Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

in the course of human events

People live, people die, life carries on, and the world continues to turn.   

When we are at our lowest, I think its good to remember the above.   WE, individually, will cease to be, but the rest of this semi-psychotic mess we call a species will carry forward.   If we are remembered or not is ENTIRELY up to us, and what we do.  Will we be remembered in fondness?  Or will our name forever be attributed to some evil or sickness?   
I can think of a few public figures right now that are rapidly earning something along that last,,,,   no names need be said, do they?

I posted up a video recently of a young man in GB that is just ripping apart the viral threads with a baring of his soul.  In that video he says that he only wants to leave something good behind.   I think “Mission Accomplished” would be the operative words here.   His viewing counts gain by millions each week.  When I posted the vid, it was below 4 million,,,  this week, its well over 8 million and climbing still.   I wish only the best fo the man: from what I have read, he deserves it.   His art may not be for everyone (I know a couple of people I showed it to, sorta wrinkled their nose at it,, but others, totally sucked in and it “Clicked” with them, same as it did me.).  He is leaving something positive for millions behind,,, if he were to do nothing else the rest of his life,, there will be some that remember him,,  And in positive light.

I think that is all any of us wish for, ultimately,,,  To be thought well of when its all said and done for us.   

Thats part of why I wrote the book I did,, and why I intend on doing more there.    I wanted to come home and work on them today, seeing how it was a rainy cold mess out,,,  BUT, too much for this one jack of all trades to handle today.  More tomorrow.   I was joking with my dad that we may be burying Bossman this week: when he writes my check he may have an aneurysm,,,  Maxed hours every day and there is still one more to go, and I have enough on my list for 3 more full days, and thats just the shop time I know about, installs may add to that.  Bossmans BP may spike, but I know the revenue I generated this week more than justifies the expenditure for me,,,,  He’ll get over it,,,

Darkness is falling, its been a grey day, and soon, furry lumps will be arriving, wishing me to dry them off, feed them and make them places to curl up (like my lap,,,).  Any work I start now may get interrupted, repeatedly.   BUT, here I am, on the Mac, tapping out a post and once I fire this off, I am opening Vellum and getting busy until such time as Grizz and Mama start insisting they are the absolute priority and nothing else will suffice.

To be honest, I haven’t paid one iota of attention to the world at large this week, other than my daily reads of BCE, Sarah WRSA, Cold Fury and Liberty’s Torch,,,  (and the comics,  DBD, GG, and LFG,,,  two are very non-political.). For what its worth, doesn’t seem to be much movement on collapse, WWIII, or The Not-so-Great reset,,,   Usual swirling of the bowl going on, and, well, dongivafuk these days….  I can’t stop it, I can’t control anything past my personal space (which is as far as my arms reach) and I will roll wth the punches as they came and as I can,,,,   I think thats all any of us can do.   

In the meantime, I work on that ‘legacy’ I want to leave behind,  the words going to print, and the ones here that will vanish when this site is shuttered after my demise.   (no I ain’t dyin’, not today anyways,,, what the future holds is anyones guess, and I may be around for another 30 plus years,,,   We will see,,,,). Keep the prep thing going while there is still that luxury, keep making alternative plans, three ways in, five ways out,,,  two is one, one is none,,,   Rather be looking at it, than looking for it,,,,   Little blurbs that seem cliche, but are sound wisdom.  Things we need to carry forward for the generations that will replaces us.  Some of the ideas I wrote into Wings,,, facts that are not taught in the Indoctrination centers,,, concepts that are dead simple, but complicated to express to those blinded by the mental gymnastics they are taught.   

We all move on, none get off this rock alive (not yet anyway,,, )and none are immortal: death comes for us all.   

But we aren’t done yet, and there is still much we can do.   

So get to it.


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