Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Pull the other one,,,

I get rather sick of hearing “we’reagonnatakebackournation” from a bunch of do nothings. Serious as a heart attack here. I’ve been reading this crap since 2007 and the MOST I have ever seen is a group of overwieght Mil-garbed wannabes sporting some vera-nice ‘sporting’ rifles march on the Capital of Virginia to plead, from behind chainlink barricades to “don’t touch my gunzzzz”. (and the Gov listened NOT!!!!!)

And just like the RINOs declaring ‘give us the majority of congress/senate/whitehouse and we’ll repeal obamacare/outofcontrolspending/whatevs,,,,’, what’d we get? Always the “whatevs” . and never anything else. They want the power, they get it, we want freedom, but we NEVER EVER DO ANYTHING, and they, the PT-ARE fucking know it. We bleat like little five year-olds that had our icecream taken by the bully, but we never grab that sumbich by the balls and get in his face. We run to ‘mommy’ and bleat like little lost sheep.

No offense meant to Mike at Cold Fury, but this is an example of what I mean. Literal listing of the offenses done/being done and what ACTION is being or not being done to correct it. ACTION? there is none, its all bleating like sheep. OooH, we are being overrun by an IMMIVASION! Hep us hep us!!!

No shit Sherlock. Even here in Appalachia we have Hindi store owners running every danged SUCCESSFUL Conveinence store (and I hate that Stereotype, but the evidence is every ‘Burg in the US) . (I’m not harping on the Hindi, just using that as example. At least the Hindi assimilate, and become productive members of society.)

But let me excerpt for you what grabbed my Ire and gave it a twist.

Like one of those old magic eye posters that contained images hidden among visual white noise, once you see the American ruling elite’s reflex to resort to moral blackmail to win an argument, you can never unsee it. Every policy, every argument, every talking point asserts that you are a racist and a bad person if you believe America’s government should first and foremost protect American citizens. This is a fun game for the failed foreign policy establishment, because they reap all the benefits of using Americans’ blood and money to pump up their self-esteem while bearing precisely none of the costs.

Emphasis mine

Because that is what is happening even in that article. Most every article I read is self aggrandizing BULLSHIT. Yeah, I type out my blog, I raise Cain over the travesties we witness, but unlike most, I live my words. I came out here and built my offgrid life, I came out here and wrote a damned book while working for a slave driving Scrooge to make my minimal ends meet. I came out here and LIVE Hoping against Hope that maybe, in some way, the American spirit will catch a breeze and flare back into the Flames of Liberty minded people, not this herd of sheep I have witnessed year after year. No, I ain’t running a suicide run on Mordor on the Potomac like silly bugger from WV did earlier this week: I ain’t stoopid. BUT where are the HORDES OF RIGHTOUSLY PISSED OFF AMERICANS taking advantage of the Powers being knocked off balance? Sitting on the couches waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting and waiting for that next (s)election cycle so they can punch a couple of buttons and feel like they did something.


I’m a nobody, I get it. I have two small books that have made about enough to pay for the programs and equipment I purchased to make them happen. I have a readership that is dedicated and VERY SMALL!!!! as in I might see 300 hits a day, unless I get picked up by Sarah or Mike and then I will see a couple thousand. Comments are nearly non-existent here, unlike over at Sarahs place where she posts and within minutes has around a hundred comments. I GET IT, I’M A NOBODY. But I keep showing up, keep writing, and those numbers I have now are earned. They used to be much smaller. I’m just a little fish in a big sea. One in nearly Eight BILLION other fish.

BUT, I know I am not alone. I know that because of the first sentence in that quoted article. People eventually see through the white noise and once seen, can not be unseen. Its getting people to see through the noise that I wish I could do more of. Apparently I have been failing at my chosen Job. And while I am a Nobody, I am NOT a failure. (oh, I have my failures, but I don’t allow them to hold me down.

) Maybe I could do what others do and link all of my reads in a blogroll. No one has asked me why I don’t and the reason goes back to when I was running around this country trying to do the FAILED Patcom scene. There was a lot of territorial pissing that took place and I chose to bow out and keep my sanity instead of allow the political shenanigans pull me down into that quagmire. I read so many different POV’s to keep my keel even in turbulant waters, and if I listed one over another someone would take offense and I would be fighting a protracted and useless war over image when WE NEED TO BE FIGHTING THEM. That is why I don’t have a blog roll. I link only as needed to make a point and leave all the infighting to others. (and I note that many of those that were involved in all that infighting then, are no longer around. Those that chose to bow out, (Kenny, busted knuckles, etc) are still blogging, but the others are either doing time (as should be in one particular case) or just faded into obscurity, with the occasional head peek to let the rest have something to take a swipe at.)

I have said it here before, if the crowd rolls, I will roll with it. BUT NOT WHEN THE TIME IS WRONG. I said it back in December that we needed to roll then, not in January and we see what happened then. Painted as thugs while the thugs were brandished as Pillars of society. If the crowds wait another two weeks to roll, the bloodshed will be epic because the TPtwB will have had chance to get their shit together and the grunts that are waiting to see what happens next will have surrendered to “the people don’t care” . I can see that happening because I am fast approaching that ‘the people don’t care ‘ moment. Read my *sigh* post,,,,

I honestly feel most people do not understand that WE ARE AT WAR with the Governement we ‘earned’. They mean to eliiminate us and we idle through our days as if nothing was happening; just another day at the mill in jobs we hate to buy shit we don’t need. (thank you Tyler for such a wonderful speech) . Maybe I should rephrase that: most people do not realize that the Government we earned is at war with US, and mean to remove us from the equation.

The longer this takes, the more painful it will be.

Remember the words of Janis, “Freedom is just another word for ‘nothing left to lose’.” Do you really want to be at the point where that is all thats left? or would you rather be like the founders and risk it all AND WIN?

(Update: TL Davis is one that was involved in the Patcoms, and originated the idea, He, I have no issues with as he HAS been avidly fighting this in the only avenues available. His production company has produced videos decryong the crap we’ve seen, and enlisted many voices that have been avidly fighting as well; Claire Wolf, Matt Bracken to name just two. If the quoted words were his, I apologize for applying critique of a ‘do nothing’ to them.)


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  1. Denton Dunn

    Denton Dunn from Lake Cumberland Jamestown Ky here and couldn’t agree more brother.

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    August 24, 2021 at 1:14 pm

  2. Dang it, D, I had thought I put you into the CF blogroll long ago, only to learn indirectly, via this post, that I was wrong about that. My bad, buddy, I fixed it now. Apologies for being a dumbass…

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    August 25, 2021 at 9:43 pm

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