Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Step back n think

Thats my course of action right now. Universe slipped an item into my path that gave me time and material for something I had considered, but wasn’t sure how to go about.

6 yards of griprite floor underlayment that came in on a skid of roofing tin.

That was the item. Not enough to fully wrap the Yak, but more than enough to skin the bottom and make a test run.

Well, I havent made said test run YET, but that will be shortly. Here’s what she looks like at present

I may even stick with the color later, but haven’t made up my mind as yet. That or a blue,,,

The top half looks, well, awkward would describe it best right now. Its only partially enclosed because the sheet was only 48″ wide. There was a considerable gap towards the center cockpit area, longer than the coaming, so I just rigged it for now. If all goes well, I now have firmer idea on what I am looking towards for skinning her. If I need to adjust something, this will tell me and I won’t waste a shit ton of cash on a one shot deal in the skin.

Hey, I may even post video of the the float. I will be taking a backup person with me, just in case, so they can man the camera for me. I want to see how it rides from a third person view as well as from my seat of the pants view.

More later. Wish me luck.


Dio vs Yak rnd 8 pics n thoughts

All thats left, for now, is sealing it up and it will be ready to skin. Linseed oil or tung oil. I’m partial to the tung oil as it seems to be more water repellant than linseed oil. Purely empirical opinion there: I don’t have a clue if either is better or if I should invest in something completely different.

Gotta say though, the closer this thing gets to complete, the stronger the urge to take to the water gets. I almost pulled the Perception out today just to get water time in. Only the temps kept me in check. It was damned cold today and water temps are around 45°f. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! And that can mean serious issues in a capsize. Yeah, I know the Greenlanders, Eskimo, Inuit, etc, paddled in subzero temps and fought iceflows and all sorts of other frozen nastiness: I ain’t them. I’m a thin blooded white boy with too little bodyfat, and zero rolling experiance, nor proper attire for such. (So far, give me some time,,,)

But, but, but,

Oh well. Soon enough and I’ll have a skin on it. Maybe, with a little looking, and maybe some networking (blech! I’m a loner; hate networking!) I may find an indoor pool some place local and a friendly face that will let me try it out in VERY controlled conditions. Otherwise, its gonna sit til spring and/or warm weather. (Arggh! Tha’s too long, dammit!)

On a side note, I’m thinking its name should be T-hawk. That bow looks very axe shaped, even more so when I stretched a t-shirt over it to see how it would look under skin. I’ll see how she handles in the water before I decide though. And being built by hand, she deserves a name.

Round 9, the skinning of it, is sometime forward in the future. I’ll post sporadically til then.

Dio vs Yak rnd 8

Made a couple of minor changes, without starting over completely. I raised the 5th deckbeam 1″ and removed a knee skinning issue there. That changed the profile enough that I felt a 1/2″x1/2″ stringer added to the top of the center deck line would look better and allow a slightly steeper deckline for shedding water. Both of those changes really makes the profile look better. Won’t really add any to the performance, but will make my life a little easier. Skinned shins and bruised knees aren’t a major issue, but they aren’t fun either. (At least, they aren’t when they are yours, kinda like hittin’ that ‘funny bone’.)

I am installing the chines this weekend. They had to be scarfed similar to what I did for the gunwales, just smaller in size. I made sure that those scarfs are as near the center as is possible, as the ends can start taking on some hairy bending that a scarf joint likely wouldn’t survive. That is probably going to take all weekend as those two little pieces of wood really define the shape of the hull, and how the water is directed along it; I want this done right and don’t want any distractions of other parts setting up or needing cut, yada yada yada. (I have enough distraction with a kitten and a 7 year old 120# dog that thinks he’s a puppy.)

Funny thing for ya. Its wet, cold and windy here. I’ve been working on this thing on the porch, but last night the wind and rain worried me enough, that I decided to see if this yak would fit in the rafters.

It does!


So, its currently up there, getting nice n dry (it was a touch damp before I got the gumption to try) and now it will live there between trips out. Its a perfect storage space IMO and its not like I have to cater to another persons esthetics of decor.😛 With the ceiling fan moving air, it doesn’t get overly hot up there, and actually, the dry air will help ‘cure’ the oil finish I intend on sealing it with; once I have the chines on that is.

Next post will be pics only after I oil the frame and set it aside to cure.

Round 9 is skinning the beastie, and as I have yet to order that, its gonna be a little while yet.

Yes Virginia,

It’s that simple.

If every able bodied voter would look at it that way, the ‘Elite’ likely wouldn’t have the attitudes they do.

Most vote for largess, not principle, and that is “The” problem.

(Off soapbox, back to woodshavings. Carry on.)

Haven’t been idle.

Just some pics. More later

Dio vs Yak rnd7 (part 2)

First up, the white oak I cut from that lightning struck tree was pretty pliable raw. I bent a couple of ribs last night just to see how things would work, figuring if I broke one, it was gonna break anyway.

This morning before getting the rest of my world moving (but AFTER I got my coffee fix in.) I took an old t-shirt and some scrap pieces of wood and set up a ‘skin’ sample. Mostly so I can answer questions people local are asking. Looks good to me.

Then, (que intro)

El Cheapo Steamer!!!

And roughly one hour later,

I did break a few, but had my spare wood lined up, the gage, a sharpie, and a japan saw. Cut, label, put in steamer, next piece up, move on. I also had one break so suddenly, it cracked the gunwale. Thats what those clamps are doing in that picture: holding things closed while the titebondIII does what it does.

Yaknow, its starting to look like a kayak.

Dio vs Yak rnd 7 (part 1)

New coaming is coming along. Brian and I have had a running email conversation about it and his final analysis was for me to use 31.5″ for the internal length. Sadly, logistics kicked in and denied me that option. If I go that route, I have to bring down another tree and cut a new log the length I need. Not real keen on taking a tree for one dinky piece of wood. The one I have is a few inches too short to cleanly make a cockpit to those dimensions. I’ll make due with the 29″ cockpit “until the next boat”. Then I’ll have more need for more wood and will know I need a longer log to work with.

Rib stock cut, good n damp but not green. Cut an extra 10 pieces ‘just in case’.

Then I put them on the boat, numbered, measured, and cut them to length.

I then went through and made certain all the mortices on both sides, would accept the ribs as laid out. I had to clean up a couple but no big deal.

I’m ready to fire up the steam box and have a fast n furious session of wood bending. With my hand being injured, I am hesitating on that as there is a lot of torquing of the wood going on in bending and I am not sure that would be such a good thing just yet. With the weather being a northern blast riding in, it may be a good thing to hold off as well. I am doing this outside though under roof, a slightly warmer day will help. Fast cooling of the wood would likely muss me up, seeing how this is a first time run for me. I want some wiggle room so to speak.

Then again, I may just move everything inside for a few hours and torture injuries. I can be tenacious like that: ‘damn the torpedoes!’ ‘Retreat? Hell!’ Yada yada yada,,,