Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

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Shhhh!!!! Listen close

Lots of quiet out there currently.

If I were Emperor kid-sniffer Poopy-pants, (or his string pullers, same difference) I’d be getting a might bit nervous.

Silence is not a sign of acquiescence or submission. Silence is the sound of preparation and ‘biding time’.

Web silence is the sound of meat space dialogues.

It could also mean someone/group, just tried a bluff to instigate, and it flopped.  

Everyone is saying that nothing Emperor Poopy-pants Declared, is being acted on in ANY bureau and without them (they are the Deep states Arms after all) nothing moves.   His lowness Xi-den spouted off a bunch of shit, that was shit, and did it only to tip some fruit-loop over the edge, hoping against hope that there would be something ‘credible enough’ to get some legislation rolling along to,,, 

Its ALL Kabuki theater. ALL OF IT.   Especially the Scamdemic, that a lot of peeps are still buying into. (Today saw two different retards with windows up, on the open highway, alone in their ‘hicle, wearing the Diaper of Shame.  Virtue signaling and I OPENLY LAUGH at them now, especially in public.  Probably gonna get shot at again if I keep it up.)

Bizzy week, lots of gates made and a few odd-ball items for self and SON,   Made a flag holder that ‘latches’ to his fifth-wheel hitch on his camper so he can fly Old Glory and Uncle Sams Misguided Chilluns flags while he camps out this weekend.   Finished my kayak racks for the truck, and they are ROCK SOLID this go-round.  And no howling or whistles like the last set.  Whoo-hoo!!!   Had to play ‘Rent and tell Da “NO! You can’t mow the grass yet, not till the Cardiologist gives you a green light”.   He wasn’t pleased, but agreed.  I’m telling you, the man is a harder worker at 81 than most of the twenty sumpins, and even the Thirty sumpins, we get at the J.O.B.   Most of us that can be counted on to ‘Git-r-dun’ are well into our fifties.  Two are past retirement age and only work because they would likely die if they quit working.  FYI, I’m only back there because SON asked me to come back, and after seeing one of the gates that was ‘welded’ up while I was out, there is good chance I am going to be remaking several to make sure they get paid.   Chicken shit looks better than what I saw today.   Son and I had lunch while we were out and I reinforced something I told Bossman over a year ago.  They need to hire someone for me to train, or they are going to be right back where they were three weeks ago, and likely with little warning.  I have no problem teaching my replacement, but Bossman is too chintzy, IMO, to want to pay double to make sure his ass is covered later.  SON agrees, especially on the other aspects of my J.O.B. IE, the controllers for the powered gates, radio programming, electrical installs for the controllers, programming card readers, among several other things that I have had to teach myself over the last 7 years, to fulfill Bossmans ‘can’t say no to a customer’ lunacy.   He bids these jobs, has no clue how to fulfill them, buys surplus gear from a cheap outfit ’trusting the salesman’ , and I have to jackleg the shit together to make it work.   (And that is where I am quoted as saying “Know it? Hell, I’m making it up as I go along.”  Because in those cases, that is exactly what I am doing.  9 outta 10, I never saw the manual until I was getting into the truck to do the install, and its dropped in my lap by Bossman saying, “Here, read up on this and see if you can make it work.’.). BUT,  if he won’t, It’s not my fricking problem, and he has been warned.   I was hoping that my two month vaca would have woke him up, but, can’t out-stubborn a rock.

I’m tired, its getting dark, Grizz is piled on my shoulders snoring, Voo is piled on his bed, snoring too, and the sound is feeling quite contagious tonight,   Talk at y’all tomorrow.


Kittehs file #90845

(Last nights post, been a little busy,,,)

Sitting here typing away on several items, watching my kindle reload from a botched update for some reason*, and kittehs are vying for the spot behind the Mac. I have a retro roll top desk without the roll top, and they are squeezing their little behinds in under the cubbies behind my Mac. Couldn’t for the life of me figure out what all the fuss was about until I reached back there to push Grizzies tail out of the way (it was wrapped around the front and being all distracting like. ). Whoa!!! It’s warm back there!!!! And not just because there are two cats squeezed under the cubbies, but because the vent from the computer is blowing back there and computers generate a LOT of heat when they are running full throttle.

We are at that time of the year where its too warm to start a fire, but cool enough that fuzzballs start thinking about burrows to bundle in when it gets dark out. Voo, not so much until the wee hours, but the littles like WARMMSSSSS. And its kind of early in the year to be honest. Yes, its September (where the Frick has this year gone????) but here we don’t usually see chill weather till mid to late October, and it is definitely feeling like that time now. Haven’t had our first deep frost yet, so the trees haven’t started the fall change over yet, but the way it feels now, its probably not that far off and will be early this year.

Damn, I was supposed to be moved to SC before that time. Now I am going to have to get firewood built back up in the shed, or its going to be a damned chilly winter in my little house. Fortunately, I have three white oaks and a red oak within a 100 yards that need taken down. Two of those are already dead and leafless so no harm done. The others are still green, but the trunks are showing signs of bad disease, so they need downed before they choose that time themselves. Looks like I have a couple working weekends ahead of me. And maybe give the old man something to do: IE, give me grief that I’m ‘doin’ it wrong’. LOL.

But, sitting here, typing away, kittehs being kittehs and I realize, maybe they have the right of it: I’m getting chilly too. No fires until the evenings are around 45 and falling. Otherwise I have to open the house up or we all suffer. 45 is the ‘magic number’. Until then, dress accordingly, or in Kat think, “Put on more fur”.

*(still botched, so I think its something to do with the Mac itself. Worked fine in the 2010 unit, and this is a 2012 unit with my old harddrive in it.. Not that I read much on the computers, but I do like to reference things at times)

Gotta Say, Don’t do it,,,

Granted, I am one that has been calling for mass movement, but when I see shit such as BC describes, yeah, not so much.   Buffalo Jump written all over any ‘protests at the capital’ horse shit.   Now, if I were to see something along the lines of the Bonus Army march, armed to the gills, loaded for bear and sporting miles of 3/4” hemp rope,,,,,

Sadly, that particular group were driven over and out by a couple of Political appointees, Namely, Patton and MacArthur, and the actual cause wasn’t a “Bonus” but delayed pay for services rendered in WWI.   

Nope, the writing has been on the wall for well over a hundred years, the only reason it hasn’t reached a climax prior to this day is that most people 


And they, myself included in that list Reciprocate the Desire in advance of the request.  We leave you alone so LEAVE US ALONE..

And the power mongers just don’t get it.  

When we flip, its a one way trip into hell, and we don’t come out of it.  Our kids will be the inheritors of the world we clean up, but not us, not the ones that do the deed.  


Ok, that out of the way, I want to talk about something I witnessed TWICE today.   And I want you to do something for yourself.  First off, Get some nailpolish or some ‘Magic tape’, the stuff that is frosted, not the crystal clear shit.   Then get busy covering the ‘selfie’ camera on your phone, and the camera on your laptop.  Don’t trust the ‘disable’ function on either one.   Here’s why.    

I did the above on both my laptops and my phone awhile back; yeah I tend to be a bit paranoid (but am I paranoid enough?).   Today, I noted while reading a couple of posts, that my phone would ‘blink’.   Y’all recall in the first matrix the ‘deja-vu’ moment were Neo saw the same cat do the same thing a moment apart, and some one told him that it was a glitch in the matrix?   Well, when your phone ‘blinks’, its because some ‘service’ just accessed a high memory function, IE the camera or Microphone.   The microphone will be obvious, because your phone will slow WAY THE FUCK DOWN, but the camera is momentary: they took a ‘selfie’ of your face while you were reading an article.   And believe me, its perfectly focused and with lots and lots of details that can make finding you later so much easier.      I am sure the second blink on my phone today was trying to figure out why the first shot was just a white blur (I use white nail polish so that the light sensor function will still operate, but the camera can’t see anything BUT light levels.)

Do this.  Protect yourself as much as you can, and if you can get rid of the smartphone, do so.  I have way too many functions that the SP provides, so can’t just ditch it, but I know how to coral it safely.   (Tin boxes make great Faraday cages when you need to isolate the phone from the nets, now that most all of them have built in batteries you can’t remove.).  

Oh, and if you are one that i8MUST HAVE THAT iWatch,,,   Sorry, that thing is DESIGNED to listen to your every word, and that makes it even more of a liability.   Ditch that pig as soon as possible if you are even SUBspect of political intrigue.  (And I mean even just trying to figure out how to get around Emperor Poop-pants mandates puts you in political treason territory in this day and age.)

Our world is getting more Orwellian everyday, act accordingly!

Ummm, did some one turn out the lights?

Wrote this Tuesday evening, somehow ended up in drafts, not published, Only asking ‘cause it seems like the world is holding its breath or sumpin.Not that that’s a bad thing. We all need a break. BC is taiking about ‘Ground and Center’, and its a concept I am well aware of. Hell, this past weekend was my chance to ground and center after three weeks of Da being in dire straights. He’s doing so much fricking better now, BP humming along at his usual numbers: 117/69, pulse rate has dropped back into the 50-60 range, which for an 81 year old man is out-flipping-standing. And his blood O2 is getting back into the high 90% range. Fluctuates between 94 and 98, but much better then the 87-90 range he was in after his heart attack. I could make some guesses as to why it dropped, but that its rising back up means his body is on the mend, and that is damned good thing. The catheter is out, and fluids are flowing freely again, so maybe this next follow-up with the Urologist will be his last. Fingers crossed.But as far as things are going around the scenes, just doesn’t seem like a whole lot, and that’s good. For now anyways. More than a couple days and I start getting twitchy waiting for the next hammer to fall and toss the world on its head.Maybe the written and verbal backlash over Emperor Poopy-pants’ Declaration fo War forced them to take pause. Word has it several intelligence agencies were on the watch out for said backlash. These idjits have no clue that when the switch throws, it won’t be via ‘hate-speech’ on the webs. No, when that switch flips, there won’t be any hateful words, but there might be plenty of short messages like “Rolling at 0900, y’all in?” Maybe something like that, but likely a whole lot less obvious.Made a new Kayak rack at work today. Figure since they pretend to pay me Welders wages, I’ll pretend to be a dedicated welder.

Had a half hour killing time between projects, trying to stretch out my day for a full one, and said, ‘what the heck’. Took about 10 minutes and a couple of measurements. Figure later, I will remove it and take it to the powder coaters. If things continue on the way they have the last week and a half, I will have the front rack remade to match tomorrow.Anywhooos, I’ma gonna enjoy the silence of the world this eve, y’all take care. Cya in the mornin.

Where’re the honeybadgers?

FedSelection 2020, Georgia general election Jan 2021. Califruitopia recall election 2021.

All had conspicuous, unabashed, glaring, shameless, arrant, bald, barefaced, and brassy FRAUD involved, yet,,,

No burning statehouses. No macbre halloween decorations hanging in the trees early. Noisesomes neck is still the same length….

Endless wars with no decisive goals, constant needling of rules of engagement by those that had never recieved more than a papercut, and an industry built around them to derive profit from the culling of the aggressive.  A world of sheep was being engineered for the inheritors of the grand design began in 1860.

From my Post “A Fairy tale”

Conspiracy theory?

Or is it that ‘they pretend to Govern, and we pretend to go along with it’ ? 🤔

Getting a might tired of the BS meself…

Peeking behind my curtains

Several years ago, I researched some tricks about “grounding and centering”.  One of those tricks is how to slowly awaken, so that your subconscious is ‘exposed’ while your conscious side is coming to.  Both are in play, and the one can observe the other.  You’ll be familiar with this as the “I know this is a dream” state: Learning how to control your waking pattern lets you access what the subconscious is doing behind closed doors so to speak.  It is NOT reliable though.  Sometimes the consciousness has an affect on what the sub is doing.    The key to the trick is scheduling, and no interruptions.   The last week, Voo has been a thorn in my side, deciding that he wants to come off night shift at 4 am.   4 Seems to be a magic time for my sub to play, and a doggum woofing at the time clock tends to scare it off.

This morning, with warmer weather flows in the area, Voo didn’t play his time shift management scheme and I was able to drift up through the play ground of my mind.   

My subconscious has been doing some weird shit.  Christ, where did these ideas come from.   

I can’t say it is from anything I a have been reading; the last two books I have (re)read, or am reading were Heinleins “Door into summer”, Blake Snyders “Save the cat” and Dwight Swain “Selling writer”.   One fiction, and two self help type books.   

But my thoughts this AM revolved around ‘body snatchers’ and ‘Organ harvesting’ and keeping my Da out the hands of evil doktors paws.  Even to the point of sticking .45 into the chest of one and removing a cyst for him.

Ok, so maybe there is some influences there that make logical sense, but the whole organ harvesting thing,,,    Dunno where that came from, not even a little.   The last time I read anything along these lines was Robert Gores “Prime Deceit”          

I won’t give away anymore about that book, no spoilers, but it is a fine read, and a completely different genre from his Golden Pinnacle book.

Maybe it’s just my general distrust of the world currently.   I don’t trust the media, with reason.  I don’t trust advertisers anymore, again, reasons. (Like the fact that my ‘Niche’ is supposedly evil and should be exterminated since they keep painting us white doods as effimimate and ineffectual shits). I REALLY DO NOT TRUST THE GOOBER-MINTS, and don’t need to explain that one, now do I?  And until recent, (last 18 months with the icing on top added just this last month) I did trust the medical fields.   And I do still trust individuals within, but note, INDIVIDUALS, not institutions.  Seeing  first hand, one institution blatantly lying, using a hacked profile to propagate its lie,,,  no, that trust is blow’d TF ups.

Da isn’t waiting on deaths door step, that much is certain.  Believe me, it isn’t all because of their efforts, it has much more to do with his living better than most (health wise) and that he is a stubborn old coot that demands living on his own terms (IE, no tubes up the peewee, get those drugs off my counter, etc etc).  His only real concession to them was that he is cutting the pork out. I personally think its more that he had a lazy spell since the outbreak of a NOT-Pandemic, and that allowed the crud to build in his pipes.  Last year was a slow spell for a lot of things.  His bee hives were about half the number of previous years, I don’t think he cut near as much wood because one of his brothers was super paranoid about the ‘Ronas, and I know that the Ticks in the woods cut down on his walking habits.*   It was also the year he ‘broke down’ and had cable installed, And that was actually a plus as he started paying attention to the bullshit and ‘woke up’.   Total RedPill moment for him.   Thank the small gods for that because he saw the hype for what it was/is and won’t be playing into the hands of those that want US dead.

But back to that whole organ harvesting thing.   How much of that is going on and not being talked about.  How many bodies are being cut open to supply parts for others and no one the wiser.   I have read (not recent so maybe this is just a delayed reaction thing in my sub) that organ harvesting in China is rampant.   Lord knows, the current FRAUD has many indications its deep under the sheets with China, and maybe, there some connections and cross-overs taking place.   And that whole Chinese Gordian knot has me confused a bit as well, seeing how China is more apt to use Fiscal means over brute force to take control. Look around, you will find that more than a few businesses are now fully Chinese owned, especially businesses developed around resources.  Smithfield meats, for one.   Several LARGE Coal mines within 200 miles of me, all Chinese owned, and about the only ones still operating at more than skeleton crew levels.  

I don’t want to get too deep into it and start going all tin-foil hat territory here.  But my subconscious is picking up on something and thats the interpretation it came up with.  I trust my Sub, it has it moments of questionability, but it tends to be more right than my logical and BIASED forebrain.  

More laters, gotta do the Pretend Welding Fabricator thingy, while I make stuff for myself on the side.     Maybe I’ll see something that will shed light on why my subconscious chose that subject to play with this morning.

*(Ticks around here are BAD, and they have developed a strange venom or something.  A tick is what killed Grizzy1, and it only took three days.  If I pick up a tick, it makes a patch of my skin itchy as all get out for weeks.  Same with Da and the rest of the family.   AND it seems isolated to around here.  Picked up a tick over at the camp out and it did not do what the ticks here do.)

Millennials n the elders

Just a wee thought in me cranium this morn. (I keep tell’n y’all, it doesnt stop and is always on three tracks,,,)

Read sumpin about Millenials making up a significant portion of the population, a higher ratio than has been seen among other gens. The same article (I believe it had the focus of the fourth turning or seventh crisis or sumpin. It was informative but didnt grab me other than key points) noted that these same millenials are also much mote socialist in mindset; specifically on fairness and misguided racial issues. I say misguided because while there was some bigotry while I was growing up, it sure wasn’t the reversed Rascism we see today.(deep enough that it IS awakening the Bigotry again, and the irony is complete.)

But something I am starting to sense. Distrust of ALL ELDERS. Saw it just a bit in a young nurse dealing with my Da.

And seeing the likes of Pee-lousy, the late and unlamented Darth Ginsburg, Screwmoore, Emperor Poopy-pants, etc etc etc; can ya blame them??? The angst in those on the list above, towards literally any one NOT in power is palpable. They pretend, but its obvious they are and while the Kids are under educated and indoctrinated, they aren’t stoopid. (Ignorance can be cured, stoopidity is permanent)

Consider it. I’ll b back later with more

Played, revisit.

The more I am seeing, post Dick-tater Screeching me-me’s that boiled down to a Declaration of war, the more I think it was the bluff, trying to get the opposition to fold, while Emperor Shooby doobie shits his depends and curls into a fetal position just waiting for that last shot form Doktor Jill.   The one that allows the shitstain string pullers say ‘he pssed in the night’ all Hail Empress Flying Heels and her new Vice Emperor Oblammy0boy.   (That will last about 96 hours before her lowness Mdm LaWhorish bites into a razorblade or something.   )





No two ways about it, they blew their wad in November, and have been in scramble mode ever since, and now they are trying to throw it all in HOPING that the “Deplorables” will jump the gun and start some shit so they can claim higher ground.   That we haven’t seen that false flag yet tells me they know we are onto their shit and are busy trying like hell to find another way to bluff us.

Beds made, you made it, now lay the fuck down in it and breath in the scent of nervous sweat, shit and TOTAL FAILURE.  Fuckin’ commies.


Story lines

It’s pretty obvious to everybody these days that the story writer of our times is either suffering from multiple personality disorder or rapidly deteriorating into dementia with bi-polar disorder to boot. Or, as in my Dads take: Has a really twisted sense of humor,,, 

Try to work up a tagline to describe the world at large currently and you end up with a garbled mess that would drive any potential reader away like holy water on a vampire.  

These are the things I am learning about writing, and I use current events to practice my development.  Yeah, I don’t choose easy subjects,,,   

But that exercise has exposed so many issues with the current book in my quiver.  Yup, its a first and I did hit publish, but successful? Um, not so much.   It hits good with a handful of people, but the tech side of things is what drives most away.   As a former girlfriend would have told me, “where’s the skin?”. She was very much a Sex sells and more sex sells more, kind of advertiser.(lots of fun, but she wasn’t so much a candle burning at both ends as a section of lit cannon fuse.). I have been trying to write a better tagline for Wings and flopping.  And why?  Because there is no resolution within the book.  Its a series of scenes, an occasional conflict, but no real climax, or wrap-up.  You live and learn, but the only way to truly learn is too fail, pick your butt back up and keep going.   And that is where I am right now.   Looking at a decent story weakly done and how to pick it back up and make it WORK.   I will leave it live for the time being, but once I have things re-worked,,,   And that rework is essential if I want to carry the story forward to a sequel.  I have half of it written, but keep hitting issues with how the first book played out.   I forget where I read it, but another pantser type writer says that he has to write an entire series in order to smooth out the details in all of it, before he hits the publish button, and the way Wings started, I can understand what he means.  A new development in book two would work better written into book one, but causes turmoil in book three that doesn’t see resolution until book four,,,,,  And the only way to make them work is to write it all out.   And that is why I am trying to work on formatting the story first, so that I can avoid the tediousness of rewrite after rewrite after rewrite.  Or maybe I should be like M.Lackey, develop the world, and write books as scenes within that world,,,(thats a very loose way of describing her work, but,,,)

I’m serious about wanting to write, Heck, I have been writing for a decade now, but not as a way of making it in the world, more as a therapy for the pressures building up from a world gone mad.  But the ideas in my head,,,   They don’t rest; they swirl, mingle and breed,,,  And they talk, A LOT.  Trust me on this when I say, even sitting alone in a field, I am NOT ALONE IN THE WORLD.  There are lives and stories constantly playing behind the shutters of my eyelids.  Wings was the one that was most persistent and wouldn’t rest.   Dunno how many nights I spent writing where I would look up and the alarm was buzzing and I had to get ready for work, no sleep.   A lot of that needed scraped up, cleaned up, and rewritten to fit, but there were nights where 50000 words flowed like water.   I also need to work on action;  I have lots of conversations, but little action.   People want things to happen, not be talked to death.

And maybe I just need to get a kayak out for a day of leisurely paddling.   Not boogie water, just silence and wildlife and no distractions of phone and internet.   Then get back to work on the stories that linger in electron purgatory on my hard-drive.

Time to go to work, more laters

Tech grk!s.(updated)

How weak is your link?

Mine is as fickle as Mamakat is about foodies. Sometimes it works sometimes (read most times) it doesn’t.

Was up at 5 am, escorting doggum through the house-o-cat to his bed since it was time for him to come off shift. Decided I had sumpin to say and spent an hour or so tapping out a long post. Went to send it to the blog,,,

Screech, squeal, chonk! Full stop do not pass, no collecting fifty cents let alone $200,, check connections check IPs, check DNS, it all looks good, but Mac and Phone aren’t talking this morning fer sum reason.

So, later, when I can, I’ll drop by a wifi spot and send it along, so when you’re reading it, know it was written in the wee hours and will seem a touch out of place for that reason.

And I’m catching up on my own reads so there mY be more yet to add.


UPDATED:  So, it seems that when I am running up a post through MarsEdit, I have to open a net dialogue by opening a browser FIRST, then refresh ME, before I can post.   Gotcha,  Still much easier than tapping out a long post via touch screen on my phone, but kind of annoying.   

Did we pass the rubicon, or was that a creek,,,

Adam Piggot has a feeling

Can’t say I haven’t felt something as well.   Seeing a bit more of the fake masking going on in places that make it mandatory for the employees.   Saw a couple today where a customer was wearing the diaper of shame, then saw a couple of people without one and removed theirs.   

That makes me happy, but it shows that the fear is still very real.   I’m just waiting for the backlash to reach crescendo.   Right now we are barely hearing the opening strains.   

I will admit, I keep a mask in the truck.  Not for my daily routine, but for those days where I have to go to the Docs or Hospital with my Da.   I wear it just to shut the argument down before it begins so that I can focus on my Das needs.   If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t wear one at all.   In fact, there were several instances last year where THE DAY JOB had a government contract that required a mask, and I did not wear one.   I ran the gamut of BS stories from religious exemption to Medical exemption and you can’t violate HIPPA rights etc etc.   That I had to go to such lengths is a complete pisser, but I never once was forced into wearing the diaper of shame.   Until my dad went horizontal for a few minutes.

Shit, He’s 81, has a heart that rivals that of his 45 year old Cardiology Surgeon and he runs around these hill (normally) chasing bee swarms for FUN.  He still cuts and hauls CORDS of firewood every year for himself, his brothers and whomever needs a little extra, myself included.  Will use the hydraulic splitter on most of it, unless its clear Oak and then its a hand maul and whack, whack, whackCRACK.  So, NO,  my dad isn’t ready for the grave just yet.  His heart thing was his wake up call (and us kids), but I wear the mask to keep the silence that I need, to not rip some jack knobs head off so I can skull fuck it.   Most days I run near borderline manic because of the shear stupidity that runs amok in this area.  Push that limit by enforcing political control with non-medical bullshit and,,,    

But the feelings are shifting.   I won’t say a positive aspect is creeping in, more like the relief of lancing a boil.   Something is about to give full bore, but the pressure has eased up a bit by knowing that the end is approaching with a certainty.  No matter how all of this resolves, there will be some resolution; not this impatient waiting game of Mexican Chicken, waiting to see who grabs the weapons first.   Keep your eyes open for the False Flag event, because it is coming.   IT may even be real honest to God terrorists from Affy that are involved, but the event will be spun with glee by the MSMs.  I expect a new blood dance this week or next.(saw several adds this weekend about the SandyHook shooting and how ‘we’ need to go after the guns.   Keep an eye on that horizon for the FF.)

Starve the beast.

Been saying it for 12 years.    Tom Baugh has been saying it for longer and even published a book on the very thing called Starving the Monkeys.

Big Country is saying it now.

Bro, the idea IS NOT stupid.  But as you mentioned, and as a few of your commenters mentioned, getting 80 million people to go the same direction is herding cats.   Even if they all know that IF SUCCESSFUL, the herd will protect them, more than half are going to waffle about it and endanger the rest.   

Thats the problem that most all of our best ideas for defeating this FRAUD run into.   Its getting the majority to rise up, instead of waiting for someone else to step off the porch.   The FRAUD knows it, and that is the key to the Surveillance State.  They don’t have to hit all of us, they only need to spot the Proud Nail and WHACK IT with the Media giving full blown bullshit back up.    The cameras are everywhere, just look at your phone or your laptop and you will see big brothers potential for keeping you in view.   Think they don’t?  Start texting a friend about some new product you want to check out; something that actually exists, but is so far out of your interests that it would never occur during normal conversation.   Watch what pops up on the advertising in your phone when you open amazon or a webpage.  That may not be Big Brother, but the implications are profound as to what your phone is doing without your knowledge.  And while it may not be 24/7 its often enough.   And its completely legal since you agreed to it when you hit that “agree” button in the EULA that no one ever reads when setting up your phone.   

But the idea is sound, though the effects would be drawn out over a year or two before the backlash began.  That may be the part that could help the cat herd.   IF they knew in advance that the hammer drop would be delayed until way too late,,,     I dunno, there are several options to go here, and Tom covers several in his book.  (Speaking of which, who ever borrowed my copy, I would sure like it back.  ITs the one book that I don’t recall lending out but is most definitely NOT on my shelf now!)

And before people go saying that I am harping about nothing because I ‘won’t go there’, HA!   Been there, doing it ass-wipe!   There is a reason I never received the Bribe money for CoVid,,,   Can you say the same?  Not ONE DIME OF BRIBE MONEY.  Not one.   No regrets either.  I have a clear conscious.

Keep in mind one thing.   Being an outlaw assumes that there is LAW.   Maybe the courts and what not have these rules and regs in place, but that they apply them arbitrarily as punishment for those that don’t play THEIR game,,,,    We are all outlaws already, go one step further by all means and if enough of us do it, then their laws are meaningless (BUT, they are already so why not take the plunge.). How many of you have seen LE Blazing down the highway with lights and sirens going, then catch the very same vehicle and a couple of his buds parked at the local burger hut, grabbing a lunch.   No crime or accident needing speed and lights, just wanting to make a lunch date with the buds.   (I see it at least once a month here.) OR, the Soccer Mom with a LE supporter plate on her ‘hicle plowing the road at 90 and not one cop giving her a second glance.   Because she is “One of their own” and they know her car.  This shit is common enough I know more than a few of you are nodding your heads in agreement.  ‘LAWS FOR THEE, BUT NOT FOR ME’ is the law of the land these days.   Just like the Mandate exemptions bull, making it so that postal workers WHO VISIT EVERY DAMNED HOUSE IN A ZIP CODE AND HANDLE ALL THE MAIL OF SUCH getting the wave from the Vice Emperor Poopie-pants.   Nothing there saying they ‘care about Grandma, and wanna protect her” huh?   But we all know it’s not about a cold bug, its about control, pure and simple.   You need only look at the Prison State of Australia to see it.

I know the idea is not stupid, even though I go about it in the most stoopid of ways; all by myself hoping the idea will spread wide and far.  Right now, my protection is that I have so little influence.  If I were hitting 10K readers a day, I’d already be serving time.( or dead n buried because of my background in EOD. They likely wouldn’t even bother with a stack at 4 am.   Just toss in some incendiaries and say “Oops”.). 

Totally legit idea, but like many of our legit ideas, Ain’t gonna happen because far too many WANT the glory of a war without realizing there is NO GLORY in any war.    Its a shit storm that leaves scars far and wide, and the only ‘winners’ are the ones that make money off the supplies needed.  And I am not peace-nik, I have been in the two way shooting gallery, and expect to be again before very long, but that does not mean I WANT it.   I get nervous when I hear asshats talking about the high ground and moral justifications and such.   The only thing ‘virtuous’ about what’s upcoming is it will be a cleansing of vermin, but only ONLY if people keep their heads and target the vermin in need of eradication.  Collateral damage happens, but the targets need clearly defined by the executioner.   Read Unintended Consequences for an idea of how to target.   Maybe even an idea of how a lone wolf could have a larger effect.   

Not that I think this little shindig would have the clean cut war as described in that novel.   I think its going to be much closer (or worse) to what Bracken describes in his Enemies Trilogy.

I’ll have more up later, I am sure.    I wish that BC’s idea would spread far and wide as something more than the token effort I supply myself.  Token because they sure aren’t losing all that much revenue from one little broke ass blogger,,,  (I ain’t broke, but I sure as hell ain’t wealthy financially)




A fairy tale

There was a place, filled with transportees, adventurers, heathens, and pinch of the devout seeking solace.  Its existence grew into an idea that the individual had more promise than the group, but the group was the strength behind the promise.  Ideas started gaining support in many individuals with clout, and when the time was ripe, those ideas were codified for future generations.  The idea that Government was solely for the defense of the people,  not the master of the people was paramount in that code.

Like any ideology,  over time, usually only a generation or two, the ideas become polluted, corrupted, twisted by those with ‘ideas of their own’.  Four score and seven’ years later, one of those with ideas of their own managed to twist key elements of the code to begin its downfall.  Men and boys fought, not for the institution they have been slandered of, but the on key to keeping the power out of the hands of a few; the individual rights of states, vs the all encompassing MIGHT of a STATE.  (A simple check of older texts will show those that had interest in maintainung said institution were exempted from serving in the CSA, putting lie to the slander of those that fought and died. Newer texts are being manipulated for a false narrative. )

Along comes a Spider, one with tentacles for legs and a poison that smells of promise.  A power grab made in the dead if night following rules adopted by a chosen few.  With one signature and a complicit media, the death of an idea was brokered. The ball started rolling downhill.  Within half a decade, the tune of the world was set for massive wars with no clear victories and a culling of the bloodlines most likely to resist when the veil was no longer worn.  Endless wars with no decisive goals, constant needling of rules of engagement by those that had never recieved more than a papercut, and an industry built around them to derive profit from the culling of the aggressive.  A world of sheep was being engineered for the inheritors of the grand design began in 1860.

Enter the 21st century,,,  The grand design is faltering.  One Marxist based country after another are faltering, failed, or imploding.  The design needs new blood, more power and more money.  The veil is coming off,  but its too soon for the inheritors to collect.   Buildings must fall and a giant awakened, but awakened in chains so the inheritors can guide it.  “We have to pass it to see whats inside” and the herd of sheep said ‘ok’.  One more big war to clean the stalls of agressive rats that would infect the sheep within.  A war with goalpost that moved erratically and in scope.  And industry added new tools for the inheritors: handheld technology far exceeding their wildest dreams that would allow them instant access to the sheep, and controls only dreamed about.  Fear becomes a tool, and fear had to be nurtured, harbored and ready to be fanned into flame on a moments notice.  New fears need to be fabricated and embedded as old fears fade in effect.

But the inheritors are weak.  Generations of inbreeding, decades of echo-chamber educations, and isolation from the power base have eroded the foundations of the manipulated code they ride upon.  Their perceived reality is an illusion they built on a world stage, and now the facades are cracked and chipping.  The real world winds blow hard through the marbled halls and the gilt flutters away exposing the mud plaster beneath. 

The idea of the individual is still in the place, and like any great idea, can not be killed, only subdued for a time.  Percieved aggressiveness was not culled, only withdrawn from prying eyes.  Human nature, the one thing the inheritors thought they could change, is the one thing that can only changed by its creator, never its own.  Human nature is to survive at all costs, and when the cost is minor, the appearance of change occurs.  But when the cost is high, that illusion evaporates quickly.  A snarl of rage appears on a normally benign face.  The placid hands turn into claws reaching for the tools of destruction, and the calm mind becomes white hot jet of rightousness. 

Lies will fight exposure to the light. Truth will welcome it.

And this ball of rock and water continues its path around a star wandering in a galactic arm.

History lessons

Sarah has many good points about how truthful things are in a communist country. How officials lie to their higher ups to keep looking good, how communities will obfuscate and dodge ‘official” census and collections to keep a little more of their own in their hands. All of this can be investigated with very little effort, one just needs to do it.

Where does that leave us now? We are obviously in the crux of going full commie here in FUSA. We are quickly devolving into USSA, assuming that Xi-Dins FRAUD can ‘run over’ the obstinate governators like DeSantis. Good luck with that Vice Emperor Poop-pants. (I love that BC,, Gotta use that as much as possible.)

The Fences are back up around Mordor on the Potomac, and that means there are some vetted wannabe Rambos that are there to defend the squishy rhetoric of the ‘masses’ from us Deplorable White supremicist domestic terrorists that only want to be left alone. Saw Vid of a certain SSgt X-her that said she would gladly shoot citizens in the face if they wouldn’t follow her orders. Seems to me that she had best make sure her unit is filled with brainwashed like minded Soiboys or Guerrilla Gurls. As someone in comments said, Fragging may become fashionable again.

Seriously, the best way we have to fight right now is the one way they really have the hardest time to fight: RIDICULE. Show them for the pantywaists they are. Show the dichotomy of their “Rules for thee, but not for me”. If the place you work mandates you have to get the shot, (will only work on your terms and your time) fake a VXPASS, the information is out there, but ya may have to dig for it. If your able to work yourself into getting into a position such as a board of education, play along and monkey wrench the process. Do what the Congress-critters do and add addendums and additional criteria to rules for passing. BE THE RAT.

Shooting the bastards will happen, but ON OUR TERMS, not theirs. They want us to react, but we need to chill out and see opportunities to return the favor of a fucking without a kiss. We need to be ungovernable in all instances. We need to make certain that LE know that they are the first line and they will be the first were laws of war become most obvious. I could give a damn if they Talking heads of the MSM’s figure it out; the human race would be well rid of such shit.

“Middle class America is no less violent than any other people. They seem passive because they’re results oriented. They rise not out of blood frenzy but to solve the otherwise insoluble. Their methods of choice are good will, cooperation, forbearance, negotiation and finally, appeasement, roughly in that order. Only when these fail to end the abuse do they revert to blowback. And they do so irretrievably. Once the course is set and the outcome defined, doubt is put aside. The middle class is known, condemned actually, for carrying out violence with the efficiency of an industrial project where bloody destruction at any scale is not only in play, it’s a metric. Remorse is left for the next generation, they’ll have the leisure for it. We’d like to believe this is merely dark speculation. History says it isn’t.”
– Ol’Remus

Decompression time

Arrangements made with family in the dollar, Da is in good hands.

Me, I am going to go spend a day with friends,,, Decompression time.

Plan on being there way early, maybe get some writing time in without obtrusive Grizz trying to smother my face in drooling kitteh love like he has done non-stop since I arrived home. Love the little bugger, but when he has spent the entire day alone (mama and Zooms leave him behind during the day, he is the runt after all.) poor little guy is just so happy to see ANYBODY,,, It’s cute AND annoying, especially when I am trying to accomplish just one page of writing. Thats my focus, one page a day, no matter what. And it is working, so long as I can keep the fuzzball out of my face and off my keyboard.

Funny thing about that, My usual position is with my laptop on my outstretched legs, and that is when I can’t type for fur ball. If I leave the laptop on the desk, He will drape in my arms and buzz,(which is where he is, right now) but not get in my way. Only downside to that is, he weighs four pounds now and my arms get sore supporting him. Shoulders and wrists mostly, but sore is sore. And any Kat owner can tell you that Kats have the secret to gravity down pat (but ain’t talking’). A four pound kitten when buzzing in contentment, can weigh infinitely more, depending on your need to get up or level of functional needs.

But, tomorrow, (today, when this posts) I fully intend to be Dio without the stresses. I NEED this time. Without internet, just some friends, good times, good food and hopefully maybe possibly a little time on water with a kayak. Taking Serena with, and I may just start the day with a leisurely stroll around the bay that the camp is situated in. If I get there early enough, I could do the foggy bottom cruise with the Canadian Geese Flotilla, and thats always cool. Must be a thousand of the greasy poop factories there and when they move as a flock in the morning,,,, The babies will be big enough that picking them out will be difficult, and that means that the flock will not be as on edge as they were in the spring. They are so used to people, they don’t scatter far when you float among them. And you always know when a storm is coming because they do this line thing headed to cover. Not a spread out flock, just an orderly line headed to cover with determination.

This time last year, B and I did a little cruise in the kayaks. It rained on us three times and we were able to cruise in close to shore and see all kinds of wildlife. A Doe and her two fawns, nearly grown. A couple of Blue Heron, the geese of course, and all without being swamped by a ton of boats. The sound of the rain on the water creates a zen moment, and until you experience it,,, Words will never suffice; its a completely spiritual thing that words just can’t capture. I could really use another cruise like that this year.


Tomorrow is 9-11.   20 years ago, the world witnessed the biggest enemy attack on US soil, and saw the Giant awaken, pissed off.

Granted, the Giant was easily swayed into a direction that has finally led to Dementia Joe and the Ho, a plethora of Alphabet soup agencies that overlap and interfere with each other.(look at how many undercover agents were exposed during the last “Sting” gone sour.  Far more than actual Perps.) A surveillance state that Stalin and Mao envy from the grave, and a society so sucked into the technological toys, the majority happily carry the tools to track their daily existance and even purchase them without question.

Now, a couple of days before that anniversary, Sloe Joe has delivered a speech that was obviously and clearly defined “War Speech” with the vitriol and poison such speeches all have in common.   “Facts” weren’t, and the misinformation was evident throughout, but that is how such speeches carry water.  Those that agree with Sloe will have been just as fired up by his words as those the words were directed against, and in exactly the opposing way.  One side likely wants to fire up the trains of empty boxcars now, just as the Anti-Vaxxers are waiting for the hammer on Draconian Tactics as seen in Australia to begin.  

But look at the timing.   Two days prior to 9-11.   That gives them enough time to distance themselves from the rhetoric, yet establish a black flag event that would give them the wherewithal to ‘Drop that Hammer’.  I harbor no illusions that the mechanics of Australia are already at their disposal, they lack only need of a reason to push them.   Current course and speed tell the string pullers that they need more public support for such actions and that if something didn’t break sooner, they would miss a window.    


There is good reason to believe that most of the speech was an attempt to recoup lost face from the Affy intrigue disguised as military failure.   Far too many of our enemies or cautious friends made out like bandits and that moneys exchanged hands to our current FRAUD has just not been investigated into the light of day.   (That Intelligence is the sector of State that is losing the most people in the failure to get people out is beyond doubt now.  Thieves pirates and conmen all know the first rule of Rogues etiquette: Dead men tell no tales.  The Intel peeps left behind may not have known the whole story, but enough of them and the information coming out,,,   They’d have blown the cover story.

What is obvious (to me) is that someone or some group is pulling the strings on the puppet, knows that the only way they can make that last grasp for the ultimate control is for the American people to rise up enough that they can CRUSH US.   The lack of foresight, and hindsight (as in they can’t see the mess of Affy as a defeat because they made bank on it.) will lead them to fail.   And us to suffer in the meantime.

I think not only are they playing Ol Joe, but they are playing us as well.

Keep up the ridicule, the spreading of correct information, and digging in our heels against this nightmare in waiting.   Things are only just beginning.   Just look at Australia,,,,

Fire for effect

Sarah pulls the first cord

Anger rises.

They want this, they are begging for it, they NEED the turmoil.

But they know not what it is they will get, and have no concept of a fallback position.

I’m just waiting for the pushback, , ,

BC pulls the second cord

Volley fire time. Keep the memes pounding the ground around them.


This thought had eluded me till reading comments over at Vladtepes.

If you are involved in an accident and need a blood transfusion, as a powerful person of political influence will you demand a transfusion of unvaccinated pure blood, or will the new improved ‘regular’ blood do for you?

I recall having returned from Kuwait, and not being permitted to donate blood because of all the Vaccines and other chemicals we had been exposed to, Including pre-emptive Nerve agent countermeasures. It was 10 years before I was permitted to donate again.

So, are they tagging vaccinated blood vs unvaccinated? Are they even allowing the Unvaxxed to donate? Or are they refusing the blood of the Vaxxed?(I highly doubt that last, it would speak VOLUMES about the real disaster upcoming. Volumes that the FRAUD couldn’t sweep aside easily.) And is there some way established to quuckly ID the difference, just as they ID by type. And if not, WHY NOT?

My Living will tattoo just added another line,,,,


Just some thoughts on last nights temper tantrum.

What’s more, Biden will require health care workers at hospitals which take Medicare and Medicaid to be vaccinated – impacting over 17 million workers.

So,,,  thinking if even just HALF of those 17 mill say, Fuck this! And walk, a vast majority of those hospitals are going to fold.  Theres Medicare and Medicaid shot in the femur with a large caliber slug.  Many of these healthcare pros will likely go full time private practice, without all the headaches and paperwork and price fixing of a bureaucratic Gordian knot, and likely do a MUCH BETTER JOB OF IT.  Granted they may not have access to all the high profile testing equipment,  but that will shortly be on the market for pennies on the dollar, as the big Box Hospitals start to shutter for lack of staff and technicians.

Seems to me, we need to just step aside (while putting the bug in our medicos ears about how we would still support them outside of the Sickcare system, if they start practicing Healthcare again) and let the whole fuckin thing collapse from its already preponderous and instable corpulant structure.

Let one aspect fall, and the whole shitshow dominoes into the dustbin of history.


Not an island in the South Pacific.

So much topsy-turvy crap in the world, and I try to keep up on it so I am not hit sideways with the surprise.   Probably a fools errand, as Black Swan events are never foreseen.   But there is just so much crap going on and I have so much other stuff going on at the personal level,

Lethargy, drowsiness, apathy. Oppressiveness.

Yeah, THAT.   The whole world feels so oppressive these days.

And to add to it, I can see the life draining from my dad, and feel there is nothing I can do.   81 years, and very little medical intervention needed; to suddenly constant medical attention and limited abilities due to medical hardware attached to his body.  He is feeling the oppressiveness as well, just from a different angle.  And I see it, its wearing on him and his will is fading.  I am hoping that these things can be eliminated from his life with a quickness so he can get out and live out the rest of his days on his terms.   That these are his end days is without question,  I just don’t want to see him bed-ridden and miserable through them.  Thats not how he’s lived and I sure as shit don’t want it to be how he dies.

Not that it has much of anything to do with this post, other than having a wonderful emotional parallel to my feelings lately, here is a song thats been hitting my playlist quite a bit the last few.

Romance languages make for some of the best lyrics for the ear IMO.  And, yeah, I kinda have a thing for Shakira, and Chenoa, and Talia,,,   LOL. Me encantan las latinas,,,

Political sumpin

Bring it!!!

I’m done with the shenanigans.  Patients only in situatuons where yhe patient is dying from whatever they happen to have, be it some coldbug and being denied proper medical treatment for Big Pharma/sickcare system, or the worn out heart of an 81 YO man.  Doesn’t fricking matter, denying access to family is INHUMANE and CRUEL.  Things that lawyers have been arguing against for decades within the criminal class and why so many states no longer have corpreal punishment, yet, here we are being cruel to the dying because some HACK ran a fear mongering campaign and some dumshits listened.

We now have a drug, being touted as something its not, with a mortality and adverse symptoms rate higher than the bug its supposed to ‘fix’, and yet, the push to administer this genetic cocktail is stronger than even that of Polio or Smallpax Vaxs (which are honest vaccines.)

A deplorable nation, being “lead” by a dementia patient, an administration that harnesses the Karens to cow the questioners. And a test case for a prison state on a remote southern continent, utilizing corporate allies to enforce the unenforceable through social cancelations and lock down measures of citizens usually only seen at Dolphin Bay SuperMax.

Backlash is coming, it is inevitable.

And my personal opinion is for the Media to be a prime target ranking with the Hacks that WANT the tyranny.

All we ask is what we expect from ourselves: tell the truth, and leave me alone to live as I see fit without harming others. Yes, its that simple. Don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff: the lessons supposedly taught to kindergarten kids, but forgotten by delusions of granduer and greed.

Time to grab ’em by the belt and make it personal IMO.

((UPDATED)) No my Da is NOT back in the hospital, but I was discussing this very scenario with a co-worker who does have a family member locked away, dying, without permitting family to be close by.

This from a ‘writing prompt’

Only it wasn’t intended to be one, I am certain.  

Just sometimes I get to reading someone else’s point of view, and my mind goes Zoomms-zowieeees over the horizon with the muse.

Creativity is IT.  I create on a daily basis.  I have to, or I start going stir crazy.   It may only be making a small jig to make my life easier at the welding table.  It may be making a Kayak on my front porch in the dead of winter.   I may be sketching out an idea for a tattoo, or that next jig I need to make my next whatchamacallit.  I even made jigs for making my kayaks so that all those little holes that needed drilled could be done uniformly and I not destroy a rather pricey piece of wood.

Like Sarah, much of my creativity is sourced from a scarcity background.  We didn’t have much, but when it came down to it, we had EVERYTHING we needed and the rest was stuff we ‘created’ to fill the voids.   If we wanted something, the options were to work our tails off to earn the money to buy it, or work out tails off creating it.   Most of the furniture in our house was stuff that my dad made in the shed out back, using cast off lumber from where he worked.  Everything laminated up to make larger wider boards for table tops, or thicker legs to support he gargantuan “built to withstand a truck accident” furniture he preferred making.   Some of it was really fantastic as well, like his end tables made from the trunks of Cedar trees.   Split a trunk in half and it may become a bench seat, or crosscut the trunk for a ‘rounder’ shape with wild edges and mount that to a thinner trunk, inverted to use the branches as legs, for the base.

I learned how to cast metals to make things in need of longevity or higher wear functions.  I learned to work metals so that I could utilize those skills of casting even further.  I picked up a touch of blacksmithing so that I could shape metal without need of the machines to turn or cut it, and that led me to learning more about welding, and improved my Arc type welding even more.   Before I started mixing sound full time, I worked as (many things,,,) a mechanic, and one of the guys I worked with and myself would critique each others welds.  That improved my welds even more.  

I’ve even made jewelry (SHOCK!!!!) but I tend to be more pragmatic in my creativity and prefer utilitarian stuff. (I may wear a wedding band, when/if I marry, but thats about it.  No ‘glitz’ in my world, not even a watch.) 

And that leads me to my writing.   One of the commenters over there mentions how he found out that writing is WORK, and that his notion that his first book would have him sleeping on a bed of gold was shattered quite quickly.  

As for the work thing?  Oh yes, its work.  Skull work.  Marketing work, research work.   You name it, there is WORK to be had in this field.  And just like the entertainment field, there are 300000 writers to every 100 Best sellers.   In live music, I have seen some truly incredible talents, but they missed one key element.  WORK.  They didn’t push the envelope of the work things and while they could play circles around other well known artists, they didn’t have the drive to push there.   
Now, I am not saying I am exceptional,  Hell, my current history says that I am of that same caliber; talented, but no drive.   And it may be that this is the case.  I didn’t write Wings for the money (though I won’t deny that money was a factor.). I wrote wings because something said, If I didn’t it would eat at my very soul until my mind folded like a wet noodle.  And since I went so far as to actually write the danged thing, why NOT publish it too.   

The fact that I had no clue what I was getting into is obvious to anyone that sees the end result.  The fact that I had no clue about marketing or advertising, or promotion of written word (I can ‘produce’ entertainment and do all the marketing and advertising for live shows and HAVE, but books are a whole new world to me.)

Yeah, that stuff is obviously missing from that book.  And I may end up re-editing it later for better layout, and when I do, promotions and marketing will be better laid out as well.  And of course, the sequel is still stewing: half in my head, and half on my external hard drive.  (Patience Bruce, it’s coming. And your persistence gets you dibs as a proofreader!!  Mwahahaha!!!!). And I am no where near done writing.   Wings opened up a pandoras box of creativity that had been stifled by time and misperceptions.  Mostly my own, but some.external (Friggin high school counselors need filleted, baked and served to pigs, in my opinion.) My learning curve is still on the low left side of the bell curve, climbing towards center, and I have no illusions that I need mentorship.   I am also quite aware that current situations in my life have a priority, and what I can squeeze in will have to suffice.  I read,,,, Oh lord how much I read.  If one of my vicarious mentors suggest a book about writing books, I make the purchase and dive in.   If someone suggests a different program to assist the writer, (Vellum is one, Scrivener another, etc etc). I check ‘em out and start another aspect of the learning process.   Scrivener was the program that helped me finalize Wings to the point where I felt comfortable hitting that publish button.   And it works even better in the Mac.  

What hangs me up is that marketing thing.   I DESPISE crowds (funny coming from a guy that used to mix live music for Tens of thousands.)(note that FOH “front of house’ is usually smack dab in the middle of the room and has a whole lot of floor space and only a a couple of peeps in it.  AND, I was usually the monitor guy, behind the curtains, on stage left usually, full view of the band but not of the crowds.).And this is where I really need the mentoring (and no, I am not going through the get rich quick scammers that promise you’ll be a best selling author in 90 days if you pay them $XXX and subscribe to their program.   Maybe they do handle a ton of promotion for you, but the whole thing stinks to high heaven as scam to me.  ) 

So, I learn the ropes the hard way, and maybe thats for the best.  Rougher on the knuckles, but then, I have a couple of Degrees from the  School of Hard Knocks and University of Bloody Knuckles.

And I continue to create, every day, SOMETHING, and it matters not what. A paragraph for a book here, a jig for making a rudder assembly there, or a blog post three times a day (if I can).  There will be something created by my hands and mind and the day they cease to happen, its a good bet my heart has ceased as well.

For sake of argument

This post goes back to one here prior, where I was trying to make some sense of things about using a ‘pandemic’ that isn’t, to bring about a population culling. 

Then I read this piece over at GoV.

For sake of argument, lets make the assumption that this mindset IS behind all the Covidiocy and Coronaphobia,  and that the vaxxnottavaxx is doing its intended job of culling the weak, elderly and stupid. 

Just for sake argument mind you.  Not making ANY assumptions that may lead to premature conclusions at this point.

If this is the intended goal, there is a SERIOUS flaw in it. 

The survivors are the least governable, ornery, leave me the f#$k alone types known to exist.  Definitely not cowed and cowering slaves waiting for commands from the almighty elite in their ivory towers.

Thats not to say that isn’t their objective, but like most all of the Elites plans, they didnt account for the one factor that ALWAYS bites them in the hindquarters.


Think about it.

WE are the Barbarians this time ’round. Lets make it count.

Ima chit somedays

Didn’t know I had an issue with things until yesterday eve, text messages between sisters.

Snapped on Eldest sis. Felt like a pre-emptive attack in self defense. I can be the Shit some days. (Note; I later apologized, but it was definitely a tactfully worded verbal assault .)

Took some time to step back and analyze my self/soul. And what I came up with was.

I’m fucking scared silly.

All the bullshit in the world reaching peak Clownworld status. The total failure that appears to be completely intentional of a superpower, so that it can devolve into a third world power (is that a thing?) watching local tyrants ride the wave of Covidiocy (the bug peaks before they crack down, but when they crack down, they double down on prior efforts. Just like a surfer trying to catch a wave.). Watching the IQ of the world losing altitude into potato levels.

And my Dad very nearly leaving my reality.

Yeah, I got scared. And hadn’t even realized HOW scared I was.

What isn’t clear is how scared I am of losing my dad. Or could it be having to face all of this with my dad in his current conditions. I think its more the latter function. Love my dad, but I know he’s tired and I won’t stand in his way if he decides ‘its time’.

I don’t leave wounded behind. Its hardwired in. And I know if shit went to Helena Handbasket right now,,,

And we are getting indicators, that may be the case.

I’m fucking scared silly.

So, now that I am aware of it, I can figure out what needs changed. First order of business is to get a second opinion on the urology thing. His heart thing seems well in order now, even though its still early in the game. But three weeks with a catheter in seems excessive to me. And that is what was told to him yesterday at the Urolgy docs. Is this a case of an enlarged prostate that needs time to settle down, or is there an underlying problem. And I have no clue what the doc said because that wave of covidiocy has reared its ugly head here and ONLY PATIENTS is the order of the day, again. (And I have alternate information about all of that, but its not relevant to this post)

Coffee is done, Kittehs fed, almost time to go play nurse before I go play welder, and somewhere in all the middles, try to figure how to ease my mind in a world gone mad.

More laters.