Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

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Tidbits for’ya

Been posting a bit about my power set up around the homestead.  Some of ya have been around the shop awhile enough to know what my set up at home is.   Not just the power that I have been posting about, but the other things, like cooking and stuff.   

Well, first up, if you have ever spent any time in a nice (read newer) RV, you wouldn’t feel too out of place in my house.   All of my lighting is 12vdc, ALL of it.  My system is a hybrid system, half DC and half Alternating current, pretty much the same as an RV would be set up.  Instead of the DC to DC converter to run the 12v stuff while attached to shore power, I just go straight through my batteries.  (well, the charge controller and a fuse box, but the point is moot.). My AC circuits are powered by either a 1500watt Pure Sine wave inverter (computers don’t really like the modified sine wave stuff) OR my Honda Genny.   I have both ran into the breaker-box via the expedient but versatile means of a 30amp extension cord.  Of course the Genny is outside on the porch or under the porch when in use, so the cord has to be able to reach it, otherwise it stays coiled up in the ‘battery shed’, which is a small enclosed room in my house.   I chose to do that so I don’t have to worry about my batteries getting cold shock. (and since I am considering switching over to Lithium, even better.  Lithium really doesn’t like weather like we have been seeing of late and has to be warmed up to be able to charge.  And discharge rates get kind of funky when they fall below a certain temp.  Inside will be perfect for them.)

Now, as for cooking, I have a propane fired stove/oven.  Yup, one of those ‘dinky’ cooking stoves from an RV.   It won’t bake a Large pizza, but it will cook a tin of biscuits just fine.  And with a little planning, can cook everything a bachelor would want to cook.   Due to power considerations, I don’t have a Microwave, and have learned to do without one.   My popcorn intake has fallen to nothing over the last 6 years for obvious reasons. (and thats not a bad thing,,,,).  

You already know I heat my house with a wood-burner, so I don’t need to go into that.   My air movement is via a 12vdc ceiling fan, made for RV’s by no smaller than a normal house current model, and even has a remote control that lives near my desk.   The motor in the fan is brushless so quiet as all get out. My house is set up with a vaulted ceiling so all the rooms are connected ‘up top’, making that fan perfect for getting the heat from the stove spread around. (my battery room has a ceiling, I didn’t want fumes from them getting around open flames. Just sayin’)

Hot water.   I have a propane fired, on demand hot water heater.   It uses 2 D-cell batteries for the igniter, no pilot light, and I get about 2 months of hot water on a single 10# tank of propane.  The same type you get for your gas grill, and here local, I have a place that refills them at a much better rate than those kiosks at the local stores exchange them for.  (my stove and fridge run on a 20# tank, more about that next).  The only thing I don’t like about my water heater: it has a 20 minute timer built into it and there are days were I really want to soak up the heat of a hot shower.  If I hit that 20 minute mark, oops, cold water coming straight your way,,,,    grrrr.   Other than that, its no different in performance to having a hot water tank.   Turn the tap and a few seconds later you have steaming hot water.  And it has a T-stat that I can adjust on the fly: higher in winter, lower in summer.  (It doesn’t ‘fix’ a temp like a water tank does, it modulates it by whats incoming, and the water in winter is WAY colder.)

My fridge.   This is one area where I need to bite the bullet this year.   The poor thing has been having some issues lately of staying cold, or in rare instances, freezing everying in the bottom solid.  More the first than the last.   Its a Norcold 8 CuFt two door unit.   the freezer area isn’t as large as I would like, but when it works, it works great.   Its call a ‘three way’ unit since it can run on AC, DC or Gas.   The gas seems to work the best, but the bugger will burn through a 20# tank in 10 days, not including the gas I use for cooking.   The AC works pretty good to, and the DC, well, when the power starts getting like it is, I will just switch to straight gas and wing it.   The lower the voltage on the batteries, the higher the wattage the fridge pulls to keep the heat up, so best to keep it from sucking things dry.   If I know the day is going to be bright and cloud free, I will shut the gas off and run to the panels/batttery bank.  If I am running the Genny, switch to AC.   Yeah, it all has to be ‘keyed in’, but thats the price I pay for a unit that doesn’t need the grid to operate.   (right now I am trying to find a place that will rebuild the poor thing, or exchange for a refurbished unit.  She is definitely starting to show her age.  NOTE: these fridges are NOT cheap.   The list price on this unit new, is $2200.)

It sounds funny, but the most my system does, is charge batteries. Batteries for my phone, battery in my Mac, batteries for my Dewalt power tools, etc etc. I run some lights as needed, and the fridge to keep my perishables cold, but that is pretty much it.

If you have bought my book “Outside looking in” you already know my schpeal about ‘figuring out what lifestyle changes you need to make’ to go off grid.   The biggest for me was losing a lot of the toys others take for granted.  I have no TV, no Cable, no High powered stereo system (I do have a 400w sound system that plugs into my lappy or an Ipod for when I want to ‘let my hair down’.) nor do I have gaming systems, or oodles of kitchen appliances.  (Yup, I use an old hand crank can opener.   You know how hard it is to find those these days????). In many ways, I FEEL better off for it.   Unplugging from the Mess of the World is as easy as putting my phone on  the charger in the truck and leaving it there while I get on with my living in my world.   Seems like I have been doing quite a bit of that the last two years, and still can’t get away from it enough.  If I had a ‘news service’ IE cable, I would have probably gone postal before now.


(Fiction) December 19th 2020

She’s been in there for two days now, mask on to answer the door and working from home. Won’t even go out to get groceries: has them delivered to her doorstep.

I’ve been watching since the 14th. Well, longer actually, but full stalk the last five. When she wrote that article in The Nation, I was done waffling. She became my target. One of many, but the closest one to me.

Here comes her daily delivery of that crap she calls food. Never have understood how people think they can subsist on beansprouts. Good to build up vitamin C in winter time, but thats about the only advantage.

“Hey, man. Do you have the time?” I say as I approach the delivery boy near the corner. I made sure that there wasn’t a spot in front of the house so he had to park out of sight. A big white work van and some traffic cones do wonders and the sheep don’t seem to question such things, even though there are no markings on it.

“Yeah, hold on,,,,” he says as he shifts his load around to pull out his phone. That’s when I slip the ether soaked rag in his face and slid around behind him to hold him, and drag him into the alley. He’s gonna have a hell of a headache since the ether I’m using was starting fluid in a can 5 minutes ago. Gotta move quick. Shirt and jacket off. Zip-ties to wrist and ankles. Slap duct tape over his mouth. Since its cold, I toss an old ratty comforter I found in the trash over him. Slip on his shirt and jacket grab his bags of her delivery and head to her house.

“Where’s Justin?”

“He was loaded up and asked me to help out. We’re swamped right now with the curfews and lockdowns. ” I say from behind my mask covered face. She swings the door a little wider so she can get the bags from me. I use the slip to barge the door out of her hands as I shove the bags into them. Her reflexes kick in, grabbing the bags, as I shove her further inside and slap that ether covered rag into her mouth as she starts to scream. I quickly, but gently close the door behind me. I’m in overdrive, moving faster than she can think and my moves are practiced; hers are pure reaction.

“I’m not going to make a big production of this.” I say to her as I knock the bags out of her hands and cover her mouth to keep her from spitting the rag out. I can see the ether is kicking in a little but most of it has evaporated. Likely she’ll feel fuzzy-headed, but it won’t knock her out. Good. I want her to know whats happening. “Since you and yours have decided that laws mean nothing, me and Mine find your terms acceptable. I am now your jury, judge and executioner.” Her eyes go wide and she starts to struggle. I grab her by the back of the neck, pinching the tendons there, HARD. I can hear her squeak through the rag. Walking her through her kitchen, facing that very same alley where poor Justin is sleeping the sleep of the innocent, I grab up the longest knife from her knife block. Her eyes go even wider seeing this.

I slam her back against the door to her pantry, slamming that knife through her throat, spine, and into the wood door. Immediately she starts gurgling but can’t talk as that knife is right through her larnyx. I pull the rag out of her mouth.

“Welcome to the world you created by spreading lies as truth. Sentencing complete. ” I say as I press a small .22 cal pistol in the center of her forehead and pull the trigger. The sound is muffled as the expanding gases follow the bullet into her skull. I hear her sinuses ‘pop’ from the overpressure and blood starts flowing from her nose and ears. Her body twitches but doesn’t fall, suspended by that knife stuck through her throat into the door.

I drop Justins shirt and jacket to the floor at the foyer, lock the door and exit. I have no idea whose van I stole yesterday and leave it where it is in front of the girls place. One more misdirection in whatever investigation follows when they find her. I swing around the other direction to where my car is, 3 blocks away. Just another nobody headed home before the curfew starts.

The simple solution.

Note to the DNC: if ya gots nuttin ta hide, then allow a full recount, allow a third party, unbiased set of observers to watch. I’m sure there are some countries out there willing to offer such up, if it would shut down the turmoil.

I am quite certain that the entire country would understand and abide a delay in a SOLID answer to the shitstorm that has brewed out of this Selection cycle.

If you have nothing to hide, whats the problem?

But NONE of that is gonna happen. Why? Because “they won”. Doesn’t matter one whit if it was by hook and crook, or honest means. Not one: they got the votes and to hell with the rest of us for making the last 4 years a living hell for them. tried reading some screeds from the other side, one of which was at a site curiously named “The Soapbox” . I can’t finish any of the articles. Ever. The circular logic is deafening. I recall a philosophical argument about brainwashing and if someone were brainwashed and taught that everyone else was but they were normal, How could you show them the error?♧

I’m sure those on the left feel similar to me from an opposing POV.

And thats THE problem. Not the stolen Selection, not the hypocrisy of swallowing state lies and “living free”. The problem is that we are two entirely different mindsets with ZERO common ground anymore. We may speak what at the surface sounds like the same language, but isn’t. We live in the same neighborhoods and our kids (used to ) play on the same teams. But we are NOT THE SAME.

I’ve stated it and stated it time and again; WORDS HAVE MEANINGS, and to twist those meanings is the first bulkhead of progressivism. When I say ‘Science’, I am talking about a system designed to test theories, and if proven false, chuck it and come up with a new one. When Progessives say it, they have proven time and again the theory is all and will alter the tests to “prove” the theory.

Sounds more like a religion to me.

The chasm was widening before March, then Mr Floyd helped kick off more crap, (and I still feel that was a narrated event, blown out of proportion) and shit started doing the San Andreas Fault boogie. Divisions aren’t just in areas of the country, but within FAMILIES. There is one in my family that I am avoiding right now because of this situation (and her ‘sensitive nature’) . We are where we were in 1860, with families splitting over ideology.

And what really blows my mind the most? THEY FUCKING TOLD US THEY WERE GOING TO DO IT!!!! And now the Left-tards are singing that tune like it were a fucking Gospel sent down from heaven: ” we knew you’d say the election was stolen, now get out!!!”

When Obama won, I raised Cane, but not because I thought it was a scam election but because I could hear the double entendre of his words. The man was (is) a Master Orator, and people heard what they wanted to hear and not his real meanings. “Fundamentally Change ” is EXACTLY what we got and NOT FOR THE BETTER. We are at war with each other now. And if you try to tell me we aren’t, you need to take a trip to Portland or one of the other hotspots. (And look close, if you see a talking head in one of those places, 10:1 they are sporting body armor under that dress shirt and windbreaker.)

And that war has been very one sided, but if things keep rolling like they are, it will not stay that way. And as Sarah said, and I’m paraphrasing here: When we (conservatives) flip, its brutal and nonstop until completion. What does that mean? Go ask Hitler, or Mussolini. Go ask the Japanese soldiers on the islands of the Pacific.






Call the Congress critter of your choosing. Suggest that a recount is in order because an honest election wouldn’t have a problem, but to resist a recount means there are things to hide.

Trust me. That whole city has a shit ton of stuff they want to keep in the dark, and this election was just as much about that as it is a slap in the Face to the Trump Deplorables.

And just to clear the air, no, I didnt vote for Trump, I voted Libertarian. I KNEW this shit was gonna go off the chain and it didn’t make one three hundred millionth of a percent difference WHO I voted for. Remember, THEY TOLD US WHAT THEY PLANNED, AND WE DID NOTHING TO STOP IT!!!

H/T to BIG Country

♧I never had a good answer to it, and still don’t. I know I am not because I question literally EVERYTHING on a daily basis, even my own stance. And I do change my opinion when confronted with REAL EVIDENCE, not just feelings. Its has allowed me to evolve from that robotic mindset I was in 12 years ago to where I am now. And in those 12 years, I have learned more than I care to, about how truly evil a very small group of people are, and worse; how much control they influence.

Follow along with an open mind

Please don’t try to convince me otherwise. That’s not the point of this post. The point is a mind experiment for you, one you need to keep an open mind for. I would like for you to read this post over at Cold Fury, follow the links even and read them.


Ask yourself one question: “what if,,,???”

Let these things sink in, that maybe all of the last 7 months wasn’t about a virus, but about grooming a populace for the next phase.

Time will tell, one way or the other. Just don’t be surprised by the outcomes. People have been warning this that and the other for months. Someone is gonna be right, and chances are, no one is gonna like it.

Projection or prediction.

Read this if you haven’t already (not long BMS)

A month or so ago a shady group (I say shady because the red proponents chosen were all ‘anti-Trumpers’) assembled and ran a war-game scenario around our current Selection cycle. I’m not going to link it as its been all around, but if you aren’t aware of it just search for ‘Transition Integrity Project’.

All of the points they bring up are being blamed on the red party but the Right see it very differently as being induced by the blue party.

Then we see information about Color Revolutions and how they play out and everything “Fits”.

And a question in the headlines this AM was ‘why are gun sales still on the rise?’

Short answer, IMO, the quiet ones see a damned big storm on the horizon and Mr. Colt was the true great equalizer.

We have a presidential election between a hated president (I still dont get all the hype but Ive covered it other times and places) and an obviously mentally incapacitated septigenerian. His wife has a reputation of “power hungry” that almost equals that of HRC without the list of dead. His running mate has a history as well and the whole combination is deeply embedded in politics since graduation of higher learning: never a day spent in private enterprise or free-market (cough) world.

I don’t like Trump as a person, but his lack of political history (prior to 2016) makes him a better candidate in my opinion. And while he may have some nasty past, ain’t a one of us in this world vying for angelic status.(be honest with yourself. We are all sinners in this world in some way.)

So we have one side accusing the other of trying to steal an election while making efforts to do the thing they say (projection). We have(currently legal) gun sales continuing to rise. (Of course there is no way to know about the under the table sales but I’d say that is moving in similar fashion). We have an open seat in the SCOTUS and a potential Constitutional crisis on the horizon. And the country is showing political/societal/ divides greater than those of the late 1840’s. Toss in the whole Pandemic confusion, democrat controlled cities burning with riots and protests,,,,

Hell the damned list of shit this year has brought on or exposed is too damned long. What it all boils down to is a perfect storm brewing and its all been manipulated by people in positions of power. The big question in my mind is this: who is fucking feeding this maelstrom? Things like this dont just happen. Whats the ultimate endgoal of the providers? NWO? Or Agenda 21 stuff (I know the Agenda 21 group dissolved but many of the members reformed under “The Great Reset” and much of their list resembles A21 garbage.)

Yeah yeah yeah,,, I just lost some of my readers to “conspiracy theory tinfoil hat wearer” accusations. Heres how I look at it. It IS another piece of information and true or not, the best place to hide anything is right out in the open. Mmaybe its bullshit? Maybe its a real thing but so unbelievable that 99% wil write it off as crap, if they even ever see it. Its information and sometimes (a lot lately) that information intersects and even snuggles up perfectly with current events. I don’t believe in coincidence. Once is happen stance, twice is the warning, three times is enemy action. This year I lost track of all those ‘co-wink-i-dinks’.

Storm’s a’comin’

and we have no way of knowing its intensity or duration. Those that have set the winds to blowing think they can control it to achieve a certain outcome. Its almost as if they think they are God or somesuch.

Good luck with that, Gods proven to be the jealous type and doesn’t do competition very well.

Ugly American

Am I ‘proud to be ignorant’?


I take great pains to educate myself on issues. Most of my readers know my stance on the whole Covidiocy/Coronaphobia thing since its inception in March and that my research has led down certain paths (note: all of those points are starting to show I was right from the get-go) and yet I am the one who is ignorant?

I see claims of inequality being spewed left and right and yet NO ONE ever talks about the decades of welfare, hiring regulations and billions of dollars spent on minorities to bring them ‘up’ in status.

But I’m an ignorant ugly American?

No. I am the epitome of everything that people want to deride as evil and hateful. I’m an over the hill white skinned heterosexual male.

People talk about white privilege. To be honest, I have no clue what they flipping mean by this because I have never been privileged of anything. What I have, I gained through hard effort and planning. No one ‘gave’ me anything, without a serious investment on my end first. My income is derived through my renting my life to others for short spells, not a promised benefit or attempt to “make me equal “.

My gains have been through withholding immediate gratification, knowing that the longterm will be better than the here and now.

But I’m the ugly ignorant American.

There are days where I read the headlines, scan the FB posts, see the world at large and wonder “when did I fall into this asylum of insanity?”

But I’m the ugly ignorant American.

And y’all wonder why I love my kayaks? Hell, its my temporary escape from the ugly truth of what horrid things this country is headed to. Its my ‘zone’ where ‘the deer and the antelope play’ and I can IGNORE the brash and hateful world playing out at large. Maybe in that case I am IGNORANT as I would rather walk away from this shit and let y’all do those great and terrible things to each other, WITHOUT my participation. I’ve seen death, horrible death in burned out vehicles on the highway of death in Kuwait. Y’all have NO IDEA what your ‘good intentions’ are leading to.

But I’m the ugly ignorant hateful white male American.

God help us.

The post that gets me banned?

We’ll see.

Lets start this ball rolling by reminding my readers of a fact about me. I’m an INTJ on the Myer Briggs personality indicator. One thing about INTJs is emotions, or seeming LACK of. We despise public emotiinal displays. We have them, feelings, emotions, and usually quite strongly, but choose to rein them in and keep our heads and wits about us. When another ‘vents’ emotionally in our presence, (and I speak from my own standpoint, other INTJs may have variations of this) its the psychic equivalent of someone puking all over us.

So lets kick off this little shindig and see if WordPress decides I’m unfit for their servers.

Race, breeds, species, etc.

Words, right?

Mere words, but words are the weapon of the left as documented by George Orwell so eloquently in 1984. Twist the meaning, enforce the new one through ‘social shaming’ and the sheep will enforce your edicts with no fight.

Break it down: I AM a racist! I think the human race is at the peak of current evolution on this planet. I like being a human, a thinker, tool user, mover of mountains and manipulator of atoms. I may not be those last two specifically, but the human RACE is. Now like all species/races, there are breeds within the basket. In Canines, you have wolves, coyotes, rottweilers, labradors and terriers, etc. Ask any dog breeder which can interbreed and they will say “all of ’em”.

Same applies to the Human race. Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red: Doesn’t matter, we can interbreed. And given time, can create new breeds within the species.(and here we are 1000000+ years since Lucy passed on, with many many breeds running amok.)

So yeah, I’m racist. You are too unless you’re doing unspeakable acts to sheep or something. (We won’t take that thought any further though: Ick!!!)

See, until somewhere in the beginning of the 20th century, “Race” meant “Species” but that shifted around the time of a certain social justice movement that had good intentions but has become the loose cannon under the decks busting holes in the hull during storm seas.

What brought all of this out in me was a post by a friend. It was a meme stating that Doctors are the equivalent of the police against black women. It all came down to a link to a CDC doc stating that Black women in the US have a higher infant mortality rate per capita than white women. There were other breeds mentioned (people really hate that term since it seemingly makes us ‘animals’. Uh, yeah, guess what? WE ARE!!!) Like Inuit and others. I’m gonna touch on the Inuit first. Ever been to Alaska? Hint. IT’S BIG!!!. Lots and lots of open areas with few clumps of ‘city’. Medical care, especially out on the fringes may be non-existent. Higher infant mortality is likely to go hand and hand with that.

But back to article and the black side of it. In the US, there are more Black single mothers on welfare, by percentage of breed, than White. They have access to medical facilities, access that costs them little or nothing, and they have a higher infant mortality rate than whites do.

I’m betting that if you took only low income Whites on welfare, into the count, those numbers would likely get much closer to equal.


Lifestyle. Diet. Mental stability even.

I don’t see many Blacks in the area I live in. Of those I do see, THEY AREN’T ON WELFARE. But there are plenty of white families that are. If I go grocery shopping at the beginning of the month, I can spot the ones on welfare, not by appearance, but by food choices, and quantity. Crap, lots of processed, boxed meals, junkfood, and moonpies: usually covering 2 carts stacked to overflowing. One of those carts may be soda-pop only; over-loaded so much, you can hear the bearings starting to gall. As for personal appearance; usually pasty-skinned, grossly obese, and often quite odorous.

I’m not saying welfare is a bad thing, but I am saying generational welfare is. Many have been ‘hooked’ into easy money. And our welfare system has become a free-for-all that caters to failure. Dropped out of school because it was ‘too hard’ and can’t get a job because you completely lack any skill: sign up for the dole, Gubmints gonna hep ya out. Get busted for felonious assault and do 5 years in the Pen, can’t get a job ’cause of your record; same thing, gubmints gonna do ya right (till ya end up back in said pen)

So my question becomes this: you are being supported by the state, provided food, housing, medical care, etc; and infant mortality is the Doctors fault?

I cry Bull!!!

All of this, to me, is yet another symptom of the underlying disease that is eating the corpse of this country apart. This symptom is lack of personal responsibility, lack of accepting the consequences of personal decisions. No one holds a gun to your head when you’re scarfing down that crap food, or destroying your stomach lining by inhaling liter after liter of ‘pop’ (and I have been guilty of that in the past so I know where I am coming from)

It isn’t racism thats causing this, its poor decision making.

We may have a prejudice issue within these states, but that is a human nature condition, hardwired into us for survival and adapted by social conditions. For example. A gentleman just came into my shop asking if he could get some apples off the tree at the end of the driveway. Even offered to pay for ’em. No one around here pays for those apples and I wasn’t going to make him the exception. I even gave him a bag to put them in. BTW, he’s a Black man. Had on farmer john overalls°, I could smell soap when he stood near me talking, didn’t act like a thug and was polite (more polite than many white people I know!!!). His skin color had NOTHING to do with ANY PART OF OUR CONVERSATION and I assumed nothing about him based on said skin color. His overt politeness was likely due to past prejudiced conflicts, and I can fully understand that as I do know what this country has been like for decades.

But he found a friendly person in this Buckra. (Look it up. Its a real word)

Prejudicial treatment can be an issue, but then, if you look like a thug, walk like a thug and carry a bad attitude, why shouldn’t someone else assume you are a thug????

A duck is a duck is a duck, and no one can ever say its a dog. (Well, ya can but people are gonna give you funny looks)

And its not ONLY lack of personal responsibility; again, just a symptom IMO. That symptom is encouraged by the welfare state: why should you accept responsibility when the remainder of an entire society is picking up the tab to keep allowing you to suck air? Screw up with Johnny Law and do a small stint with three hots and a cot, then back out for more fun n games. Screw up and get pregnant? Well who cares who the daddy is if the state cuts a check and gives you a place to raise the kid. Why not do it again and double your income? Notice I am not pointing at whites or blacks or any one group in particular; I am blaming the SYSTEM!!!!!! There is a saying in politics “tax what you don’t want, subsidize what you do want”. So if they keep subsidizing failure, then they WANT people to fail. People stuck on the teat don’t strive, and that lack of ambition is the goal IMO.

So when People are whining about SYSTEMIC RACISM, they are whining about a system they continue to support, and likely because they are part of the system in some way.

Question EVERYTHING. The whole thing is a game and the rules are not ever in your favor. There is no free lunch; someone is paying for it, and it is NEVER the politicians that do.

° And to any yahoo that says ‘you saw those farmer johns and thought ‘he was being a good blackman”; you can kiss my hairy white ass. You’re thinking that shows your “racism”. Farmerjohn coveralls are common wear to many older southern rural people, white, black, or brown. And if you live north of the Tennessee/Kentucky zone, you probably have ZERO clue how little southerners have ‘racial’ issues. Especially amongst the older people (40+) and out away from the cities.

The beginning of fall

Quiet swishing from my PFD as the paddle passes left and right, biting the water, pushing towards any random destination today. Rain pattering all around me, washing sweat from my face leaving a salty taste on the edge of my lips. The rain helps now, knocking the heat down. We round a bend and there on the shore, a Blue Heron scoping the water. A doe and her two yearlings watching us, twitching ears, but no signs of distress. One of the yearlings steps towards the shore line, but mama twitches her tail as warning and the little one stops. Still no signs of fear, just caution.

The maples aren’t turning yet, but the poplar are and I see a few oak are starting to shift shades of green. In another month, if we have a hard frost, all of them will be bare and the landscape will take on that somber, almost bleak look.

Paddling season isn’t over; it never really quits, I just change apparel needed. Out come the wetsuits, drytop and fleecewear; in the box go the quickdry shirts and shorts. Booties instead of barefeet or sandals, pogies on the paddle, and out we go again. Paddling in the cold is sometimes my favorite time as the quiet and solitude are far more intense. Lake time isn’t drowned out by powerboat noise, or the thump, thump, thump, of someone blasting thier stereo.

Like today, rainy, and not just a drizzle, and the boats are staying close to their slips, or on their trailers. Here we are with water dripping off our noses, watching life that has no clue, nor care, about Trumps or Bidens or dollar-bills or even utility bills. The little one just wants mama to explain what kind of ugly duck that is out on the water.

It puts a different perspective on ‘the real world’. One almost doesn’t want to go back: just keep paddling, the river knows the way.

The only solution

Educate the young.

Our youngsters have been educated, but the last several generations, including the one I am from, have been educated by others and the controlling interests of that education had an agenda.

We are seeing that agenda attempting a birthing now, at large in our world.

In my side bar there is a link to a series of books, and I have been putting them in the footers of my posts. Yes, if you purchase a set, I will get a small kick back, but thats not the why its there. I personally bought a set for my granbehbies, and before I delivered them, sat and read them. The message is a lot clearer than the one public schools have been spreading. It is one of freedom, individualism, and yes, that word that seems to have been so maligned of late: capitalism.

And its as simple as need be. Limited government, personal accountability, self worth, meritocracy. Not social justice, more government, and universal basic income welfare vomit.

One road is freedom. It looks hard because it has one premise that covers the path: WORK. The other looks easy because it sings a song of safety and promise of hope.

One is a road to true freedom, the other a road to slavery.

I keep saying November is a turning point. Some would say its the Overton Window, but that point was passed somewhere over the last 6 years IMO. The turning point will be whether or not Team Freedom, also known as “the sleeping giant” , can be woke up. Alot of that turning point pivots on a name, one of two. I don’t need to play crypto here, y’all know the playing field as well as I.

I see scenarios within scenarios as to out future and none of them are good. No matter what way it turns, the road ahead is going to be rough, and that rough is going to be for quite awhile. As stated here

The events of the first Trump term have shown that there is an
irreconcilable gap between those who believe in the traditional America
mythos and those who wish to replace those stories with unadulterated

Those two groups cannot co-exist.

One must utterly destroy the other in order for it to survive.

The Reds have finances, organization, resources, position, and will.

The American Trads?

Be brutally honest with yourself.


Or them. (Emphasis mine)”

Not a pretty picture is it? Sounds similar to justification for genocide on a way, doesn’t it? Not the first I’ve heard that tone either, not in recent months. I’ve heard call to eradicate the white, or enslave them. They chose different wording but boil it down to bare facts and those were the goals.

Now I’m hearing terms like “the left is a mental disorder and can’t be cured; it must me excised”.

Now, as for being a mental disorder, I have a hard time arguing against. Any ideology based on emotion first and logic never is an infantile base that needs to be,,, isolated I’d agree, eradicated? Only as a last resort. Maybe if there were another planet where one side or the other could go and call the whole experiment off,,,,

Yeah, fools dream, or Elon Musks? Maybe that is his goal; whackadoodle as his ideas may be, they seem to work, and he is able to hire the number crunchers to make them work.

And maybe there is a separation of thought that irrevocable. Maybe the only solution is the final one.

I’m just one little fish in a very large ocean. Might even say that I am just one H2O molecule amongst a quintillion others,,,

I don’t stick to one source, I bounce around a lot just to feel the pulse of things. One side tries to be objective. They do this because their only aim is to be left alone to build their dreams. The other side always seems to make one assumption right out of the gate: that they can make people “better”.

I say we need to educate our young, and I mean that. I don’t want to indoctrinate my littles with “this is how it is”, I want them to be questioning, always, I want them to have a foundation so that when myself and their mom is no longer around, they can stand on their own and make the choices that improve themselves and those around them, WITHOUT lowering someone else. Fair trade, truly freemarket type benefits all parties, but we don’t, and haven’t since 1913, have a free-market.when you have to work nearly four months out of a year just to pay “Uncle Sam”, you are NOT free and the market at large is mailnipulated to get even more from you. (Think big business actually pays taxes? Think again sweetheart, they adjust the price so that YOU are the one paying that tax, not them. They just do all the paperwork and write the check that your hard earned lucre paid for.)

No, freedom isn’t easy. It can be painful, dreary, even fatal in some instances. But the alternative is drearier still, is usually poverty ridden (unless you are higher in the controlling party) and in many instances is fatal.

I choose the first path, been on it at a personal level for 12 years now. And if I have to fight others to stay on my path, well, its been some time, but the lessons I was taught are still hardwired in, and I can still hit an 8″ pie plate @500yds with Irons.

No, I dont relish the idea, but I know I don’t, and won’t, lose sleep over such a deed.

Check out the link please, Conner is doing a great thing and I am trting to help him out. It may be too late to turn this trainwreck around, but if we can teach those that will be around afterward,,,,

The Tuttle Twins - a child's foundation of freedom


When the world is topseyturvey and normality is asleep in the trunk of an old lead sled careening out of control without brakes?

Build a flippin paddle. Thats my answer anyways. Weather is just as crazy as the rest of the world right now with the remnants of a hurricane breaking over us, so paddling is out (its not the rain, its the electricity in the air that stops me)

Here are the pics.

Same length as my older paddle, same loom but I decided to try a shoulderless design this round.

Not finished, still a lot of shaping to do and sanding, sanding, sanding. I plan on glassing the lower section of the blade, more as protection than looks, from beating anti-social rocks into submission. The loom will be a linseed oil and beeswax mix I found works great and doesn’t tear waterlogged hands to ribbons.

Alright, thats that for the weekend.

A question to all the readers, please respond in comments. Do you feel something in your soul right now? A kind of ‘impatiently waiting’ feeling?

No need to elaborate in comments (unless ya really wanna) a simple thumbs up or down will suffice.

The Tuttle Twins - a child's foundation of freedom

Ruminations of the Red Queen

here is one view, RTWT including comments

But that is just one view.  

Here’s mine. It starts with a leftist turn then 180’s and heads off a cliff, thelma n louise like.

DIVERSITY: yeh, that mantra the left have been chanting over the last 50 years or so. Here’s a little myth buster for ya.  Diversity can work, yes it can: there is one condition that absolutely MUST be met for that to happen though.  There must be a universal adoption of the societal criteria, with complete abandonment of former such.  IE:if you want to be German, you must lose all vestiges of your former nation.  Learn the language, learn the culture,  and leave your former world as memory. 

We don’t see that much anymore.  And not at all with the new waves of immigrants.  Nor do we see it with natives born to enclaves of near tribal level mentality. And said natives are not taught the meanings and necessary applications of being a citizen.  I firmly believe that a certain Martin Luther King would be horrified by our current “racial” trends.

No, short of near total assimilation, there can not be the mythical ‘diversity’ that the lefties harp about. (And IMO, the lefty leaders don’t want nor desire any such designs. They need the antagonism to further their goals, either through strife or fear.) What we have goes far beyond polarization.   Polarized, ZMANS premise would be sound, the same as it was back in 1850, when we were polarized, North vs South. This time it goes beyond just coasties vs flyover country ,this time we are are so split up its going to be inner city vs burb, town vs farm n ranch, heck, in some areas, it’s going to be ghetto vs ghetto, depending on racial and ethnic lines. 
(That was the 180, now we start to accelerate for the cliff)

I stated my belief about which turns this country will make dependent upon which candidate makes it on November 8th.  I will restate in simplistic terms again for those that haven’t read that post. Trump =Civil war, HRC=WWIII with a likely nuclear aspect between the Eagle, Bear and Dragon.

One, ugly as hell, bloody and not likely to see a country survive intact.  The other: ugly as hell, bloody and likely to see a country completely annihilated or surrendered to the last dude standing. I have been reading several strategic articles from around the globe and the message is that, while yes, Russia is weaker militarily overall, she is in much better hands than the emasculated command structure we have been left with after 8 years of Oblammyboy.  Point 2 is that while yes the above is true, what is not being told to the general public via MSM in the US, is that the US had been trying like hell to provoke that bear, and Putin and his generals are doing everything they can to keep the mess from escalating. What is being reported here is spun right around to show that the bear is the one doing to poking.  One only need look at our fucked up secretary of state foreign policies over the last 8 years (longer actually but totally out of control the last 8) and you can extrapolate which media is being more honest.

 Another point of evidence is in Russia’s recent exercise in evacuating major cities into bomb shelters.  I haven’t read what the outcome of that was, but you sure as hell don’t see OUR government showing signs of concern for its people. (Well, it’s ‘citizens’, I am quite certain the ‘people’ at the top have rooms under some mountain.)(a side point here: C.O.G.  Continuity of Government.    I am sure you have heard the phrase.   Never in all the times I have heard mention or reference, was there a mention of the people of the country, only the leaders.  Wonder why that is, I do?)

None of this is intended to sway anyone’s vote.  I don’t think it really matters at this point because I think the election has already been stolen, the Dems just can’t show that card until midnight of the 8th.  They have to maintain the illusion of choice or they know that they will be fighting a war within hours of the announcement.  (Recall; it was Stalin who said “it matters not who votes, only who counts the votes.  Recent state anouncements by Homeland security over “fears of a hacked election” are just the opening salvo for a complete screwing over of the voters.)  Yup, gotta keep up the fiction to keep all the deplorables quiescent. What I find the most disturbing of all this, is how so much leakage that is and has taken place over the completely fraudulent aspects of the media and various party lines, and still, we do nothing but play THEIR GAME by their rules. As if holding our breath while waiting permission to be free.  I don’t get it.  I can’t say what is holding people back but if I could hazard a guess, I would say it’s fear.  Not fear of the turmoil but fear of being responsible.  I do know the only thing holding me back is more of a moral contraction: I don’t believe in suicide, and me going ballistic would end up as a suicide run.  Lord knows, when I read about certain persons getting away with literal murder, grift  and graft, and not even a slap on the wrist but rewarded with a presidential nomination, well,,,   steamed is a polite way of describing my state at that point. Another point is that I am not getting any younger and this body has seen better days gone by.  What I would be best at providing in times of strife are far more support oriented.  Materials, R&R if need be, médico stuff (working on more than field trauma thanks to links on WRSA lately). I am no leader, nor do I desire such. I just don’t want the future I am seeing barreling down on us.  Even so, I have made many preps to not just get through such times (God willing), but have made as many preps as I can afford to affect the rebuilding that is going to need done.  My library is focused on that as well as tools and such.  

I know my limitations, and they are gaining on me.

26 days from now, we will know the end result of all the buffoonery, mudslinging, perjuring,and payoffs.  What happens afterwards, well, Goodluck to you all.  We’re gonna need it. We are in free fall now, see ya at the bottom.