Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Quote of the week!

President Vladimir Putin

What surprises me is that they are shaking up the domestic political situation using anti-Russian slogans. Either they don’t understand the damage they’re doing to their own country, in which case they are simply stupid, or they understand everything, in which case they are dangerous and corrupt.

Ya Think?!?!?!?!!

I say a little of both, situation dependent of course.  Some are aware, others not so much, but all are tools to something/someone.

But then, we already knew this, though it is refreshing to see that others are speaking the truth now.

Back in the loop

Long story short, I tried to pay my phone bill early this week, somehow, someway, that transaction vanished into that invivible hole of cyberhell, and my phone became a high tech brick.  Well, I only today found time to pack up the lappy and find an internet node to address the situation. So, I am back up.  If any of ya with the info tried to contact me, I was not ignoring you.

Anywhoos, while I was chatting online with a really nice call center babe (Leslie, you Rock!)  I was also underneath a widescreen idiot box tuned into Fox news (the not so liberal MSM channel) and heard some whiney fellatiating congress critter spilling unicorn tears about how the Prez can’t just pick who he wants to work with. (I am assuming he was upset about the termination orders of Weasel Comey.)   I paused in my chat to think on this for a second.  President=Head of the executive branch=BOSS.  Granted, he can’t fire any of the congressional pubes, or the higher court section, but by God! he sure as shit can fire ANYONE in the executive branch, and the FBI, CIA, ATF, Etc ad nauseum are part of that branch. 

All of the sniveling, and obfuscating these pukes are doing is completely fear based.  They are losing ground they gained over the last 8 years, and seeing that no one has really pushed the investigations of Pizzagate and the Clinton foundation (nor the Clinton Crime Syndicate in general) I am sure more than a few of them are in fear of personal dirt coming to light. 

Mr President, you were voted in to drain the swamp, among other things.  Firing Comey was a good start, but don’t  let it stop there.  Get someone with serious integrity in his office and open those investigations back up.  Let the chips fall where they will, we really REALLY need to clean up the cesspool.

(Side note.  Just finished reading the transcript from the new Sec’ t  of States’ recent speech.  If he isnt playing games, f*ckin’ A! The man is what this country needs, and he has a shitload of housekeeping to deal with BEFORE he starts doing the State thing and knows it.)(sorry, can’t give a link, but look on WRSA and you’ll find it.)

Don’t get me wrong, there have been some things that Trump has done or authorized that left me chilled.  One or two of those things made me think “new boss same as the old boss”  but this administration is still very young, so I just watch, and record: time will tell the rest of the story.

Sign post ahead, now entering the twilight zone

Thats how I feel somedays when trying to right a new post.  I will be tapping away and suddenly have that feeling of deja vu.  A quick search and sho’nuff, I’ve written the same damn thing, years prior, sometimes nearly verbatim.

I have been avoiding the blogs since my last post, mostly because I am feeling trapped in an echo chamber.  We write and chat and its all running in circles of LMI’s ( Like Minded Individuals)  
I stepped back into the fray today and find that others seem to feel similar.  The synchronicity of it is a touch freaky to be honest.

I can’t say that I am not one of those “grandpas tapping away at the keyboards” .  I may not be “old” but I am a grandpa and I do tap away.  I am not one for crowds and I tend to obtuse when I feel strongly about things.  It is not a good mix for trying to educate the opposition.  Being an introvert doesnt help either(but I repeat myself.) There is also the history of the patcon under my belt and the betrayals in that history: I have no intention of grabbing that red hot poker again.

But ,

I find myself torn.  I want to TRY and reach the otherside, show them the truth and how they are being played by the very people they should be fighting.  

And then I see that sign post ahead. DEAD AHEAD THE TWILIGHT ZONE

History may not repeat, but it sure as shit does rhyme.  Its singing the chorus and leading up to the crescendo and bridge.  We have been here before as a species and the last time was when we started tabulating deaths in 7 figures. What was tithingly called Megadeaths in Dr Strangelove  (and where one of my favorite bands got their name)

I can only hope that our current slope, with the media showing its discredited dirty underwear and the real time social networks covering the politicos, that things can be ‘blunted’ before they go sideways.

I has my doubts.

Of all the things I would like to teach these kids, i think this is the hardest AND the most important.

Freedom is NOT free, and rarely is it comfortable.  Freedom is work. And you have to work to keep it.

Ya may have guessed,

But I have pretty much written off that story for the now.  It has merits, but with the shift in my living arrangements, my interest has lagged.  (A good reason I don’t write professionally, I would hate it, I am quite certain.)

Good note of things though, my lungs are coming back on line with a quickness, my resting pulse rate is back in the 60bpm range, and my BP is back where it should be.  I ain’t 100% yet, but, having the time and a pesky blue-eyed mutt, I am getting there. Sadly, the tick infestation this year is outright horrid, so we havent been in the woods as much as Voo would like and prefer.  Just walkin’the drive and roads, and maybe the woods if its really super wet out.  Still have to give myself and Voo a good looking over and will still find a few on me.  I ALWAYS find ’em on Voo but he gets out in the brush no matter where we walk.

Work is there to be had and I am getting to the point where I may need to turn some away or lose myself in the ratrace again.    Not quite yet, but  I see the potential approaching.  I aint bitchin about it, believe me, but getting back in health and having way more daylight hours to play in, is inticing enough that I don’t wanna give it up.  Still need to get the shop up and that will take a decent amount of sweat equity on my part (not to mention a obscenely large amount of FRNs. Well, at least obscene from my perspective.) Biggest thing of that is the concrete pad.  I have actually been able to start cutting clay out and laying out a block boundry.  I will cement those up when I get it laid in, then will work on the funds for several yards of ‘crete.  All else will be as hill jacked and recycled as a large portion of my house was.  (Its amazing the quality of stuff you can pull from old barns that the yuppies no longer think is cool and now want off their property. And they oft times even PAY you to get rid of the stuff! LOL)

As things are progressing in my wayward, vagabond, mercenarian subcontractor lifestyle, the shop MUST take precedence. There are at least two of my customers that would happily pay me for machining/mekaniking work to facilitate their businesses.  Funny thing is, I weld at one place, that sells what I weld to the other place where I am framing small buildings.  Those buildings incorporate my weld jobs to make semi-portable kennels.  And I just collect the pay and let them deal with all the headaches of customer support.  
(Yeah, it may be a figurative prostitution, but my customers are happy and I am as well.  They stop paying to my satisfaction and I walk away; my performance becomes lacking, they stop calling. Easy peasy and that is what a truly free market should be like.)

Anywhoos, for those that keep checking back on the story, currently it is MIA, and its not hopeful of return.  Stranger things have happened, but this one hit the skids for too long IMO.  My apologies.

No man is an island

We’ve all heard it before, and several of us have even stated such, but I am (re-)learning a new aspect of that clichè.

My short time away from the job has been beneficial and enlightening.  It also has been a tad expensive, though the money spent was on projects that needed done.  No regrets, those projects will add longevity to my property. Thats the benefit side.  The enlightening side was my realization on losing my focus.  I got lax in my efforts of forward momentum, and I have goals that haven’t been worked on, or towards, for well over a year.  The lack of income now precludes any forward motion.  Its almost a paradox: I need the income to make movement, but I am so worn out earning that income, I havent the energy to keep moving.  I need to find a balance point, and right now I have that opportunity to do so. (And yeah, you could say ‘thats just an excuse’ and wouldn’t be far off.  But my health was taking a hit and thats not an excuse.  I was lazy in the fact that I knew it and did nothing to change the situation, and that led to my wearing myself out.  Its a downward spiral, that I am braking and attempting to reverse now.)

Another aspect of the clichè is in thoughts.  When you isolate yourself, there are times where your thoughts are your worst enemy.  This can be both in the destructive form, and in the exaggerated form.  You can rip yourself to shreds or build lofty goals with no foundation, and either can set up a positive feedback that shuts down the positive motions in place.(It may seem I am rambling, but my thinking is a might scattered right now.) 

I am a simple man.  I don’t want all the hype of a complicated world.  I had that back before my personal TEOTWAWKI in 2008. What i do want is simple as well: a place where I can live comfortably (even if it requires effort to keep the comforts, like splitting wood and the like) and a shop where I can work on whatever project comes along.  I have a majority of the tools for said shop, and can make what I don’t have as needed (the advantage of the lathe and foundry) but without a sheltered workspace,,,

I beg your pardon for this post; I am using it for now, more to get my thoughts in my head straight.  We can think all day long, but until the words are spoken, or written out, they are ephemeral and fleeting.  And sometimes, they need to be in such a form that others can kick ’em around some too.  It may not be pretty, but if we all were operating in a bubble, we wouldn’t improve very much.  Thats the other side (downside) of that damned clichè.  

There is one thing I have always found about myself.  When the money is tight (vaporous) is when I find the best of solutions.  When I have ready capitol, I can get thing’s done, but I seem to work and learn best when I have to stretch that last dime across weeks and months.  Its not a comfortable place, but those comfortable places tend to make me lazy.(as previously noted)

Alright, I know this post is frivolous and silly, but I have to thank y’all for listening anyway.  I have some focus again.

Addendum: when I worked in audio, we used to say, you may have to turn something down to turn up the mix.  Thats where my focus is right now.  What do I need to turn down, so I can turn up?

On a different string

I gotta ask (rhetorically anyhows): So libtard, how is it that volunteerism doesn’t work? 

Let me tell a little story first.

It was early afternoon and I had a pot of coffee brewing.  Stepping out on the porch, I smelled a grass fire.  Nothing new this year, its been very dry all winter and the wind seems nonstop most days, but I wanted to see what direction it was in so I started looking around.

WHOO-BOY!!!! That things nearly in my yard coming down the hill.

I killed the pot and headed out the front door. I slowed only enough to grab a heavy rake and proceeded to the fire line, and started cutting a break.  Once I was sure the fire wasn’t going to get into my woodshed, I proceeded to call my dad and let him know what was going on.  I knew full well that he would spread the word faster than I and leave me to do what I could in the meantime. 

I continued making sure the fireline did not jump the creek towards my place (its dry in most places so could jump) and a few minutes later, here comes my dad, followed by my cousin (the smart one, not the waste case). Dad jumps out and pulls a Stihl leaf blower out of his truck and fires it up.  He starts blowing the leaves back into the fire creating a lean area in front of the fire line.  My cousin and I just start raking like mad a few feet in front of the fireline, making sure we expose lots of dirt.  We keep at this about 30-45 minutes and have a firebreak that extends from my place to a point alongside the drive, and for the most part, other than a few hotspots, the fire is dying.
Thats about the time the fire department showed up.  

They ran out a hose and took care of a few hotspots, but even they said it was a done deal by the time they got there.

So, there are some people that think it was not our position to take care of this.  Those same people would argue its the job of the fire department, or the police, or some politician, etc ad nauseam.


If we hadn’t done something, that fire would have spread over several acres and been far more out of control by the time the FD did make the scene.  How much of that acrage may have contained homes or other real property?(quite a bit actually)

(There’s a saying in the CCW world.  When seconds count, a cop is only minutes away.  Applies to firemen as well.)

No one paid us to do this thing. 

No one asked us to step up and take care of the problem.  

No one from the city/county is going to replace the collapsed culvert in the road that  the fire destroyed. We’ll do that, without complaint or compensation.

That, is why I prefer living here vs back in the Cin-city.  Just fix it, worry about it later.

Life is good

I can let the cat outta the bag now.  I quit work on March 29th.  A little incident ‘tween another employee and myself was the straw that lent me the wherewithal to walk.  Quite literally, I had had enough.

Good news though; I have had time to deal with stuff around the homestead that was building up. I am not having near as many issues with breathing and they seem to be clearing up quite well. And, of course, my travel expenses are a third of what they had been.

I have been rereading the story and I believe I have a handle on it now.  Look forward to more installments on that front.

As for income, there are some options available to me, one is longstanding and is in use, and there is another that bears looking at, and I will do so on monday.  Right now though, I am just enjoying a wee time off doing what I need to do, on my schedule.