Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

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Nothing else I could do, so I went kayaking,


Have to clear the work space

Thats the strongback I made up for this little effort…

Expedition Single top

These are the patterns that I will lay all the little strips out on. Tape/staples to hold in place, glue between and they will make the shape. Not difficult, but tedious.

Once all thats done, (I’m exaggerating a touch, there are lots of little details in the middle) layer the fiberglass and epoxy and she will be a 19′ sea kayak.

What I find so cool is being able to ‘see’ the final form in notation on the strongback.

And so begins Dios descent into (yet further) madness. 🤣🤣🤣

At a cusp

I’m not sure what that cusp is, and with how chaotic this year has been, what with being fed lies to encourage tyranical rule, total breakdown of societal norms, intentional breakdown of ‘rule of law’ by those sworn to protect such; even the best prognosticators are scratching their heads this year.(apologies for the all the links there, if you check only one, that first one is the one to NOT skip.)Prices are doing the upward swing, employment is still down (and I see some places are having a hella time filling the rolls, not because they haven’t the need, but because they can’t compete with what some people are getting in unemployment bennies). Heck, a friend has been posting need on FB for three weeks offering 12-1400/wk and can’t get anyone to jump. (I would if it weren’t so damned far away from me. But having a house in a down market makes moving not possible no matter how nice the pay. And I have no desire to drive 5hrs a day 5-6 days a week. Or to live in a cheap hotel through the week for it. Did that shit while working sound. I’m older now, thats a young persons scene.)Selection time coming up and I’ve said it and I am seeing more saying it: this one is going to be for all the marbles. One side wants what looks like something straight out of the original MadMax. The other wants “normalcy” returned (broad brush used in both cases. There are factions within factions here on all sides, but generally speaking,,,,)You know what I want to see? I’d like to see HONESTY. I’d like to see the media held responsible for fear mongering and downplaying truth. I’d like to see politicians held accountable for all the crap that is so obvious to us on the street, but because thier buddies are running the investigation, they get away with ‘purt much anything. I’d like to see an honest serious and unbiased investigation into all this pedophilia crap thats slowly being uncovered (and if Biden wins will be completely swept away as if nothing ever happened. Betcha!!!)But what I want is irrelevant. I’m just one little fish swimming in a tidal puddle. That tides coming back in though, and when it swallows my puddle, there are gonna be bigger hungrier fish just waiting for tidbits like me.This world is gonna get ugly for all the little fish, very soon. keep prepping: if ya hadnt been, gitbuzy. An extra $10 week in canned goods ain’t gonna kill ya now and may save your butt later.Learn to keep your trap shut, about everything, especially about what you have or have not.🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐On a positive note though, I have a strong feeling that we will soon see a comeback of what some would call ‘Conservative Values’. I see so many around me getting anxious about the trepidations of Government and flat hatred of the doings of unofficial three letter groups and ilk. Its not the message, its the application, that is getting notice, and that application is what has awoken the silent majority. When said majority goes loud, well,,,Choose wisely.

Not enough spanking!

I am watching what could possibly be a historical event taking place here in the states. (I am not linking to it because I do not agree with its principles in any way, as you will note in further reading.) 

I have to say it, I am flabbergasted by the audacity of certain people in this world.  The event is geared towards “ending white supremacy ” and has the key goal of occupying The District of Criminals until Trump is removed from office!  First off, this event starts with a ten day march, and boldly states will continue until its main goal is reached.

Spoiled rotten welfare brats!!! Never been spanked and had most everything handed to them and that STILL ain’t enough! I know there were a LOT of pissed off people back in 2008 when Oblammy-o-boy was elected, but we didnt protest that! Our protests were about being raped by a system out of control.  TEA party. TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY is what that stood for.  And that movement was shunted aside, sabotaged by the IRS, ridiculed by the MSMs, and buried or nearly so since then. Are there white supremacists? Yes.  Are they in power? Last I checked, not so much, and the Prez certainly is not one of them.  He is far to interested in profit margins to let some silly racial standard get in his way, even as a president.  

Nope, what this is, is a bunch of spoiled children that did not get their wish in November and are going to make everything into some personal slight, and fill the slots needed by some globalist corp/person, and get paid to show just how ‘important’ their position is.  They will throw the tantrums until the adults of this country cave in, yet again, to their whimsy.

Having read comments at the site and at others, if this doesn’t kick off some serious pissing contest, I will be mighty surprised.
Sadly, I think that pissing contest is the ultimate goal of the true benefactors behind all of the strife we have been witness to of late.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my hope for this country surviving the next decade has approached near zero.  And if this country shreds, the collateral damage is going to be far reaching.

End of the world  (TEOTWAWKI)?  No, but its gonna feel like it to many.  Hell, this world doesn’t need us to keep moving in its orbit. We are but fleas on the dog going through its motions.  But things have great potential for “interesting times” and I can see the events of late and the current offings as just one more step to those times.  

If I didn’t have to work, I would be more than happy to spank some spoiled brats butts, only its a lot too late for it to do any good now.  Now it has to be far more painful to deliver the message properly, and that is more likely to be fatal for most. (And I am seeing some commenters hinting at some pretty rough actions in response.  All I can say is, remember the ROE guys: two or more exits, distance is your friend, communicate as needed if in group, and always CYA!

Keep your eyes on this no matter where you live.  It may fizzle (I hope so) or it may ignite a whole new shitstorm.

(Note: this was written Sunday evening with delayed publish time.  This event is scheduled to kick off Monday Aug 28th from Charlottesville Virginia. Keep an eye on it.)