Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Lotsa bad-ness

Is Friday, end of week on my end, at least at the J.O.B., but the beginning of MY week, or is just weekend,,,

Posted up this morning, and since found lots of stuff flying around the nets. One in particular is something that Francis over at Liberty’s Torch posted up. Xi-den, emperor Poopy-pants the first (plus 10%) harks that we are going to see food shortages.

my question “Gonna?” Thought we were seeing a decline in food stuffs now. I know when I head to the Grocery store, seems like there are more empty shelves, or faced in such a way to ‘look’ full, but the face is the contents with lots of empty real estate behind them. Talked about a local place ‘revamping’ for a more modern look that reduced the amount of shelf space they had, to make it look like they had more: an illusion of wealth so to speak. We already saw the reduction of quantities by making a 16oz package into a 12 oz package for the same price, and that started around the time of Oblammy. I notice that when times improved, as short term as they were, that the trend didn’t reverse course.

So, lets look at things from a different perspective. Sanctions against Russia, that ultimately hurt the one imposing the sanctions. Russia and China are making inroads to codswallop the Petro-dollar, and in such a way that is well underway. And we have a sitting (p)Resident that has no brain, with sociopathic handlers that refuse to back off: rather like the Russian Mafia Oligarchs are accused of destroying 1000 rouble to gain 1. Here we have a hidden government that had every chance in the world to back off, reverse course and keep all this bad shit at bay, but they continued and still continue to double down EVEN AT THE RISK OF THEIR PEOPLE STARVING TO DEATH.

I said it before, I say it again. We don’t need enemies when we have our own government trying to kill us off. Doesn’t matter if its through sideways theft by Inflation, outright theft by Taxation or what we have staring down the tunnel at us, INDUCED FAMINE because some group needs to bury their dirty laundry in Ukraine, and they keep playing ‘just enough, but not so much as to trip a nuclear war’ in their cover-up. The cover up that is refusing to go awayand keeps getting little tidbits thrown out for us to digest (I guess they think if they can tease us with appetizers, we will ignore the main course when it unfolds. )

Here on my end, am not worried too much. We have many options in these parts, despite the fact that we grow rocks far better than food, but we have more places that we can grow on that many people would never even consider as an option. The biggest thing we have to deal with is keeping the deer and rabbits out of the greens. They love spinach and mustard greens and will wipe out a field in a matter of hours. I catch ’em at it, I’ll be making venison jerky for the rest of the week, and dressing out my bed with a newly tanned deerhide. in the case of Rabbits, depends on what the liver looks like. I see tularemia, they become fertilizer or fish bait. To hell with what the game warden thinks. (game warden, total throw back to jolly old England there, no?).

Right now, we see empty shelves, but we aren’t hurting. My biggest thing I am missing on is my instant coffee I like. Its been hit or miss the last couple months as to if it will be on the shelf, and each time it does arrive, they limit purchases to two bags. That gap in supply has been long enough between that I am near out by the time I can get more. I can easily shift back to grounds but I don’t drink enough to make a full pot every-time I want some. That may be changing here in the near future since (especially around here) coffee and yard-work go together almost as much as beer and yard-work do in July. Gardening definitely falls under yard-work.

Things are going to get much tighter, That I can see even now. I am low enough down on the rungs of society, I am feeling the pinch now, but I will never feel it as intensely as some higher up. When they start feeling the pinch, they have a lot further to fall. And of course, those that are the cause of all of this will never feel it at all, because they hedged against such suffering by getting where they are, how they did. I am certain creatures such as Pee-lousy have bunkers and stashes off shore just idling for them. So long as they can clear the ground before the fallout catches up to them, they consider themselves untouchable. The Handlers, the unseen controllers? Hell, they may already be operating from their redoubts.

I don’t expect to see cities collapse, but they aren’t going to be the greatest show on earth either. They may turn quite interesting though, and not an interesting I would want to live in or near. So many things we take for granted now are going to become absolute luxuries, and the staple products may begin to be seen as luxury not long after: Like my coffee, or sugar, flour, etc. They won’t be ‘gone’ but they are going to get lean. My kayaking days may become closer to those of the boats origin: hunting vehicle to sneak up on prey.

I thought I attended too many funerals over the last year. I have a feeling there are even more forthcoming.

Loverly thoughts for a Friday afternoon, no. If’n ya haven’t, get some stuff put away NOW, even if it hurts your budget. You won’t regret it even if this is all bluff and bluster, but you will regret if you don’t do it and my words are but a shadow of the truth to be.

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  1. anonymous

    “Things are going to get much tighter, That I can see even now. I am low enough down on the rungs of society, I am feeling the pinch now, but I will never feel it as intensely as some higher up. When they start feeling the pinch, they have a lot further to fall.”

    Truer words never spoken. Because so many people even fail to consider that our economy could stumble / fall into Great Depression II so easily and how close we are to that edge. Spending money so easily because they count on a steady job or income source being available until they retire. Silly rabbits they …


    March 28, 2022 at 5:59 am

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