Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

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Riposte, lunge, and thrust.

I want to clarify some of my personal thoughts of the last 96 hours. I mentioned in a post Sunday, that the rioters are being played.

I mentioned in my post yesterday, that I am waiting to verify/refute a spike in Covid19 infections, and I gave it a timeline that corresponds to the original data released by WHO and CDC.

To be clear here, I am NOT saying the virus was part of a conspiracy, nor that the situation in Minneapolis was staged. I AM saying that certain groups are more than happy to take advantage of such situations and twist them to their use (recall ‘never let a crisis go to waste’?). I feel I am already looking past the curtain, watching the levers being pulled. Everything we are witness to currently has just enough validity to make a majority get their panties in a wad. But there is far too much ‘coincidence’ and the MSMs are far too willing to dump one narrative for another (and IMO, if Covidiocy were so damned legit, Mr Floyd would never have made page one on national news.) I am only posting this so others may see the curtain, and get curious enough to try and see behind it. No, I don’t condone the treatment of Mr Floyd at the hands of the police, and many that have been here awhile, know I really don’t condone police or government at all¹. (And the silly shit rioters spraying the anarchist symbol all over the place are NOT anarchists; they are budding socialists playing their part.)

While I have not seen it with my own eyes, I have heard tell that there were ads out to recruit rioters. The tune of “$200 and all the loot you can carry” and busing provided. Like I said, I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, but it wouldn’t surprise me as I have seen it in similar instances in the past. We saw similar ads just recently with the armed peaceful protest in Virginia.(and that one failed to ignite for the puppeteers, like this one has.) That tactic is one of those funded by several various cutouts of Soros and his affiliates. They want a new world order and the only way they can achieve it is with the US defeated and demoralized. Tearing apart our country from within has been the goal of several communist and socialist groups for a hundred years.

If things keep up, they may get their wish, but I don’t think the people fueling that fire realize what they are unleashing. And an uncontrolled fire will quickly escalate far beyond imagination, consuming its fuel and looking for more. It can also turn back on itself, destroying its source.

I made comment to my sister, that we are seeing warfare between two factions of the Deep State. I may be right, or wrong, but this has all the feel of such. The real problem isn’t that they are warring: its the end game. Which is the same for both sides; more government/control/power. It doesn’t matter which side wins, we the so called people get screwed either way. For us, the only difference will be lube/no lube, if we are lucky. It could be the ” bullet to brain when we find you” type screwed.

On a side note: last night around 5pm,Western Rifle Shooters was taken offline by wordpress. No clue as to what triggered it, but my guess it would be some post concerning the riots either redflagged them, or bad actors had a hand in getting CA flagged. I’m sure there will be news available from other sites soon.

¹ anarchy: literal translation; without rule.

Monarchy: literal translation;One Rule.

Theocracy: God Rule.



Simple latin conjunctions, but they won’t teach this anymore.


Sis sent me this today

Yup, about right, dontchatink?

So here is what I’m doing.

  • Watching to see how far these “riots” extend for, how they propogate from central cores and if they spread to the ‘burbs.
  • While the innercity bubs have their fun n games, watch the timeline for that SPIKE in Corona19 that everybody swears is the sign of the next apocalypse .
  • Continue watching markets, all of ’em, for signs of whats next. By all of ’em S&Bs, Commodities, Real Estate, and even the little guy farmers markets.

IMO, the first two are coordinated events, designed to distract the loyal audience members from the vibrations apparent throughout the third.

ALSO, of there isn’t said spike in the bug sequence within 45 days of June 1, I will call BULLSHIT on everything that has been done to this country since Feburary. I would hope even the most Rabid disaster songsinger of late would agree, that if there is no spike,,, Figure the rest for yourself.

Am I on the right page?(updated 2100hrs)

Lets see, Covidiocy gets put on hold because dood gets offed by Po-po in Mini-no-place. Media starts spilling the heartsleeves over how horribly racist this country is and ‘can’t we just get along?’ becomes the song of the week (AGAIN!). Blacks in several Cities start looting and pillaging rioting because dood was offed by Po-po, and somehow, its all my fault because I’m the evil White Male American.

That sound about right?

There is a term for this:


Fricken take a couple days off to get my head in order and the entire place gets shifted into another gear at the wrong RPM and direction.

If I can see this as “Programming”, why can’t others (as in a majority)? People, PLEASE, turn off the 24/7 news cycle, get out of the house, and realize that the world is so much better than the media wants us to believe.

To those rioters in those cities: you ARE being played!!!! You fell right into the script and played your part! Now, instead of pointing fingers, look at the three fingers pointing back at you and see if maybe YOU are part of the problem. It isn’t about race, or privilege, its about CONTROL, and you are opening the door for these jack-asses that sell you empty promises, to take even MORE control.

Ok, nuff soapbox. Maybe I just need to head into the wilds and not look back. LOL.

View from campsite this wknd.

Addendum: in some ways, this feels like the early 70’s again. Race riots in major cities, and groups trying (doing!) to get off planet. Was only a wee sprout of a hooman on those days, but I still recall the feelings when seeing images of space bound people and the Earth from the outside.

Late Update: saw a vid of an attack on someone in Dallas. Above, I stated that blacks are rioting, yet in that video, there were at least 2 definite caucasian ‘youths’ involved. I don’t know all the details, but I can assess that this was an Antifa group from the use of black garb and balaclavas in use. My point of this is, there is nothing racial about any of this, it IS ‘any excuse available ‘ political gaming.

Games like this get people killed, sometimes to the tune of Millions.

Nuff said!

No words needed.

These issues are not remotely related, and yet if you hold any of one
group’s views, you are hated by the other group as if you believed them
all; and if you hold most of one group’s views, but not all, you are
treated as if you were a traitor for deviating even slightly from the
party line.

Ain’t that the damned truth. And this covidiocy has polarized us even further.

We live in a time when moderates are treated worse than extremists,
being punished as if they were more fanatical than the actual fanatics.

I know my having stuck to my guns that this mess was a fraud from the word go, I have alienated a reader or two who’s view is counter to mine.

I haven’t changed my thoughts. The numbers have proven me right time and time again, and yet here we are 3-4 months down the road and the hysteria continues to ramp up. Even after the CDC releases numberssaying what I and others, including professionals of standing, have been saying.

Where does this end?

God only knows, but from what I am seeing, it will NOT end without bloodshed. The anger and fear are being fomented and herded towards something and there is no way it can be backwalked now. Not without certain individuals in power being prosecuted for the crimes they have commited under false pretenses. And we all know just how likely that is with our “Just-us” system. Using historical scenarios, I seriously believe we are on the cusp of an event that will mirror the stage of the Weimar Republic, its fall, and the rise of a demagogue leader.

I highly doubt his name will be Biden.

Nor Trump.

And it may be a ‘her’: far more likely with how feminized this country has shown its leanings the last couple of months.

Prognostication is tricky, and the ‘best’ at prognosticating are always wildly off, but always listened to; the ones that “get it right” are always kicked around, called shitty names and ignored.

Thats ok, I can handle being ignored, so long as I have an outlet. Take that, or my choices away, then things will get froggy.

And I am not alone in that thinking.

Too much

Work that is. It’s always feast or famine with my position.

This time it’s due to promises made by a client of ours, and now its scramble the jets time. Normally I would say ‘Self-inflicted wound buddy ‘ but this is a major client and we wanna hold on to ’em.

Too much information that far too many won’t hear about or will blow off as BS if they do, ‘because it doesnt fit’ with what the MSMs are spewing.

Too much cracking of our national structure showing. Social media is striating with like minds and if anyone strays, or tries to reach across lines, the flak is INTENSE.

So, as soon as Friday afternoon rolls around, I’m shipping myself, Serena, some campgear, and flask of 151, off to an isolated cove on a lake in another state. I’ll come back after my flask is empty, my belly is chewing on my ribcage, and my mental state has reached a stable ballast.

The year of kats, kayaks, and krazy.

Thats the latest ‘chapter’ in my personal book of thoughts. (What? You thought I blogged EVERYTHING? Hah! Not gonna happen!)

I see vitriol spewing on both sides of the debate, and lets just be blunt about it, this is NOW a debate, not a plague or pandemic. I’m seeing terms like scamdemic used more and more frequently. Saw a sign today that was straight off the spheres, just like this one,

but written on a gas pump with a sharpie. (Sorry, didn’t get a pic, was in a hurry.)

I see certain bloggers ramping up the rhetoric, and resorting to more scare tactics and name calling of those ‘not on the same page’. Sorry, but your credibility has diminished by your predictions failing to come to light; name calling only tarnishes it further. Those sites are no longer on my daily list, but now relegated to the ‘listen to the noise for a pulse’ sites: rather like I do with NPR.

Someone asked me, “the news wouldn’t show mobile crematoriums in use. Why do you think that not seeing them in use is proof that this is bogus?” My reply, if even ONE mobile crematorium were in use, EVERY major outlet would have multiple views of it and spin it so it looked like hundreds nationwide. The fact that we AREN’T seeing this tells me they don’t want ‘the lack of’ noticed. Its not always about what is said, sometimes (most times really) its about what is NOT said, or what is said and WHEN.

Like the report I saw Monday morning. About Moscow in lockdown.

That was over a month ago! But now, the spin isn’t holding the crowd, so they have to show that even Russia is doing the same things.(note: it was the Mayor of Moscow that made the call, not a Nationwide ultimatum.)

And they don’t even want to touch this third rail just yet. Like I said,,what isnt being said, or what is being said and when.

If you aren’t questioning everything, you will fall for anything, and the big lie just keeps growing and growing.

All because a majority don’t want to question anything so long as they are left alone.

Sorry cupcake, Solzhenitsyn nailed it with his “when they came for,,,” parable. When they finally come for you, there may be no one or nowhere to turn.

And yes, it CAN happen here.