Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

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Have ya ever

Had one of those days, where you’re headed into work, and the closer you get to there, the slower you’re moving?  Yeah, one of THOSE days.  That was this morning.  I was half way to work, and realized I was driving 45 in a 55. This morning, my subconscious told me quite clearly that it didnt want to go back there anymore, that it was tired of resolving the conflicts of personality that were becoming a daily occurrence.  I learned many years back to pay attention to these messages from the hind brain.  It is not capable of intentional lying, unlike the other aspects of Id and Ego. (Yes, I know its Fruedian malarkey but if it helps explain in words what my meanings are, it works.  ) some call it gut instinct, and that works too. I am just glad that I am in a position where steady income is not as important as peace of mind.  I like steady, I like that cushion, but I can and have managed months with less monthly than the average Joe makes in a week.  My biggest downfall is the evil tobacco, I’m a smoker (still😶) and that can be expensive.  I manage to knock the costs of it down by ‘rollin my own’ , yet there are still costs and not just the hidden long term ones.

Ah well, I know one day I will quit the habit, and it might even happen by my own willpower and not the inevitable stamp of time.  

But I digress.  

Gut instinct, payin’ attention to your inner thoughts, yeah, thats the subject.  What separates us from the four feets?  Rational thinking, right?  Rational thought is what makes us different.  The problem with rational thought is it can be bent, or twisted by the thinker, or even outside influences, even other people.  One can even rationalize themselves into self-destruction. (Ever seen an animal commit suicide?) 

Our brain(medium sized mushy computer and storage system) with our senses (inputs) will pick up far more than the conscious mind actually uses in day to day, and this has been proven a time or two. The hind brain is the cpu that sorts, stores, the, eventually processes what isn’t essential.  I like to think of the conscious mind as the display, showing the surface, while the hind brain is down there underneath it all churning away at incredible amounts of data.

My first signal this morning was cramped shoulders.  Shoulda listened.  The second was the rumbling guts, like I had a bad breakfast or two too many cups of coffee. Third message got through to me.  I turned around and headed to another place, where I have had offers for work before.  By the time I had left, my shoulders were ok and my stomach was happy again.(maybe why they say ‘gut instinct’ huh?)  

So, other then collecting the last of my pay from the other place, I had nothing there, and zero loyalty thanks to those conflicts mentioned earlier.  And I thank the universe for guiding my choices of the last few years, to get me in a position where ‘walking away’ is not the huge debate, and potential game killer it used to be.  I truly wish the whole world could have it that way. We would be much happier.  


Historical rhymes 

And the beat goes on.  I hear about things over the webs, the Drudge report, on PIGazzete, other locations.  I’m not much for the social medias, but occasionally I pick up something on GAB.  

The biggest thing I pick-up is that 9 outta 10 times, if the MSMs pick up on something, it is going to be blown way out of proportion.  The most recent example was Hurricane Irma.  Yeah, it made landfall but was about what the locals expected and did not have the ‘in your face’ like Harvey did.  Sorry Houston, no one could have predicted that a storm thought it could move in and become a resident. Even so, alluv’ya had advance notice to clear the field and y’all failed.  IMO ya get what ya earn, and y’all earned that one from not listenin’. Granted, Irma fizzled out quickly unlike Harvey, but there was so little after squawking from the MSMs, I got the impression it was more of a ‘shush, if we don’t say nuthin, people will forget how bad we swore it was gonna be.’ situation.  And I see that often.  Doom n gloom and then total silence when the doom fizzles.  

It gets rather old with time, and I get to where I need a break from it all.  Luckily, that break this month was kinda forced on me with my phone being outta sorts for three days.  Outta the loop for three days and when I get back in, guess what, the world hasnt blown up/burned down/blown away/flooded like Noahs second coming.  Big surprise, neh?  The norks are still pounding on buttons they should leave alone, the economy is still shite, and my finger is still feeling broken, so nothing changed.

Well, one thing changed; I see that some of the MSMs are trying to put some distance between themselves and Antifags/BLM types.  I think the realized what a basilisk they spawned with that mess.  ‘S all good though, people I congregate with see it, discuss it, and are proudly showing solidarity about what their feelings are about it.  It ain’t patriotism, nor bigotry: it is feeling they are sick of being pandered to and belittled for a fact they were born to, with no choice in the matter.  People, of both colors in this area are sick of the lies and the twists that make up the information they are fed.  The read it/see it, then look back from the mirror and do not see the same things it shows.  They see good hard working people trying to make a life, raise the kids, and in most cases, just get by, then see people a long way away yell that they are racists and need destroyed and their history as well.  

They don’t like it, not one wee bit. 

And these are people who were raised shooting, and shooting well, because the cost of feeding the tools was high and a miss might mean a missed meal or three.  They are not afraid of blood, they know the woods, they have lived with little and know how to get by on less, and they LIKE to fight.  They get a kick out of it between friends and even more when there is a real reason behind it. (Its not just the Scots/Irish here either, Germen Jagers, some Russian and more than a few SI/Cherokee or other tribal mixes.  Some are near full blood as well.)  A good throw-down between friends may look bad to outsiders, but come monday mornin’; business as usual, gotta earn the dimes. 

Some things never change.  the attitude in these parts is one of ’em.  people don’t like being lied to anywhere, but here, it becomes a shitload more personal.  And it doesn’t matter if the liar is nextdoor, in New York, or in the Whitehouse.  The term, “there’ll be a reckonin’ ” comes to mind, and the people of this area mean it. They won’t go out of their way yo deliver it, but they understand the meaning of “what can’t keep going, won’t “.  They know full well that in the end, there is ALWAYS a judgement, this life or the next, and you can not escape that. (And they are a very judgmental group, even as they try to be accommodating.  You can have the trust at the door, but blow it and you never regain it.)

anywhoos, I’m back up and the world continues its dizzy journey through the cosmos, and thats good enough for me right now.

Is this thing on?

Sorry for the incommunicado of the last couple days.  I’m you were trying to contact me, that is.  

The SIM card in my phone had a minor glitch that turned major quickly and I was unable to get to the store for a new one until this AM. 

Seems fine now.  

Sumpthin to think about, 

Especially for those survival minded types that have the plan of ‘hunter-gatherer’ as their key. 

This year here has been hot and dry for the most part. Our reported rainfall has been down all year.  That isn’t as much of a problem for a place that borderlines rainforest most years, with a few exceptions.

Pests.  Ticks. The ticks were so bad this year they have decimated the rabbit and squirrel populations.  We are still seeing a few, here and there, but we are not seeing them in the quantities that we were at the beginning of the year. In regular walks with Voo, I have personally dispatched 2 rabbits that were so infested, they were near dead already.  Both went into the burn pile unmolested by me or dog.  I have only seen two squirrels on my ridge and that actually scares me.  Our acorns are doing very well this year, more than enough for the past population, but those will not be gathered this year for lack of population. And there isn’t really any room for more trees unless they come in and clear cut. (Over my withered corpse I say!) 

The other problem is bluetongue. This is a virus passed to certain bovinity type animals by midges.  When its dry, the midges become more prominent and aggressive, and deer are one of the creatures that can catch this.  Its running rampant in our whitetail population and is being reported here, pretty much statewide, Eastern Tennessee, parts of southern Indiana, and West Va, and Virginia.  There is one carcass up the hill from my house that we suspect is from that.  Jack-jack brought another one down (unharmed.  We were able to get her freed and released her.)just this evening,  that I suspect was also infected.  I just heard today of another 3 found within a mile of my place.  

This is not good if one were counting on that source for ones own survival.  Yeah, I hunt, but its not the key source of my food, nor is it critical for me. But, if it were, I would be looking at mighty rough winter ahead.  

Yeah, like the weather, these things run in cycles, but unless one were able to accurately predict the future  (HA!) There would be no way to plan for this. (Well, then again, thats why they call it “Prepping”: prepare for the unpredictable worst thing you can imagine, and hope for the best.)

Hunting is not a prep you can count on, especially at current populations (of both creatures and two legs).  Unless (until) the human population reduces itself by some ungodly huge percentage, hunting will not be a reliable method to sustain your tribe.  (With a few notable places as exceptions).  You  will have to supplement ( better yet, primarily rely on ) your foods with local agriculture AND livestock of some sort. And both of those increase the size of your footprint, for those that are trying to be obscure, as well as anchor you in place for a rather extended period.  All are things to consider for those thinking about these things, if you have not considered them prior. And as always, food and water should be at the top of your thinking; Things YOU control, and not depend on Just In Time delivery systems to sustain you and yours.  Remember that in history, food has always been a control factor in keeping populations in line, whether through mama nature or tyranny.  Make sure you have control of your sources, and keep them under wraps so you can maintain that control.  (If you can’t stand over it and defend it with your life, you do not own it!)

Ok, enough doom n gloom, but the news today made me think of at least one person among my friends n readers that needs to reassess their game plan due to things like this summer killing off game populations.

Bad finger update

While I am not certain, as I don’t have a xray to confirm or deny my suspicions, I believe my bad finger is not gonna get better. 13 years ago, I broke the tip of my middle finger on my left hand.  You know what they do for that type of injury? Nuthin! Nada! Well, maybe these days they prescribe some serious painkillers, but they don’t actually “do” anything.  The reason I mention it, is the bad finger (middle finger of my right hand this go round) is showing a similar distortion as the one on my left, AND, pain under certain types of pressure.  In this case, excruciating pain while drawing a bowstring.  The outside is healed, not so much the internal.

Wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute Dio! You mentioned in your last post, that you had shot your recurve! If’n ya cant draw a bow, how’d ya do what you claimed?

Damned good question. Damned good.  Fact, I got ta thinking that in history, there was a real likelihood that someone may have hurt themselves and couldn’t shoot, similar to what I have done.  Only then, that would have been as close to a death sentence as you could get. So, a little research and the key words ‘primitive release’, some playing around and re-tuning of my bow, and ol Dio is back in business.

That antleris a seasonal drop from a spike that was roaming my hills last year. Fiddled with it and tweaked the string a bit and it works quite well, with the recurve.  It isnt as reliable with the compound and I did bust my face a couple of times with accidental releases, so this is strictly for use on the recurve. But no you know what those guys with busted boogerhooks may have done to keep putting food in the bellies.

I once heard that the science of archery is “whatever works”. That  ‘ just do it’ attitude has always rang with me; doesn’t matter if its weird, does it work? 

Yes it does.

Fun with  ballistics

I won’t post any pics with ths post because there some sensitive types that read this post,(besides, I didn’t take any pics.) but your incorrigible blogger Diogenes had a little fun this weekend.

My dads buddy slaughtered a pig last week, and my dad, in one of his endless macabre humor fits, left its head near my shooting range as a joke.  Being used to 49 years of this sick humor, I was unfazed, but got-ta thinking “what will XXXX do to a pig skull?”  If you are not aware, a pig has one tough head.  Nearly as thick as the skull of a mountain goat.  So,,,,

First assault was with arrows.  A couple from the recurve, one target point, one bodkin styled broadhead.  Repeat with the compound. (All shots made at 20yds)  Effect: little difference.  Penetration was about 3″(7.5cm) on each, depending on location of hit.  Deep enough to be crippling, not enough to kill quickly.  I was impressed that the recurve showed little variation from the compound despite the speed differences. (140fps avg for recurve vs 195fps of the compound.  Each arrow weighed within 10grains of each other.)

Second assault.  .22lr from my Ol Henry Lever action.  Again 20yds but speed and weights are obviously different. 1/10th projectile weight, 5X+ the speed. Recall this: E=mvSq/2 (sorry, no superscript on my phone, that is velocity squared for those not familiar with it.)

Well,,,,  long story short, that little .22 did oodles more damage.  Pass through on both shots.  Small entrance, bigger exit by a factor of 4 or more in both instances.   

At this point, said skull was looking a bit worse for wear and I could tell that my experiments weren’t going to be as conclusive, so I brought out the last two ‘curious speculation’ guns.  The .44 cap n ball revolver, and the coup de grace, the AK.

The cap n ball surprised me in the most underwhelming fashion.  Big hole, similar exit (factor 2-3)  Deadly? Yes. But no where near the damage I was expecting. (Must be the slower speed, despite the much heavier round.)  But of course, the results from the AK weren’t at all surprising.  Pink cloud is the only description needed.  (For the curious, I was shooting 123gr soft point, not ball.) 

Of course, my experimental target was pretty much destroyed at this point, but I proved some things to myself and eliminated some myths as well.  Yes, an arrow will kill, but it won’t, in all likelihood, be a merciful kill. The only advantage in hunting is opening up large wound channels for a rapid bleed out of the game, but you are more likely to have to track down your target (DUH!).  Using the simple .22 is more likely to be quick and merciful, so long as the trigger puller does his/her job correctly.  The cap n ball will do so as well, and with less need of accuracy, but may be a bit messier, whereas the AK,,, Well, lets just say I won’t be using it for hunting deer.  Maybe Bears, Dragons, or other vermin, but not deer.. 

There were other guns I wanted to test too, bit the cost of ammo and lack of target (not much left after all the other holes made) made that not possible.  I can extrapolate what I learned with that little equation above and well imagine the end results.  

Anyway, a bad joke turned into an educational afternoon for me and thats what really counts.

Addendum: as survival choice, the little. .22 is plenty.  It may not be a ‘ranged’  weapon, but the ammo can be carried in quantity, is effective in properly trained hands, and is (relatively) inexpensive to train with.  In some instances, it can even be virtually silent: I use the CB shorts when squirrel hunting and the round is so silent I can hear the impact on the squirrel. I do know the poachers ’round these parts like the shorts for getting deer, because they can make a head shot and not alert the wardens of their location.  From a tactical view, think about the implications of what that means.  (Note, semi-auto .22’s do not like shorts, they require LR for proper action and LR are NOT quiet at all.)  I’ll leave those thoughts unwritten here but they will apply when things get stranger than they are.  

Whats wrong with our society?

That was the question at the peak of EVERY discussion this weekend. It didn’t matter what the actual subject matter was, in nearly every case, the last question asked came round to “whats wrong with us” or  “whats wrong with our world”. 

One of the conversations was dealing with the educational aspects of this country.  I am, as most of my readers know, hard core about the ills that have been dealt out by the current educational system.  In one discussion I had with a couple with kids in school currently, I was informed that what I have thought was a bad situation is much much, so very much worse.  Back in the earlier part of this century, I pretty much blew a fuse over a term: ‘no child left behind’.  It took my life partner several days to cool me down enough that I wasn’t ready to go “killin’ what needs a’killin’ ”  Then Oblammy-o-boy took a swing at it and created “common core”.

That ‘core’ came from the bottom of a trash heap from what was described to me this weekend.  These children are being taught NOTHING.  Absolutely nothing of value. The core is reading and math.  Thats it!  And the math is some “new math” that none of us, not one of us adults can make heads nor tails of.  They have taken the most basic of math functions and twisted it and applied rules to it that completely obscure logic.  Yes, the kids can type, and use social media, and other internet things, but they are not taught writing skills, the two kids in question (3rd grade and sophmore) DO NOT KNOW CURSIVE WRITING!!!!!! The 3rd grader was asking her dad ‘whos Abe Lincoln?’ Which lead to ‘so whats a president?’

Reading (just enough to function)

Math (twisted up to discourage wanting to know more)




No histories, no sciences, nothing but functional, and barely so, skills to get along.  

I won’t go much further on it here except to say that discussion of pulling these kid out of the school system and beginning homeschooling was broached more than once.  The fact that this school system is a “blue ribbon” school only means, to me, that they are able to train the kids to hit a specific score on aptitude tests so they can keep their funding high.  That thought sent the conversations into other realms of greed and graft, and returned to that question at the beginning of the post.

And I dont have an answer.  

But I do have a small contribution towards a solution.

If you have kids, in school, public schools are the worst, but many private schools are following course; pull them out.  If the parents are working two jobs to make ends meet assess why that is.  If its to support the kids in school, one of the parents needs to quit and start doing what a parent should and support the kids AT HOME.  Homeschooling is not hard, it is only that we have been ‘taught’ that it is.  It doesnt take that long to string search for homeschooling info, groups, support structure, legal aspects, and even legal support groups.  The books can be pricey, but some groups do “buys” and spread the cost out among many helping ease that burden. 

The advantage(s) to this should be obvious.  Closer relationships with our children, they won’t be brainwashed by the state and made into a barely functional dependent cradle to grave, and of course, they will be stronger for having a properly built foundation of knowledge and principles, not some rotten core barely eligible for compost duty.

If ANY of my readers are curious on this, the email link there on the right hand bar does work.  I can help in direction at the very least, and suggest texts, and other things.  Fair warning, I am no expert, nor legal eagle so any advice I suggest is just opinion.  You use it at your risk and discretion. (But my opinion, from evidence shown, screams to take our kids back.)