Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Well now, guess the narrative needed a tweak

Prolly going to be my only post today, Reasons being that I am limited to using my hotspot and if you have ever been east of I75 in KY and not near a main road, you KNOW that the area is literal cell-hell and signal ‘may be sporadic’.   (and I would get internet at the house, if both companies that provide it here didn’t want $12000 to run the lines to me, on top of a monthly bill.). Sitting here at the house, signal will drop if the wind is blowing the wrong way, its that ‘iffy’.

Anywhoos, not bitchin’, just sayin’.   I made my bed and it is what it is.   

ROUND ONE. Lets talk about the FRAUD and some of its less mentioned STOOPIDITY this week.   BC brings out something that could lead straight to something out of Matt Brackens last book of his trilogy.(reference to Boone Vickerson, rhymes with BIker,) Lets just take the most trained and dangerous types, the ones that are trained to TRAIN others, as well as the literal hit-squads of the military elite, and tell them in no uncertain terms, THEY DON’T GET A CHOICE, and if they choose otherwise, they get the absolute worst discharge that can be given: the one that makes you a not-citizen of the very country that you ‘Defended”.

Remember, these are BATTLE HARDENED WARRIORS with the best of the best training to ‘get the job done, end discussion’.  A little hardware walkies, a shit-load of highly pissed off sleepy-eyed killers, all walking off base via the ‘back gate’, and you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HIDE.   Yeah, good’un Joe, Emperor kid-sniffer Poopy-pants.   Must be listening to that crack-ass son of your’n.   

Now, round two.   This post by Adam Piggot Kinda pissed me off, but to be honest, after I sat-n-thought about it a few, I can’t come up with ONE plausible argument against his points.  The only GOOD defense is that the orginal wording was highjacked and replaced by Hamilton and his Cronies.  BUT, even as the original word of PROPERTY as listed by  Jefferson, many would argue that it was still a hateful descriptor of a free country. Especially in this day and age where people seem to think they are owed reparations from me and my ilk because we have pale skin, DESPITE THE FACT, that I have never owned a slave and those people have never picked cotton.  (and despite the fact that my family was NEVER a slave holding family, but WAS founded by an Indentured Servant sent over from Jolly ol England as a criminal. Death or Transportation, was the option.). Adams point of “happiness’ being Too Obscure an entitlement is DEAD NUTS though.  And his allegorical use of Epstein’s happiness,,,,    Argue that one away, please, I’ll grab the popcorn and the beer for that debate. (This is where the libertarian principles take a lot of heat, even though the principles state “No harm to another”,,,,)

On the same note, I have been in other countries, Have seen ‘options’, and while I think we have had it good, I do think we CAN WRITE IT BETTER NEXT TIME.   That this experiment of 200+ years is at an end?   Maybe; but we have learned alot and there is room for improvement, so lets get busy making them, instead of harping on “satanists” and the like.

Round three.  Are we being prepared for another Blood Rites Dance from on LOW by the FRAUD?   Maybe so, maybe not, Depends on how the BiG MeDiA tries to spin it over the next 72.   After 72 hours, the attention span of the sheep wanders, so they gotta run the fear factor at Eleven for three days for max effect.   

I don’t know details, nor really care at this point.  What I am watching for is what and how this gets spun, EVEN THOUGH,,, When Emperor Poop-pants and his lady in Waiting Pee-Lousey start prescribing taking all the guns away, ‘to save the children’ or whatevs,,,  No, they get the eternal raspberry from hell from me, a couple of birds of freedom, and my guns stay right where they are, in my possession.   And I can honestly say, that will go for EVERY ONE OF MY NEIGHBORS IN THIS NECK OF THE WOODS.     Gun laws?   Only one that is recognized in these woods and that is the one of “whose finger is on the trigger, wins.”  Too many of the families over the years have depended on those guns to keep fed when times were lean, and as depressed as this area is IN GOOD TIMES, those lean times aren’t all that far out of memory, even in my generation.  The young’uns may not get it like we do, but they hear the tales.   To illustrate, my dad told me when he was pre-teens, his dad would give him and his older brother ONE ROUND each for their Single shot .22’s, and they were expected to bring home something for dinner.  (this back in the 40’s early 50’s, and they were that dirt poor that a single .22 was pricey to them.). There is a damned good reason my Dad is a crack shot and he taught me and Sis well.   The Marines put the polish on my long range stuff, but I wasn’t at all bad to begin with. And my sis is an utter terror with a .45: if she ‘missed’, it was intentional, the next’un won’t. 

Oh, and Good luck trying to come into Appalachia to take those guns,  These boys (and quite af few of the lasses) Hunt, A LOT, and know these woods like they know the back of thier hands, and there are places here that no matter how good you map is, it won’t show details, like which deep mine was abandoned in 190X and where its openings are.   Seems to me, the TallyBananas boys played in holes for years and that they are still quite active in this day and age. And more than a few of the hunters around here were solidly blooded in that shithole by those very same.  Just sayin’.

Ok, the kittehs are bouncing off my shoulders, demanding a walk in the woods, Voo is giving me that ‘I gotsta poo, silly hooman’ look. (still don’t know why I have to take him up the road to crap, hes a full grown dog,,,) so I will be back laters.  Most likely tomorrow, but who knows, something may need to vent

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