Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Eighteen months ago

I wrote this post

Key question asked towards the end of it

Do any of you think we will go back to where we were in March, before they started all this shit?

Never thought, even then, that a year later we would see the things we have.  That we would see a government blithely stolen in the dead of night, and the Patriots do nothing more than stage protests.  That a medical experiment would be granted permission for human testing on a massive sce with zero accountability for the researching companies.   That further division of an already fractured country could take place AND polarize the divisions so completely.

I’m not holding hope that the resistance of the crews of SWA keeps rolling.  Wish, yes.  Hope, nottasomuch.  Pessimistic? After the last eighteen months?  You’d best fuckin’ believe my pessimism has been injected with steroids!!!  Like I said in that linked post, ‘never thought I would see Americans roll over to show tummy so fast’ or so damned completely!!!

Maybe it will,  maybe it will and is spreading to other industries.  I know the medicos are seeing losses from mandates, but to what extent? Hard to say because of the compliant EneMedia lapdogs playing hushpuppy.  Trawling FB tells me nothing because the algorithms are fast and rapidly modified for new information suppression.   And the GAB thing,,,,   hell, I hated twitter from the geego, and GAB is basically the same setup with different LMIs.  I cant stand the way threads explode and to stay on top of it, you about need a live monitor in your face 24/7.

I love the Net, but I have zero desire to live ‘IN‘ it.  And I much prefer flesh and blood relationships over 145k ‘FB friends ‘ that I may meet only ever meet 14 of.    As communications, perfect, like texting and emails or delayed commentary.  I do ‘get to know’ my readers via comments,  and those sometimes expand into IRL friendships (and in a case or two, IRL enemies) 

Face facts, knowing and conversing with someone in Australia via the net, is not a flesh and blood relationship.  Georgia and I drifted apart quickly because of the distance and that is just fact.  Maybe with the net we could have stretched it out longer, but the distance is very physical, and people NEED touch to ‘make it real’

The FRAUD and their handlers KNOW it too, and thats why the isolationist demands were so strong right out of the gates.  Its why OZ and other places are still there. 

And you can bet that if the ‘movement’ began by SWA Crews ‘sick timing’ resistance  spreads, the Delta-lamda-falalalala “will explode” right about Turkey Day and the Enemedia will make it sound like the next Black Plague in the effort to shut us down.   And half of this country that is starting to wake up will ‘chicken little’ and run back behind the 12 masks and locked doors and 60′ social distancing and ,,,


I just watch, hoping to be proven wrong, and sometimes I get surprised.


So watch, By Thanksgiving. And I bet they blame it on a free moving populace during Halloween,,, and that, even if the ‘outbreak’ is real, it will be blamed on the unvaxxed and that the numbers will be manipulated to show more unvaxxed than vaxxed as suck, even though we are seeimg entirely the opposite in other places.

One response

  1. Ohio Guy

    I think your intuition is spot on, sir.


    October 16, 2021 at 8:06 pm

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