Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Doin’ , thats the key

“Doin’  ” , “Get’erdun”, and the inevitable, “hey y’all, watch this ” (which usually ends up both tragic and hilarious, but I digress).  These things make up “redneck” according to elites. 
But I gotta say, I’d rather people like that around me when things get froggie, than those with the single solution of throwing more money at a problem. 

Oh, wait, that sounds like Government.

So, I guess what I am saying is I’d rather be around crazy rednecks than Governed.   Yeah, that sounds about right.  Hell, at least the rednecks don’t rob ya blind and tell you its for ‘the greater good’ (whatever that is).  And rednecks can do something NO government, ever, has been capable of; making things.  And usually from next to nothing to start with.  

Well, here’s what this redneck came up with this week.



Another type of paddle.    All the wood is laminated up and all of it was ‘scrap’, destined for the kindling bin.  20 individual pieces, cut to size, glued and clamped, and now I am reducing it to the paddle I intended.  I spent far more on gorilla glue than I would like but this thing is gonna take a lot to break. The main shaft is 6 pieces lammed 4 through the center with 2 along the edges of those.    The blades are cedar siding lammed thick ends together with shorter pieces to build up the center for more of a wing shape in cross section.

I saw a version of this over at Kilii’s site and thought it looked cool.  Then I saw another version of it as made by the late Derek Hutchinson.   As I said, versions of, not the exact same.  This is what I came up with using what I had and without employing some wild building materials like fiberglass.  This one is closer to Kilii’s version, but my guide was a vague snapshot,  not detailed plans. 

And its giving me something to do with my front feet while the weather isn’t cooperating with my water desires.  And that keeps me from hammering down coffin nails in boredom.  Yeah still trying to quit and with minimal success so far.  Cut back?yes. Quit? Not as yet.   Spring and summer will help there as I won’t be as cooped up.

Now, about the paddle, I am not sure it will improve on things or not.  Making it, I can see it doing some things better, but not all things.  A Greenland Paddle is a series of compromises, but is VERY flexible in usage.  Detailing any one usage detracts from others.      I can see this blade performing power strokes and sculling very well, but ruddering and some other sweeps will be reduced. 
I may prefer over the Greenlands.
And I may hate it first run. 
And its gonna be awhile before weather allows me to go play to find out. (And it is playing, I freely admit that! )

But, as I said, its giving me something to keep my front feet occupied and is another learning curve, which is never bad.  Later, the “hey y’all, watch this!” may happen, and if so, I’ll pick myself up, shake off, and keep on keepin’ on.

Thats what us rednecks do.


“Who dis?”,,, really?

That twatter from occasional cortex pretty much says all we need to know about politics in modern day America.  I honestly would like to see her continue down the road she is on, unbridled by her party, and let the country see EXACTLY what that group want out of us. Anywhoos, she is very well educated indoctrinated, and Lenins definition to a T. Let the girl run and break the dishes I say. (But someone with a sharp eye and solid squeeze needs to be prepared to not let her run too far.)

I was going to fisk an article declaring doom if the .GOV doesn’t come back online soon, then thought; who cares? Really, the only people who are going to feel it are the ones on workfare/welfare.  Yeah, some honest hardluck cases are going to get boned, but from what I see here’bouts, its most entirely freeloaders, and to them I say, “get a job”.  And to those agencies losing people due to $0 paychecks, I can’t feel much pity. They are probably overpaid, doing work that has no realworld equivalent, and would have zero chance of finding realworld work with what they do know. (Thats why I call it workfare.)   The TSA in particular.  Those jacktards are the reason I quit flying back when I was still touring.  I would ride in the truck hauling the gear for days before I would submit to the highly illegal in my opinion searching, probing n groping of that group.  It ain’t about safety, its about control.  
Trump may be “unserious ” as some reporter called it, but I think he’s far more aware of the coming fallout then people are aware.  And I can lay fair money that he will twist it around and make it ALL the fault of the demoncraps. 
My only concern with it is the welfare cases that are freeloading and when they get desperate.  Local gov still functions, but we all know that when seconds count, cops are minutes away.  There may be a shoot, shovel n shut it moment or two hereabouts, but then, the people in this hollar are of similar minds. And we are at the complete outskirts of either county. 

My one wish, and we all know about wishes n fishes, is that people would see this shutdown and realize that for all the bluff n bluster, our Federal Gov is a very hollow shell with very little actual power to do anything short of war. And they haven’t gotten that right in 70 years. Hell, they can’t even do their main job of securing borders!
If only people would see the smoke n mirrors: one can dream.  
Anywhoos, its cold.  Ol’ man winter came in outta Canada this weekend and I still don’t have coldwater gear, so, Duh!kee is resting in drydock alongside the Perception, and I feel like a junkie jonesing for a fix.  All this work, and I knew the timing would suck, and I’m landlocked till spring.  Oh woe is me, po’Dio cant go play!!!!   LOL yah, there’s some cheese laying around to go with the whine.
I’m not the only one with cabin fever: Voo is feeling his age (hip dysplasia) and this cold makes him a grumpy cuss too.  And of course, yours truly is the one that gets to hold the door while he makes up his mind on braving the cold, or letting hydraulic pressure continue to build.  At least Buzz is content, she’s loving this weather with all of that fuzz she sports.  Even plays in the rain n snow, and that fur sheds the wet like a ducks back. She’s also less than a year old; that whole to dumb to know better thing,,,

I’ll be back on with something, hopefully brighter than poly-ticks, later this week: y’all take care.

What I didn’t get

Saturday, is here on Sunday.

Ain’t she cute.

Took Duh!kee to a little reservoir and took some vids. Sorry about the angle, but my camera man was, quite literally, a rock.

I have another one where I had attached the camera to the deck. Is longer (8min) and is taking way to daggum long to upload. I’ll skip it for now as it isnt, IMO, all that interesting. And for peeps that get motion sick, really hard to watch, as the movements of the yak seem exaggerated: horizon tilting wildly and stuff. That and my lame running commentary 😃. I dont feel the angle showed things correctly either. The camera was at least 20″ lower than my perspective so things look ‘weird’, at least to me. I’ll eventually get a head cam and attach it to a hat or sumsuch and that will show better what I see.

Jest DUH!kee did just fine

Sorry, no vid this round as I was unable to find anyone willing to go with me. Guess they figured that if they didn’t go, I wouldn’t either.


I’m kinda crazy like that.

Did take a spill before I ever got in the boat, but that was the only spill I took. Was getting in and the section of bank I was on didn’t stay put. Feet high, ass in the muck, and I kept hold of the boat to make sure it didnt bootscootboogie on me.

Yeh, that water was cold! Not so cold as to call it off though. About 50ish, cold but manageable for short spurts.

Gear was the Astral PFD, Seals sprayskirt, and a ‘paddle jacket’ made from the top half of an old Tyvek hazmat suit I had from way back when and don’t recall why. Mice had ate out the feet, so I just cut it loose at the waist and made it my paddle jacket for now. Kept that cold water from trickling down my back, and I may find a set of froggtoggs for a temporary drysuit of a sort. As a paddle jacket, it worked damned good. It even has a hood! I needed it for the wind as well as the water as the air was moving pretty good across the lake.

There was some chop, though not when I was taking the pics. It did well as a windbreaker too. Strong winds, a wet ass, and I was actually comfortable while buttoned up inside the kayak.

This boat is EXACTLY what I had intended. I wish I had a pic of it sitting in the water with me in it, maybe next time, but while paddling, I didn’t see the wake I would see from the Perception. I didn’t see any wake forward of the cockpit at all until around 4.5 mph.

I had it up to 5.3 and could tell that was MY limit, not the boats: I haven’t been paddling much as of late, and things in me need more training, and I need more time getting familiar with her, before I will be able to break that limit. I may even need a wider paddle, at least for the racing thing. Thats a play point for later. The Greenlands do quite well, and my shoulders definitely prefer them. (Side note, I played with the storm paddle some, and know it will work, but its a completely different stroke and will take practice, but high performance it is NOT.)

I was out for about 45 minutes, didn’t quite do a mile, pushed it twice and did a lot of sitting, getting a feel for her. I went out on the main lake to expose her to wind to see how she responds: she is a bit neutral leaning towards weather helmed. For those not sure what that means; she shows a slight tendency to face into the wind. That’s great when your a hunter looking for seals, but means that she may want to track into unfavorable paddling conditions on open water. Not optimal, but not really a game changer for me. Chop didn’t phase her at all and waves on the beam were only a little goosey. Thats more my needing seat time than a boat issue.

She edges great, and I am really going to have to work on my end of that, as I am still not up to par there. Sweeps work well, as do braces and sculls. With the beam being so narrow (21″) I can really get the paddle close to me and dig in, so accelerating is easier. A couple guys out bank fishing made comment when I was loading out, to how fast she was.

So, in review; she is far better at being a kayak than I am at being a kayaker. I have LOTS of growing and learning to do, and I have about 9 months to get myself race ready. The boat is more than ready.

Now the long wait for spring and warmer weather,,,,😑 (or massive spending on cold water gear)

Not so new family member intro

I’ve mentioned Buzz in a couple of posts, but have held off introducing her since I wasn’t sure she was a permanent addition or not. Not that I was going to be rid of her or anything; its just that cats don’t have much in longevity ’round here. Coyotes, feral dogs, racoons, and what not tend to keep the cats in check population wise.

Here she was in April when we recovered her.

She was a drop off along with 3 of her sibs. They didn’t make it. All were starved and sickly. She was in the better shape, but only just. Worms, fleas, starved, ear mites, and as you can see eye infections. She was a mess.

Almost a year later, she has pretty much laid claim to ‘High Princess of house, peep and (occasionally) dog’ and even Voodoo treads lightly around her. His tail is her favorite toy and he tolerates it with the patience of Job, only occasionally eliciting a groan of ‘not again!’

She is very much the outdoor (mostly) cat. Hates to use the box inside, but will if the sky is wet and hydraulic pressures get high enough. Jumps around in trees like a danged squirrel. And has even managed to teach the wrens a certain amount of respect, since they ran her back to the house once when she was a wee thing. Only brought home a ‘gift’ once; a rustygage lizard. It played dead till she got bored, then I took it out and released it; straight up a tree it went. I’m just waiting on the dead bird or chipmunk; its just a matter of time (and luck, since she can’t seem to get the tail to cooperate in the stalk)

So there she is: Buzzycat, Princess of the homestead and High Queen (in her opinion) of all things not dog.

Some thoughts, totally at random

Humidity, kayak skins and Dio. Nylon is hydroscopic, I knew this going in. I didn’t pay attention to the humidity index while sewing, just the temps, figuring I was spraying water on it, good enough.

Wrong answer. Humidity index was in the mid 30’s then. This week its been 80-100% and the yak looks “floppy”. Brought it into the house with the wood stove and overnight, she tightened back up. Supposedly, this is normal and after a year or two stops or at least becomes ‘not noticeable ‘, but it kinda irked me at first. I’d imagine in the Pacific NorthWET, where Brian and Kilii operate, this isn’t nearly as extreme. Probably still some variation just not as wildly.

Been watching the news off’n’on, things seem on the verge of correction in the financial markets. Good and bad of course, depending on where your view is from. Only time will how it all pans out. Only advice I have is the usuals; be prepared, stay away from crowds and have three escape options at all points in between.

Holidays are behind us and I had a pleasant surprise for myself after all was said and done. Jumped on the scale the other night and feared the usual 10# gain. Nope: can’t say I lost any as a 2# fluctuation is nothing really, but I was down 2 from my usual 185. Cool. Just keep on keeping on with what I am doing, keep trying to shed the nicotine addiction and I should be good to go.

About that addiction. My sis introduced me to a different type of e-cig, and I have shifted to it. For the most part. Won’t lie, I slip and kinda frequently, but I am not hammering back 1 1/2 packs a day anymore. 10 seems to be the worst so far, and that was one of those ‘I’m smoking or they are bleeding, your choice‘ kinda days. I’ve said in the past that my smoking had saved many peoples lives, because I might have gone full postal on occasion without it. I know its just an excuse though. I’ve lost 2 friends over the last 2 years, and am about to lose another one, and smoking was attributable or a direct cause in all three cases. I gotta get off these things, know it, and STILL struggle in the fight. I can do it, but danged if its easy. Long down times due to winter spells isn’t helping and I can only find so much to keep my hands occupied: I am so looking forward to spring when I can really start getting on water and getting away from things that trip me into lighting up, and where a cigarette has a snowballs chance in hell of surviving 10 seconds of splashing water.

Oh! Hey! I heard the government had shut down for 12 days; did any of you notice? I sure didn’t, other than the harpies on communist news network bemoaning the wicked president that wont listen to ‘reason’. Whatever! LOL.

No promises, but it looks like this weekend MAY be launch day for the yak. Christening will be then and the name (a total play on words here) “Jest DUH!kee” in honor of all my Duh! moments while learning.

Post up when and if. Til then, keep on keepin’ on.

Dio vs Yak. Win-win

Last post about the kayak until christening and launch. Just final pics as its complete now. Final weight is 29.9 lbs. My target was 30 or less. Mission accomplished.


Backup and storm paddles on deck.

Detail of back toggle. Foreleg bone from a deer.

Close up of forward deck lines

PS: the cockpit cover is on here. Have to keep the barn wrens out. They already tried building a nest in it just this morning.