Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Friday ‘mehs” and ‘How we met, before we ever met’

Some random thoughts, parts of a dream, (I ain’t gonna divulge all of it, so’solly ;-). ). and just rikky-tik nonsense on this here friday.

One thought that keeps coming to mind in our (p)Resident Breaking Bad era is “Masks”.  The Nazi’s used the Jewish star, a bastardized form of the Star of David to identify their targets.   These days, those that are completely sold on the bullshit happily wear the diaper of shame.   Not that I am saying we need to ‘target’ the wearers, but it sure makes it much easier to know who to avoid when out in public.   Around here, its pretty much a coin toss as to who is showing they are bought and paid for and who is still free of mind.    I just went to the local chain-store for Doggum and kitteh foods, and it was pretty much 50/50, mask or bare faces.    I like that, especially since the masked are showing FEAR.   Why do I take heart in their fear?  Because it shows they know better than to fuck with the free-minded peeps now.   The Karens seem to be in retreat.  In this area at least.

So, the Affy Boondoggle has pretty much been memory holed by the general pop of this prison contintent, and now they are being hornswaggled by Haitians under a bridge being Haitians under a bridge.   The real stories are Lies of Ommision, as in, the main streams are not covering them.  Like the release of the Arizona reports (or in the case of the New YUck Slime, blowing it off, claiming it DOES NOT say what it says, but the mirrored opposite.)

It all leads to a trust thing.  I find that if I can’t reach out and touch someone, or contact them in some way without having to go through levels of interference being ran by underlings, I HAVE ZERO TRUST IN THEM.    That applies to all the ‘journalists’, talking heads on the Toobs, Elected and UNelected shit stains, and ANY ONE associated with the FRAUD.

Oh, and I’ve had some very VIVID dreams of late.  The one that follows is pretty much THE Best one so far.   The one I woke from this morning was just flat creepy, and I haven’t been watching any movies lately so I can’t say that was the cause.  Maybe I just need to stop eating Cheddar and Horseradish chips so late.   


Sometimes, routine change leads to fun.  

Leaving the Con, last day, evening Celeb roast out of the way. This evening, I passed my normal ‘take the stairs’ routine and jumped in the elevator.   For some reason, meeting Trish is on my mind but I haven’t seen, nor heard from Trisha in 22 years.   As I enter the elevator, I take my usual place at the back wall and two ladies slip in just before the doors close.  Only one button on the board is illuminated; the ground floor, and no one stabs any other.   The tallest of the ladies glances at me.   She’s roughly five eight, mid thirties, and a little on the plump side, but being at a writers convention, you see mostly plump or slightly obese people.  Writing tends to be a sedentary career.  Even I am sporting a spare tire these days, despite my active lifestyle of Off-grid living, kayaking and daily planking routine.

The two ladies are talking in hushed tones when suddenly, the one I noticed details about, turns to me, and drapes onto my side, nuzzling her face in neck, between my beard and shoulder.  She mumbles “you gonna?”.   A simple question with implications far out-reaching its simplicity.  I hesitate only a split second before replying “You wanna?”: simplicity buried in innuendo and an infinity of allusion.

‘Hmm?’ a simple query to herself before responding to my question with “MmHmm!”  The other woman looks on with chagrin, then shock as she realizes what her friend ‘agreed to’.  

My hand on my sudden paramour’s backside, I can feel the shear of her dress.   I can also feel that there is nothing between that dress and her skin. 

“Hannah, you don’t even know him!!!!” her friend squeaks in shock.

‘Hannah’ mumbles from my neck, “I know he smells good, looks good and that he responded perfectly.   I’ll meet you at work tomorrow.” and the door to the elevator opens.

Call me a tease, thats all ya get!!!!  LOL


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