Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

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Ketteh files # sumpin or nudder

Grizz (zonked) and Zoomz (wide eyed and bushy tailed)

Adoption complete.

Right now, Mamakat is on overwatch and the boys are exploring the yard. They start to get to far out or try to head into the treeline, Mama is all yowls “get back here your lil hooligans!” and they haul skronky lil butts back to th house. She has only had to go after Grizz once, and she hauled him back in the most humbling of ways: his neck, her teeth, and drag drag drag back to the house. They are both getting a little on the big side for that treatment, but she still does the deed.

Inflate whut?!?!

Smokin’Jo3, Slo-Jo, rPresident of the Farce declares 2A proponents need F18s and Nukes.

The economy is getting further and further wrecked, and I dont lay the blame for that solely in the lap of current Fadministration. Just a probe of it will show it to even the stoustest supporter of self-denial. My example is my welding supplies. 75/25 argon co2 bottle. 2016 cost me $32. 2021 $90.58. Almost 300% increase. Welding wire .23″ 11# spool. 2016 $18. 2021 $53. Again, close to 300% increase.

Tell me we aren’t easing into hyper-inflation. The only thing keeping it from going full bore is that a majority still have some faith in the credibility of the federal Gov and its finances.

Or maybe the symbiosis of China and US finances,,,

One falls, both fall, and take the world on a wild rollercoaster ride like has never been seen before. With the morality displayed by heads of state and power players the last decade, I portend that this ride will be hell on earth. And most people will buy the line that ‘its a bug that escaped’ or ‘we must war with Eurasia, because we always are at war with Eurasia ” . They will never allow the mediacomplex to admit the realities: nopes, they must maintain the illusions or the wage slaves and tax serfs will revolt enmass.

Inflated, or Conflated, doesn’t really matter much at the end of the day. My only comfort is that mist people only wish to be left alone and reciprocate accordingly. Those are the people that really make the world move, not the movers and shakers that utilize the energy of the bottom layers to manipulate the world.

I’ll be back up later with something completely different, maybe kittehs, maybe kayaks, maybe silly story telling,. Be good all.

Could be me,,,

Well, that’s the second problem. I never really expect ANYONE else to be perfect, but I get very upset at myself for not being so.

Yeah, I feel your pain Sarah.  I am not ADD or ADHD,AF!!,,,,  nope, I go another route; moderate OCD.  When I focus, its with the intensity of a 10megawatt laser, and continues until ‘the target changes shape, stops moving or catches fire’  (actually ‘ I change its shape, begins operating, or attempts launch into orbit, but I digress,,,) Such can scare off a lot of people, and has, or will impress the hell out of them. But it also gets me in trouble because the new focus is ALL: things I need to keep moving are likely to be back burnered, present back burner stuff gets forgotten about, and my house looks like tornado season ripped through in very short order.

Following up on word across the grapevine at work, don’t want to blast a bridge into toothpicks if there is any truth in said rumor.  Dunno if it is or isn’t, but if ‘Is’, it would explain a shit ton about certain attitudes and issues of late. I’ll have the dirt soon enough,,

But I am still leaving State for a week to help Sis in SC, enjoy some salt time, and maybe kayak with some ‘gators.  Mostly the first order, as its pressing.

Anyways, I has some back burnered stuff asking for attention, and a trio of feline energy containment organisms giving my toes funny looks. (Did I feed them when I returned home??? Coulda sworn I had,,, mehbe its just wrestlemania time,,,)

More tomorrow and mehbe words to spill,, we’ll see,,,,

Correct me if I’m wrong

In my last post I mentioned “negotiating for my own slavery”: I thought more about that and realized that it may be an obscure statement to some. This post is to elaborate on that and the ‘why’ I sold myself short at my current location. Granted, I also shot myself in the foot by misreading a personality but thats another story altogether.

Yes, I do my current work for $12/hr. There are many hats that I wear doing it, and they have been growing over the last few years. Where I screwed up was in thinking there was a mutual understanding that My Time was MINE, but recent events show an assumption on the check writers side that there has been some miscommunication. Not solely his fault; this goes both ways. Assume: make an ass out of You and Me.

Now if I were to start negotiating for better, or said another way, more realistic, wages for my services, the other party would demand even more, time, skills. Management service, etc.

No thanks. What I do is fun to me and if I have to start sacrificing more, that ‘fun’ goes flying over the horizon and I start getting even more curmudgeonly and bitter.

Now, IF, bossman were actually an efficient manager of his own business, I might have second thoughts, but one of the hats I wear most frequently is ‘pull bossmans ass out of his most recent fuckup fire’. Son knows it and tries to keep things straight, but there have been far to many times where both Son and I are standing there, looking at things with our heads cocked to one side going “whudafuq???”

If I were to attempt negotiating for better, the demands would increase, the freedoms I currently enjoy would cease, and My life would be by his choices,,,

That’s slavery in my opinion.

Am I wrong? Personally, I don’t care if its right or wrong, I ask only to see if my stance is radical or commonplace. I don’t push for unearned compensation like many Bossman hires(more’n a few want the check but not the work. And current Stimmy infusions have made it worse than years prior.) I also don’t want to work for someone that only sees me as a tool to accomplish the job. I’m a human being, not a frickin machine (though some of our current employees would argue otherwise).

Anywhoos, I’ll have more later. But I do want to share something that was sent to me this AM.

One week

Short timers syndrome maybe?

But my resilience to stoopidity is being tested HARD.

I don’t give a damn about working late, been “doing the job” for years, and when you are on tour, shit happens and sometimes you have to slap on a few extra hours of hard work to make sure the show goes on. No problem.

But do not tell me at the wrap up of a job, at the end of the day, you need me to travel 45 minutes to slap a frickin bandaid on a cheapskates gate and that I’ll be making Overtime to do it.

It isn’t the fucking money, IT’S MY TIME. I choose how and to whom I spend my time,,, and to lose a few hours of MY time to squeeze a little extra life out of a gate that should have been replaced/rebuilt instead of the slap a weld here, bend this with a come-a-long, grind this to fit,,,, yes, I can do that, in a pinch when security is paramount and turn around time for new is slow, but its jerry-rigged bullshit and pisses me off.

And the options I proposed made better use of My time, the crew I was working with today, and would save the company money in the long run. But, and the boss blew up, then when I was biting the bullet and headed out, changed his tune, called me back and acted like my proposals where HIS idea.

My patience is being stressed tested,,,

One week. I go away for a while, leaving all if this behind for a short spell. And in the interim, I am pulling all my personal gear out because I highly doubt that I will be returning there when I return HERE, and I have no idea if my return HERE will be much more than a pack up and leave trip. (Kittehs are staying here and my Da is looking after them while I will be gone. This usually means I return home to a half destroyed home as Mamakat likes to show her anger by rearranging bookshelfs, pantry, and anything else that she can hook a paw behind)

IF I return there it will NOT be at current rate. Period, full stop. Todays events showed me full well how ‘exploited’ I am and that there will be no improvement without a serious series of negotiations.

And why lie, I have no desire to negotiate for my own slavery anymore. You want my skills; heres my rate for welding, custom fabrication, diagnostic fees, etc etc etc,,,

Four more days,


I wanna see how much more I can stand before I blow up, and burn that bridge to its pilings,

And a Happy Dads Day

Summer Solstice,  Dads Day,  and its perfect for kayaking but I’m doing the smart thing and letting my lame a$$ self do some healing.   Boats unloaded and in cradles to help ease any ‘withdrawal’ pangs while I get this grumpy shoulder back in line.  I can tell its just bruised a touch: I straight armed that river bottom and had all of my 200, plus the weight of the kayak, sped up by rushing water, slammed into that joint. The elbow is a little grumpy too.  Core muscles are fine, even with using them to force the boat inline with the current instead broadside to it.  Once I was turned with the current, I was able to roll her back on keel (she doesnt have one but,,) and take a minute to figger my next move.  I was sitting atop that rock and had oodles of water to get me moving again, I just needed to get the Jefe back in it, on MY terms.  Lol

I was pissed,  saying ‘I did everything flipping wrong’ but B, ( how could a guy with his attitude and graces NOT be a Dad,  Happy Dads Day dude!!!  His kids are graced with a Good’un and his SO, T knows it,,,) Followed, ” you did everything wrong, but you did everything right too. Ya didn’t panic, you focused on the situation and self rescued, you didn’t blow the skirt and your hair is still dry,,,” 

What a day: good water, good friends,  awesome weather that held all danged day, and the t-totally perfect start to the summer. (And some fine rockin pizza for din-din)

I have a post of poly-tick nature, half writ, and half built, but dangit, I refuse to tatter such a damned good weekend with cesspool scrapings and necrotic detritus. So, y’all get to chill with my water fun, or better, go paddle a boat and start summer off RIGHT.

Wake up and f##kin OUCH!

I ain’t 30 sumpin anymore,,,

Got in late, like 2 am late, Grizz in my face at 6ish (as soon as it starts getting light he lets me know.) And when I go to pet him someone rammed a yellow hot needle through my shoulder down to my elbow.

And I am flat wore out.

I’m sitting here at the meet up spot for the crew headed to NC today; not to join them, but to let them know, in person, that I will be falling out on them. Partly because that shoulder pain, but also because I don’t want to be a liablilty to them either. I am tired enough to make stoopid mistakes, know it, and am humble enough to admit it. And a three hour drive one way, would likeiy do me in right now

I know what I did, have witnesses that I pulled off some crazy shit when the water showed me who the boss really was (it sure wasn’t the Jefe or me) but managed to get the boat back up top, keep the skirt on and water out AND kept my head dry. But that shoulder took a beating in the process.

More ltr

Mo’ fun than,,,,

Its ain’t the greatest vid, I was standing bellydeep on water to get the angle, but you can see the splashysplashy of S-turn and the cutrent there at the whirlpools. This was out second lap, the first was done at 1000CFS (tanx to B for not saying anything intil the end of the lap. Some days ignorance is bliss.

Two bosses

Travel time now to get home, them I head to North Carolina in AM to do it again somewhere else. Maybs has a camera this round (other than silly phone)

More later.

Freeman, has’n sum funnz

I’ll be on later, current (pun intended) activities happenin’

We’re headed to river now, catch back after they pump the water outta me.

Unsettled, pt2

Time is money.

Only it isn’t.  We exchange money for our time, but ask yourself, seriously ask, ‘How much is one minute of my life worth?’.  I say that because of some of my recent unsettling has been around ‘work’ AKA ‘my day J.O.B.’.  Bossman and I having a butting of heads currently and if things continue, we both lose.  Except it may be the cord cutting I NEED to get shit rolling, on which case, it would be his loss, my gain.

You don’t “rent” your time out, like I have heard others say.  Renting means you still own the property rented.  When you ‘rent’ your time, its gone,  forever and ever, amen!  (And the person that invents a way to regain lost time,,,)  No, you don’t rent it, you sell it and usually to the lowest bidder (at that time) and what compensation you recieve,,,  How can you get ahead by selling to the lowest bidder?  Two words: You don’t.   Even those that manage to break out of the rat race don’t do it on the currency of “one good day job”.

The tiff is this. I let him and son know that I need to take a week off, two weeks out.  Today, there was ‘no work for me’, but he wanted me to give up my weekend for a job ‘that needs finished before the 4th’.  Plans have already been made, I could cancel the saturday thing no issues. But not the whole weekend,,, “don’t bother, if I cant have you both days I dont want you for either “

Somehow, me thinks when I go in monday, it will be to finish up a couple things that were on hold, (needing measurements or waiting for parts to return from powdercoater) loading my personal equipment and when my “week off” rolls around, just not coming back.  Just like a cat would do.  They purr, buzz and strop when they greet you, but when its time to go, just go.  No drama, no loss, just ‘git’.

I do not like being put into the position he has put me in where, I feel, he is trying to show he owns me.  He doesn’t,  his son knows it, and has curtailed this type of event before, but this time feels different.  Maybe Universe is pushing him, and me, into a showdown to make me take my leap of faith.  Maybe its Universes way of showing him that his ‘business model’ needs adjustments. (Like pay people something better than McDonalds wages and ya might attract better than recently released convicts and methheads, sometimes one and the same.)

Burning that bridge?  Yay and nay.  If I do, it will be my choice.  If I do jet, his son, the real owner, will be told before hand, and why.  And as I told another in a text message recent, the clients they have that they absolutely depend on ME for, already text or call me FIRST, because they already know I likely have an answer, and answer my phone or texts promptly.  In two cases, I don’t need to be on site to do most ‘fix it’ jobs; I can do most Diag through a phone app and usually its a simple reset (unless AT&T goes offline.  Then they are screwed and it doesn’t matter what I do.)

Yeah, my ‘job’ is a bit more complicated than “welder” and many mornings it takes longer to figure out which ‘hat’ I will be wearing than it does the actual work.  (Or as Son told a new guy recently, when asked ‘whats his job?’: ‘you guys build fences, he does everything else’

Thats a whole lot of eggs in one basket, and losing said basket,,,

That basket is worth a ton more than $12/hr,,,,

Yeah, I sold cheap because the set up, and what I ‘did’ was convenient to me.  The load has increased. But the pay has not.  And when someone wants to rub it in that ‘they own me’, um,,,

Not just No! But an “aw HELL NO!” with both guns drawn. And that is where I feel we are now.

I am the only ’employee’ he has that hasn’t asked for a midweek loan, the only ’employee’ that provides his own tools for work, etc etc etc.  I have never felt like an employee, but a mutual contractor, and have even berated the owner for stoopid losses that could have been avoided by a little judicious application of a couple brain cells. He has seen me calculate the costs of welding fabrication and point out to him that one project was bleeding cash only because he was basically giving away my efforts to the client.

Yeah I sold cheap, but I like(d) what I do(did) and a couple of the people there are as close to friends as I have locally.  That alone made the sell out worth something.

I think I have this ‘figgered out’, tanx for list’n’nn

Enemies are within the walls

Our media tells us ‘like it is’ as they wish it to be.

The rest of the world sings a different tune

Dopey gropey Joe is a problem. The Vice isnt any better for different reasons and the fall back if either of them falls has all the joy of Killary IMO.

My only hope is that this shit show starts leaking out sooner than later. The longer this takes, the longer and harder the rebuild.

But let it fail, PLEASE, because I am not getting any younger.


Biden at G7. Is he? Or is it memorex? I’m fair certain Putin would spot a body double and publicly call “Bullshit “, but would keep mum if the level of chemical assistance was obvious. And we all know that Biden isn’t capable of much more than a chemically assisted 45 minutes. Mike adds his nickels worth.

That we are in a very precarious situation in world politics is beyond doubt. We have a pRresident of questionable mental abilities, a Vice that fills all the definitions of “Vice”, and I’m not talking political, but legal. And all of it is cover for the scam taking place behind the scenes ran by unelected bureaucrats with agendas, more than likely employed by powers NOT of American origin.

And the end game, no matter how the media and institutions sugar coat it, is an abysmal failure just waiting for the last peices to fall in line. When it does, all hell breaks and people start dying enmass.

My question to my readers. If you KNOW anyone that actually voted for this Farce, are you holding them accountable, the way the left demanded our accountability for Trump. I know of two persons in my life and I have distanced myself from both, but I think that move needs changed. Learning curves and all.

Then again, just rubbing in their faces, gas prices, lack of some basics, the glut of help wanted but so few willing to work (but oh how they want a check,,,),,, That list grows daily but no one on the left is pointing, and when they do, the mental gymnastics they pull to blame it on “Orangeman Bad”,,, Christ in a handbasket, its amazing the cognitive dissonance they exhibit.

When I was a child, and I pulled games like this, my ass was whacked if not flat wore out with a belt.

Seems to me there are a lot brat children that look like ADDults that need a good asswhoopin.

I don’t think that ‘just my opinion’ either.

Actions have consequences. And thise running this shit show have insulated themselves from thise consequences. But that insulation is thin, and getting thinner. Accountability is coming. (Just not fast enough IMO)

Y’all have a wonderful day.

Why so unsettled?

Such a simple question, and yet one that hasnt any single simple answer.

Or maybe there is one simple answer,,, I guess it has more to do with being completely and totally honest with myself first, huh? (What follows is completely out of character for me and first negative comment, the whole damned thing will be obliterated into electron hell. I don’t open up like this normal.)

To answer in its simplest form, I’m lonely. I have my babies in my four feets, but have ya ever tried to have a conversation of metaphysical or spiritual concepts with a Mamakat? Her response usually a yawn, and dig the meathooks into a thigh saying with a tail flick, “silence hooman, trying to nap here!” And the response from littles is even more exasperating,,,

Voo is one hell of a listener, if the conversation has lots of words that end in IE. Walkies, cookies, etc. He’ll sit there and cock his head from side to side, totally absorbed in what you are saying (listening for the words he wants to hear) but, yeah, not much of a conversationalist.

And I am an INTJ. It takes a lot for me to open up to people (I have the barrier of internet anonymity as ana dvantage here on blog, so the walls get breeched more often), and while I have some friends here locally (as in 1 1/2 hour drive one way local 🙄) I have no one in the immediate area ‘to bullshit with’. I’ve tried, I’ve been here for 11 years and oh how I have tried. I want to forwarn those that would choose Appalachia as a retreat that you will never be accepted, only tolerated at best. I have a slight advantage in my dad being from here, but even he has found that having lived elsewhere for 40 years, that he is not accepted easily. And to hammer this point home, the people I call friends that are that distance away, aren’t from here either. They have said similar about the locals.

Note please, this is not me making excuses, this is eleven years of thwarted efforts, and yes, there is a certain amount of pickiness in my efforts: by that I mean, I don’t want my list of friends to be theives and meth-heads, and there is plenty of that to go around here as well. Ever tried to discuss mechanical engineering with a meth-head? Or boat building with a person zoned out on xanax?

Yeah, maybe its just me, but I refuse to lower the bar THAT FAR. I’m a big advocate of “your are the average of the five closest people in your life” and I have no intention of dropping the average that low. It might *snort* work for the education system, but not me.

But thats only part of the unsettling: mind you it is a rather large chunk of it. The other part is that I may be upping stakes and moving, but the last 11 years of build up won’t be going with. Some, not all. The house already has a tentative buyer, and I will likely sell off some of the bulkier things I have. But “when” has not been set in stone and that leaves me feeling without foundations. Hard to make short term/long growth plans when you don’t have defined dates. I don’t like feeling so fluid. (That INTJ thing again.)

This may be that leap of faith I sometimes mention. I’ve made them before and I always learn from them, and sometimes gain ITRW things, but its that ‘first step ‘ thats always the hardest. And it may be the opening of a door into a brighter future (wrings hands, pleading ‘please, universe,,,,’). And yeah, I have heard it. I have said it, and we all know its BS with a grain of truth, that “the right person will find yiu when you least expect it.” Sorry, gettin’ a little long in tooth and my patience is wearin’ thin, and the last thing I want is to be that lonely ol dood that the neighborhood is cautious about ’cause lonely ol men have gained a bad reputation in modern times. And I really don’t wanna be the ‘crazy cat dood’ and lets face it, I’m fast on that on-ramp with my four feets.

And then we toss in the upheavals of society right now and, yeah, unsettled might be a bit understated.

So there it is, but by no means all. What? You thought I was gonna tear ALL the walls down? Snortsnickerchuckle. Yeah, right!

More later: some things going on in the bigger picture that I want to pick apart.

Kitteh files: easing into month 2

Today was a milestone. Mamakat was in full tizzy mode for about 10 minutes, but settled into full overwatch, and is relaxed now.

What happened was Grizz2 found that he can climb DOWN stairs, and at the bottom of said stairs is a whole new world with bugs and stuff and O!M!G! GRASSSSSS!!! I have this big bush of elephant grass at the end of the porch and the boys have been going absolutely NUTZ playing chase, hide and seek, and the best ever game POUNCE. That poor bush is gonna be beaten flat within a week. Same as when Mamakats original brood found it. Granted, her original brood was 5, and this adoption was just the two,,, but kittens are a force of nature just like the weather. Come sunset, Mama is gonna be as beat as I feel right now ,,,

But she is definitely MAMA, and when she yowls, those boys haul ass back to the house like the hounds of hell had been let loose. And she has a deep chest growl that carries very well, and gets the same response. My dad is amazed at how well she has taken to them, especially seeing how she was the first 2 weeks they were here.

The only unhappy kamper is Voodoo. Because Zooms is still a scaredy kat when Voo is home, Mama gives Voo what-for if he travels past his bowl. He has been spending a LOT of time at my cousins house the last 2 weeks. It always amazes me how a 6# kat can totally dominate a 120# dog. And Voo knows she is just protecting babbies, so doesn’t bark back at her like he did when she was an adolescent kat pushing buttons.

Not Voo,,,,

They’ll adapt. They smell him all over the house, in his dog house on the porch, and he does hangout eating his dinner while they play on the other side of the porch. Its just a matter of time.

But it was a long hot day on a job site with zero shade, and about 5 million feet of property line needing fencing. (Exaggerated, but it is a lot,,,) setting poles and making concrete and later this week I get make the 5 cantilever gates we will install. All 30′ openings so the gates will be 45′ in length and getting them on site is gonna be ‘fun’. Sure would be nice if the crews would actually come to work on a regular basis so this grumpy old welder could do HIS job, and not be pulled in to help take up the slack.

Personal admonition (a skewed affirmation)

Start with this meme.

You won’t always be motivated, so must MASTER discipline. ‘

Thats my issue of late. I get with friends, I push my limits and grow. By myself,,,, not so much.

Actually, by myself lately about the most ‘motivated ‘ I’ve been has been to shuffle my kayaks between truck and rack. I get to the lake and look at the water and all motivation goes winging off over the nearest hill to go play with its toes under a tree.

And I’ve made all kinds of excuses as to why; far more than I care to list admit to and ya’know what? They are complete BULL SHIT. I know better, I even know that the worst thing I can expect is taking a swim if I goof up, but I come up with this internal dialogue as to ‘why not just go home and play with cats’

Grrrrrrr. Sometimes I hate ME.

Is that a solipsistic attitude?

Yes, kayaking is a risky sport. There is always a risk of drowning. But warm water, shallow enough that it comes to my chest, shore close at hand and it is ALWAYS easier to get OUT of a kayak than into one,,, all my ‘excuses’ are total bullshit and I have not been disciplined enough to over ride them.

Except yourself, there you need to be the tyrant (I do in any case)

That bullshit ceases NOW. I have goals in mind and if I can’t master something FUN, how the how can I expect to master the tasks that do more.

That is all, carry on.

Cognitive dissonance?

Wishful thinking?  Denial that we are that banana republic now?

I just don’t know what to think when I read this stuff.  The fact that factions have NOT taken to the street says more to me about spiritual status of Patriots than it does about Theft/Fraud. ( It might also be a sign of people knowing jusy how bad it will be before things improve.)

It seems to me that people have been conditioned to accept that others will take care of the problem, and No one wants to get their hands dirty anymore.  For many years, after this country was founded, there was NO police force, anywhere.  You had Sheriff’s,  Magistrates,  and Judges, but if someone stepped out of line it was The Citizen who arrested the problem and the legal system was engaged at that point.   And yeah, there might have been a few extra vigilant types that went a step or two farther, but the system WORKED!!!

When was the last time you heard of a ‘Citizens arrest’? In good light without being muddied by a liberal media?

How many crimes have been stopped by ‘the guy with the gun’ and NOT REPORTED by that media system? (Far more than you would expect and there is a site dedicated to those events) 

We have been PROGRAMMED AND CONDITIONED to allow the state to do what WE SHOULD.  We are a country of aged dependents, very few of whom could handle the real deal of life if we had to do for ourselves.  And for the most part, the majority of those in such a position are predominantly in metropolitan areas.   The ratio of less dependent persons goes up as you get further away from the cities.  (And I can guarantee that there are a few unmarked graves in some more remote areas because of ‘justice done’)

That ratio could be extrapolated from that red blue map I’ve posted a time or two. 

What defines a civil war?  Common area of conflict? Two ideologies contesting the same territory? Or common language in a common area, but diametrically opposed thinking?  (And I just said the same thing three ways.) 

I was just discussing this with a ghost today.  We are, have been since 2016, and will continue to be, until people wake up to the fact, AT WAR.  Its a war of hearts and minds of an entire global population.  Conservative thinking is the ‘enemy’ of the factions actively engaged in the mechanics of war.  The theaters involved are the economies, health resources, and energy sources of entire countries.  If you consider that as a fact, and observe the actions of our current pResident occupying to peoples house, you will start to see that said person (cognizant or not, puppet or  duplicitous actor) is NOT acting in the interests of the country, but in the interests of the enemy.  They NEED America to fail to win the war.  They need people like me to fail or die before they can declare victory. They are trying to kill off a large portion of the world populace through ‘plague’, starvation, and making people more destitute and dependent upon ‘Them’. 

Some of my readers are going to say I’m putting on the tinfoil hat for this post, to which I respond; “look at the evidence and do some research. ” . Its not conspiracy if the facts are out in the open.  And they are, but the media won’t put them all in the same place to make it obvious.  Its there, they aren’t hiding anymore, but you have to connect the dots to see it.

And yes, there is enough information floating around that you could come up with a dozen scenarios, and all able to proven correct by the information.  I’m nit just basing my analysis on information.  Im also going by ACTIONS .  Who is doing what, saying what, when they are saying it, and how it affects which stream of information or in some cases DOESN’T.   And interestingly enough, the MSMs do me a justice,  not by what they are saying , but by what they adamantly AVOID.  Like Gates saying he wants to reduce the world population to 1/7th current levels. And his investments into technology/health orgs that would accomplish this goal.  His purchasing a huge portion of the Agricultural areas of the US: certainly not as profitable as his pharmaceutical investments in mRNA research, but far more capable of doing something about that population reduction he would like to see. 

But the media doesn’t talk about that icky kinda stuff.   They would rather talk about ‘mostly peaceful protests’ or how the latest ‘woke’ hollywierd hasbeen altered Gods Gift to them to be a different gender, for reasons. (I have covered my stance on Gender here a couple of times, but to rehash; gender is male, female,  or hermaphrodite.  End discussion.   All the woke shit is SEX, not gender. And that is a mental state, not a biological one.  The current trends indicate massive mental issues abound, not some biological crisis.  )

Sadly, people will argue contrary to logic. They will harbor and defend fallacies as if their very lives depended on it, because to go against the narrative is to be a rebel, and rebels die horrific deaths when the tyrants flex muscle.

I get it. I DO. I also know that I would rather die knowing truth than exist cowering under lies.

I have said it here before, and say it again: if what I am saying offends you, please take a moment to check YOUR premises before you attempt to rip mine down. Discomfort, especially in thought, is sign of something not being right. If my ideas give you discomfort, maybe its not my ideas that are wrong, but yours. I spent 3 decades as a liberal (thanks MTV), and the discomfort lead me to where I am, so, yes, I do know ‘where you’re coming from’. And its all DEAD WRONG. I know the arguments, i know the ‘logic’. And I KNOW that people are not EVER going to fill the niche the liberal left elites has made for them. They can’t and still remain HUMAN: the niche only fit ‘pets’.

So when I read the stuff linked at the start, I see something coming that I know the author is trying hard to not see. They know, deep in their soul, that shit is about to go all medieval and people are going to die, but they cling to the civility we have embraced for the last 80+ years since Hitler’s Germany was subdued. They ignore the lessons of Communist Russia. Mao and PolPot, they think we are beyond that now, that we have evolved into better. I’ve seen just how animal humans really are, and believe me, some of the things we do to each other, make the birds and four feets seem down right tame.(link is toned down. But NOT suggested for the timid)

I want to agree with Sarah that what is coming is going to be fast and furious, but very short, and that what lay on the otherside; better. Anything else at this point would lead me straight to total spiritual despair and that is fatal. I’m not going down that path willingly.

Yeah, what a lovely post for a Sunday, huh?

There is still time. Not to change the course, but to prepare for whats coming. Best get on that if’n ya havent yet. But know this, even when shit is at its worst, life goes on. And when its at its worst is when people show thier true colors: great humanitarians or absolute monsters. The masks are coming off as we get further along; pay attention.

Kitteh files: day 28(?)

We started thia journey into Mamakats new role 4 weeks ago

Grizz2 weighed exactly 1 pound. Zooms weighed 19oz.  My attempts at putting them on the scale today (wiggly little porch rats) show they have both, more than doubled in weight and both are around 3 pounds.  Accurate is not possible when measuring electrons, light rays and kittens.(I guess I could do the whole box thing, but I like intact skin,,,)

Mama is starting to play with them, where before she was strictly Mamakat and always on overwatch or bathing them.  She still does both but now if one gets in her face (or tackles her head like Zooms did a minute ago) she plays too.

They are also at the point of three D explorations.   Everything is ‘up’ from here on out, and bookshelves, ledges and curtains are ALL on the list.

Mama still gets uptight if Grizz follows me off the porch, but she hovers near him instead of dragging him back.  Soon, she’ll give in and the yard will be the new playground of choice.  She is still keeping them inside after dark,  and I’m fine with that.  They’ll eventually get to a point where she isn’t gonna get a say in the matter.

Other than the kittehs, things are trudging along as usual.  The Fraud is still occupying DC, Patriots are still groaning but not ‘doing’, the economy is still doing its creep towards Weimar Republic, and I continue overwatch for family n friends. 

I have to say, and I am likely not the only one , that there is an air of anxiousness in the world.  An ominous one at that, with undertones and flavors of desperation and fear.  Its unsettling to say the least.  I went out to paddle around the lake today and never made it.  I had 17 miles to go and my empathy started quivering and I chsoe to just about face and head home.   I need to get on water but that particular lake was likely crowded as hell today and my water time might have been less than fulfilling.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll head to my backup lake, one where powerboats are not allowed, and I can get some silence and distance from the herds. Just wanna get some time to let the hind brain process some things.

The only good thing I can say at this point; at least shit ain’t goin’ “Boom!”.

Looks like I may be loading up Kittehs,  Mamakat,  and self and heading to SC for a spell.  Family matters over world conditions and work, but I will be scouting while there too.  The area is booming in a period where other places are regressing, and I have zero issues with riding waves.  Just gotta catch them first.  And with all the other stuff I posted about this week, maybe this will turn into plan A.  Dunno, but keeping an open mind and attitude.   I do have to say the last time I was down there, I loved my stay.  One week,  non-touristy type stay,  and the people I met were absolutely wonderful.  And something people up north never seem to get, but Racial issues are a quarter or less than those north of Lexington KY.  There will always be some asshat, either side of the issue, that wants to make noise, but down there (IE: SOUTHERN STATES) its not as in your face and is frowned upon by all sides.  Especially in rural areas. Sadly, like anywhere, once you start getting into the metropolitan areas, that goes teats up;  most “big cities” are notoriously Blue, and feed the drama for power control.

I won’t be in those areas. 

More later

It’s not that I don’t care

It’s more like ‘maybe I care too much’ but within different aspects and reasons.

Take the poverty issues. I do care that there are people in this world that live on literal DIMES a day. I can’t say I see it regular like, but I know there are countries where starvation is always on the front stoop just waiting for the door to open. And I also know that there isn’t a danged thing I can personally do to correct it. Oh, I could volunteer as a missionary and try to educate people in those areas, at great sacrifice to my own world, and a HUGE learning curve for local language and gaining the respects of those in the area as needed. Any thing less, or demanding the locals learn my language would defeat the purpose of being there.

That was just an illustration, as I think the starvation issues are blown out of proportion and exasperated by outside interference in local politics. I’ve said it many times, when people get ‘hungry’ enough, they’ll fix the problem or die. Thats just how life is. I do know that in Ethiopia back in the 90s, literal boatloads of food were being shipped in, but what made it to the needy was controlled by local warlords, NOT the supplier’s. Least to say, some people were well fed and many left to die ‘for politics ‘. The situation now? Not a clue, and probably don’t want to know.

But that point of ‘control’, ie-FOOD, is something you always want to keep in mind, especially in times like now when things are just getting flat weird and weirder by the week. Hungry people are desperate people and desperate people will do stoopid things to stay alive.

But I do Care. MALTHUS was not a prophet, he was a classical and cynical thinker that didn’t have enough information. Not his fault, history is faulty with misinformation since in most cases, its the conqueror that writes the books, and ALWAYS twists it in their favor. And no one can prognosticate what technological advance is next in line to improve the situation. (I highly encourage you to read Matt Ridleys’ The Rational Optimist.)

About the only thing you can bet on (and millions have made bank and bankruptcy trying to predict it) is that when things get strange, or scarce, someone, somewhere, will find a patch or hack or solution to carry us forward. And it is very very very rare that the solution is Government. (And many in my circles will scream ” Government is NEVER the solution” and I find it hard to argue otherwise.)

Someone recently gave an analogy of putting red and black ants in a jar. Done slowly without drama, nothing at all happens. The ants co-exist. But give that jar a vigorous shake and watch the carnage ensue. The question becomes at that point, ‘who ‘ is shaking the jar? 99 out of a 100, its Government. Power kept by keeping the peasants at each others throats. And when the call to arms is needed, patriotism can be stirred up by pointing out that ‘someone is shaking the jar’ and laying blame on that ‘someone’, justified or manipulated by ‘evidence’, and the ants rally to protect the jar.

I care. I care that people have been, and are being lied to, and not just a little, but about nearly EVERYTHING on a day to day basis.

I care. I care that the edu-carion system has been co-opted, not to educate, but to indoctrinate, and that critical thinking skills are a rare bird amongst most people, even college indoctrinated educated types.

I care that manipulation, as personally witnessed by myself as a student☆, to direct the ‘really smart ones’ away from areas where they ‘might be effective ‘ into dull cubicles of confinement and control has become even more obvious and rampant. That many children are labeled ADD or ADHD and then doped into submission by those supposedly looking out for their interests. I’m glad as hell that I was raised before the ‘chemical solution’ started being prevalent.

Does anyone remember when Human Resources was called Personnel department? I do. I also recall that since the adoption of HR, attitudes about employees has become more mechanical and, dare I say it, Plantation like.

I care! I DON’T care what your skin tone is, if you are human, act human, THINK human,,,, I DON’T care what your sexual leanings are, just don’t air them for public sympathy and expect me to just be ok with it, I might or might not depending on where you stand with the human, act and think aspects as well. (with one very strict exception here. If’n ya like diddlin little kids, you do not want me finding out, because you will not be likely to ever see a jail cell or a court-room.) I DON’T care if you worship God, or Gia, or whatever other diety. Don’t start sacrificing dogs and cats or little kids and DO NOT preach to me about it and we will get along just fine.

I do care. I care that there is a drug, being pressed on everyone through peer presure (does anyone else see the irony of raising several generations to resist peer pressure and drugs, then use PP to push a drug?) One where the manufacturer of it has been granted total legal immunity for secondary effects and malpractice, yet its for a diaease that 90% of the population had to be tested for to even KNOW IF THEY HAD IT!!! I care that 97%of the population does not seem to care, that when all the numbers come in; Influenza took a vacation last year! And yet Influenza has killed more people annually, every year since 1918, than the wuflu killed in one. (Lack of critical thinking fed by fear and a compliant media, and the fact that when people have ‘bought the lie’ long enough, cognizant denial helps maintain sanity. If people had to admit they fell for it, all at once, the suicide rates would be astronomical. )

I do care. Even as ornery, angst ridden, cynical and a general asshole I am, I do care. My angst is because of that caring and being told that I am rasssisss, homophobisssss, deny-isssss (thanks Sarah for pointing out the liberal hisssss)

And that things continue down the swirl pattern of the toiletbowl induced flush we are all in, that caring is going to, eventually, get turned into fuel.

Fuel burns.

And that I care still keeps me from lighting that fire. That it hasn’t been lit somewhere tells me that I am not alone in my caring. And believe me, I know some people that can light one hell of a big fire when the caring all turns into fuel.

Slight shif of thought here , but still, because I care, I air it here. There IS a solution to all of the shit we have going on. The patriot community has been saying it for going on 12 years now: “local, local, local”. The “problem” is all at federal levels (well, mostly so. Compliant welfare minded states are also a problem) even our media, the mainstream one, is ‘all federal’ when you boil down the message. I keep saying ‘withdraw consent’ and if the States would do this, enough of them that is, the Federal problem would fail overnight. Pulling that consent could be as easy as filing a lawsuit against the Fed and withholding all federal revenues until settling of said suit. That said federal government is NOT opertaing within Constitutional Constraints is beyond question and reason enough for said suit. As long as the states continue to act as if the Government is legit, it will keep on dildoing the governed. That so much industry has been shit on and shut down by current The Fraud should be enough to incite some Governor to take action. Why the Alaskan Governor hasn’t done something about shutteriing ANWAR,,,,

FACT: If we don’t fight, we won’t have anything to fight FOR, other than our lives, and that is a level of desperation I don’t CARE to see.

☆ I was told by my counselor that I had zero mechanical ability, and was not able to conceptualize three dimensions and that my math skills were ‘elementary ‘. Funny that I have spent a few years as a certified ASE (7 of 8 certs) mechanic, have ran audio systems measuring 100Kw or more with several ‘faces’ and delay towers (three dimensional sound and math needed to set the delays anyone) Said counselor stated that I was only cut out to be a middle manager at best, and to just live with it. Which is also kind of funny as I have ran crews on multiple occasions and was 5 minutes away from an upper management position before I ‘burned that bridge'(but thats another story altogether) In said counselors ‘defense’, I have never been wildly successful and become a wealthy person, but that isn’t due to lack of skills or talents; its due to my butterfly nature/geas to keep growing, learning, experiencing,,,

Stay tuned

Working on a longer post now, but won’t be ready for primetime till laters.

How perfect

Sorry to whomever came up with it, I totally stole this.


We are in the Twilight Zone. The Twilight of a wonderful and SANE nation.

Clear as mud

Not gonna dwell on planning at this stage, to many variables and still way to early. I have options, always do because I don’t like dead ends, but the level of desperation to opt in on some of them has to be quite high. And I do NOT like being desperate.

But tonight is sea shanty night and I’m tickling Mamakats ears with my baritone chorusing. I Sing the low end of ‘Wellerman‘ or ‘Old Maui‘ and she is in my face rubbing, trying to distract.

But heres something to get ya going. Sumpin a little more mainstream.

So, stoopid question,,,

Is the simple deed of taking care of your tools not taught anymore?

With the amount of shit that appears on my bench for repair through week, I believe I already know the answer. And we aren’t talking techy stuff. I’m talking Come-a-longs, Shovels, Post holers, etc. And some of the breaks show incredible ingenuity,,,, I mean, ya really GOTTA BE TRYING to break things in that manner.

That none of these boys own their own tools is obvious. If they were the ones having to purchase the tool, they’d take better care of it. If they were the one that had to repair/reface/sharpen/etc said tools, they would (maybe) be more inclined to limit the abuse.

And I know why bossman hates to buy ‘the good stuff’: I’ve seen with my own eyes how it grows legs and ends up in a pawnshop. I bring most of my personal stuff to bear for the jobs I go on, and have only had to replace one the years I have been here. It wasn’t abuse that killed it, but age. A sawzall that I’d been using for 15 years and the brushes finally pooped out and let the magic smoke out; stinky, ‘kaput, I is done’ smoke. Boss offered to replace it, and maybe I should have taken the offer, but that saw gave me 15 years of good service and I definitely got my money’s worth out of it: I declined because I didn’t feel right about taking something undeserved.

A few we have had here would steal mama’s dentures of they thought it would bring them a buck. We usually find those types quick, but have a had a few that managed to get away with it for awhile.

But the breaking shit,,, that, I just don’t get. Take care of tools and tools take care of you. Maybe the job isn’t easier, but the effort should be reduced, and that makes everyones life easier. Bossman has had guys dig holes with a shovel after they broke postholers (a brand new set even) instead of cutting the day short. A broke tool, became backbreaking work for them. Sadly, lesson not learned; the same crew broke another set just a week later. I told boss he needed to start making them pay for it and maybe the gouge in the paycheck would help send the lesson home.

Sometimes I think the man is too nice to the wrong people.

And one of the reasons I’m prepared to go it alone. Sick of having to pick up the slack and feeling abused for loyalty.

Anywhoos, more later, maybe kitteh post, or, I dunno. Prolly nuthin about THE Fraud or any of that: I figure just let the disease run its course and let the survivors do what needs done after fact.

Return to boomie blahs.

No movement today, as commenter ‘theboringoldman’ says, make sure to not burn bridges and ‘Ohio Guy’ says, plan B, plan C etc etc.

I’ve been working on the ‘get outta the race’ for awhile now. Book writing, consulting, some small teaching stints (mostly kayaky kinda stuff,,,) and I have ‘other plans’, always, because shit never goes as planned, and alternatives are an insurance.

Being a skilled welder, former Mechanic, carpenter, jack of many trades, lack of work is not my problem. Time. Time has always been the issue. I have a saying that the Holy Trinity is Time, Space, and Money, and that I always have two, but usually lack the third. Time and money, no space. Time and space but broke as hell. Money and space, No time (when I was a touring soundman, this was my issue) Kinda like the holy trinity of race cars and motorcycles: fast, cheap, reliable; choose two, you dont get all three.

Yeah, work isnt the issue. Its time and the more I learn and the older I get, the more valuable my time becomes. Hell, we are born dying, and our time is finite, why sell it to the lowest bidder hoping to get ahead.

The headaches I deal with in my ‘day job’ are fast becoming something I would rather pass to someone younger and allow myself to focus on the things that make me happier, and at the same time, pay better for the time I do invest. That is where I am at so that I am not burning a bridge. I could just up and leave (as I so desired to do this AM) but the bad blood and disgruntled clients would jeopardize my reputation I have spent the last 6 years building.

But the day I don’t go into that shop is coming. If need be, uproot and begin anew. Won’t be the first time, but damned if its the way I want to go. I ain’t getting younger and that kind if change is stressful as hell. (Side note: this is plan C and IS being plotted out, but its not the ideal way I want, though the area were ‘begin anew’ is, IS ideal for me. Don’t wanna let to much of that bag show though.)

And the rock continues to spin on its axis, around a hot ball of gas on the outer edge of a Galactic arm. It was doing so before this gelatinous mass took thought and it will do so long after I have been recycled back into the star dust I was created from.

Life goes on, and even the top of the nastiest storm cell is silver. Ya just gotta get above the mess to see it.

Throttle up, slow pull on the stick and lets see whats up top,,,,

Blahs go boom

Having one of those days where the temptation to ‘take a leap of faith’ is strong.

Won’t go into details other than thinking maybe I should load up my equipment and strike out on my own.

More later,,,