Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Kitteh files: day 28(?)

We started thia journey into Mamakats new role 4 weeks ago

Grizz2 weighed exactly 1 pound. Zooms weighed 19oz.  My attempts at putting them on the scale today (wiggly little porch rats) show they have both, more than doubled in weight and both are around 3 pounds.  Accurate is not possible when measuring electrons, light rays and kittens.(I guess I could do the whole box thing, but I like intact skin,,,)

Mama is starting to play with them, where before she was strictly Mamakat and always on overwatch or bathing them.  She still does both but now if one gets in her face (or tackles her head like Zooms did a minute ago) she plays too.

They are also at the point of three D explorations.   Everything is ‘up’ from here on out, and bookshelves, ledges and curtains are ALL on the list.

Mama still gets uptight if Grizz follows me off the porch, but she hovers near him instead of dragging him back.  Soon, she’ll give in and the yard will be the new playground of choice.  She is still keeping them inside after dark,  and I’m fine with that.  They’ll eventually get to a point where she isn’t gonna get a say in the matter.

Other than the kittehs, things are trudging along as usual.  The Fraud is still occupying DC, Patriots are still groaning but not ‘doing’, the economy is still doing its creep towards Weimar Republic, and I continue overwatch for family n friends. 

I have to say, and I am likely not the only one , that there is an air of anxiousness in the world.  An ominous one at that, with undertones and flavors of desperation and fear.  Its unsettling to say the least.  I went out to paddle around the lake today and never made it.  I had 17 miles to go and my empathy started quivering and I chsoe to just about face and head home.   I need to get on water but that particular lake was likely crowded as hell today and my water time might have been less than fulfilling.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll head to my backup lake, one where powerboats are not allowed, and I can get some silence and distance from the herds. Just wanna get some time to let the hind brain process some things.

The only good thing I can say at this point; at least shit ain’t goin’ “Boom!”.

Looks like I may be loading up Kittehs,  Mamakat,  and self and heading to SC for a spell.  Family matters over world conditions and work, but I will be scouting while there too.  The area is booming in a period where other places are regressing, and I have zero issues with riding waves.  Just gotta catch them first.  And with all the other stuff I posted about this week, maybe this will turn into plan A.  Dunno, but keeping an open mind and attitude.   I do have to say the last time I was down there, I loved my stay.  One week,  non-touristy type stay,  and the people I met were absolutely wonderful.  And something people up north never seem to get, but Racial issues are a quarter or less than those north of Lexington KY.  There will always be some asshat, either side of the issue, that wants to make noise, but down there (IE: SOUTHERN STATES) its not as in your face and is frowned upon by all sides.  Especially in rural areas. Sadly, like anywhere, once you start getting into the metropolitan areas, that goes teats up;  most “big cities” are notoriously Blue, and feed the drama for power control.

I won’t be in those areas. 

More later

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  1. There might not be any arcing yet, but a good many of us recognize the sickly smell of ozone. The charge is building. I hope to NOT be one of the electrodes when the dielectric breaks down. Being in “Hooterville” helps, but not as much as being “way out in the sticks” does.


    June 13, 2021 at 9:22 am

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