Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Long day Tuesday

one of those mind breaking, “puttin’ out fires” kind of day. On a job that was bid for the mere fact that they employ ME. No way in hell would they have touched this job if I weren’t there, and I am not only the fabricator, but the installer on this one as well. Unfortunately, I have found I am building on the foundations of a carpenter that does not know how to read a square or level,,, Makes some of my measurements borderline bullshit, and that makes the rest of them get a might wonky too. Bash to fit and paint to hide has come out more than once, sadly. BUT, the build is solid and there won’t be any escapee doggums from this ‘daycare’ center,,,

Though I did manage to show one of the newbs why they pay me so much more on the hour than they pay him. I wonder where these kids grew up since the ‘tricks’ I use are stuff I picked up at my Da’s elbow over the years,,,, I figured this is redneck country, they should have tricks out the whazoo for ‘making do, making it up, and gettin’ it done’. Guess I was wrong to some extent.

And I got to pull my favorite line on him. him: “how do you know all of this stuff?”

me: “know it? hell dood, I am making this shit up as I go along,,, Try to keep up.” (the tricks are old hash, but the combinations are sometimes quite unique.)

Anywhoos, seems that someone/group did some damage to the underwater sections of the Nordstrom 2 pipeline. And there is quite a bit of the Russiarussiarussia hoopla spilling out over it.

Like VodkamanBad would go out of his way to sabotage his own bank account? Srsly!!! Think for ONE minute about HOW and WHY and you will see that the creepies screaming blood are running cover for someone else. And just how do you initiate a 2.8 explosion that deep underwater? The first thing that came to mind for me was “Depth Charges”. Dunno how much Vlad has in the way of those but I am certain that there are still a few relics laying around in ammo mags in this country. (hell, we were still carting out Willie Pete that had 1950 dates on the crates they were stored in. And that was in early 90’s when I was playing in the mags on Pendleton.). Key point here; Depth charges are NOT something some terrorist are going to go through the trouble of making. This was some STATE job, the only real question is WHICH STATE. I have my thoughts, and they all point in the direction of a swamp, and damaging evidence could be found in certain STATES of Euro bend starting to waffle on the sanctions because they are feeling the cold weather blowing in. What better way to HURT Vlad, AND make sure that your ‘alliance’ feels the pain you intended them to feel. They want us downtrodden and beaten, and that goes for their ‘friends’ and ‘allies’ as well. They WANT the world to crumble and BURN.

It would behoove you to remember, these monkeys are NOT SANE, but they have a lot of power and influence. And they are NOT the faces we see in Media: those are the fall guys when this shit goes sideways on them.

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