Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


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I dont actually expect anything to come of it, but if ya don’t speak out when the trials are easy,,,


Fizzle POP!!!

I posted about this first up Monday morn.

Heres an update 

Sure is a far cry from the marches of the 60’s.  

A random thought of mine

And I thought I would share.  This is the kinda stuff that randomly wanders the halls of my skull.

Blacksmiths:  way back when, when kingdoms were measured in hectares, the Blacksmith was just about the only ‘little person’ the king would defer to.  Part of this was ‘you dont mess with the guy that makes your world function, ’cause he knows how to make it NOT function.”   The blacksmith shod the horses, made the weapons, armor, arrow points, all the things that made holding power a bit easier.  He was also the guy that made parts for those things of defense. Locks(both types, securing locks and arms locks.  Term ‘lock, stock, and barrel’ comes from blacksmithing, specifically the ones that made firearms.)nails, bars, you name it, a blacksmith likely made it or had a hand in it. A blacksmith also made the tools for other industry’s; plowshares, scythes, saws, hammers, etc and repaired all the broken stuff that is inevitable when work happens.

And over the centuries, the lowly blacksmith did even more for the world.  He created dentistry (and I am being dead serious here) ,was a key pivot in the development of steam power, and as recent as the turn of the last century, blacksmiths were the goto guy for mechanics, machinists, welders, etc.  The town without a blacksmith was a very poor town indeed.

The nature of the work; hot, smokey, very dirty, and quite tedious, did not lend credence to the smith being very bright.  That was the paradox of reality.  He had to be smart to figure the making of parts, he had to be near brutish in appearance to be able to handle the tools of the trade, and being covered in soot and sweat didn’t help appearances either.  But even the dimmest smith was a pretty sharp rock in the bag of life. 

I find it interesting to follow historical lines, to see how the progression of a trade actually spelled the end of that trade.  Blacksmithing is still a trade and one with much honor attached to it, but it is not one in demand.  The parts a smith can make, can now be made faster better and cheaper (in quantity) than a smith can manage. And many of the tools that make these things harken back to some tool a blacksmith made to make his life a little easier.  Back when Henry Ford was gaining his position in the world, he hired smiths to make the crankshafts for his engines.  Mercedes and BMW now turn out CNC produced crankshafts by the hundreds a day, in a facility that employs three people; and the units are all within specs measured in the ten thousandths of an inch. A regular blacksmith would have a rather hard time competing with that.

Most Smith’s today are ‘hobby’ smiths.  There are a few that are at it full time, but their wares tend towards artistic endeavors, or eclectic niches.  I know of one smith who only makes swords for renaissance characters.  The swords are the real deal, even if the events are whimsy.  

And there were more than just blacksmiths.  There were silversmiths, goldsmiths, etc, and the names are still carried by many in the world.  SMITH is one of the most common names in any phone book.  Then you had other trades: Fletcher, Thatcher, Wright’s  (as in wheelwright) Carter, Bowyer, Cooper, Miller, Mason, Farmer,  etc, etc, etc.  These names extend to us through history, not only as a common name, but a reference to industry and the people that made the world turn.  These names outlasted those kings with kingdoms measured in Hectares, and that says much about what really made our world what it is, don’cha think?

Like I said, just a random thought.  Hope y’all enjoyed it.

Did he say that?!?

Typical, definitive monday.  Murphy apparently thought things were going too smoothly and step up to the plate to take a swing at things.

Long story short, bossman was more than a little uptight.  His new asst production manager started today and one of the delivery systems came apart overnight, making a goopy mess in several places, and that was when your trusty blogger pal Dio had to inform him of a wee problem called acrophobia.  

Bossman said a few words and I allowed them to flow right on past.  Even so, they left a couple of barbs in the skin that festered all day.

Tomorrow is a new day and I am hoping the words said were heat of the moment types.  If not, bossman is likely to find out just how obtuse Dio can be when push comes to shove.  If he follows on the threat he made, I walk.  And while I have only been there a few weeks, I have made one hell of an impression on several of the old timers.  They all agreed with me today when they heard what was going on.  My value on the ground is far more important to them than my inability to get in the air on a genie lift.(yeah, I know. They aren’t the boss.)

But heres the kicker: I don’t care.  If I have to make my stand by walking away, so what.  Its just a job.  I haven’t been there long enough to feel any loyalty to the company. (And from what I have seen, there are very few there with any loyalty to it.  Upper types tend to be rather harsh and backward in leadership qualities and turn over is outrageous.)

Anyways, I am at peace no matter what the future holds for me.  There is one thing I can say, and I think several of my long time readers can agree on: there isn’t much out there I can’t do, with the exception of getting off the ground. And I am a survivor! There may be a slow down, but I NEVER stop pushing forward.

Not enough spanking!

I am watching what could possibly be a historical event taking place here in the states. (I am not linking to it because I do not agree with its principles in any way, as you will note in further reading.) 

I have to say it, I am flabbergasted by the audacity of certain people in this world.  The event is geared towards “ending white supremacy ” and has the key goal of occupying The District of Criminals until Trump is removed from office!  First off, this event starts with a ten day march, and boldly states will continue until its main goal is reached.

Spoiled rotten welfare brats!!! Never been spanked and had most everything handed to them and that STILL ain’t enough! I know there were a LOT of pissed off people back in 2008 when Oblammy-o-boy was elected, but we didnt protest that! Our protests were about being raped by a system out of control.  TEA party. TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY is what that stood for.  And that movement was shunted aside, sabotaged by the IRS, ridiculed by the MSMs, and buried or nearly so since then. Are there white supremacists? Yes.  Are they in power? Last I checked, not so much, and the Prez certainly is not one of them.  He is far to interested in profit margins to let some silly racial standard get in his way, even as a president.  

Nope, what this is, is a bunch of spoiled children that did not get their wish in November and are going to make everything into some personal slight, and fill the slots needed by some globalist corp/person, and get paid to show just how ‘important’ their position is.  They will throw the tantrums until the adults of this country cave in, yet again, to their whimsy.

Having read comments at the site and at others, if this doesn’t kick off some serious pissing contest, I will be mighty surprised.
Sadly, I think that pissing contest is the ultimate goal of the true benefactors behind all of the strife we have been witness to of late.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my hope for this country surviving the next decade has approached near zero.  And if this country shreds, the collateral damage is going to be far reaching.

End of the world  (TEOTWAWKI)?  No, but its gonna feel like it to many.  Hell, this world doesn’t need us to keep moving in its orbit. We are but fleas on the dog going through its motions.  But things have great potential for “interesting times” and I can see the events of late and the current offings as just one more step to those times.  

If I didn’t have to work, I would be more than happy to spank some spoiled brats butts, only its a lot too late for it to do any good now.  Now it has to be far more painful to deliver the message properly, and that is more likely to be fatal for most. (And I am seeing some commenters hinting at some pretty rough actions in response.  All I can say is, remember the ROE guys: two or more exits, distance is your friend, communicate as needed if in group, and always CYA!

Keep your eyes on this no matter where you live.  It may fizzle (I hope so) or it may ignite a whole new shitstorm.

(Note: this was written Sunday evening with delayed publish time.  This event is scheduled to kick off Monday Aug 28th from Charlottesville Virginia. Keep an eye on it.)

Sumpin a lil different

Ya might think that my interests are  a tad flighty with the way I bounce around here. Then again, you might notice I come back around to the topics given time. Part of that is due to evolutions in my learning curves.

Todays topic is Bows.  

Y’all know I like shooting.  Guns, rifles pistols, darts, bows, etc etc. Y’all know I have made my own bows on occasion.  This post is due to my busting a finger and having to evolve, yet again.  I have always been a finger shooter with bows, and will be again, as soon as my offending finger heals up.  But deer season is coming fast and I didnt want to let a bad finger hold me back.

I borrowed a mechanical release from my cuz, who is an avid compound shooter, and started making the transition to release shooting.  I have an old Bear Griz compound as well as the Bear Super Griz recurve so I moved over to the compound as I don’t want to mess with the super: I like it just the way it is.

I don’t like it! All the funky cams,wheels, extra cables, funny rests, SIGHTS (wtf?) Its too ‘weird’ all that modern thingamigogery on something that throws an arrow! What I really like about the super griz is, I can grab it (when I have intact fingers) a handful of arrows and just go!  No fiddling with releases that need strapped on, no sights to worry about getting knocked around, and the thing weighs about as much as a popcorn fart: you can carry it all day and danged near forget it’s there.  The compound on the other hand weighs 8 1/2 pounds.  When drawing it, its like holding a battle rifle out at full extension one handed and trying to steady the front sight.  You can do it but you’ll wear your ass out doing so. (I know there are more modern bows that are much lighter, but I ain’t lookin’ at spending a couple of pay checks on one unless I permanently lose that finger!)  

Ya, I really don’t like it, but if its what I have to work with, then I will be good with it.  Until the finger heals, its what I have and for the sake of clean kills, I will be good with it, but I dont have to like it.  Practice practice practice!

And I don’t like it.  Did I mention that already?  LOL.  Yeah, I did, so I’ll drop it now.

To me, bow hunting should be simple, at least the bow side of the equation should be.  Hunting isnt simple, unless you use the treestand/ambush method.  Me(acrophobic that I am) I prefer to keep firmly on the ground and stalk.  Not simple when your quarry has a battery of sensory defenses that make the CIA snoops look blind. In addition, natural camouflage that just can’t be beat, and half of ’em are armed with extra sharp points on their heads. (And those hooves can do one hell of a number as well!)  Like anything, given reason, even Bambi will revert to violence when flight is no longer an option. (Ever seen a mamma deer take on a dog?  Not pretty; and the dog, if it survives, learns one helluva lesson! IE don’t get between mom n baby!) Stalking has to take into account many things and adding to that worry isn’t in my interests.  If I have to use the compound, I am going to have set up an ambush style method this season.  

Anywhos, maybe, by the time rut is in full swing, my finger will be better and all of this dislike will be moot.  
Happy hunting to those that do.

A link to truth 

RTWT. Please
Follow the links as well.  Don’t just read it, read it ALL and most importantly Think!

This is one of those put up or shut up moments in time, and everything he says is golden.  

If ya cant walk it out stop talking yourself into a check your ass can’t cash.