Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Open season

Look in comments on my Apathy post. SFB’s had been approved. Guess he doesn’t realize switching names is not enough to camo a bad actor.


Back ta work

Enough with the whining about peeps and things so far outta control that no one I know can see a solution shy of complete implosion.

Heres a little sumpin different.

I finished this project a couple weeks back but hadnt shared because I really didnt want to open the blog back up. Now, what the hell, I dont have to post daily, and likely won’t, but I still occasionally have sumpin to share.

I had a few instances at the beginning of the year, where a shop press would have made life oh so simple. Got ta lookin’round for one and even cheepy HF stuff was out of my range. (Its been Reeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyy slow up to recent weeks. Money has been lean and shy when it comes to visit.) But, I has a brain, and welder and surprisingly, a danged good source for metals, even if most of it is galvanized heavily.

Well, the uprights are from KYDOT, they pull the piles when replacing guard rail, and will not re-use the old stuff, so contractors end up collecting the stuff. My cost: “take what ya want and then some “. I took a few ‘extras’, you never know,,,,

The table piece is from an old truck frame; a fire victim. The bars that support the table are from the sway bar of the same truck. Even the cutoff wheel bitched about that stuff and I was using a 1hp motor with a 14″ dewalt blade. Still took 5+ minutes per cut. That shit is HARD! (I kept the rest to grind into tools later down the road. Ain’t gonna be cutting that with the lathe tools but I can make lathe tools from it.😆)

And the coup de grace, the jack. Found in a pile of junk that some one had tossed out at the cemetery. I have no idea why people do that, but we do try to keep em cleaned up. This jack was in with a bunch of other ‘junk tools’ and only needed fluid. It does have a small leak, and later will get fixed, but for now, it suffices. Twenty ton jack, a few dollars for the oil, and that was that. The return springs are from a trampoline that were quite popular the last few years. People just toss stuff out,,,

I was able to build a thoroughly functional press from literally others scrap. End value is exponentially higher than the initial value.

Actual costs are around $6. Figuring argon, wire, and juice to run the welder as well as the hydraulic fluid. (Had that on hand. You do as well, right?) Looking around at similar built units (comparing steel quality particularly) and the equivalent would run me right around $1000, and that number varies wildly by name…

I do like being the frugal rat bastard at times 😈

(Note, a neighbor has called my dad and I “scroungers”. I took offense at first, until I rewatched “The Great Escape” . James Garner was ‘The scrounger’ and was one of the key person in making the escape possible. I now take a small amount of pride in the moniker because the scroungers will always “come up with something”.)

Wanna know sumpin?


Its just that simple. You don’t have to, and probably wont like the answer, but to not ask is to continue a faulty plan, and faulty plans, fail.

Here’s what assembled this post today. RTWT

You reach a point, where it just doesn’t matter what the others think, you have to do what you have to do. In some cases, as in one I’ve most recently involved in, the guy was dying, neither person wanted to say anything, and the whole shebang went poof, with a quickness too.

There is a point, where, hate to say it, group is the last thing you need to consider. Yeah yeah yeah, no man is an island, heard it and no shit, its pretty obvious, but there is a point where you just can’t herd the chickens, you have to strike out ahead and hope the chickens will follow. If’n they don’t, well, they weren’t worth your effort to begin with. You’ve heard the saying “build it, they will come.” And that is what the point is. After the fact, is when you’ll vet ’em, not before. But, ain’t gonna lie to you, ya gotta be hard here. There are gonna be some with a skill, but no social decorum, others that could grace a diplomatic dinner, but zero real skills,,and even others that can “sell the goods” but have a knife just waiting for you and a dark night.

Ask. Ask now. Ask later, but you’re gonna have to ask. Sometimes, the answer is delivered in advance, other times you are gonna have to dig for it.

Yes it would be nice to vet ’em all prior, but reality is a bitch and she doesnt slide or slip. You WILL find out the hard way that the cool dog, is really a copperhead with an attitude.

But if you dont take care of you FIRST, there wont BE a question to ask.

Here it is, I have a house on a hill, completely off grid, working on the shop, which will eventually be completely off grid as I build the lineshaft to power everything. And when it gets froggy, I’ll already be here. They’ll come. They may not like the welcoming committee, but,,,,

I will be here to ask.


(Side note. I have been deleting comments from ONE individual, goes by the moniker of “Garth Camp” . I’ll be ‘approving’ those comments from here forward and will let ya know right off the bat, such is in reality, Bill Nye. I leave it for others to find out if he is actually under the employee of Comey Or Clinton but the fucktard is a definitely 180 degrees from patriot. So. Heads up, and feel free to tag the troll where-ever you may find him.


Since High School days, time after MCRD on both coasts, post USMC days under the Clintons, Bush, Oblammy, its been the SOS. That last acronym means Same Old Shit by the way.

I’m tired of it. It ain’t blown up yet and this has been going on for thirty plus years. I hear the same song and dance, year in year out, and no one EVER steps off the porch.

Yes, it has gotten worse since those days, our freedoms are more restricted, surveillance is far more encroaching, and you can pretty much take the bill of rights and use it for TP; our representatives already did in 2002 with the Patriot Act and every iteration since.

But no one ever steps off the porch.

The water is close to that point of heating where only a little more heat is needed to bring on boiling, yet, the frog continues to swim.

How many have pulled their kids out of the propaganda machines and started homeschooling? How many have left the cities behind to establish their freehold in the country? How many are eliminating debts and removing themselves from the stacked deck under house rules economy? How many my age or younger have realized that the Ponzi scheme of Social Security is as vapid as a heroin addicts hallucinations? That cops are more likely to kill you over stupid rules than the banger down the road is?

Yet, no one steps off the porch.

So I say fuck it. I have my hole in the wall, I have removed myself from most of the societal standards, like extraneous debt, boobtube programming, I am working on having my kid and her progeny follow suit, and to hell with the lefties, righties, or whatever is the current fad at othering. Most bitch, many bitch convincingly, but so few actually DO anything about it. This isnt going to change by dropping a name in a box every few years. It isnt going to change by posting rants and screeds online. Its isn’t going to change when it comes to blows either. All that will do is put the winner in power over whatever is left (great axiom thanks to Micheal Z. Williamson. “War doesn’t determine who is right, it determines who is left.”)

No, change has to start behind the tip of your nose, and you, I have to stress this, YOU have to grow that change outward. Start with yourself, change your environment/living standards, then start helping others in your life change to match. You want a better future? Then build your world to make it, don’t count on the ursury of some elected con artist to provide you with anything other than misery.

New Dog, old tricks.  

A different spin this post.  I haven’t finished my shop yet,,so my tools are still residing in storage. Even so, my thoughts turn (pun intended) to them frequently.  Of my tools, my gases, welder and the Chinee 3-1 are accessible.  The problem with the chinee lathe/ mill is lack of change gears/QCgearbox and some serious lacking of capacity/adjustment.  

I am thinking forward to when that shop is up, and I still need tooling.  While I am down, I see now reason that I can’t make some of that tooling.  In this instance, mandrel/arbors for turning gears and pulleys.  These mandrels are so subtle in their appearance, I have seen them used for parts of machines or even large pins.  They are most often,6 1/2″ long, of which 6″ is the working length.  That last 1/2″ is for mounting the dog because these are used between centers.  Why they are misplaced is the difference between the “big and little ends”. Say that the mandrel is set up to turn items for a 3/4″ shaft.  The big end will measure .751″ amd the little .749″.   Over 6″ that difference seemingly disappears.  
Well here is the old trick time.  Seeing how I can’t use the bend right now, taper turning is quite limited.  The tailstock doesn’t  adjust on the Chinee (it travels the bed, but is fixed on center with no adjustment built fact, the castings are bolted on then machined to each machine by said machine for accuracy.)  So I could use the compound rest but thats like swatting mosquitoes with a baseball bat.  It worked for a heavier taper way back when (one of my first projects was turning a Morse taper #2 shank/live center.)  This is .002″/6″ !  Thats .000333,,,”/in!  That is reading in seconds of degrees!  The rest measures in degrees and minutes (as in 30 minutes/division) nothing as fine as that measurement.
Well shit.  How do I this one?  

Paper time.  

Actually paper is the answer.  A piece of standard notebook paper measures between 2 and 3 thousandths.  Good enough.  A strip about 1/4″ wide placed into the backside of the MT socket before I put the live center in effectively moves the tailstock center forward the needed amount so that I can turn this taper.  Being a roller bearing live center, and the fact that thrust is towards middle on both centers, I am not worried about the MT slipping.

Apparently, not an original idea but I read about it in an old 1897 manual for boring machines to “squeeze a little more” out of a machine; not for a lathe.  Can’t see why it won’t work myself. 

And now its time to hand feed that cross slide.  (Come on shop, I want my power feed back!!!!!)

Old dog, new tricks?

I’m old school in many ways, even as I try to stay up with technology.   Way backawhen, when I certainly didn’t know better, or even really cared for that matter, I took a mechanical drawing course in school, mostly for the easy credit.   Ah, that was just before AutoCAD was introduced upon the world.

I kinda wish I stuck with it now.

Yeah, I am trying to learn auto cad.

Its not as intuitive as I was expecting.   I am much faster and more accurate with a Tsquare, triangles compass and scale rule.   And thats fine for my personal work, but there may be a day, sooner rather than later, where I need to send something out of house and most places are going to look at my hand drawings and ask, “Where are the DWG files, our CNC doesn’t know how to read ‘this’…” as they hold up my draft betweed fingertips as if they were holding a soiled diaper or something.

I know, there are learning curves ahead of me.  I have pretty much taught myself most of what I know, with the occasional mentor, instructor, hobknob, whatnot.   I know when I am in over my head and how to look for flotation devices, but to be honest, I get the impression, the programs I am working with, so far, were written by programmers discussing what the architect/designers needed, with a lawyer as translator.   There is definitely a disconnect between the drafting I understand, and what the programs do.

back at it.   I just stopped in to say that.

Ruminations about techy stuff

Off work today, snowing of all things, and said snow also cuts signal to nil, so no internet as well.  Well, that got me ta thinkin’bout things, reflecting ya might say, about current standards, past standards, conditions then and now, and how it all ties together.  This might get a little longwinded, so bear with me,  there is a point.  

Back in High School, way back in the misty depths of time for me, I was a lot more sociable then I am these days.   Information was available, but communications were of a much slower sort and also a more ‘human’ nature.  If you wanted to talk to someone, you called them up or wrote a note, or even just went to where they lived and visited them.  Information had to be looked up (remember having to go through the card catalog to find a book, note the dewey numbers and whatnot when citing passages for reference?  Yeah, all of that.  No providing a link in the pdf you were tapping out on screen.  Lots of pencil work and the chance or two of a paper cut.) and while there is still research today, the prospect of lugging several tomes to a desk and spreading them all out on a table to dig for items of interest are gone, Now we just pull up multiple ‘screens’ or ‘windows’ and cut and past passages as needed into our ‘document’ and provide a link for further reading.   

Now don’t get me wrong here, I love the internet, webs, and all of the great information we have available to us now.  Heck, just being able to pull up a recording of an event and watch it ‘live’ repeatedly to catch every nuance of it is a pretty awesome tool.   I have even discussed this with my sis, about how if the things we take for granted now, were available to us back then, where would be now.   Yeah, that whole ‘what if,,,’ conversation.  I know that I would have become a much more dangerous person(a good thing, not bad.  Dangerous children will keep the world interesting.).   I would have found the interests I have now much sooner and would be further along the learning curve on all of it, and, well, you can likely imagine a similar situation in your own world.   

But, there is another side to the nets that troubles me.   Its one that I lay in the laps of the social medias.   Its too easy to have a gazzilion ‘friends’ on the plentitude of SM’s .  Its quite easy to “unfriend” someone that you realize is a nitwit, or just said something you thought was inappropriate, crass, or just plain stupid.   And all of this takes place in a world that doesn’t actually exist.  

Then that world ‘goes away’ because the nets are down, for whatever reason, and those people realize they are quite alone in the world.  All of those ‘friends’ aren’t there, no other way of contacting them because, well, why bother with a phone when we can Skype online,,,    (I ain’t whining, I LIKE being alone.  Just making observations of what others may experience, and take badly.)    I have to wonder about those that have dedicated such a majority of thier life to a digital world that they don’t have a ‘meatspace’ world at all.   (and they are out there, trust me.  There is a reason places are offering online grocery shopping with free home delivery, and its not just because some urban soccermom with a career is trying to save time.)  I wonder if maybe the ‘Matrix’ wasn’t a reality for these people so much as a casual observation creatively documented by the Wachowskis.

There is another downside to all of the tech we have.   Loss of brain activity.  

Ah Bullshit Dio, we have MORE thinking going on than we did!

Do we?   I have to ask because of something I noted just the other day.   Do you remember your wife/husband/kids phone number/  Your own?   WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP IN YOUR CELL?

When I was in school I had about 100, maybe more, phone numbers completely memorized and didn’t think twice about it.  I didn’t have them written down or stored in a device.  I KNEW THEM.   

I had formulas memorized for math, stuff that I find I have to look up now because its EASIER to just query the net.  

I have also observed that there are people that won’t learn anything because they can just ‘youtube it’ and get what they need, if they need to know how to do something.   Granted, I do a lot of youtube searches as well, but mostly for music and new artist links.   And there are good resources there, but there are even more bad resources as well.  I find that if I were to look up a ‘how to’ vid, a majority of them would get a person hurt, or bore them to death.   And there are a plethora of people that really really need to learn how to do public speaking BEFORE they make a video.   All that hemming and hawing and Ummming, are enough to drive a guy like me to insane levels of “SPIT IT OUT, YOU FRICKIN IDIOT!!!!” 

 Sorry bout that.   I was trained to be able to speak publicly, and those that don’t drive me nuts.  I have had to speak to a crowd of 60,000+ and didn’t umm once, and it was adlibbed as well.   It isn’t hard to do, but you had better be able to talk or you will find that people will ignore you. and being ignored by a  crowd that size is a horrible feeling.  But I digress.   

I was discussing the lack of brain activity,    Maybe I should readdress it as DIFFERENT brain activity.   and that begs the question of ‘Is it better or worse activity?’  

I don’t have an answer, but I feel that its worse.   As proof of concept, I direct your thoughts to the activity of a dementia patient, whose memory retention is shot.   They are functional, but they are so easily confused by the simplist notion.   Are we as a society heading down that road, because we aren’t using the memory faculty of our brains enough?  Or are we evolving into something different.   Was ‘Idiocracy’ a prophecy of things to come?  (Please, if you have never seen it, do so,   It was meant as a comedy, but became something else altogether.)

More questions, and maybe some Psych student could use the idea as a thesis paper.   I am just observing from experience what was and what I am seeing now with the growth of tech.   Recall, Until the mid 90’s, we didn’t have this stuff.  My first cell phone could only hold 25 numbers or so  (maybe 50, its been a few years.)  and it couldn’t do onemillionth of what my current phone can do.   It was just a daggum phone without a cord.  (and there are days where I miss that simplicity.)  I don’t remember how many phone numbers it held because I didn’t rely on that aspect of it.  It was just my phone, only a phone, and not a multi- level world interaction device, research tool, and picture storage device.   It couldn’t calculate any more than a standard 15 key calculator could, or with anymore accuracy.  It had one game on it: Snake, and it was a standard B/W LCD display.  A nokia something or other.   Kids now would laugh at it, but dang it was a good phone with a hell of a battery life.   I only charged it once a week unless I was on it a lot then maybe every two days or so.  Not NIGHTLY.

Ah, now I am dating myself.   LOL    

The scary part of that is how just short a time ago that was.   I had that Nokia in ’98.   By 2001, I was using one with nationwide PTT and standard phone service.  (I miss the push to talk thing too. )  Then in 2005, I had a Razer, with limited net access and full color display.   That was when things like Fakebook took off.   That was just 13 years ago, and the nets and cellular networks have evolved repeatedly, and don’t look like they are ready to stop anytime soon.   

I have to wonder what a person back in the late 1800-early 1900’s thought of all the changes that were going on then.  Airplanes, mass production, horseless buggies, electric lights, INDOORPLUMBING,   

Yeah, There is a new revolution going on, and its a whirlwind of change, some good some bad, but change.   

The only thing that never changes is change, its always around doing something.  Who would have ever thought to see quadcopter drones back in the 80’s?  Or the fact that they are only notionally in control of the person using one.  The flight controller on board is doing the flying with only directional inputs by the user.   Think I’m kidding?   That thing has 3 to 6(or more) sensors in it to determine what it is doing and make corrections to keep it under control.   There is no way a person with a pair of joysticks could handle that amount of feedback needed to keep the thing stable.  And some of the newer RC planes are similar.   Things like NFP (natural flight progression) systems or SAFE    These systems will maintain level flight, or even establish a loiter pattern until the controller re-establishes control.   There is also RTH feature in some of them (RTH meaning Return to Home.)_ and then you have the Ardupilot program.  You can establish way points, altitudes, and flight paths on a computer using google maps or other mapping systems, Then load that into the plane/copter, twist its tail and sit back and wait for it to come to home.   You don’t even have to land it, it does that too.  All you have to do is program it, and watch the video as it flies.  (FYI, I love the ardupilot program.   I think its far better than anything the MIC has came up with and its completely open source.  Add in a set of FPV goggles,  Use the Ardupilot as a backup in case of signal loss and Go Flying!!!   Whoohooo!   Many many potential applications for such tools/toys,)

Well.  There is one thing that all of this tech has done that would likely never have happened, or at least been delayed by decades.   That is the awakening I am observing.   People are becoming more in tune with the fact that Government is a restricting factor,  I mentioned that the MIC hadn’t come up with Ardupilot.  That is just one thing that they ‘missed’.  3D printing, also started as open source, and its taking off in some rather unusual ways: 3D welders, 3D concrete fabricators, just to name a couple.  Most all of this stuff was born in someones garage, even though a lot of it has now moved to places like MIT VAT, or Texas Tech.  (Funny, the computers that kicked all of this off were born in a garage as well, Thank you Jobs and Gates.  ) When the Government steps in and starts to ‘regulate’, innovations drop off. (What is an Elephant?   A mouse built to government standards.) Sometimes though, it goes underground. The makers movement is one such that will go underground if the Government gets overzealous ( its nearly there now.).  But people are seeing that Government is more of a burden than is neccesary.  I see more places hiring ‘contractors’ for short term runs, and using the gaps in regulation to hide the transactions.   I see locals doing far more for where they live than the Government infrastructure that was put in place to handle those things.   I forget where it took place but back in the early part of the 20teens, there was a local community that got together to rebuild a bridge that was needed.  They did it under budget, under-time, and with locally procurred assets and donations.   No one that didn’t want to, ‘helped’ by way of second hand theft (taxes) or was coerced into something they didn’t want “because we said so”.

I won’t lie, The glacial progress of that awakening frustrates the living shit out of me, but I do see it growing.   The Tech helps, but in the end, it always comes down to the human nature as to how it grows.  Humans are, by nature, as lazy as they can get away with. (for the most part, there are always exceptions.)   (could that be new axiom?   Like “you get the government you deserve” axiom?   Prolly not, its not like I am an original thinker or anything.  I am sure someone else has already said it.)  I think that is the one thing our current government understands quite well. If you pay people to be lazy, they will likely support you 100%; so long as you keep the checks flowing.   ( a similar situation is in Saudi Arabia.  One faction is in charge and supports the other faction to keep the peace.  If that support fails, SA falls into a really bloody civil war the next day.  Keep that in mind when someone says that Islam is a religion of peace and uses the Saudis as an example.   Bribery and blackmail are only different sides of the same coin.)

Alright, I am rambling now, but I had fun tapping this one out.  Think about what modern tech has changed in your life.  Is it a good change, or are there aspects you don’t like.   I personally am going to work on that memory thing I mentioned cuz I don’t like being dependent on a tool for something I should have in my head.