Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Mostly illusions

The other day, I was off doing a tech call for one of the many powered gate systems I have installed.  SImple easy fix, knew it walking in, and took about 3 minutes: one to verify, one to fix, and another to verify the fix was in.   And Bossman asked me to check out a section of fence line that had been damaged, to see what we needed to bring to make the repair.  Fact is, I could have fixed this as well, in about 10 minutes, IF I had been in one of our regular vehicles with tools and the like, but I wasn’t, so couldn’t.    I had only brought the stuff for a break/fix of a computer system as worst case for the gate/controller.  

What I found: someone had cut a single strand of wire out of the fence and used that opening to enter the compound.  Talking to the guys there, They felt it was an inside job because where the break is, is the only spot on the compound not covered by cameras.  Its a section of fence about five feet wide, near a corner building that housed a lot of portable tooling.   Still talking to the guys, one of them asked be if there were some way to ‘harden’ the fence line so they didn’t have to deal with this again.

My response: “This is all just an illusion,,, I you want to harden the security, you should hire someone with working synapses and give them training in the use of deadly force, when to use it, and the authority to do so.”

“What do you mean ‘Illusions”?”

You want to stop thieves? you have to use PEOPLE, not some imaginary boundary like a fence line.   It looks solid, you can grab it in your hands, but to a thief, its just a minor obstacle to his goals and it won’t do more than slow him down.  Fences keep honest people honest, and nothing more..

He was silent for a minute thinking about what I said then just nodded his head.  Thats when he told me that the thieves had parked on the street so they wouldn’t leave tire tracks, and had hauled all the loot two hundred yards to the street around the fence line, behind palleted materials so the cameras couldn’t get good images of them.   


We have thieves, people that will go through extraordinary efforts to get something that doesn’t belong to them, and they(seemingly) think they ‘earned’ it by going through those efforts.  It doesn’t matter to me if the thief is your standard shoplifter, or the Current Occupant of the White House.   It doesn’t matter if the ‘laws’ say the Grift is legal, the moral side says it is WRONG, but that doesn’t matter when the law is,,,

Illusions.   There are rights and wrongs, and even most five year olds have had some basis in whats right and wrong and can tell, even if they are guilty of it, whats what.  The most basic concept is “don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff”, yet that pre-school lesson seems to have been happily forgotten by almost anyone in some postiion of Authority.


Been watching the world timeline evolve the last week.  Seeing the sudden reversal of drive by THE FRAUD on the whole Ukraine thing,   Yeah, Didn’t see it coming the way it did, but I should have.  I harped on the whole pipelines through the Caucasus to one of my sisters, and KNEW that a majority of Europe purchases NatGas from Russian Companies.   Yeah, piss off the Bear, and Europe gets really dark and REALLY cold REALLY quick.  No wonder Germany and a few others told Xi-den and company to piss off and leave European matters to European peoples.   That THE FRAUD has lost so much credibility that our allies of many years would smack back, even in sternly worded reprisals says far more to me about the state of the union than anything the EneMedia reports.    We are fast becoming the whipping boy on the block.

Our place in the world,,,,


One only the American People seem to be able to see these days.   

And largely due to a Group that promised to “Build Back Better” but has never built anything; unless you consider piles of shit as ‘building something’.

I have bit my tongue on more than one occasion when I was in the presence of a Known Biden Voter.  I also note that one of my readers, who knows who I am talking about but I won’t mention by name, has gone dark since about February of 2021.     I held myself in check with the “told ya so” but I think said person is quite aware of the truth, just doesn’t want to admit it and face the shame.   

And sadly, they don’t get that there would be no shame in admitting they were wrong.   I think most of us conservative types that have seen through the illusions of Government would happily welcome those that just lost the veil over their eyes.   Not shaming them, but welcoming them and hoping that they were willing to learn more; FAR MORE.

Illusions.    Most times the caster of the Illusion can be found in the mirror.  And so many of us are unaware that we have been trained to cast our own illusions; so much so that when they get shattered, we scramble to rebuild them rather than accept they were mere figments of the imagination.

Artificial tapestries we weave to cover the brute nature of the world.  ILLUSIONS.

Thanks for listenin’    

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