Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

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Thanksgiving day thoughts

Strangely enough, there is plenty to give thanks for during this holiday season. If you are upright and breathing, and preferably, thinking for yourself: three excellent reasons to give thanks.

So why is it that TYRANNY wants to clamp down on the day, limit travel and congregation, even celebration of such an innocuous event.

Simple reason; people talk to people. Meatspace is not controllable so they intend to limit how many meet there. And they KNOW people self censor on public media sites, even in Zoom and other socially distanced meeting vehicles. (Despite one ‘Tard deciding he could jack off during such,,,, but then, he was a member of their ranks and rules don’t apply the same way, do they?)

The Deplorables are agitated, the controllers are aware of it and squelching the noise pattern as much as they can (think they can actually. In all reality, the harder they clamp down, the louder the signal gets. People are upset, and with good reason. And more and more are asking questions and waking up.) This season falls at a very tactically negative (for them) time and they are fully aware of it. Therefore they MUST demand our compliance in fear.

But like the boy who cried wolf, the warning has worn thin and pale, no longer carries the same direness, and many are already awake to the bullshit.

While “the fix is in” it isnt over with. Even now, they have to abide by certain rules and those rules don’t benefit them. If they can get through to the “win”, those rules will be annulled, and they will have full control; but they aren’t there yet. Dec 14th is when the electoral college convenes. Thats over two weeks away, and this glorious Tday means people who are awake will be congregating with people asking questions. The ranks of the awake will grow. Demand for the RINOs to do their damned job PROPERLY will grow, the seeds of discontent are rooted and growing. And the tyrants are well aware of it.

They also know if they miss now, they are going to be on the otherside of the guns. The side they intended to use on us.

Ya think???

Get together, enjoy the day, the food, the spirit of the day. Give thanks for your life despite the Maddog2020 year we have had

And answer the questions that some are asking. Be nice, but be firm: this shit ain’t over by a long shot.

Watching, waiting, anticipating,,,

Anticipation is not always “good”.  Maybe you recall anticipating the asswhoopin’ your dad was gonna deliver when he got home from work.  That kind of anticipation is where I am at right now.

This shit show we have been subjected to, a blatant mockery of an election process that was designed to minimize the very crap we have seem, is only the tip of what lies ahead.   That tip has been subject to historical analysis multiple times over the last 100 years.  That analysis has always had the same end result: it doesnt work, its inhumane,  and people retaliate eventually.

There is some hope that Trump and his legal team will clear up the controversy. But winning means we lose too.  It doesn’t matter which ‘team’ wins this go round,  the other side will harp and squawk that the other side cheated or whatever: just like things are going right now. 

Did they cheat? I believe so, and have seen lots of investigative aspects done by private individuals showing it.  BUT DO I KNOW?  Nope, I sure don’t.  Gut feelings and history tell me I’m right but that means nothing other than I have zero trust in the system anymore.

I’m quite certain that feeling is commonplace in members on BOTH teams.

What happens when the people of a country lose faith in the government of said country? 

History has many, many, MANY examples to bring to the trial we have forthcoming.  Where we go from here will be decided for us, what happens to us as a People will be decided by our responses.

Are YOU ready to make the hard choices?

I can tell you, I AM!  I was just cruising by some of the sites I usually view, and realized; “this thing is ready to go unhinged” and that my feelings and inner turmoil were GONE.  Just like when we were headed into Kuwait in 92. My inner spirit was cold. There is a job coming up that will need done and bitching and whining about it is useless.  Will I accomplish the job or expire in the effort?  Doesn’t freakin’ matter.  I will give all or lose all and there are times where those are one and the same.

What does all that mean Dio?

Like the jeep thing, if I have to explain you wouldnt understand, and if you understand, I don’t have to explain.

To President Trump, may you win this sham of an election and prove that the left is attempting a Coup on the Republic. I can personally vouch that there are people who WILL stand with you, and I am sure you don’t need that reassurance from some piddlin’ blogger with only a handful of readers. My soul is calm and cold, so what comes will be faced with no hesitation. We stand with you, but you MUST be stronger and more willful than you have been these last 4 years. I plead with you to clear the vipers from your office and appoint people of reason and patriotism to help you in your efforts. The crowd you have ran with was obviously entrenched and undermining you. We see it, I can only hope you do as well.

But for now, I will enjoy the fruits of freedom: sit around a fire with friends, share a sip or two of some finely made sippin whiskey and keep the spirit inside honed for what comes. When I need the memories of what I fight for, these nights will be there.

Seems they are so few these days,,,