Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

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there was a SOTU that lasted more than 3 seconds????

Cuz thats about how long it would take me to make the statement on the state of the state,,,  

We’re Fucked,,  Good night!

ok maybe 2 seconds,,,the wind up would take longer,,,,

And that they managed to get and keep Joe the Potato coherent cognzant animated for the length of that pagentry,,,,   Cuz thats all it was, not one lick of truth in there at all,

full disclosure,  I didn’t watch.  I didn’t even pull it up, just noted that it had ‘happened’ and about blew a shot out my nose,,,

Klown World,,,,   I was going to say ‘Twilight Zone” but that ‘universe’ was actually intelligent, even if a bit over the rainbow at times,,,   This,,,   This admin has the IQ of a box of Crayolas, all in green, or shades of green,,, Nothing else.

We, the People, already know that actions have consequences.   This Admin is starting to make that education process and they don’t like it, not one wee bit.  

And I play the worlds smallest violin for them, with all the skill I have on violin,,,,  And the kats run hells bells for the hills away from the hisses and screeches that ensues. (I should have picked up bagpipes instead,,,,)


Further fun, but with wood

My idea and preference
Bossmans preference

Not that it matters what I prefer, I’m not the one paying for it,,,

Wrappin up here, gonna try to post later, if’n Grizz isnt in my grill complaining about my shoddy weather control issues… (calling for rain and he hatez rain. Kat, duh!

early start, but nottapost post

Get y’un over to BCE’s place if ya haven’t. Want you to get a piece of intel that the EneMedia isn’t givin’ out.

Now, what that means to you and me, right now is ‘ nothing much’ but all information has value (just how much value is the question)

But something about that little nugget kicked over some other little peice of information I had stacked in a corner, and NOW, I am in the process of a ‘reach out and touch someone’, tracking down some friends/aquaintances from me past.

Two are former USSR escapees/defectors. Older so I may or may not ‘get lucky’, dunno.

The other is hush-hush with a physical history,,,

What am I looking for? TRUTH. I heard a little bug say that maybe the defectors would want to go home seeing how this country is becoming Klownworld USSR V2.0; you know, that place they ran from way back when, when people stood in food lines for days on end to MAYBE get a loaf of bread, (we ain’t there YET, but all the talk from up high says that IS the endgoal sorta like.)

Maybe Russia is corrupt oligarchs running the show, but from things I have heard, its better than here at the street level, other than the conscription thing of military aged MALES (and they aren’t going through this mulltiple gender insanity crap either,,, )

I don’t give a damn if Ivan is in expansionist mode. My personal take, Putin may be in expansionist mode but he only wants that buffer zone seeing how his reach out to join NATO under the Klintonz went sideways and upside down. Maybe there were legit reasons, but I feel the only reason they gave him the middle finger was to keep that “coldwar” enemy in the wings so the MIC had a reason to maintain existence. That NATO wasn’t dissassmbled when the USSR fell tells even more,, (and talk about calling a kettle black, Expansionist NATO pointing its finger at Putin screaming “Expansionist”,,, LOL hasn’t anyone else seen this hypocrisy?) And no one (exceptions BCE mentions it in the above post) even talks about the sting pulling and manipulations that THIS COUNTRY has done in the area, There is a reason we have terms like “Color Revolution” (think Maidan 2014, when a Russian freindly admin in Ukraine was ousted and it was proven to be instigated by USINTEL,,, )

Anywhoos, work today and investigatin’ as best I can, start with ol emails to see what I can find.


Heavy metal

About choked on my breathing today.   Things didn’t go the way that almost made me choke, thank the small gods of electrons and welding wire,,,

Been working on make one of the work trucks a flat bed, and this mornin’ Bossman told me that he found some plate and we were going to pick it up first thing. 

What made me choke was his saying “yeah, he has 1/2″ and 5/16″ and some other stuff.   I think I want it in 1/2″,,,”

CHOKE!!!!!     All I said was, “if thats what you want,,,” then went to talk to Son of Bossman, and let him know what his ol’man just said.  Ain’t gonna get in the middle of this’un,,,   Son about choked when I told him.  


We get out to the place with the steel, and there is all sorts of stufff,   (its actually metric, not English) but that 1/2″ is right on top.   When Bossman sees 6 of us straining to just stand one side up,,,  “Maybe we shoud go with the thinner stuff”  and we all breathed a sigh of relief.   

So, three sheets of 4mm, a little oversize width and length since its a metric measure not inches and feet,,, but thats fine by me, more to play with.    Shoulda gone 10gauge or similar, but the 4mm was the thinnest.

And I am well on my way,,,,

Just don’t ask me how I got that stuff off the flatbed I used to get it, onto that frame I am working on. Somethings are best forgotten,,,,,, (and yes, I did solo,,,,)

and so far, I haven’t made a mark on that third sheet. Kinda hoping I can get away with not using it, so we have a full sheet for later projects. Will do what I gotta though.

Home, dinner for furries and then me, and I really want a shower,,, grinding, plasma cutting, welding, leave a layer of scum that can not be described. More later

Maybe I’m wrong

I keep tabs on things in the Kraine, and the one thing I keep coming back to is a logistics issue. Certain talking heads in the bloggos keep mentioning how Ivan is losing his ass,,, Mehbe,,,,

Look at the logistics of things. You have one country being overrun by another, and the locals are holding,,,

BUT, NOT ON THIER OWN. There is a logistical tail attached to them that flows all the way back to DC through several Euro countries,,, Rumors of troops along with equipment (and I can well understand why they want those to remain nothing more than rumors,,,) but the Ruskies don’t have the same benefits as Krainfeld does (IE the rest of the ‘free world’ by the short hairs supplying his weapons and feed)

Cut the supply, Kraine folds like a cheap suit,,,, I have no doubts. BUT, that goes against everything they ‘stand for’, so they keep sending in our “just about ready for DRMO” gear, and that frees up the space so the Generals can buy more new toys, and the MIC gets to keep the profits flowing,

and Ukraine becomes the proving ground without our having to send in troops.

I know there are a lot of armchair warriors watching, learning, studying the tactics of the low-down against the ‘big-boy’,,, BUT lets be honest, WINNERS don’t call for help,,,, And the Ukraine has been bleating for help from the west since day one.

And if we hadn’t made it a point in Affy, our gear is sorta lacking in durability,,, A large majority of it was designed to go against modern tactics, and for all intents and purposes, ‘modern tactics’ are not the wars we will be fighting anymore. The only ‘war’ we fought using modern tactics (Call it 3G, not the 4G we saw in Nam or Affy, or the other little skirmishes we have been in,,,) was Kuwait, and that wasn’t a war so much as race across the desert. 3 days, and I slept not a wink becuase we were moving to the next position. may only have moved a mile, but we did it several times a day, and by the time we had locked in the guns, were being given orders to advance AGAIN,,, I don’t think I dropped on round off my truck until AFTER the war was ‘officially’ over (only the poor SODs in Aljuafra didn’t get the message,,,) and then it was ‘Send it all downrange, we ain’t takin’ nuthin’ back to ship,,,’

then I got some sleep, sitting on the beach waiting to load up on the jollyboats to get back on the Tarawa,,,

I have no love for this shit. I have said it here, that the whole thing, BOTH SIDES, smells of grift and graft to milk the people, of both sides, of their means; all to keep the shell game of the Twentieth Century alive and well. That shell game started in 1913 and expanded when we made trade sanctions with some assbackwards tribes and turned them into Oil Kings,,,

That shell game is about to collapse, from several reasons, but the ‘owners’ of that game,,,,

—————————————————————— I gotta get to work and my brain is running on four tracks right now,,, if this is confuzzed, that’s why. more later and maybe a bit more coherent.

Smells of fish,,,

this whole thing with the recent release of info on “three flyovers while OrangemanBad was in office”,,,,   Seriously, there is something fishy about the balloons, the timing, and the media, and The feeling I GET, is telling me this is actually more of an internal struggle within the courts of the swamp,,, (not the judicial courts but the courts where the preening and posturing happen among the un-elected and unaccountable.)

Seriously, if there had been three spy balloons over the CONUS when Trump was Prez, the media would have blown it all the hell and back, anything to make Trump into more of an ogre than he already was.       Now, I ain’t saying there weren’t, I am just saying that if it had been made even partially public knowledge, the media would have been on it like a pitbull on a porterhouse steak.  

I smell fish.

The fact that under the oh so well loved Xi-den>sarc< there was a kerfluffle about it,,,, WEll, it was lower in altitude than ‘usual’ weather balloons so people could see it with the naked eye,,,  Kinda hard to disclaim that, AND China was releasing statements claiming it as theirs, and OOOPSIES,,,, We lost control of it,,,,

BUT, the fact that they waited and waited, and waited some more,,, Until the bloody thing was over deep water, but stlll in controlled waters,,,, 


its starting to stink in this shop,   Need to open up the windows and doors and air this joint out,,,,

I think the internal squabbles between DOD and INTEL are still in play.  I think there is some movement within the Ranks of the DNC to get Joe removed from office somehow, someway, and they are in a conundrum over it right now because  Kamalalading-dong,,,,,   Peelousy not being in line for next up kinda puts a spin 0on it that they don’t like either, but her popularity was on par with KamelToes,,,, and god-forbid Occasional Cortex be in line,,,,(that would actually be the funniest 5 minutes of American history, but I digresss,)

And there are still the WEF  members in the machine to contend with,,,,  


ALright, so what my point?   Only one, and you know it and may not want to admit it.   


Don’t think Trump can make a come back, don’t care either.   Don’t think Desantis has a snowflakes chance in hell (even with or especially with the endorsements of the BUSH Cartel,,,)   

And I find I just don’t give a rats ass anymore.    They intend on collapsing the system, every effort they make is claimed as something else, but the end result is always ‘one step closer to the end’, and they are raping the coffers for every last whiff of revenue.    You do not write 30 trillion in debt without making sure the payback is so far down the road that you are guaranteed to be dust when it gets here.

Don’t worry, I have no intention of going off the deep end and doing anything stoopid,,,  you know, like talk to FEEBS and get set up in some sting operation as some white supremecist or some other bullshit claim.     

And if I DID go off the deep end, it would be quiet like, no collaboration, self contained.   I am a firm advocate and follower of S-S-S,, especially that last S,,,

but you don’t have to worry about that,   I have a life to live, and kayaks to play with and when things do get frosty, I will be in shape enough to help in some manner because I am not sitting on my ass trying to berate a beast that wouldn’t  even acknowledge my existence, except as some scapegoat to keep the normies in line.


Long day today. totally solo on a “me” job, that was started with help last Turdsday,, (Never gonna have that assistant EVER again, details don’t need vented, since Son of Bossman agrees, even though he was tickled as all get out by the details,,,) But, the install is complete, and information passed along. May be called back out as the educator/trainer for the system, but the install is solid and tested three ways to Sunday before I left.

one day of four down and out of the way, Da’s doc appt on Friday then its CAMPING,,, and my soul is feeling twitchy in anticipation,,,,

weekendz end,,,

and this one is wrapping up quick-like,,,,

Starting to feel the urge to go camping, been tossing around the idea of loading up BJ with my campgear, just so its on board when/if the urge strikes hard and fast.    Currently all of my campgear is in a backpack sitting near the door ready to toss in the truck, but having it IN a kayak that rides 24/7,,,,   Yeah, spontaneous escape plans,,, Me likes,,,, Ain’t done it yet,,, YET,,,

Talkin’ to sis about the balloon thingy,,,   Not much to add that others haven’t already.  Damned shame that the administration of this country is so damned compromised with traitors/fools/grifters.    Bigger damned shame that the majority of the Peeps DON’T see it,,,,

Critical thinking is definitely something in short supply these days, that much is obvious to even this near deaf hermit on a hill in the backwaters of Kentuck,,,

Won’t lie. I strongly feel like we are already at war with TPTB, the only problem being, WE AIN’T SHOOTIN’ YET. Its pretty obvious they are using weapons of war against us, The weapons of attrition, starvation, economic collapse, political division, and other ‘civil’ weapons, and in some cases, yeah, they ARE shooting at us too. While we aren’t exactly starving, you see that such wouldn’t take long and may be/is highly likely to be in our immediate future; the barren shelving or near barren shelving in our markets, the once a week story of another supply source being taken out by fire/plague/economic failure,,, The whole EGG thing the past month that was caused by avian flu,,, thats going to trickle down to higher chicken prices real quick (is already here, )

I can’t say that these things are planned, but when you start seeing so many of them, one after another,,,, That saying ‘once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, third time is enemy action” comes to mind.

And yesterday morning I watched four doe wander right across my yard at sunrise. Totally ignoring the fact that I was there on the porch with my cup of coffee.

I won’t be starving,,,

thats the funny part about all of this. The cities are where ‘their’ voter base is, but the cities are what will hurt FIRST when things get scarce. Places like here, where there are gardens in nearly EVERY yard, usually large enough for three households,,, Chickens are robust enough that you don’t see avian flu outbreaks, there are cattle, goats, hog, rabbits and other easily raised livestock, and the wildlife is abundant. People DO KNOW how to process it, rivers are everywhere and the fish bite even when the water is one degree above freezing, AND the people here DO SEE THE FRAUD,,,,

They just haven’t decided to get mad yet. (and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why,,, the anger is there, I hear it every day.)

BUT, when they do decide that,,,, That switch is thrown and it doesn’t get reset easily.

such a heartwarming wrap up to my weekend, huh?

Summer is coming, and it may be a hot one. In more ways than one,,, Time will tell, and I ain’t holding my breath, and WILL live my life on my terms in the meantime. When the shooting starts,,,,

NO, they don’t

HT to Chris

And then,,, Over at Francis’s place,, we have a metaphysical question, or is that a socialogical one,,, Dunno, but it had me thinkin’ all night.

One of the biggest issues I have with the Constitution resided on one word: “Happiness”,,, The original word was “Property” but the New England delegates took offense at that (that whole slavery thing, people being considered property, etc etc. The whole ‘aw hell no’ from the New Englanders is rather illuminating, seeing how many of them AT THAT TIME were still slave holders,,,, You tell me who’s calling the kettle black here,,,, )

The real problem with “happiness” is how subjective it is. My happiness is not your happiness, is not his happiness, is not her happiness.

And I think THAT is where Fran’s question hits the roadblock. It presumes that happiness or freedom be a prerequisite to the argument. You can’t make everybody happy (without large quantities of mood stabilizers and psychotropics in the water supplies,,,,) and there will always be ‘that one’ that desires to tell others how to ‘BE’, (modern parlance calls this type Karens,,, but those are only one such type of the same species.)

I don’t have an answer for Fran on this one. My take on it, IF and when we regain the Freedoms, we, those that ‘just wanna be left alone’ need to start being proactive in maintaining that. Don’t go ‘hunting’ but when those that want to tell others,,,, get involved, WE the unwilling, the ungovernable need to get in their faces, grab a belt loop, and ‘do the deed’ that has so desperately needed done these past 250+ years. Start with the ‘punch in the mouf’ and escalate to slitting throats as needed. BUT there must be that proactive side to make sure that those that would lead from behind others, know they will not be tolerated.

How do you decide? And thats the problem: ‘the state’ is always lurking nearby, just waiting for that one willing to make the grab. And as Fran Illustrated on his fictitious planet ‘Hope’, even the ‘leave me alones’ can become ‘The State’

still thinkin’ here,,,,,

But in the meantime, I’m busting out Starship Troopers and “Then there were none” again. Between the two: enough state vs libertine to get some thinks going.

Is there an answer? I have my doubts: the human species has some issues that need addressed and that may make the whole argument moot. And I’m thinking Aldous Huxley sorts of ‘addressed’, influenced by ‘the state’ and that fits neatly in line with what the WEF hints at,,, scary shit, really scary shit.

more sound stufs


Posted this yesterday, and Got to thinkin’ some of ya may think I am a little off my rocker,,,

Just to fill in some blanks, NO, I don’t buy into all the Ancient Tech theory that gets covered in some of the utoob vids on these things. Like the ‘fact’ that the ancient Egyptians used 432 repeatedly in the building of the largest pyramid,,, Sure, you can do some figuring this way and that, and I can promise you will find co-Inky-Dinks in everything. But when you start spouting ‘it was exactly 432 Long Cubits wide’,,,, Dood, get real, A Cubit is an ANTHROPOMORPHIC measurement. Its determined by YOUR body, and no one elses. Mine will be slightly different than yours. We didn’t hit standardized measurements for centuries after the great pyramids were built. Even the Greeks had anthropomorphic measuring, though they would and did standardize for particular builds. The Acropolis being one that we know they standardized FOR THE BUILD only. Archeologists found measuring instruments that were provided to the workers so that they were all on the same page, not using thier elbows to fingertips (which is what a Cubit is,,,) or some other squishy type of measurement. I would imagine the Ancient Egyptians did similar for building massive things, like the pyramids or the temple of Thebes, but I wouldn’t use the Cubit or any other body type measurement as a standard for “facts”. Anthropomorphic works well when you are building personal items, like kayaks, that are meant to fit one person and one person only. but when you have a small army of masons and carpenters, you need that fixed measuring system, and it doesn’t matter what it is, so long as everyone is using it. (and why I make sure that people I work with at the J.O.B. check their tapes against mine. It may not be 100% correct, but if we all are the same, it works.)

Where this sound stuff makes me scratch my head and ask ‘is there something to this?’ is with the music. That music can stir emotions is probably the least questioned aspect of it. People are very much emotion driven despite our trying so hard to be rational creatures (most of us anyway) and music speaks to that emotional side.

We know that certain combinations of sound, timbre, tone, frequencies, etc etc, strike certain ’emotional nerves’

so, why couldn’t a frequency choice be positive or negative in its application. The hardest part about this search is that its highly subjective. Some people are more sensitive to sound than others, some,, Usually the psychopaths, have zero sensitivity to sounds and people like me analyze the shit out of these things,,,, me, because it interests me greatly.

that doesn’t make me a crackpot,,, LOL

or does it? hmmmm,,,

but what if, there is something there, that makes us better, or at least more in tune with the rest of the world? Wouldn’t it be cool if just a change in music scales helped shift peoples attitudes for the better?

nope, not looking for that silverbullet to save the world, but I would like to see some alleviation of the ‘Ick’ that this world is seeing,,, Dunno that sound is the key, but its what I do know, and understand far better than I understand people. People still trip me up (and why I get along with furrypaws better than I do most people,,,,)

mehbe I am the crackpot,,, after all, I believe that our souls reside in the quantum cloud, and this ‘reality’ is a game for our real selves,,,, Take it with a grain of salt (one of the first standardized measurements btw,,, grains, scruples etc See what I did there,,,)

small sad today

and I do mean small.   I have had my ‘Studio’ monitors for damned near 20 years now.  Today I was jamming out and kept hearing something off.   looking closer and a little digging around (by turning up, LOL)  the surround is torn on one satellite speaker:  Subwoofer is fine, the left channel is still fine (for how long,,,, dunno) its not ‘bad’, but it is making some distorted crackles when driven, it will only get worse, they don’t heal themselves,,,


amazingly I can still find this model available. (says something about the quaility of the product that they are still making it) and if I can find the model, I can find a replacement driver for it.

OOPS, spoke too damned soon. $800 from a private seller,,, Logitech doesn’t produce them anymore and apparently the replacement model is ‘lacking’ as one commenter put it. ok, my small sad just grew a notch on the belt line,, grrr.

and as long as i don’t ‘drive’ the unit, it may last longer yet.

ROFL, me? not DRIVE a system,,, ROFLMAO,,WHooo, tha’s funny right there,,,,

And now, I am thinking about building a pair of satellites from some car speakers that I have. I just need to match impedence of whats in there to keep the rest of the system in range.,,

still, 20 stinking years and I drive the hell out of it and the only issue to date is that surround starting to give way, and one replaced input line a couple years back (1/8′ phone jack, finally gave up.) I think I got my monies worth out of them. (and that subwoofer is still kicking ass, taking names, and rupturing foundations,,)

the grumbles of age

and ya, I know I have readers that are older than i,,,,

BUT, the age still creeps up on ya and when you least expect, changes need made to HOW,,,, How you live, how you move, how you think even.

One little change that I started making this week, and I am still working on: Salt Intake,,,, I’ve always been a salt-a-holic: goes back to my Marine Corps days, when ‘salt your food to taste’ was the order of the day and when you are burning through copious amounts of water, you burn through copious amounts of salt too,,,

but lately, that salt has been doing bad things. Like feeling dizzy when I stand up, Yeah, BP counts are over normal,,, and there was another aspect I wasn’t expecting,,, Cramps. Potassium levels are off. So, SWITCH to the Potassium Chloride ‘salt’. :: One week,,, cramps are starting to fade off, and my pallette is starting to adapt to the taste, and I don’t use anywhere near as much as I had of the sodiumchloride tablesalt, gold of the desert-folk,

quick check this morning and my BP was 119/73, and thats right after I woke so its coming back down. (BPs tend to be higher when you first wake up since your body is in ‘get moving’ mode)(and I am quite aware that the number listed is ‘really good’,, it was running around 130/90 last week and was scaring me. I ain’t 20 no more, but when I was in my twenties, my BP ran around 105/60 and I had more than one ‘doc’ ask me “are you even awake?” while doing the checks.)

Just the fact that I am checking my BP twice sometimes more, daily,,,, Thats one shift. That I started paying attention to what the warning signs of this vehicle have been telling me,,, Thats another shift.

It sucks gettin’ old”,,,, “Aint no gettin’ son; GOT!!!” *sigh* And if I had thought I would have lasted this danged long, I’d have tried to take better care of it. LOL the lies we tell ourselves,,,,, Who the hell am I kidding, I wouldn’t change a thing because I wouldn’t shift my mentallity enough,,, I like who I am in me head, and that ‘me’ didn’t get here by being a ninny watching every molecule that passed my lips,,,,

and I AM still young enough that I can make some corrections to the course, which I am doing.

What won’t change is my genetics, and my genetics have likely doomed me to an ‘early’ death from heart failure; ‘early’ being mid to late sixties. All of my moms brothers died in thier sixties, and all about the same way. Got home, went into office and ‘passed out’ dead as the proverbial doornail. And the majority of my genetic code is obviously from my mothers side,,, I am the spitting image of one of her brothers at the same age. and I tower almost a full foot over my dad.

And ya know what? I am ok with that. My sis is probably yelling at the screen right now, follow along, you’ll understand.

I have had a DAMNED GOOD LIFE. And it ain’t over with yet, and I don’t plan on becoming that ninny that watches every little stinking detail in fear. I can make sure I eat well, and do my exercisees, but it won’t change the fact that a heart has an expiration date assigned to it. And I know that what is here is just one stage of ” My REAL Life”, (if you think my posting about Mackies Christmas was ‘just’ fiction,, read it again,,, I BELIEVE that Woo-Woo heebie-jeebie stuff,,,,) Rather like my looking forward to the collapse so I can see whats on the other side (and I may not live long enough for that, and if I do, very likely won’t see its wrap up.) I look forward to learning “The WHY”,,, Why are we here, Why are we “alone”, why why whywhy, like a 3 year old on a roll. Tons and tons of questions that physics and metaphysics only tap at, never answer. And interestingly enough, I probably already know, you probably already know, its just THAT information is not permitted in this lab/classroom/playground,,, I dunno, but I WILL find out,

Wow,,, This post took a right turn around the bend, didn’t it?

Its flipping 20 degrees outside right now. Grizz keeps coming in, popping up in my lap with COLD paws and telling me all about how cold it is and why I need to fix that,,,, Brrrrr Sorry kat, you can go play in that shit, you’s a furcoat. this hairless monkey is going to do half an hour on the Erg in place of taking Lizzy to the FRICKIN FRIGID LAKE,,, just about 3 months out, the SKAW is scheduled and I intend on giving it hell! 13 miles of mostly open water in 2 laps. Gonna be fun pushing and pulling with Bruce (not doing tandem, both in solo, but you can bet we will be neck and neck the whole race, giving hell to the one slacking at that moment: and I expect that ‘slack’ to walk back and forth between us as we get our second/third/fourth winds,,,,)

Lets play with sounds

A440.   Probably means nothing to some, but to ANYONE that has spent even 5 minutes in the same room with ANY musikers, you’re probably familiar with it, in passing at least and by tone definitely.  

BUT, what if that isn’t what music was originally written in?   Hmm?   1939 was when A440 became the industry standard and there was a lot of kerfluflle over it then.    Before that 432 was the accepted tuning in most cases, but the London Philharmonic couldn’t get (accurate) tuning forks made to that, so they tuned to 440, and thats where the story began, or ended or something.

I have a tone generator that I play with on occasion.  Now, 432 sounds a little flat to me AT FIRST, but quickly gets normalized,  FYI Aflat is 420 and some change (no jokes from the left handed smokers crowd,,,) so yeah, 432 would sound a little flat to a tuned ear.   BUT, what if that frequency were more natural, more in tune with frequencies that actually take place in nature, like the resonance of the earth, or the buzz of honeybee wings???   

SOoooosssss, I played a little bit and hit something a might bit disturbing.   What I did was set up a pure sine wave of 432.   Then I set up a second sine wave of 440.    Running both channels at the same time, the warble was really REALLY irritating, and not just because it sounded cacophonous, more like sawtooth wave.  It GRATED on me, like taking a cheese grater and running it over your face irritating.   I toned it down some, then split the waves across the ears, 432 in left, and 440 in right.   better, but there was still a disturbing ‘ick’ to it.    Now, since my hearing is rather shot in my right ear, (everything sounds a bit distorted like its ran through an overdriven Marshal amp) I swapped.   MUCH better, but still a harmonic there between the ears that was NOT PLEASANT!!!

Just for giggles I dropped the one signal a full octave,,,   OMG so much worse,,,,UGH,

I am half tempted to contact some old friends and see if any of them have those ‘auto tuners’ on hand, and see if they can be manipulated to adjust to a different frequency, not just an established A440 scale.   I would be interested in hearing some of modern music played back in the 432 scaling.

I know you can find artists on Utoob that are playing stuff in 432 (this is a thing these days. ) People are starting to think the 440 vibe has been causing problems.  Personally, I am just interested in it because, well, SOUND,, DuH!!!  

But the fact that there is so  much POPULAR music written in A minor,,,  Makes me wonder if there may be something to this ‘causing problems’ thing.    A minor is NOT the same, but its closer, the only problem being that any scaling that generates such disharmony with another scaling is going to ‘rub you raw’ after a time.    It would be like sitting in a 55 gallon drum while I ran a grinder over the outside.  Maybe not at first, but the effect would build.   We have had 83 years for this effect to build up,,,,

Now, to be fair, there is also some headthinks about the Freq 528,,,,   I did the same thing there, but honestly, a pure sine wave of 528 sound “keening” to me.   I was able to handle a few seconds of it, but then I started feeling,,   I dunno, ‘off center’ is the best desciption I have.   It was just too ‘sharp’ for my poor abuseed ears or ,, something,,, Dunno, but it wasn’t comfortable   

NOW, for those that tell me that I am full of shit about this, audiometrics and psychology have long been friends,,,  I have even described here on this site, how NPR uses certain tools to generate ‘comfort and calm’ in their talking heads voices.   enhance the lower end, compress the overall signal to get even range of the high/lo amplitude, and soften the blow of the 1K clicks, lo-pass filter at 7k to strike the harsh syblance off. ,,,, And you thought that guy running that mess of knobs and faders was just a talented monkey,,,, LOL NOPES, we knew how to take what we were given by the bands and make it ‘pleasing for the ear’. Good bands made this easy as pie, rougher bands made us work for it,,, And you had to make sure that it could all be heard but not so much that your ears were bleeding from ‘noise’,,,

yes, I know what they all do , and YES it took awhile to learn.

and that noise I refer too,,,, That is what I got when I ran 432 and 440 together,,,, Yick,,,,

UPDATED: Before some of the more musicly talented start tossing off about how ‘retuning’ would throw off all the scales, Led Zep was reknown for ‘retuning’ and alternative tunings (thats why you struggled so hard to learn some of thier songs,,,) so No, Augmented fourths and suspended ninths are still going to get you in the guts, the minor keys are still going to pull on your heartstrings, and the majors are going to ‘fire you up’,,,, so long as all the instruments and strings are tuned alike. What this will do for established woodwinds and brass ??? I can’t recall how those are tuned or if the tuning can be manipulated,,,,

I resemble that remark

Of course, part of the playbook is that the population is made up of roughly 80% compliance-seeking normies who will do whatever it is they’re told to do by anyone wearing a suit or carrying a clipboard. My nature has always been the opposite. The only question I have had in response to someone telling me what to do is: “Who the hell are you?” And, I don’t much care about the answer.

T.L. Davis

Who the hell are you?   and I don’t much care about the answer,,,

I’m not on the dole in any way shape or form, no desire to be, THEREFORE, no one is paying MY bills and they can fuck a rusty chainsaw while riding a rollercoaster,,, dongivfuk,,,

Contrarian?  ya knows it!!!   

I prefer “AMERI-CAN”, but you can call me extremist, racist, homophobic, white privileged, or any number of other epithats, and I will just smile: its pretty obvious that the ‘name caller’ hasn’t a mind of their own so forgiveness is given in advance. BUT, just because you have been forgiven of your ignorance, does not mean you aren’t still accountable when things go sideways,,,,

So do have a nice day (while you still can)

Getting a little miffed

apologies for the lack of posts the last two days.   Kinda crazy yesterday and when I made it home, basic chores was about the extent of my abilities and I crashed right at dusk.   The day prior was just lack of something to talk about,,,,

anywhoos.    I have this thing where I cruise through various social medias, (including FakeBook) to get a finger on the pulse of the world at large.  Not the prepper/patriot thing; the world at a large also occasionally called Joey Normal,,,

And B sent me a link to a Joe Rogan show (Episode #1921) asking me opinion,,,,   that one kinda hits all over the place and as I told B, the parts about the Kraine,,,   Note I haven’t touched on them too much here,,,   Way too many dialogues taking place, way too many points of view and and too many WAY TOO MANY contradictions in what we are being told.   this week its Krainfeld is kicking ass, next week, we see where Krainian troops are starving in thier bunkers awaiting the next wave of Russkies to take them out, then Putin is dying of Cancer, but we are sending M1 Abrahms to the Kraine, and HAVE BEEN sending my great grandkids tax revenues over there by the pallet load,,,,

Like I told B, and this is just my Opinion,,, There is so much crap going on, and so many different perspectives, I >PERSONALLY FEEL< that the whole thing is a grift job and ALL OF THE LEADERS PRETEND to include Vladimir Putin, are in on the take,,,,

So, I keep my mouth shut about the whole thing and just watch, waiting for them to decide they need to kick into some nuclear futbol games. And I recall a series of pulps back in the 80’s where the European theater became a sort of ‘venue’ for superpowers to kick each other around without destroying thier home bases,,, Like Europe was the agread upon stomping ground and whomever lived there, “aw, toobad, sorry about Junior growing an extra head from when we dropped that radiocative nerve agent on what used to be Berlin,,,,”

apologies for not recalling the actual titles of the stories, but I do remember the BOLO series grew out of it. (think M1 Abrahms on steriods and INTELLIGENT!)

Now, whats got me miffed? Minimallist indocttrination. so many utoob vids about minimalism, (and no, I don’t click them, so that shouldn’t be pulling them into my feeds, but, there they are,,,,) that I am starting to think this is another ‘push’ by big tech to ‘help the Schwabbies?Davos peeps in their “you will own nothing and be happy” schtick.

Let me get something straight, I am all about minimallism, I like simple living, and keeping things to the smallest common denominator. No TV, I don’t listen to radio, even when I am driving, I catch things across the board, at MY CHOOSING, and I look at as many options as I can before I make the call, ‘THIS’,, When it comes to what I own, I chose to make my house tiny because I found when you have severely limited space, you become VERY frugal in what you are willing to acquire (kayaks fit my world so shush you!) I don’t go buying a new living room set every three years for example. There isn’t ROOM for a living room set in my place; I has a desk, office chair and a couple small chairs ‘just in case’ I have a guest or three (does happen, but RARE) (and currently, I am typing on my lap since Mama has chosen my writing time to occupy the desk top,,,) Let me put it a different way. If you ever lived in an RV, you might find my house to be very comfortable, but if you have not, you will find it TOO Spartan for your liking. (and my kitchen galley was pretty much ripped straight out of my old RV, with upgrades,,, )

No, minimalism is NOT for everybody, and most people will chafe and chomp if its forced on them. IT MUST BE A PERSONAL CHOICE.

And that is where I am getting miffed. If these video blurbs ARE the actions of Davos/Soros/Schwabbie backed factions, then they are attempting to ‘glorify and romanticize’ Minimalism.

Is it a conspiracy? I don’t even want to go down that path, but that we KNOW the WEF and Davos and Soros are New World Order and THAT is no longer a CT,,,, I have to wonder,,,

Gaslighting can work in two directions, To make someone feel they are losing their minds, OR, To train someone to think a certain way: call it brainwashing if you will, but the best way to accomplish that is to continually repeat the same bullshit in so many different ways that eventually you OVERWRITE the truth. You can’t overwrite reality, but you CAN get enough people to flow to your song that it seems “real”. How do you think Hitler managed to get so many to go along with his insanity (and his PR guy was topnotch, even if Cracked like the San Andreas Fault.) I worry that the likes of Davos and such have even MORE chances of starting another holocaust of a sort, thanks to having the ears and minds of BIg Tech in their folds.

I dunno what the real scenario is, I have so few real contacts across the world that I can only ‘look through the mirror’ to figure this shit out, and we all know the mirror the the Web is compromised these days. Alices looking glass had NOTHING on the InterWehbs,,,,

Talent, skill, luck, and work,,,


I think it was BB King that said “If you wanna learn your ‘tone’ lock yourself in with a guitar until you can’t see the frets straight and your fingers are bloody from playing all day everyday,,,  Then you will have your tone”

Skill,,,   Skill is from WORK,    you work at it, you get it eventually,  (and why I am just a mediocre bassplayer,,,)   when you  have skills, the talent MAY follow.    SRV had mad skills, but his TALENT,,,   without a question,,,   My Grandpappy,   Mad skills, but zero talent,  could play anything, but it was like listening to a recording, no heart, no soul, but mad skills.    Talent is more than just the practice, its something from deeper inside, and not everyone has it.   I think that is why I never really pursued the four strings like I did other aspects of the industry.   Hell, that lighting girl I mentioned, Sarah, mad as a hatter bass player,,,  I know my limitations, and there are things you CANNOT fake and talent is one of them.

But by the good lord, I have a voice,,,   Maybe I am only a parrot, but when I sing, people stop and listen.    Its why I did my own voice overs for ads when I was still “breaking in” while doing the bar scene.   Never recorded an album, but my voice has been heard all over the greater Cinci metro area at one time.

some people are gifted with talents.  Some have to work very very hard at them, but they all share that one thing, SKILL and those have to be worked at,    And sometimes, you get lucky and they pay off.  

When I was mixing in the bars, I used to help young bands out with motivation talks, show them how we could make them seem bigger than life with thier little 25 watt amps (Hide them behind the stacks faced to the band and miked up.  there were usually a few Marshal stacks on stage and made them look ‘more pro’ ), and tried to push them towards originals, not cover bullshit.  But I warned them, that it was work, drive and perseverance that made people successful.   And I also told them that for every ‘guitar god’ they knew by name, there were 30000 that they didn’t know with equal or better skills, but no drive or focus

And sometimes it is a matter of luck,,,   Being on the right stage at the right time when the right producer walks by, or being in the right studio when some major band is there and being overheard.  

Or like Bob Segar, getting seen by a secratary that thought he was ‘hawt’ and  kept slipping his demo into the bosses mail slot,,, (dunno if thats true or not, but its the myth I remember hearing,,,,)   Totally talented but needed that extra help from outside to be noticed, and the world is a much better place for it.

and you also have those that have the talent, but no desire for that level.   You have even heard one  of their tunes, everytime you hear a Micky D’s commercial,,,   I worked with them at a local gig in Louisville: they covered “spirit of Radio” by Rush,   Her singing and him on acoustic, and they NAILED IT, including the percussion, bass line and main riffs.    All on one guitar.

Or these guys.

lost my hearing b4 they hit it, never worked with them,,,,

These are the people that locked themselves away and played till their fingers bled,,,,

The man in the very first video,,,   He has a talent too.   I suggested his books here and if you watched his vid through, his writing style is similar, but he has the ability to take several ideas and boil them down to their essence,,,    And package it for sale,,,

I think that last is what a lot of talent is missing,,, how to package it,,,   sometimes you just get lucky

and sometimes you make your own luck,,,,

but what you never get around is: Ya gotta do the WORK,,,

(but, and maybe more importantly; You have to WANT IT,,, with every fiber of your being,,, )

Trip, boop! SPLAT!!!

another trip down memory lane this afternoon,,,,

rain out at the J.O.B. and I ain’t complaining, (except for that ‘no work, no pay’ thing,,, ugh!!!).  it was COLD out there, and wet as all get out, and my ‘job’ today was an install of an intelligent (they ain’t) gate.  Welding included and I hate welding on icy steel; things can get a bit exciting when a sheet of ice slides right into your welding puddle,,,,

anywhooos, did some chatting with B (he was at work, but slow day for the same reasons we were not at work,,,,) and I sent him a link to my first blog-site.

I’m dying here,,,   That picture in the side bar,,,, Yeah, that’s me,,,  the year was 2004 and I was on a gig in Newport KY, and the young things I am surrounded by were a dance troupe from NKU.   And the Photographer was my Ex,,,   (not that this pic led to that demise,,, that was years later,,,).   All day today, I kept looking at that pic, thinking, “Christ!  I really was young then!!!” and knew NOTHING even though I thought I knew Something,,,   I knew sound, and how to turn a wrench, and that was about the extent of my skills.  Oh yeah, March in formation and shoot expert on the Marine Corps ranges, both pistol and rifle. (and part of where that moniker snuck in at,,,  )

 I was thirty-six and felt like I had the world by its short-hairs.

I think the chorus in that song sums up my life then,,,,   

and that blog, damn I was a chatty rat wern’t I?   LOL.   Prolly why my posts tend to be quite a bit shorter these days,,,  I feel like I already said it all,,,,

and to what end?   

Nothing changed, or at least not for the better,,,  Maybe I learned a shit ton more, but the more I learn the more I realize the less I actually know, and that one person is going to have about as much effect as a fart in a hurricane.   There are exceptions of course,,, but ultimately, those exceptions are rarer than hens teeth in the short term.

To be honest, reading some of my words from that time, I am surprised as hell we are HERE now,,,   

and maybe that’s a part of why I just ‘dongivafuk’ anymore.    Oh, I care that there are shitstains in the world that are bound and determined to be the top of the heap even if that means dropping the living standard of billions into the cesspits,,,   but what can I, ME, Little ol’ lonely ME on this hillside do????    

Laugh at the fucks,,, laugh at the stoopid antics of those that claim to be better people than such as me, or B, who would pull a complete stranger out of the water and try to save his life, or Mark, who just paddled 45 flipping kilometers today and so far has paddled 6600 kilometers (give or take, he has hitched a ride here and there,,,) with the message ‘Reverse the Bad” and not harping on the ‘Glorious leaders pretend” bad shit, but OUR bad shit we do out of callousness or just not thinking.

in one of those posts I talk about the Oblammymessiah and how the turd never did a days worth of work in his life, still hasn’t, and yet,,,,   Hell, the turd didn’t even WRITE the books with his name on them,,, And I would bet his ghost writer doesn’t make all that much off them, if anything past the one time payment Oblammy-o-boy coughed up,,,,  

Trust me, writing/publishing is WORK!!!!  This from a guy that toured the US as a roadie!!!

(and I am not giving the ghostwriter shit,,, any money when you are trying to ‘break in’ keeps you moving forward,,,)

And I am not hammering any political side in particular, just one individual in this case.    Actually, when that pic in the blog was taken, we had just hit the $4/gallon mark while The Shrub was in office, so one side ain’t no better than other.  Actually they are the same coin,,,,   a plug nickle and worth about as much IMO: and looking back at my writing then, I was just learning that,,,thanks to Bill Buppert from ZeroGov, and Larken Rose, and a deluge of other older writing all the way back to Spooner and Locke,,,

Keep in mind, I was also teaching myself Machining skills, foundry skills, gunsmithing, and breaking away from the leftard indoctrination,,,  All while faking being an IT professional (I had the certs, but not the background,,,   And another reason why I think certifications are a sham,,,,    )

My REAL education didn’t start until I hit 40, and I made up for 40 years of wasted bullshit in short order,,,,

And I’m still learning,,,


a little PSA

Nothing of much importance, no world shattering event to warn you about (that hasn’t already been said in some way,,,)

WordPress has went and done it again. If you are (were) a subscriber either through RSS or emails, you will need to go back and re-establish that. My followers list is empty, and I have no email list, can’t even find where one should be on the dashboard,,,

Now, I could extrapolate what happened: some coder or server geek needed to clear some space or something and saw this large bank of memory that wasn’t showing much activity and decided “sure, we’ll wipe that and get another terabyte of mem for this project”, Only, That membank was the servers location of what who and when,,,, buhbye rss feeds,,,, Oops,,, didIdothat,,,,

that sure as shit explains why my readership has been down to half its usual the last week.

Hat Tip to Altaboy in Canada for reaching out and asking if I was OK since he hadn’t seen anything from me in a while, while I have been posting at least once a day since the beginning of the year (well, one or two slides,,,)

a telling to friends

Y’all know I was a touring audio guy for years,,,  I talk about it frequently enough.  What most of y’un don’t really know is that I also played bass (at least, up till this year, most of ya didn’t know it.)

confession time.  I have about as much skill with the bass as I have with a surgeons knife.   I can do basic sutures, maybe even debride properly, but if you have something you need REAL help with, I will be the first to tell you to find the Pro,,,

And I did play out a few times and thats when I found I also have a fear of crowds.  More than just the introvert thing too.  Hatez looking out at that sea of faces,,,  maybe that has something to do with my lack of skill on the strings, or maybe its just me being me, but the few times I played out, the only way I could be on that stage was lit to the gills, drunk as the proverbial skunk.      Saw a recent video of Metallica on stage in Moscow, and when Hetfeild walked out, looked across that literal OCEAN of 1.6 MILLION souls,,, His face dived right back down to the guitar as he sought composure.   You could tell he wasn’t scared,,,   I think massively humbled at first.  And you could tell through the rest of the Vid how he was literally FEEDING off that wave of admiration,,,,  One of his best performances in my opinion.

Me,   I’d have ran, screaming, for the wetbar,,,,,

but I LOVE live music.  I love the energy of the band in wide open throttle, I love the interplay of the artists (like John Paul Jones and John Bohnam interplay in live performance, knowing they are the foundation for everything else going on.)

See, FOH, which stands for Front of House, is a small island in a sea of people.  There is elbow room, you have space, AND NO ONE NOTICES YOU (unless you fuck up, but thats years ago and many many drunken bar bands and dives earlier,,,,)  And,,,    AND, you literally have THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE.  It all comes down to the sound, right there: not what the yokels are hearing near the bathrooms.  

But what I really loved the most, even though I had to be dragged into it backwards, scratching the walls and kicking and screaming (another story all together) was monitor world: multiple mixes, every one different, and all for a ‘crowd’ that you know by name and may have had a drink or two with before the show.   And if you were doing your job RIGHT, no thanks needed,  you knew it because the energy on the stage was infectious.    A good monitor guy helps the band HEAR,,,, That’s it.   but that job is way easier said than done,,,,  Especially when you mix bands like Los Lobos, where the drummer is one step away from being legally handicapped by his deafness.   Or a 17 mix show for Wayne Brady (yes, Wayne, I made your ears bleed.   You were my second time in monitor world, and while you suffered, I grew, and I apologize profusely to you for the lack of forethought by my bosses, but I thank you for giving me lessons in that world and how to take a criticism like that without throat punching the speaker.)

Touring is a young persons gig.  Being in the band is not as taxing (though being on stage can have its weight too,,,  Gerard of My Chemical Romance comes to mind.  4 weeks fighting a bug and never missed a show, had to be carried off stage by myself and others more than once,,,,)  We would get to the venue at 9 am, stage call at 9:30, load in, set up, systems check, and sound check,  then bands sound check, dinner call (lunch was whatever we could grab from catering and eat on the run,,,,)  then showtime, which was the break in some ways,,,  then load out, load up, and bus call at 1AM; back on the road again,,,,on to the next city down the road to start it all again in 8 hours.   And somewhere in there you tried to grab a shower and a shit, because you do NOT use the shitter on the bus for anything other than piss. 

but Gawd the money I made,,,

in a job I absolutely LOVED,,,


I will have stories to tell for years and years, like Sarah the lighting tech hanging in the truss propping a mover with her feet since its brace broke sometime in the day.  Us tossing water to her through the entire 4 hour show so she didn’t dehydrate while ‘riding’ a 6000 watt intelligent lamp.  And no one in the crowd ever knew,,,,   There was zero politics on the bus, and while you could see who was Lib and who was conservative, it didn’t matter,,, All that mattered was “The show MUST go on” and thats not some bullshit cliche,,,  We lived for that show, whatever it was, whichever band it was, no matter how many bands it was, and we almost never knew where the hell we were until we near the end of the run, and looking for the next ‘gig’,,,, 

No drugs EVER gave me that kind of high,,,   (and before you ask, roadies tend to be the cleaner bunch of the shows.  We ain’t got time for much more than a good whiskey buzz, and mostly to get to sleep so we could do the next show.

That book there,,,,, that was given to me by Karl himself in Houston.   His claim to fame was working with Lynard Skynard

Yeah, my fam calls me Jamie, a twist on my birthname of James

Hot showers, cold beer, and good power,,,, Still have those,,, that ‘one good ear’,,,, not so much.

I hated being in front of crowds. I NEVER did an intro, not even when Tom Weber got married on stage in Chicago. Tom was our FOH, and he was also Ronnie James Dios guitar tech (his at home business was Luthier) BUT, They got me once,,, All the lights are down and how I SHOULD have known they were up to something. They needed someone ‘bassy’ to sing on our lead vocal mike. Sure, I am the guy with the bottom end in his voice, so I went out and did an acappella of “supermans song” by Crashtest Dummies. And as I am winding out the unsupported final chorus, Murph brought the lights up and I am looking out on about 3000 people there for a soundcheck party thing.

I about pissed myself when they ALL applauded,,,,

Fun times, and NO, I never did forgive those hooligans, though I DID get them back,,,, Another set of stories,,,,

I suck at bass, but I love the intstrument, I have (had) perfect pitch which is rare in musicians, even rarer in rank amatuer musicians like myself, but, I was able to help correct on the fly a bad string here or there, and some of the bands learned to count on that. One show, don’t recall where, and one small sour note appeared out of nowhere and the ENTIRE BAND looked to me so I could point out WHO needed the fix. They had a new guitar tech the next week. Sorry Raf,,,,

Live sound is sorta like combat, without the bullets or bombs: You fuck up, you’re goin’ home. With the money being spent on the crews (unless you work for Dizzknee,, DON’T EVER WORK FOR THAT SCAM,,,,) you have to be on the top tier,,, And no excuses: excuses lead to bullshit and bullshit gets you sent home.

It’s late, and I think I have spent enough time on memory lane tonight,,,, This gets posted first thing in morning and my tinnitus is ringing pretty good from being tired. Talk more tomorrow,,,,,

Marks in Tampa

Not far from BCE’s digs,,, Thats a little island he is on in that bay, and it looks like its part of some park system, but far enough off shore to keep from running afoul of riff-raff. Last time I was in Tampa there were a few thugs runnin’ around, and I don’t believe the situation has improved over the last near twenty years. Big Country can likely expand on that, mehbie,,,,

here’s the link if you wanna follow along, message him with cheers as he paddles or whatever. messages are only delivered while the trace is active, so he isn’t likely to respond back, but seeing how many do message him, he has lots of fans. (myself included,,,) but the trace is REAL TIME so long as his phone is on. The current track shows a straight line from off-shore to inland, so I would imagine his phone was off for a spell before he kicked off this morning.

getting watched over?`

Posted my trepidation of ‘just anudder manic muhnday,,,” this AM, and maybe someone IS watching out for me. Didn’t have to munkee with monkies today: all on me lonesome, chasing down electrons and ghosties,,, Or in the case of the last ‘repair’, find out dummy broke key off in security box,,,,, Thats pricey since now I have to replace the entire unit, not just the keypad within,,,,(son of bossman said to find the problem, and if that meant replacing unit, so be it. Out come tools of destruction so I can get to the problem child within,,,,)

can’t fix stoopid, and that business is notorious for “Zero Tolerance” so there isn’t a single body willing to step up and say, ‘yeah, I screwed the pooch,,,’ Their problem, its up to me to rectify the destruction and get things operational again. And I look at it like this: they want to hire low IQ and skill level and hold zero tolerance for mistakes,… I have job security,,,,, NO ONE will fess up when you know if you do, you are pink-slipped on the spot. That sort of ‘management’ has no way of wheedling out the true ‘fuck-ups’ from the diamonds in the rough. They’d rather pay my company service call fees and repair bills. They also have no way of rectifying diffferences in inventory with actual production because the middle management lies through their teeth to protect thier job status,,,

Damn, a microscopic version of TOP DOWN Government at work,,,,, who’d a thunk,,,,

I was in the Corps right around when they started the whole bottom up thing. The NCO’s had tons of discretion allowed to them, and the ossifers started having better numbers showing up, with a whole lot LESS flak from the troops. Becoming a Lance or Corporal carried weight because you were actually in charge of PEOPLE, not just some aspect of the motorpool or comm shack,,,

and if one of your pogues F!up!, you stood the beating as well. Maybe not as severe, but you were responsible for that man and you took it too. Same thing went up hill, all the way to post command. It would get spread out some, but if a unit screwed up and caught the attention of the Commandant at 8th and I,,,,

TOP DOWN never works for too long. Bottom up has longevity AND is far more flexible, so long as the mission roles are well defined. When you start doing things bottom up, problems get resolved faster, and in such ways that most times, it doesn’t become a REAL issue. Got a guy that is missing PT or something on the reg,,, the NCO’s deal with it as best they can, and that is usually MORE than enough. Got a slacker thats pulling the whole unit down? A little one on one with his platoon buddies after hours usually straightened those up, Or ran them off,,,

And while at the time, those ‘corrections’ may seem harsh, the reality is, the problem children were protected from the weight of the UCMJ, which can be a real mother, and one that can haunt a guy for decades. And that protection helped the unit as well. If one of them continued being the screwball, then things would escalate, and the unit was absolved of responsibility since “they tried their best”,,,

Anywhoos, I am home now, relaxed since I didn’t have to deal with a circus today, and breathing easy for that. The bottle of Beam is safe from me tonight,,,,

now, back to my REAL job, and that may be another all-nighter if the guest in my head has any say on the matter,,,,

i’s muhnday

and feels like its gonna be ‘one of them days’,,,

ohhhmmmmm paddaohmpadmum,,,,, ground and center,,,,, ground and center.

more laterz

Aren’t you glad I don’t play bass anymore???

Causing earthquakes and Tsunamis?

I can say for a fact that my cuz, my neighbor, is NOT at all happy nor is he happy that I don’t even own a bass anymore (I need to rectify that absence,,,,). Maybe I should say he IS happy I don’t own a bass anymore, because my amps tended to much higher power than I currently run,,,,,

Ain’t gonna lie, I tied one on last night. bottle of Beam, today, HALF a bottle of beam,,,,

sound system cranked the F$^K UP!!!!

like I sent to B last night “When I listen to TOOL, so do the neighbors,,,,” and it wasn’t just Tool. There was some Primus in there, Dishwalla, RUSH, (love the old stuff like Anthem and Vital Signs, which I can sorta play AND definitely sing,,,,though these days, I have a harder time with Geddy’s higher registers,,,)(and no, I have no talent for original work, I can do covers,,, Thats why I mixed sound: I know my limits,,,)

Seriously though, Athena has me wrapped tighter than a coil on a 400A welder,,,, She came back, and the story has become something FAR FAR beyond the short 10000 word short I expected,,,, And that little teaser you all read here,,, Ummm,,, its grown a bit’; more meat, better details, and some more dialogue,,,, Think Pinocchio breeds with,,, I dunno what, but its a bit more involved than just “teenage emulated AI gets bored,,,,”

Anyways, I have found another outlet for my ‘creative side’, not really an outlet, but definitely one of those “found a kindred spirit’ sort of things. Elizebeth Zharoff,,, The Charismatic Voice.

A Vocal Coach for singers and from what I can tell DAMNED GOOD!!!! SPEND THE F^&KIN’ MONEY ON THIS WOMAN IF YOU ARE SERIOUS type of coach. (not only have I watched her ‘reaction’ videos, but one where she displays her talents and the fact that the sound guy came up and moved her microphone AWAY tells me she has the skill, ability and POWER to deliver on her chosen path. (a Shure SM58 can handle several levels OVER distortion and if a guy is moving it away, its peaking his board at levels that scare the hell out of him). Now, watching her ‘reactions’ is entertaining, as she has a child like quality in her reactions, but she also has insight into the production of music, especially the voice side of things. But she breaks down the music to some extent too,,,(Augmented fourths, suspended ninths, those ‘get ya in the gut chords’: She zeroes in on them RTFN!!!!) THOSE are the ones that grab me. And I admit, there are times where, knowing the song, whats forthcoming, I yell at her: “LET IT PLAY, ya’aint heard nuthin’ yet gurl!!!!” but, her gig, her channel, her choices,,,,

Why lie, I am a music GEEK,,, and finding other music geeks, even in an electronic social media site, is FUN! Can’t say how many social gatherings I have been at where I, ME, ALONE am the one that is belting out some tune,,,, sigh,,,, Haven’t yet been to a ‘party’ where Sis and I are present and the music starts flowing (seriously, I haven’t and for the life of me dunno why,,,) but we have turned a lyric or two together in private. (Sittin’ on the dock of the bay,,, watchin’ the ti-i-ide roll away,,,, I think that shocked her to her core to find out her brother had a voice,,,, )(what can I say, years on the road with Pro’s,, you learn to use that one instrument you can never lose, even though you can destroy it,,,)

Anywhoos, Check out this one of her seeing Stevie Ray Vaughan for the first time,,,, LOL. LOVED IT!!!!! Seeing how I have no interest in singing pro anymore, I didn’t dive into her vids of technique, but they are in there too. Go check her out. (and with 1.2 MILLION followers, the woman is onto something AND popular to boot. )

MY reaction to her vids was enough that I sent a personal Email her way THANKING HER for reviving enjoyment in the technical aspects of music again. My hearing may be shot, but if I turn it up a bit, I can still hear the stuff she talks about,,, Neighbors be damned,,,,
If I am listening to ***** so are my neighbors,,,

It never ceases to amaze me how FAR a 600w subwoofer will carry,,,, LOL. rattle the windows on a house 1/4 mile away type of rumble,,,, ROFLMAO,,, Sorry Cuz, I blame the aLkAMEEHaul,,,, my story, and I am stickin’ to it!!!

Hitchin’ a ride

Screen Shot 2023 01 28 at 4 51 32 PM

Anchored 5 miles off shore. I don’t know who he hitched a ride with, but he has several friends that are Loopers that are in large boats and may have hooked up with one for the run across to Tampa Bay. Thats 130miles(ish) and hell, it would have taken him 4+ days to do that at his usual pace. Longer in actuality since he would have had to hug the coastline instead of a straight across shot.

Hell, given the chance of a piggyback ride after 6000 plus Km’s,,, Hell to the yeah, let’s go! Whatcha got in the fridge?

Gotta be having better weather than I am getting right now. Looking at the next 6 days of rain and cold,,,


I had a nice surprise while takin’ the Voo out to do the doo,,,Looks like it may be an early spring,,,, YESSSS!!!! (wild Easter Lillies, usually don’t see this till early March-ish)

do you feel it?

like something is shifting, drifting, pulling apart or pulling together, I can’t tell which,,,,

my morning started rather early,,,  usual these days, (with last toozday being a huge exception) I take advantage of them since the katz are still down from the late night triapsing of the ‘hood, and the world isn’t waking up ‘just yet’,

and the last few days, the signal seems to be moving.  Not so  much a jumbled mess of white noise from chaotic minds, but something that seems more resolved, ready, or near so, and more than a little fed up.   I really noted it over at Chris Muirs today, in comments.   The ‘narrative’ is changing.

Or am I having a bout of wishful thinking.   ————————

I had an assistant at work on Turdsday, and some of you may remember me talking about this’un a time or two.   Rabid Baptist sort, but a nice enough fellow, just a little over the edge on aspects IMO.   We had some serious talks, and I showed him ‘this pagan’ is formidable in a battle of wits, especially when you show up to the fight only partly armed, hoping God has your armor ready,,,,   Thats not being mean, just realisitic on my part.   I don’t recommend assailing a castle with just a knife,,,   And I have had years to build my castle walls, and its defenses that can be turned offensive with little effort.   

Anywhooos,,,, dood wasn’t prepared for me to quote bible passages at him, including ones that he was completely unfamiliar with.   Nor was he prepared for my argument about “you can’t call it the word of God if its in it’s 5th HUMAN translation,,,” and then showed him why I feel that way, using recent points about communications between the translators for King James,    And I showed him that here are more versions of the bible than just that one KJV that he swears is the FINAL word.  Books such as the Russian Orthodox Church, that still contains the Gnostic chapters, and has been translated (supposedly) without the bias of King James scholars (who were also covering thier asses under a despotic king,,,) 

And then I dropped some CS Lewis on his head. “You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.” and proceeded to use the quantum physics thing to prove MY POINTS, Not neccesarily facts, I dont have those; but to prove my theorem so far.  I made the point of telling him, “My beliefs are not contradictory to yours, in fact that are complimentary, but they are NOT the same beliefs,,,” and then I made one point that caught him so far off guard, (and he fought until I clarified that he had misheard; he had)  WE are all GOD,,,  (totally stolen from Micheal Valentine Smith RAH)   and he countered, “no way could GOD be as messed up as me”

my response,  ” You didn’t hear me correctly,,,  I didn’t say YOU were GOD, I didn’t say I was GOD: none of us individually can be that, BUT,,  WE, collectively, with all of our goofy ass fucked up quirks and mistaken thinks, can be, since we were made in his image,  from him, etc etc  QED: WE are all GOD.   

Now, before some of y’all go shooting at me, there was much more than my excerpted version here, to include stuff from my Mackies Christmas story and other points I have illuminated here and there on the blog.   I dumbed down my arguments for this guy.  I had to, since it was obvious that he is stuck in one mode of thinking, and has not explored all the aspects of the world that he can.   For your consideration, he is the one that begs forgiveness and strength, then turns around and repeats the same old shit and wonders why his life is crap,,,   And he is a recovering(?) Methhead, so there is that too.    

Seriously, the ONLY thing I did was prove to him that he has SO MUCH MORE TO LEARN, and that making critical judgments on people JUST BECAUSE they don’t think JUST LIKE YOU,,,   Bad mojo, seriously bad Mojo there.  That sort of shit is why we are where we are.  

BUT, I get the distinct impression GOD (my version, IE, the collective consciousness of humanity, as goofy and messed up as it is) is getting a might tired of the silly bugger games that the left has pushed on us for the last hundred plus years, and one aspect of this schizophrenic GOD is getting ready to gobsmack the shit out of the other aspect that has been holding the reins.  Its nothing I can put my finger on directly and say “THIS, this is my proof that things are about to turn around,,,” , its much more a feeling I get when I am reading words written now and comparing them to 2, 4 and 12 years ago.   Something is shifting in the tembre of the language used.

(and a prouder point, people are using BETTER punctuation,,,  And I know I am not the poster child of proper punctuation; I use it as a tool to color the sentencing, not by the rules taught to me those many many years ago.)(I am also a BIG user of euphimisms, and that makes translating these pages ‘awkward’ for some of the AI translation machines,,,  Apologies to my non-english speaking readers,,,)

Did I change my bible thumpers views on his beliefs?  I doubt it, but that was not the point I wanted to make.  My point was I wanted him to open his eyes that there is more than one way to achieve the same ends/understanding.      And I think that we are about to see another shift in world thinking similar to that which took place back in the 1770’s but without the words of Paine, or Locke, or any of the other philosphers that inspired out Founders.  

It’s called Evolution, and it happens in the minds just as much as the ‘real world’, and can happen on much shorter time scales.   

I think we are at that cusp,,,

And the current leaders pretend are shitting bricks about it.