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Walkin’ on a peat bog

Thats how I am feeling right now: ground all shifty, no real landmarks for navigation, chance of the ground giving way immanent,,,

I fired off a text to Bossman, that I wanted some time away to clear my head on some things; that I would come in two days this week to clear my table and fix one of those issues that keeps popping out of the ground. Also said we needed to ‘discuss my future with,,,” when I return.

His response back was positive, and ominous in its brevity. He’s pissed,,,

And I’m torn: I feel like I already quit (with no fallback position in place) but thats not the case. I just wanna chance to clear the air about rewarding incompetents/punishing yout 80/20’s.

I’m standing ground, even if things feel shifty/spongy underfoot. I know there is no one else that can do what I do, even though I DO fill in for them as needed. “I can do your’n, can you do mine?” Ask that of them and the answer is always a quick ‘no’, ask me and the answer is ‘whats its priority?'(or similar. I wear many hats and all of it is wanted ‘yesterweek’) That right there is the lever I have, and the one I WILL use.

Domestics day. Laundry, fill Da’s meds for the week, and I plan on being at camp for 5 days, so havta arrange feed for the fourfeets while off n about. Several fourfooted frien’s at camp already so, no, mine don’t get to join (and the kittehs are just fine with that,,, Voo is the one with separation anxiety) My bills are mostly caught up, just need to pay the phone plan thing up. One more for the month but its due two weeks out; it can wait while I get this shit sorted out and back on solid ground.

And yah, may even take a boat to water today. Had some qaulity time on water yesterday: sitting on it and wearing it as it fell from the sky. I do like paddling in rain,,, really need an action camera to catch some of the views. Big Doe and her fawn at waters edge. Fawn still in spots. Made it to 10′ off before mama’s nervous nature took hold. The fawn stuck close, curious about that ‘big blue duck’, but by the time I was able to get the phone out, mamas calling her won out. Seriously, if I could find a way to make kayaking pay, I would far prefer that over the sort of chasing FRN’s I have been doing. (There is a thought here, I need to pursue while at camp,,,,)

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  1. bigcountryexpat

    Always hated that ‘discuss my future with…’ shytte.
    Bastards always always seem to think b/c they sign the paycheck that they hold all the cards when without the peons (like yourself) they literally ain’t. got. shit.

    Might want to remind him of that.

    I know you’ve been feeling down lately, and believe me, it’s the same across the board… a general malaise that I can’t seem to break, and an itchiness that I just can’t seem to scratch. Even when I get ‘down time’ I’m all FUBAR’d so to speak.

    Thankfully Ye Olde Blegg helps me get it out in the open.
    My suggestion is to start looking for greener pastures i.e. employment wise. Sounds like the Bossman is a dickhead of the 1st Stripe. Besides, if you really want to twist his nipples (metaphorically speaking) just throw out there just how fucked up your coworkers are and how fucked he’d be without you

    Not much, but IF it’s as bad as you’ve stated in the past, he -should- ostensibly shit hisself, and that’s the point where “I get a raise or I walk, and UBFUQD”

    Dunno, but it’s worked for me in the past, pointing out the incompetence of my coworkers and that -I’m- the guy keeping shit working, it generally dawns on them that yes, you ARE needed, and that they have to make sure you stick around, lest the place fall apart.

    One tactic also is to ask him if he’d want the coworker Fumblefingers Magoo doing work on HIS (the Boss’s) house/fence/project or would he want YOU? If he tells you that he’d prefer you, then you can say something to the effect of, whelp you just answered your own question, and I need a raise ‘cos Fumblefingers needs to GTFO.

    My 2 cents
    Otherwise, hit me on email bro. Need some advice vis-a-vis “kayak for (now) 310 pound man and gear” Hope all is well. Semper Fi Crayonboi! 😉

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    July 3, 2022 at 4:02 pm

    • I am the instigator of this ‘need to discuss my future with,,,’, so that ball is already in motion. And Son of Bossman KNOWS that w/o me, shit gets sideways with a quickness. Bossman should to, since the last time I quit, he had to have 5 gates made by an outside company at 5G each, and he lost his ass on that gig. But its all about the nickle saved right now, not how much it costs overall and that is what really eats me. Pay a little more up front and the end game you save more, but that thought eludes him,,,,

      Tried the last email you sent and it bounces. Tag my protonmail in the sidebar.

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      July 3, 2022 at 6:55 pm

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