Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


I know this has been hit time and again, here, elsewhere, etc,,,

But WORDS,,, And I am not harping on “words have meanings” this round. More something that keeps rearing its head and I wonder which direction its going to take when things really go ‘all wonky’.

There was a time when a mans word was all you needed for trust. His word, a handshake, and good to go. No lawyers, no (written) contracts, no courts system, (if he reneged,,,). His words carried weight, and he defended those words with his every action.

Now-days, “No Pics (or vids) It didn’t happen” and this isn’t just in the social spheres, its amongst the police as well. A few years back, a neighbor shot up my Da’s dog, Jack-jack. Bird shot, not turkey or buck, or Jack wouldn’t be with us today. I went to file a report for Da against the guy, but was flat told, “No pics or vid of the incident, we can’t touch it.”

Is this a sign of the ubiquitous level of cameras in the world? Or is it a sign that people are just not that trustworthy anymore? or a combination of both? I dunno. I see it all over the place though. Recently, one of the new guys at work, (and this is what started this train of thought in my hindbrain.) was a total bullshitter; Not very good about it, either. IF you laid claim to something, he had done it better or some-such. On more than one occasion I called him out on his crap. He claimed that he had been a carpenter for 10 years: We were installing a wooden fence, so I put him on the hammer to put up the 2×4 truss. 10 minutes. I gave him 10 minutes of rope to hang himself with. That boy couldn’t drive a 16 penny nail if his life depended on it. I pulled him aside and told him: “Stop digging your holes here. Shut up, do the job, and SHOW US what you know, don’t tell us; We ain’t listening anymore.” He immediately fell back on the excuse “we only used screw guns” to which I responded “I WAS a carpenter for several years after touring. I totally bullshitted my way into the job, and we used screw guns too. BUT, to get the job, I had to show them I could use a stinkin’ hammer FIRST. Y’ain’t done that, so STFU and show me something I CAN use you for.”

Two days later, he was a no-show, and we ain’t seen him since. Seems he claimed to be this ‘rising Rap Artist’ on Tik-tok and some of the younger guys called him out on it, and the shaming began. Something like Tiktok is easy enough to check, where his claims of work may be harder (company went bankrupt, owner died, or ‘yeah, he worked here from this to then, but we can’t tell you anything else,,,” )

His word wasn’t worth the crap out of his ass. At least his crap could be used for fertilizer on something non-edible.

I’ve done many things in life. My ‘careers’ cover the gamut of service industry, and yet, I don’t lay claim to half of them. They are part and parcel of my history, but if I were to list them all, I wouldn’t get hired on anywhere. Too much experiance, or something to that point. Instead, I show what I know. I can run crews, because I have been management. I can work with electric because I had to tie-in many many PA systems to house electric, and usually done ‘Hot’. I have operated Generators in the mulitple KW ranges, because those were what we used with remote concerts. I have had to work on vehicles because “the show must go on!” is not strictly cliche. I worked as a mechanic for several years; even had 7 of the 8 original ASE certs (all but automatic transmission) and that started because a neighbor in Cali ran a shop and saw me rebuild my Fiat X/1-9 in the backyard of my apartment complex, and offered me a job. I loved working live audio and did it for years for pennies, or even just a good meal, until such time as I ‘broke through’ and was approached by a regional touring company. (and what caught their attention was my doing voice overs for local radio spots, advertising the event I was producing at the time. I have the radio voice, and a face for such as well.) One thing led to another, and I didn’t settle for ‘this is good enough’, I was always looking for that next ‘high’. I am a perpetual student, even now, I am learning more about kayaks and boating, and business, and internet sales, how to promote books I have written, how to fricking write a book that WILL sell,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I don’t bullshit,

I DO, I SHOW, I SHUT UP AND LISTEN when I know I am league with betters,,,,,,(and they will have SHOWN they are such)


I don’t renege.

If I say I am going to do something, I do my damnedest to make it happen. It may not be the end result I envisioned, but I do try to hit that goal, even when odds and materials are against me. I will be the first to tell you that what you ask for is “turning mud into bourbon”, or that to get to the end goal, you are going to pay out the nose, or that what you ask is beyond my skills,,,,

We, the few and proud, have done so much, with so little, for so long; we can now do the impossible with nothing,,,

Sure feels like that some days.

And why? Because my word carries value with the people I work for. MY WORDS. Backed by deeds, not bullshit. Shown, not Told.

I told our Bullshitting Newb “Your Reputation Precedes you” and he didn’t understand that concept. The poor fool with go through the rest of his life, miserable, and growing spiteful, because his word is shit, and he will always think he is owed something. (and he will never see that it all comes down to the three fingers pointing back at you.)

I may not be the epitome of a superlative human being, but I have my reputation of “Git-r-dun” and becoming the “Go-to Guy” at every place I have been.

And that trait is getting to be rare specie indeed.

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  1. “Kid” at work was bragging about how he ploughed through one newly-released game some time back. The other gamers went and checked, the time he gave for playing through cold was under the time it would take to play it through even if done absolutely perfectly.

    The same fellow seems to be boggled to discover that some of the unusual things others mention actually did indeed occur. And they had no need to make anything up. Crazy stuff does happen, and the older one is, the more you are likely to have a few stories that are genuine despite how they sound.

    Another fellow had the Look of Defeat (if you’ve seen the rather racist cartoons that are now generally not shown, he walked just like the black characters in those) and figured the World was against him. Thing was, he only needed/needs to put in a little effort and he’d have the world by the tail. But his outlook keeps him down.

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    June 22, 2022 at 3:31 am

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