Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Seems to me, looking at things, that the idea of communism is self defeating. I know, so damned obvious like the nose on your face, that you don’t really notice it until something is off on it.   

Let me try a different angle.   Take the recent Affy SNAFU that took place with our current occupiers dropping the ball, billions in equipment and ammo, and millions in raw cash sitting on pallets, then screwing the pooch even more by ‘asking’ our allies to ease up “your making us look bad”,,,,

That same group of occupiers, (I call them THE FRAUD, and do not recognize them as legitimate) now are rattling sabers over Russia trying to keep a certain amount of autonomy at a. warm water port, and standing their ground due to a long ago promise by the Administration of THIS country to NOT extend NATO in the Caucasus . (to which “WHY” are we even still talking about this has been waste of revenues that we support almost solely as was shown by Trump in 2017.   but thats another post or three altogether and one I won’t likely hit on other then this little piece.  Others have covered it in greater detail than I need to.)

Wait a sec,   I think I see a trend here.   We bailed out in Affy leaving tens of thousands abandoned behind enemy lines after promising them we wouldn’t.   Now we are saber rattling over a nothing burger that is set to explode into thermonuclear winter warmup party totally ignoring the promises from the cold war.   

Maybe like we blew every damned Indian Treaty out of the water back in the late 1800’s, Huh?

Lots of people still a little miffed about those times, even though they weren’t alive then.   They still live with the after effects of it.   (ever been on a res?   Nuff said if ya have.)

But Dio: what does this have to do with being ungovernable and communism being self defeating?

I’m Psaki’ing around to that.   

That we (I use the empirical here but I mean the FRAUD) are about to dive head long into a fray we are GUARANTEED to get our asses handed to us in (given the current state of our military and its moral levels, which as far as my sources tell me, is cratered below the basement.) After the mess we JUST left behind in AFFY.  WHY aren’t we FLOODING DC with bodies telling them to get their house in order before fucking with BEARS and DRAGONS (thats the other option they keep tickling; Taiwan/China.).  

Why aren’t we?   Three words.  ONE GOOD DAYJOB.    We work.  we have to work because we are so DECADENT  that we are too busy to take the time to make the noise to keep the asshats in line.   We VOAT, which as we have seen is. a big whoop-ti-doo for nothing because some Criminals  I mean polytickians managed to get the keys to the machines and,,,,

1  9

Nope.   When communism starts to become a majority thing, and we are all getting the same benefits no matter what our level of activity, DC is gonna get a big surprise.   

Fact though.  We will NEVER hit that level.   The tide is already turning on them, and people, more people than they accounted for, are waking the fuck up to the bullshit smell they have been sold.   Just the Omi-godwe’sallgonnadie-crom bullshit from before Christmas, has more than a few people looking at actions vs reality and saying “Maybe this was a bad idea ,,,,”

People are seeing that even the minuscule savings they had before all of this shit started, if it hasn’t evaporated trying to stay afloat, is worth a shit ton less than it was prior.   

People are seeing fuel costs go up, and even the Dunning-Krugers are thinking that Shooting our energy independence in the heels, right out of the gate, as was the actions of Xi-Den Emperor poopy-pants the First (and last): yeah, that was not a good thing either.   

Then they see that EVERYTHING is costing more, but the wages, while they are starting to go up in certain sectors (just to lure people away from the couch they have been paid to sit on for the last year) the ratio of growth is NOT on pace.   Nor will it be.   The labor factor is only a small percentage of the Margin factor: costs of production all across the board are up; energy, materials, shipping,,,,

And the Fucktards wanna tax us more because we are “making more”, as if a percentage doesn’t increase in volume at the same rate.   

Yeah, when the “from each according to ability, to each according to need” thing comes around.   Gonna be a lot of people like me that say “Fuck-a-yoozze” and take my shit underground.   And there is already an underground “Makers” thing going on.    Watch on Fakbuk, look for all the 3d printer sales and the CNC laser cutters, all bench top models.   I even saw a bench-top water jet cutter,,,,   All of that is a GROWING COTTAGE INDUSTRY that I guaran-damn-tee is NOT reporting to the Infernal Rectum Stuffers at 100%.        I won’t say anymore about it, other than you can find a lot of damned fine items being produced, in many cases ONE-OFF, so its unique as all get out, and with turn-arounds that China CAN’T compete with, because there isn’t a huge ocean to cross.    AND, you have the growing INDIE publications scene.  I’m in it, Sarah is Really in it, many many others, and the writing keeps getting better and better.    Corey wrote this years back, but its even MORE applicable today,,,,

Go read Sarahs post,  It’ll help give you a better feel for just how badly the Lib-tards are losing, and while it may not feel that way,,,,  A large part of that being WE don’t think in the same manner, so we can’t see their fear-factor,  or their projection. (which is why, even though they told us HOW they were going to steal the election, it still hit us broadside.). It may even brighten a gloomy winter Sunday, like it did mine.

Yeah, Ungovernable. We are growing that way, but I think it needs to take a hit of speed and get going better. I have a couple of things I am working on in that direction, to take me off the ‘grid’ of socio-economics’ even more than I am currently.

GET UNGOVERNABLE and this shit-show WILL fall in line. As one person showed, The Government doesn’t lead, it follows; it follows what the majority of those connected to things, such as the media and TWITS (which is one reason Trump was so Hated on twitter,,,) , and tries to correct course accordingly, the ENE-media, does the same, so you end up with this positive feedback loop until the sane get a chance to grab the reins and make corrections. Oft times, those corrections are marginal because there is still a large group leaning hard left in the wagon, and the slope the wagon is on is still rather steep and the brakes aren’t up to the job.

The wheels ARE coming off, but that doesn’t mean the end of the world, or even the end of your world. Unless the FRAUD does the completely stoopid and starts a real shitshow with ICBMs or something,,, fact is, we keep going on. We keep getting up in the morning, finding something to do to keep the world moving along, finding someway to make sure WE keep moving along, and somehow, at the end of the day when we drop like felled trees into the beds, everything is still functioning the way it should be, DESPITE the best efforts of shitstains like the FRAUD, and other Evil Tyrant wanna be Mussolini Goobernors of States. (I’m Lookin’ at YOU Andy!!! Your term is coming short,,,,)

Enjoy your Sunday, I have clothes to wash and kittehs that seem to think this weather is somehow “all my fault” and want me to make amends.

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