Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Maybe its the fact that I have been able to get on the water so much more, but my outlook today, actually surprised me.

It was a simple “We’re winning” thought.

Think about it.  The FRAUD is shitting bricks and trying everything they can to get involved in a major war with Russia (Vodkaman BAD) because that is all they have left.  We gave in to their demands under the Coronaphobia, allowed them to steal an entire government system, even turned a blind eye to the collusion of Pedo-Rings and even though a certain someone was convicted, her list of clients has seemingly NEVER been investigated (because they are all sitting reps in said government system. Betcha!) 

Why are they shitting bricks? 

Because we haven’t begged them to ‘make it all go away’.  We haven’t rushed out and put our homes in hock to buy that electric vehicle (monster 4×4 diesels are still selling faster, as well as the campers to tow behind them.).  We haven’t kneeled at the alter of communism like they fully expected us to do when they rolled over so many Executive orders shuttering commerce and trade, and even with said food shortages, we haven’t rolled over.  

WE ARE STILL ACTING LIKE AMERICANS, and that makes them damned nervous.   Enough that they started pushing the gun thing even though another section of said Gooberment just laid a landmark decision out, totally opposite of that ‘red flag law’ that Turtle boy McConnell showed his true colors with.(among other traitors of the people,,, formerly called Repugnicans.)6114982672942479281891

The FRAUD knows it does not have the support it needs to keep this ball rolling, and while I have no hope that we will ever see another honest election (have we ever seen one in the last 54 years?  I wonder.) THE FRAUD can’t hope to keep enough leverage in place without fully tipping the cards.  They NEED a major war, just like FDR did.   

Funny how that whole shell game keeps coming back around, isn’t it?   

We are winning.   And we just have to be patient.   Keep hacking the local politics, as that is where they are weakest.  The local peeps can’t run and hide like the big-dogs can: and the locals peeps know “we know where you live” isn’t a threat, but a promise that if things get real flaky, someone will pay the bill, other than the taxpayers.   Thats not a bill they want to see in collections with their name on it.

One commenter over at Frans place stated that “if you want to do what the left has done, you have to do it the way they did: take the long walk through the institutions.”   Maybe.   Maybe not.  The Institutions are how they managed to brainwash the majority, but the majority don’t reside in said institutions: they reside in the real world where reality always wins, no matter how much they wish otherwise.  Maybe not all of them come to that moment when they find what they thought they knew ‘just ain’t so”, but a lot of them do.  Those that do, are the ones that have been running for the gun counters and buying up toys they ‘thought’ they despised just a few years prior.     They are the ones that are suddenly silent on FB and Twatter because ‘things aren’t adding up right’.  When an African American offers to buy up Twatter stock to ‘take it back to 1st amendment territory’, and they lose their ever-lovin’ minds over it, you know, THEY KNOW they haven’t one foot on solid reality.   That said AA is also caucasian really perturbs their claims on “virtue identity” and the whole racism crap they spew.

And the whole shrug off of “Pride Month”,,,,    in these parts, NO ONE gives a rats ass.   It’s all about getting on the water, or getting into the woods or the mud trails and ENJOYING LIFE.   So what if its gonna cost three times as much to run the boat for the day, better that then dealing with Libtard fantasies that only make life a misery.   Even I have been saying to hell with it;  I’d rather burn a full tank of gas to go see friends and get some water time in, than dwell in the dystopian mess they WANT and DESIRE.   

All I can say to that ‘want and desire’: We should bring back institutional commitments.  Re-open the asylums and keep these people safe from themselves and us.   Cuz if we don’t separate them and us, someone is gonna get hurt, BAD.  More likely A LOT OF SOMEONES, like nuke-lee-air fried icecream hurt.   






they can crank it to eleven and we are still winning.

they can do all the shenanigans that every tyrant has pulled since Alexander the Great, and we will continue on our way, because we are winning.   
They fail to heed the warnings of history, such as that which led to the King John signing the Magna Carta.

  Its not the leaders that make the power they wield,,,,

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