Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

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Personal hurdles

One of my biggest issues and one I have fought time and again is ‘perfection’. I say it all the time; ‘I’m an imperfect perfectionist ‘ and it has been my Achilles heel since time out of mind. I’ve always been of the ‘if you want it done right, do it yourself” types. Even now, DIY is very much the center of my universe (and likely always will be for much of what I do.). When I was touring, it worked for me, but only during the shows; load-ins and load-outs were ‘hands-off’ thanks to IATSE and Teamsters unions, all depending on where we were and how the house was setup. New York was the worst for me and I would have to jam my hands deep into my pockets to keep from jumping in: directions by voice and head nods only. Otherwise, the unions would go to break, and I’m not talking about a 15 minute smoke break here, but schedule busting, budget eating hour long lunch breaks.

Well, that hurdle is one I am facing again, from a different perspective. I want money to work for me, but there are only so many hours in a day available to me.

Heck, everyone is limited to the same time frames, so how do you ‘get more time’?

Hire it out! Leverage with other peoples time. The saying is “build your dream or get hired to build someone elses” and that is where my learning curve is at right now. I’m trying to build that dream and finding there are things that will be far better for me to pay others for than to do myself. Like spending an entire saturday doing yard work, blech! If I can hire a local kid to do it for me, even if I have to pay him $50-75, I come out ahead as that frees up my time to do those other things that make money, and more than I am paying him. He’s happy, I’m happy, and my yard doesn’t look like an abandoned field.

Now where did all those kids split to,,,


Addendum: this goes back to those questions I began asking myself a few months back, and is an answer to the last one. If you aren’t buying time, your spending it.

Or wasting it,,,


Random misfires from Dio

Nope, not relating to mechanical things or boomsticks, just one of my random word-spill posts about everything and nothing.

I really jumped into the rabbithole with those questions I posted a few months back. With that in mind, I gotta say it: our educational system is WOEFULLY inadequate. Here’s a simple example; did you know that Sir Isaac Newton was the progenitor of the original Gold Standard? Yup, the guy that created Physics, defined several natural laws, etc was also a Treasurer of England and helped usher in an economic evolution by tying a commodity to a fiat currency. I had no idea until recently.(wasn’t the first I’m pretty certain, but was the first documented Name of such.)

So where does that lead to, Rothbard? Mises? Keynes(if you can decipher his dribble from his drool.)? How about Rush!?!?! (The band, not the talker.) The song ‘Lessons’ is one of my favorites. Or “The Trees“; a perfect analogy to the lunacy of government interventions in race issues. “The trees are all kept equal by hatchet, axe, and saw.” is the closing line in that one. What a way to use analogy to state that all government policy is backed by a loaded gun. (Billy Beck said “at the bottom of every government stack of papers is a loaded gun.”   Sadly he stopped posting years back, and now I can no longer find his site.)

Book writing is work, but something I don’t find as exhausting as other things I have done. In fact, I have to set an alarm on my phone to get me out of the chair and doing some stretching to keep from getting all stiff and achy. To keep the muse from blowing away like dust on the winds, I have to have the alarm ease in to full volume. If I didn’t, as I found out a week or two ago, I’d keep going until I was not worth a damn the next day. Sorry, not giving away any hints of what I’m writing currently. Maybe later when its near finished and I need it screened by an unbiased source, but not yet.

The How to book is going back to the printer for its second round of proofs. I could probably make this easier on myself by using Kindles creator, only,,,

Kindle doesn’t have a Linux version of it and I really have zero desire to go back to a win’doh’z unit. Not the first time and won’t be the last, that I have had to ‘make do’ due to my ‘puters OS. I’ve never had luck with the emulator ‘wine’, it always crashes my system.

Ok, now i have to spill it all out. My current rabbit-hole has my teaching urges itching like a mess of chiggers. I’ve even found myself scoping out apartments near my daughter so that I could be closer to teach the granbehbies, or at least try to teach them something. I know my bloodline: we are all stubborn, thick headed mules when it comes to learning. We do learn, eventually; usually after the 2×4 has broken over our skulls, but we do learn. And we NEVER forget the lessons. But the stuff I want to show them is stuff that will never be shown to them if their education is similar to what mine was. (More than likely its worse now. In some instances, I know it is worse.)

My moving back up there is an idle thought, and not likely to happen; I’m rather anchored in here with a house, shop tools, fat dog, and preggers cat.  But slaking my thirst to teach is becoming a distraction in other areas.

And its not helping that about half of my bookshelves are buried under educational texts that I have purchased so that I have tools for teaching the grandkids. If I have never stated it, my dream in high-school was to become a teacher. Its been a rather convoluted journey so far, but I never let that dream go. With that said, I wouldn’t want to be a white male teacher these days: to many ways a disgruntled student could ruin your career, especially with it being so easy to do things with cell phones. (Locally, a male teacher was recently sent to jail for receiving a ‘sext’ message from such a disgruntled student.) As I am white, and quite certainly male, I’ll pass on getting set-up for annihilation like that.

Maybe if I were to say I self-identify as an owl. 😜 Naw! I’d still have to deal with the libtard delusional mentalities running the incarceration education hellholes. Pass.


When does one stop worrying about collapse and start embracing it? How about when you realize that we our well into year 10 of it? Yup. That was my conclusion after I posted up that chart the other day. FYI, a rumor flew across my emails a day or two ago about Trump “possibly” re-establishing a gold standard. No idea if its real or not but a little digging and I am seeing reactions that indicate its either possible, or the rumor is wider spread and people are reacting accordingly. If it is real, get gold now. Not certificates, but the hold in your hand heavy stuff. (Quick check this AM and gold was sliding up again. $45/gram and rising.) The reactions from the Keynesian side will be worth documenting if this is real. If you can’t get gold, go for silver as it will likely scale up as well. And if you can’t get silver get the other three precious metals; lead copper and brass, because you never know. Note: a gram of gold is slightly smaller than a US dime: easier to store, carry, and use if need arises. One dealer I know of sells a ‘credit card’ perforated in 10- 1gram squares. If you can find them, you’ll likely pay a premium for them as they aren’t common. Said dealer has a 10% markup on the ask level for his ‘cards’.  I mentioned in the post talking about “life after google” that blockchain is likely the wave of the future in finance, and this doesn’t change that opinion, it would only delay it, maybe.   It may even accelerate it as I think going back on a gold standard at this juncture, especially if the rumor is accurate about fixing it to a $10000/oz mark (no typo there, 4 zeros!).   I can only see turbulent times for all; savers investors, and business.  Banks are going to be fighting this tooth and nail because it would kill fractional reserve banking; at least at the level they are used to playing.  Note, the last two times that something of this ilk was proposed, the President was either killed or shot at.    JFK proposed a silver certificate and died.  Reagan started discussing it and was shot shortly thereafter and the whole matter disappeared. I am not saying there is a correlation  but it sure is pretty coincidental.

Again, I have zero information of the reality of this,,,

Money may not be the root of all evil, but large quantities do attract a shitload of evil.



Stoopid is as stupid does, Right?   I can’t figure don’t want to figure out how the stoopid has become so prominent in our world, and there are days where I feel I am an extra in the Idiocracy movie.   Its scary.  May be that the area I live in is just a little thicker in dumb than other places, but I hear from others that they witness the same.   Good lord, we need something drastic to happen if that’s the case.   Yah, seems a little ironic coming from a guy that wanted to grow up and be a teacher, huh?  That isn’t the cause of that itch though; I know one person can’t make that drastic of a change without an exponential amount of violence first.  I’ll pass on that too.   I read something recently over at Irish’s place that fits. “If I lived everyday as if it were my last, the body count would be staggering.”  Yup, I can say that would be fitting.

ayup!  when the intelligence vampires are about,,,,