Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

This time of year

Melancholy is always my issue this time of year.   This year seems worse than usual and looking on things, I understand why, just don’t like it.    BUT, I am not the Premiere Overseer of the World (and wouldn’t want to be if offered) and have zero control of what the rest of the world does, so can’t fix the issues.  Even if I could, y’all prolly wouldn’t like my solutions.  Jus-sayin’.

A band I mixed monitors for, a couple of times at Annie’s, a local place in SinCity. (has changed hands and is now a ‘Shed’ for regional tours)(checked out their webpage, and, yeah, WON’T BE going there anytime soon. “PAPERS PLEASE!”   fuggem!!!!) (Annies is where.I mixed for Jackyl, BTE, Seven Mary Three, and so many more that I can’t remember names of.   Mixed there and a few other ‘dives’ for either the up n coming or the on the way outs,   The touring was where I got to work with “ridin’ the wave” groups.)

The ‘Feelz’ in that song are where I am at, even if the subject matter is ‘off’.   IT is that shift towards hibernation, whimsical looking back, wishing for the warmth of summer again.

Maybe I am just looking for my door into summer, like Petronius Kat and Danny in Heinlein’s time travel Fic.  

Maybe that is why I prefer to build Kayaks this time of year; a door into summer kinda thingy.   Interesting thing about the current RE-build:  I was making Serena this time of year in ‘19, and had her maiden float in November.   Feels like a TimeLoop right now.  Maybe I can avoid the mistakes I made last time.(and damned if I ain’t-a-tryin’).  Her build was started before I ‘sank a Duh!k’, and put into overdrive by that sinking.  Maybe thats why I missed some key points: got rushed.  Not this time, I am taking it easy, and being picky as all get out with my materials this time.   The ribs I am leaving in place are fine, but I knocked seven out of service for just showing a splinter, if not outright breaks showing.    The chines that weren’t broken will go back in, maybe, but not as chines, but as deck stringers where I can spread them out to build up the curve.  The new keelson is setting in clamps right now and is double the width and height of the old one.   Little details that add up, but what the hell, this is my escape from the doldrums of melancholy.   Keeps my front feet and mind busy so that I am not dwelling on ‘the shit’ so heavily.   Don’t really want to go down that hallway of darkness. (I know whats down there; I  locked it away years ago, for good reason.)

Note on experiments with sealer(resin) and skin.   Using the Polystyrene Resin and 12oz fabric, things look really good.  My first impression with the resin not saturating was false.  It leeched through over a period of a few hours, but did not form stalactites as I feared was possible.  BUT!!!!   I can’t do the same thing I do with the two part Polyurethanes: Work back to back before setup.   The polyurethanes are meant to be done before full cure or they ‘layer’ and peel.   With this resin, I will have to put on a light coat to saturate the skin, allow to cure before the next coat goes on.   Longer to do, but that means more control of the finish will be.  I always felt like the two-part was ‘hit or miss’, especially with the way the pigment would mottle up.

So, my post last night about things getting “interesting” around T-day?   I still stand on that premise.  It ‘explains’ the fallback regroup that seems to be taking place with Xi-den and THE FRAUD.  They may have shot thier wad with Kabul and other over-reaches, but they are NOT just going to pack up and go home. (Dawg, how I wish they would!!!!) I think there isn’t a one of us that doesn’t know the only way this is going to be resolved is with sweat, blood and pain, LOTS OF PAIN.

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