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Another DioYak,,,,

Thinking rather hard about making another kayak. Something to keep my hands and mind busy as the days get shorter and the weather starts to turn. Had a decent piece of white oak that I intended to use for a new cockpit coaming, but it had a spur near midpoint that caused it to crack up during the bending process. No big deal, just have to find another piece. This time around, I’m going about things a little differently. I learned a lot making Duh!kee and the Duh!k is perfectly functional as is, but could be better. The bow shape for one tends ti snag debris and get splashy. No real issue, but annoying. Cockpit location was a compromise from the get-go and, as I found out yesterday, long runs wear a hole in certain nether regions, and after 10 miles or so DEMAND attention. I had to find a log to sidle up to and holding that, shifted around in the yak to take the pressure off said area until blood started flowing again. That will be addressed in the future one as I now know where to place things, not guess at it. I spent some time looking and measuring other designs and there is a common ratio to all of them for center of cockpit from bow; point 594 of total length. Knowing that, I can write in where I will sit in advance and make the adjustments to the ribs to fit my backside better. I still have my storyboard for fitting me, and I’ll use that to place the ribs near my heels as well.Here is what I am thinking. Slightly wider beam at 22″. Same length of 15’6″ and a touch more rocker for turning ability. The Duh!k tracks like a missile and steers like a cow and I want to fix that in the next one. She has some rocker built in, but it just doesn’t do the trick, and leaning doesn’t do anything for turning. I wasn’t certain about that at first and tried several times with little to no effect. Then I took out the Carolina and had no issues using leaning to turn. Duh!k likes straight lines. All I can figure is there is just to much straight keel involved where on other yaks, the keel nearly disappears mid-hull.

So, slightly wider beam, sloped cutwater out front to force debris under, better seating, and more importantly, tighter skin.

The Duh!k works for the racing thing even if she steers like a cow; I can ‘hammer down’ on the deeper straights and wallow through the rapids as needed. But long hauls aren’t the funnest thing when the pain in my ass reaches screaming levels. And she will work extremely well for learning how to roll, when/if I ever find a willing accomplice in my potential suicide. LOL.

Just a little idea of what I am thinking of this round with a hat tip to Brian at Cape Falcon Kayaks.


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