because while there was some bigotry while I was growing up, it sure wasn’t the reversed Rascism we see today.(deep enough that it IS awakening the Bigotry again, and the irony is complete.)

But something I am starting to sense. Distrust of ALL ELDERS. Saw it just a bit in a young nurse dealing with my Da.

And seeing the likes of Pee-lousy, the late and unlamented Darth Ginsburg, Screwmoore, Emperor Poopy-pants, etc etc etc; can ya blame them??? The angst in those on the list above, towards literally any one NOT in power is palpable. They pretend, but its obvious they are and while the Kids are under educated and indoctrinated, they aren’t stoopid. (Ignorance can be cured, stoopidity is permanent)

Consider it. I’ll b back later with more

Tech grk!s.(updated)

How weak is your link?

Mine is as fickle as Mamakat is about foodies. Sometimes it works sometimes (read most times) it doesn’t.

Was up at 5 am, escorting doggum through the house-o-cat to his bed since it was time for him to come off shift. Decided I had sumpin to say and spent an hour or so tapping out a long post. Went to send it to the blog,,,

Screech, squeal, chonk! Full stop do not pass, no collecting fifty cents let alone $200,, check connections check IPs, check DNS, it all looks good, but Mac and Phone aren’t talking this morning fer sum reason.

So, later, when I can, I’ll drop by a wifi spot and send it along, so when you’re reading it, know it was written in the wee hours and will seem a touch out of place for that reason.

And I’m catching up on my own reads so there mY be more yet to add.


UPDATED:  So, it seems that when I am running up a post through MarsEdit, I have to open a net dialogue by opening a browser FIRST, then refresh ME, before I can post.   Gotcha,  Still much easier than tapping out a long post via touch screen on my phone, but kind of annoying.   

A fairy tale

There was a place, filled with transportees, adventurers, heathens, and pinch of the devout seeking solace.  Its existence grew into an idea that the individual had more promise than the group, but the group was the strength behind the promise.  Ideas started gaining support in many individuals with clout, and when the time was ripe, those ideas were codified for future generations.  The idea that Government was solely for the defense of the people,  not the master of the people was paramount in that code.

Like any ideology,  over time, usually only a generation or two, the ideas become polluted, corrupted, twisted by those with ‘ideas of their own’.  Four score and seven’ years later, one of those with ideas of their own managed to twist key elements of the code to begin its downfall.  Men and boys fought, not for the institution they have been slandered of, but the on key to keeping the power out of the hands of a few; the individual rights of states, vs the all encompassing MIGHT of a STATE.  (A simple check of older texts will show those that had interest in maintainung said institution were exempted from serving in the CSA, putting lie to the slander of those that fought and died. Newer texts are being manipulated for a false narrative. )

Along comes a Spider, one with tentacles for legs and a poison that smells of promise.  A power grab made in the dead if night following rules adopted by a chosen few.  With one signature and a complicit media, the death of an idea was brokered. The ball started rolling downhill.  Within half a decade, the tune of the world was set for massive wars with no clear victories and a culling of the bloodlines most likely to resist when the veil was no longer worn.  Endless wars with no decisive goals, constant needling of rules of engagement by those that had never recieved more than a papercut, and an industry built around them to derive profit from the culling of the aggressive.  A world of sheep was being engineered for the inheritors of the grand design began in 1860.

Enter the 21st century,,,  The grand design is faltering.  One Marxist based country after another are faltering, failed, or imploding.  The design needs new blood, more power and more money.  The veil is coming off,  but its too soon for the inheritors to collect.   Buildings must fall and a giant awakened, but awakened in chains so the inheritors can guide it.  “We have to pass it to see whats inside” and the herd of sheep said ‘ok’.  One more big war to clean the stalls of agressive rats that would infect the sheep within.  A war with goalpost that moved erratically and in scope.  And industry added new tools for the inheritors: handheld technology far exceeding their wildest dreams that would allow them instant access to the sheep, and controls only dreamed about.  Fear becomes a tool, and fear had to be nurtured, harbored and ready to be fanned into flame on a moments notice.  New fears need to be fabricated and embedded as old fears fade in effect.

But the inheritors are weak.  Generations of inbreeding, decades of echo-chamber educations, and isolation from the power base have eroded the foundations of the manipulated code they ride upon.  Their perceived reality is an illusion they built on a world stage, and now the facades are cracked and chipping.  The real world winds blow hard through the marbled halls and the gilt flutters away exposing the mud plaster beneath. 

The idea of the individual is still in the place, and like any great idea, can not be killed, only subdued for a time.  Percieved aggressiveness was not culled, only withdrawn from prying eyes.  Human nature, the one thing the inheritors thought they could change, is the one thing that can only changed by its creator, never its own.  Human nature is to survive at all costs, and when the cost is minor, the appearance of change occurs.  But when the cost is high, that illusion evaporates quickly.  A snarl of rage appears on a normally benign face.  The placid hands turn into claws reaching for the tools of destruction, and the calm mind becomes white hot jet of rightousness. 

Lies will fight exposure to the light. Truth will welcome it.

And this ball of rock and water continues its path around a star wandering in a galactic arm.

Fire for effect

Sarah pulls the first cord

Anger rises.

They want this, they are begging for it, they NEED the turmoil.

But they know not what it is they will get, and have no concept of a fallback position.

I’m just waiting for the pushback, , ,

BC pulls the second cord

Volley fire time. Keep the memes pounding the ground around them.


This thought had eluded me till reading comments over at Vladtepes.

If you are involved in an accident and need a blood transfusion, as a powerful person of political influence will you demand a transfusion of unvaccinated pure blood, or will the new improved ‘regular’ blood do for you?

I recall having returned from Kuwait, and not being permitted to donate blood because of all the Vaccines and other chemicals we had been exposed to, Including pre-emptive Nerve agent countermeasures. It was 10 years before I was permitted to donate again.

So, are they tagging vaccinated blood vs unvaccinated? Are they even allowing the Unvaxxed to donate? Or are they refusing the blood of the Vaxxed?(I highly doubt that last, it would speak VOLUMES about the real disaster upcoming. Volumes that the FRAUD couldn’t sweep aside easily.) And is there some way established to quuckly ID the difference, just as they ID by type. And if not, WHY NOT?

My Living will tattoo just added another line,,,,


Just some thoughts on last nights temper tantrum.

What’s more, Biden will require health care workers at hospitals which take Medicare and Medicaid to be vaccinated – impacting over 17 million workers.

So,,,  thinking if even just HALF of those 17 mill say, Fuck this! And walk, a vast majority of those hospitals are going to fold.  Theres Medicare and Medicaid shot in the femur with a large caliber slug.  Many of these healthcare pros will likely go full time private practice, without all the headaches and paperwork and price fixing of a bureaucratic Gordian knot, and likely do a MUCH BETTER JOB OF IT.  Granted they may not have access to all the high profile testing equipment,  but that will shortly be on the market for pennies on the dollar, as the big Box Hospitals start to shutter for lack of staff and technicians.

Seems to me, we need to just step aside (while putting the bug in our medicos ears about how we would still support them outside of the Sickcare system, if they start practicing Healthcare again) and let the whole fuckin thing collapse from its already preponderous and instable corpulant structure.

Let one aspect fall, and the whole shitshow dominoes into the dustbin of history.


Not an island in the South Pacific.

So much topsy-turvy crap in the world, and I try to keep up on it so I am not hit sideways with the surprise.   Probably a fools errand, as Black Swan events are never foreseen.   But there is just so much crap going on and I have so much other stuff going on at the personal level,

Lethargy, drowsiness, apathy. Oppressiveness.

Yeah, THAT.   The whole world feels so oppressive these days.

And to add to it, I can see the life draining from my dad, and feel there is nothing I can do.   81 years, and very little medical intervention needed; to suddenly constant medical attention and limited abilities due to medical hardware attached to his body.  He is feeling the oppressiveness as well, just from a different angle.  And I see it, its wearing on him and his will is fading.  I am hoping that these things can be eliminated from his life with a quickness so he can get out and live out the rest of his days on his terms.   That these are his end days is without question,  I just don’t want to see him bed-ridden and miserable through them.  Thats not how he’s lived and I sure as shit don’t want it to be how he dies.

Not that it has much of anything to do with this post, other than having a wonderful emotional parallel to my feelings lately, here is a song thats been hitting my playlist quite a bit the last few.

Romance languages make for some of the best lyrics for the ear IMO.  And, yeah, I kinda have a thing for Shakira, and Chenoa, and Talia,,,   LOL. Me encantan las latinas,,,

Political sumpin

Bring it!!!

I’m done with the shenanigans.  Patients only in situatuons where yhe patient is dying from whatever they happen to have, be it some coldbug and being denied proper medical treatment for Big Pharma/sickcare system, or the worn out heart of an 81 YO man.  Doesn’t fricking matter, denying access to family is INHUMANE and CRUEL.  Things that lawyers have been arguing against for decades within the criminal class and why so many states no longer have corpreal punishment, yet, here we are being cruel to the dying because some HACK ran a fear mongering campaign and some dumshits listened.

We now have a drug, being touted as something its not, with a mortality and adverse symptoms rate higher than the bug its supposed to ‘fix’, and yet, the push to administer this genetic cocktail is stronger than even that of Polio or Smallpax Vaxs (which are honest vaccines.)

A deplorable nation, being “lead” by a dementia patient, an administration that harnesses the Karens to cow the questioners. And a test case for a prison state on a remote southern continent, utilizing corporate allies to enforce the unenforceable through social cancelations and lock down measures of citizens usually only seen at Dolphin Bay SuperMax.

Backlash is coming, it is inevitable.

And my personal opinion is for the Media to be a prime target ranking with the Hacks that WANT the tyranny.

All we ask is what we expect from ourselves: tell the truth, and leave me alone to live as I see fit without harming others. Yes, its that simple. Don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff: the lessons supposedly taught to kindergarten kids, but forgotten by delusions of granduer and greed.

Time to grab ’em by the belt and make it personal IMO.

((UPDATED)) No my Da is NOT back in the hospital, but I was discussing this very scenario with a co-worker who does have a family member locked away, dying, without permitting family to be close by.

For sake of argument

This post goes back to one here prior, where I was trying to make some sense of things about using a ‘pandemic’ that isn’t, to bring about a population culling. 

Then I read this piece over at GoV.

For sake of argument, lets make the assumption that this mindset IS behind all the Covidiocy and Coronaphobia,  and that the vaxxnottavaxx is doing its intended job of culling the weak, elderly and stupid. 

Just for sake argument mind you.  Not making ANY assumptions that may lead to premature conclusions at this point.

If this is the intended goal, there is a SERIOUS flaw in it. 

The survivors are the least governable, ornery, leave me the f#$k alone types known to exist.  Definitely not cowed and cowering slaves waiting for commands from the almighty elite in their ivory towers.

Thats not to say that isn’t their objective, but like most all of the Elites plans, they didnt account for the one factor that ALWAYS bites them in the hindquarters.


Think about it.

WE are the Barbarians this time ’round. Lets make it count.

Yup, decadence

Guest post over at Sarahs,

Just a quote.

So they think I’m a sexist or a racist or whatever. Fine. They do not use those words to mean the same things I mean, so it’s a pointless argument, and they are beneath my explaining myself to them.


Lets be the barbarians. They already want to label us, fine, lets choose the label.

And thats what we need to be telling these usurpers that hate our country.

Some damned good stuff over at Claire’s as well. Go soak up some sanity , we could all use a shot of it in this asylum.

Sum’uns ben bizzy

Short day today, but not for reasons as illustrated in last nights post. Just finished my list early and cut loose. No Macbook at PO yet, but I will check again when taking Da to Docs.

But get home to get shower and outta work clothes, to find FIVE ded mice on the floor near my office chair. Definitely placed as offerings or donations to the foodies fund, but one of my Child’uns has been a bizzy little hunter. I have reasons to believe its the Zoomerkat; I’ve seen him nail one or two before, but he’s never brought them to me before. I know it ain’t the Mamakat, she catches them and plays but never kills them. Grizz has never shown an interest before, but he may have shifted gears as he gets bigger.

Field mice are always an issue here, since I live purt-much IN the woods. Monsoon season or super-chill weather and here come the meeses. And why I was determined to get a Kat when Mamakat came into my world. Ain’t no better mouse solution, so long as they know the job.

And apparently one of mine knows it VERY well. Yay!!!!!

back to capitalism,,,

Its back to the salt-mines tomorrow. As well as another Doc appointment for the Da. BUT, the old man Bossman is back in town, and if that short leash is not in obvious play,,,,

It may be a rather short day.

I don’t intend on quitting, not right of the gate, but one snide remark, imagone!!!! Simple fact, and one I stated to Son when we discussed my coming back: I don’t NEED the job, but the Job most definitely needs me (or someone of my caliber) and he agreed completely. Prior, when I was thinking I should go back, I decided to sleep on it. I had a dream that night of my going back. And there in the dream, I saw the look on boss mans face as I was walking into the shop, and I woke up, saying “Aw, Hell No!!!” It was the look of a conqueror over his new slaves, a gloating sneer, and that whole concept just does not sit with me. I work, I will work my ass off. And I will give 110% to any job, no matter the pay, because that is how I was raised: You make the bargain, and honor that bargain with all you are worth. BUT I will never be owned, not for any price. That was over a month ago, before my mama passed away. The ONLY reason I went back now, was Son ASKED Me to come back, and the situation with my Da favored the position for the interim between his needs, and our moving our butts out of this state. I am rather fond of income, even if I have to work for it… LOL

I also want to see just what the deal is with the pay. Wasn’t at all happy with the end result this week, and I don’t know if that was something that hadn’t been worked out or if the Bossman overrode the Son’s decisions. If I don’t see something improved this week,,, I am not one to milk a clock, even if I think I am getting the short end of a stick. Its not my nature. If I know I can do the job in half the time others can, I don’t dawdle, I do the thing, and move on to the next. Keep up if you can, I’m coming through. After years of ‘showbiz’, ‘the show must go on’ is not just a saying, its a way of life. Get in, do the show, load out, on to the next town. Same thing in ‘my’ shop. Project order in, build the project, on to the next. Just like while on the road: they didn’t pay me to mix the show, they paid me to make the show happen. Mixing the show was the perk. Welding is something I would do for free, because I like the “Zen Nature” of watching the puddle, making sure the weld is solid through and through, seeing fine welds that appear as if they were grown that way, not slapped in place by some hack. The work is the setup, production and keeping all of those bits and pieces in order and the machines functional. Making sure we have products on-hand for sale: garbage bins, dog kennels and other stuff we sell ‘off the dock’. Making sure we have expendables on hand as needed for when they start to get low on the machines (I need to order welding gas and wire this week. Son bought a New machine so tips and other parts won’t be in demand for a while yet.) Speaking of which, Son spent several GRAND on a new Millermatic 215. A multi-process welder, capable of Stick, MIG and TIG and spoolgun capable for Aluminum. He is purchasing all the peripherals for it so that as needed I can do the things that we have had to outsource before. Yes, I can do all those types of welding. May be a bit rusty with the aluminum stuff as its not often I get to play in non-ferrous metals, but I have done it, know I can do it, and if need be, will spend a couple of hours, off the clock, playing to make sure that my beads are ready for prime time and customers. Just that is one of the things that sets me apart from the rest of his crews. I will take my own time to make sure that the work I do is exemplary for the job. Not muddle my way through thinking no one notices. (though I am on record telling one guy “Who ya kiddin? I’m making it up as I go along.” when he asked how I knew so much.) Seeing that they were willing to purchase a high dollar welder, new from the factory, I don’t think offering a skilled welder a bit more than twelve fifty an hour is too much. (and I AM the highest paid employee there,) (the only reason I continue farting with it, before I quit and now that Da is sick, is convenience to my lifestyle, not because of the wondrous treatment or high level benefits,,, I know that if I were to go somewhere else, the demand for my attendance would be critical to the job, where now, I can take off as needed and still have the job. Even if that means I take weeks off to go out of town to find a new place to go to.)(I would like to be in a position where I could do ‘Gigs’, not be strapped down to that ‘one good day J.O.B. thing, so I could focus more on the writing.)

But all of this is just me thinking out loud so to speak. In some ways, I went back for ‘something to do’ to break the monotony of how my days had started to become. I’m still up at 4 am everyday, but the writing is taking a hit since I had to revert to the PC with the Mac out for replacement. I really do not like working in the PC realm after being babied by the Mac. All and I do mean ALL, of my writing programs run so much smoother and cleaner on the Mac, making my ‘go with the flow’ type of writing seamless. The windows unit ‘glitches’ and hangs up, as I described, and I don’t see the words forming ‘before my eyes’ like I do with the Mac. Tap out 50 characters and maybe 15 show up then the whole screen pauses as the characters catch up.

Have ya ever driven in convoy? Unless everyone is used to it, the whole convoy will ‘caterpillar’ along, getting longer and shorter as the drivers alternate between accelerating and braking to keep formation. Pro drivers don’t do it near as bad as others, but there is always some delay and from the air, the whole thing looks like a caterpillar inching along. THAT is what I see in my writing on this PC. And it irks the shit out of me. A top of the line processor, 16GB of Ram, and the whole Operating system is MUD that slogs along polluted by dawg only knows how many background programs. Stuff you can’t change without root privilege’s, and MS won’t give those out.(Admin level isn’t good enough in 10.) (seriously, MS should have left well enough alone after XP and Vista.) After I get the Mac back, I am considering just dropping TAILS on this drive and being done with it. Hard burn it in. If that means I can’t use it online because TAILS may not recognize the hardware, So Be IT. So far I haven’t been real impressed with this machine before, or after getting the Mac.

Hell, its all planned obsolescence any ways. That’s why my Mac ended up eating it. The motherboard finally caved to the pressure of time and electrons. And HOPEFULLY, That machine will be in my grubby zinc oxide/welding soot coated paws tomorrow afternoon. (crosses fingers and toes,,,) Wednesday at the latest.

Happy Socialists Day 2k21

“2021 told 2020, ‘hey, hold my beer’ ” (quoted from Buddy B)

While we aren’t as fooked as Oz, with lockdowns in perpetuity and military policing in the streets (and why Oz has not erupted in a war yet defies logic) we are still showing many signs of cognitive dissonance still running  rampant.  Mentioned the Fakebook Post in my last article, and in some ways, what disturbed me last night, alternately  gives me a warm glow today.  That they have to actively delete comments to maintain control of their narrative says there are more people fighting, the only way they can in this instance: with words.  Sure, you have those that are so far down the mental tubes into zombieland that they will never recover, but those are the ones that will personally experiance that third dose escalation.  May sound ‘mean’ but as far as this has gone, seems more like self inflicted wounds to me.  Or as granma used to tell me “you made your own bed,,,”.  Buy into the bullshit, you get to eat the shit sammich. 

Sadly, the rest of us that have been trying to wake ppl up have to eat some of it too.  Delayed JIT delivery systems.  Resource gaps.  And to put the spread on this cake, in honor of Red Sickle flag Day: continued decline in ACTUAL workers.  Seen to many places modifying working hours to adapt to not being able to fill positions.  Not because there aren’t workers, but because to many found they make nearly as much (or more) living on the Dole.  Now, there are more than a few that have accepted the dole, and are working a side gig as well and ‘making bank’ without the headaches of having a boss, and to them, I applaud.  Use someone elses money to provide capitol for your little business,,,  may seem unethical to some,  but I see a true survivor in operation there.  (Survival is never ‘ethical’ and anyone that harps certain keywords like ‘fairness’ or ‘equality’ in a survival situation that I’m involved in,  becomes garden supplements, pig feed, or fishing chum that evening.)

My mood was dark last night after bumping into that post, I admit.  But I am learning to see the silver linings of the storm clouds.  There is growing resistance to the VaxxHarpies.  People aren’t buying it near as much and more are flying the birds of freedom when confronted.  Even at the hospital with Da, I saw more than a few that wore the face diaper of shame in as half assed a fashion as they could get away with.  I haven’t seen the ultimate F U mask (the one that is made from see-through lingerie gauze) in use, YET.  

   I do worry about the kids though.  Kids are resilient at recovery, but how deep does the damage go, and for how many years will the kids of these days subconciously react in the negative to an uncovered face?  

Thats our new normal to consider.  Think PTSD for decades because some asshats tried Herd Mentality PsyOps to gain ultimate control.  Not including the long term effects of using an entire species as an uncontrolled medical experiment.  (I will  remain in the control group, even if I have to die fighting off that needle) We have no idea what that entails, but we ARE getting some clues, and they ain’t pretty.  How many of the kids getting vaxxed in pre and early puberty now have no future of having kids themselves?   No one knows.  What kind of genetic damage/manipulation is being passed along by those that can still reproduce?  No one knows.  Are we creating an entire branch of IDS people that will require a life time of jabs, from day one, to merely exist?  Boy howdy how Big Pharma would love that scenario!!!  But no one KNOWS. 

And sadly, there are still millions that won’t ask questions. Just Lemming their way through life, trusting the herd, never seeing the cliffs over the ocean.

Silver linings,,, I admit, with all the storm clouds, they are hard to find, especially since I’m a natural pessimist. But look close, they are there. I find them much easier by pullling my vision back from the big picture and looking closer to home. And with my Da’s situation, I need as many silver linings as I can find.

Tomorrow, I transition from 52 to 53. Just another day anymore, just one day closer to death. And some years (the last 18 months especially) I sometimes wish for it so I can “go home” (no worries, Suicide is anethema to me. But, I will not fight it when the time comes.) Tomorrow is going to be enjoyable though; my macbook returns to me, and I get to go back to serious writing. Writing has become my escape lately, where it used to be reading. I guess thats a natural evolution in Introverts,,,, I’m still reading, but lately its been to pick up a book and dissect how the writer handled a scene or rounded out a conversation. Not plagerism, just seeing how the artist handled the brush and pigments so I can emulate something similar in my work. Ive also found that my educational endeavors have illuminated things in some reads. Heinlein especially. Re-read Methuselah’s Children (because I wanted to see how he handled the scene between Lazarus and Mary when she was at her peak of depression while on ship.) Seeing how RAH handled Libby’s quandry of limited math/words to explain reality was illuminating to me this round. We evolve, and suddenly, something that was inconsequential or trivial seeming before, jumps out and chews on your leg.

Never stop learning, never stop asking ‘why’. Do learn how to say “NO” more often. We need that skill more than ever in these times.

Y’all take care today, enjoy the burgers’n’beers or whatever y’all are doin. I’ll be back up later with some extra crap about the world at large, I’m certain.

And teh Boochit deepens

Don’t ask me why I subject my sensitive wee self to the caustic nature of FakeBook, but it IS a great way of keeping up on the bullshit the left and Branch COviDians are up to.

The two images are screen shots from my phone because the publishers of this little tidbit of Propaganda don’t want you to download it for ‘reasons’. Personal opinion for that reason is, ITS COMPLETE BULLSHIT. First off, look at the time stamps of the two screen shots, then compare the comments numbers. NOTE, the later screenshot has fewer comments? We wonder why that is? Active comment deletion is the ONLY answer, and if you actually go read the comments, the only things negative to it are the ‘likes’. There are some “reasoning” comments that managed to slip through, but they don’t outright deride this pile-o-lies.

First Image.

Second image.

There is also a discrepancy of timeline in how long the numbers were accumulated, nor does it say how many have recovered, how many were turned away (discrimination by VAXX? Its already here, but its going to become the yellow star of the Jews in Nazi Germany, wait n see. The mere fact that this type of shit is spreading around on social media tells me the propaganda controllers are ramping up Herd Response.) The actual numbers started being gathered in March and are cumulative. That in its self screams “red flag”. It also doesn’t report how many of those ‘diagnosed’ were brought in for other reasons and acquired the bug through the hospital itself, as in through the ventilation systems. It also ignores the real time information I SAW with mine own eyes as detailed in a prior post here on this blog. Another point that labels this as Propaganda is it fails to show the ratio of infected to population. (KY has 4M+population. That puts this BELOW threshold, but that would blunt the fear factor.)

And then you have this little tidbit from BC. The effects of the third booster in Israel and how suddenly the ‘Ronas are headed for the ceiling with enough momentum to bust OUT. Maybe the Palestinians need only wait for the die off, and then they can march right in (with dump trucks following to pick up the dead). Follows the key graphic to explain.

See, there is a little known fact about certain types of Vaccines. There is one, that was given to Chickens way back when. The result was that the virus that was isolated by that Vaxx mutated and grew stronger, and so a second vaxx was created. wash rinse repeat. Do that a few times and what you end up with is THE situation that Poultry producers have now, where you have to vaxx EVERY chicken as soon as it hatches or it is DEAD in three days. Its called Immune Dependence Syndrome. The genetic code has adapted to completely ignore the virus as a threat so the immune system does nothing, and the virus does what viruses DO: grow exponentially until the host is overwhelmed.

I look at that above graph and see IDS being CREATED in an entire population. This IDS ignores the spike proteins (that the VAX teaches the body how to make, Think about that for a moment) that are what the COvid version whatever was DESIGNED to make, creating massive clotting issues (usually around the lungs, which is why they originally started peeps on ventilation, which created MORE clotting, another wash rinse repeat issue. The persons that were put on blood thinners and spectrum antibiotics had the best chances, as was demonstrated by a certain Amish Doctor. Sorry, I can’t find that link anymore, and that surprises me not at all in this CENSORSHIP day and age. Please refer back to the original images in this post for verification of THAT.)

SO, we have one type of propaganda being disseminated in Social media (and I don’t think the person that “posted” this is even aware of it being out there, I think her position in the system was pirated to give this crap some credibility. ) The Media is tactfully IGNORING the information from Israel because anyone with two braincells can see that something is NOT gelling with the Narrative. And the “outreach” to push the VaxxnottaVaxx is ramping up even more in all aspects. I saw where an executive order was put out to ratchet up the demand for employer mandated jabs in ANY business affiliated with the FRAUD to the point of ‘even if they only provide a minor service’, IE, yard work or janitorial. The way it was worded, they could mandate that even The Big Three Auto makers have to Vaxx all employees because the (p)Resident rides in one of their limos.

Even if you are one of my readers that thinks I am a little nuts for conspiracy shit, take a look at that graph above. Think about its implications. Then ask some questions, then ask some more. The more you find out, the more you will realize that this is NOT about “Keeping grandma safe”. Its about CONTROL, ultimate unlimited control, and the more I see, the more I believe, SERIOUS POPULATION REDUCTION.

Maybe there is a reason they want to wipe out all of the “reasonable followers”, leaving the “Extremist Anti-Vaxxers” alive. Maybe, but then, nothing makes “sense” these days. I see things happening, and the level of insanity boggles my little head. The Willful Destruction of an entire Countries INTEGRITY as we have been witness to just the last month, screams systemic hatred. Toss in the contents of this post and you see Pure Hatred of their own species (but then, TPTwB don’t see themselves as the same as us, do they? They act as if they were superhuman or something.)

And maybe there is something to biblical prophesizing I have occasionally caught wind of . Maybe this is the culling of the breed that was forewarned of. WHo teh Fook knows. Certainly not this wee fish in a big pond that is starting to smell funky.

Interesting times. We. Are. There!!!


in a talk with eldest Sis, we wandered into ‘burdens’ and how we are both going through the things in our lives that would be left behind for our survivors to deal with. Fact is, I am leaving a little legacy that I am not certain how to pass on. Books. Not the physical books on my book shelf, but the Intellectual property types in circulation with my name on them. Side note, it doesn’t help that my daughter has become estranged to the family again,,, Long story there that won’t be delved into here.

But mostly the burdens we need to clean up are all the bric-a-brac that accumulates in ones life that has no value to others, only emotional value to the one that holds it. When you have a storage space to hold all your bric-a-brac that you may only access once a year; its a good sign that you have too much ‘junk’, or as Carlin said ‘Stuff’ and that ‘stuff’ gets stuffed into someone elses life when you are no longer around. It may or may not be a welcome thing, but its fair certain that most of it will NOT have the same emotional attachment that you have to it.

Now, some of it may be worth something much more than emotion, it may have actual value; property, tools, etc. (not counting the investments and physical coinage value stuff here, but those are part and parcel of an estate and arrangements need made BEFORE that time, and that’s another thing we were talking about. And that is something I need to work on with IP concerns, among others.) Debts are another. Just because you are ‘Ded’ doesn’t mean the obligation is. And if there is an estate plan in place, the Debtors get first dibs, After the State gets its cut. (and that brings up a sore spot with me, even though its not BIT yet; that’s just a matter of time. Estate taxes, last I checked, were well over the 50% mark. And how the hell does that get justified? They Tax the hell out of you for decades, then rob your kids blind while they are taxing the hell out of them too. Yeah, Taxation is Legalized theft In my eyes, and no one can tell me different. That opinion is carved into my very bones.) Now, there ARE ways around the taxes, and legal ones, but from all I can tell, the options are only for the uber rich, because you have to have enough to establish a trust, and there are people that need to control that trust and they don’t do it for ‘free’. And there is the Rockefeller plan, and I have looked into that, but same problem, starting capitol to establish the plan. Kinda hard to do when you are at the bottom looking up. (Note, someone pointed out that Xi-Den has TWO Universal Life policies. He is working on that Rockefeller plan for his Crack Addled left-over sperm. Count on it. ) (yes, I started investigating the whole money thing, and how to improve money situations for those left behind long before my mother passed and my dads trials started. It was part of my learning process when I asked those ‘three questions’, four years back.)*

I realize that no one ever knows ‘WHEN’ the clock will stop, and due to that there will ALWAYS be some loose ends that need dealt with. The goal for me is to minimize the loose ends so that my survivors can move on with life sooner than later. I know of one here local that died while mowing his grass, with lots of loose ends. Had a will and all, but apparently hadn’t thought it through too well. The house, once a really nice one, sits, rotting on its foundations 15 years later, because the will is still being contested by his progeny. That is what I would like to avoid. I don’t want my life to continue burdening those left behind, after my fire dies. If anything, I would like for my FIre, to continue producing for my daughter and granbehbies after I am long gone. (but that requires me to get even more busy with this whole writing thing, doesn’t it? LOL)

and lets face it, all of this may be a moot point if things continue along the tightening spiral of the toilet bowl travels that they have been on for so long. The revolutions’ of the bowl are faster and shorter duration and that means we are almost at the peak of the big flush. I personally am not all that curious about whats on the othersde as I have seen third world countries. The Guy I bought my Macbook from is from a third world country (one VERY close to the mess the US just abandoned) and some of the things he has been telling me make even my skin crawl and I HAVE seen such. (Note, This guy really does have a story to tell. He needs a writer that can do it justice, preferably a Christian writer that can add the emphasis I would miss. I am a Scientific Agnostic and don’t feel I could do his ‘rebirth’ the justice it needs. Yes, thats a BLEG.)

How did I get sidelined there? *snerk* Cats, I blame the cats. Daylight arrived and that means “Foooddddiiieeeesss”. Bunch of fuzzy socialists is what they are. ;-P

Burdens. Yeah. ok, back to the line. No one “WANTS” to be a burden. That is what I am fighting with my Da right now. He flat stated that he wishes the Docs had left well enough alone when he had his heart-attack,. He is grumping that his misery the last two weeks is more than he has faced the last twenty years. Now, this hit me like a red hot poker right in the guts, because I felt that we had fucked with the natural order of things, and while yes, its a life changer for the both of us, he isn’t the burden that he thinks he is. I ‘feel’ like I am repaying the debt I incurred with his raising me as a single parent. The roles have flipped, but he isn’t that intrusive; I just had to make some adjustments. I admitted to him, tactfully, that I had similar thoughts, but showed him that there was a reason for his ‘coming back’. Now he gets to clean up any messes that he would have left behind, that would have been the burdens, and we all get to say goodbye in a much more sedate fashion without the trauma of a sudden death. I have much more access to his properties and finances now, and we are taking care of issues now, for when the time comes to transfer from him to us kids. His will is being re-written to include my half-sis, now that its been established she is definitely, 99.9999% genetic certainty, his progeny (We have suspected it for years, but now its a decided fact) As for his property here in SOKY, as soon as he is stable with the Urology things, we are going to take a week or two and head to SC and check on properties there. Get him off this hillside that has so much trouble keeping maintained, and into a smaller home. (I just want a fishing shack on the lake, not some mcmansion!) That move will also be “MY” move, with just with a few more loose ends that need tied off. Fortunately, we both already have buyers for our houses, and they are not in a hurry to close the deal. In my case, its a cousin that wants the house so he has somewhere to stay when he visits his dad. In dads case, its the neighbor across the hollar that wants a house out of the flood range. (he’s been flooded out 5 times since I moved here )

I’m rambling. aren’t I? yeah, I know. its a way to fix the thoughts in MY head. Out of the synapsis and into electrons, and able to be picked apart.

More laters, after I do laundry, mowing (dads yard today, mine was yesterday) and then I have to meet up with a buyer for a kayak trailer and possibly one of my boats. (trailer is definite). (losing some of my ‘burdens’.)

*(NOT blaming my dad for my lack of education financially, he has his ways, and isn’t hurting like my mother was, but his mindset is one of scarcity, not abundance, and that holds him back. Some of my bad habits are actually from my mother, and those are the ones that I am ‘curing’, along with building an Abundance outlook. It does work, and is why I was able to go a full two months with no work, and not be hurting. four years ago, one week would have had me in the hole.)


I had an Aussie flag hung on a wall for several years after Georgia and I were painfully split due to bureaucratic SNAFUs. Her student ViSA was revoked and she had 3 months to return home, which she milked to the last week. I was technically still married, on paper, not in head, and was still on appellate leave, so couldn’t follow. 😿😿😿 Distance, and high international call rates ended up nailing that relationship dead, but I still remember,,,,(and why you’ll note some of my colloquial speech is English/Oz, not American, though I have plenty of that to spare)

It was in late 92,,, 30 flipping years ago,,, She would tell me how Oz was fast becoming a welfare state THEN, and how she came to the US for a real education, not communist indoctrination. I think she was frustrated by the shifting tides of the secondary education system even then, and despite our feelings, longed for home. I think that the frustration of education more than anything is why she didn’t fight harder to stay.

That sketch♡ was made the day before she left my life and this country. After she left, I spent way to much money and drank way to much damned liquor at The Slab in Joshua Tree (three day bender, and only stopped cuz I was broke. )(is The Slab still there? Been way to long,,,)

When I read about the crap going on in the land Oz, she is the first that comes to mind. Is she ok? Is she retaliating? Or has she succumbed to the madness and given up? No way to know now; its been 30 years and we have both moved along in our own realities; two ships in the night yada yada yada,,,,

But I remember,,,, good night Georgia, I wish a better day for you and yours. Good Luck down there.

♡ there was a time, long long ago, when I aspired to ‘Artíste’. ROFL. I found I paint MUCH better with words than pigments or inks,,, and even there, I am a rank amatuer fish among a very big pool of other fish. But I keep pushing type, and learning.

I believe

I believe many things, much of which likely falls out of common currents.  Like my belief that the soul is a quantum thing and our bodies are just a tool the soul uses for learning. 

It can be argued many ways, but thats not the gist of my post.  My gist is that I have my beliefs, but I make no claim to universal knowledge: I’m always open to break my belief with the introduction of new knowledge.  Note the quantifier there; NEW.  At one time, i was quite liberal/leftist in my thinking, but experience, age, and bald-faced logic has taught me otherwise.  So, when someone tries to ‘convince me’ that my conservative Capitalist ways are ‘evil’ or just wrong and that I need to be more ‘woke’, they are trying to undo my own education.  That doesn’t sit well with me.  Now, if they were to present new information,  I’d give them a listen, may even debate the ‘issues’ with them (depending on how rough my day/week has been; I can get mean and need a break from people on such occasions) but to ply the same old hippy-dippy Marxist bullshit,,,  not gonna happen.

Its rather like my opening statements about a quantum soul.  I’ve had many observed  ‘things’ happen in my life that do not correlate to a Newtonian Physics answer. And those things led me to formulate other theories about Life, the Universe, and Everything (h/t to Douglas Adams for the laughter)  but theories are just that, theoretical until disproven.  Even the theory of Evolution is still just theory even though it has not been discredited, it still has points where it fumbles, so can’t become a natural law.  Life itself is, in my opinion, far too complicated and oft-times contradictory, to fall under the x+y=z scenario.  Its more like, x sometimes divides z to = y, but y cubes z then x raised to the 5th equals Y when z is,,,,,,,    you get my point I hope,,,,   

All of this comes from a conversation with my dad, and the simple fact is, there is only one way to TRULY know, and not enough have come back from there, with similar enough stories, to give reliable answers.  We do not know. And until we make that trip,,,

But, what if, we are those quantum clouds? Or pure energy residing in dark matter between the stars? Or some twirligig electron swirling about an atom in a molecule within a cell of some creature we can’t even imagine?

I do believe.  But I also know I am not gifted with universal knowledge, and am humble enough that I won’t preach my beliefs (and this isn’t preaching, just a crack of the door leading to my inner sanctum)  Maybe when I was a kid, all the fire and brimstone hollarin’ drove a wedge in my beliefs.  Kind of like Tiffany Achin (Terry Pratchett mayherestinpeace) when thinking about the fairy tales “wheres the evidence?”.  Lots of words, but words aren’t facts, in and of themselves. 

Rather like the words used to sell the recent wave of Coronaphobia1984.  If you don’t question the ‘facts’, its super scary.  But delve in just a touch and ‘facts’ start to fail, such as ‘deluged hospitals’ that are running 30% understaff intentionally.  Or that Israel has a study that keeps getting ignored by the ones screaming the loudest about unmasked unvaxxed peeps are killing grandma.   And all of it driven by a seemingly inept Administration that us fast revealing itself as one of the most rabid tyranical Government machines, second only to that of Australia currently (and only because Oz is focused inward, not at Global dominion) 

Is Biden really a mental defective being puppeted by some other entity?  Maybe.  Or is this all a charade to keep the Ameri’can peeps off balance?  Maybe.  Is there a war between DOTMIL, DOTGOV, and Intelligence?  Very likely as the shitshow in Affy is showing, or is the interplay between those three cover for the real deal making  between Xi-Den, CCP and Russia for resource control of a virgin territory in Eurasia, with the controlling interest protected by a freshly armed and armored 11th century group of tribal gangbangers?

Honestly,  too crazy to think about, but life is most definitely stranger than fiction.  A writer has only one real  set of variables to work with, embedded inside.   Toss in billions of individuals and the variables are near infinite and crazy becomes commonplace.  I’ve said it, others have as well “you can’t write fiction this fucked up”.  Maybe Clancy or Grisham could, but I’m betting even they are scratching heads while reading the headlines. The mindmaps to keep it straight would cover several walls and look like a brillo pad.

I need a drink now. More laters

Whadda week

Playing ‘rent to my Da, doing the Doctor things, running all over three counties to keep him here in our reality, doing the ‘Nurse Dio’ impression checking vitals, making sure meds are properly laid out and TAKEN. (He is not used to a medicine regimine, and ‘forgets’ unhuh,,,) (not that I berate him or anything, I know he hates taking OTC pain stuff, needing to take ‘scrips eat at his pride.)

New(er) Mac is on its way to me, should be here Saturday or Tuesday, grkkk. I fell in love with the Mac and it makes my ‘real job’ SOOoooo much easier and nicer. Guy that sold it to me has AWESOME customer care, and great Communication, those usually go hand and hand, but not always. This guy has both, in spades.

Speaking of which, Guy has a very interesting story in life, and wants someone to author his Autobiography. I politely declined because I am a pantser type writer and would more than likely mangle any manuscript requiring strict protocols like an auto-bio. If ANY of my readers feel inclined to do such a project, feel free to contact me by my protonmail, and I will introduce you to him.

But the weekend is here, I’m flummoxed by the cacophony of mixed and conflictimg reports of the world, and I have TWO yards that need mowed and weedeated this weekend. We had such awesomely timed rain from Ida to push the grass outta the ground, and the grass did just that; poof!!! Or maybe I was just too busy to not noticethat it was already outta hand,,, or both,,,, m

Probably both.


What can I say, I’m inherently lazy when it comes to “chores”. Just ask my sisters,,,lol.

Back to that world noise though. Something Da and I were talking about this afternoon while I played ‘Nurse Dio’ was getting ME outta the hills and in the lowlands nearer Middle Sis. I made comment that we will see the slippery slope gather speed here soon and he acted like I was crazy: till I explained. The Fiat currency called DOLLARS is based upon NOTHING in reality, except TRUST. Do ANY of you think we have the trust of the world since the last few weeks of Boondoggle the FRAUD has kicked out?

I don’t.

I think the ONLY reason the dollar hasn’t collapsed yet, is that all the players OTHER THAN THE FRAUD, are meeting up, negotiating and making deals, and when the time is right,,,,

FMF? BRIC? Guess we’ll see, but hard times are coming, even if we don’t fracture apart like a glass vase. Maybe shattering would be the least painful over systemic collapse with a corpse for a Government.

And to absolutley honest, this area is likely in serious trouble if things do go sideways. Yes, there is a significant ratio of Military types from here, both in and out, but that isn’t the problem. The problem are the shitheels that are methheads, opioid slaves, and general n’er-do-wells that ARE prolific here’bouts. As well as the systemic corruption of local politicos, who like being ‘at the top’ for contract deals and inside info on what areas to buy as zoning changes,,, This area is near mirror’s view of what is going on in Mordor on the Potomac. Because its so insignificant to the larger picture, things ‘slide’ that would become a fault line elsewhere.

Or not. Seems this is just Human Nature writ large,,, 🤨 I’ve seen it in other places too, just not so in your face as here. Or maybe its just like the rest of this country and its powrt centers. Whatcha gonna do about it boys? Kind of thing.

Maybe the shooting point is long past, but I still see it coming like a speeding freight train ,,,

One wasn’t enough, I guess

as in, One life of trouble wasn’t enough, I had to take on a second, and a third,,,,

I ain’t complaining, this is my Da that I am taking care of. as well as three cats, a dawg, two yards and suddenly back to working,,, well, Part time, since I am spending almost as much time chauffeuring Da to all of his Doc appointments, and as acting liaison between him and the Docs since he has a tendency to ignore them if he doesn’t understand, instead of sayin’ “Go back, explain that”.

and the world continues to swirl the bowl. Again was told that the hospital is under serious strain from Covids 1984, Delta and Lambda-falala-ding-dong. And there were a lot of cars in the lots, but I still believe the numbers they were ‘advertising’ are skewed for effect, not facts. It says something when trust is so broken, not even a hospital we are accessing on a regular basis has our absolute trust. I question everything there, even the docs that are attending my Da. Maybe “ESPECIALLY” the Docs attending my Da since they work for the Administration that is publishing numbers that don’t add up.

My Mac is out for warranty, and I am tapping this out on the PC, using the hotspot of the phone, instead of trying to use the phone directly. Something I am noting. Speed on the Mac using the hotspot is not noticeably different than if I were direct to wi-fi. The PC? um, yeah, about that memo thingy, and your typing speed,,, Sheesh, what a pain. I Tap out 20 words and have to wait for the screen to catch up. Then another 20, maybe correct my previous typos as things get up to speed, then again. And again. Frustrating, but, I much prefer typing to tapping on a screen.

I want to talk about the world at large, but to be honest, playing catch up at work, running Da all over for appointments, prescriptions, and other errand running as needed, I am quickly falling behind in the bigger picture. I spent half an hour while waiting for Da to be taken back (me with of course) at the Cardiologists, catching up on Cold Fury. Opened the home page and found I was about 5 posts behind. SO, start at the last read and work backwards. Its easier because some posts are rehash of an earlier post (the one about some commie teacher in Kalifruitopia) Honestly, If I had found a teacher like that were teaching my daughter in her High School, well, there’d have been another unmarked and shallow grave in Ohio near the Indian Mounds. Just sayin. At least her first 10 years were in Catholic schools, and what they taught her allowed her to finish out in the public schools without damage. Yeah, there is some indoctrination of a religious order, but not that political indoctrination of a federally funded public school. And definitely not the Communist indoctrination of our current schools.

Affy. I firmly believe that this event is either cover-up by the Administration for crimes against the people the US, or. OR.

The outer display of a war going on between factions of the Swamp. Whatever it is, what is being told to the general public is NOT truth, and the words leaking out of Kabul are describing MURDER by Negligence. Knowing that people are going to be targeted by the victors than OPENLY telling them “Sorry Sucker, You’re on your own.” Or as Michael Yon described, The Taliban bringing Americans to the Kabul airport for transfer out and the “reigning’ General Totally woke Milley telling them to get fucked,,,, That is murder, pure and simple. What is being said about all of this mess displays more malice undersurface than mere Incompetency of a mental defective.

but no matter what the ultimate truth is here, the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

And the dark anniversary of 9/11 is just around the corner. I somehow think, that if there is a major event on that date, it WILL NOT BE by some ‘muslim terrorist group’, but will very much be blamed on one. Like ISIS-K ‘fortified with Alphabet agencies’ cereal. And the Media will Jump on that wagon with so much zeal because it will help them cover their own asses for assisting the Dog and Pony show fuck up of Affy, and SLO-Jo and the Hoe.

This government is the living dead, and has no hope of recovering the power it had. IT MUST BE REPLACED, and I fear even the factions of the lowest levels of the Swamp are well aware of it and making moves to BE THAT POWER. WE the PEOPLE can not allow that to happen. A seriously inept leviathan is far more livable than a Military or Intelligence Junta.

Shits about to get heavy. That is the only thing I can say with any certainty. We ain’t seen nuthin yet.

Watch your six, keep the friends close, know where the guns and clothes are even in the dark, and have at least three exit plans for where you are.

Peturbed, gut feelz

With my reads, some linked, some not, info pouring in from sources, verifying other sources, the next couple weeks have a serious negative vibe coming off them.

One source, the one that will never be named here, nor details of any sort given, to protect them, has whispered from the dark and time to me. Only two words. Nine. Eleven.

Watch your six, keep the good’uns close, and stay away from crowds. BC stated similar just a day or two ago. Some shit is about to go down, and there is definitely political combat taking place on the world stage in reflection of the war going on within Mordor on the Potomac. What form it takes is anyones guess, but question any and ALL public messages.

Above all,

Do Not Panic. Keep your head where it belongs, on your shoulders, not up your ass like 90% of those around thw country will do.


Born in 68, grew up through ‘tough times’ in the 70s, hit full development through the 80s and early 90s, BEFORE the Clinton Machine came to power.

Maybe it wasnt the most free point in American history, but lord, it was heads and shoulders more free than now. At least while growing up in the 70s, I had the freedom to ‘stoopid’. I may need to explain that to some: True Freedom is the freedom to make stoopid mistakes, but own the consequences. In todays world, with participation awards, no child lwft behind and dumbed down curriculum, stoopid is the norm, and the state will support any and all failures, except those that rose above first. Drop out of school in the 10th grade and can’t find a job, or f#$led up and became a recidivist through the Penal system; MamaGov will take care of ya give you an allowance and foof, even pay your medical, maybe even send ya back to school if thats in the cards. You need only swear total allegiance to MamaGov.

Oh, but start out as a entrepreneur or small business, or even just a skilled employee in such,,, ‘you have too many cars’ or ‘you’re income in years 19xx-20xx was this. You need to let other less fortunate people access this system’ .

Please don’t misread this as my trying to justify socialism: I’m trying to point out how skewed the system is/was/will be to garner v*ters through grift and graft. Its that whole teach a man to fish parable. They don’t want “Doers” they want Dependents. Until the power grab is complete, then the slavery ensues.

Over at Claire’s in her article one Totalitarianism and how ‘we ARE there’ (and we are) one of the commentors states that we are at the point of ‘stand or submit’. Stand for freedom (against the state) or submit to the demands (become the slave)

I’m not convinced there was ANY OTHER CHOICE. In my 53 years, there have been many choices to be made, but they all boil down to that point; STAND or Submit. I have made some supplicant choices (during the marriage years) and the end results are ALWAYS less than optimal, ALWAYS!! I’m longer in tooth, the exit doors are much closer and I haven’t the patience to be the supplicant anymore. STAND or fall are my choice, but Submit???,