Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Shade tree Saturday

Self n Da were supposed to be on the road this AM for a visit to my sis in South Carolina. Taking the whole week off (against my better judgement, but Da doesn’t often decide he feels like traveling. Best do it while he is in the mood)


Vehicles don’t run so well when they are opened for a major surgery.

Intake manifold gaskets started puking coolant INTO the manifold. Smoke screen effect? We has it!!!

And here is the karmic kick in the pants.

Looking at the break, I wasn’t 100% certain this was the problem. It looks like it should have flowed straight into the engine case, but it never did. Oil is clean and clear. But there was no denying that fog pouring out of the tailpipe.

Anywhooss, $135 in parts and fluids, a coolant flush after reassembly, and 9 hours making like a mekanik, and she runs like a scalded dog again. No fog, doesn’t stink of burning coolant, and the temp gauge sits rock steady. Had I been in a proper shop, I prolly coulda pulled the whole job in 6 hours, but,,, zero power tools, no solvent tank, and an EXTREMELY CURIOUS fuzzbutt by the name of Grizzy,,,,

And I won’t lie, I choked a bit on the cost of the stuff. Just a couple years back, I did a similar job on my Jimmy and it cost me half that.

Still, a minor repair bill in all and its a solid repair, not a frickin bandaid job. Can’t complain too much.

So Da n I will still hit SC but it will be monday most likely before we leave. He already made plans for me to continue my mekanik hat wearing towards his beasty ‘since ya have the tools out’ *Sigh* Theres a damned good reason I stopped wrenching, years back, and it wasn’t just because I started making headway into touring audio. I can do it, but dont enjoy it anymore, and havent for a long time.

But I still take pride in “doing it right”, and this is just so.

Some thoughts on things,

and not political world screwed up type thinking, but inspired by, maybe,,,

Mentioned in my last post quite a bit about 22 caliber stuff. Its not my MBR by any means (MBR main battle rifle), but it IS my goto peashooter for pretty much everything around the homestead. Everything from deer down to plinking for fun n games. Not bears. I try to use much louder bangy types when brother bear wanders close. He doesn’t usually present a problem, except when the corn starts to get ripe, and then, he is a damned glutton on steroids: that’s when the loud bangy things get pulled. I’ve had bear meat before, and while it may be an option when things get REALLY tight, not my first choice and there is so much more of it that you have to process that it really needs to be a larger group thing. Opinions abound on MBR’s and I ain’t gonna get into the whole Chevy/Ford More taste/less filling brouhaha. Use what works, what you know, and if you don’t know, find out, IN DETAIL, ’cause not knowing will get you killed. And if you are on the fence about being able to use one in your own defense, prolly best to stay on said fence, OR get your ass to someone that can teach you RIGHT, so you don’t freeze up when the time comes to make a snap decision.

Back to the little ubiquitous twenytwo. My favorite is this one.

Mine has a Tang sight, not the scope, but does have the heavier octagon barrel. I am an iron sight man, have been since Parris Island days, and only grudgingly use a scope, unless I am really knocking some distances down. Not going to do much more than 100 yards with the diminutive .22LR, though it is capable: just has a hella drop and you would spend an afternoon trying to dial in a scope for it. I keep my rear tang set for 100 yards and adjust my aim on distance by front site placement on target. Slightly low for 50yds, dead on for 25 or less, and dead on for that 100. Windage is on the fly as needed. (Hey, I live in Kentuck, and they call it Kentucky windage for a reason. And people around here DO know how to shoot,,,)

That little rifle holds 17 LR rounds and 22 Shorts. I’ve never ran anything else in it.(do they even make anything else anymore? Don’t think so.) Even with Iron, I shoot a clover leaf the size of a dime at 50 yards.

Ok Dio, what’s your point?

My point being, for someone that is looking for a good hammer, spend a little money on it. You want a top-notch framing hammer; buy Estwing. You want a top notch food getter that won’t break the bank everytime you pull the bang switch; buy something like the above. Even in a pinch, it can be a fine defensive weapon, (though don’t go basing your tactics around it. I said ‘in a pinch’!) as was demonstrated at Ruby Ridge. Even with ammo through the roof in prices right now, you can still buy a box of 500 rounds for less than a box of 20 in the AR calibers. (if you can catch it in stock, people snag it up FAST because it is such a useful round.). Its a great tool to teach with too. Not too danged loud, barely perceptible recoil, and inexpensive so you can shoot MORE, and really get your sight picture down pat, as well as the other parts of good shooting, like breathing and hold of the gun. It makes ‘breaking in newbies’ not such a chore: especially those that have never shot anything other than a nerf-gun or a water pistol, and think EVERY gun is going to knock them full of bruises, or on their asses, with the recoil.(thanks Hollyweird!!!) I used to teach handgun courses and for the really ‘shy’ newbs, I would use a Phoenix semi-auto with the target barrel: it had enough heft that it ‘felt right’ compared to the popular Glocks and M+P’s and what not (my preferred pistola is Ol’ Ugly herself, 1911 in original caliber, thankeeverymuch.) and didn’t ‘goose them’ with loads of recoil or noise, yet was still plenty loud enough that they learned how to ignore it and not flinch. It made the transition to their preferred firearm much easier and they learned faster on both: How to shoot properly on the little peashooter, then how to handle the big-boys with what they had learned.

Funny story about the Phoenix. I was carrying it one day on job site, when I was doing framing for a spell. Had a couple hood-rats as my assistants, and one of them spotted the grip of the phoenix over my wasteband. Freaked the f$%k OUT. Said he would rather be shot with a 9 over a .22 any day, said that a .22 would kill you slow and you may never know you had been shot.

And I seem to remember there was an older Gent that defended his house during a break-in with a similar type pistol. Killed two and wounded badly a third THROUGH A CLOSED DOOR. Don’t write the .22 off as a ‘toy’, they are quite capable. And apparently the hood-rats are very aware of the fact.

I still prefer a large barrel for the defensive side of things, but I know that if ‘I gotta’, the 22 will too.

Can you say he’s wrong

Seriously, read the whole thing and tell me otherwise.

I’d love to hear some good news these days.

Only thing I can say with certainty: I have water, limited electric not relying on the grid, on a hill thats hard to find if ya’aint been there a time or two. The rest; food and security, are being worked on. Chickens are easy, but not so easy to keep hidden (damned rooster crows CARRY)

One point in the above link I disagree with: Swords. Yeah, they are silent, with surprise. But several points not addressed. They are messy as all get out. If you go up against another sword wielder, silence is NOT in the game: clanging scrtiching metal sounds carry a LONG way. They are messy as all get out and the carnage is FAR BEYOND what most could stomach. They are muscle memory specific. They are messy as all get out; best to leave the scene as is, as warning to other looters, vagabonds and cut-throats. Too sharp and they can be a liabilty: get hung up in the body OR carry through too well and bite YOU. And did I mention the mess???

Knife/sword fights are going to leave a mess no matter how ‘efficient’ you are; even an assassins knife leaves a mess. Want an idea of HOW messy swords can be? Take a gallon jug of ketchup to a third story balcony and drop it on pavement. Thats close to what a human will bleed out before losing all cognizance (past the point of no return) and if ya really wanna make it realistic, toss in a bunch of coffee grounds and linked sausages,( to simulate opened bowels.) As for smells? That ones easy: visit a livestock processor and add in the smells of a sewage treatment plant. People tend to lose sphincter control in trauma based deaths: nuff said on that.

And I much prefer being able to reach out and touch someone LONG before they have the same option. I’ll stick with my long arms, pistols or BOW AND ARRROWS, before I will resort to handheld edged implements. Trust me, the broadheads I have leave HUGE GAPING WOUNDS that bleed a deer out FAST! Hoomans have a lot less blood in ’em. And I’m well practiced with it: almost as much as I am with my rifles. And a Bow, properly tuned is nearly silent, and is quiet enough that some clodhopper making noise in the woods would never hear it.

Another point that I NEVER hear discussed: .22 short ammunition. Used in a bolt or lever rifle, they work flawlessly, and are just as quiet as my bow. I much prefer shorts when hunting squirrel: you can usually bag 2 or 3, in the same tree, before the rest catch on and start asking “hey!?! Whuhappened to simple Johnny????” And a short, at close range, with proper shot placement is just as deadly as any other properly placed round. (With ammo prices they way they are, shorts aren’t that much less than LR rounds, and may even be hens teeth to find these days.)

Updated: forgot to mention this about .22 shorts. Around here, poachers regularly use shorts to bag deer, off season. Why? They are quiet enough that said poacher doesn’t clue the game warden of his location, and one round in the region of the ear drops a deer in its tracks; no chasing it needed.

More later when my mind ain’t on killin’ n such,,,,

Yuppers, spoiled rotten: next question!

Big time internet outage in the area, several counties wide apparently, dunno how many are effected, but there was a moment this afternoon where Son of Bossman, asked “Are we really so spoiled that an internet outage makes us lose our shit?!?!?” My response, a resounding YES. Think about it, Most of us fifty-plus year olds are all familiar with doing research and making footnotes and citations and such and ALL OF IT DONE BY HAND IN A LIBRARY using the card catalog, micro-fiche machines, etc etc. These days, everyone has the equivalent of the Library of Alexandria at our fingertips, readily available in our backpocket/purse/wherever you keep that mobile tracking device that is so damned useful,,, We are SPOILED and getting more so every year. In 2002, I had a cell-phone, and they were starting to take off as being less expensive as a landline of the time, but my cell had a limited memory for phone numbers, no animated displays and two games, ticktacktoe or Snake. Now, my phone has nearly as much computing power as my laptop does, and DOES have more computing power of the laptop I used in 2002. Heck, it has almost as much memory as that lappy did. (and I for the life of me could not tell you WHO made that laptop, but it was essential to my touring days, no bones about that.) Between Smaartlive for setting sound systems up and Office for editing our Riders to send forthcoming venues, as well as being able to access emails and such, I was very much dependent on the Nets then to make doing business smoother.

NOW, we need the nets to do all the transactions of day to day and when there is a singular outage in a large area, things may not stop, but they sure as hell slow way down. These outages were only one carrier, and the cellular nets were still fine, though they seemed to slow up a little for a couple hours.

Yeah, We are a spoiled bunch compared the 30-40 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being able to research anything on the spur of the moment and get lost in rabbit hole after rabbit hole in the nets. It may never be anything I NEED to know, but the learning process is appeased nonetheless. (and there have been too many times where that useless trivial bullshit has come in handy,,,,)

But the world hasn’t stopped, even if a portion of Appalachia went dark for a spell.

Mike at Cold Fury has been on a keyboard rampage the last couple, I link the entire site and you really need to get over there, follow his links and grok his views of such.

And there are still Tough rows to hoe. I keep saying that the enemy is HERE, among us, on these shores, in the gates and at the helm. Doesn’t matter if there is a D or an R next to the name, they, as Sarah points out, are part of the problem. There are several groups that working the controls of the machines, not all are completely malicious, but they are all after one thing: An Irrational Regime (of their vision of how thing “should” be.)

Red pill, blue pill, both, or cold cock the pusher. (Thank You hooved one!!!)

I opt for “deny Consent”, and I guess that could be construed as “cold cocking the pusher”, if the pusher is pushing hard enough. Of course, some mornings, when I get some of my newsfeeds in; High velocity lead poisoning would be my preferred Cold-cocking of the bastages. I’m getting to the point where I don’t even want to say anything because I will start to drift OUT of Opsec, and start giving vibes that could be misconstrued as INTENT. And there may come a day when INTENT becomes “Actionable plan”,

But not this day, (or any soon. Fingers crossed)

Of course, there is the pinch of inflation hitting me right now, and that is NOT helping my attitude any. I’m hoping, that summer will bring on more work, but to be honest, we are well into our upslope of the season, and its not quite flat-lined, but damned close. I mentioned it to Voodoo this morning, that I can handle a week or two of Slow-week a month, but we are now into month FOUR of slow and things are starting to feel a little raw on the banking side of things.

Thank you Slo-Joe.


I’m not going to delve into the world poly-ticks or the shenanigans of Puppets at helms. There is plenty of coverage and opinion pieces afloat out there, usually written far better than I could contrive. Our spoiled lives may have gained several “Library of Alexandria” worth of information, but we are still learning to cope with the magnitude of it all. And we are building filters at the same time, like when a child first starts to hear and see, they have to learn how to filter out 90% of the information received: they learn to filter out the noise in the signal to find the valid information they need. We are there. Even with 10+ years of this stuff, the amount of information we get continues to grow, and the manipulation of it by nefarious types has grown just as fast. We used to joke that you had to wade through 10 pages of bullshit to find the half page of facts. Now, we have to wade through “Fact checkers”(that don’t) and pop-up screens warning us about misinformation and conspiracy theory nuts. (and those are usually signs that what is being displayed may be closer to the truth. MUCH closer to the truth.)

Darwins theory is still working, we just keep changing the environment we live in and have to adapt to our own stupidity as a species. I can only hope our resilience is better than our contraventions at self-immolation.

parallel lines/\coverging currents.

Something I am seeing, besides silence after a sitting (r)Resident calmly says “food shortages are coming”, is SHOCK. Our country has been rocked for two years now, rocked to its very core with all the KRAZZEEE of “The Science” and ilk, and the power plays and thefts by DeepState, obvious and blatant PROPAGANDA by all major media outlets, and the BIGBROTHER stance of Tech. When you start tossing in supply chains getting wrecked, uncertainty of Material availability, and shifts in employment levels: things get down right wonky.

At the J.O.B., there are some materials we seemingly stopped dealing with all-together. Aluminum ‘wrought iron’ specifically. The last that we put up, had a six month wait before we were shipped the gates to it, and those gates were not square and needed sent back: A one year wait from start to finish, with increasing costs the entire time. We lost our asses on that job and when you lose your ass often enough,,,,

Since I moved here in 2010, I have been operating on parallel lines. The day to day everyone sees, making the J.O.B., building a house, keeping a certain amount of “normal” in my routines. Then there is the parallel line of ‘Prepper’: building the house for off-grid living, establishing off-grid power, collecting water from available natural sources, rotating and growing my ‘reserve food’ stuff. and self-education, always self-education. It may be something frivolous, like kayaking, but always something to learn.

But even in the kayaking, I learned things that apply elsewhere. Skin on frame boat building is not limited to just kayaks, but canoes, wherries, and other larger, more utilitarian types of boats. I guess you could say that while I am doing “X”, I am also building on the parallel line of “Y”, and you would be correct.

I do that because I have seen the converging currents building since Obama 1.0, and here we are in Obama v3.0 (and I can see Obama v3.1 coming with a quickness, seeing how the Media is no longer covering over Xi-dens gaffs, or Cackles’ word salads.). And I no longer even ‘think’ about it: I constantly look for how this will translate to that, and for work-arounds for those things that are irreplaceable/irreparable without modern chemistry/industrial supply chain. Things that hold value over time, like my Snap-on hand tools purchased in the nineties, get held on to and maintained. Things like computers, that are irreparable by most people, get swapped out with whatever can do the job for the next couple of years. I keep two hard-drives as backup, but there are docs on both that are in hardcopy in a firesafe because HD’s DO fail, along with the ‘puters that read them. All the other stuff on the HD’s; music, video, etc. well, they’re in my head still, and I may not be able to pull them up to show others in the future. Those will be lost to time if things keep spinning out of control. BUT how much have we already lost to time because the storage medium was lacking/technology specific? How much did your gran-parents know about food storage without modern refrigeration that we no longer know, and can’t regain because the knowledge is either buried in the ground, or buried in obscure books on dusty shelves that no one even knows exist anymore? Will we find them? probably, so long as the world doesn’t burn down first,,,,

And that’s one of the parallel lines that I have been traveling as well. Trying to regain lost knowledge of ‘things’. My search has been kinda specific in regards to machines, making machines, and doing so in as primitive conditions as possible. One of the reasons I love watching all the utoob vids of Pakistani and Hindi repair shops. Those boys are rebuilding modern engines in dirt floor shops with air/acetylene torches and hand tools made by the local smith. The acetylene torches are fueled by Calcium carbide and water(totally safe so long as you keep the generator chamber clean), not bottled C2H2. (hint to other preppers: find calcium carbide crystals and store them. Making the generator is easy with some old cans, but the use of acetylene is one that can’t be ignored or forgotten when things really start to fall apart. oh, and learn how to make a good ‘gas weld’. The TIG’gers are already a step ahead of us MIG’ers on that one.)

I’ve said ‘I don’t want it to burn down’ and I mean it, but I can see it failing enough that things like 3Dprinters will be desk junk in only a few years. When the feedstock is gone,,, but a metal lathe and the knowledge of foundry work: scrap metals abound and aluminum cans are ubiquitous waste these days, despite the whole recyclerecyclerecycle mantra. Knowing how to cast metal, makes it so one could, if need and the area is secure, one could make the bed and ways of a metalworking lathe, and the lathe is the tool that makes ALL the other tools.

Not that there will be need for that since there so many machine shops scattered in so many little burgs across the world, but KNOWING it expanded my ‘outside the box’ thinking exponentially. Watching those guys in Paki and Hindi doing what they do, adds to my tactical playbook of what CAN be done with dirt, callouses and a bit of know-how

(ClickSpring on Utoob did a series on building the AntiKithera device and he taught me things about making tools that opened possibilities previously unimagined: Carbon hardening, tempering, making files,,,, )

The water is starting to get rough people, and I can hear the roar of converging currents ahead. Is it class 5 or a waterfall? We never got to scout this far ahead.

I’m off playing redneck engineer today, making sumpinfromnuthin and there is a bit of driving involved so I’ll be back tomorrow with,,, hopefully something not so dreary,,,,

Just this!!!

Thanks Irish!!!

Lotsa bad-ness

Is Friday, end of week on my end, at least at the J.O.B., but the beginning of MY week, or is just weekend,,,

Posted up this morning, and since found lots of stuff flying around the nets. One in particular is something that Francis over at Liberty’s Torch posted up. Xi-den, emperor Poopy-pants the first (plus 10%) harks that we are going to see food shortages.

my question “Gonna?” Thought we were seeing a decline in food stuffs now. I know when I head to the Grocery store, seems like there are more empty shelves, or faced in such a way to ‘look’ full, but the face is the contents with lots of empty real estate behind them. Talked about a local place ‘revamping’ for a more modern look that reduced the amount of shelf space they had, to make it look like they had more: an illusion of wealth so to speak. We already saw the reduction of quantities by making a 16oz package into a 12 oz package for the same price, and that started around the time of Oblammy. I notice that when times improved, as short term as they were, that the trend didn’t reverse course.

So, lets look at things from a different perspective. Sanctions against Russia, that ultimately hurt the one imposing the sanctions. Russia and China are making inroads to codswallop the Petro-dollar, and in such a way that is well underway. And we have a sitting (p)Resident that has no brain, with sociopathic handlers that refuse to back off: rather like the Russian Mafia Oligarchs are accused of destroying 1000 rouble to gain 1. Here we have a hidden government that had every chance in the world to back off, reverse course and keep all this bad shit at bay, but they continued and still continue to double down EVEN AT THE RISK OF THEIR PEOPLE STARVING TO DEATH.

I said it before, I say it again. We don’t need enemies when we have our own government trying to kill us off. Doesn’t matter if its through sideways theft by Inflation, outright theft by Taxation or what we have staring down the tunnel at us, INDUCED FAMINE because some group needs to bury their dirty laundry in Ukraine, and they keep playing ‘just enough, but not so much as to trip a nuclear war’ in their cover-up. The cover up that is refusing to go awayand keeps getting little tidbits thrown out for us to digest (I guess they think if they can tease us with appetizers, we will ignore the main course when it unfolds. )

Here on my end, am not worried too much. We have many options in these parts, despite the fact that we grow rocks far better than food, but we have more places that we can grow on that many people would never even consider as an option. The biggest thing we have to deal with is keeping the deer and rabbits out of the greens. They love spinach and mustard greens and will wipe out a field in a matter of hours. I catch ’em at it, I’ll be making venison jerky for the rest of the week, and dressing out my bed with a newly tanned deerhide. in the case of Rabbits, depends on what the liver looks like. I see tularemia, they become fertilizer or fish bait. To hell with what the game warden thinks. (game warden, total throw back to jolly old England there, no?).

Right now, we see empty shelves, but we aren’t hurting. My biggest thing I am missing on is my instant coffee I like. Its been hit or miss the last couple months as to if it will be on the shelf, and each time it does arrive, they limit purchases to two bags. That gap in supply has been long enough between that I am near out by the time I can get more. I can easily shift back to grounds but I don’t drink enough to make a full pot every-time I want some. That may be changing here in the near future since (especially around here) coffee and yard-work go together almost as much as beer and yard-work do in July. Gardening definitely falls under yard-work.

Things are going to get much tighter, That I can see even now. I am low enough down on the rungs of society, I am feeling the pinch now, but I will never feel it as intensely as some higher up. When they start feeling the pinch, they have a lot further to fall. And of course, those that are the cause of all of this will never feel it at all, because they hedged against such suffering by getting where they are, how they did. I am certain creatures such as Pee-lousy have bunkers and stashes off shore just idling for them. So long as they can clear the ground before the fallout catches up to them, they consider themselves untouchable. The Handlers, the unseen controllers? Hell, they may already be operating from their redoubts.

I don’t expect to see cities collapse, but they aren’t going to be the greatest show on earth either. They may turn quite interesting though, and not an interesting I would want to live in or near. So many things we take for granted now are going to become absolute luxuries, and the staple products may begin to be seen as luxury not long after: Like my coffee, or sugar, flour, etc. They won’t be ‘gone’ but they are going to get lean. My kayaking days may become closer to those of the boats origin: hunting vehicle to sneak up on prey.

I thought I attended too many funerals over the last year. I have a feeling there are even more forthcoming.

Loverly thoughts for a Friday afternoon, no. If’n ya haven’t, get some stuff put away NOW, even if it hurts your budget. You won’t regret it even if this is all bluff and bluster, but you will regret if you don’t do it and my words are but a shadow of the truth to be.

some days, I wonder

All last night, I kept tossing around the idea that, maybe, all of this: Ukraine/Russia, WEF economic Warfare, Stoopid Politicians with the strategic sense of an amateur footpad, all of this is the latest “Wag the Dog”.   

and I kept seeing images of one thing that had passed over my screen in the early days of the KrainInvasion.

Whomever assembled the vid did a bang-up job.   Looks real (though purists will point out that a Tie-fighter jock wouldn’t be in standard issue Stormtrooper armor.  The jocks were dudded up in black if I recall correctly.  Sorry, I was at that impressionable age when the original release made history.)

I have some links coming here, but I didn’t see them till this AM, and most of my thoughts were prior. (another proof that there is some sort collective consciousness twirling around out there.   But we aren’t going into that Woo-woo today,,,,).  Most of my thinking is how, with the ubuiquitous use of cell-phone cameras, and the varied portals of video, instant messeging, tweetgabstelegraphsetc.  THe Ukraine Invasion is one of the MOST obscure conflicts in 20 years.  There are so many converging, conflicting  and outright contrary lines of information, NO ONE KNOWS just what the hell is going on.   One side says this.  That side says that, This Industry leader is blocking that group, This president is shutting down That line of information, Utoob blocks all information contrary to thier perceptions, and Media of all stripes are touting whatever they feel will keep some narrative rolling. But none of it seems to be INFORMING. Its all obfuscation and misdirection. Is there a war happening in Ukraine? I don’t have much doubt of that (there is some doubt though) BUT, can anyone ONE person say they have a solid handle on what’s going on? Maybe Putins Generals, and I have serious doubts about that. Maybe the young mother in Keiv trying to figure out how to get her and her littles to safer climes. But with the swirling mess of disinformation that abounds, I would bet even she, on the ground in the middle of the shit, is having some reservations. 

There is no Unbiased anything out here.   And picking through the remnants that manage to creep through, you have to wonder just how much is CGI, and with the state of the art in that industry; that has been proven to be able to come up with realistic simularcum in less than 24 hours, you question even your own eyes (if you weren’t on site at the time.).

I haven’t watched the links here yet, I will be doing so as I get to a place where I have a full spread of wi-fi.  I just find the timing to be ‘interesting’.   Even though the links are a couple of years old (spread out over a few as well) several of my reads have found them to be pertinent.   

Timing is everything when you are trying to herd cats, and to herd cats, you need to give them something they want,


get them moving away from something they fear.

Well, its fair obvious that FEAR has been the motivator for the last decade with the culmination of it over the last two years. Now that the story of PUTIN Resussitating the Soviet Union has started to deflate, Fauxxi is rearing his head again about lockdowns coming on again. I started saying ‘that ain’t gonna fly a second time’, but these days, I wonder. The gullibility of the populace has proven the axiom of Mobs. “The IQ of a Mob is one half that of its dumbest member.”

FEAR ALWAYS WORKS. (3 minute mark,,,) (still amazed that this is a DIzzknee production,,,)

Until it doesn’t. Incentives are more consistent, but DOTGOVs are not capable of creation, only confiscation.

Gotta get to work, more laters


Totally a word, I swear it!!!

Whats under my skin?    Frustration obviously.  See, I love Sarah, I do, She has been a source of sanity for me far too many times to count, 

BUT, reading todays post, I WANT to agree with her, but there is a deeper resounding part of me that is telling me that she is running on an extreme bias in this instance.  Granted a completely understandable bias due to her upbringing/history.   I can’t say “Sarah, sit back a minute and listen to yourself,,,,  You are basing your thinking on a bias, not thinking that your sources are Biased as well, and NOT for your benefit.”    I want to, but then there is the part of me that is saying “run with the experienced, and you may live to see tomorrow.”   I don’t know, I’m tossed on this one.  I am trying to see as many sides of the polygon as I can, (difficult with only one and half eyes, no mirrors and a brain that is refusing to engage the overdrive.).  I can fully understand her contempt of Putin, etc, And NO, I am not jumping on the Putin Wagon again, Note I hadn’t said much about anyting the last few posts, because while I was down with the sore eyeball, busted arm and what not, I WAS able to dig around and see some other things.   Putin, meh, whatevs,,,,    Ukraine, Good luck to ya all, but I ain’t supporting you either, since y’all are just one side of the same damned coin, and your Boss in Chief is a Schwab-ie alumni.   Just another tool towards the Great Reset.   

Let me be blunt here:  I would CHEER if every public figure(head) and/or their handlers were to suddenly be afflicted with gastrointestinal hemorrhaging coupled with Bleeding from the eyes so we would be able to spot them at a safe distance.  Not enough to kill them fast: oh no, I want them to suffer, painfully, for at least as long as they made some people suffer under the recent Covidiocy.  Two years would suffice IMO.    

Nope, I have no love for any of the scoundrels that claim superior intellect to tell US how to live our lives.  Putin is on that list as well.    

But I am reading her post and seeing that something is ‘Off’, or at least it seems so to me.    Either she is not getting, or ignoring some information, or her bias is corrupting the information she is receiving, OR, I am seeing different sources and my sources are equally biased in other ways, or

see the dilemma?    Lack of information is a killer,   

and to be completely honest, I am getting close to the point of trusting ‘NONE OF THE ABOVE’ sources for ANY information.    

Now, I agree with her on all the points of Socialism and its decay into all things icky.   My problem in the post was the vitriol she seems to have on Putin in general.    Maybe its his history, likely so, but I look at the vile puddin’ head occupying the White House now and his 40+ year history that keeps getting swept under the rug by all media, here and abroad: but mostly his latest 15 months of history that has reversed course back to Oblammy years, plummeting us into a crash course of the first 16 years of this century.    What gains this country made between 2016-2020 (early edition) are wiped out and we are now under Patriot Act on Steroids with the Private Industry willfully doing what DOTGOV couldn’t, with a cratering economy to boot.   

Yeah, I can see many of her points, but the biggest point, (and maybe its buried in her post, but I missed it), isn’t that of Putin or that of Socialism in General; The point is, OUR ENEMY is HERE, and in our face every day.   Hell, not just in our face but out paychecks, our bank accounts, and our emails, our phones,,,,

Putin is a snake, and Like Robert says over at his place 

That he is an amoral snake is both true and laughable as a criticism coming from the amoral snakes who populate Western power structures. Nobody who slithers to the top of those pits is anything other than an amoral snake

I have more to say, but my eye is getting twitchy again.   Still healing up from that infection and I need to give it a rest.  

UPDATE: I re-read the above, The question I have is more about what constitutes “Russia is losing the war in Ukraine”. The reason I ask is that there is so much mis-information flowing around in so many different venues, that I have to ask if the slant is one of bias or one of source. For all intents and purposes, My sources are saying that Russia is doing moderately well considering the tactics they have chosen of “surround and siege” of the main cities. There may be supply issues, and that would be the fault of Putin jumping the gun, or Generals doing some shady shit; and seeing it IS the Russian Army, I would say a little of both with some good ol’ “No plan survives first contact with the enemy” tossed in for good measure. Now, with that out of the way, there is nothing else in Sarah’s post I disagree with. Her take on Socialism/International Socialism/Great Reset writ large, is spot on by the people that helped educate me on such things, my personal observations/research of places like USSR(during collapse), Argentina, Venezuela, and reports from inside modern Cuba.    So, before y’all start flaming on me for badmouthing Sarah, I hope that clarifies my dilemma.

complicatedly simple (and meandering post)

It drives me batshit insane somedays.   I don’t want a complex life, but the options being presented in the “Great Reset” bullmalarkycrapshitfestivus are NOT any options I would remotely consider.   I like FREEWILL, and what those asshats are proposing is NOT freewill, its Servitude, read SERFDOM with a microscopic faction of ARISTOCRACY at the top (and usually said supposed Aristocracy are the voices crowing loudest that this is inevitable,,,). 

I know through history, there has been a case of the HAVES/HAVENOTS, and, as Sarah points out that, despite the semantic torturing of language, CLASS has never been the issue, but the SUPPRESSION OF CHOICE.    And these, I fail to see them as people anymore, THINGS, that are pushing this mess on the FRIGGIN WORLD think that its all going hunky-dory and they will soon be at the top of the heap.

Big Problem. The narrative is fractured in millions of pieces and failing at every new addition. Heres a great example of what I mean. Arthur Sido does a breakdown of how things are ‘not right’ using a recent shooting event as the key source. Granted, using one event for a broad brush example is bad business, but it doesn’t take a whole lot of digging to find that this ‘one event’ is mirrored multiple times across years. (and the Perp in question shows such to be fact.)  Besides the whole Reverse “Racism” bent that can be applied without much wrangling, there is another aspect that I feel keeps getting swept under the rug. GUN RIGHTS. The PERP in the above article was a MULTIPLE FELON, and yet, somehow had a handgun, (sure didn’t pass any NICS check, for certain,,,) and yet, even when a list of the charges are listed, Illegal possession of a firearm is NOT on the list. NOW,,,, I am currently still listed as the VICTIM of a violent assault, NOT the Defendant or PERP, but a victim, and that case is still pending in courts,,,,, Guess what? I can’t buy a ANY gun, long or pistol, without my NICS check popping HOLD, not denied, or approved, but HOLD, and the two attempts I have made, it never changed, Usually there is a 24-48 hour MAX and then they change it to one or the other. NOPE, just HOLD, and never heard back again.

My point in the above, GUN LAWS ARE BEING ARBITRARILY APPLIED, and mostly against the LAW ABIDING, not the Criminals. I know for a fact that I can buy any number of handguns, long guns and other items of destruction in THE BLACK, and no checks, holds or questions asked, and the only deciding point being, am I willing to spend that much or risk being caught in a sting operation? Now, the chances of it being a sting operation around here, is, well, not NIL, but quite low. The chances of it being a Sting rise with the level of WHAT you are looking for. Simple 9mm subcompact, prolly good to go. A Nam issue Blooper with 20 Rounds,, ummm, May want to verify your source, before going much further.

But ya know what?, With a little shady questioning around, I can guarantee that ANYONE could find someone willing to sell any of those items “For a price” and probably not be a ticket to CLUB FED.

I know for a fact that I could get a full auto 12 gauge street sweeper, without going through a series of ATF checks and Tax stamps and 6 month wait list, when I lived in SandDog. I know one guy that managed to get 10 full auto AK-74’s back from Kuwait, and he made BANK on them out of the back of his Honda.

Just those points about firearms, an unbalanced judicial system, and World Wide Insanity about some NewWorldOrder/GreatReset/globalclimatechangewarmingcooling/OhMyGawdwe’sallgonnadie’s next pandemic,,,

Its days like this that I want it to burn down.


I don’t want it to burn down. Its enough to make a simple man BATSHIT NUTZ!!! I don’t want it to burn down, I just wish that people, PEOPLE IN GENERAL would wake up to the one simple truth. GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM.

Modern Archeology has proven that Exchange/commerce took off before “Organized” government did. Many of the larger cities of old before the Kings started showing up were commerce centers. MUTUAL EXCHANGE is one of the foundations of HUMAN KIND, and to restrict that, as the so called ELEETS are doing or at least making in roads to do so, will cause the VIOLENT REVOLUTION that Sarah describes (and using the same point: restriction of trade). As badly as they are handling this point in time, that people haven’t risen up enmass and taken them to the curb/wall/guillotine,,,, I don’t know if it says something about our (d)evolution or that we are that fractured ourselves. I know most people around here are of the “Leave me be” or “don’tstartnuthin, won’tbenuthin” mindset, and as long as the stoopid of the FRAUD stays on that side of the Potomac, they could give a shit less. I just wonder how much longer that will be the case when the Stoopid of the FRAUD is driving the economy into the septic tank.

I need to keep working on that choice, don’t I? Apparently I keep thinking its a condition. I guess the training stuck,,,,,

Be back with more and hopefully something coherent and thought through FIRST. lol

A little homework for ya

First, read this. Don’t blow it off, it won’t take ya long and IS relevant.

Ok, ya back? Now, a little entertainment value for your assignment. You’ll be helping a fellow writer out as well. Read this, and This, then think about that article above. (Enjoyable reads if ya wanna take my word on it.)

Can it happen? IS it happenING? Dunno, but its not a world I want to see. Far too much control in too few hands with little to Zero accountability.

But I can see signs of Faustus Mercator IRL in the form of Klaus Schawb.


I was turning this up at the shop today, figured it was worth a share.

Then as I swung by Sarahs place,,,,


Here are the lyrics for ya all.

Come, all you no hopers,
you jokers and rogues
we’re on the road to nowhere,
let’s find out where it goes
It might be a ladder to the stars, who knows
Come, all you no hopers,
you jokers and rogues.

Leave all your furrows in the fields where they lie
Your factories and offices;
kiss them all goodbye
Have a little faith in the dream maker in the sky
There’s glory in believing him
and it’s all in the beholder’s eye.

Turn off your engines and slow down your wheels
Suddenly your master plan loses its appeal
Everybody knows that this reality’s not real
So raise a glass to all things past and celebrate how good it feels.

Awash on the sea of our own vanity
We should rejoice in our individuality
Though it’s gale force, let’s steer a course for sanity

Still healing

Loads to write, but hard to focus eyeballs when one has a fogged cornea. And when they try; icepicks!!! Arm healing up too but that one is gonna take several weeks to get back to norm, eyes heal faster.

The fog is getting thinner though so the healing process is moving forward. I can see definite shapes and colors today where yesterday, umm,, is that a tree??? Hat tip to commenter that suggested witchhazel: the feeling is intense but the immediate relief is beyond measure. I mixed it 1/3 witchhazel to 2/3 natural tears and the intensity was much more managable. (And I dug into research before just jumping in: people ingest the stuff so as a wash, it may sting, but it aint gonna kill.)

Take care of yourselves out there, Im trying my best on this end.

Gonna sit the wknd out

Sorry guys, Ima gonna take a mini vaca here. Between my eye n forearm showing signs of age and abuse, i just need to chill a bit.

Be back on Monday

Clearing the webs, Friday edition

Strap in, this one is gonna go all over the globe and might hit some woo-woo’s too.

First up, reading some stuff this morning before taking my lame winged self to the J.O.B. and abusing said wing, I started feeling a little belligerent by some of the dialogue.   Now to be straight up, I know little about the Orthodox Church, I have downloaded an English translation from the original latin and greek edition, and the one thing I found that I was particularly happy about was the Agnostic chapters were still in place.   Those were stricken by the Roman Catholic church centuries back. Additionally, I was happy to see that King James translations of some verses were NOT PRESENT.  Namely, the whole “shall not suffer a witch to live”: the original is “δηλητηριαστής” which means POISONER, not WITCH.   (and in those days a witch was a wise woman with skills in healing and other things. )

anyways, That the Orthodox Church is the State religion of Russia, with long history leading all the way back to one of the splits of Roman Catholicism is beyond question.  If the OC is more state-oriented or not is beside the point IMO.  I refuse to get into the whole dogma of Christ is the ONLY way to heaven etc etc ad nauseam.  I have my beliefs and they are not counter to the argument, but they are not completely parallel either.  (actually, they tend to wander back and forth between several different theologies, but all for the same end goal: A Better Soul.)

Ah, but who cares right, Reading that article, the ONLY thing I agreed completely with was this:

I side with the pipefitters, welders, roofers, mechanics and electricians of Ukraine.  I don’t side with world leaders.  Ever.  In anything.

and you can take the Ukraine part out and put in anywhere else and it will still work.

Yesterday I mentioned something about House of Saud refusing to answer XI-dens calls.   Same group was also entertaining with the Chinese.   Now that could mean nothing, but then it could mean everything.   We know that China has been doing much in the Asian arena to grow its business side of things, has quite a bit of clout with Russia (mutual from all I can see) and has been working on this Belt Road Initiative which would mirror the old Silk Road of Renaissance eras. (which coincidentally would go right through Ukraine,,,,   Just a point, not driving a conspiracy theory here.).  Now, House of Saud has been using the Dollar for exchange since the 1930’s.  At what point do they lose confidence in the Dollar and start negotiations of another currency to make exchange possible?

Bigger question: When they do decide to use another exchange, what happens to the Dollar?   The fact right now, that every Tom Dick and Harry country wanting to buy OPEC oil MUST use the dollar, gives the dollar huge amounts of leverage.   BUT, if for some reason, OPEC decides that the Yuan or Ruble is better, all of that leverage the Dollar has goes “Buh-By”.  (Note also: Soros made his wealth in currency devaluations.   And he has his dirty fingers in all of our politics EXCEPT that of Russia.   Again, just making a point, not pushing a conspiracy.)

And that leads me over to Sarahs post today.    I had to relax, just as she suggested, because yeah, an economic collapse is gonna suck big green greasy donkey donks, but it won’t be the end of the country, or the world.  Just look at Argentina.   It wasn’t all that long ago that they went through a massive economic collapse and yet they are back up and running, maybe even growing.   Venezuela’s recent collapse may be in our future, but I don’t see this country going all Cuba or Venezuela.  It may feel like that some days, but then I look around at all of the Appalachia area and see people that are not going to accept that.   I look at Texas and see the same, even with the Blue invasion taking place in Austin and DFW.  (Kalifruitopia, well, Not so sure about that.  I recall the south counties and northern counties wanting to split and form 2-3 separate states, pretty much leaving anything LA out of the mix, but it never really gets very far.)

No, we may going down, but we sure as shit aren’t going to stay there.   And when the people that actually make things work get back on line, the BRI and those other places are in for some serious competition.   I may not live long enough to see it come to fruition, but it WILL HAPPEN.   Will it be as the lower 48 remaining homogenous?   I want to include Alaska in this since its on the same continent, Hawaii may go its own route, but hard to say.  (wouldn’t that be a hoot to see Hawaii finally join Japan?   Not sayin it would happen, but I can see it as a possible.).  The future is wide open at this point: anything is possible, nothing is off the table yet.  

The only real downside to a Dollar collapse (besides the obvious aspects) is that there is so much of the world embedded in the Dollar as investment, that the collapse is going to happen world wide, and that could open up a Pandora’s box, one that may lead to even more WAR. Sadly, “wait n see” is the order of the day here.

and that is part of the Stress: people, self-included, like STRUCTURE, and right now, our structures seem made of tissue paper and balsa wood, like one of my older airplane models.   It looks solid, can take a hit or two, but if you push too hard, the whole thing comes apart.   And right now, THE FRAUD is pushing HARD.

But Good News, despite the FRAUD getting some 2A infringements slipped in as addendums on the recent spending bill.   Kevin points out that there are now 23 CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY STATES.  So despite the narrative that is always pushed (blood in the streets, old west shootouts, etc etc. Which NEVER come to be,,,) the States still know what sides the bread gets buttered on.   Ohio was and had been an open carry state, and when I lived there after my split up with Amy, I lived in a darker part of town.   After the shooting of a young gang-banger, just a block from my apartment, I started carrying my .45 openly on my hip when out doing stuff.   A couple of weeks of that and my neighbor, an older black woman, came out and thanked me.   I asked her ‘for what?” .   “since you started carrying that hogleg on your hip, the hoods went back across the highway.”   Her words verbatim.  “An Armed society is a POLITE society.” RAH.  

Ok, I cleared some of the junk from my forebrain and didn’t really get into the woo-woo stuff.   Thanx for listenin’

A little PSA for those that don’t know me.

Grizz n Voo on patrol

In person, if I become Formal and using ‘Polite language ‘, you are standing near ground zero. When I switch to formalilty, I am in full restraint of the beast. Barely.

The corollary of this being, If you are meeting me and your ultimate impression is ‘he is a very polite and civil person’, the reality is you were NOT permitted into MY inner circle and my impressions of you are likely negative.

On the other hand, if I come off as a goof and talkative, you were ‘welcomed’ into my inner sphere. Dogs help this immensely, kittehs too though they are likely more ‘independent’ and aloof.

Example: when I first met my Ex and was invited over to her place for the first time, her kittehs both greeted me like I was family. One such was the supposed ‘ghost cat’ that ‘ never shows her face to strangers’, and yet, said cat was a buzzy lump in my lap within 5 minutes. My Ex swore that she knew we were an item right then and there.

But its the pets that help me let my walls down. Well loved pups n kittehs are instant wall droppers for me and you get to see my ‘big softy’ side, right quick. The fourfooted babies don’t ‘get’ the wall because they can’t hurt me like people can (and have).

And I am not alone on this. I’ve seen hardcore Marines turn to absolute mush with a stray kitten or pup in a combat theater.

My vet could tell you how Grizz has me wrapped around one of his paws. Even she was amazed at the truckloads of affection he dumped on me when she brought him back into the exam room. And his purr could be heard across busy rooms. The fuzzbutt loves his daddy,,,

Its very few in count, the number of people that get that from me, but those that do, KNOW I would fight at the gates of Hell for them if they had need.

And not all of them are ‘kin’. Bruddersbyanuddermuther sorts.

Betcha a nickle that there are few in politics that could claim friends like that. Hired hands, maybe, but friends? Doubt it.

A little FredR

Been some time since I’ve seen muchbout of Fred. Glad to see him back.

A far cry from DeepState actors spewing narrative, thats a certainty.

Just another source I use for balance, hope to see more of him around.

Went to the Doc.

And anyone that knows me personally, will tell you, that ME going to the Doc, I’m HURTIN’!!!!

1 1412037863171104393619

Not the eyeball. That was purt much back to normal this AM, a little foggy in sight, but I am so used to that from Flashburn and vaping, that I don’t really notice it anymore. Nope, this time it was the arm. I went to work, even put in several hours of good effort. Then ’round ’bout 1, that forearm was just laying down on me, rather like I laid down yesterday. I was using my grinder and just HOLDING IT was like driving a spike down the center axis of my arm. Trying to put it into use was excruciating. So, off to the DOC I goes.

X-rays, outside assessment, No breaks. even have two wonderful images on a disc of my arm and elbow. And while I am no technician or trained Medical Doctor, even I can see that there are solid bones in them. No little squiggly lines denoting a hairline fracture or anything. Talking to the DOC, and describing the pain, the best way I could explain it was “Really BAD Shin Splints”. and she nodded sagely when I said that and replied; Torn muscles. A steroid shot in my hindquarters and a scrip for stronger than OTC dose IBU, (that I likely won’t get filled) And she did say that if things don’t start improving, she would give me a REC for an MRI (and since I am out of pocket for literally everything, Un-uh, not gonna happen.) but to lay off the poor abused wing for a spell and see how it does.

guess what that means? Nothing at all. I will favor it, same as I have been, but for the most part, business as usual. Still good to know that I didn’t bust bones; just means that I have to slow down a little and flap a whole lot less for a bit.

And thats the good news of the day. I wanna post some of the other stuff in the world, but to be honest, I don’t feel like tracking down the links right now. I read that House of Saud is not taking Xi-dens calls but are partying with Xi-ping or whatever the CCP’s headtroll is called. THAT says tons about what is really going on in the world when the House of Saud is showing signs of cutting the umbilical to the US. And if they do,,, as the clockwork orange would say “get ready for a little ultra-violence’. Weimar Republic is going to look downright muy rico to what we will FEEL.

Anyhooos, its easy enough to plug those terms in a browser and find oodles of articles on it. If Xi-den Emperor poopy-pants the first wants to keep his stolen position and the country over which he supposedly reigns VIABLE, he needs to get off that Greendeal Hopium and crank up those pipelines and Drill baby Drill. ANd even then, I honestly feel that the tipping point has passed us by and we are not likely to be able to get back to that center, even if we managed to get oil below $20/brl. It would hurt Russia, Saud and every third world producer of energy but I don’t think it would be enough to save this country. (and of course, CONgress just passed their own pay raises, AGAIN. along with 1.5T of added new debt and supposedly new 2A infringements.)

Fuck’em. It’s not like they are real Americans anymore, Well, some, but not enough to make a difference.

(Note: my “DOC” is an APRN who runs her own quickcare clinic. Saves me mad cash and she is more attentive than any MD I have met local. The prior visit was to close up a blowed out finger that was trying to make like a horror movie. Her seamstress skills were impeccable and you have to seriously look to find the scar. $65 flat fee, both visits, vs the $1100 ER or $1400 ER visit for a antibiotic scrip,,,,)

Short n sweet. More later

Analogy is usually suspect, but this one is the best I have ever seen.

But American foreign policy is like a big dumb dog, it catches a rabbit for fun, kills it in the process, and then loses interest and comes back inside to eat kibble.

Kats kayaks and insanity

last trip of 2021.

trying to stay out of the shadows of the world right now; you know what I mean, the light of regular living, not the shades of grey that make up the NARRATIVE.    Its hard actually, especially since my mind is geared to see through all the bullshit.  Just like mixing live sound, you aren’t listening to the music, you are listening for what shouldn’t be there: In my example, I can’t help but spot the “NuTz” that is ubiquitous to our present world.   

Advertising for example: Maybe you hadn’t noticed, its rather subliminal in nature, but there is definately some stink going on there.   Like everyone is in nice suits of some sort, perfect teeth, and smiling, and not ONE is a white male.  If you see a White male, he will either be in a uniform of some service sector, rather droll looking (Unless he is a Celeb and that changes the game some) but NEVER is he the Target audience.      Black, Hindi, Aisian, and female predominate.   If there is a male, more often he is Older, Black or Asian, rarely Hispanic, and if he IS white, he will be portrayed as SUB; submissive, or sub-human in intellect.   Or flat Retarded in his actions.   Or Queer as a left handed cigarette.

Then you have word out (I did check my email.   shoulda just let it pile up) that the narrative is crumbling left and right, even the CDC is publishing articles on how Adverse reactions to the VaxxnottaVaxx has become a problem.   The Story about the BioLabs in Ukraine has floundered to the point of “OH, that? yeah, whatevs,,,”  And I didn’t make much of it when it broke, only mentioning that Vlad was taking it to the UN Security Council and if there were any crap of substance,,,,   Communist News Network has a new VP or sumpin that is demanding the network regain its former level of integrity (good luck with that, honestly, but you have a tough row to hoe after the decades of screwing up the feeds for the DOTGOV.). And of course, all the hoopla of ‘Kraine, Coronaphobia Redux supposedly coming out of China, and the one that seems the least hit, ECONOMICS,,,    Yeah,,,,

*sigh*.   The level of NUTZ just keeps spiraling that porcelain bowl, doesn’t it, never seems to get to the Flush point, just spirals and spins,,,

Spring has sprung here on this end, after Ol’man winter came in and dumped 10″ of snow on us for the weekend.  Most of it has become meltwater in the creeks and rivers now, so water temps are COLD,,,   BUT, that won’t stop me from taking a kayak out this weekend.   (or sooner since I have caught up at work, may take a day and hit the lake or sumpin).   Found a DrySuit that I am seriously considering since RiverKings has given it a fan-tab-u-lous review.(long video but worth it if you are in the market and wondering how to afford GOOD protection from the elements of COLD and WET)   If’n I decide to do this, I need to move soon since there is a real possibility of things getting sideways in the world with money and exchange rates: Read that as ‘The dollar is about to get recognized for its intrinsic value,,,”.   

Now, which Kayak do I load up,  Ghost? Selkie? Jefe? or a combination of?   

Lots of Kittehs in my world today.  Spring has sprung so all the Feline Femmes are feeling it, so all the Testosterone filled males are running around singing kitteh love songs.  Even my boys at home are sporting some new gashes from showing too much interest in MamaKat.   (she is a freemartin, Not worried about new babbie kitties, but that doesn’t stop the cycles nor the curious male noses.).  At work, all the Ferals are out in force, even some I hadn’t seen in months of cold weather.   The all live in the wild, but Bossman feeds them so they continue to hang close.  Now that the Femmes are starting to pheromone out, all, and I do mean ALL of them are not so cautious about Peeps like me.   Happy to see that a couple that I have kind of befriended have made it through the rough of winter.   Pale and Red are good to go, and I saw Ghostkitty for the first time in a year.   He’s still around even though his ears look a lot worse for wear.   Toms have short lives in the wild and he is only 3 but moves like he’s closer to 10.   At least I live far enough up the hill that my boys aren’t in the thick of the TomKat wars.   But they do roam.   They wandered in about the time I came home, looking tired and hot, but not beat up.   I worry more about Grizz than Zooms, because Grizz had such a rough start, he is the smaller of the two, (and sweeter disposition.). Zooms is a robust Tom and growing into his male-hood, Grizz, still very kitten-ish in appearance and attitude. 

Just a touch tired

The stupid it cf

Not just worn out from the J.O.B. today, but on (splays hands widely) All of that!!!!

Posted about (P)Saki speaker for the (p)resident repeating the “Russia rigged the system to elect Trump”, and I think THAT was the straw that broke my back this week.(DAY ONE!! WTF?).  BCE Talks about how every single charlatan in DC is BUGNUTZ INSANE, and I ponder the situation.  ARE THEY?  Or are we, for not taking the sick pups out behind the woodshed and doing what should be done with rabid animals.

And another point to ponder: These Fuckwit Numbskulls have transformed “Civil Servant” into a term lower in respect than that of “Used Car Salesman”.  Ask yourself, if someone called you a Used Car Salesman or a Politician, which term would have you more ready to break a jaw?   Granted both are going to have you grinding your teeth in anger, but one is going to get a bigger rise out of you than the other.   Be honest.   

another point: Have we had any election since 1980 (or further back, that date was when I started paying attention, even though I could do nothing then.)that wasn’t a dreaded event???

Or has it always been “lesser of two evils” votes, or as another put it so succinctly “Voting AGAINST”.   Even in 2016 I didn’t vote “FOR” Trump, I voted against Killary.   On my blog at the time, I had a ‘sticker’ saying “anyone but Hillary” so my intent was well known by all my readers.   I never liked Trump BEFORE he was Prez: I thought him far too arrogant, BUT, seeing the troubles he had fighting within the system after taking office, and that he still managed to do some seriously good stuff, not just for this country but for the world as well, I am willing to ‘avert my eyes’ to his assholery.   And Yah, I miss his mean tweets. Never before was it so easy to spot a lefty: Just wait for Trump to tweet and then watch for pulsing temple veins. Hilarious.   

And with all of the asshat actions of late, all to brush under the carpet the failures that they CAN’T outright blame one ORANGEMANBAD,,,

As Sarah says, What comes next is gonna be a doozie.

That is making me quite tired, not because there is so much of it, but that there are so many that are still sucking up the bullshit milkshake….     I never before gave much creedence to the Lowering IQ issues (because I think the IQ system is highly over-rated and manipulated) but damn people, seeing the obvious and ignoring it is STOOPID.   If your eyes are seeing “X” and the Enemedia tells you its really “C”,,,,     ITs NOT HARD but there are so many that make it look Einsteinian in effort.

I still access Fakebuk for the market place, but I no longer have it on my phone, nor get messages from it.   I don’t do Twatter, and haven’t in so long that I can no longer even tell you what Email I used to sign up for it.  I have a couple of altnews sites in App on my phone, but turned off Notifications to them because I just can not handle the level of INSANE that is so prevalent in the world today. (scratch that, I CAN handle it, but something is going to take a hit with the effort, namely, SANITY.)  

I’m thinking, that if I post anymore this week, they will be Kitteh posts (I haven’t touted on Grizzy enough lately, He’s such a buzzy bud) KAYAKY posts, or at most, PREPPER posts.     I need the break from the DUMB COMMUNISTS for a bit.

So, to kick of my “vaca from asshattery’,


back up tomorrow, swear to it.


Double down,

According to audio obtained by the Washington Post, Psaki also said on the call that Russia hacked the 2016 election, when Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. 

‘If you look back at 2014, and frankly even 2016, when Russia invaded Ukraine and then in 2016, when they, you know, of course, hacked our election here, we did not do that, we did not declassify information, she said. 

Sorry y’all, but when I read that, my reaction was “Oh ferfucks sake,,,,”

When I see this shit, I know that they are still holding better than 50% of the populaces attention.(or at least have such confidence)

Makes me want to start doing evil things, it does.

There are no obsolete weapons, only obsolete tactics. And this tactic of using Vodkaman Bad/Orangeman Bad is getting OLD.

In the video from Bill Whittle I posted earlier this AM, around the 28 min mark, he talks of wishing a Troupe of Angels could come down and tell us TRUTH,,, guess I’m not the only one sending prayers up for ‘a lifting of the veil’.


Can we all agree that there are NO governments on this planet that are “for the people, by the people ” any longer, despite what the AdWrit says? I think if we could all agree with that or similar, we MIGHT be able start reasonable discourse on a solution. Verbally slamming peeps because they don’t agree with you wholeheartedly is NOT discussion, its tyranny writ small. And there is PLENTY spread around and not just in the PantiFa (even though they are notorious for it)


Just to be clear, things are not as they seem, or as some WISH them to be.

So Krainefeld is starting to think that Maybe negotiating terms with Russia is a better bet than counting on the very .GOV that abandoned half its Intelligence People behind enemy lines in a midnight skeedaddle out of Afghanistan.

As if the last 15 months of FuckOverMyOwnCountry by Xi-den poopy-pants the First, Emperor of Shitte, good ol’dementiaSlo-Joe (+10%) weren’t warning enough. Now, when he was counting on unlimited support he’s finding that said support has LOADS of strings attached AND may not be as promised even then.

They are ALL thugs, no love lost for any of’em (can’t lose what I never had). But they sure as hell have a lot of powerful toys to play with and thats why I watch: Like keeping an eye on that Copperhead when your guns just outta reach.

More later, domestics day,,,,

Telling truth

Take the time out today, watch, and think.

Always THINK.