Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Ain’t gonna sway the masses

Is likely preachin’ to the choir,

And only adds to my growing angst in dealing with our growing state of Coronaphobia and Covidiocy.

Back of some of that artickes information here

Remember our fallen heros, both military and first responders, then re-read the above and contemplate who the traitors are. You cant know the names of those who have fallen for love of country, but I’d place good money you can name several of the traitors to her.

Have ya ever

Just had ‘that’ feeling? The gut feeling that a course of events was in motion and you needed to get your ass in gear/gone/away?

That was today. Had Serina on the lake, with every intention going for the roll. Even went in before boarding to get wet head to toe. I’ve noted if I’m already wet getting wet doesn’t freak me out as much.

Lost my sunglasses.

First blow to my ideas.

Headed out anyway. Figured paddle a bit and get my sea legs on. Water is cloudy from last nights T-storms (second blow to my resolve). Still in mind to roll, so headed back to put-in, where people are at ‘just in case’: two large water moccasins pass by me. One even stopped and raised his head to give me ‘that look’, the one only a killer snake can give.

BAM! My resolve is shattered. Head on back to put-in, pop the skirt and climb out, then look up. A fifteen-thousand foot cumulo-nimbus forming over the ridge and the distant rumble of wild electric winding up.

Ta-hell with it. I’ll get a bud to come with next round. Pack it in, load Sirena atop the rack and stap her in: here come all the other boats racing against the coming rain and the ramp becomes a bottle neck of every one trying to get out at the same time.

So here I am, sitting on the porch, listening to the tap-tap-tappa-tap of raindrops, an occasional rumble of angry air elementals, and dog snores; watching a pair of disgruntled kitties who often look at me with condemnation in their eyes

After all, in their opinion, I’m in charge of food, warm houses and weather: I MUST be slipping if its pissing down “that wet stuff”.

(Yeah, I really didn’t want to try rolling today, mehbe laters,,,)

Went up shit creek

But the paddle is in recovery. Y’all ‘member, last weekend, ol’reliable had a moment of dispair, and decided to have a split personality while in the wet. Little storm paddle got me back to shore, but with the fast water and inexperience, I chose sanity over suicide and called it a day.Well, Ol’reliable is getting a make over into a NEW storm paddle. And seeing the loom set up, I’d say most Inuit storms are rebuilds from broken paddles, or, well, maybe thats where the idea came from. The only real difference(‘sides name and usage,) between the two paddles is the length of loom at center. On a full size, that loom is the width of your hands at rest near your hips. In a stormpaddle, its the width of your palm.Its memorial weekend and the lakes are full of Ohioan escapees, and the river is a crap milkshake again thanks to monsoon week. But I’m getting the Duh!k out for a little rolling practice in a cove the boats can’t get to. A really nice ridge line just below the surface keeps ’em out and knocks the waves down to manageable for what I want to learn.Ok, nuff of boring kayak stuff, y’all take care and have a pleasant weekend.

New book update.

Second draft done, but not finished, , ,

Im sitting on it for a week and will reread it as I run it through prowritingaid. Chapter by chapter. That is going to take a little time. I like the program PWA, though I do not like that it must be connected to the net to function. Seeing all the algorithms and databases it uses, I can understand it, just not like it.

Of course, I’m not going to give away any hints as to how it plays out, I’ve thought about doing a give-away of the first 20 or 30 copies. Thats another area where I am still learning things, setting formats in Kindle so the dead tree edition is readable, advertising, promotions, etc.

Getting word programs to play nice with Kindle can be interesting. Setting the gutter in OO.o is tedious but I’ll deal with it over MS Office anyday. (MS anything really. Gates has let his empire run amok and now I’d rather pull my eyeteeth without novocaine, than open a microsoft product.) To be fair to OO.o I had similar issues in Word as well, but not quite as torturous: having to set format style page by page,,,😖

Still shooting for July release dates, and I’ll keep information flowing about it here and on the FB page when I remember I have a facebook account. 🤗

Number crunch of an oblique

Was just crunching some numbers and figured I’d share some with you.

This is not Covidophobia or any of that fun stuff, but its obliquely related since it deals with the CARES Act.

$1200 stimulus check, right?

Ok, current population of US approximately: 330,000,000.


Total, assuming every mouthbreather or animated corpse in the US got a check is $396 Billion.

Thats only one tenth(roughly) of the total amount approved.

Now, not everyone gets that check. Entrepreneurs are likely to get skipped. Like my boss said, “if ya pay quarterly, ya ain’t ever gonna see a dime of a government handout!” No big bro love for the people that actually make the gears of the economy move. Ooh, but big corps get a guarantee for payroll (a portion of that $3T debt bomb) Small business’s of 50 employees or more can apply for it (could, the funds are now gone, and from what I understand, had a waiting list before the bill was even SIGNED) but small fry like my boss and his 4-5 employees, meh, suffer biotch!

And ya know, I haven’t seen “mine” yet either, and to be franklin about it, STFW! If I see it, I have a place for it to go: the same place ALL of my windfalls go. The reason I, of all of my bosses employees, has money come 2 days AFTER payday. The reason I CAN take a week off and not freak out about “what won’t get paid.”

Oh yeah, another reason we don’t have that many employees? They get these windfalls and disappear,,, then when they are flat busted and the bill collectors are calling, they crawl back to work. Not all of ’em mind you, but enough that its ‘not a joke’. Far harder to find ppl like myself and T, the other hard charger (he leads the crews in the field, I’m the welder/tech/programmer/? or like I told another guy, everything else.)

I’m watching the unemployment climb, tax revenues plummet, and businesses closing, in many cases forever, and crunch those numbers,,,

I just can not see how it adds up to anything other than the onset of hyper-inflation. Seeing prices rise now, though that is in no small part to demand being higher than supply thanks to the shutdown. An economy the size of ours is a very robust machine, if left alone. You start monkeying with it and things go to shit with a quickness. And the only entity capable of monkeying with it at that level is Fed.Gov. The CARES act was/is a damned big monkeywrench. And they are talking about a repeat of it already. (Tell me it ain’t pork! I laugh! Its ALL pork, with a bribe to help the littles swallow it easier. )

Another slant on the same subject: when Oblammy-oh-boy left office, direct deficits were roughly $3T dollars. (That didnt include future obligations to the tune of $27T) I’m not sure how much had changed, up or, not as likely, down since Trump took over, but, that CARES act effectively doubled the National Debt, with a penstroke. Do it again and its tripled it.

That, is insanity. That is what AOC and her Ilk believe when they talk about New Monetary Theory.

Money is a representation of value, not the value itself. More of it, does NOT increase value. It just takes more of it to purchase said value. Its why a man in 1913 could buy a brand new Colt 1911 .45 for $20 and in 2020 it cost closer to a grand. In 1913, a $20 coin was an ounce of gold. An ounce of gold now is ‘worth’ around $1800. The disparity in value is in the production cycle. Its cheaper to produce now with modern equipment and computer aided machines, but the object is the same (nearly) as over 100 years ago.

Now we’ve doubled the amount of dollars in circulation, but we have not added any value to the world: quite the opposite seeing how so many businesses are shuttered with many destined to never reopen. More money floating around but less ‘earning’ it with being out of work. I would not be surprised by one in three out of work permanently by this time next year.

Even with that thought, I’m optimistic. It may not happen fast, but I see our society on the edge of an evolution for the better. So long as people start questioning things that is. Without questions, there is no learning. No learning means no growth. And we need to grow up as a society.

And the biggest question to ask at this stage is this; ” just where are our ‘leaders’ leading us? And do I really want to go there?” ( Immediately followed by ” why the f#@k do I need a leader anyways?” IMO)

Good examples of questions to be asking.

  • Why is it Media spends a huge amount of effort to promote fear items, ignoring, for the most part, positive changes?
  • Why do we hear constant variations on climate change, but solar cycles and their effects are buried information?
  • Why is changing the future path everyones responsibility, when the path we are on was chosen by a small handful against the wishes of a majority?

Just thinkin’ outloud

Watching the webs, and seeing convulsions of discontent.

I find it interesting, seeing how I have been grumping about this crap from word ‘go’.

Seeing more and more examples of ‘padding the numbers’ by claiming covid symptoms involved in deaths. One close to me, an uncle who’s been struggling for a few years after a series of heart attacks and a stroke. When they took him to the hospital Saturday night, his heart was beating once every five minutes. No bronchial issues, not fevers, no other symptoms of chicombuggies: his system was just quitting.

Death cert says Covid 19.


Why? Because the hospital and morgue get state kickbacks for every case they have to handle. BIG kick backs. Like $20000 per BIG.

Think they aren’t ENCOURAGED to pad the books? Think anyone will later exhume the dead for autopsies to verify the accounting?

Yeah, that’ll happen🤐

So, when the tin-pot dick-taters start telling me “its mandatory”, I let my little birds fly 🖕🖕

And its been that way since this shitte started, for me anyways. I’ve had to deal with the strange ass distancing, not by choice, but corporate policy, and only when my choices were that limited. When I see arrows on the floor, I do the ‘in through the outdoor’ contrarian thing. Get a dirty look? Smile and scratch my nose with the middle finger.

I have not once worn a mask in public! (I do wear one at work, but I weld a ton of galvanized metal and know better than trying to poison myself with heavy metals. And my mask is P100, not one of those chintz fabric snot collectors.)


And why it isn’t more widespread, kills my hopes for this country.

I will say, locally, its growing. Still flabbergasts me that this area jumped on that wagon so quickly when in normal instances its ‘ fly the flag 🖕 and carry on’.

It ain’t a plan, but a hope. I hope that enough people realize that TPTwB have shown their true colors, and start acting accordingly.

(All images happily stolen from WRSA)

Reality break wknd

Took Sirena and the Carolina to lake Saturday. Had made plans to make a weekend of it with a friend, but, well, plans change. Friend hadn’t cleared things with wifey, or sumpin, dunno, but he was able to spend about 3 hours on the water in Ol’red. (The carolina14.5) fish weren’t interested in anything he tossed out and by 12:30, he was calling it quits.

About that time, another friend texted me and said he, his wife and son were near the ramp fishing: ‘swing by if’n ya can.’ Dude out with me was cool with that and wanted to head home. Me, being frustrated with friends attitude decided ‘sprint time!’. 1.6 miles, calm water and no power boats. Easy peasy! Sorry bud! Try to keep up,,,

Well, he held his own, seeing how Ol’red plows water, where Sirena cuts it like a knife. He did have a euro paddle and a stubborn attitude to not quit. Even so, by the time we made the ramp, both of us were a bit winded. Didn’t have the GPS with me, so guestimating speed at 5mph(based on distance and apx time by text message time stamps.) Not too shabby for this 51yo outta shape dude.

Sunday, after I finished my wknd chores of keeping my self and stead operational, decided my first boat was in need of some h2o time too. Duh!kee hasn’t seen water since last September when she squealed and had her hull ruptured. Repair made, but never tested. It was 84, rivers up about a foot and flowing fast, but Duh!k likes fast water. Water temp was near 60, chilly but ‘knock you to your knees’ cold.

Hard to see in that pic, but the water there is far more turbulent then normal. At surface, river seems to be flowing about 3, just below surface shes rocking at 5. Since I’m now accustomed to how stable Sirena is, I chose to NOT push my limits on the rapids. Duh!kee is similar to riding a freshly broken 1 y.o. horse: she’s just waiting for your attention to stray and is ready to throw you something crazy.

So, find somewhere near the eddies, practice rollling. Get a feel for my first girl again.

Know what that is? In some circles, busted paddle would be correct. In this case, blown roll would be more accurate.

Was not trying full rolls, just dip on one side, get duh!k over completely, then hip flick and lever back up. The current had drifted me into shallower water and the end of the paddle struck rock. Pressure went from whole blade to blade tip instantly and SNAP! I’m back in the water.

That smaller paddle on the deck is called a storm paddle and it was what helped me get back. With how swift the water was, it was time to call it quits without a full paddle. (The storm paddles work well enough, but its not a stroke I’m strong in. Not strong enough to get upstream in fast water anyways.)

Repair was a total success, no leaks; and Duh!k is back in the fleet again. She will continue to be my roller for learning that skill in detail, and for short days where I just want to get wet. Sirena will be my multiple day expedition boat as she can hold quite a bit of gear (and rides SO much better with a load). The Carolina is the loaner boat, also capable as a gear hauler.

Good weekend all around, mussed up plans and all. I feel a little more in-line with facing society again, and just in time for the workweek.