Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


The smell of bullshit

Read, look at the agencies quoted, think with the brain cells that AREN’T dulled by the incessant pervasive hyperbole of the msm’s . Then think back to the 80s. Russia, then the USSR, invaded Afghanistan, for whatever reasons they did such. The Afghani ramped up poppy production at the behest of foreigners to help pay for assistance with repeling an unwelcome host. Various agencies from our shores assisted with training, weaponry, and who knows what else, maybe including purchasing large quantities of opium for redistribution.

Anywhos. After the expulsion of Soviet forces; I have heard it called “Russias Viet Nam” , themore conservative sects started pushing to eliminate poppy production. Before The Shrub coerced the States into invading there, poppy production was a fraction of a percentage to todays output. (This can be verified through reliable historical accounting like dead tree edition encyclopedias. Electronic versions are too easily laundered.)

Tbe opiod problem in this country is a self inflicted wound IMO. Just watch ANY channel across the interupted advertising broadcast companies and you will see the drive to medicate literally everyone, for everything. The advertiser/pharma cartel want you, Yes YOU, to believe they have a magic pill for everything, just visit your doctor. Add to that a growing sense of helplessness across the board from economic, political, and income gap depressions, and you have a fine fertile ground for addiction to flourish, ESPECIALLY when you add in Americans tendency for rebellion, and make all the drugs THAT WORK illegal without prescriptions, people will sometimes get hooked, just for the act of defiance they feel by breaking the law. (And that gets me riled onto another soapbox,,,)

My question here is”Why are they ‘breaking this news’ now?” Its a cock n bull story with its only credibility resting on ‘the good guys agencies’.>cough cough <

Are they trying to establish reason to crank up the fun in the sandbox again? Or is this a strategically placed tool by the MIC to gin up support for more money to burn?

I have no idea,but when I read the piece, my bullshit indicator bent its needle hitting redline. I recalled several articles claiming the drop in poppy production prior to 2002, with a corrosponding rise in other resource development taking precedence. Then we went in, and a couple of other countries settled in as well and started exploiting those other resources, and the Taliban ramped up poppies again. Cause and effect? Occams razor anyone?

I hollar bullshit on this one.



Irish posted this early today, and I just had to watch it.

Its 39 minutes long , likely hard to watch if one is sensitive to UV stuff. (Ultraviolence ala clockwork orange kinda thing though not likely any of ’em “singing in the rain”)

I gotta say, aint seen a thing in these parts. And there are still white sheet areas around here though they tend to reaalllly lowwwww key these days. I only mention such cuz thats the kinda thing these yahoos in the vid are against, right? Or is it that they dont really know what it is they are against? Me thinks the latter honestly. They may be righteously angry, for whatever reasons, (IMO, unjustifiably as they have been given pretty much the world on a platter. They just don’t know what to do with it and their teachings dont give them a solid foundation to work from) but they are raging without ‘reason’. Fact is, given a single person from one of these group’s, in a neutral place, a person such as myself could show them we are actually after the same ends, but from opposite sides of the spectrum. They dont want Facism, hey, I’m there too (sadly, they have had the word misinterpreted for them, repeatedly.) They want better healthcare: yup, me as well. They dont want to wait for these things. Well, ‘wait’ aint the word I would use, but they don’t seem to want work for them either, and THAT is where I run into an issue. The real problem is “who” is supposed to provide. On my side of the spectrum, I do, or I work with those that do. On the other side, they want Gov to provide it, never understanding the hidden issues of Gov providing anything.


After watching the vid, I felt it was ‘good’ prop, as in well produced, not necessarily ‘good’. Prop being propaganda. It was produced to elicite feelings. And if you watched it all the way through, you were likely a touch mad, maybe even *blinkin*ratzzing* flabber!!!goggled* ticked off, ready to go bust some neonazi noggin. And the jackasses carrying the AntiFa crapflag need to check their history as Hitlers people carried near identical flags (and I bet funder Soros is having a personal giggle over that particular point.) which is why I’m calling ’em neonazis. Even so, it managed what good prop does best; filtered everything spread out over time, condensed it into a short attention span segment, and tossed in ‘just the right amount of ominous music’ to trigger emotions.

Are these things happening? Yes, they are, but the time span is spread out over almost two years. They are preparing to do ‘Something ‘, but the littl’uns in most of these vids are NOT the problem, even if they are the problem that will have to be dealt with first.

Soros, problem.

All of his cutouts: problem.

Clintons and their ‘Foundation’: problem.

Former Prez Oblammy: sneaky ass problem.

Current education systems, including many secondary ones: HUGE problem.

Obviously rigged election districts: problems. (115% voter turnout in one Floriduh county and all voted demoncrap? Yeah, no fraud there.)

And last, but certainly not least; most all of us aware of the issue are getting long in tooth:

Thats a problem as well.

Whats the solution? Dunno myself. I can only connect with a small group of family, and try to counteract the edumicatin’ the younger ones have and are getting. Thats not much.

The other side of that is what the title says; Where? As in, where are all these violent events happening? Sure as shit aint near here. I think the nearest to me was in SC. Not close at all. (And how would I explain to the bossman that I needed a week off to go tan some libtard ass? Even if he were of like mind, I can’t see it happening.)( and that point just adds fuel to the argument that these protesters are getting paid, supported or something from outside.)

Seems to me that the events are mostly isolated to specific areas (large college towns mostly, but not ones breeding future thieves politicians, like Harvard or Yale.) And that the event is well coordinated by some outside influence *cough* Soros people*cough* to include how the event is ‘leaked’ to counter groups. It operates like a stealthy combat mission. (And I have to question the intent of the producers of that vid while using the same logic. Maybe they are only trying to raise awareness, but damned if it didnt feel like the same mental gymnastics used to program the pissed off clique. )

Last word, message to the kids raising anger in the vid: guys, you are being played. The people providing you transport, lodging, pay etc, intend on burying you, LONG before they ever have to give you what they are promising. You are nothing but a tool to an end for them and that end is power, pure and simple. (And history proves they don’t plan on burying you with proper eulogies and last rights. No, their burial plan is called Caterpillar n dirt. Research “useful idiots, Lenin, Stalin” and see what your future may look like.)

This is a big country, but there just isn’t room for two nations at odds with each other. And we are rapidly becoming two distinct nations trapped within one border intermingled amongst each other. That is a room full of open powderkegs and faulty bearings on the ventilation system: all its gonna take is one good spark.

Historical revision

Something every tyranical/communist state practices (d). Destroy the history, destroy the culture, IE destroy the foundations of a society, so that ‘the utopia’ can be built from the ashes.

Granted, I did not grow up in a communist country, though I have had friends who did, a dentist who did, and I have been in some third world shitholes that bore eerie resemblance to stories those people passed on to me.

And here we are bearing witness, yet again, to that revision attempting to be instilled.

Before this it was (and is) the dismantling of Civil War landmarks, statues, and memorials.

And to boot, we have Commutard Maxine Waters playing the instigator to further civil disruptions. (My personal take on the current ‘outtings’ by the lefties isn’t printable just yet.)

An active invasion being reported from the south border, yet almost zero mention refugees from the ME (yet more distraction me thinks)

I’ll tell ya, there are nights where I just come home, double check actions on rifles, verify ammo stock, make certain my water tank is full, and eyeball the pantry. It doesn’t change anything, but it does make me feel better about the situation.

One good thing came out today. The White House released a proposal to “downsize” the federal encroachment. I downloaded a copy and am reading through it. Not bad, but not far enough IMO. Not that it will ever actually happen either. But it is nice seeing the scum losing their frickin skulls over it. One big problem, at least to me, is in education. The proposal calls for merging the DEdu with DOL (dept of labor), where, IMO, both departments need to be obliterated with no replacements. (Along with a few dozen others but lets be frugal for this post.) One other point that keeps creeping in while I am reading is of a historical nature. Other countries have ‘restructured’ in similar fashion in the past and the end result was far closer to socialist than we currently are. The people in charge of these “mergers” would be people in system, so you know the new rules would be quite similar to, if not plagerized from, what is currently on the 68gazzilion pages of rules we currently live under.

A complete reset would be less painful.

JMO of course.

Follow those links, read what others are thinking. My thoughts are rather benign in comparison to some.

Some are saying this Civil War V3 went hot when that leftie shot up the congresscritters at the baseball field. I’m thinking that event was this rounds raid on the Harper Ferry Arsenal. Not a decisive turning point, but a violent precursor of things to come. (Still others say things went hot with Ruby Ridge and Waco 1. But I digress)

I have little doubt we are on the cusp of the next chapter. I doubt the ‘Union’ will survive it this time around, and yet, that doesn’t bother me. The pain and blood that will be shed does, but every birth is painful and bloody, and I honestly believe that this new chapter will be the birth of something better. If the maps linked in a previous post are even remotely accurate, the breakup will be far more stable than the creeking leviathan we currently reside within.(after the fact of course, things will be crazy for years before they get better.)

Keep your preps close and your people closer. Times short.

Ain’t nuthin new. V1.7?

I’m not racist. I have held too many positions where even a mild racist bent would have wound up creating many many issues. I have had to act as mediator in several situations where ‘perceptions ‘ were misinterpreted and someone took serious offense over what was really a nothing burger. (And the one reason I made production manager on the gospel plays so quickly)

On that note, I have been around enough to find that most non racist persons tend to be from the southern states, whereas the more racist are from much further north. Even here in Appalachia, racism tends to be quite isolated and dependent upon whether the locale was Union or Secessionist way back when. (Hazard was Union, the Gap was Confederate. Hazard has a dark history and a fairly recent one at that. Just as an example.) Granted, there are exceptions, but in general, this is what I have seen over my years.

Heinlein wrote a book, one that was VERY controversial in its days, and there are persons in the here and now that would have an aneurysm if they were to read said book. Originally published in 1964, the language is quite benign (Blazing Saddles was far worse and much more recent. Like you will EVER see a public airing of Blazing Saddles in this day and age. Ha!) YET, the subject matter is where R.A.H. caught hell.

If you have never read it, the book is “Farnhams Freehold” , and it gives a hint as to what our world future could hold if things continue on their merry and stoopid trends.

Anywhoos, ain’t nuthing new under the sun, just an added twist of lemon or an extra dash of tobasco; but the menu program never really changes, just the pace. And methinks the pace is stepping up (mostly because the msm’s are going for broke with the distractions)

Absurdity and flatulence of the MSM

I’ve been noting horror and outrage across the spectrum of mainstream outlets about “they’re seperating families ” ad infinitum ad nauseum.

Same shit, different day.

And for one purpose, one purpose only.


Gotta keep the peeps looking away from the curtain; can’t have ’em seeing the dude behind it yanking on strings n levers.

The obvious question to me then is : what don’t they want people seeing?

Try an IG report that is as hollow as our last president. Or that what it reports is so watered down as to indicate collusion on many many levels.

Up to this week, I had held; thinly mind you, hope that Trump might actually debride the festering wound of DC and our Federal Govt.

Now, not so much. I guess, deep down, I knew the rot went to the very bones of it. When a physician runs across a necrotic wound like this, they cut deep and wide, potentially even amputate. I am not sure Trump has the means to do such in this instance. He may have the will, but not the means or powers needed. I know for certain, he hasn’t the backing of the party he represents at current, and without them, his means are narrower than normal. (He still hasn’t been able to fill most of his staff due to lack of congressional approvals. That says oddles about what he is standing on for foundation. )

All of this “distraction” of ‘inhuman abuse’ and whatnot are simply to distract the majority of people (those that still think ‘the news’ is honest and forthright that is) from the fact that the recent soft coup is falling apart at the seams. The FBI coverup of Killery and her hijinks (and who knows what else would be dug up with an honest to God unbiased investigator. ) as well as the whole ‘Russia helped elect Trump’ fiasco unraveling. The timing indicates to me, they need a chance to regroup.

The best thing I can say is that everytime they screw the pooch like this, Trump looks much better than what could have been, but I just can’t see him being ABLE to drain the swamp. He could leverage serious executive powers and fire every single agent of ALL the agencies involved, but he would be hard pressed to get anywhere that way with the media being the fifth column lined up against him.

Smoke n mirrors, nuthin changes. Time to hoe potato rows and weed the bean patch. They can play their sick games, but that doesn’t stop the real world from happening out here.

Apathy, denial, acceptance,,,

I’m noticing more frequently posts along these lines. Go read it please. I had to read it twice to really come to grips with the dichotomy the author seems to be warring with.

And I do not agree with him.

In the post, he states that a break up is not possible, more specifically that any breakup would be fraught with peril and disharmony. That the US is not capable of a peaceful dissolution. I have to agree that initially it would be quite rough. As people grow accustomed to a lack of central command from a 10sqmile cesspit, things will settle down. Especially as the troubled will seek out likeminded enclaves as sanctuary from principled conservatives. (Assuming they survive that long)

That map he shows, has been published elsewhere and I have read several opinions on it, good, bad and indifferent, even one stating that Appalachia is going to have trouble due to lack of coastal access. My reply to all of those points is ‘look to Europe’. It is possible to have a peaceful neighbor as a nation state (Canada and Mexico come to mind as well) and it is possible to have a landlocked nation state that is quite successful (Switzerland anyone?)

The real question to me is “When”.

The only people I see getting off the porch are useful idiot’s that are payed and bussed in by one of Soros’ many cutouts. Granted, this may be in part to a Liberal ran media blackout of sorts. (I noted such back 2008 when the Cincinnati Enquirer had a 50 word write up buried in the society section, about the Tea party event on Fountain square that had over 5000 attendees. ) The only ‘stepping up’ I now see isnt ‘stepping up’ but ‘trying to raise awareness’. Seriously? As if a logical discourse is going to persuade a third generation welfare leech, or ‘convince’ that third year associate degree in basket weaving that they are deluded. Both types come preloaded with snappy slogans that are designed to shut down any discourse from word one.

Apathy has set in. Denial is rampant but decreasing, and I am seeing more and more acceptance of an eventual breakup. My two cents on that run along these lines. The longer it takes to happen, the more likely it will be relatively peaceful. Look at the potential dismantling of Kaliforniastan in the works. Its been coming since the 20’s of the last century. I find it amusing that the LA basin is completely split out by El Norte and El Sur. That parallels the notions I saw there back un the 90s. Will it happen? Anyones guess is as good as the next. Will it be peaceful? Probably, though there may be gang/cartel issues that would need dealt with, especially with the LA basin area. But I can see the yellow gangs heading north, the brown gangs heading south, and the black gangs heading east (chi-town, ‘lanta, D-troit, cetera.)or even stayin put: again, anyones guess. Then again, that ‘civil division’ could turn into a gangland turfwar with long standing repercussions.

With the dismantling of these ‘United states” back into “united States”, the longer term would allow the current evolution of Federal disillusionment to progress to such a point, that people have a chance to realize just how little they actually provide vs how much they take, and how much they impede, well, pretty much every aspect of our current world. Once the federal aspect is defunct, then people can start working at getting away from the megacorps that feed off of us, and at the trough of swill the feds provide.

Ha! Like that would happen. But one can dream. Heinlein likely had it right in his novel “Friday”. Where the government’s were fronts and the corporations really ran the show. Where Shipstone Corp and a myriad of sub corps handled politics by ignoring it, because they owned literally everything. “How do you nuke IBM? Where is it HQ really located, and what if there are backups of such? ” was one of the questions asked in that novel. Try it a more modern way. How would you ‘nuke ‘ Google? What doesn’t Google have its mitts in? How do you attack an entity that has ears in millions of households? In our very hands?(Alexa is it? Think it aint listening? Think your phone doesnt ‘read’ your texts? Mine does as I found out recently when I started getting ads for air valves n such after a technical conversation with a friend. Freaked me out pretty good too. Remember, Android is from Google, and I garan-damn-tee you privacy aint as high a priority to Google as it is to you. And to use their gear, you ‘sign’ a EULA, that only lawyers read, so you have agreed to allow them to collect anything that passes through your phone. Apple does the same thing on a smaller scale, but the end result is the same. Thats how they are able to offer such high tech at such shit prices, they sell info collected to offset the costs. What they sell is not in your control, other than not using those devices for that stuff you dont want the world knowing about. )(you can also confuzz the system by playing shenanigans with those devices: bogus conversation, oddball searches for impossible widgets, etc, just be careful.) We live in an information drivin society, even if half (or more)of that information is trivial snippits on fakebook/twitsrus about bowel movements and restaurant visits.

We havent quite hit the level of surveillance that the UK has, I havent seen an equivalent of Tommy Robinson here yet. Oh, but I can see it coming. I have accepted the fact that we are two different societies bound on one continent and a similar language, even though our dictionaries don’t agree. That language barrier exists even within a family group. (Another personal revelation that I wont go into here. I am certain you have encountered similar in your own group.) When this situation appears in history, it’s inevitable that a clash will happen. The tipping point is most often economic in nature, occasionally some other force like heavy immigration, or rarely (in the last 200 years or so that is) religious. And yet, we have an economuc collapse just waiting in the wings,,immigration that is clandestine, and obscured by many sources, and some of that immigration is of ‘religious exiles/refugees.

One could envision a perfect storm on the horizon with those ingredients. I dont think the last two will be the tip, but the first one, like a raging blackswan that snowballs. The last two points will only make the recipe that much spicier.

And yet again, I am likely so fuckin wrong as to be ridiculous.

I kinda hope so, actually. I want to be wrong about the bad stuff I can see coming. I’m 50sumpin and have zero desire to go into the breach again. Thats not to say I wont but damned if I wont try as much as possible to keep that from happening to begin with. I’ve worked on my weight, and am back to 185# like I was when I left the Marines. I’m doing the calisthenics again, walking a shit ton more, (knees say ” running? Aw hell NO!) And trying to get my wind back. I know years of abuse make that harder, but the lungs are quite resilient and can recover quite a bit more than say, oh cartilage in knees, so I work on what I can. (Paleo works! Don’t let the naysayers get to you, it does work!) I have my toys in place for the friskier days to come, but continue working on the contingency that things will only get worse before they catalyze into societal breakup. I stockpile books, mostly tech, but edu and fiction as well, and tools, always tools. Old tools from granpappys days prefered. I love the new stuff, but try getting a pair of brushes for a Dewalt drill nowdays, goodluck with that. My biggest sticking point is chemistry. Basic components tend to have a shelflife and a short one at that. Trying to find reliable manufacture methods (cottage industry level) can get frustrating. And believe me, about half of what you find on youtuber is gonna get someone blown through the roof of the bathroom. The filmer just got lucky IMO. (Note: recently made a couple batches of lye soap. Good starting point for home chemistry education, and useful as well. Side note: ticks n chiggers n mosquitos HATE lye soap! Wipe down with a soapy washcloth but dont wipe it off, no buggies, woohooo!)

And I am allowing my thoughts to wander.

Breakup, of these united states, back on the map of my post. I am watching things, as I stated above, and trying to fathom how/when things go TU. I really do not see it until after, potentially years after, the next primary. I’m thinking 2024 or 2025 is when things are going to start fragmenting and go well past the point of no return. (IMO we are already past that point, it is just gaining speed, and hasn’t hit terminal yet.) That prediction is subject to change of course, depending on what directions we go at each turning point. That in mind, I’ll be nearly 60. I am not going to be as hale as I was when I started this blogging thing, nor will I be as tolerant. I can only imagine what that will bring about.

Winter is coming.

Hotel bill vs ongoing stoopid war?

Gotta read this to understand the title

Read it? Good.

Here’s my measly two cents. Pay the damned hotel bill! Use the military budget for such, cuz what we’ll save by not having to maintain a show of force will more than compensate. Even if chubbs Jong Un has an entourage rivaling what Oblammy-o-boy hauled around, the bill will still be a microscopic percentage of what we have spent since the ceasefire back in the 50s.

I can understand the trepedation of footing the bill seeing how its a peace summit,but damn, it is so much additional leverage for our sideof the talks, it shouldn’t need discussed into rags. Pay it,get big boy to stop playing with bad toys and move on.