Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Cognitive dissonance?

Wishful thinking?  Denial that we are that banana republic now?

I just don’t know what to think when I read this stuff.  The fact that factions have NOT taken to the street says more to me about spiritual status of Patriots than it does about Theft/Fraud. ( It might also be a sign of people knowing jusy how bad it will be before things improve.)

It seems to me that people have been conditioned to accept that others will take care of the problem, and No one wants to get their hands dirty anymore.  For many years, after this country was founded, there was NO police force, anywhere.  You had Sheriff’s,  Magistrates,  and Judges, but if someone stepped out of line it was The Citizen who arrested the problem and the legal system was engaged at that point.   And yeah, there might have been a few extra vigilant types that went a step or two farther, but the system WORKED!!!

When was the last time you heard of a ‘Citizens arrest’? In good light without being muddied by a liberal media?

How many crimes have been stopped by ‘the guy with the gun’ and NOT REPORTED by that media system? (Far more than you would expect and there is a site dedicated to those events) 

We have been PROGRAMMED AND CONDITIONED to allow the state to do what WE SHOULD.  We are a country of aged dependents, very few of whom could handle the real deal of life if we had to do for ourselves.  And for the most part, the majority of those in such a position are predominantly in metropolitan areas.   The ratio of less dependent persons goes up as you get further away from the cities.  (And I can guarantee that there are a few unmarked graves in some more remote areas because of ‘justice done’)

That ratio could be extrapolated from that red blue map I’ve posted a time or two. 

What defines a civil war?  Common area of conflict? Two ideologies contesting the same territory? Or common language in a common area, but diametrically opposed thinking?  (And I just said the same thing three ways.) 

I was just discussing this with a ghost today.  We are, have been since 2016, and will continue to be, until people wake up to the fact, AT WAR.  Its a war of hearts and minds of an entire global population.  Conservative thinking is the ‘enemy’ of the factions actively engaged in the mechanics of war.  The theaters involved are the economies, health resources, and energy sources of entire countries.  If you consider that as a fact, and observe the actions of our current pResident occupying to peoples house, you will start to see that said person (cognizant or not, puppet or  duplicitous actor) is NOT acting in the interests of the country, but in the interests of the enemy.  They NEED America to fail to win the war.  They need people like me to fail or die before they can declare victory. They are trying to kill off a large portion of the world populace through ‘plague’, starvation, and making people more destitute and dependent upon ‘Them’. 

Some of my readers are going to say I’m putting on the tinfoil hat for this post, to which I respond; “look at the evidence and do some research. ” . Its not conspiracy if the facts are out in the open.  And they are, but the media won’t put them all in the same place to make it obvious.  Its there, they aren’t hiding anymore, but you have to connect the dots to see it.

And yes, there is enough information floating around that you could come up with a dozen scenarios, and all able to proven correct by the information.  I’m nit just basing my analysis on information.  Im also going by ACTIONS .  Who is doing what, saying what, when they are saying it, and how it affects which stream of information or in some cases DOESN’T.   And interestingly enough, the MSMs do me a justice,  not by what they are saying , but by what they adamantly AVOID.  Like Gates saying he wants to reduce the world population to 1/7th current levels. And his investments into technology/health orgs that would accomplish this goal.  His purchasing a huge portion of the Agricultural areas of the US: certainly not as profitable as his pharmaceutical investments in mRNA research, but far more capable of doing something about that population reduction he would like to see. 

But the media doesn’t talk about that icky kinda stuff.   They would rather talk about ‘mostly peaceful protests’ or how the latest ‘woke’ hollywierd hasbeen altered Gods Gift to them to be a different gender, for reasons. (I have covered my stance on Gender here a couple of times, but to rehash; gender is male, female,  or hermaphrodite.  End discussion.   All the woke shit is SEX, not gender. And that is a mental state, not a biological one.  The current trends indicate massive mental issues abound, not some biological crisis.  )

Sadly, people will argue contrary to logic. They will harbor and defend fallacies as if their very lives depended on it, because to go against the narrative is to be a rebel, and rebels die horrific deaths when the tyrants flex muscle.

I get it. I DO. I also know that I would rather die knowing truth than exist cowering under lies.

I have said it here before, and say it again: if what I am saying offends you, please take a moment to check YOUR premises before you attempt to rip mine down. Discomfort, especially in thought, is sign of something not being right. If my ideas give you discomfort, maybe its not my ideas that are wrong, but yours. I spent 3 decades as a liberal (thanks MTV), and the discomfort lead me to where I am, so, yes, I do know ‘where you’re coming from’. And its all DEAD WRONG. I know the arguments, i know the ‘logic’. And I KNOW that people are not EVER going to fill the niche the liberal left elites has made for them. They can’t and still remain HUMAN: the niche only fit ‘pets’.

So when I read the stuff linked at the start, I see something coming that I know the author is trying hard to not see. They know, deep in their soul, that shit is about to go all medieval and people are going to die, but they cling to the civility we have embraced for the last 80+ years since Hitler’s Germany was subdued. They ignore the lessons of Communist Russia. Mao and PolPot, they think we are beyond that now, that we have evolved into better. I’ve seen just how animal humans really are, and believe me, some of the things we do to each other, make the birds and four feets seem down right tame.(link is toned down. But NOT suggested for the timid)

I want to agree with Sarah that what is coming is going to be fast and furious, but very short, and that what lay on the otherside; better. Anything else at this point would lead me straight to total spiritual despair and that is fatal. I’m not going down that path willingly.

Yeah, what a lovely post for a Sunday, huh?

There is still time. Not to change the course, but to prepare for whats coming. Best get on that if’n ya havent yet. But know this, even when shit is at its worst, life goes on. And when its at its worst is when people show thier true colors: great humanitarians or absolute monsters. The masks are coming off as we get further along; pay attention.


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  1. Ohio Guy

    Couldn’t have said that better myself. Dr. Michael Newton, through his use of regression hypnosis, was told about how souls that tortured people on earth would be given the choice of returning to earth in another body to be a victim of such horrors but multiplied or their energy or life force would be taken apart at levels smaller than atomic, and reworked with higher ratios of positive energy to displace or dilute the negative energy which was responsible for the bad earthly behaviors. Which would, in turn, destroy that souls self identity. Earth is experiencing a sentience sorting. The “benefactors” are separating the service to self souls from the service to others souls. Kinda like the wheat from the chaff stories of the bible. This information and so much more can be found at the website I mentioned when I first started commenting at this fine blog. Cheers DotR


    June 13, 2021 at 2:48 pm

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