Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

sumpin to lead into a positive weekend

What if, the adage of “If its from Government, its all bullshit” is more true than you understand and far BIGGER than you ever suspected?

I refer you to the post by the indomitable Sarah Hoyt so you have something to work with.  It’s on the long side for some of my readers, but I highly encourage you to do so.  PLEASE RTWT.

What if, and I have no way to verify, no one does, but logic and historical precedents tell me its highly likely, that UN figures are complete bunk and Sarah’s estimate of Less than Half stated figures of world population are correct, then literally every talking point on Gorbalworming/Peak Oil/GreenEnergy will save the planet/we need to reduce the population (why if its already half of what they claim?) etc etc etc,,,     Every! Single! Point! they try to use to keep things in line is bullshit if just that number is off by half.   And I have every reason to think Sarah is center target from 10000 yards on this one.   I have seen US examples of her examples from Portugal, where people would ‘borrow’ children for census purposes to get a little more on the dole: I have seen it our own ghettos here, and I would bet there are more than a few Social Service workers that ‘turn a blind eye’ on it, yet know full well what the game is.  And of course there is the padding of the numbers by representatives to make sure they can rightfully claim proper share of the spoils of FedGov.  Most of that crap is based on census numbers.    Heck, I recall in 2010 me having a fight with a census taker over how many times they were going to count my household.   I saw 7 census workers in less than two weeks and none the same and they counted the people in our apartment each time.   What if the actual numbers of people in the US is closer to half the 330 million they claim.  Maybe not 1/7th as would be indicated by how many times they counted heads in my ‘hood that year, but half could be expected from such heavy handed applications of number counting.(half would be 165 million.   1/7th would be roughly 47 million.   Claimed Census numbers when I was a pre-teen were 226 million.  Dunno, but it seems to me that even with ‘urban sprawl’ there hasn’t been that much growth.   Less people living in inner cities these days as there were when I was a kid.   That exodus from the cities was evident by the Mall, suburbs, and a growing network of highways and loops to make urban areas more accessible for those that required commute to the inner city where the offices were still located.  ) 



One quote hit home in an almost personal way, though it was written broad brush.

In other fields, I have friends who overshadowed by the big-group-of-boomers, were treated as “the young kid” well into their fifties, and now suddenly find themselves being called “the old man/woman” and finding they are too old to be affordable.

  I have been ‘The Kid’ at so many jobs, and now, suddenly, I am the “greybeard”.   I knew I was on my way out in the Audio field when I was called ‘Granpa’ on a Gospel tour.  It wasn’t a one time thing either, I carried that title the whole tour.  (and I wasn’t a grandpa YET, that came a few years later after I had moved on to I.T. at the hospital.)

And that last sentence ‘and finding they are too old to be affordable’,,,    I fear having to find a new place of employment because of my age.  I know most managers would see my DOB and think, ‘too old, gonna cost us a fortune in medical insurance coverage’ or sumsuch.    OR, Too much experience for this rate of pay,,, (and I have tons of experience in many different fields, and refuse to list half of them, for that very reason.) I found out early forties that people don’t believe I have done a third of the things I have, until I start pulling out the medals, certificates, pictures with entertainment peeps, and backstage passes, or pictures of my builds, like my house and kayaks.

But I digress,,,

World population as I am writing this is Guesstimated at close to 8 billon people.  That number is up 2 billion since 1998.  This link will open up a wormhole for those so inclined.  (I know, wikipedia, *eyeroll* ).   

I think their model is WAY off, personally.  and the world population sure looks suspiciously like a certain ‘hockey stick’ graph that has gained a bad reputation the last decade or two.

And I drive backroads around SE KY a lot.   I don’t see a lot of Urban Sprawl going on in most cases, but I do see a buttload of Abandoned homes, burned out shells, and vacant foundations that never were rebuilt.   I see empty barn/warehouse/business buildings that haven’t seen a key in the lock in decades, as indicated by the Kudzu growing over the building.    If we were expanding at such a rate, don’t you think we would have more need of those residences and businesses to keep things up?   
I know when I was at the Hospital in the IT department, we had a HUGE ObGyn department.   I think there were over a hundred cribs in it.  I know there were 40 in NICU.   I never, NEVER saw more than a handful of cribs with occupants.  And NICU virtually matched the regular ward, because we were on the edge of Ghetto/Whitetrash areas and there were always Preemies and babies born addicted to some substance.   This in a city with a supposed population near 2 million.   Granted, this was ONE hospital in an area loaded with hospitals (I recall I could look out our office windows and see three others, and that was in ONE direction.   Still, a hospital that was seeing less than 5% occupancy of its ObGyn units, while seeing near full occupancy in its Cancer wards and Heart wards,,, Seems to me we are better at keeping people alive than making new ones,,,,

And that goes right back to what Sarah is talking about.   Our current FRAUD is part of that.    

And if those numbers are as skewed as Sarah, and now I, suspect,,,  Makes ya wonder just how F!up the numbers are when you see our Deficit spending, National Debt and GDP.   Something is off, WAY OFF.

Have a good weekend all.  I have a race that needs to be attended to, and a kayak that gets her cherry popped in it.  I’ll have some more up as I decompress while off doing frivolous things, drinking beer and conversing with NOT KATS,   (and I have a short story I am plugging in and editing right now about a KAT conversation,,,,    Tease!!!!!)(seriously, there will be a shorty on that.)


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