Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Just wandering through the halls of my skull

Was headed back from a short day at work today.  A song came on my radio, one I hadn’t really paid any attention to in a couple of decades.   (the music may not be for everyone, but the message IS)

Learn to give respect, that others, give to you.

I hear a lot about ‘respecting the office of the President’ and as a reformed Marine, I still do respect the office.   It currently is empty of any figure worth the title and this country is leaderless IMO.   The (p)Resident in chief did not ‘earn’ any respect, and most definitely does not respect those of us that make up “The People” as is shown in multiple ways in actions.   That he is ‘not all there’ is beside the point: He had 40 flipping years to go something in politics to gain that respect, and he pissed it all away in grift and graft, and amounted to nothing more than another toad ‘in power’.

Over at Sarah’s house, she also jumped on the ‘wander through the closest of her skull’. and has some damned fine points to make.   My favorite part, though you need to read the whole thing: 

I will be responsible for my own actions (which no, don’t include your unlawful reprisals. Those will be returned with interest) and I will not accept responsibility for your actions.

Individual liberty and self-ownership but not one inch of mollycoddling and kowtowing.

American. Do you even speak it? Because I do!

Lord do we need more people willing, AND ABLE, to accept that they are the Ultimate minority, and that they own themselves and all of their actions.  Personal responsibility has taken hind-teat over the last couple of decades, and we see it in the growth of government, and especially over the last two years as people began fearing to LIVE, and existing in fear.    Sorry, we all gotta die someday and despite the alarmist Government stooge,  people aren’t dropping at unprecedented rates.   In fact, the numbers don’t look all that different from any other year other than the fact that the Flu has apparently been on vacation since March of 2020.   

And why wouldn’t personal responsibility take a hind-teat, when our government has mandated ‘too big to fail’, and “no child left behind’ and lowered ALL the goal posts that encourage personal improvement.   Appeasement of the masses, or as Sarah called in that post; “Permissiveness“. We coddle the weak, chastise those that buck the system, even kidnap and isolate those that DO understand personal freedom, and the responsibilities that go with it.

Hell, Right now, I can tell you that I have broken at least three laws, JUST BY EXISTING.   My homestead is probably not legal in some way, even though I ‘played by their rules’ in building it.   I didn’t build to code, in the strictest of sense, and in some ways exceeded code (especially in insulation and stud quality.   No pine in my framing studs, all rough cut hardwoods, and the insulation is Rockwool, double layered.  That stuff WILL NOT BURN!!!). And in KY, so long as you are not tying into the grid, you don’t need permits for building.  No permits, no inspections, no bribing of some petty flunky that NEEDS to feel bigger and better than you, even though they live on stolen graft and have not one useful skill they could carry into the private sector.

I didn’t even need a permit for my septic tank because I was not using city water.    Yes, I put it in ‘to code’ with leech lines and the works, and the tank itself had passed some inspection. (those codes DO have a purpose other than feeding some industry with wasteful purchases, like all the electric with GFI and Arc Detection breakers (that absolutely mess with welders,,,). IF I ever needed my house to be inspected, electric wise, I would need an RV inspection since it is set up more like an RV than a regular house.   I won’t, because I have no need to go on grid for any reason.   But can you imagine the hoops I would have to go through for that???    “Because you have Direct current circuits, you need a Department of Transportation inspection.” “We can’t inspect your home because it doesn’t have axles or wheels”.  Without the DOT inspection, we can’t insure your vehicle,,,’   its not a vehicle it is bolted to a block foundation,,,”  (for the record, I don’t carry homeowners insurance, but I do carry renters insurance.   Because of those inspections or lack thereof, Renters was the best I could get, but I carry quite a bit more than “just replace my personal stuff” levels.)(yet another aspect to consider if you decide to go off-grid.)

I don’t want to give too much away, information-wise, about my homestead: I am sure that doing so could and WOULD be used against me in some court hearing brought on by some statist troll that needed to display their power over the unwashed masses.   (don’t get me wrong, I have friends that work for the state, but I don’t consider them statists, nor inept pogues.   In some ways, its the only game in town if you want to get ahead in this world, and most definitely pays better than many private industry jobs.   I myself almost went that route when I wanted to become a teacher.

thankfully, my personal education, which took off AFTER I left the rat-race and propaganda machine, has shown me that I CAN become a teacher still.   And one that doesn’t have to play by the rules of the NEA, but by the rules that matter; the rules of the parents and a MORAL society.   

One of my freinds that works for State tells me horror stories of laziness, craptastic attendance and that management can do NOT ONE THING to correct the problems.   I saw a lot of this in Union houses while touring. And during my self-education, have learned that there are teachers, accused and CONVICTED of child molestation and they CAN’T BE FIRED, so they are assigned ‘work’ in the teachers lounge with no interaction of the kids at all.  Someone please explain to me how this is SANE or even vaguely rational because I ain’t gettin’ it.

The only real difference between being a ‘for hire’ tutor/teacher?  Accountability: My students will show progress or the parents will no longer allow me to teach the kids.  I will have to have a curriculum that the parents WANT TAUGHT, or I won’t get hired.  But the biggest one in my book; I can set the rules to some extent, with the parents blessing of course, on discipline.   Not the “Hands tied” ‘let them be kids’ schtick I have seen growing faster with each passing year.  Not that I want to be the epitome of the School Master with a Switch, but there are definitely times when some kid needs a good swift WHACK! across the backside.   I don’t feel the kids of the last 20 years have had ANY kind of discipline, and when they finally get to the real world, act as if they are above ‘that shit!’.  A swift whack across the ass is far more effective than some role played incarceration, which only prepares the kids for such as real, and why we see more and more of that too.   

anywhoos, I’ll have more up later as I find something worthy of writing about.    


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