Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Direction is more important than speed

Unless you are actually in a race, but I digress.

And there are times over the last few years (decade DUDE!, get it right) that I feel like I am just spinning wheels, lots of power to the ground, but no speed, no direction, nothing worth a damn but the smell of burning rubber and lots and lots of noise.

Time to smell the flowers, not burning rubber,,,

I keep looking for my personal map, to offer me a direction worth following.  I have my compass, but a tool without information is a paperweight.

And there are those that keep saying “Find your purpose”.   Yeah, that thing.   I THOUGHT my purpose was to become a teacher, and that got dropped the wayside long time ago.  And seeing how our government has twisted and deformed our education system into the penultimate indoctrination system without teaching a damned thing,,, Prolly for the best that was curbed when it was.

Oh, I still teach, just not everyday, or any one subject, and never to the same people each time.  I have to show newbs how to do their job more times than I care to think about at the J.O.B.,,,  And get frustrated as hell when I see the same damned shit repeated over and over even after being shown a better EASIER way,,, and not just once but several times a week, and sometimes multiple times a day,,,    They give me accolades on how easy it is, then turn around 5 minutes later doing the same shit I tried to correct.   Maybe its that whole muscle memory thing as they disconnect the brain, and in a case or two, never engaged to begin with.


Dunno, lots on my mind today, and some of it is vaguely kayak-y (repairing those cracks on Lizzy.  They aren’t very deep, but I would prefer them to not get deeper.). And the world at large seems to be holding its collective breath waiting for what happens in the U.S. come November.   Will we even have a (s)election cycle?  Will the States themselves hold ACCOUNTABLE (s)elections, curtailing the FRAUD we have been witness to?   Or will THE FRAUD initiate a full blown war, either in this country or world wide (on the verge now) and ‘cancel’ (s)elections?   (and in doing so, kick off the former option, IMO). 

And I know there are others saying that ‘this is the most important election of the century’ crap again.   Mehbe so Virginia, mehbe so.  BUT, then they all are, so long as the propaganda arm keeps manipulating information and skewing public opinion.   Seen the new ads on Fakebook for the ‘false information’ and how to combat it?   LOL.  Thats a quite the feat if your critical thinking skills are lacking: such has been shown by a large portion of the world over the last 2 1/2 years,,,,   And far too many just want to be TOLD what to think, as if they could have a coherent thought past the fleeting emotions they feel.

Damn, I am sounding flat negative today,,,,

Which is odd, because I am NOT feeling negative,,,

Ok, maybe just a little, not so much negative as frustrated with the downturn of hours at work.  Not surprised seeing how inflation is kickin’ everyones ass, but hey, when the hours drop off, my efforts must as well; if they require FRN’s, which is ‘most of them’.  

And that is part of the ‘direction’ thing I am searching for.   I have options for long term income production, and I am working on them, but they don’t pay the “NOW” bills, and that is the only reason I stick with the current gig.    Until such time as I find another,,,

I’m gonna cut it short before I start thinking in circles and convincing myself of the impossible/improbable/insane solutions that sometimes come to mind of a highly imaginative person,,,   (those are what the stories are supposed to be, not reality,,,) 

That, and I have found that THOUGHTS are definitely a contributor to personal reality.  Like wanting a fiberglass boat so damned bad that it was in my every waking thoughts and suddenly not only the boat appears out of nowhere, but the means to acquire it did too,,,   I can’t write that off as complete serendipity due to the strength of my thoughts prior.   Maybe there was some “woo-woo” involved with ghosts of people past (Jim, Mom) but if so, it was my thoughts that attracted them,,,,

I think.    

Hell, I don’t know, but it’s not the first time ‘shit has happened’ when my thinking has been so obsessive.   When things aren’t happening is when my thoughts are disturbed and convoluted, like now, looking for that ‘personal map’,,,,

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