Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


They wanna boogaloo,,,

at least that is the impression I get. Hell, they ran with a ‘fun’ term and turned it into some ‘code’ for something they desire, and then painted it on the right as ‘extremism’.

Then you have the ever present, GROWING, sense that ‘something wicked this way comes’. Sarah points out that the odds (myself included) are getting a little antsy at the signals our muses are sending our way.

Then this, over at Liberty’s Torch. The warning on the vid is real,,, I counted 17 shots fired, thats standard mag count on a Glock 19,,, Dunno how many made impact, but I know ‘the flinch’ showed at least three,,, In the heat of the moment like that,,, not great, and kinda forgivable,,, but, you need more practice,,, ALWAYS,,,, What stuck me most about this: It was broad daylight when the offender was making his move to defile a woman IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAMNED STREET,,, The smackback is coming, and where that ball lands is anyones guess; though I think we can extrapolate it with some precision.

And the Economic worm continues to turn,,,,

The FRAUD is continuing it’s poking of a bear to kick off WWIII for them. They want someone else to start the boogaloo they so desperately need, to cover up their evils. And I don’t think it would matter to them if it kicked off a full on CW2, nuclear annihilation of 90% of the planets surface, complete meltdown of ALL world financial institutions (so they can have that one world bank/government they think will answer all of their prayers. THEY are not founded in reality, not even a little.) I feel confident they are aware they can not STARVE the world out,,, Not like there haven’t been strategic assaults on the food of the world over the last year,,, They thought they could kill off that 7B peeps their plan calls for, with a ‘planned-demic” but that backfired in their faces because there are still people that can add numbers, have critical thinking skills AND long ago stopped buying the bullshit spewed by “Newsnotnews”.

‘By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes,,,”

Something”S”, more likely,,,,

I said it this morning, Batten the hatches, secure the sheets and cannon for storm,,, Its gonna be a rough ride. Get your house in order,, work on that network thing, figure out ‘resources’ like the older folk that ‘know things’ and can pass them on to the younger while teaching us not so older, a thing or two,,,, Learn some skills while you still have that luxury,,, and don’t think ‘this is useless’,,, many skills can cross disciplines. example: building skin on frame kayaks. The skills there are how the Wright Brothers built their aircraft, and how EVERY aircraft that started in WWI was built. Hell, many of the lower priced wings are STILL built that way. Skin on Frame makes vehicles, water and air, and being able to make a means of transportation when everything falls to shit is no laughing matter.

The reason the plans of THEM can’t work,,, IMO,,, We stand on the shoulders of GIANTS,,, The tools we use today were developed by others long before we started sucking atmo at birth. what we have has been refined, but the basics are the same, and as long as you know those basics, THEY can’t destroy this world.

Though they can cripple it for a short time.

THEY can’t win,,,

but they CAN hurt us in the meantime.

as Sarah says, Over under or around: build it NOW before they crash what we have (paraphrased by me)


Not my usual Freeday, friday

pulled a full day out of it, and that puts me ahead by a good margin for next paycall.  Ain’t bitchin’ about that,,,

BUT, these turds that I work with,,,  Always talking about how broke they are, asking bossman for advances on the next paycheck, then turn around and either skip out on bonus friday stuff, or show up but ‘I can only work till ten,,,’    

Why even bother showing up in that case,,,  By the time we get trucks loaded and get to job sites, said short-day pogue would have to leave again.

Not that I went out in the field today,,,  And thank the small gods for that since its been pissing down rain all day.    All day affair burning metal and getting these gates for that big project out of the way.   All are finished in fabrication, just need to paint them and mount the support boards in place, then I can take them out and install them.   (wood privacy fence.  I make a steel frame for the gates and secure 2x4s in to hold the wood board faces.  They are beefy, heavy and the customers LOVE them, and the damned things will outlast the entire fence line being installed.

I still don’t get it though.   How can you put so many of your eggs in one basket and not get nervous about that basket finding greener pastures,,,  (IE ME, being the sole fabricator/installer they have for certain gate types.)

I guess thats not really my business is it?   I just show up and do the work, and try to insure that I generate enough revenue to justify keeping this hothead on the payroll. And I fully admit, I am a hothead at times.  I can also be the diplomat at times, (iike on thursday with Bible Thumper,,,) but when the stoopid gets TOO DEEP, the hothead flares like a roman candle.  (and seriously, I keep at it for the convenience of it,  I can take off as needed without worry that I may not have a job when I come back, but the pay rate and lack of benefits rather bites,,,)

So no Freeday for Dio, and that means a shortened weekend, but the jump on hours is (had better be) worth it. (hint, don’t cut me down at the last minute, let me hit that, or near to, that 40 I haven’t seen in over a year,,,) ( I work myself out of work on a regular basis, and if there is nothing for me to do, my ethics will not allow me to milk the clock,,,  )

And we are back into that down cycle of the spring ups-n-downs,,,   I said it was pissing down rain all day, it has been, and since noon, the mercury has been falling steadily.   Supposed to be near freezing by midnight.      And the way the furries are curled up in little balls all over the house,,, I don’t doubt it.   

Gonna play ketch-up on the nets,,, maybe more laters,,,   

The big advantage

Still on that big project at the J.O.B. Today I am making the frames for the gates so’s we can begin wrapping the whole shebang up.

but yesterday, in a minor epithany, I realized why I am so odd,,,,,

I never surrendered my childhood imagination, I only refined it, honed it to knife sharpness, and DESPISE the word “can’t”,,,

Ended up having a long heart to heart with Bible Thumper about his attitude, voice control, excessive use of the word “can’t”, and general ‘get your head out your ass’ pep talk.

it was then I realized the reason I am that “Goto Guy” in almost every job I have taken since I left the Misguided Children,,,, I keep imagining ‘whats next’, how it can be done better, alternates if better isn’t plausible, and WCS which happens more often than I would like. (WCS worst case scenario) AND, I have a saying that goes everywhere with me, and is plastered in several places in my shop, and has been aired here often as well. “there are no problems, just unseen solutions.”

Box? what of this box you speak, that I have yet to find?

I am not saying I am superman or anything: this is shit that should be NORMAL in people, IMO,,, I prefer to think of it as SURVIVAL SKILLS,,, How to get through the shit when shit is against you and come out shining, sort of thing.

Like me trying to figure out how to get fresh water while kayaking saltwater places, and not spend a ton on gear like reverse osmosis filters,,, I came up with three solutions off the top of my head, and only one is dependent on weather (rain collection),,, And that was just me having a little thought experiment, not some emergency,,,,

But, as I go through life, in my normal day to day, I find that “Thinkin” is not in common practice, and IMAGINATION,,, *sigh, mumble mumble,,,* I totally blame this ont he schools, because for the most part, the people that I run into with REAL IMAGINATION, are readers,,, people that read for entertainment, information, education, whatever, but they do so because they prefer that over the pretty flashy hypnotic “programmer” of the toobs,,,, my choice in description if intentional,,, WAY too much dependence on video these days,,,,

And the BBC is adding insult to injury,,,, And BCE’s commentary on it,,, classic VENT,,, Go read if you have not.

That, what they are doing, ‘justifying’ the downgrade of education,,,, CRIMINAL!!!!

between the Economic shitstorm forthcoming, (we are only experiancing the edge of this storm,,,) the downgraded education of future generations, the perverted “SCIENCE” in most areas of that discipline, to include MEDICINE,,, which in some ways is a symptom of the second, and fueled by ‘easy money’ from the first (pay us and we’ll give you the answers you want to hear,,,)

Pull the skirts in tight, batten down the hatches, strike the sheets for storm, and secure the cannon,,, this is gonna be a rough ride,,,,

Conspiracy threads

Reading This and just one thought pops into my head.

It can’t work. To many moving parts: to much top down control in a world that is mostly bottom reaction dependent. And there are mant many obscure actors that won’t participate because it would mean giving up any autonomy they have recently acquired.

To obscure? Let me try again. To many moving parts: they may be trying to eliminate ALL banking options from the board. And they may be able to kill them, but what they can not kill, especially here in the untied statz, is CASH. Yah, a lot of people use electronic banking almost exclusively: I be a guilty party myself. BUT, I see serious movement of cash on a regular basis around me. Those people aren’t going to surrender that autonomy easily, and it won’t be grudgingly: expect a fight before they ‘fall in line’. Oh, and the MehiCAN Cartels; They sure as shit ain’t gonna ‘play’ (those being some of the ‘obscure actors’ I mention)

There is tons of cash floating around despite the plethora of digital transactions and that cash stays in some circles exclusively, NEVER seeing bank vaults. Not just here in the statz: think about those pallets of cash that Oblammy n krew sent to Iran back when,,, drug cartels and ‘terrorist’ groups run on cash

But they aint the only ones.

It seems ‘icky’ to some to think they may have to join the dark side like that, but its not the case. Look at it as “The Ungovernable”


(And I need to take my own pill on that. Pay off these debts and go strictly cash again.)


my hump is actually between when I get off on Twosday, and begin work the next, but hey, traditions, right?

Anywhoos,,, big project at work and all available warm bodies are being tossed at it to get it done. (not that this body has been all that warm the last two days, but I am still ambulatory and cognizant,,,)

Long days, no time to keep up with the current falling sky thing, and even if ALL of the big names go tits up, it will take months to trickle down to this area.

Not that we won’t feel it: we will, but that we won’t feel it with the same intensity nor the same End Of The World feelz that the more Urban areas are going to. We ain’t gonna starve, nor freeze, but we may not be comfortable at times.

And I think there is gonna be a whole lot of that hillbilly attitude to boot. The “cain’t fix the roof when its rainin’, and it don’t need fixed when it’s dry out” thing. Lots we can do here local, but when the big picture comes calling, this place rolls up its sleeves, and pulls in even tighter. People like me, the ones ‘that talk funny’, may have a harder time of it because we, despite years of building trust and networks, will NEVER be completely accepted. I know this, and I am hoping my reputation as the Fix-It Guy will carry me through the tougher times. That or it will make me a target,,, dunno, but willing to play the hand I am dealt. (and may have to SSS a few times before those that think “He’s rich!” or whatever ‘golden goose egg’ idea they have of me, are out of the picture or get the message that “He don’t play right”)

LOL I was told by a Senior DI, “If you find yourself in a fair fight, YOU fucked up!!” Took those words to heart I did, and you can bet that when things get hairy, I will have some toys lined up as needed to keep things balanced in my favor.

mine won’t be so obvious

But to be honest, I don’t think we are going to go that far down the rabbit hole. People are waking up faster and faster: that has to be a sign that things are going to start shifting AWAY from the insanity, or, The Insanity will begin serious over-reach and drive even MORE people to wake up, escalating the drive back to something a bit more restrained,,,,

Ok, Voo needs to do the poo thing, Mamakat has already filleted my right paw and is now in hiding (she knows shes screwed up,,,) and I still need to do the stuff to keep the house warm, get my belly filled and all that other stuff I do before I visit the other-worlds in my hindbrain.

More tomorrow, maybe early, maybe late, dunno yet.

evening at the Kabuki theater,,,

Just what the fuck is going on, Right?   Well, I think I can say with confidence, those that are supposedly in charge of this country are equally perplexed.   kill the pipelines,,, Oopsies, start drilling again, otherwise we have to buy our juice from those EEVIILLLL Ruskies; Can’t be having that since we are trying to kick off WWIII with those Ruskies while cratering the US economy with our left hand, while pushing all the peoples of the US into insanity using that dangling appendage below the waist while calling it Gender Fluid or something,,, LOL.   Just kiddin folks, we loves ya, well, we love your tax revenues,,, Don’t forget to Vote!!!!

Makes me pull out the camping gear, look things over for needed repairs/replacement, and think of hitting the water and never looking back.    

BUT, is that even an option?  

Somedays, very tempting, most days NO.   I get frustrated with the Asylum that we have become, but I know that there is HOPE, just not right here, right now,,,,  I also know that there really is no other place like this country,,,  Our only problem is not the country, its our GOVERNMENT,,,,

That hope resides in the fact that all of us that have been saying “Leave me Alone” are getting to that point where the punch in the mouth we have been holding back, is winding up for release.   I see it in rising tensions even at work.  Hell, Bible thumper took a hit last week on Friday, left the work site by walking home.  He didn’t come in muhnday, but did today; sporting a nice shiner on his right eye.     Crew leader has mentioned multiple times that BT has been a serious problem and he was getting short tempered with him.  Friday, that temper snapped,,,,   Now, I don’t have issue with BT with the exception of stupid actions outside of the workplace that lead him to dropping to his knees in prayer during work, and really odd times, and out of the clear blue.     I won’t tell the guy to keep that shit out, but maybe to keep it under breath and just do the work,,,   

I don’t know the details of the incident, not my business, but I would say, if the crew leader of 13 years went off and cold cocked BT, it was probably deserved.  Having seen him working with CrewLeader, and his mouthing off, not just that annoying spontaneous prayer thing,,,  13 years dealing with wastrels, methheads, pillheads and Convicts and he has never resorted to physical before,,,  Yeah,,, someone crossed a line.

WELLLSsssssss,,,,  Like BibleThumper, me thinks all the shenanigans are about to reach peak STOOPID, and things are going to get VERY DICEY for a spell.   Most importantly, CONFIDENCE IN THE DOLLAR is going to hit rock bottom here and more specifically, ABROAD, and when that happens, all those ones and zeros in your bank account are meaningless drivel that won’t buy a single sheet of toilet paper.

The hard times,,,   Think about all those on Fixed Incomes like SSI,,,,   Those checks will stop because there is no other choice.   Now the Actual Promised Beneficiaries of this are going to go apeshit, but they are not going to be the problem children.  The problem children are going to be all of those fraudulently (IMO) on SSD. The ones that never worked a day and managed to get ‘disabled status’ by being a drop-out/deadbeat/can’t hold a job/convict/etc (VERY long list there) that aren’t employable; generational welfare types that milk the system.   When the Gibbme’s realize the gravy train is over,,,, (and when I want my popcorn is when the Feddies (ATF and FIBbies) find out just how UNDER-ESTIMATED their firearms counts are, and how many full auto were NOT registered back during their so called amnesty period, or have trickled in over our borders since then.) 

And cities will burn, and looting will be a new career choice for a short time frame with high mortality rate.  We have seen this first hand since 92, at least once a year or three.  We have the model of how it plays out when the Gibbmes feel ‘cheated’ for ANY REASON.   Now multiply that by the Gibbmes in the sticks who are going to be looking for someone to blame for their downfall,,,    Toss in the Panti-Fags, and BurnLootMurder “Brownshirts”,,,   Spicy times indeed.

As for the Actual Promised Beneficiaries,,,   sorry, gotta be honest here.  There is going to be a die-off.   Some are going to be able to improvise adapt and overcome,,,, many are going to be in dire straits in very short order as eating, medical and other ‘luxuries’ are going to become outrageously priced IF EVEN AVAILABLE,,,    

If these bank runs are the final tip of the scale, we will see Weimar inflation by the end of this year.   And there won’t be a single country outside of ours that would be willing to help by buying our bonds.  AND, there are no other countries that can manage to feed us other than US.   We won’t starve as a people, but individually,,, entirely possible.   And all the toys we have grown accustomed to?  People are very flexible, but we have become so very spoiled over the last 4-5 decades, the last 2 especially.   All that easy money that made this possible was simple Monopoly money backed by nothing but FAITH, and that faith is starting to tremble like a palsy victim.   All the actions of the last 5 days are only making that tremble build.

Get your house in order.  DO get your preps that you keep putting off.   If you can, buy one or all of the Prepper books in my sidebar (not written by me, and no I don’t make a dime on them if you buy,,,  SImple public service kind of thing.) and get to reading them as soon as you have them in hand (get dead tree, not e-book,,,).  If you are inclined to really getting a list of books that are going to be essential, email me and I will send you a list of what I FEEL are mandatory for your library: its too extensive to list here.  (and if you have been following the world through the blogs the last few years, you probably are aware of many of them…).  IF POSSIBLE, get group,,,   FInd those nearby that are of like mind, POSITIVE IN ACTION, and start working on the trust factors.    And I am gonna tell you, if you hadn’t started last year, you ARE behind the curve here.

But what I do not recommend is setting yourself up to become a refugee.  If you are IN a major city currently, do all you can to get out.   One year too early is better than one day too late.   If you are too late, you are going to find getting out is MUCH MUCH harder: maybe impossible.   I wouldn’t wish that run of the gauntlet on anyone: not even trained Escape/Evasion pro’s.

Ah, but there is an upside.   Americans, spoiled brats that we may be, are also some of the most dogged determined and pro-active when shit goes sideways.   Things like the internet, might be spotty, if not downright hard to get at all, for awhile, but there are far far too many aspects of our world that REQUIRE the nets to function, and people are going to bust ass to keep it alive.  Much the same with our GRID power.  Spotty, sometimes non-existent, but there are people that know how it works, and how to keep it working.   We may not have the equipment to machine the designs that currently make power at the dams, (most is over 50 years old and the machines to make them are long gone,) but we KNOW HOW TO MAKE THINGS and “There are no problems, Just UNSEEN SOLUTIONS”.   


I am serious when I say “We Got This”,,, its gonna get tough, silly/serious/sick kray-kray stuff is on the menu, and what comes next is anyones guess, but I think we DO get a say in how the cards get cut this time around. Lets try to stack that deck in our favor by getting our minds FILLED with the stuff “To Make/Grow Things”

simple muhnday,,,,

Bossman may be mad at me, but dangit, I need hours. I took the day to make up inventory that we have sold even though it has not been delivered yet. (think thats tomorrow,,, dunno.) Froze my ass off doing it: even little Pale the kat was hanging close to my little space heater that I use to keep my hood warm (keeps it from fogging up.)

and coming home, the goats were loose,,, There are about 10, I think,,, hard to keep track of them as they move around A LOT,, These two seem to be the most tame, and I was able to get close enough for a decent pic of them.

And THIS little bounder,,,, He was half this size two weeks ago, and bouncing around, buttin’ heads with his sibs, (who hauled ass when I got out of the truck) The little buggers grow FAST,,,,

And I came home to a chilly house,,, SO, bread making time to help warm things up as I get the woodstove warmed up for the night.

MUCH BETTER turnout this time. Lack of salt AND I used cold water in my starter last time,,, Rookie mistake, but one that won’t be forgotten in the future. Live and learn,,, The smells floating about the house have me and Voo drooling tonight. Fresh bread for a couple of days, and some cooked chicken thighs that Da dropped in my lap when I stopped in at his place on my way home. He has ZERO clue how to cook for one,,, Not that I can complain: less I have to muck with when I get home. I’ll probably be picking up a quart of his veggie stew (too danged thick to call soup,,,) tomorrow after it has ‘seasoned’ for 48 hours. He made it sunday, and its good, but time makes it even better…

Banks blowing up, and you know, you wouldn’t know it in this hollar,,, Life carries on, and no one is sweating some TechBank folding because of Stoopid Woke ideology,,, (and who ever hired that ‘risk management’ twit,,, LOL Facepalm time dickwad,,,,)

Wings/WingsII update

For those few that have read my original fiction, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving this amatuer a chance to entertain you.

no, don’t freak out, this isn’t me saying I am throwing in the towel. (well, yes, I am, but not really, follow along, you’ll see what I mean.)

I logged into my KDP (kindle direct publishing) account last night, kinda sorta like,,, Actually, I fought tooth and nail with the log in since they sometime in the recent past, aligned KDP with the Amazon Store and I guess to simplify things, made it “One password to rul them all” sort of shit. When I finally got it figured out, I had changed the password BACK, and then realized that i have to change my password for the Zon in both the phone and Mac now.

SO there was strike one. Strike two was in KDP reports. They have totally butchered how one can see details of sales, movement, pages read (IN Kindle) etc etc. Pretty much all the stuff that helps a writer (who is NOT an accountant) figure out marketting strategy and stuff. The longest time spread they let you set up is 30 days. No quarterly, no semi-annual, no annual,,, Just day week month. You can get that info by playing with the calenders, but it would take hours to do that, print out the reports and then compare them.



SO,,, (heres the towel throwing thing) I am going to be pulling Wings off Amazon at some point. They are not getting a third strike. Its become too frustrating to deal with constant change, random price adjustments with ZERO dialogue between the writer and the publisher(? I guess thats what you would call the Zon in this case…) and while I have heard that they may ‘adjust’ the content of your book, I have not experienced this with Wings. And despite their offers to help promote, they don’t: just the occasional price below printing costs to push ‘cheap’ . I’m willing to take a hit for promotion, but not will-he-nil-he and not without some communication,,,

My trust with them is BLOWN.

I had been working on re-writing Wings anyway, since there are parts in the current version that are completely FUBARing the sequel. SO, what you have will NOT be what will be,,,, About 10-15% will be wiped or ‘modified’ and that damnable cliff hanger is going away. WingsII will be shortly on its tail in publication, but WHERE, right now,,, Dunno. I’m looking into those options now. AND I am still trying to figure out how to re-open my Scrivener files on Wings I. I have the first 9 chapters, (which will be the same) but can’t get the others to ‘run’. and if worse comes to worst,,, I pull out the PC and do it on that. (hate that machine,,,,) Whats up, stays up, until I have my ducks in a row.

This time around, I fully intend on getting someone outside of my circle to proof and edit, and I am looking at getting someone to help mentor me on promo and whatnot. With the two under my belt,,,,

But not through the Zon,,,, They are not Indie friendly anymore, IMO.

diktats from furriefuzzyfluffheads

it’s amazing to me somedays, just how much three little furrie murder machines dictate how I am allowed to dwell in my own residence.    Mamakat has taken serious liking to my office chair as “HER BED”,,,  Zooms likes to be close and uses the ottoman I have for propping up the hind feet, when I am here typing out things,,,  And Grizzy,,, where every my chest resides is HIS, HIS, HIS I SAY!!!   

And Voo,,,   Dunno whats up his silly butt, but he has been demanding walkies out the yahooo the last couple of weeks.  Maybe the shift in weather and dawggum has cabin fever,,, dunno, but it never fails, I get two or three GOOD paragraphs into the writing thing (doesn’t matter what, Blog, book, just thinking,,) and there is the Voo pushing his head under my arm pit sayin’ whatever it is a deaf dawggum is trying to say,,,   He seems happy enough with the walkie thing, and I can usually tell if the food bowl is not to his satisfaction (he plops next to it and stares at me,,,  Pretty obvious, no?)

I say I own pets, but let’s be honest:THEY OWN ME,,,,  They have me very well trained too.  I just reside here, this is THIER house.  Call me the maintenance man of this demesne: I sure ain’t king of my castle,,, the royalty here is 11# of Fluff with 5 out of 6 sharp ends and her two footmen and her Canine Calvary.  (and that 6th end is very ‘vocal’ about moods.)

And we are BACK…. Told ya, three paragraphs, here comes dawggum,,,,   ‘gotta poo da!’      And this time around, Voo was doing his thing, and Cuz’s dawgs decided that then was the time to jump him (I wasn’t all that close).  First got a nip in and then two others saw Voo trying to clear out and thought he was running scared.  He wasn’t, he was exiting the area in civil fashion.. The three got to see just what a Catahoula Cur can manage by his lonesome when you cross the line..   All three are now sporting torn and bleeding shoulders and hips: Voo ripped ’em up and ran them all the way back to their house.(and not a scratch on him,,,)  and Now, is lounging on the porch watching that way, and if any of them start heading to the drive, he sets up to howling.  “I kicked your smarmy asses, you little bitches, now stay home and think about it, ya little inbred shits!!!!”.  And that is just what they do,,, run back to their house,,,  I am laughing my tuckus off over this new script of “As the Dawg Rolls”.   Not at all bad for a twelve year old mutt thats out of practice: I’m proud of my boy!  (and he is too.  That tail is riding HIGH when he is walking around now.)

grey drizzle drizzle kinda day out.  My ‘girls’ are riding in the breeze over Buffalo, but with the chill, the drizzle, price of gas,,, Thinkin’ I should just stay close to home today.   It’d would be perfect day to get some miles in, IF, there were another go and enjoy it with,,,,   Somedays, i would rather paddle alone, others, I want that friend out there with me.   Today is that day,,,   Not for safety’s sake either, just companionship.   I see it with Mark E, too.   He loves spending time with new people, and will take days out when new people click.  Being alone is not always ‘lonely’, but there are times,,,  I can go weeks without seeing another face (that isn’t covered in fur and whiskers) and be fine (it was when I went weeks without even that, that I started going a bit stir-krazzee and sent up my plea to Universe “I just wanna dawg”, and Universe blessed me with my VERY PROUD OF HIS BAD-SELF Voodoo.). And there are times, where hearing another voice is in demand, and not a recording, but someone to interact with.      I am not ‘desperate’ for that, but it would be nice to talk to someone that responds with more than “Blert” or ‘mrawr!’ if that.  (dumb looks are ALWAYS free,,, and my fuzzies have ’em aplenty.)

daylight shifts again, back to the millstone tomorrow, but the trees are budding out, the cold nights are getting warmer, and the days,,, Well, it is KY; things can be ‘different’ and still be normal around here.   And I fully expect to see lots of sunlight this week, while I am working and can’t enjoy it properly,,,, LOL.  Just like when I was in school,,,,

PSSSSST, look on the side bar. I have to admit, I give up. I tried several different ways of adding a tip jar, using conservative friendly sites (GAB etc,,,) and frankly, not one worked, for whatever reason. I know with GAB, they wanted you to join, or so it seemed, though there was an option, quite well hidden, that didn’t demand signing up. Anywhoos,,, The ‘Donate’ button is active again, yes, PerPuke, but dangit, the link works and isn’t a labyrinth like the others.

And no, I ain’t blegging, I only know there have been messages in my inbox asking how to support me without buying a bakers dozen of my books (though that would please me even more: give em away to people, spread the word,,, OR send me a word and I will see about getting you a discounted rate for multiple: I still make a royalty, and you can resell them and make some back yourself,)

Please, please please RTWT

Almost everything evil that we face comes from that diseased swamp in Washington DC.

T.L. Davis

Just before that quotation is what I have been saying in one form or another since 08. T.L. has been at even longer.

WE (the people) DO NOT NEED THEM, oh, but sure as shit, they need us,,,, without US, they couldn’t exist. And therein is why they hate us so badly: its the dichotomy of the Junkie, hating the drug but loving how it makes him feel.

DO read the whole thing, T.L. states what I and many others have been saying about the ‘Script’ being so incredulous, a real writer would be told to ‘tone it down, no one would buy this’,, and that is completley intentional: make the events so outlandish and off the chain, anyone pointing it out would be ridiculed by Joe-sixpack Normie as a loon. (And its been working, until just enough information was leaked,,, and those leaks make me think there are still two factions of deep-state warring on that Shining Hill.)