Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

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Yesterday on way home, started seeeing something ‘off’ in Buffalo. (My truck for those uninitiated) RPM was kind of erratic. This morning it was worse. Transmission slipping. Fluid dark but not burnt, but really thin feeling.

I know she is due for transmission issues, 278thou on the clock, but this time of year,,, To

Took a chance, went to a place where I used to be a manager (in Cincy, not local). They have a machine that swaps out all the fluid without needing to drop the pan. Found long time ago, you drop that pan after so many miles, you’re swapping a transmussion next. The flush though,,,(and trust me, I was skeptical as all get out until I saw real proof it works)

So, $150 lighter in cash, but the slipping is gone. Still seeing some ‘hunting’ going on at lower speeds, so I know the torque converter is worn out, but I’ve bought some time between now and ‘She’s dead Jim’. Hopefully I can get through into spring when Bid-ness picks up and I have more available lucre.

And that is why I didnt get a post up until this late hour. Gonna spend the rest of the day playing catch-up on the distractions of the day, and maybe extrapolate some wild assed idea of conspiracy,,,lol.

Cya all tomorrow

Lazy late friday post

doing a little reading today, and for all intents and purposes, it seems that the narrative is falling apart across the board.(read the comments!!!)   The specific narrative I’m addressing is that of the “VaxxnottaVaxx” bullshitte.   My last post mentioned a friend with some issues, and I haven’t had as much to do with them this year, mostly due to all of the family stuff of my own going on.  I haven’t had a chance to really get down to the barebones of it with the Hubby, but seeing how they are not posting on the SM’s like they usually do, either they are laying low for privacy issues, OR, what they are saying is getting deleted by the AI for “extremist content”.   I don’t know how to check if they have been ‘Jailed’ on Fakebuuk.  I will try for more information later this weekend when I am not whooped to a frazzle.

There is just too much information out there for the Propagandists to counter, and with the growing list of casualties to the Vaxx, some of whom are  famous in some way (sports etc), even the hypnotized are seeing ‘something is wrong’.   GOOD.   The sooner the world wakes up to the lie, the sooner we can start calling for accountability of  those at the head of the mess.  “The Science” for one, and most especially THAT ONE, but also those in the Propaganda corps that have been feeding the lie at every turn.   Then there is the whole “Post Pandemic Stress Disorder” Shitte that started making its rounds as a cover for the VaxxnottaVaxx.   They are trying to lay the blame of all the heart issues on a non-existent disorder.   More Fabrication from thin air to cover their asses from future Nuremberg Trials I guess.   Tom Clancy had a better story-line in Rainbow Six than the shit they are starting to pull out of their asses.  And there have been rumbles of “ Future Small pox outbreak” in the spheres.   IF we see that, Foul Play is definitely at work, and the beginning of the list of players would start with B. Gates.  Scared animals backed into corners are dangerous.   The Powers involved in this whole mess are starting to get scared: treat them as you would a wounded bear in an alleyway.   Shoot from a distance is best practice in my opinion.

My biggest issue with all of this: many people bought the lie BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE GOOD PEOPLE.   Maybe they are a touch misguided in their efforts at times, and maybe they bought the liberal bullshit for years (and hadn’t been raped by it yet so weren’t woke up.) but their hearts are in the right places, even if their minds are not.  My Friends fall into that catagory perfectly.  They are NOT marxist, but they are liberal in their thinking because they want the rest of the world to be a better place.   I have a hard time finding fault with that since ALL PARENTS want the world to be better for their kids.(the good parents anyways.  The genetic donors on the other hand that seemingly don’t give a shit for their kids other than the monthly check Uncle Sugar gives them for the brats,,,,)




And the VaxxnottaVaxx is discriminating by only attacking the easily swayed.   Maybe there is a bigger plan in place and this is some Deities idea of a “Good Cleansing”.  I don’t know.  WAY above my pay-grade on that note.

Long day today and it was only five and half hours: short, but mentally involved.  The fabrication side of the project is completed, now its just the install side remaining and I MUST be a part of that or the whole thing is going to get screwed up, EVEN WITH all my efforts to make the parts as foolproof as possible.  Seriously, Slot A into Tab A sort of fabrication but there is still the getting things level and square to be done and I know the crew going in, WON’T! (and I am the only one with a meridian level, even if it is a cheap unit: better than none!)(side note, Bossman used to be a Surveyor, and does have transits and the other ‘good stuff’, but why pull put a $3000 transit to level a Big Carport,,,,)

But, ITS FRIDAY.   I have a couple days to accomplish that which I can never seem to find time for during the week in the winter months.   And it’s looking like its going to be nice this weekend.(nice for early December that is.). 

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Short RANT

Link a Vid, provide a transcript (specifically the talking head vids from news casts) I don’t want to watch a bunch of bloviating drool monsters showing how important they FEEL to deliver a message that is less than 100 words on length.

Rant off. More later.

Closer to home

Without solid documentation,  what I am posting can be construed as a bunch of Bull by others.  Empirical analysis tells me something is wrong though.  Its not just people my age or older.  This year has seen a serious uptick in people dying: not just older gens.

A kayak friend is hospitalized, right now, for cardio issues.  This is a mid thirties mother of 5, avid kayaker, climber and business woman.  Non smoker and healthy diet (without being anal about it) and VERY active. 

She also bought into the “Jab” horseshit.  I recall in March she had her first dose and got sick as hell for 2 weeks.  Didn’t hear about her second dose, but 2 weeks ago, she had her third. (Info from her husband)  Tonight she is in a hospital.  Her heart can’t make up its mind about her pulse rate or its own rhythm. (I know there is a medico term for that, but it eludes me right now) She can’t walk across a room without feeling like she will pass out, while also feeling like her heart is climbing into her throat. (No Idea what her BP looks like but it sounds like its through the roof)

Granted, I’m biased in my thinking.  I feel STRONGLY, that these clotshots are being pushed with malicious intent by powers with an agenda, and that ‘positive health’ of the recipient’s is not at all on their list. 

Biased or not, the more information ‘leaks’ out, the stronger that bias becomes.  And maybe I am seeing the world through filters, but I find it hard to see any other possible ‘reason’. 

My resolve to remain in the control group of ‘pure-bloods’ grows stronger with each passing day. 

And I know I am not alone in that.

I’m praying for her and her husband and her 5 kids. She is a wonderful human being and her kids NEED her around for several more years yet (her youngest is 4, and all girls)

Hope I understand, but I certainly do not base my reality on it

With all the hoopla around a certain trial, that has been obviously deck stacked in favor of the guilty, I can understand people hoping that the wake-up call spreads like wildfire.    

BUT, to put all the hope into  VOATING HARDER,,,,,

Ummm,  No!

Honest elections are DEAD.  Have been for some time, but after the 2020 Selection Cycle, and a couple more recent ones,,,,   I have to give those that swear “Voat Harder” the side-eye and step away, quickly.  Even the ‘Win’ of Governor of VA was, as I stated here, a GIMME, because the powers that control such things needed to take some heat off, and the new Governator of VA is going to prove to be a useless teat on a boar hog: just watch, you’ll see.

Those that control such things have fingers in everything that we are seeing,   The Vaxxnottavaxx powerstructure, the Maxwell/Epstein circles of pedophilia and human trafficking,,,  wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of the seats of the FEDRES are deep in the goo if not key members of the inner circles of this mess.  

That we know names of key people running the shit-show, K Schwab for example, is not reason to think we know the circles inhabitants.  Those names are just the fall guys IF things get too exposed, the proverbial “Tall Nail”.  

And it’s all Kabuki theater to distract us, because there will be no justice done by the system in its own self interests.   its like asking the third graders to honestly grade each others tests. Some will (Kyle Rittenhouse Trial) Most won’t (Jan6 protestors held without trial for going on a year,  The Chauvin Case.). 



Something IS happening,

I’ve mentioned several times, that I think there is a war going on WITHIN the Deepstate, Not that it really matters here at the street level, at least not YET, it doesn’t.   No matter which side wins in such a war, WE, those here at street level, will lose. The only question being in that case: WHAT we lose.  Do we lose our Lives or do we lose our Dignities.  They already stole our Inheritance of a Country founded in Freedom (try and LEAVE, see how far you get without having to sign away everything you own, or at least pay a hefty(60+%) Tax on what you own.  If you can’t freely choose to leave, you are in PRISON.  Period DOT end of argument.) Not that we will ever truly know the details of such a war, but we can surmise the outcome of it by certain key points.  Do the Mandates start gaining teeth and suddenly we see concentration camps, or does the whole Scamdemic suddenly lose steam and for a short time, things feel almost normal, until the world economy starts tanking from all the other places that are ‘one step ahead of us’. (full disclosure of opinion: We won’t see the cattle car round ups.  It will be stealthier than that.   When/if it gets tot he cattle car level, it will be FAR too late in the game and anything we do will be a suicide run.) 

There are days where I wonder if Klaus there, has the right of it to kill off billions of people, and reduce the world to pre-Industrial Revolution level subsistence.   The American experiment is dead now, though the spirit is alive and kicking in more than a handful.    

Cynic? Why Yes, I am.  And there are days where its so strong, keeping the beast on a leash is my hardest job.  I’ve stated many times here, I don’t want to go down that darkened hallway.  I know whats down there and I locked it away there years ago for a damned good reason.  Its not pretty, or pleasant, but it is quite FINAL if it gets out.

And the worst part?  The last two years has found me hovering near this end of that hallway, asking myself “is it time???”

Let the blood dancing begin

Saw a link to several of the communist Propaganda outlets about some 15 year old getting gun crazy and killing three of his schoolmates and wounding several others.

I won’t be linking those sites as if this isn’t a black student going bal-lista-shit, the Propagandists are going to be stretching and spinning this every-which way but truthful.

FIrst off,   Kid is 15.  NO LEGAL WAY he could acquire a gun.  So any calls for tighter “reasonable” gun restrictions is BULLSHIT from the starting gate.

Second point on the docket:  GUN FREE ZONE!!!   Yeah, that magic sticker at the entry ways did wonders didn’t it.   Massive surveillance in the school did wonders didn’t it.   One point I didn’t read about but I could well imagine they had; Armed security (on or off duty cops usual, sometimes even a separate section of the local PD). Yeah, all those lefty magic tricks and still some kid gets mad and shoots up a school.

BUT, you NEVER hear about how it may be due to LEFTY AGENDA that said kid went off the rails.  Maybe all the psychotropics they put in the boys these days to make them “more compliant” had something to do with it (and I would bet a little digging would find the boy has had run-ins with the psych department a time or two.  IMO, its trying to force kids into these jack-assed molds that aren’t based in reality that leads to the issues, not the kids in general.  )

You never hear about how the school systems are so over-regulated (one system my sister worked for had 4 (FOUR!!!!) Principles and similar Vice-Principles and a small army of Secretaries, Counselors and other aspects NOT directly attached to the teaching element.  And that was just for the High School,  There were more ADMIN than teachers!!!)

I digress.   Y’all know How I feel about the Education system, I have never tried to hide my disdain for THAT “institution”. 


We knew something was coming down the pike against the guns.  We have been expecting some backlash since Kyle WON. We know they lost some ‘control’ when the RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE was upheld by the courts.  The backlash against the CLOT SHOT is rising world-wide, and the Wad they shot last year has exhausted itself and their desperation is EPIC.  Is this a planned event? Not likely, but as i said at the top, they sill stretch it and spin to no end, if they think they can get SOMETHING rammed through to ‘Get the Guns’.   Expect to see DiFi’s face more than a few times over the next couple weeks leading to Christmas. (and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they pulled a Christmas Coup the way was done with the FEDRES back in 1913).      

Heads on a swivel, keep your ‘Stoopidchit” radar on high gain, They think they have control, but they stole the election, they DO NOT have the one key element that makes this country work: CONSENT of the GOVERNED.

Be ungovernable.

We need more Dennis Leary in this day and age,,,

They would lose their shit!!!

And we could get back to living again.

Hanging in there

Long ass day in the field for the J.O.B. fixing another companies’ shitfestivus. All good, looks like it may extend into a 2 or 3 day venture. Y’all know how fixing things ends up: fix this issue, that issue becomes more obvious, wash rinse repeat. Clean the counter and you realize the wall is covered in crud kinda thing.

Doing some reading in the darkening hours and decided I need a break from the never-ending stream of crap. If its not Shits&Giggles, its the fruition of years and years of HB1 visas coming home to roost.

Enuff!!! Read enough of it and you virtually BEG for the fires of the sun to do a reach out. Burn the whole thing down so we can rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Maybe we will, maybe we won’t. But you can be certain something comes after ‘all this’. May not resemble anything an imagination can acquire now, but something follows this.

Be still, listen carefully, you can hear the winds of change in the distance.

Its winter outside, though we haven’t YET seen the snows. Its winter in my soul, and those snows keep blowing in hard when they come. Its winter in the Former United States of America, and we see the snows of decrepitude swirling the swamp and its outlands.

Ya gotta ask yourself: are we ready?

Cyber Monday funday with wood

Went in this morning to find out that bossman seems to have forgotten that he has a full-time welder on staff.   Nothing at all to do.   Spent a couple of hours piddlin’round, made another rudder blade for Ghost, more like the one I just made for B.  Like the shape better.  Roughed out and I will finalize it later; have a few months yet to get things together for kayak season and there is no rush since there is a perfectly functional rudder on Ghost now.

As I get older, the one thing that gets to me easier and easier is the COLD.   Hates the cold. And when your workshop is a figurative Refrigerator, with all the comforts of said appliance,,,     I didn’t stick around long.

Came home, built the fire back up, got my core warmed back up and started playing with wood.

Get your mind out of the gutter, If I were playing with THAT wood, it would be between me and the toy and I wouldn’t go advertising the fact.

Nopes, playing with kayak.   Better?  

Need a coaming but she is ready for skin, almost.  gotta oil the wood first.  I didn’t oil it the last go round and there were places where the skin had bonded to the wood.   Nothing major but I did tear a couple areas when removing the old skin.

images for your amusement.

20211129 1501111122421378389883127
20211129 1501193922359311595933162
see that ‘interesting dink’ in the keel? its not huge, but its there and no idea where it came from.

So there she is, ready for oiling, then ready for skin. And still no coaming. Working on that and a couple of other things all at the same time. Even enlisted B to help in a roundabout fashion.

Here is another project that I have talked about.

Thats the rudder I am making for B’s kayak. Nowhere near finished, but its starting to look like something. Not one thing measured, all by eyeball and matching marks on twin pieces.

Tomorrow is another day. SON of Bossman told me that we have a mercy mission tomorrow to clean up some other companies Fecal Explosion. (that was part of my piddlin’ this morning; getting my stuff in order for the AM). And it sounds like its going to be an all-day event with lots of Dio Expletives Deleted flying about. Yippee-Kay-Ay!!! Welcome to the party Pal. Most of the guys are used to my field attitude, but we have one young’n that is a bible thumper and I have a feeling his ears are in for a scalding tomorrow. All well-n-good, so long as he keeps his opinion to his own-self, or he may get the wrath of a Drill Instructor, and then the scalding REALLY begins. ROFLMAO. I cuss a blue storm but its nothing personal until someone makes it so. Just the way I am. (note: one of the other crew leaders is a preacher and he has never tried to berate my language, not once. He is also former Air Force, so I have no doubts he hasn’t heard anything new from my throat.)

Spread the word, get people to “Watch” when they refuse to read,,,

TL Davis has been a voice against the Encroachment of Government for YEARS, and one that you should be listening to if you haven’t.   He has a production company, one he created for the sole purpose of ‘waking people up’ and he hasn’t been idle with it.   

GO CHECK IT OUT, SPREAD IT AROUND, and to help him pay for things, LET THE DANGED ADS PLAY THROUGH, (you can mute them like I do,)

Further linkies for information you can share with those that refuse to read the truth, but are willing to sit and watch things.   IT WAS NEVER ABOUT HEALTH.

All of the above links are HT to WRSA and/or Matt Bracken.   

We aren’t in sporky times YET, but damned close.   So Close, when they start, its going to take everyone by surprise even though we know its coming.   No idea which way the ball falls when it falls of the razors edge it’s riding, but its gonna fall and soon.  You can make guesses, but until such time as the shooting commences or the rail cars start rolling,,,      Look to Australia if you think ‘it can’t happen here’.   I am sure there are many many OZymandians * that thought the same thing, yet they are getting corralled up and put into “Wellness Camps’.   I feel certain that when certain characters in the FRAUD read about it, they get harder than a teenager with 30mg of Viagra in him.  Or, on the case of the female variant, so damned wet it looks like the had an accident.   Sick fucks? why yes, we have those too.  They just haven’t pushed as hard as the OZ-FRAUD has done:  YET.   Give ‘em time.

Please, watch the above links, spread them around to others, like minded or not.  Awake or ‘woke’, blue pilled, red pilled or even the black pilled,  Maybe, some will heed the warnings,   Even if its almost too late, better now than the surprise at the edge of the pit7_12

*Not really related, but I thought the poem fitting in this instance.

Sunday ‘Git-r-dun’! apologies for late post

Been busier than I could express on this end.  Between the domestic duties thing, laundry, straighten up after a four day weekend of running hells-bells all over SE-KY, and ‘Oh yeah, there’s a kayak frame on my porch’ realizations,,,,

While doing the laundry, I cleaned up those parts I cut out on Wednesday, drilled alignment holes and ran both through a belt sander to get the edges lined up to perfect match.  (yeah, redneck machining trick 101).  Later on, Dad and I went to my Uncles place for lie-swapping and cowboy coffee (that shit WILL make you hair stand on end!!!).  He has a  48” Bench Brake and I was able to get a perfect bend in those two parts as needed.  Pics will be posted, just not today since I haven’t the band width to upload those files here on the hill.   

Get home, loaded my side porch with a couple loads of Cherrywood that has been seasoning for about three years.  My dad is trying to clear out his wood shed of the dead weight to clear space for all of this pin-oak he picked up the past couple of weeks.   No worries, I have no issues taking what he doesn’t want.  Makes what i have in my shed last that much longer and the way this year has started; every little bit is gonna be needed IMO.   And I kept tripping over that kayak frame on the main porch,,,,   Load up an armload of wood stack it, go in for something, and start noodling on the kayak,   “oh yeah, I gotta finish putting wood up”.  Back to loading wood,   noodle with the kayak, load wood, re-think what I was gonna do on the kayak, clean the stove out and start a new fire, sharpen my chisel so I can get clean cuts on the kayak,,,

You get the picture. Some days I multi-task pretty well, and not even realize it.   Sitting here, I look at all the stuff that I did get accomplished and swear to you I didn’t even TRY,,,  

She is almost ready for skin.  Setting up the deck stringers and that will be done shortly since I only need 4 small spacer blocks to finish that off. and she will be ready for skin.(but not today, the sun is gone and its getting colder than I care for out there.)


Still don’t have that coaming finished yet.   

Still looking for a donor’Yak for a cockpit I can use as a mold, and if I don’t see one soon, I am gonna break down and buy some marine grade plywood and go that route.   Skin is here and waiting on me, Dope is on its way and will likely be here before I am ready for it (but thats a plus.).   LOL,   funny how I ‘compromised’ and said I wasn’t going to cut that skin off until I had a coaming DONE, and here I am almost ready for new skin and still don’ t have that coaming.   Yah, I can be obstinate even with myself.

One thing I did that wasn’t ‘constructive’ was taking her off the cradles, putting her on the floor and sitting in her.  I wanted to finalize where my feet will be so I could set up the footpegs/sliding bulkhead (leaning towards a bulkhead setup)   She is gonna be a torpedo.   No rocker until you get past my ass and then it is very slight, maybe 2”.  She is gonna cut the water like a knife with very little wake.  The chisel point bow is going to slice waves instead of trying to climb them so she will be fast even in choppy water.   and there is just enough v-hull that edging should make her maneuverable without needing a rudder.   The shape is definitely ‘Swede form’ at the waterline so no need for a rudder to control tracking.(that may be partially true,  Wind may indicate need of a skeg or rudder, but until I have her out I won’t know if she is weather helmed or neutral, No/near zero rocker, she may be neutral in that aspect). 

Numbers that I can say for certain right now. Length 16’2” Beam 23”.   Loaded waterline 15’10” Beam @WL 20”.  Not as long as a surfski, but no wider than one, She won’t be much of a river-runner, but open water; she is gonna be a Barracuda.    Search for ‘barracuda attack’ on UToob and see what I mean.   And I THINK she will be much more stable than Duh!kee is.  More near flat hull where Duh!k has a sharp V almost her whole length.  The only time Duh!k feels stable to me is when the water is trying to stand up, and I don’t get out in storm waters often enough to need that “Bobber” attitude.

Working on a post for the AM, gonna have several links for ya: HIGHLY recommend you follow them, forward them to others and try to spread messages.  Kind of a “Make these Viral” bleg.  Look for that tomorrow.   Don’t want to put anything in this post on those lines for ‘reasons’,  you understand when you see them.

More tomorrow, stay tuned for that.   

If ya gotta argue

Be smarter about it.

I’ve said similar in less words recent. We have to take the language back and not let it be twisted to the benefit of the wannabe controllers. Fascism as an example. Freedom lovers being labeled Fascist by people actually practicing fascism is a typical lefty strategy. Let me rephrase that: a well known COMMUNIST tactic. Yeah, that; if I’m gonna use this soPbox to preach a point, I need to practice what I preach, right?

Turkey day done and gone, back to working on ‘stuff’,,, stuff I’d much prefer to have behind me like this past Thanksgiving,,,

Still figgerin’ me dope on this Cockpit coaming thing. No donor cockpits to be had currently (its mid WW season, I’m betting there will be some trashed boats come spring,,,) and its not like I want the cockpplit to use ‘as is’. I want it as a mold for fiberglass work. My little trials into making said mold have all bit me, and I am not made of cash to keep buying the materials to just trash them later. (And have you seen the price on wood materials lately? WTAF? Redwood I expect to see high prices on, but $6 2×4’s??? Of PINE???)

It’ll happen, even if I end up (leaning this way HARD) making it using strip built methods and glass over the wood. Heavier, but much more flexible constructuon method. And still tough as heck. Just much more tedious and nit-picky.

More later, things ta do,,,

Black Friday Rule

I’s a wonderin’ if this year pulls retail into the black. Seeing some if the prices listed as deals,,,, Naw, ain’t no inflation this year, eh?

I don’t get out for Black Friday, safer for the world at large. Seen way to many instances where I would have left a stack of bodies vs a stack of bills. Sadly, what I have seen in the past gives creedance to Kiplings ‘the female is the deadlier of the species’. Without saying to much, ‘woman’ is the kindest word I would use in those instances, LADY was far and abroad in these cases.

So far, its quiet out there. Makes me tthink that the Deep State is struggling with some internals, like how to animate a corpse for another month or two while they reprogram VFICUS into simething usable. Or at least pull up a more palatable replacement:SanFranNan ain’t it. Hear’d she’s found a retirement mansion in BCEs stompin grounds. Guess all the homeless Junkies sqautting in the streets of the golden gates don’t appeal to her. Reap what ya sow, and all that, but if’n ya have the ducks, fly for safety. I THINK DeSantis needs to do some investimigatin’ and see how he can make her escape pod not so pleasurable. Just sayin.

Its Round Two of Givin’ T’anks day. Three groups today. Sis is in town and thats a bonus. Last night with my extended family of a brudder from anudder mudder was excellent and needed. Have a nuther kayaky project in for consideration. Thinking something like Brians River runner fer this’un. More inline with my brudders drive.

Thumbs up or down B, letta me know

Stay safe out there today people, sanity is a very thin veil when people think they are getting shorted, and we have been shorted more than a bit this year.

Turkey day meanderings.

I’ve been doing a lot of that introspection and mediation on my life, my directions and the world at large (that can’t be totally ignored as it tends to create the currents that keep you in place or spill you into the maelstrom.).  One question that keeps coming to mind is “What makes me Happy?”. Last night I came to the conclusion that its not any ONE thing.  Lots of things make me happy, but nothing ever lifts my soul to new heights as alluded to by so many of those ubiquitous self-help books.   My happiness is. derived from building things, or repairing things to functional or re-purposing ‘junk’ into something useful.  Its not one ‘thing’ but a series of several aspects: learning, application, achievement.  Learning has always been the core value there, because without the knowledge, the rest is impossible.

I am thankful that my mind still works as well as it does (started seeing some slipping of the gears with memory, but I think that is more that the banks are full and stuff needs re-organized.   This processor is 53 years gone,,,)

The problem with my core happiness?  It’s strictly a ‘service to others’ for prosperity.   Learning does me little except to apply it to helping others,   Not that this is a bad thing, but it doesn’t always keep the coffers full enough to justify continued efforts.  Which means ‘get back to work and earn the ducks so I can get back to learning.   It’s a reciprocating thing: Up, down up down….     Could be worse I guess; I could have the up-down cycle of a junkie,,,    Thank the small gods that my addictive personality chose knowledge over drugs.   And yes, I am a knowledge junkie.   Like I mentioned to a friend in some messages awhile back; “Why is it I know so much trivial bullshit that somehow proves useful?”  Maybe it has something to do with my growing up reading books like “Encyclopedia Brown”. Anybody else recall that series of pre-teen books? Dunno, I only know that ignorance is unacceptable in my world and must be corrected when found.   I admit there are times where the expanse of what needs learned is out of range; such as higher maths.   I have to start back at the basics to ‘get’ some higher levels because I just don’t use the essentials enough in a day to day.  But, I don’t need the higher maths to have a decent understanding of the concepts,  I have enough background in physics to ‘see’ why perpetual motion can’t exist, and don’t need to the higher maths for that.   Explaining it to others may take some word juggling, but I can usually get the point across.   Maths are great for reaching understanding, but even advanced mathematicians will say that the math is not reality, just a tool to explain it.

I am thankful that I was discouraged from pursuing a highly focused discipline in my younger years.  It allowed me to spread out and learn more of the world.   Specialization is for insects.

Happiness is subjective, I think we can all agree on that broad statement,  Being an INTJ, my happiness tends to look like work to others.  I revel in making things operate smoother, more efficiently.  I admire the tools of yesteryears in their simplicity, longevity, and pure function with asthetic appeal in design.   Look at the swooping lines of an old Lathe or Drill press and you see the engineer was also an artist.  The lines are artistic, but fully functional in their support of the whole; A living sculpture in a sense.

Nothing wasted, nothing un-needed, pure function with the simplest approach.   I admire that.   I have an old post about that very thing and how the old tools have character and spirit that the modern tools lack. Even though the modern tools may have better tolerances, they don’t have that something that makes the old tools special.  And the modern tools just don’t seem to last.  ( one thing that does NOT make me happy is the whole “planned obsolesce” crap that has become so much apart of our world.   But I digress.). Old tools are what led me to learn metal casting, not that I wanted to make them, but that sometimes, being able to make parts from the raw is the only way to keep them alive.

And my world moved on,,,

Writing,   Writing has become a happiness in my world.   Writing fiction, and yes, I am still striving on a sequel, fills niches I didn’t know existed.  I can write worlds that have nothing to do with the mess of our world today and they are complete by themselves, at least for one book, maybe two.  (and thats the trouble with Wings, it was TOO based in our world to grow its own wings.  And the world moved on without it. and why I am struggling with its sequel.). Part of me wants to just ‘write it off’ and move on to other things, but I feel that somehow, it needs completed; Even if I have to kill off every character in some fiery finale, it needs closure.   Sorta like our world today needs some closure, not this perpetual quagmire of ineptitude that we are witness to.  Seriously, the engineers and scientist of the early 1900’s would be smacking peeps around if they fell into our timeline.  The politicians of that time would be drooling, but not the gearheads that made our world what it became.

Apologies, I am trying to NOT hit the mess outside, instead focus on my THANKS.

I am thankful that I can see many facets of the world, not just one.

I am thankful that I live in a world of Abundance the like could never be predicted in yore.

I am thankful that my Da is still with me this Thanksgiving day.    I know that his time on this space time is short, he knows it as well.  But I now have a chance to prove to him just how influential he was and that his efforts weren’t wasted.  For that, I can’t raise the voice loud enough in thanks.

I give thanks that there are people in this world that accept me, as I am, with all my downfalls and crappy self-esteem that creeps out and rears its ugly face on occasion.   Bruce and Tonya, you are valued far more than you likely will ever know, or be shown, but I do value your friendship and vicarious mentorship you provide me.

I give thanks that there are sane minds in this world that shout as loud as they can and often enough that even my weak ears ‘get the message’.   I give thanks that there are some just as warped as me that still shout sanity, in crazy ways, often enough to give perspective to the rest.

I give thanks to the commenters I can’t link here, You know who you are.  Thank you.

I give thanks to those in my past that shan’t be mentioned.  without your backstabbing, I wouldn’t have learned as much, so I thank you as well.

Now, Y’all get out there, practice one of the seven deadly sins for the day, and enjoy that we aren’t in the shooting war YET.  

And for that I am thankful as well.  No other words needed there.


Darkened thoughts this T-day eve, started way early, but I held off on any posts until I could get a finger on the pulse of the world.   

Remember this little tidbit I linked to several times in one post?  That has been the weight on my mind today.  Started around three A M and didn’t let up.   Jotted down notes of what I was thinking and went to work for a half day of goofing off.   Didn’t have much that needed done, but I did make some stuff that had nothing to do with fences, the job, or the company.  Yeah, I totally waffled the day away making parts for a kayak rudder for a bud. (damn do I love that plasma cutter,,,)

SO, back to that FEAR FACTOR.   I am told otherwise by many people, but deep inside, I feel I am just an average Joe-blow,,, Nothing special about me, Never been wildly successful, never spent more time in jail than needed to get my butt into a court-room and the Snafu straightened out, never went so broke that I became desperate.   C average student when i cared to give a damn.  About the only ‘exceptional’ thing about me is my GEAS for self education, and even there, I find it annoying that so many DON’T have that drive.

Those are the people driving my fear right now.   Not the asshats that came up with this Regressive Progress that more looks like Feudal Europe before the Magna Carta was signed.  Nope, My fear is of those that would find the situation acceptable for them since it would take away so many of the troubles they struggle with.  They don’t see the pandoras box of shit that will get opened by this ‘reset’, but they sure do like the cradle to grave, go along to get along vibe of it.   

And we KNOW, it won’t work.   There has been too much evolution of mentality since the days of Feudal lords, and that is exactly what the designers of this mess want to be: lord and master of all that they see, with the people beholden to them.   Even in Europe when things were starting to get beyond kinddoms you could cross by fast horse in one day, that feudal lord thing was showing cracks.   Sarah has a good post about that very point up, and I find it funny that her thinking twisted the key in my mind as to what was really going on in my hindbrain over all of this.  It isn’t the collaborators of the Great Reset that are troubling me, they will be dealt with in due time, one way or another (they aren’t immortal after all), but the people that would stand FOR this shit and allow the collaborators access to the levers to do GREAT HARM in the meantime while their “paradise” destroys all that we find good in this world.  Scary enough, many of them are your friends and family.   (and I know of at least one in my family that would fall in line RIGHT NOW, if the reset happened overnight.  It won’t, it can’t, there are too many cogs that need placed yet for that to happen.   And they still have to throw the switch of Economic Collapse to engage the machinations they are fabricating).  I try to keep my spirits up by thinking that there are more of US than them, but looking around me day to day, I feel quite alone.  One here or there, but far to few between the masses of ‘don’t give a shits’ that couldn’t care less who has the reins of power so long as they get their three squares and roof over their heads.   And some of them would be happy in a communist situation since they wouldn’t have to strive to be equal to everyone around them.  (the bottom of the ditch is the Taj Mahal to them apparently.)

In that regard, no, I am not average.   Most definitely on the right hand side of the bell curve.  Probably even extremely right on that curve.   I don’t want mediocrity in my life, I endeavor to keep learning more and more so that mediocrity doesn’t get its hooks in me.  (and maybe, if I would take what I have learned and apply some of the energy I use to learn into action, I might become that highly successful person I haven’t met yet.  Yes, I know: excuses, assholes, they all stink,,, ).  Looking at that bell curve as mentioned, the big hump in the middle would be WHY I fear this reset thingy even being tried.   Of course, if they do push it through, that big hump is going to get whittled down quick as the designers start to eliminate dead weight.  Thats the only way they can make it work for them, and like all good lefties, they have plans, but can’t see that plans NEVER survive the first engagement of reality.  They also never calculate for people like me, because as far as their self-image goes, people like me CAN’T exist in the world,,,,   And they would find me and my cousins of the mind to be rather troublesome thorns indeed.

 It the points between ‘right now’ and ‘then’ that have me irked.   I’m just a little whisp of a voice in the sea of the world, no credibility on the world stage and not loud enough to get tagged by one of the many heads of Leviathan.   (maybe I have, but I am not certain.  I know I am on several lists, but I don’t move around enough to attract attention that would let me know HOW troublesome I am considered.).   The last time I was contacted about “shit” was two days after the Oklahoma Bombing, and that was a cursory call to former EOD peeps not still active: a “just checkin on ya’ kind of call.  

Keep your head on a swivel out there.   I mentioned that Switch called Economic Collapse, and we all know we aren’t all that far off from some serious kabooms in the currencies.   That large hump in the middle of the curve are the ones that are going to be screaming “FIX THIS!!! YOU CAN HAVE MY FREEDOMS IF YOU JUST MAKE THIS GO AWAY!!!”   Thats my fear.  The designers are just waiting for that moment.

Tomorrow is Turkey Day here in the States (yes, I see y’all over in the old country taking peeks here) The day where we gather to give thanks, and I have several reasons in particular to give THANKS this year.   I will be off and about all day Thursday and most of Friday,   Posting may be light, but y’all need to spend time with your’n while we still can.  If you aren’t feeling particularly thankful, use the moment to get a feel for those of your extended family are members of that large hump in the bell curve.  You probably already have a fair idea, but make it solid while you still have the leisure to do so.  

But most especially, I want to Thank ALL OF YOU that come here and listen to this old curmudgeon, and occasionally give me feedback.   Thank you one and all.

In a nut(house)shell

Well, maybe not a nutshell, this may end up being a longer ramble…

Francis Porretto reposted an older piece of his today.   I recall reading it when it first published.   My biggest ‘urk!’ then, was the holyness side of his post.   See, I am an agnostic.   Not that I don’t believe in a God, or some supreme being or (insert your choice word here),,,   I have my beliefs, and I have learned that to air them in public is akin to baring your ass to a cop in the middle of downtown Cleveland: someone is gonna put a foot up it.  (don’t ask,,  All I will say is IT WAS NOT ME,,,,) Like politics, religion has adherents and detractors, and most all can be quite vitriolic in defending THEIR version of UNIVERSE.  Strangely enough, my beliefs don’t ‘rock the boat’ of Catholicism or its varied offshoots, nor the holy Roman Orthodox variants.   My ethics are quite tied to both sects, even if my view on the “overlord” thing is quite ‘odd’.   (and that is about all I am going to say on the matter here.  You can get glimpses of it if you read though my older posts, but they are scattered about and NOT labeled.)

BUT, He is absolutely correct that LOSS OF ETHICS is why we see what we see, and why young Gentlemen like Kyle Rittenhouse are the oddliers in this world and WILL be subjected to the abuses of the system.  Kyle was lucky in that Kenosha is a smaller Burg and still retains much of its conservative values (as shown by Judge and Jury) but is rapidly being barraged by lefty inoculation (as shown by the Persecutor and his actions, and that the Governator of the State withheld the tools to put down unrest and made cause for Good-guys, like Kyle, to step up and do what was necessary.) Those places are growing lean and far apart in this country, and population pressures as people ‘vote with their feet’ are going to cause evolutions in such areas, not always for the better (as can be seen in the Kalifruitopian offshoot formerly called Colorado.). That Kyle, in self-defense, did what the STATE had chosen to NOT do, multiple times in the case of the KIA’s, is sad testimony to where our country IS, and worse, Where it is headed.

Bossman:Is it as bad as it looks?

ME:No, Its likely a whole shit-ton worse than that.

Cognitive Dissonance is rampant.   People want the normalcy bias to continue on and on and on.   And its easy to ignore whats going on, when you live 1000 miles away from places like Chi-congo, or Destroyt, or Portland (WTF, I still think of that place as a fun town, not the shit-hole its fallen into.)  When you live in Bumfuk KY, or Nowhere AZ, life IS normal, its the news thats screwed up.   

But we see them traveling through here all the time.   You can always tell when its a group headed to the next activism shindig: the bumperstickers, the hair, dress, embedded tackle in faces and ears, and the outright CAUTION the ‘leader’ (that was brave enough to get out of the vehicle and pump and pay for the fuel,) exhibits as they avoid the locals.   THEY KNOW THEY ARE BEING UNCIVIL, and if they opened that sewer drain they call an ideology in places like here, they MIGHT make it out alive, but they will have been given a lesson in proper conduct and civil polity.   And you can tell not one of them has held a job that wasn’t at Starbucks or some burger flipping joint, and probably not even then.  Most of ‘em look like they are still living on mom and pops good graces.   Lord, I would LOVE to hear the bullshit stories they tell them about what they are doing and where they are going.  The way they act, I would bet the parents are clueless or just as FUCKED UP in the head.

Francis discusses a couple of points about the tipping point and hits a number of 2%.   I think that was awhile back, and now we are closer to 3 or 4% and those are numbers that wars are fought and won with.   Our own Revolution was fought and won by 3% (where the term threepers comes from, ht to MVB RIP).  That doesn’t mean there are 3% actively fighting right now, likely only a small percentage of them are doing ‘their thing’, and we have a hard time telling because the EneMedia is spinning all the news for the Agenda/FRAUD.  Hell, for all I know, Chicago may be burnt to the waterline right now, and the EneMedia wouldn’t say boo about it because it wouldn’t push their agenda forward.   

Its damned nuthouse, and the inmates have the keys.   WE, the civil, Just leave us alone types are figuratively barricaded in our cells, hoping that the Orderlies will take care of the problem children.

Sorry folks, We are well past that time, and on the cusp of “We are ALL Rittenhouse”.   Hell, you see it in the way even that one case is handled.  There are three sides to the divisions.  Those that feel justice was done, Kyle did the right thing.  Those that think Kyle and his supporters are EVIL WHI-PEEPL and need destroyed and removed from society.   And the third side of the coin (its edges) those that don’t give a damn one way of the other, just leave me be.   Is that case of “othering”?   Does if flipping matter?   You will be ‘an other’ to someone, until such time as they take the time to get to know you, and the way things are going, THAT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.   You can’t have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent, and everything about the left tells me that, while they may be armed, its with cap-guns and rubber-knives.   Just listening to some of the shills on NPR ( yes, I do check it out, but damn, it kills my digestion) is,,,   Hell, unfathomable is not strong enough a word.   Listening to the outright twists in logic needed to make a point, fully dismissing that their theory is shattered, but they continue to argue for the hypothesis as if its decided science,,,,     

And to think at one time, I was on the edge of that culture.   Sure am thankful that I woke the fuck up in time.   At least I was only on the edge, not deep into the maelstrom of righteous ideology worship we now see day to day.  

And thats the problem: Its not logic, its a danged religion to them, and if you are not part and parcel to that religion, you are the enemy.  I haven’t seen this much zealotry since I was in UAE, and that was prior to 9-11.   Seriously, what we are witnessing is a Left-tard Jihad.   But the power mongers shot their load in 2020, and now are scrambling to keep the narrative alive and going: almost as much as they are trying to keep  ‘Lets go Brandon’ emperor pretend, his highness poopy-pants the first,  Xi-den, alive and at least cognizant for 10 minutes a day.   (Still gotta say, shitting your britches in front of the Anti-Pope was PERFECT,,,,  No one can hit that level EVER again.  Joe, you did something that Ripleys will list forever and ever.).  

The problem with a religion like that is in the ‘True Believers’.  There is only one solution for that type, only one, and if you let them choose the solution, many will die.  If you choose the solution, only one will die.

But there are SO MANY of them out there.   And they might be the guy in the next cubicle or the teacher that has your kids for several hours a day. (and if that didn’t just scare you,,,). 

NO ETHICS but what the party tells them, logic and morals don’t have danged thing to do with it.




I don’t have enough ammo.



One thing, the other thing, those things, that thing, and its all bullshit when you get down to the day to day.   Yeah, it can creep up on you and take you by surprise (see Australias recent endeavor into Fascism) but lets be honest, if you pay even a modicum of attention to the day to day, and have ANY understanding of history, You would NOT be surprised,,,  Yes, IT can happen here, HAS happened here, and likely will again, before we get rid of the current mess in DC.  The only real question I see; What replaces said mess, and how bloody will the change over be.   All else is fiddlin’ details.

But you can’t live the day to day in the cesspits of Daily News.  As they say, stare into the abyss, and eventually the Abyss stares into you.  You BECOME IT.   

I have a couple of disgruntled kittehs right now.  I bought a new office chair and surrendered my old one to them.   They are both on the old chair and looking at me like they had been evicted or something.   Dunno what the problem is; they have the chair, they are in it, but I guess because they don’t get to put me out, its not the same,,,,   

Maybe its that they don’t have my lap right now,,,,   Grizz takes offense at the Macbook being in HIS spot, and that was the biggest reason for the new chair: better typing position and more support for my old back.  Gonna have to make a modification to the chair though and add a swing-out support for the lappy so its not IN my lap.   I had a set up like that before the DEEvorce and it rocked.   Made any long task not so much a torture.  And I think I am gonna get an air bag thingy to add to lower section.   The lumbar pillow they provided is meant for someone with a seriously deformed back, or a Kardashian ass; not my narrow almost non-existent glutes.

New plasma cutter at work now.  Gorsh how I miss the ease of cutting metals that you get with a plasma cutter.  Spent an hour setting it up under my welding rig, and making sure of settings, air-flow, and power.   Then spent a little time cutting shit apart just for fun.   Love watching the spat fly when you get the thing going.

Todays accomplishment: I didn’t kill anyone.   Thats getting to be the highlight of my life; NOT killing those that desperately need a killin’.   Did manage to get through an entire 8 hours of doldrums, even though my in-ears died around 2pm.  I gotta have music to get through building simple gates all day.  If they were the wilder side of kennels or making strange to me things, I get more involved, but the tedious gates, my mind starts to wander because I can just about make the things with my eyes closed.   

It pays the bills,,,   

Working on the kayak didn’t happen today.  The whole world going dark at 6ish kills my work efforts, and the temps are dropping fast out there.  Shortened days are also showing on my battery meter: not enough to sweat or bust out the genny, YET, but definitely enough that I don’t want to run work lights into the night.   It’s okay though, only a few more weeks of this and then the cycle starts to reverse itself again.   Going off-grid is not for those that must have all the bells and whistles of a highly technical life. I do have my Tech, but not a lot of high powered stuff.  No big screens, no 24/7 routers, even my appliances are ‘off-grid’ being propane powered or 12V mains.   I have my computers (Mac and Microscrewed) my phone, and Ipad and for entertainment only; a car stereo mounted in the walls of the house.   (and its bluetooth capable so I use it as a sound system for the Mac.). And the more I use the Mac, the less I WANT to use the PC.    There is only one thing in my house that is always “ON”; my ceiling fan.   12vdc powered brushless motor designed for RV living.  Bought the thing 5 years ago, and its only turned off long enough to clean the cobbies and dust-bunnies off it every couple of weeks.  It is the centerpiece for my environmental controls.  Runs like a champ and if it died tomorrow, I most assuredly received its full value and then some.  

No, living off-grid isn’t as comfortable as being on grid, I don’t have a T-stat I can program to keep the house at a level temperature, I have to work at keeping the house warm in the wintertime, and that means cutting and hauling firewood, BEFORE it gets cold out.  So, in a way, I am paying a high utility biil in advance of the cold months, but what I get is NOT able to be shut off by an outside source at THEIR whim.   Same thing with my water supply, I have to keep it clean, clean out the tank every year, make sure the chlorine levels are maintained, but what I get is water year round without need of worry that someone else decides I ‘don’t need it’.   

Freedom is not free. Self Reliance isn’t either.   I may not have a set of monthly utility bills, but I do pay for them: in labor and planning.  But my peace of mind that what I have is MINE and is secure: Priceless.    It is the one thing that makes me not want to move again, because I would have to go through all of that effort again.   I have some new ideas based on my learning curves, but to go through all of that again is daunting.

Gonna shut down early tonight, and meditate to a fire while listening to kittehs purr,and dawg snores.   Its a lovely 80 degrees inside and the temps are supposed to get into the 20’s outside by daybreak.  Even if I let the fire die, it won’t get any cooler than 65 in here,,,   But i strive to not let the fire die between December and March (unless we have those freak spells of mid-summer-like weather.   Usually mid to late December,,,) 

I’ll play catch-up tomorrow and post my thoughts then.   Y’all take care, stay warm, and watch your six.

more kayaky wyrdness

Did the domestic duties thing, laundry, setting up Da’s meds for the week (otherwise, he WILL NOT take them) and did some fun stuff too, IE cut those chines from the stock I set up yesterday.  Had to splice together two sections of 8’ board to make (almost) 16’ stock.  Set it up in the rafters of the house over the stove last night, and today, nice and solid ready for the saw.


 I came home and started tying it all together.   The keelson I had already tied in when I set the cutwaters, and it was time for the chines.

20211121 13213587517014029106288820211121 144829783402895584948883020211121 1321555261484697121121696Pic one is the bow cutwater and where the chines tie in there.   Note, everything is tied together except where the keel meets the cutwater and that is tenoned into place.   Second pic is a broad shot to show a little detail.   its hard to see, but there is a slight dip in the keel about a third of the way back and I don’t know where it came from.  Only thing I can figure is that as the ribs flexed with the stress of adding the chines, it ‘adjusted’ the keelson.  Not a deal killer, just Wyrd.   

Third shot is detail of the lashing method.   notice how the sinew cuts into the wood?   Yes, that shit is TIGHT!!!  Trust me, when I lash up a kayak, my hands will cuss me for several days after.   

so, yah, been a wee bizzy today, playing if you will, but I take it seriously.   

And its starting to look like a Kayak again.   YAY!!!!    The skin should be here before T-day, and I have a couple of deck-beams to make, but I should have her ready for dope by weeks end.

Sunday,, some thoughts and silver linings

It’s been a good week in review, Kyle was exonerated for doing the right thing, the judge and jury did the right thing even under the threat of retaliation by forces of Fascism, For that is what is really going on here. They paint those words on us hoping that the recoil will cause us to retreat.   We need to STOP doing that and plant the words and images where they belong proper.

Mike over at Cold Fury shares “From the Latin: While we breathe, we hope. “  and so I do, Kyles win resides on the edge of this mess, not the heart of it.   You might even say its just another distraction of what is really going on. RTWT it matters more than you know.

I subscribe to several financial advice groups, and one thing that has been popping up, A LOT, of late is getting on the bus with the groups mentioned in that last link.   You really need to read that, like RTFN!!   There are forces at play in the world, and they operate with free-hands virtually unseen by most and rarely exposed by any media outlets, and never by MSM/Minitru. What they have done in Europe is coming to the US rapidly, and that large portions of our infrastructure, not just power, but food, and housing, are rapidly being absorbed by foreign entities, show they are gaining that foundation they need, for when they flip the switch to the machine they are building.   Its not ready YET, but if people keep ‘looking the other way’, it won’t be long.   It rather disturbs me that there are people in this country that are so concerned with ‘getting ahead’ that they would join forces with the very people that tell them flat out “you will own nothing and be happy”.  A temporary security in wealth so that their children live in serf-dom???    Again, and maybe I am beating a dead horse here, READ THAT ARTICLE,  That “Creature from Jekyll Island” is growing even stronger in the darkness the media provides for it.  Maybe there is opposition though, from a source I wasn’t aware of.(it isn’t simple, but it is necessary, the only question is, WHEN)

But the silver linings, I said silver linings,   

They are out here, and most people in the US have no clue that the discontent is growing.   Of course our propaganda arms have no desire to make us aware that people are reacting in the negative to political overreach; that would be a bad thing and us plebes might get some ‘ideas’ about wresting our power back from the charlatans.  Can’t have that! gotta get the guns first.   (keep watch on that front as well, its been quiet, but I feel something is about to ‘bust loose’,    Expect a T-day massacre or Christmas day massacre to fuel the blood dance needed “save the chilluns” and get the guns. ).  I must repeat one of the Memes that need to become your daily mantra.   NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS.   STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS,  ALWAYS BE PREPARED   head on a swivel, etc etc, you get the point.   But that first one,,,,    The whole cold dead hands meme is the only acceptable answer.   Just look at Australia and Great Britain for examples of what happens when you give up the poodle shooters.   Look north of us at Canada and you’ll see whats in store for us.   I don’t worry about my guns, but I worry about those that would compromise and have compromised over the years.   Shall not be infringed is damned clear, but you can not tell me it was payed any attention to.


All right, its Sunday, and i have things I must get done, I’ll try to be back up later with pics and useless kayaky stuff,,,,

(full disclosure, I make nothing by these links, all of my income is derived from my daily efforts or sales of MY books as listed in the sidebar.  I provide the links for YOUR educational purposes and to support those that are on the same team.   Feel free to support them, and I sure wouldn’t mind a little help either.hint hint.)

Hadta share!



kayaky NOPES mehbes, and oh-sh!t-yeahs

First up, NO, I am not letting the world at large slow me up in my personal endeavors, and neither should you.   I may get the depressions, blahs and what not, but I am not going to stop being ME, just because there are evil shits loose in the world that aim to make us serfs, slaves or DEAD.  

and with that little rant out of the way, onward to the point of this post in general.  

been doing the experimentin’ things, and was quite pleased with one in particular, nut just this morning, figured out that its a damned NOPE!!!

What that experiment entailed was trying to find a different material combination to make this kayak skin out of.   Materials in question, Ballistic nylon (known unit) Polypropylene cloth (unknown), combined with Two part Polyurethane,(well known) and polystyrene resin (known unknown) and combinations there-of.   Ballistic nylon and Polystyrene, rocking for coamings and other hard points, SUCKS for skin.   the resin doesn’t flex like it did early in the experiment process.  It now cracks, and cracks mean leaks.   A leaky boat is not my goal.   the two part is the way to go no matter what cloth I use, and the BN for making the hard points (vs the glass since its TOO fragile in those areas.  The polypropylene works for the skin, but nothing else no matter what I use for the resin.  And I like the polypropylene since I can shrink it with a heat gun and it is NOT hydroscopic like the BN is.   That was my biggest beef of all with Serena: if the humidity was high (or she had been capsized and filled with water) her skin would go all loose and floppy.  Not really an issue performance wise that I noticed, but she looked bad and it would take weeks for her to dry out enough to tighten back up.

Now, the Oh-Sh!t-Yeahs.    Single chines. 20211120 1324213818182277211228363 With the rocker knocked down to near nil, single chines look awesome on this hull.  What I am doing is a single chine between keel and gunwale, with a false chine at the base of the gunwale( to smooth the lines) that will allow some flex of the skin before it hits rib at the waterlines.  That set, she has a very shallow v at the cockpit area that rides true up to past the feet and well past the cockpit before converging towards the ends.   Very sweet liines that way and better cut into the water without plowing.  With that shallow V, she will have good stability in all waters even if she feels tippy in the calm.   She will feel tippy, but not nearly as much as her former self did.   The former ‘shallow v” was very short, less than 4 feet, and was almost useless with that radical rocker stem to stern.   The ONLY advantage of that rocker was maneuvering, and she was so daggum long, even that was a chore: she didn’t have that spin in place thing going like the Jefe does. (and the Jefe is ALL rocker in ALL directions)

Now the Mehbes:  Still have a couple ribs left over from redoing the original ones.  Ones that I replaced just because of changes in lengths or didn’t like the original bends with the new units installed.   And I think, I am going to use a couple of those ribs combined with fiberglass/resin to make the new deckbeams that need replaced.  I dropped rib seven in place of one of the deckbeams ‘just to get a look-see’ and the profile was encouraging.  Those ribs are well cured white-oak so a layer of glass wrapping them will be even stronger, and lighter than the 3/4” laminated beams I am replacing.    I will have the chines cut tomorrow, the wood is sitting in my rafter right now with the splice curing under clamps.   I should be able to lash it in before dark tomorrow and then, flip the old (new) girl over and start on the deck.  (I have the bow cutwater done, and the stern will be pretty quick too.  Pics of that forthcoming.)

And I am not worried about keeping to pure skin-on-frame materials for the build, nor strictly tied and mortis/tenon construction.   Yes, the keelson and chines are tied in, but that is not because its traditional (it is) but for flexibility of the frame as a whole.  I am not building a traditional Greenland type kayak, I am building MY version of what I have wanted, and what I found works for me.   (thanks Ghostboat for showing me a different path). I know the mortis and tenon build method works, as well as lashing: Duh!kee is still holding together after 3 years, me beating on her in less than optimal conditions, sinking her, capsizing her, and even jumping on her to show others that she is one tough boat.  Yeah, the method is tried and true and proven over centuries of use in bad conditions.   And it’s not like I have been a purist from the get-go anyways.  Using two part poly on synthetic skin, using synthetic sinew to lash the boat together,  Yeah, Not so much a purist as THIS IS BETTER, DO IT!  LOL

Kinda understand

Lotsa spekulatin’ about Federal backlash over the Kyle trial.  I’m not gonna dive in at this point because its all moot: Kyle beat the odds, and as a whole


Anything the Feds do against Kyle from this point forward (besides being petty and tyrannical) is against ALL OF US, and we need to respond accordingly.  If they use lawfare against him, we need to support his legal teams.  If they use the street thugs in ‘mostly peaceful protests ‘ we need to BE like Kyle and show our prescence and willngness.  (Oh, and I don’t use FMJ, I never signed any Geneva Convention rules).

Its right simple now. They shot their wad in 2020. (RTWT) Everything we are seeing is THEIR plans falling to peices without a backup plan in place.  Like that article says,’ the best plans fall to peices when the enemy doesn’t play by the script‘ and we, “the unwashed, deplorable, dirty pawed uneducated ” masses, have and are failing to follow that script.

We need to keep that up, AND double down on making those elite as uncomfortable and discombobulated as we can

Someone in comments somewhere was talking about seeing (yeah I know, third hand second hand information) the Commie News Network peeps boohoo-ing about the ‘travesty ‘ of letting Kyle walk free.  They absolutley can NOT stand the idea of a White Male having the God Given RIght to Defend his own LIFE,,,,   That very point is totally counter to their great plan and undermines it like kegs of blackpowder beneath Parliment. ( Oh if this had happened on the Fifth, the Guy Fawkes masks would be flowing off the Zon and other retailers shelves)   I bet the male(sic) versions of the propaganda Arm at commie news are wetting thier beds at the thought of a teenager with an EBR in a ready sling, and I bet the wimmz are wetting their seats at the idea of a authoritative man defending them,,,  Oh but they could NEVER  admit to that one, it has to be kept in hiding, their little dirty secret as if a fetish best kept quiet.

More later, runnin’ to do now.

Thats over, now it begins?

Full acquittal for the Kenosha Kid. Pleasantly surprised, most definitely. Thought more’n’acouple times that this was gonna turn into kangaroo court.

So my new question becomes “Does the left take the f#$kin hint and back off, or is this the trigger to double down on their losing strategy?”

I imagine when Burnlootmurder torches the courthouse where justice was properly handled, or 12 people who did the right thing are suddenly rinning for their lives,,,, yeah, we’ll know then, won’t we?

Hopefully, Kyle does the next step with the same deliberate care he utilized in Kenosha. Take all those political hacks that had acted as judge and jury over the last 15 months, and hit them in the only nerve center that they can feel: their wallets. Libel, defamation of character, slander,,,, Pile it on thick and deep Kyle, hit em three ways to sunday with lawfare and make em PAY.

Que raro

A rare link from me, but in this case, I concur 110%.

The actual miracle is that we choose to kill so rarely, rather than every day being a Killing Fields obstacle course. 

Very much so. I’ve stated many a time, if I were to go cold turkey on my nicotine addiction, the trail of bodies would stagger the imagination.

And mentioning the tunnel vision, auditory exclusion, and other aspects that arrive when the switch gets thrown,,, you’ll find that your memory of the immediate, right in front of you, will be a silent soundtrack that is Crystal Clear in HD and quite literally, nothing else. Pleas for mercy will go unheeded because your ears are turned off, but you will see EVERY! SINGLE!BLOOD!DROP! in slow motion for the rest of your days. I can tell you that from experience, not some shitlib read fest.

And if you have the tools in the brain, you’ll carry on with your days as if it were another day at the office, sleep like a baby, and know what yiu did was NECCESARY.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand PTSD is a real thing, and I have a few friends that are truly messed up with it. I try to understand it by looking at the way the samdboxes were ran, the fact that many were running back to back deployments sometimes barely fitting on one hands count. Or in one friends case, a combat nurse, non-stop 48 hour blood fests . Horrors on top of horrors compounded with sleep deprivation, bad diet ,,, yeah, thats a recipe for “fucked in the head”. Choosing to flip the switch vs being forced to deal with its aftermath can make a huge difference in psych trauma.

Aesop mentions Kyle not appearing remorse about things, but thats not entirely true. Crossing that line will ‘change you’, and the fact that Kyle did blubber some on the stand shows he feels something negative about what went down. Thats a good thing. If he didn’t feel something, I might be concerned: but I would bet a silver buck, that he sleeps the sleep of the righteous because he is still upright and breathing.

Maybe I am wrong in my assessment that few will be able to cross that line and survive mentally: Aesop is absolutely correct saying its hardwired into us. Theres damned good reason the hairless ape without claws or sharp teeth sits atop the pyramid; and it is not just because of our grey matter, but our instincts for being completely ruthless when need arises.

(Musta had the day off. Dio posted three times!!! Yup, total rain out)


I learned about Freedom, and Liberty (and no, the two are NOT the same thing) from a teacher in my early teens.   Her lessons to me took many years to reach home, but reach they did, AFTER, I separated myself from those that still buy the bullshit.

The irony is, we have so much to learn from those that have lived under what is rapidly becoming ‘the new Normal’ of this country.   

Watch it, pay attention.  The man knows of what he speaks.  He is serious when he keeps using the term ‘ZERO’,       Klaus Schwab blatantly told us, “You will own nothing, and be happy”.    Dunno where he gets the ‘happy’ part, but he was not kidding about the ‘own nothing’ thing.  They don’t want us to own anything because people that own property prefer to KEEP IT, and that goes against ALL of their desires for their power.

The events unfolding in Kenosha Wisconsin currently are just one more aspect of that Global Reset, the war is on us, and most people just go about the day to day, hoping to hold on to ‘something’,,,      

I only wish to hold onto the tools I have that I will need as things continue down this road.   and the biggest one of those tools is the grey matter between my ears.   Without that, I could have all the money of Gates, and still be the poorest man in existence.   (rather like Gates is; diabolical, and Idiocy should never have reached that level of success IMO, but proof can’t be refuted. Even with his money, he reacts to questioning like a person that has never had two nickels to rub together.). I keep watching, but I have to step back off n on, or my mind starts to recoil and retreat to safe spaces,  usually eyeballing my Ghost kayak and all of my camp gear thinking, “If we start now, we could make the Gulf before this shit goes full vertical”.   

But fact of the Matter, I don’t WANT to live anywhere else.  I have been in other countries, seen how people live, and I LIKE The United States, at least the geographic nature of it, you can leave the Governments out of the equation and things would be awesome.   No where else do you have as many choices of where or how to live as here, yet the FRAUD wants us to all be uniform in equity (which is total bullcrap of an ideology since if we are all ‘equal’ , there is zero ‘equity’: best look up the proper definition of that term if you don’t understand my statement.  And take the egalitarian definition and shove it deep into a dark place, as it is a recent invention and should not be allowed to distort reality.). And I am too old to make a trek of the world again, only to find what I left is where I want to be.  I already know this,,,

Somehow, this thing will play out, and more’n likely, I will die in an effort to keep what I believe in, alive.   Maybe its a fools errand, that the Indoctrination is complete and the young will inherit what their “betters” have designed for them.  No country for old men?  Maybe, but if so, I won’t go to that place without an honor guard, and I will make one hell of a lot of noise in the process. What do I care, my hearing is already shot, and if I must die, I will do it on my terms, and I will do it genetically intact the way I was born, not distorted by some ‘experiment’.