Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


And a Merry Christmas to you


Not the media fueled hysteria, but the warmth of family and friends.

The judeo-christian holiday, not the modern materialist thing.

Or if you prefer, the pagan solstice representing a turning towards life and promise.

No matter your beliefs, I wish you well and good times with those you hold dear.

Muse addiction itch needs a scratch

Once upon a time,,,

Actual time period was 2003 when these pics were taken. I made mention of my ‘joke of a bass’, and this was that one. The good’un, for some damned reason, seems to have been deleted from files, or damaged so badly it doesn’t register as a valid file now

Now, it aint much to look at, was a neck I bought from the local Sam Ashe store(they had a tub of used necks for sale and I bought 10 or so, at a buck apiece, I figured ‘what the hell!”), but there was a lot of thought and learning put into it. Single humbucker PU, but note the two switches near the volume knob (no tone, figured that was what EQs are for) one was a ‘tap’ that split the coil for brighter tones. The other was a ‘phase’ switch. It would reverse polarity of signal; AND IT WORKED! Was playing out one halloween and just could not get my bass to cut into the mix, flipped that switch and I was turning down!!!

And here was my ‘inner sanctum’ before I started touring so much. That little 4 channel PA was 1000 watts of trouble and worth every penny. Even used it as side fills for a wedding gig and it did better than the house PA.

Notice the Trace Elliot bass amp? This was between my Yamaha headless basses, but that amp was key to my sound for what sound I had, LOL. There is a yamaha keyboard under that garish blanket (kittens liked laying on it) and off stage right is an Ovation acoustic that gathered more dust than play. (Yeah thats Schecter on the wall, not mine)

I haven’t had anything with strings in my home in 13 years. Feeling a tad itchy these days. So I’m setting aside a little personal fund to buy a new (to me) Ibanez or something, while I put together another personally built frankenBass. Will need to get my callouses back and I am sure I am so rusty as to need to spend weekends just running scales, work on clean tone, and just ‘scratch that itch’

(Avoiding the hoopla leading into Christmas weekend. Not ignoring it, just keeping the crap away from the spirit of the season)

Houston, we may have a problem.

Getting so daggum close to Christmas, and I really REALLY don’t want to post the negative crap, but dangit, people keep doing things that make me scratch my head and require a venting.

I don’t always agree with James Kunstler, and this is definitely a time where I am reading and going ‘uh, Wait a sec, did I miss something?  Did we fall back into a sane reality and no-one bothered to tell me?’

And if the Democratic Party loses as many seats in Congress and the Senate as it deserves to lose, not a single piece of their toxic legislation will see daylight until the mastodons come home in the next ice age.

Now, As I see it, in the last 24 months, we have been subjected to no less then three OBVIOUSLY manipulated election cycles, two of which were ‘stolen’ in cold light, and the other was ‘given away’, also in cold light: that last to ‘appease the masses’ IMO.    I’m sorry, but if anyone of a rational mind thinks that we are going to vote our way out of this???   Dammit, wake the fuck up PLEASE, the game is broken to allow for the steals and media plays it so that we THINK we have a choice.   As Carlin said, we don’t vote FOR anyone in this country, we vote AGAINST, and that means THERE ARE NO CHOICES TO VOTE FOR.   The writing is clear; we will NOT get a choice when the time comes: best get that through your head NOW.

And another article that had me doing the Bald eagle doesnt trust the govt

“my beloved Corps” to quote the author,,,    former Gyrene meself, I can attest that we were the bottom shelf for most everything in the USDOTMIL.  Hell, we were still using the PRC68’s, a throw-back to ‘Nam, for comms!!!!    Couldn’t even order parts for the blasted things (other than batteries) because the archaic POS was out of production by at least 10 years.  Our radio guys were holding their burdens together with baling wire, bubble gum, spit and glue and the occasional curse towards DC and their ‘Budgets”.     Granted that was 30 years ago, and I know with all the forever wars since, things have improved, but the training was still that of Korea, and showed no signs of changing.  You don’t fix what ain’t broke. You may add to it though.  And that is the heart of that article.  Where I took my head scratching was in the tactical assessments.    If anyone thinks China has any intention of trying a mainland invasion on the US, they need to re-read Sun-Tzu.  And for someone that was supposedly in the Corps, that was required reading for E3s*.  China is actively doing what they do best, demoralize, belittle and subjugate the enemy.  Read Sun-Tzu again, and you will see that they will do everything they can to NOT FIGHT a war, before they have to go kinetic, but when they go kinetic, it will be like Vietnam all over again: waves of human sacrifice with winning not measured in life, but territory. 

And they know it won’t need to go that far, They already have controlling interest in our ‘hallowed halls’ .  They need only break the will of the people and their puppets are doing their outright best to do this as seen since Jan2021.   

Now, In his defense, he did state this at the end of his article.

The other possibility, and I say this with no evidence whatsoever, other than my faith in my beloved Corps, is that the Corps is training to operate independently of the rest of the military in any coming potential internal conflict, but I don’t want to draw Feds to the site by discussing that possibility.

THAT, I could buy into, but that leads to ‘conspiracy theory’ thinking and we ALL know how that goes of late.5bfbde140a4d9417c83613e32c089c92cd6d093a47aff4404178b9d8fc512e88

I guess we will see won’t we,,,

But I stand on my TINVOWOOT statement,  I see no reason to think we are going to get out of this time period without a lot of pain to make up for the lack of Founding Spirit on display.

*(yes, muscles are required intelligence not expected’s had required reading lists and were highly encouraged to expand their knowledge as well as MOS.  I had two MOS numbers while in and both were wildly different but surprisingly compatible.   EOD tech and Truck Driver, and I was attached to mobile Artillery, the big ole niner-eights that weighed 14 tons and were hauled by a ‘5ton’ that weighed in at 11 tons.  150#boolits and powder charges measured in pounds fed into the breach in convenient bags (red side to breach bro! or it goes phfffft!!!)  As an example of how far ‘behind the times’ the Corps were then, we still hauled 155’s around on occasion and still had ammo for them (usually dated 195- sumpin,,,). The Corps always got the Hand-me-downs from the Army, with the exception of our Rifles. 

Musical interlude of the weekend.

trolling through some of UTOOB distractions this weekend, decided to look up a song that has been with me for TOO DAMNED LONG, but still to this day raises the blood pressure and gets me going in a good mood.

Turn it up, have fun with some of that “horn band” sound and take the message home.  (more after the break)

In that vid, you see Graham Maby to the left of Joe.   Take a reall close look at that bass.   REALLY close look.   Looks funky dunnit?   Yup, gots a funky sound too, but you know its a bass, even it it looks more like a regular guitar.  (note that the lead guitarist has something similar,,, That one is a Steinberger electric, not a yamaha.   That whole headless thing was a late eighties fad that didn’t carry well, but that Yamaha bass was one of the best designed (other than the phone jack location) and cultish basses made.)  

I LOVED THAT BASS.   its a Yamaha BX-1, headless through neck four string on a standard 34” scale.  Double hum-bucker pickups with a coil tap on the blend knob so you could “brighten’ the sound up without changing your tone settings.  The hard case those came in was one of the ONLY bass cases that could be checked as a carry on for flights, and the whole headless design made for a very balanced bass that didn’t try to dive for the floor every-time you let go of the neck.    I’ve owned two.  Let the last one go when Amy and I were going our separate ways and figured I was done with the music,,,

You are NEVER done with the music.  Its rather like my writing muse, its not something you just walk away from, its a part of you so ingrained that to deny it causes issues in the soul.

Maybe I am not good enough to make a decent living at playing, maybe my ears are so far gone that making a living at the sound board is off the table,  maybe,,   Lots of maybes, but you don’t lose something like that by wishing it away.   

Now, I would love to have another BX-1 (or its rarer brother the BX-5,  Drool) with Trace Elliot BLX-80 gig amp again.

 That simple rig was the best set up I ever owned.  Could drive to the gig in your Fiat X/1-9, girlfriend in the passenger seat and still have all your gear fit in the front boot. (Damn!!! that was fun time in my life,,, )

Well, I would love to have those things. but the ’need’ isn’t there.  Still, the music calls,,,, (notice that Music and Muse are so similar, mehbe them Greeks were onto something.)   BUT, there was a project of mine from then that was put the wayside when that chapter came to a close.   Building that hard deck coaming on my current kayak build, seeing the grain of that ash wood ‘come alive’ under the varnish,,,   I dug out some of my notebooks from then.   I have built a couple of bass guitars in the past, one a joke of an effort, even it if did play, and the other just a ‘proof of concept’ thing, that did play, and when I ‘moved on’ sold for $800 to a fellow musician.   Well, those notes hold the design for a “long scale’ fretless bass guitar, through neck (the only way to get the truest sound) with a semi-hollow body.   The design is open to four or five strings, but I wouldn’t push it to six (and don’t really like more than the 5 strings anyways). 

And B has been offering more of that Ash wood,,,, 

I now have the machining and foundry skills to make that truly bad-ass bass bridge (and am tossing the ideas of going headless like the old Yamaha or Steinberger basses).   

No, this is not going to be a short nor easy project, but in some ways, I intend it to be my penultimate tribute to my music days, and something that can be passed on in the world as completely original from tree to first note.   

Won’t be many updates on this project, its going to be a long time running with lots of research and such (like how WIDE do you make a 5 string bridge,,, ).  


We all have chapters in our lives, points where it seems one part of our story ends and another begins.   One chapter of my life ended on Dec 31, 1999.  I was downtown Cincy trying to enjoy being single, looking for someone to hook up with and bouncing between two bars on Vine St; both alternative dives. One for the younger crowd and the other for us getting longer in tooth (that time in my life where I thought 30 was OLD.  I was 32 and lost in life ) (and yes, this was in my ‘liberal’ years, so the tats, piercings and odd colored hair were predominate in those around me then.)

It was about time for the year to roll over and I decided to head to the Warehouse to hook up with some friends that were there, instead of nursing a shot and a beer by myself when the time came.

My watch was off.   I was midway between both bars when the Millennium Bell in Covington started tolling.   I stood there, all by myself on a street empty of life save my lone self, hearing that bell ringing a Deep F# tone across 3 miles of a pair of rotten crappy cities.  12 ominous tones,,,,(the tone is actually A, but with the fog and distance, sounded F)

That particular Chapter started that day and took several plot and character changes over the next eight and a half years.   While the ominous tones of that bell rang my bones, they also rang my soul, and that soul was not having any of that ‘morbid bullshit’.   The next eight years would see me touring the US as a sound guy, involved in a solid (are they? that one sure didn’t hold together, but I digress) and a Home Owner.

Eight years.   Lessons at every turn, some easy, most hard, but lessons never to be forgotten.   (and that was the turning point into another chapter.)

That was 21 years ago.  

I never thought I would see the crap that we have been witness to over just the last two years, and look back and realize just how “FOR GRANTED” we took, well, Literally EVERYTHING of that time.   It was a joy-ride compared to the shit storm we ride in now.  We were on the cusp of Technology Revolution, the computers were still, for the most part, running MS or Unix or were Apples that didn’t have as many ‘business’ options, but did have a die-hard following. (my computer at my job then was all Unix, with that creepy green text and no visuals or ‘windows’.). The Net was really taking off and the bubble was in full swing.   The Best Cell-phone was still made by Nokia, with Blackberry coming up fast, and smart?  Naw, our phones smartest feature then was ‘Snake’ and that it might hold 100 names and numbers.  

Even with the regulations of the day, our freedoms were 10 fold (or more) what we have now.  There was no Ominous mass Surveillance state, YET, but that was soon to change, if you consider less than 2 years SOON.   (looking back on it, it’s been two years since the ‘Rona invaded our world, and all of the hyperTyranny that brought along with it.). 

Its been 21 years, and I have watched the world turn upside-down and twisted inside out.  I have seen a world where those just now legally able to drink have no clue what it means when we talk about the world without your phone spying on you and providing advertisers with information to ‘customize’  their  pitches ‘just for you’.   It’s been 21 years and when I hear “Better than Ezra”  playing on the Classic rock station,,,  I FEEL OLD,,,  

If you were granted the wish to go back to that ‘turning point’ with the knowledge you have: what would you do?  Would you try to change the future?  Would you target certain persons for elimination BEFORE they could cause the turmoils they do/did/will do (depending on where you are in that loop)? Would you try to improve your efforts between the lines to create a better position for yourself in this time?  Or would you rant and rave, hoping that others will listen and turn the tides BEFORE they become what they have?  

As for that last, if that were your choice: I would offer the expedient advice of “save your breath”, because for the last 13 years, I have been ranting and raving and no one seemingly listens even as the world is ripped asunder around them.   The Pedo’s are at the top rungs, but 98% of the population doesn’t seem to give a rats ass.   The FRAUD continues its foray into over-reach (keep on eye on what bills are up before the Christmas break, could be some ugly coming down the pike) and that 62% that feel the election was stolen AREN’T storming D.C. to decorate the lamp-posts with the guilty.

21 years and we only got fatter, lazier, and dumber.   Yes, I say dumber, and point three fingers at myself as I say it.  I know that I could remember easily those 100 numbers that were also kept in my phone at the time.   Now,,,,, I Have to ask or look up other people phone numbers.   And it’s not a memory problem, but a programing problem.  We used to program ourselves to hold that information, and now we have something that will do it for us so see no need: that creates an issue where parts of our brain grow weak (the brain is like any system in your body, exercise makes it stronger.  Be it muscle, an immune system or your brain, USE IT OR LOSE IT is the rule.). And those that grew up with those tools/toys, are weaker for it.   I was shocked when I found out that it was MANDATORY for students to use a calculator DURING A TEST:  In my time in school, if you had been caught using a calculator, you would have been failed, right then and there, and that was even in the higher maths with Graphs and Plotting needed.   

But then, Oregons Governator just made it so that Reading, Writing and Math are NOT required essentials to graduate,,,,


Inside out backwards and upside down.

But we keep moving forward in time, and while we see the travesty of a Gooberment Gone Wild, we are still here, thinking, watching, learning, and reasoning, BUT WE NEVER DO ANYTHING about it.

21 years.    

If my time line is anything like my dads, I have at least another 30 years on this rock.   with the last 21 behind me, I can’t even contemplate what those next thirty will look like.   I would LIKE to think that the last 21 will start seeing a reversal of trend into some form of sanity, but I am a rational human being, and the last 21 have not been: No precedent for a retrograde improvement. (is that a thing?). I won’t be holding my breath over it.   And I don’t base my efforts using HOPE as a foundation.  

Oh,I hope that things don’t get completely out of hand, but I PLAN and PREP as if things are going to get way worse.   You aren’t scared of having a fire in your kitchen, but you keep an extinguisher on hand anyway.   I don’t worry about all hell breaking loose in my hollar, but I keep a long gun and ammo on hand anyways.   

21 years.    Can this country handle another 21 years like the last 21?   Or was the last 21 the LAST with what we are in being the endarkenment?

Comments are open.

Feed the Christms spirit!!!

Seriously, Mike over at Cold Fury is serious need of some love from all of us Peeps in the blogospheres. BIG COUNTRY sent me word and asked for me to repost his links.

The Go-Fund-Me is here:

Being a fellow muscian and blogger beside the point, Mike is good people with his eye on keeping the Country on a sane lane. That they are lopping body parts in an attempt to save the man says loads about his issues right now and he is gonna need all the assist that can be delivered. Hit that link, please.

Prelude to the Feast of Cannibals

Francis embedded this at his place, I highly suggest watching it.    My take on it follows.

All of his points are valid, but what I find interesting is when he brings up “The Vaginal View” and what they are saying.   Pay back is a bitch is all I can say to that shitte-fest.   For FOUR YEARS, those same harpies were on a rampage about a man that was doing good things, but they couldn’t get past a faked video, mean tweets, and reaction baiting by a master.   They never saw that for the first time in EVER, there were peace accords in the Middle East between Israel and Muslim based countries.  SERIOUSLY, NEVER HAPPENED UNDER ANY OTHER LEADER, but no one (on the left) wants to acknowledge that fact.   That we had become energy independent for the first time in my living memory: nope, can’t be talking about that,,,,

That our economy was improving up until the ‘Rona shitte started back in March of 20/20.   That Trump fell for the ‘The Science’’s shitte,,,   Well, that is one point where I have to wonder if some saying Trump was a mole for something else, may hold water.  BUT, it doesn’t account for all the good things that were taking place under his admin, DESPITE the obvious infighting going on, undermining of his objectives and flat back-stabbing of the man in general.   I didn’t like him as a person, and his tactics left me scratching my head at times, but that we were in better shape then as compared to now, NO QUESTION.

But to hear the Harpies whine about ‘talk about the good things’,,,,

WHAT GOOD THINGS?   fuel costs are through the roof.  Food is getting priced where eating decent requires a serious wage improvement, our supply chain is BROKEN,  and immigration has been out of control since January. And, AND, we are talking about going to war against RUSSIA of all things,  HOW IN THE HOLY FUCK IS THAT A GOOD THING???   

On my local front, I am in worse shape this time of year than I have been since Oblammy-o-boy was in office.  I’m not complaining about it, just noting that, financially, I am in worse shape now than I was last year when the ‘Rona fest was in high gear.  Most of that is due to downturns across the board and our not being able to supply materials for jobs on a timely basis, and the fact that others are in the same boat.   People stop spending as much when they don’t know they will receive the goods on time.  If they aren’t bringing in as much, they tend to spend less, and when the taxes go up, same thing.  ALL OF THAT is happening and that all washes back to the people near the bottom.     Those Harpies on ‘The Vag’ don’t feel the pinch when beef goes to almost $10/lb.  When you are hovering around 20K/yr? Yeah, you feel it. A LOT.  When your spending in transportation goes up 33% with no change on your part and no reflective rise in income, you FEEL it, right in the backside nearest your hip.  When you are pricing a job and you can’t tell the person on the other end a definitive date because you don’t know if you will have the material or not, YOU FEEL IT.

‘Tell me something good’?, Fuggem, they live in a fantasy land of a think tank with no inputs outside of the beltway.  Reality is a stone cold bitch and she ALWAYS WINS, and there is a time coming when she is going to have her say for those talking C$%ts.  Yea, I said it, not a word I use lightly either.  

The sad thing is, its the people on my level that will feel that stone cold reality before those Twats will feel anything (other than envy because they are all old hags and in need of a makeover to ‘feel good’ ).  

The only good thing about that: people on my level are USED TO DOING WITHOUT, and we make do with what we have and can figure a lot of things out as work-arounds.  People in Appalachia will roll through the upcoming ‘Troubles’ like we did the Great Depression and all the other shittier times of American History.

(this from the mid60’s. It wasn’t much different in the 80’s)

People here get made fun of out in the bigger world, but there is one thing you can count on: they will still be here after everything else goes to shit, and they will still be living in much the same way, no matter how fucked the rest of the world gets.

Long read, well worth it.

A serious question embedded inside.

Or are they driven by hatreds that blind them to self-interest? Perhaps they’re simply insane?

I’m gonna lay my money on the latter, cuz nothing else makes any sense. (Another link, quite short)

The article hits on subject matter I’ve covered, that Sarah has covered (repeatedly) and a slew of others. We are in uncharted territory with current ‘elite’ shenanigans and an unprecedented technology revolution hitting peak(??? Is it? There are things undergoing innovation in back water places that make me question such a peak. Quantum computing as an example, and the proliferation of A.I. in our daily lives that most don’t even realize is there.)

Apologies for lack of a full post today. Crazy weather and I ramped up on my kayak rebuild efforts. I have a frame sprawled in my house soaking in the heat to (attempt) curing some of the stuff I did today. The homestead smells of fresh paint (linseed oil) and resin tonight: probably a danged good thing I am single, eh? Lol

Cuttin’ it short today

Pounding skull, crud in chest, and its cold as the lowset level of hell out there with a wind sharp as a razor.

Built fire up, drank several shots of Tennessee clear, a shot of cough syrup and a theraflu thingy, bed be callin’

But I saw this and felt it needed shared,,,,

Anyone that has potty trained a puppy KNOWS corporeal punishment, when judiciously applied, works better than sweetness and light. And has far more longevity.

Certain figure heads are in need of a good nose swat and nose rubbed in their own shit.

Just sayin’

Y’all take care of yourselfs out there, stay healthy, don’t comply no matter how hard they push, and stay a pure-blood. We’ll kick this shit yet, and then the Fauxcacinis of the world will find out what the pup KNOWS.

sumpin a lil dif’ent

So all of ya that get bored to tears by my kayak building posts: Fair warning! that is ALL this post is about.

Been doing something QUITE different on the Kayak Carcass formerly known as Serena. Decided that all the issues I have been having with building a cockpit coaming could be alleviated by going ‘Hybrid’. There are several different ways to build a boat, and the more popular versions for wood built are Strip, Panel, fuselage, and Skin on frame. Technically, those last two are both Skin on frame, the difference is the type of frame. I have a set of forms for building a Strip built kayak from Guillemot kayaks and hadn’t built myself up to that challenge yet.

Until now.

I decided to make the cockpit deck as a strip built one, directly on the frame of Selkie. The following pictures are of just the deck, I start working on the coaming now that the deck is in place. Still a lot of cleaning up, sealing gaps and shaping to do yet.

The wood: Ash thanks to Bruce. Cut down to 1/4″ thickness and a little over 1″ wide. Should have cut them further to 1/2″ wide so that the bends would be easier to accomplish and there wouldn’t be any strange humps. No worries, that’s what a planer and sander are for. Once I get the coaming glued in, I glass the whole thing up. Since I am running low on that ash cut to the right thickness, I am going to use left over white oak from all those left over ribs I have. Just putting together a big puzzle of little pieces with lots of glue to hold it all together, then the fiberglass/resin to sandwich it all up. its tough NOW and. that fiberglass is going to make it even tougher. (there will be a layer of 6oz glass inside and out. Its a permanent part of the boat and this boat will never be the same.)

This is going to work better for all the other things I had planned with this boat. You can see it in that third pic somewhat, but there is a sliding bulkhead for the footrest. Thats all done except for fiberglassing the bulkhead part. I have a floorboard in there too, so that my feet don’t get hung up on the ribs (why I became a barefoot paddler. Lost a few pair of shoes before I decided to just leave them out of the equation). And with the deck set up as shown, I can make a set of sliding thigh braces. The intent was to make this boat a little more flexible so that others can use it. Most Inuit/Greenland style kayaks are custom fitted for the paddler, and unless someone is your exact build, they won’t fit very well and that makes for a rough day on the water. You don’t paddle a Greenland Kayak (proper spelling is qajaq) you WEAR it, like you wear a PFD or a Wetsuit. This arrangement means the boat can be fitted to the paddler, on the fly.

So, Wider cockpit area than usual for my boats, longer as well, adjustable footrests that aren’t mounted high on the gunwales, and soon (crosses fingers) sliding thigh braces.

When I skin this one, its not going to be the single piece of fabric like I did with Duh!k and Serena, it will be three. One for the hull, and two for the top decks; fore and aft. Lots more sewing obviously, *sigh*,,, All the sewing is going to be at the edges along the gunwales, and I am going to cut grooves around the edges of the hard-deck to ‘glue’ the skin in there. (Think re-screening a screen door). I’ll be able to seal those points with the two part Poly and that will also be my ‘glue’. Running a polyester fabric, I can heat shrink the skin in place and its not hydroscopic like the nylon so won’t get saggy if it gets damp (and it will, kayaking is a wet sport). The Two part Poly is too thick to penetrate the skin fully or it would be a non-issue. But that thickness is a good thing to: there is uncoated skin that retains its flex, and you want a SOF to be able to flex. Running the hard deck cockpit, I still have flex in the frame fore and aft, but I have hard-points to do other fun stuff with.

Feeling the MEH!!!

Just not much into the ‘reality’ of the world lately. With business slow-down (seasonal thing, ya plan accordingly, until Murphy drops in to visit,,,) Christmas season right around the corner, and my Truck deciding she needs more attention,,, Can’t bitch, I chose the road I am on: my own Asphalt so to speak. I bought the truck knowing its milage and age, so I brought this on myself, but damned if the timing doesn’t suck big green greasy donkey donks,,,

Always does, right? Yeah, again, you plan accordingly,,, Only I didn’t because things seemed good to go, until last Friday. So Why am I bitching about it?

Because the solution to my problems carries a weight I don’t care to pick up at this stage, and my location sucks for any other options.

Let me explain a little more in detail. We have transmission shops around here, all local boys, a couple have excellent reputations, thought they may be on the slow side in application. NONE offer any financing. Cash houses only. The closest national chain that offers financing is over 2 hours away, and I would be down a vehicle for couple of days (this applies to all the options) and I haven’t a backup vehicle. Poor preparation on my part, I know: Two is one, one is none. (and I have back-ups to my back-ups in other aspects of my world, but NOT my road transport.) If I chose the national chain route, I would need to be hosteled while the repairs are made. Not an option at this point in my finances due to the slow-down.

SO,,, I am in need of asking my Da for help paying for something. THAT is the weight I am hesitant to pick up. I can get the local boys to do the work, I live within walking distance of work so I can still work. If there is work to be had, unlike today, and another reason why I am in a blue funk over this whole mess. Love my Da, and He is a source of support, but there is always a price to be paid, and it is NOT a financial one: its an emotional one. He means well, but he tends to hold ‘loans’ over your head. I know he does it so that we only use him as a last resort, and that is why I am so hesitant to pick that weight up. I would rather take a loan out at some usurious interest rate than accept the “interest” he attaches to such.

Just venting here, not asking for assistance or anything, (though if’n ya feel so inclined, there is the donate button in the side bar,,,, Jus’sayin’. I certainly wouldn’t mind.)

All of this is distracting me from what the world is doing, though what little I have been paying attention to, it seems REALLY QUIET out there. Yeah, a couple of shooters feeding the Gun Grabbers. Some ROEvsWADE activity: always a good way to get the lefties in an uproar, but very telling in what some of the Left truly think of humanity. (Side note, I have been an AVID dissenter of ANYTHING that POS black robed monster has been FOR since she read the script handed her in 2008. Her “sympathetic Latina woman” screed was bullshit the day she uttered it, and has only grown into a bigger pile since.)

Of course, there is the possibility that the EneMedia is running blackouts on things. Can’t tell the truth about how upset the world is about all the lockdowns and blanket genocide taking place. And of course they can say they are keeping mum due to the upcoming holidays: no need to get people upset in such a wonderful season. I expect after the New Years celebrations are over, things are going to go back to full Kra-Kra,,, We’ll see.

So, its back to figuring out WHAT I am going to do, and likely approach the Da with hat in hand. Gah! Just the thought gives me the willies.

Chasin the ducks

Christmas season is fast approaching, not that it means as much to this old curmudgeon in his later years, but you cam feel the stress of people chasing the duckies to get that next ‘best Christmas EVER!’ gift.

My chase has a little more to it than giftings: mine is also one of “Prep”, in a sense. The Buffalo truck is demanding more sacrifice to the parts gods or she swears she is gonna leave me with my thumb in the wind in some backwater place. Transmission issues this go-round. Mentioned this in my last post.

On top of that, I have commitments in the kayak realm that I must fulfill. A man is only as good as his word, and I intend to keep mine, even if it causes a small amount of struggle on my end. Of course, once the struggles are complete, I come out ahead. Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices. Easy (er) life.

In other news, lots of rogue shooters out there lately. Wondering how much is Professor Xs doing. I notice also that the media is starting to lay back a little, almost as if they know they have overreached and need to regain some credibility. To which I say “too little too late! Time to let the new dogs take over ” There are several alternative and NEUTRAL news sources out n about (like 1440) that are doing what the EneMedia does not do. Here are the facts, you decide.

We are winning. Its just takes so damned long to see the changes taking place.

Don’t comply.

Don’t Compromise

Stand your ground on YOUR terms.

We’ll get through this yet.


Yesterday on way home, started seeeing something ‘off’ in Buffalo. (My truck for those uninitiated) RPM was kind of erratic. This morning it was worse. Transmission slipping. Fluid dark but not burnt, but really thin feeling.

I know she is due for transmission issues, 278thou on the clock, but this time of year,,, To

Took a chance, went to a place where I used to be a manager (in Cincy, not local). They have a machine that swaps out all the fluid without needing to drop the pan. Found long time ago, you drop that pan after so many miles, you’re swapping a transmussion next. The flush though,,,(and trust me, I was skeptical as all get out until I saw real proof it works)

So, $150 lighter in cash, but the slipping is gone. Still seeing some ‘hunting’ going on at lower speeds, so I know the torque converter is worn out, but I’ve bought some time between now and ‘She’s dead Jim’. Hopefully I can get through into spring when Bid-ness picks up and I have more available lucre.

And that is why I didnt get a post up until this late hour. Gonna spend the rest of the day playing catch-up on the distractions of the day, and maybe extrapolate some wild assed idea of conspiracy,,,lol.

Cya all tomorrow

Short RANT

Link a Vid, provide a transcript (specifically the talking head vids from news casts) I don’t want to watch a bunch of bloviating drool monsters showing how important they FEEL to deliver a message that is less than 100 words on length.

Rant off. More later.

Closer to home

Without solid documentation,  what I am posting can be construed as a bunch of Bull by others.  Empirical analysis tells me something is wrong though.  Its not just people my age or older.  This year has seen a serious uptick in people dying: not just older gens.

A kayak friend is hospitalized, right now, for cardio issues.  This is a mid thirties mother of 5, avid kayaker, climber and business woman.  Non smoker and healthy diet (without being anal about it) and VERY active. 

She also bought into the “Jab” horseshit.  I recall in March she had her first dose and got sick as hell for 2 weeks.  Didn’t hear about her second dose, but 2 weeks ago, she had her third. (Info from her husband)  Tonight she is in a hospital.  Her heart can’t make up its mind about her pulse rate or its own rhythm. (I know there is a medico term for that, but it eludes me right now) She can’t walk across a room without feeling like she will pass out, while also feeling like her heart is climbing into her throat. (No Idea what her BP looks like but it sounds like its through the roof)

Granted, I’m biased in my thinking.  I feel STRONGLY, that these clotshots are being pushed with malicious intent by powers with an agenda, and that ‘positive health’ of the recipient’s is not at all on their list. 

Biased or not, the more information ‘leaks’ out, the stronger that bias becomes.  And maybe I am seeing the world through filters, but I find it hard to see any other possible ‘reason’. 

My resolve to remain in the control group of ‘pure-bloods’ grows stronger with each passing day. 

And I know I am not alone in that.

I’m praying for her and her husband and her 5 kids. She is a wonderful human being and her kids NEED her around for several more years yet (her youngest is 4, and all girls)

Let the blood dancing begin

Saw a link to several of the communist Propaganda outlets about some 15 year old getting gun crazy and killing three of his schoolmates and wounding several others.

I won’t be linking those sites as if this isn’t a black student going bal-lista-shit, the Propagandists are going to be stretching and spinning this every-which way but truthful.

FIrst off,   Kid is 15.  NO LEGAL WAY he could acquire a gun.  So any calls for tighter “reasonable” gun restrictions is BULLSHIT from the starting gate.

Second point on the docket:  GUN FREE ZONE!!!   Yeah, that magic sticker at the entry ways did wonders didn’t it.   Massive surveillance in the school did wonders didn’t it.   One point I didn’t read about but I could well imagine they had; Armed security (on or off duty cops usual, sometimes even a separate section of the local PD). Yeah, all those lefty magic tricks and still some kid gets mad and shoots up a school.

BUT, you NEVER hear about how it may be due to LEFTY AGENDA that said kid went off the rails.  Maybe all the psychotropics they put in the boys these days to make them “more compliant” had something to do with it (and I would bet a little digging would find the boy has had run-ins with the psych department a time or two.  IMO, its trying to force kids into these jack-assed molds that aren’t based in reality that leads to the issues, not the kids in general.  )

You never hear about how the school systems are so over-regulated (one system my sister worked for had 4 (FOUR!!!!) Principles and similar Vice-Principles and a small army of Secretaries, Counselors and other aspects NOT directly attached to the teaching element.  And that was just for the High School,  There were more ADMIN than teachers!!!)

I digress.   Y’all know How I feel about the Education system, I have never tried to hide my disdain for THAT “institution”. 


We knew something was coming down the pike against the guns.  We have been expecting some backlash since Kyle WON. We know they lost some ‘control’ when the RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE was upheld by the courts.  The backlash against the CLOT SHOT is rising world-wide, and the Wad they shot last year has exhausted itself and their desperation is EPIC.  Is this a planned event? Not likely, but as i said at the top, they sill stretch it and spin to no end, if they think they can get SOMETHING rammed through to ‘Get the Guns’.   Expect to see DiFi’s face more than a few times over the next couple weeks leading to Christmas. (and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they pulled a Christmas Coup the way was done with the FEDRES back in 1913).      

Heads on a swivel, keep your ‘Stoopidchit” radar on high gain, They think they have control, but they stole the election, they DO NOT have the one key element that makes this country work: CONSENT of the GOVERNED.

Be ungovernable.

We need more Dennis Leary in this day and age,,,

They would lose their shit!!!

And we could get back to living again.

Hanging in there

Long ass day in the field for the J.O.B. fixing another companies’ shitfestivus. All good, looks like it may extend into a 2 or 3 day venture. Y’all know how fixing things ends up: fix this issue, that issue becomes more obvious, wash rinse repeat. Clean the counter and you realize the wall is covered in crud kinda thing.

Doing some reading in the darkening hours and decided I need a break from the never-ending stream of crap. If its not Shits&Giggles, its the fruition of years and years of HB1 visas coming home to roost.

Enuff!!! Read enough of it and you virtually BEG for the fires of the sun to do a reach out. Burn the whole thing down so we can rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Maybe we will, maybe we won’t. But you can be certain something comes after ‘all this’. May not resemble anything an imagination can acquire now, but something follows this.

Be still, listen carefully, you can hear the winds of change in the distance.

Its winter outside, though we haven’t YET seen the snows. Its winter in my soul, and those snows keep blowing in hard when they come. Its winter in the Former United States of America, and we see the snows of decrepitude swirling the swamp and its outlands.

Ya gotta ask yourself: are we ready?

Cyber Monday funday with wood

Went in this morning to find out that bossman seems to have forgotten that he has a full-time welder on staff.   Nothing at all to do.   Spent a couple of hours piddlin’round, made another rudder blade for Ghost, more like the one I just made for B.  Like the shape better.  Roughed out and I will finalize it later; have a few months yet to get things together for kayak season and there is no rush since there is a perfectly functional rudder on Ghost now.

As I get older, the one thing that gets to me easier and easier is the COLD.   Hates the cold. And when your workshop is a figurative Refrigerator, with all the comforts of said appliance,,,     I didn’t stick around long.

Came home, built the fire back up, got my core warmed back up and started playing with wood.

Get your mind out of the gutter, If I were playing with THAT wood, it would be between me and the toy and I wouldn’t go advertising the fact.

Nopes, playing with kayak.   Better?  

Need a coaming but she is ready for skin, almost.  gotta oil the wood first.  I didn’t oil it the last go round and there were places where the skin had bonded to the wood.   Nothing major but I did tear a couple areas when removing the old skin.

images for your amusement.

20211129 1501111122421378389883127
20211129 1501193922359311595933162
see that ‘interesting dink’ in the keel? its not huge, but its there and no idea where it came from.

So there she is, ready for oiling, then ready for skin. And still no coaming. Working on that and a couple of other things all at the same time. Even enlisted B to help in a roundabout fashion.

Here is another project that I have talked about.

Thats the rudder I am making for B’s kayak. Nowhere near finished, but its starting to look like something. Not one thing measured, all by eyeball and matching marks on twin pieces.

Tomorrow is another day. SON of Bossman told me that we have a mercy mission tomorrow to clean up some other companies Fecal Explosion. (that was part of my piddlin’ this morning; getting my stuff in order for the AM). And it sounds like its going to be an all-day event with lots of Dio Expletives Deleted flying about. Yippee-Kay-Ay!!! Welcome to the party Pal. Most of the guys are used to my field attitude, but we have one young’n that is a bible thumper and I have a feeling his ears are in for a scalding tomorrow. All well-n-good, so long as he keeps his opinion to his own-self, or he may get the wrath of a Drill Instructor, and then the scalding REALLY begins. ROFLMAO. I cuss a blue storm but its nothing personal until someone makes it so. Just the way I am. (note: one of the other crew leaders is a preacher and he has never tried to berate my language, not once. He is also former Air Force, so I have no doubts he hasn’t heard anything new from my throat.)

Spread the word, get people to “Watch” when they refuse to read,,,

TL Davis has been a voice against the Encroachment of Government for YEARS, and one that you should be listening to if you haven’t.   He has a production company, one he created for the sole purpose of ‘waking people up’ and he hasn’t been idle with it.   

GO CHECK IT OUT, SPREAD IT AROUND, and to help him pay for things, LET THE DANGED ADS PLAY THROUGH, (you can mute them like I do,)

Further linkies for information you can share with those that refuse to read the truth, but are willing to sit and watch things.   IT WAS NEVER ABOUT HEALTH.

All of the above links are HT to WRSA and/or Matt Bracken.   

We aren’t in sporky times YET, but damned close.   So Close, when they start, its going to take everyone by surprise even though we know its coming.   No idea which way the ball falls when it falls of the razors edge it’s riding, but its gonna fall and soon.  You can make guesses, but until such time as the shooting commences or the rail cars start rolling,,,      Look to Australia if you think ‘it can’t happen here’.   I am sure there are many many OZymandians * that thought the same thing, yet they are getting corralled up and put into “Wellness Camps’.   I feel certain that when certain characters in the FRAUD read about it, they get harder than a teenager with 30mg of Viagra in him.  Or, on the case of the female variant, so damned wet it looks like the had an accident.   Sick fucks? why yes, we have those too.  They just haven’t pushed as hard as the OZ-FRAUD has done:  YET.   Give ‘em time.

Please, watch the above links, spread them around to others, like minded or not.  Awake or ‘woke’, blue pilled, red pilled or even the black pilled,  Maybe, some will heed the warnings,   Even if its almost too late, better now than the surprise at the edge of the pit7_12

*Not really related, but I thought the poem fitting in this instance.

If ya gotta argue

Be smarter about it.

I’ve said similar in less words recent. We have to take the language back and not let it be twisted to the benefit of the wannabe controllers. Fascism as an example. Freedom lovers being labeled Fascist by people actually practicing fascism is a typical lefty strategy. Let me rephrase that: a well known COMMUNIST tactic. Yeah, that; if I’m gonna use this soPbox to preach a point, I need to practice what I preach, right?

Turkey day done and gone, back to working on ‘stuff’,,, stuff I’d much prefer to have behind me like this past Thanksgiving,,,

Still figgerin’ me dope on this Cockpit coaming thing. No donor cockpits to be had currently (its mid WW season, I’m betting there will be some trashed boats come spring,,,) and its not like I want the cockpplit to use ‘as is’. I want it as a mold for fiberglass work. My little trials into making said mold have all bit me, and I am not made of cash to keep buying the materials to just trash them later. (And have you seen the price on wood materials lately? WTAF? Redwood I expect to see high prices on, but $6 2×4’s??? Of PINE???)

It’ll happen, even if I end up (leaning this way HARD) making it using strip built methods and glass over the wood. Heavier, but much more flexible constructuon method. And still tough as heck. Just much more tedious and nit-picky.

More later, things ta do,,,

Black Friday Rule

I’s a wonderin’ if this year pulls retail into the black. Seeing some if the prices listed as deals,,,, Naw, ain’t no inflation this year, eh?

I don’t get out for Black Friday, safer for the world at large. Seen way to many instances where I would have left a stack of bodies vs a stack of bills. Sadly, what I have seen in the past gives creedance to Kiplings ‘the female is the deadlier of the species’. Without saying to much, ‘woman’ is the kindest word I would use in those instances, LADY was far and abroad in these cases.

So far, its quiet out there. Makes me tthink that the Deep State is struggling with some internals, like how to animate a corpse for another month or two while they reprogram VFICUS into simething usable. Or at least pull up a more palatable replacement:SanFranNan ain’t it. Hear’d she’s found a retirement mansion in BCEs stompin grounds. Guess all the homeless Junkies sqautting in the streets of the golden gates don’t appeal to her. Reap what ya sow, and all that, but if’n ya have the ducks, fly for safety. I THINK DeSantis needs to do some investimigatin’ and see how he can make her escape pod not so pleasurable. Just sayin.

Its Round Two of Givin’ T’anks day. Three groups today. Sis is in town and thats a bonus. Last night with my extended family of a brudder from anudder mudder was excellent and needed. Have a nuther kayaky project in for consideration. Thinking something like Brians River runner fer this’un. More inline with my brudders drive.

Thumbs up or down B, letta me know

Stay safe out there today people, sanity is a very thin veil when people think they are getting shorted, and we have been shorted more than a bit this year.

Hadta share!



Kinda understand

Lotsa spekulatin’ about Federal backlash over the Kyle trial.  I’m not gonna dive in at this point because its all moot: Kyle beat the odds, and as a whole


Anything the Feds do against Kyle from this point forward (besides being petty and tyrannical) is against ALL OF US, and we need to respond accordingly.  If they use lawfare against him, we need to support his legal teams.  If they use the street thugs in ‘mostly peaceful protests ‘ we need to BE like Kyle and show our prescence and willngness.  (Oh, and I don’t use FMJ, I never signed any Geneva Convention rules).

Its right simple now. They shot their wad in 2020. (RTWT) Everything we are seeing is THEIR plans falling to peices without a backup plan in place.  Like that article says,’ the best plans fall to peices when the enemy doesn’t play by the script‘ and we, “the unwashed, deplorable, dirty pawed uneducated ” masses, have and are failing to follow that script.

We need to keep that up, AND double down on making those elite as uncomfortable and discombobulated as we can

Someone in comments somewhere was talking about seeing (yeah I know, third hand second hand information) the Commie News Network peeps boohoo-ing about the ‘travesty ‘ of letting Kyle walk free.  They absolutley can NOT stand the idea of a White Male having the God Given RIght to Defend his own LIFE,,,,   That very point is totally counter to their great plan and undermines it like kegs of blackpowder beneath Parliment. ( Oh if this had happened on the Fifth, the Guy Fawkes masks would be flowing off the Zon and other retailers shelves)   I bet the male(sic) versions of the propaganda Arm at commie news are wetting thier beds at the thought of a teenager with an EBR in a ready sling, and I bet the wimmz are wetting their seats at the idea of a authoritative man defending them,,,  Oh but they could NEVER  admit to that one, it has to be kept in hiding, their little dirty secret as if a fetish best kept quiet.

More later, runnin’ to do now.

Thats over, now it begins?

Full acquittal for the Kenosha Kid. Pleasantly surprised, most definitely. Thought more’n’acouple times that this was gonna turn into kangaroo court.

So my new question becomes “Does the left take the f#$kin hint and back off, or is this the trigger to double down on their losing strategy?”

I imagine when Burnlootmurder torches the courthouse where justice was properly handled, or 12 people who did the right thing are suddenly rinning for their lives,,,, yeah, we’ll know then, won’t we?

Hopefully, Kyle does the next step with the same deliberate care he utilized in Kenosha. Take all those political hacks that had acted as judge and jury over the last 15 months, and hit them in the only nerve center that they can feel: their wallets. Libel, defamation of character, slander,,,, Pile it on thick and deep Kyle, hit em three ways to sunday with lawfare and make em PAY.