Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Umkay, where to start with this one?

A couple months back, I decided to sequester Fakebook, and play with the algorithm to force it to ignore most all political shenanigans, both liberal and conservative. I even posted at the top (and my last actual post there) that if it wasn’t kayak, kayaky, or kayak appropriate, it was getting blocked ignored and flamed into the dustbins. There is a small list of individuals that “didn’t get the memo”, and one is very kayaky, but still sends lots of political blue pills, and said person was knocked into the box called “bio-waste”.

The person that linked me to this,,,

is not in that box.

My repect for her as a friend cautioned me to ‘take deep breath, rationale is desperately needed here’, instead of the “if you are this ignorant, I have neither the time nor the crayons to enlightnen you” response my hair trigger attitude wanted to fire off.

The above image/meme is in obvious response to this one from the other side of the aisle.

Or one of its derivatives.

Seeing the first, knowing the second, both are propaganda, by it’s truest definition. One is using facts as a driver to push a point. The second (the first image) is manipulating said facts, by taking entire populations and centering them in key locations. There is NO WHERE on this Continental United States where there are hundreds of miles between neighbors. People may be spresd apart, and yes, there are places where the cattle outnumber the people by 100:1, but there are no places where ‘no one lives’.

But thats not the point that almost tripped my trigger finger snark reply. It was the intentional or just ignorant twist on one KEY fact: WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY. The United States of America is a representative Republic. The founders/authors of the document tried their damnedest to make certain we would not become said Democracy because they KNEW, a democracy would be the death of the Nation. This key point is why we have an Electoral College to distribute the votes of the populace. Its so that the Peoples of NYC, who are stacked like cordwood 50+stories high, many of whom have never left that Island or seen a horizon that wasn’t scraggled by high rises and skyscrapers; to make sure that those people couldn’t strong arm those in the rural areas where needs and demands are completely different. The electoral college is the backbone standing against tyranny of the masses.

Or should I say “was”?

Why? Because of something else I have always said to ask: “why is this coming out now?”

If you read that EO that Sarah linked to yesterday,,, or not, you need to. Here is the link again because this is hypercritical for all people to know about. I do not give a rats ass what your affiliation is either, left right gender 932, or whatever. You NEED to know what the asshats in the cesspool are up to. It may be YOU that happens on a list because of some pencil pusher somewhere decided you were a threat or sumpin.

Fear mongering? I don’t need to. The threats are very real, and the people pushing this dont give a fuck abiut anything except POWER, and power for its sake and only its sake. You are either a tool or an obstacle and that defining status can be as shifty as mercury on a teflon plate.

“But whats so bad about Democracy, Dio?”

That meme illustrates the point as well as a thousand plus word essay from me. We have things in place thanks to the founders, to cofferdam against such tyranny. The left has been whittling away at them since 1865. Popular vote for Senators was the first nail. Unvetted, unregistered,voters is another (and the argument there is that voting is a civic DUTY, not a flipping RIGHT, and there are a lot of people voting that have zero civic responsibility, and the last century has seen a growing number with tombstone addresses. )

The recent fraudulent election cycle (please, be honest with yourself even if you have to hate me for it. That spike at 3am is not normal, or a ‘glitch’, that was unadulterated fraud. And they said what they were going to do, and admitted they had to adjust the system ‘to protect the democracy’ (see previous points about constitutional republic please) and all of its EOs talk of stacking the Supreme Court, rape of the Military institutions of military pride, the whole Modern Money theory that rapidly debasing what currency have into toilet paper,,,,

I could go on and on about whats going wrong and how bad its going to get, but most of the people that see that first Meme and nod in agreement vigorously have zero desire to ask questions of ‘their betters’ or even ask if what is going on is right (and right as in Morally correct, not a poltical affiliation) and there are even more that dont even get that far into it. So many just want that next stimmy cjeck because they think its raising them up in the world: hint, it isn’t. Its destroying what little economy we have left and running debts even further out into the future. And while I cant say this as fact, my suspicions are that its intentional so the PTwB can push the universal income horseshit easier. Call it what you want but it all has one name when the sun sets: COMMUNISM.

Want to know how that worked out? Violate that EO in the link and go ask a late 50s Russian how his teen years were.

(I was nice Nic, I didnt fire off the snark and admitted I wanted to.)

2 responses

  1. Gunner

    Everything Hitler did was approved by the German government too.


    April 27, 2021 at 7:27 pm

    • The question was how the German people were willing to go along with the nightmare. Legal or not. It boils down to what we are seeing now, incremental ‘adjustments’ that are easily swallowed, but would choke the horse if pushed all at once.


      April 27, 2021 at 6:32 pm

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