Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Lift the veil

Lots going on in the world, and then again, a lot of nothing is going on.   Nothing is changing for the better, so far as I can tell.    

Seems to be a general liine of thought circulating around, mostly dealing with FEMINISM and its pollution that has wandered downstream.

Maybe this is a lifting of the veil that has blinded us for so long.   I dunno.   I am not one to harp on ‘women belong in the home’ or the “barefoot and pregnant” school of thought, many good women have made marks in history by not abiding by those strictures.   

Just as many good men have NOT made marks in history by abiding by ‘the patriarchy’ Strictures.  

Don’t get me wrong, to make any marks in history requires great sacrifice of some sort, either your body, like Joan of Arc, or your soul, like Barry Oblammy-o-boy.    Just trying to make ends meet can require sacrifices.   

Thats where I am at currently, and why my writing has been,,,,   Okay, What writing? Today is the first day since Sunday that I even opened the lappy.   Lots of lean time in my world right now, and I am thinking it may be time to move on (under better terms this round).  I am operating on my Christmas bonuses, and if anyone thinks thats OK, they can blow me.   It sucks big greasy green ones, let me tell ya.   

BUT, I digress.   wimmmenz is krazy,,,

Not all.  Met more than a few that were so well grounded, that they couldn’t be swayed by silly monologues about a specific body part.   I’ve known strong women that were still VERY MUCH the Lady without being the modern Dyke form of ‘strong’. 

But it seems that the majority of them are well past their forties and many of them creeping past the retirement age.

And then you have this example of ‘Modern Woman’.


Shared this with a few MEN here’bouts.   FIrst sentence produced the following reactions: 1) RUN, RUN HARD AND FAST. 2) Christ, she’s a drama-mama. 3) How many of those kids have the same daddy?

Then there was the statement “I have standards”,,,,     Yup, so does an earthworm, the question becomes “How low are your standards, because the background you have stated, says they are already quite low, no matter your argument to the contrary.”

My reaction was elicited after her sentence “Please know how to work on cars as I’ll likely need your help with that. What else would you be good for anyway.”

My reaction to that is more easily clarified by using a recent situation I was in, instead of the expletives deleted reaction my co-workers were witness to.

There was a woman recently, mild attraction on my part, possibly something a bit more on hers (though I will never know for certain now). I chose to back out of the situation because I FELT, that there was nothing I could contribute to the relationship other than friendship and a cock.  She is a widower, well off to the tune of Financially independent, and I DID NOT WANT TO BE THOUGHT OF AS THE GOLD DIGGER.  I don’t want a Sugar-mama, and I most definitely do not want to be a “Kept person” and I could easily see that situation evolving into such.  My deciding to back off was entirely based on those perceptions. I would have provided nothing of substance to the relationship, but felt that I would have been ‘gifted’ far past what my comfort levels would tolerate.

The girl (she may be thirty, but she is still very much a girl, no matter how many heads are in her brood.) in the above seems like she wants someone to provide everything FOR HER, but OFFERS NOTHING (but that used up and worn out piece of equipment between her thighs: not stated, but seriously implied by historical evidence.).    And yet, these are the types that you frequently hear making the cry “Where have all the good men gone?”  

Short answer: Away from the harpies and harridans of the modern world that bought and paid for the bullshit FEMINISM promises, but can’t deliver on.

Note, I am single, have been for 13 years, and while I keep looking, know my criteria are likely set too high; after the last 4 tries, I refuse to lower that bar.  If that means I am single for another 13 years, then so be it.   BUT, I sure as hell won’t let some little girl like the above example, anywhere near my inner sanctum nor even on my porch.   

Further reading over at Francis’ place only reinforced why I stay single.   At this stage in my life, its far cheaper to rent than own, if you get my drift.  After surrendering an entire house to my most recent Ex, along with he equivalent of 10 years of house payments (I would double pay every other month, especially while I was on the road making bank.). I made my mind up that I would OWN my demesne before I would take on a Queen, and I sure as heck was not going to be surrendering another decade of effort for someone else’s gain after providing little or nothing to the partnership.  I also won’t be the inverse of that, and why I walked away from the recent situation before it could take root.

For the little girl in the Meme above: those are called ETHICS and those are the things you should base your standards on, not the whim of gonads in your belly (as you seem to have done 7 times in the past.)

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