Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

prelude,,,Bad vibes.

driving back to the shop from the jobsite (job done!!! fini!! Complete,,, WoooF!!!!) passed by a tractor trailer combo, but the name on the truck clicked something out of a Matt Bracken book. AMERO,,,
Now, those that haven’t read Matt will need an explanation,,
In his Enemies trilogy, the north American countries, USA, Canada and Mexico joined up similar to the Europeans and formed a financial UNION,,, conglomerating all currency into the Amero, or sometimes refered to as “North American Dollar” “NADS,,,”; which I thought was a quite appropriate term. Gonna take some nads to pull that sort of shit with the European countries in dire straits.
And I wouldn’t put it past this set of administrations, what with Puddin’ head Joe, the puppet, Turdboy Castro, and while I don’t know the name of the current Mexican Prez, I have read some headlines that indicate he is left of center: maybe not full on Marxist, but only slightly right of Lenin,, And the Mexican.Gov would have incentive to hope for this since tying all of the currencies together would lift theirs up.
How would they do it. Zeros!!! say $1000 dollars NOW, would Equal ONE NAD,, Suddenly the debts are back into the Billions instead of TRILLIONS and MOST PEOPLE wouldn’t do the math enough to know its just a ‘magic trick’,,,
Its just an illusion. Same as our fiat money is now. The only thing floating fiat bucks is consumer confidence, and that is getting pummeled like a Mike Tyson spouse.

Think Zimbabwe
Think Weimar Republic (which we are far closer to than many realize).
And if you think the change would be a benefit to those on fixed incomes, like SSI,,,, How does getting a monthly check for $12 sound? (using the dollar symbol for NAD in this case), or $1.20 They would address current debts the same way they ‘eliminated’ Trillion dollar deficits, by slashing the zeros,,,
Only one group is going to prosper if they do this,,, This is the sort of thing that Soros made his wealth on,

Is this “The Plan”,,, Dunno, way above my paygrade, but I have this suspicion that we may soon find out. and if so,,,,,
UPDATE: worst scenario, they ADD zeros instead.
anywhoos, if either aspect comes to pass, you know full well who will and who won’t be affected by it. And it will be written into whatever legistlation that the ones ‘makeing the law’ will be the absolutely least effected,,,,

apologies for such a downer post,,, Bad vibes are some of the hardest to shake. t


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