Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

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Dark holes lead to dark thoughts: evening edition

Today, I re-read all of Metallicmans posts on upcoming events in the world.   Granted there are times where even I want to say “It can’t happen here” but I know better.   The ingredients for that particular entrée have been in the makings since the mid 1930s: and some may argue since 1917 when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in the dead of night on Christmas Eve by a handful of Toads to make it ‘Legal’.

Between the microscopic bugs raging war within my body, dark reading material, and the upcoming winter months and shortened daylight hours,,,   I’m feeling quite morose.

Yet I don’t stop thinking, EVER.   And my dark thoughts turned to ‘what can people that are just now waking up to the fact’ that THIS 



HT to Metallicman for this’ll

is all you need to remember about anything upcoming in our future.   

And what can those that are just now waking up, able to do with the fact that we are on the doorstep to whatever is coming?   Lots actually, it just requires a little forethought on resources available and needs.   There was one thing that I hammered into people that used to come to me for defensive handgun training.   Most all were women, single, some older, some younger, some well off, some borderline welfare,,,   The one rule I hammered hardest was, ANY gun is better than NO gun.   If a gal couldn’t afford much, a daggum Hi-Point 9 with a couple mags was less than a weeks paycheck working the grill at McDz. And despite the crap reputation that they don’t deserve, they are damned good pistols, if a little clonky.  Never had one FTF, or Stove pipe.   Did have one light strike, but it was with hard ass Romanian ammo.   No gun, you are a subject: as in Subject to the whims of the guy WITH the gun.  So, yeah, the newly woke to the upcoming games can still find something reasonable around.  BUT, that lead me to thinking about something else.   LISTS

We are all on lists.   We know that they keep telling us that, the fact that you can’t link certain websites on FB shows that there are lists all over the daggum place, and

Well,  I don’t worry about it anymore, cause I already know when they start gathering up those lists, I will not go quietly.  No need to elaborate on that, just that I know me, even if caught flat-footed, I am going to do a lot of damage to at least one jackboot.  But the newbies to this,,,, They are already freaking out about shit and to find that they get on a list by buying a gun will likely chill their desire to look for a gun.   Well, for them, there are ‘ways’.   Ask around, You don’t think those gang-bangers that have done time, went through background checks and filled out a 4473 to own that ‘gat’ or ‘9’ do you?   Stop thinking like a good serf and start thinking like the outlaws they are making us into and you will get MUCH further along. . It may cost a little more, but there won’t be a papertrail attached to it.  Ammo though, that may be a bit harder to find right now.  I know local, if its a common round, its scarce and seeing a box of 20 for $25-35 isn’t uncommon: if you can find it at all.

FOODS.   You don’t keep moving and mooing on an empty stomach, and you don’t get the option of thinking the JIT system will work when hotzones of conflict are all around.   People will get hungry enough to start eating on each other, and don’t think it doesn’t happen.   It’s Taboo because its NOT healthy, BUT when you are starved and the kids are crying, or worse, stopped crying because they are in shock from hunger: that deader next-door won’t notice a slab missing from his thigh, and when you cook it up all minced up like hamburger, the kids will never know and you see no reason to tell them.  Tell me it won’t happen, prove me wrong.   I KNOW it will. 

Getting started stocking up on food is easy right now, but that may not stay that way for long.   A couple extra bucks each time you stop at the groceries will build a canned food larder FAST.  Toss an extra $10 worth of dried beans or rice or pasta or all of the above, each weekly trip.   Canned meats may be strange to the ‘gourmet palette’, but when you are trying to squeeze a 1000 calorie meal through three days of hard duty, a slab of Spam on a bed of rice is like Filet Mignon to your tummy.  

When things go sideways, you are not going to be worrying about that extra 20# you sport now, Its gonna melt off fast.   In two weeks, you will be wishing that you still had it because your energy levels are gonna drop off as you burn off that reserve.

Food Prep:   Start figuring out how to make cold food.  Heating food send out all kinds of good smells, and when people start getting hungry, even the smell of boiling rice is going to travel and smell like a Smorgasbord at The SunKIngs tables to someone that hasn’t eaten in a week.   If you can find a way to prepare food in an enclosed space, all the better.   The LRP Rangers of Nam would cook up all their food before movement, then carry it with.    No fires or smells to betray their location.  Think High energy long shelve life.  Rice is good for both.  and on that note, High energy, long shelf life is what you want to consider for all your ‘reserve’ purchses.

OP-SEC.  Operational Security for you newbs.   Heres the rub.   You do NOT want to tell anyone what you are doing.   Clandestine is best advice at this point.  Don’t even say a thing to the kids or spouse, just say, “Oh, it was on sale,,,” or some BS.  If you start saying ‘I’m preparing for,,,,’ you may key some paranoid reaction from them, and now THEY may slip and tell a neighbor or another kid and now your ‘reserves’ are a known commodity.  If its just “normal Dad/Mom being cheap”, its a nothing burger and they won’t say anything.   If the entire neighborhood has a clue you have a months worth of food when the trucks aren’t running, you become a target, and EVERYBODY starves.   Keep your danged mouth shut.

Bugging out!  All I can say at this point is DON’T.  If you DON’T have a plan already laid out, DON’T. If you don’t have a group to bug-out with: DON’T.  If you stay put, stay hid, and stay ALIVE, you are ten times better off than the family that freaked out and ran without a plan in advance.   If you are in a place that you think is about to go all Rwanda in the next couple of months, NOW is when you need to bug-out, NOT when it goes all Rwanda.  People bugging out are what we call REFUGEES and Refugees always get the short end of the stick (sometimes quite literally) when things get scarce.   Don’t look at what the Border Jumpers in our country are getting, that won’t apply when resources are few and far apart.    And those that are Holding in Place, will treat you like a parasite wanting to leech them dry: best case, they will tell you to keep moving.  Worst case, They kill you and take all your shit that you carry.   Keep it in mind.   DON’T unless you have no choice and then be prepared to be the absolute lowest pawn on the board.

The list of threes: Three minutes without air, Three days without water, three weeks without food =DEAD MEAT.   Assuming they aren’t filling the air with Nerve or Blister agents, we won’t worry too much about that first one.  The second though,,,,   Water is LIFE.   let me rephrase that; CLEAN water is LIFE.   There are products out there that you can grab up RIGHT NOW that will make clean water a whole shit ton easier to get.   Keeping a bottle of bleach around won’t hurt you either as long as you understand HOW to use it, and if you don’t, DON’T.  (I had chlorine poisoning while in Kuwait and that shit SUCKS, trust me,,,,)

And we already talked about the food thing some.  BUT, calories, you may not need 1000 calories a day if you are ‘bugging-in’.   In fact, the less you eat the less you defecate and defecation make ‘smells’ that can attract others.  If you are bugging in, you want to stay hidden.   Limit your ‘signals’: Odor, noise, light, movement.  and remove the attraction: make your place look ‘already looted’.  

As for Guns.   Already mentioned that there are “Ways” and one possible avenue to investigate.  BUT lets discuss “Weapons”.  and I have already made this point in several posts here.  Guns are tools, YOU are the weapon.  When shit goes sideways, if you don’t think you could shoot someone, you likely won’t, but trust me on this, THEY WILL.   Get it in your head now, and become the WEAPON or you are already dead and just armed and fueled someone who may not be “good”.   If you just can’t get it around in your head that you will get to a point where its kill or be killed, you are already writing yourself an obit and I wish you God speed.   Even more, please don’t go buying a bunch of ‘tools’ and freedom seeds to just give them to the next guy that I may have to deal with.   Instead, use those funds to get you and yours OUT of that place where you are and into a place where you are less likely to see the other side of Humanity.  (and when you find that place, Let me know where it is,,,,) 

I apologize for this little essay being all over the place, there is just so much information that needs passed along and so little of it can be rapidly absorbed.   When we were trained as Combat Marines,(Yes BC, I am a former Misguided Child, don’t hate me,,,,) we went through 11 weeks of training, (it was bumped up to 13 after I graduated) and that was just to get us the BASICS, further training was months and months of training after that.   And NONE of it prepped us completely when we went into a two way shooting gallery.  It helped, certainly, but I don’t think there is any real way to prepare a person for when things go hot.  I can tell you this though.  The people around you will show you something completely different when things suddenly flip.   Your best friend may become your worst enemy, or worse, dead weight as a catatonic shell-shocked mushroom.  Then again, that timid Geek neighbor you all laugh about, may turn into a real asset of stealth and cunning and scrounger.   When the world flips, people change, and that is what you can expect.