Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

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Redpilled don’t ‘need’ to hear it

But we need to keep yelling about it from the rooftops,,,

What becomes crystal clear the more you “notice” is that most of the problems we have to deal with in our daily lives are artificial problems created by the same people that offer the “solution”.

How many times does it need to be said: “Government IS the problem”? I get to where I don’t even wanna bother because it seems like no one wants ta listen, and those that do, already say the same. I don’t like echo chambers,,,,

So what do you do? Keep the signal alive, hope it gets through the noise to those that need to hear it, and keep putting one foot forward, every day,,,,

Go read the article theres LOTS more good stuff there, even for those awake.

I’m taking a new to me kayak out for Church of the two bladed paddle today: needs some water therapy, then I’ll be back, maybe with something coherent of my own instead of linkies.

Stock photo, unknown source


It’s time to make “Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice, and your head goes on a pike” a thing

Nothing else to add, no need,,,

Runnin’round report Sunday. Cya then!!!

Runnin’round wknd

Posting will be lighter than my new usual light posting. Hopefully, if’n things go well, I will have a hella post up Sunday, mehbe, possibly, we’ll see,,,

What evah ya do, don’t let the Stoopid wear ya down. They almost got to me, and it wasn’t until I saw Bill Whittles Vlog displaying the Psakisockiepuppet replacement. Whoa, what a case of Whippets that’un is,,,

apologies for the down size posts, but my signal is so lacking right now, if I move my phone even one inch, its GONE!!! Still saying its sunspot activity, and that explains the heat this week as well.

So, y’alltake care of business on your ends, I’ll take care of mine and I’ll chatatcha on Sunday.

Can’t get much better

I hopped over to WRSA today, just cruised the headline posts to see what the world is doing, and I gotta say, things are


Monkeypox, Somalia escalation, still no one talking about the collapse of Sri Lanka,  but hoo-boy are we all worried about our pie.  

Any body stepped out and looked at the weather lately?  

What I mean by that is: the Normies are still trudging along doing normie stuff, grumbling about how little the dollar buys, but still showing up and making the paycheck.  


As for the flu-boos and poxxy whatchmacallits, until I see trenches for mass burials, I am assuming any word on buggies is hyperinflated Boochit from the ministry of Propaganda to keep Joey and Janey Normal in fear and awe.  Butchaknowhat? That chit ain’t working no more.  You could say that some’uns yelled “FIRE” too many times.  The war racket aint pulling ’em in no more either.  

I wonder why that is?

Maybe the fact the ongoing collapse of the currency is making Joey and Janey really focus on imediate concerns, LIKE EATING, or making sure they have enough fuel in the go-buggy to just get to next week, let alone to somewhere.  

And with all of this, my situation can’t get much better.  I has water I can count on, 24/7,  I has a power source that does what I need with back ups for more as needed. I am way off the beaten path and have ‘options’.

But more importantly,  I has whats in my head, and no matter what the world does, or the stoopids* in Mordor on the Potomac do, I will ALWAYS have that.  ‘That’ is answers to the problems of the day as needed and solutions reaching further than tomorrow,  at least at the low altitude level I exist on.

* THE FRAUD was downgraded to ‘Teh Stoopids’ after I watched the new Press Secretary  wobble her way through half an hour non answers that (almost) made Kamalaladingdong look halfway sensible.  And the Twit needed NOTES  to get even that far.   Nopes! I know now there will be pain and suffering but ‘Teh Stoopid’ is only going to fail and fail big, and until then, everything is just going to get stranger. The only reality that makes any sense is that the puppetmasters know its failing and are making sure they ‘have theirs’ for when the ball finally drops.

The thing that burns me: it doesn’t have to be this way, there is more than enough in the world and we know it, that all of the failures happening had to be INDUCED and it should be obvious to any that will take a moment to observe. I’ll give you that the JIT was a wreck waiting for a reason, but the Fraud was the wrench dropper and even there, they have to KEEP dropping wrenches in and shutting valves off or burning factories to keep that wreck in fail mode. If they would drop away and leave well enough alone, the system would self correct. Thats the nature of free markets, if you leave them be

Kitteh tails

She ain’t MamaKat, but ahe is the Queen of the Shop I work in.

Rufus, mutt supreme, came in and was sniffing at her bowl. She was lounging there nearby, and without drama, let him know “Mine!” She just reached out a paw and pushed on his nose, no swat, no claws, no hiss: just a mild push away.

And she is cool with all the noise I produce and will sleep through purt much everything, EXCEPT, when I sit for a break, then its Snugz time!

And I want to list her somewhere for a forever home. She’s a sweety and deserves better than some crappy Shed/shop for a home. But I already have a triple handul with mine,,,

May have to stomach some Fakebook time,,,


No whining, especially in light of my recent protests that I need more time. All this week has maxed my hours, and I still have roughly three days, three FULL days on the docket, and there are a couple I know of, just not what the schedule looks like. Yeah, frickin’ haw!!! First decent pay of the year.

And I went on a lark last eve, contacted one of those kayak owners on Marketplace about his boat. Was planning on spending cash I dont really have for a boat I dont really need so that I could tentatively sell another boat to make up the difference. First contact and things got a little wonky, but in a good way. No cash now but some good old fashioned horse trading. One white water Creeker Boat (sometimes refered to as ‘spud’ boats, because they resemble potatoes in shape) for a 16.5′ seakayak, but one designed by a guy that I’ve taken cue from in the past. About time I get my paws on one and find out what makes his ‘different’, and where my desigms have slipped.

And if I really get the calling, I have a prime specimen for making a plug to remake the thing in honest to dawg fiberglass, or kevlar or Carbon fiber,

Obviously, with the current payscale thingy, that ain’t a happening this year. 🙄

Downside of a sort: some yokel dropped off another Kat at the worksite. She has adopted me as her Champion Hooman, and while she is a fine little kat, she is NOT coming home with me. I made her a “cave” at the shop so she can be safe, she already knows which dawguums to steer clear of, and I bought a 10# bag of kibble so she isn’t competing with the ferals for sustenance. She can be the shop kat. Her name is Skitty, and the poor bag of bones can’t be much more than 10 weeks old. Her gums are still showing ragged from losing her milk teeth.

Its been a good week and I want to keep it rolling, so,,, off to bed with my giddy kid at Christmas wound up like a top self. More later

Sorry, not sorry

Yeah, I kinda had a pissing fit this mornin’.   So what.  Maybe I need to do it more often, at least I received feedback about what I wrote, and in more comments than I usually get in a week of blogging with multiple a day posts.   

As for the WHY I had a pissing fit,,, I get so damned sick and tired of hearing “theyz comin’ for our gunz” by people, that I would say 90% or better of, will never, EVER lift a finger to fight back against tyrants, other than slapping a membership fee to “The Lairds of Fairfax” (as Mike Vanderbaugh, RIP, so eloquently called the NRA) or VOAT HARDER.   

I get frustrated reading so many comments like that and yet how many of those people actually do SOMETHING to make their lives better, other than operating completely in the Consumer profile: Make more to spend more and have more than the Jones,,,

How many would make a move to live off-grid and stick to it year after year?  

How many actually know what HUNGER feels like?   And I mean the deep down, hasn’t seen food for three days type HUNGER.   (It’s been a LONG time for your scoundrel of a blogger, but I DO know that feeling when your stomach is gnawing on your ribs looking for a little substance, and you haven’t taken a crap all week, because, well, there’s NOTHING IN THERE,,,) 

I make no bones about my situation in life, it sucks right now, because of choices I freely made, some with forethought, others with expectations that didn’t reach fruition, but ALL OF THEM, were MINE and MINE ALONE, and I don’t blame anyone else for it.  

I don’t go chasing any ‘check’ from Unca Shugah to cover me.  I know that by the time I reach that point where I should be able to apply for SSI, It’s going to be so far in the hole,,,   IF it even exists then.   And that time is not as far away as I would like.  (and that is one thing I can’t do anything about, TIME and AGE.)(not completely true, I can take better care of myself and my health, and I can schedule how I use my time better, but time does not stop despite my strongest pleas, and AGE is not reversible,,,,).  My own asphalt, and my own solutions: if they work, great, if not, regroup.

Now, I realize that the two links I provided didn’t ‘lend to my story’ so well, but I put them in place for a reason.  The first one to BCE’s place was to point out the situation that sparked my fury.  Not that his article did that, it was all of it, the shooter, that it’s looking to be another one of Professor X’s protege, with a healthy dose of FIbby Incompetence (and the fact that the whole thing is starting to be swept under the rug by the EneMedia, says it fizzled on them,,).    The second link to Arthur Sido’s main page was so that others can go read all the research he has done into the cannibal feasts that are weekly events in places like Chi-congo, Destroyt, and some of the other hives that went Generational Blue back in the ’60s and ’70s.  I linked him to show that there are more black-on-black multiple-victim shootings, and yet the EneMedia blacks it out constantly, yet the minute a whyte-dood does some stupid stunt, the blood dance begins in earnest.   And the same characters on the other side start hollerin’ “Theyz gonna banz our gunz”.  Bleating like Sheep over it is probably the more apt description,,,,

And that’s why I ran all CAPs in the one section in that post.   I am sick of hearing that shit from people that are gonna be first in line to ‘turn ’em in’ (prove me wrong) where people like me may turn them in AFTER we have expended all of our ammo against those that came to collect(if we survive that long,,,).   

And I can tell you, even with mentions in this blog, NOT ONE PERSON (other than me), knows what makes up my armory.  Only I know how much ammo I have and of what.   Only I know what “alternative means” I have acquired or have the means to manufacture.  And while there is a profile on me in the rolls of the EOD, they don’t know to what extent I added to the knowledge they provided to me, nor will I elaborate on that.

And I mean to keep it that way.   

And so should you.   

The Forms the ATF and FIbs use at purchase aren’t supposed to be a Registry, but I think everyone knows it makes it so much easier to use paperwork like that to create one.   BUT, this again goes back to the ASSUMPTION that Government is 1) Competent. 2) Omnipotent and 3 )Benevolent.    If you laughed out loud on number one, Great, You have the right mindset.  If you started to um-and-ahhh by number two, Keep digging, you have a lot more learning to do.  And with number three, If you started to argue that I am F@#ked in the head and that Gov is trying to take care of us.  Just close this page now,,,,

D’Ya want to see a competent Government?   Don’t look towards the Swamp.   Effective? yes, for now, but they are rapidly losing ground as more and more are waking up to their game, and more and more are asking hard questions.  But Competent?  Hardly.   If they were competent, people like me would already have been lined up against the wall. The ONLY reason they are still as effective as they are has to do with COMPLIANCE. And that was the main point of my earlier post. STOP COMPLYING. They tell you that you aren’t allowed to own guns, MAKE THEM TAKE THEM AWAY. There is no way they can FORCE COMPLIANCE, it has to be given freely, and they have had a free pass on that for the last several decades. That they are now starting to get uppity about it shows that it’s failing on them rapidly, and they know that the end game is near.


And by that I mean STOP COMPLYING!!!

Stop advertising your possessions on GAB or Twatter or Fakebuk or whatever, like you were listing inventory for pick-up. Stop listing about all that ammo you picked up back in 2005 for pennies.

Stop the Opsec leaks dammit!!!! Y’all forgot that third “S” in SSS, didnya? Christ! The level of dumb exposed when things like this get to light scares me more than the FedBois shenanigans.

And this is just ONE event among many, the only difference is that its whyte-dood on persona de negro, so it ‘fits’ the narrative.

Seriously, I see the handwringing about ‘theyz gonna ban our gunz” and I wanna bitchsmak y’all. They can write whatever laws they want; hell, they HAVE,and the location of this ‘event’ adds impetus to my point. The said weapon and magazine combination along with the B.A. are already “illegal” in NawYawk, and yet, here we are,,,

My point; they can not, CAN NOT, enforce these laws without YOUR compliance,,,


I gotta do the work thing and I don’t need to let my BP go off the chart

Aint n’er their fault

Alternatively, is this the point where we would be able to say “and so it began“?

Are there hoarders? Some I’m sure, some that would be guilty of the charge laid out by sillypsaki. Not enough to be able to claim NATIONAL SHORTAGES. But there is the little detail that hundreds of pallets of formula were sent to aleviate the shortage at the border, by the very same peeps that are pointing fingers, damning the American people.

When y’all get to the point ya wanna start shootin’,,,

It might be too late,

and the row will be very tough and VERY bloody.

Shoulda started back in November of 2020 IMO,,,,

More later. Maybe the sun’ll come out and un-chill this pessimists heart

The tale of Two Tycoons, scarcity and boobies,,,,

A mile apart, two business men, two industries not related, two mentalities.   One has the scarcity mindset, can’t part with a dime without creating turmoil and angst in his mind. Doesn’t matter if its to make a sale, or grow his company: any expenditure has to show a profit from the word go, or it won’t happen.  His company limps along on old equipment, has a high turnover and struggles year to year: most years the P&L hovers over the redline.

Second businessman, An abundance mindset.  He sees the materials coming in, knows that there is a portion of it that can not be resold for whatever reason, but that deters him not.  He pays his people well, and has almost no turnover.    All of that material that can’t be resold, while it could be cut into smaller sizes and possibly resold to smaller buyers, the owner of this company instead piles it up at a publicly accessed place and allows anyone to come and pick through it for what they can use, and charges nothing for it.  He sees that there is little benefit to his being greedy for what little he would make in selling it, and he does a good deed for the local community.  His product is hardwoods, and those piles of ‘scrap’ are divvied up as firewood amongst those that have a hard time logging their own.

In the first case, there is so much scrap built up that employees have a hard time negotiating the shop floor, and their attitude becomes lacking in keeping the shop in order.  The second place is always ‘a mess’ (sawdust gets everywhere) but there is always order, the pathways are clear, and no one worries about tripping on anything other than their own shoelaces.

In the first case, there is no incentive to correct the issues, and any attempt to try, is shut down when the owner doesn’t want to pay for the time to do so.(no profit in that,,,)

In the second case, the people are encouraged to keep things straight and are compensated accordingly.  Those that ‘go above and beyond’ get noticed and rewarded.

Both companies are staples to the community, but one has a good reputation and the other gets the side-eye, A LOT.   I have heard mothers telling their kids to look at working at the one, while saying ‘you don’t need to work there’ about the other.

Interestingly enough, both places are ran by Democrats, the only difference is age.  The one with scarcity in mind, is much older, well past retirement age.   The other is ‘a young punk'(according to the other tycoon) in his mid thirties.  If the political bend has something to do with the mindset, I am not sure how, but the age thing tells me quite a bit about where the thinking come from.     In Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert explains that the scarcity mindset is based on fear and misinformation.  Fear of losing what you have.  Misinformation on how you attained it to begin with.   

And fear that you couldn’t ‘get it back’ if you did lose it, because you don’t have a clue how you did it to begin with.  The “young punk” KNOWS how he made it, and could do it again if something went wrong.  The other seems to have been guessing and gambling and is scared to death of losing that pot.

I know for a fact that the first owner was “Dirt poor” when he was growing up.  He has talked about the house he grew up in: a ‘company house’ on company property, and having to use Scrip at the company store to buy food and clothes.  The house ‘had holes you could toss a cat through’, and in the winter, water would freeze in the cup on the night stand.   There were two bedrooms, and the boy kids all shared one bed while the parents would share with the girls.    This was so common in this area even into the 50’s and early 60’s that I find others who just nod their heads, acknowledging ‘been there done that’. One guy I know that was from ‘a rich family’ (an opinion that is strictly local,,,) had two stoves.  Both wood fired.  One was outside so that ‘mom’ could keep cooking in the summer without overheating the house.   That house did not have running water, or an inside toilet, and yet the family was considered very well off and well to do.   and that was in the late 50’s.    


I have mentioned that the Great Depression never let up in Appalachia.  It has, but it took it about 50 years longer than the rest of the world to happen.  And even now, the mindsets of that time are still very much active.   There are those ‘tycoons’ in the area that have that mindset so ingrained, even when the cost of living is skyhigh, they begrudge raising prices to compensate good people.  And I have heard them say ‘ I made it on fifty cents an hour, you can too’.  But that doesn’t account for the fact that when they made it on fifty cents, that money bought 10 times what it does now.  You could buy two candy bars for that fifty cents back in the 50’s, now, not so much.   The Great Depression may have eased up here, but the people haven’t.

And in some ways, thats also a plus; Things like ‘Food Shortages” are not going to hit this area like they would, say Cincinnati, or Chi-congo.   These people know how to do without, and get what they need from the earth, because that is just the way this area has been since they were wee-sprouts. 

And that brings me around to the recent “Formula Shortage” thing.    I understand that this is a problem.  BUT, I have to ask, and forgive me if this seems obtuse and forward, WHY are these mothers dependent on formula when they have two perfectly good feeding units attached to their chest?   Convenience?    Seeing the way this country has turned to that, I have to think so.   And I do know that if you ‘don’t use them, you lose them’, and that we, as a society, are rather hung up on bare breasts for some reason.   Maybe the fact that the majority of us were denied them in our baby-days,,,   Dunno.    But it seems to me that the solution is packed in a double barrel directly under those peoples noses and they refuse to see it.  (and I do know a family that has NEVER needed formula and they have 4 kids, and all of those kids are seriously HEALTHY and active and more developed than some other kids the same ages,,,,  Just sayin’.). 

Just had a thought,,,,   Are the women so fearful of losing the ‘Perkies’ that they deny their own children God’s designated feeding system?    Sorry ladies, I will tell you that Heinlein’s ” I like ’em nippled chewed and lived in” statement applies to me, and I can tell you more than a few guys would rather a ‘lived in’ breast over those silicone falsies.    I have heard ‘Genetic, not Generic” from more than a few guys.   Maybe the problem isn’t one of “Convenience” but one of “VANITY”.    Prove me wrong???    

Maybe we need, as a society, kicked back into pre-electricity days to teach us a little humility.     49269646198 0fc20b55b7

Naw, T’ain’t ded, YET,,,

But sure as shit, the world does keep on a tryin’ to end things for this scoundrel of a blogger.    At least my online persona side of things.  No, I haven’t had any run in of foul intent, or accidental mayhem.  Not this year anyways.  Still waiting on the courts system to handle the beast the tried to turn my cranium inside out with a 9: been a year and a half and supposedly they are finally going to get around to a trial.   ( 15 monthly pre-trial hearings?   Sounds more like lawyers dragging feet to run up fees, but I digress.)

Found a new barber, thank the small gods for little blessings.   After the last mess I was left with, I decided to shop around a bit and find someone that wasn’t blind in his right eye (or something.  2″ difference in hair length from left to right, and it was OBVIOUS.  Nottagoinbackathere, nopers, noways,).  Guy was talkative, without being obnoxious, conservative without being an ass about it,  deeply religious without saying a word (he had a gospel concert playing on the tube,,,   Sound off, but the show was pretty good.)

As to why I have been so daggum quiet this week.   Sunspots; My internet connection has been spotty at best during daylight hours, and those are the times when I can get the most writing in without Grizzies assistance at typing.   I have been busy, just by the time I get around to being able to hit that publish button, my ‘re-read’ tells me “meh!, you can do better”.  SO, it hits the round file and I carry on, on another vein.   Only, 

Yeah, Excuses, Right?   It is, but the sunspot thing is definitely an issue with connectivity and figuring out what the heck is  going on in the world, when you have to wait for a ten minute upload of a page,,,    Yeah, shit sucks a bit during the day, and the best time is pre-dawn, and for some reason, I have NOT been all that keen about seeing the darkside of dawn this year.       That is completely out of character for me.  Usually I am the one up when the katz are returning from their forays out and about in the wee-darks.  (note, some of that may be a mild case of depression I have been fighting with as well.   I do know that when my ‘ugly side’ takes hold, I sleep, LOTS.    I’ma workin’ on THAT too.)

And what is going on in the world is the Narratives are falling apart faster than the scene carpenters can buy new paint, let alone slap it over the wear points.   Seriously, why there haven’t been crowds bearing pitch-forks and torches parading the mall of Mordor on the Potomac says more about our apathy to this shit, than their SKILLS at manipulation.  More and more I am seeing people unplugging from the feeds, saying “I can’t handle this crap anymore, I have living to do.” or something to that effect.   See more and more old-skool Democrats shaking their heads at the FRAUD, but then they eyeball the GOPe and see the same shit; thats not a recipe for longevity in the political arenas, let me tell you.    Oh, and Turtle-boy McConnell is in for one hell of a shock next turn around.   His shills in the electoral department are going to have to put in months of overtime to skew the system enough to keep that has-been of a hound in office.   And it will be so obvious, His home in Loo-vool may become a target.  Not that I condone such activity or anything, just sayin’.

Alright, Time to touch base on one of the comments I had recently.   Chris stated “its going to take a lot more than NO’.   Yes, and a resounding NO at the same time.   At current situation reports, yes, There is going to need to be force applied, of the FUgly Sort at that.   Reason, that apathy I mentioned above.  Not enough people want to deal with it.   As for the resounding NO part.   All it would take is 165 million people saying “No more with-holding on my pay”, “No, we won’t VOAT for any of. you shits”, etc etc etc.   If half of HONEST Ameri-Can’s would just stop complying, submitting, and playing by THEIR rules, the house of cards would collapse overnight.   

But I am a realist, I know the likelihood of that,,,, I have a better chance at hitting the powerball.  So, yes Chris, I do agree with you, I just wish it weren’t so, when the alternative is just as effective without the bloodshed. (or ‘as much’, I should say,,,). Another side to that is one I see around these parts.   So many are on the dole in some form or another.   We have a HUGE portion of voters that are retired and living on that ‘check’: they aren’t going to get uppity about what the FRAUD is doing (though they sure do note that said ‘check’ isn’t stretching as far these days). There is a rather large portion that are on disability (fraudulently in many cases IMO) and then again, the whole disability thing is so F!ed UP! as to reward societal failure,,,   Couldn’t graduate school and can’t hold a job because reasons,  Get on SSD and get paid for sitting on your ass and become a leech.   THOSE people certainly don’t want to rock the boat.   And then you have the growing Orwellian “State” and its “work-fare” peeps.   I know many of them are of like mind to me, but they are apart of the system that is built on “Taxation” and that system pays well enough to ‘Keep the mouth shut and soldier on’.   And seeing what Bossman gets from his retirement fund (he was a ‘state boy’ for years) Hell, I can see how the carrot works, I do understand the draw, I just can’t stomach the higher ups and the games they play.  I don’t hold it against people that are part of that system since they are ‘just doing a job’. The exception to that is LEO’s, who the last couple of decades have become the strong arm of the beast: When the law is faulty, and you CHOOSE to enforce it, you are no better than the ‘Tards that wrote the laws.   And when 90+% of the laws on the book are VICTIMLESS, who’s will are you ‘enforcing’?  What’s right? or what you are told to?   (and I do know of a LEO near here that has stopped enforcing laws that are obviously just another form of taxation.  If it isn’t theft, assault, or some other action where there is a victim, even if that victim if property, he looks the other way.   Dunno how long he has before they figure out that he ‘isn’t one of theirs anylonger’ and send him packing, but I don’t doubt they will.)

But yeah, there are all kinds that don’t want to rock the boat, or spill the slop bucket.  And that’s why I have to agree with Chris.

Filled up today.   $55    According to Mint, my expenses have increased a paltry 4% while my income is down by $1700 for the year.   The reality that Mint doesn’t see; my actual spending has decreased dramatically, it’s just that what I have to buy is going way the hell up.   That my income is down that far for the year worries me: gonna have to do something on that end, and Bossman-n-Son may not like my solution.   Still, If I can’t take care of me, I sure as shit don’t expect others do to so for me.  I’ll fix the problem, even if it means a lateral move of some sort.    Was hoping for a physical move, but Da picked up a case of cold feet and decided the evil he knows (this hollar) is better than the one he doesn’t.   He sticks: I have to as well.  He jets: I burn my bridges.   Thats the promise I made back in August of last year, and I don’t renege,,,

So, It looks like there is enough cloud cover today to foil the Sunspot activity and I get to hit publish.    

More later this weekend as I get a chance to recoup and get my bearings on the world at large.    (and there will be some kayaky goodness involved in all that too, but I won’t bore you with piddlin’ details of a slow boat on a big lake, LOL)

Its my choice

No matter where I am in life, where my emotional state resides, it always comes down to “its my choice”

My current sit’u’ay’shawn,,,   my choice.  Don’t want to go into details about shit, but the last couple weeks ain’t been good for this ol’blogger dude.  And its all by choices I made, good or ill, that are reaching a nexus to my next set of choices.  

Oh, I’ve been here before, a time or two, and I dont relish the direction some of my choices are leaning,  but at some point, ya have to cut the mooring lines and set sail.  Being tied to a dock when the seas are rising may not be the best place to be.

Me thinks those seas are getting pretty rough

I ain’t happy, its effecting me in ways that hit me sideways yesterday,  and when I hit that point,,, shits gonna change, right the F! Now, and some peeps are gonna be “didn’t see that coming” shocked. 

“We get the tyranny we are willing to tolerate ” and sometimes that tyranny is self imposed.  Its ALWAYS a choice. 

Choose wisely.

As for the Kabuki Theater,,, they are losing and in big ways, which is why we are seeing Disinformation Agencies and Evironmental Justice Agencies. They are impelled to strong arm their views because their views have no basis in reality. I’ve said it many times here: This all ends when we (ALL) say NO!

I’m gonna get by

Beginning of the week at J.O.B., and i was sent out to put out fires with one of our newbs. Gotta say, kid impressed me. 18yo and no slouch to work, and makes up for experiance with a willingness to learn. If we had a million more like him, this mess of a country could be turned around.

Swapping BS while driving ‘tween fires, he let me know that he knows his world has been filled with lies, and he trusts nothing unless he can see it with his own eyes.

A millennial with a ‘show me’ outlook, and doesn’t like video games,,,, Wow!!!

Maybe its that he grew up in Appalachia; the place the great depression never left, so he hasnt been as spoiled like those closer to the hives. But I don’t think so. We’ve had our share of twits that weren’t worth spit when it came to learning. This’un; he pays attention, asks questions, and jumps in with both feet and hands ready.

Told Son of Bossman ” keep this one around, he’s not stoopid”.

Back in shop today, repair n replace day so things will more skullsweat than busted knuckles. I’ll have more up later as I fugure something worth discussing. Not gonna waste my breath over the Kabuki Theater. Others are doing far better than I there, and that its becoming painfully obvious that all the ‘news’ we see spun, has the barest relation to reality,,,, No, just wanna get by at this point, and the managers of the world are showing they missed the basics in Kindergarten. But Boy-howdy did they learn how to spin bullshit,,,,

Church day (two bladed paddle style)

Domestics day, and I decided that since I had managed to get a lot of that done yesterday, seeing how it was a total rainout for anything else, Self and Ghost-boat hit the lake today.   The local one, not the one 30 miles away that is more lively.   

Earlier in the week, I had a running conversation with a guy in Europe (amazing what we can do with internet, ain’t it?)  about my boats.   This guy has been paddling kayaks since I was a wet spot on the sheets; He has probably paddled every boat made or some variation on it.  Somehow, the discussion turned to performance (any conversation of a machine will ALWAYS turn to performance, be it a car engine, or computer, or some 3000 year old boat design) and Ghost-boat was brought up.  I mentioned that she felt sluggish on edge.   His first words after that: your seat is too far back, move it up an inch or so, and see if she improves.

So I pulled Ghosty up on to the porch, adjusted the seat forward, had to move the footpegs forward as well, and immediately noted two improvements: First, the cables for the rudder no longer try to wear a hole in my upper thighs.  Second, I was able to ‘roll’ her on edge and while I couldn’t hold it, it was so much easier.    Ok, Improvements mean water test.   

And today was perfect for it.   

The level at the lake was up 5′ from the last time I had been there.  Water at the shore is  now in the overhanging branches of the trees.   It wasn’t at its warmest, but then, we just had Noah’s Tribute dumped on us over the last three days; but the water was very clear (except at the head water, that was pretty murky.).  Water test time.

Immediately I noted that she was not Sluggish at all now: a little knee raise and that side rolls right up to the secondary point and locks in.  thats about 25 degrees of list.   I can hold it right around 10, but then I start getting shaky, but thats me, not the boat.   Paddling around the lake handling was even better than the last time I took her out, when B and I did our 34 mile sprint down the Cumberland lower.  I never needed the rudder, not once.   I don’t normally use a rudder, but there are times where wind or current gets you in the behind and you need that rudder (or skeg, if the boat has it) to help keep you pointed in the right directions.   Today, I would edge ‘out’ and the boat would just keep right on moving were I wanted to go, and that wind be damned.

She is touch slower though.   Maybe two points on the MPH scale, and I did note that to match Selkie, I have to put in an extreme amount more effort; definitely not a racer.  But then, Ghost is an expedition boat, meant to go for days/weeks without support and has the cargo space for it.  Her cruise speed is hovers right at 4 which is not a slouch of a boat by anymeans, but to get to 4.3; which is what Selkie averaged in that race, I had to double my efforts.  Really hammered down, I was able to get to 6.2, but that was a dead sprint and my arms were noodles after 100 yards of that.   And she didn’t hold it at all, watched the gauge on the GPS and as soon as I stopped paddling, it was like applying brakes and she was back down to that 4mph range in a second.   And then my wake caught up to me.  She can really make a wake at that speed.   Thats not something Selkie does: Selkie cuts in and out of the water with barely any wake, even at speed.

Slightly slower in speed, but better handling, in an expedition boat, that can operate as support and logistics for 3 people.  I didn’t try rolling today; shoulda, but didn’t, and never thought about it till just now.  Besides, I have rolled Ghost, and she was and should remain one of the easiest rollers I have.  Very forgiving of bad form, and now, with the seat moved forward, I CAN lay my head on the back deck without lifting my butt off the seat, or having the coaming dig a hole in  my kidneys.   And with how much easier it is to edge, I can safely assume that she will be even easier to roll up.

Gotta say, Dude really knew what he was talking about on this.   Ghost acts completely different, but better than before, and I only  moved that seat 1 inch.   That goes hand in hand with something I learned building these boats: One inch is HUGE when it boils down to a change in design.   There is a reason the Inuit built their boats for each individual: it was a proven design and everybody is built a little differently.

A couple hours on the Church of water, and I feel much more capable of dealing with the world at large again.   Took some pics, but signal around here is spotty, so y’all gotta deal with words only today.   And its spring, so while it was warm and sunny for a bit, the weather has been all over the place today and I started getting a little chilled when the clouds blew back in, so I called it good at that point.    Solo water day, and sometimes those are best.   Today was pretty good for it.

Conundrum: Swirling the drain?

I haven’t been idle here at the Ol’bloggy thingy. I’ve written three posts and all of them are sitting in moderation, awaiting for my decision to post or flush. I haven’t made up my mind as yet.

The problem as I see it, and one I have known for years, is this: Those that are listening aren’t the ones that NEED to hear it, and those that aren’t listening, NEVER WILL. Those that aren’t listening are too entranced by the Sirens call of Mass Media which has shown its true colors of a manipulative abusive spouse.

Even when I have some readers that are fence sitters, I have noted that they will attempt to defend their positions, using the usual lefty shifty obfuscation, attempting to re-direct the conversations. This is well covered by guests over at Sarah’s house. The lefts defenses are hollow, they know it, and know the arguments can’t stand against five minutes of critical thinking.

Ever noticed the difference between modern comics vs mid 70’s comics? By comic, I mean comedians. Watch a George Carlin Skit, back in his hey-days of the 80’s, when he had refined his shows to a razors edge. The Entire show was stock full of punchlines, but when you hit that 60 minute mark, the ultimate punchline was delivered like a blow from Mike Tyson, and it was all woven around a theme. Modern comedians are more like watching a modern show on Netflix, lots of plot circles, but no storyline that takes you to a destination. (To be fair, There are some comedians out there that emulate Carlin’s style: Black is one, but ‘short attention span theater’ seems to be the order of the day. Most people only want a minute distraction, not something that ‘makes them think’.

When I split with my Ex, I gave up the ToOB as I wanted to make my life as simple as possible. I felt that I needed ‘something’ and what I was getting from those moving images was not it. BEST MOVE EVER!!! I picked up my books again. I fell face first into the hole of Heinlein and some others, but the second time around I started paying attention, not just ‘escaping’ like I had when I was in my teens. And then there were the web searches, falling into a rabbit hole on Wikipedia (before it became all politically correct like it is now.) and coming to the surface in the wee hours of the morning after following one clue into ‘machining rifle barrels’ and coming out near ‘home foundry metal casting’. Or those nights looking for ‘The Federalist Papers’ and finding out that we had been deflected in school and there was an alternate side of that argument (duh!!!, there are ALWAYS two sides to an argument), then spending a day or three reading and comparing between the two sides.

and of course, delving into my growth out of liberalism into Abolitionism. And that was inspired by the likes of Claire Wolfe, Edward Abby, Larken Rose, and Diogenes of Synope. Learning just how insidious the taxation that ‘is inevitable, like death’, really became over the last 100+ years. (seriously, TRY to figure out just how much you pay in taxes, not just what you file, but all the little nickle and dime stuff from sales tax, to fuel tax, to property tax, etc etc etc. It’s HUGE, and a lot more than just some paltry 30% that you file every year. ) Some of you may have even noted that “tax day” and “election days” are exactly six months apart: Ever think about what that implies? It wasn’t an accident, let me tell you.

And due to all of my ‘self-education’ after the split, I started getting seriously angry. Not about the state of the world; that’s just a symptom. I started getting angry about the education systems and how they created the disease that our world issues are the symptom OF.

I know, total conspiracy crap, right? But when the proof is out there, how can you NOT see the conspiracy? And that it took well over 100 years to reach this point where we are,,, Three generations, maybe four if you go by the 25 year mark instead of 30, but the point is the same: there was a plan in place, and it was NOT going to happen fast, and there were people making the moves to ‘change’ the world.

Francis points out this little tidbit by Heinlein,


The two highest achievements of the human mind are the twin concepts of “loyalty” and “duty”. Whenever these twin concepts fall into disrepute, get out of there fast! You may possibly save yourself, but it is too late to save that society. It is doomed.

and says that Heinlein got ‘exactly backwards’. He’s right of course, when the society is that far along, DUTY says that you need to fix it, and that is the ONLY reason I haven’t shut down completely. I may be having a spell of ‘flings hands in air, hides in closet’ right now, but I am still here, trying,,,

it just seems like the audience is wrong, and I haven’t a clue how to hit the audience needed, NOR do I have a clue how to ‘wake them up’. They don’t WANT to hear reason, they want the unicorn farts and rainbows.

and that makes me want it to burn. Let the failures cascade into a wasteland of dog eat dog, and those unicorn lovers will fall the wayside so that those understanding of Loyalty and Duty will be able to rise again.

Or not.


I am the cynic. I know that both scenarios are rife with issues. And nature abhors a vacuum. Something would take the place of the power structure we have, and what that power structure could be may be MUCH WORSE. Nehemiah Scudder type WORSE. (read your Heinlein if that name means nothing to you.). I know people like me, that are capable, will be dogged in the future as hoarders, or selfish, or racist, or whatever. Hell, we are NOW: the term ‘prepper’ is being used as a slur in certain circles. My argument about ‘fire extinguisher in the kitchen’ or ‘car insurance’ is always deflected by ‘but that’s different’. Different ‘HOW?’, but then I already know the recipient has decided for themself that I am just ‘weird’ and stupid and deplorable.

I don’t really know what I am trying to reach in this post. This is coming straight from the head to the hands, no edits, so you get what you get here. I’m tired of the games the EneMedia is playing, bought and paid for by powerful people that hate the world as it is, and in response to their own self-loathing. They may think they love themselves, but deep inside, I think they really despise who and what they are, and it reflects in their actions and motives. Unfortunately for the rest of us, they do have control of the levers of power and we have to adapt to the changes they induce on our world.

Adapt, or die.

and that has NEVER changed, not one whit since the first monkey came out of the tree and hit one rock with another.

Hence, my silence of late

Mike links and fisks the article.

And here is the tagline that jumped out and said “THIS!!!”

Here is where we intersect with the meta-story about journalism. The objective of journalism is no longer to inform the public, but to weave a story of their choosing into a larger tapestry. emphasis mine

The whole scene is manipulation writ large, the whole relationship is abusive and narcissistic, and its all to retain power for certain ‘chosen’ types ‘with the right education and references’.

And some times, its just too much to address

Bury it

This ain’t workin’, better find a way to bury it.

Doesn’t that seem the game plan of TPTwB these days. Covidiocy was cracking up on the shores of fact; introduce a ‘not’ war-war to gin up some sort of support, and bury the failing narrative. Uke-war not doing its deal: ‘leak’ word that Roe vs Wade is about to be overturned and get all the Harpies in a tizzie.



Stir vigorously!!!

Or said another way: KABUKI THEATER.

And that is why I have been rather silent the last couple, (along with serious distraction by a wayward unicorn. )

The only current I see in the play book is total disregard for FOUNDATION. Principles; what’re those? Todays angst is tomorrows MEH. And in a week, the 🇺🇦 will be divvied up just like Putin wants, accords will be settled so that Xi-den and Co can keep the money laundering racket thing,

Maybe,,,, 🤔 There is still a part of Deep State that wants Russia on its knees begging for relief. COLD WAR II,,, I don’t understand it, see zero gain in it, but then, I don’t have skin in the MIC either. No Stock in Raytheon or Boring or any of the other govt contractors,,,

Gonna do a little more surfin’ today before I give this anymore skull sweat. Back later.


Second deal of the century went ‘Poof!’. Didn’t have my ducks in a row fast enough,,,

*sigh* mehbe next time.

Not like I don’t have a small fleet of good boats already. Just desiring something a little more ‘top shelf’.

I’ll keep looking for my unicorn,,,

Mi vida loca

Man, if there was a way to get something completely F!ed up, I found at least one alternate version today.   Even managed to cut the cables to my solar panels while I was out shaving the rocks in my Minefield/obstacle course that is loosely called “the yard”.  

Easy enough fix, but dang-it!!!, I know I buried those daggum things when I put the panels on a rack. (formerly installed on roof. NOTE: do NOT do that.  Bad bad Juju happens to people that do that!!!). and I know it because there was fresh dirt where the mower grabbed them and pulled the remainder out of that trench.   That’s part of the problem living on this hill.  Nothing stays buried.  Rocks grow better than weeds, and the weeds grow better than anything that resembles ‘grass’.  Every spring, my liitle rock retaining wall grows a little bigger  as I add rocks to it as they pop up in front of and underneath the mower.   I replace the blades on the mower at least once a year.  Twice last year as I broke both.  Amazingly, I didn’t destroy the engine.

In about 20 years of annual mowing, this yard may become civilized.   Sure as heck isn’t right now.  Maybe I just need a herd of sheep to keep it trimmed,,,,

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, I just needed to take a break from things.  I didn’t even take the phone to work with me on Monday.  Left it here at the house and reveled in the peace of mind that settled in without the deluge of email notices, and other things.   

As was quoted of John Ross, RIP, talking about his sequel to Unintended Consequences: He said that he hadn’t been able to finish the book because the FRAUD kept giving him new material every morning.   I know exactly how he felt: I have the same problem coming up in the sequel to Wings for that very same reason.  I guess I should have written the whole thing further into the future or just ignored ‘current events’ while writing the original, but now I feel like I am locked into using our ‘history’ as it unfolds, and the FRAUD just keeps piling on more crap.  Even when you think things can’t get any stranger, they dump a shovel load of “WTF?” on and turn the valve open just a little further.


Ok, Confession time.  I am HIGHLY distracted right now, and it has NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, to do with world events or any of that. My distraction explains why I am having little “oops” factors popping up on me too.   Nopes, I found another deal of the century in kayaky goodness, and I am trying my dangedest to make the connections that make it MINE!!!!    Don’t want to go into too many details, like make and model, or what not, but I can tell you it is a legitimate Seakayak, 17′ long, and honest to Dawg fiberglass construction.   Need some TLC, but from everything I can see in the pictures i have of it, the TLC is outfitting only.  The glass appears ‘factory fresh’, and I can see that the skeg is in working order.   So, new deck lines, possibly new hatch covers ( most likely) and I would have a ship-shape seakayak for a tenth of the price of a new one.  No, I am not kidding, ONE. TENTH. 818d4c31065b7acc8e9786747b21b6d1(not the exact version, but a good example.)

yup, its eating me alive trying to figure out how to get tab A into slot B and make all of this happen.  So, apologies to you all for my lack of focus on the bloggy stuff.  

A moment of silence please

A good mind has passed on.

Do please read his book if you have not. Its been public domain since 2009, so geel free to spread far and wide

I’ll be back up later.

The winds of Walspurgnacht

Thats my story n I’m stickin’ to it!!!

Note that LOW average speed? My average last week was 4.3ish. Not 2.8. I may have hit that 5.9 today, but it was with the turbo blast of wind coming off the Dam of the lake I was on. (and Selkie felt like she was skiing across that water, without much of my help other than to keep me upright and pointed downwind.)

2.4 miles total travel and I felt more beat up this week than last. That wind was brutal today. Even the bassboats headed in about the same time I was. Freakin’ wind was tossing all of us around.

All good though, I managed to get water time in, still feel froggy when I start out but that subsides quick. The more seat time I get the better that transition responds. New foot rest worked just fine (did I mention I needed to change that last week? Don’t recall,,,, If not, yeah, the foot rest was way off and I made new and even managed to get the parts that I can’t make ordered and on hand before the weekend arrived. Yay Me!)

And I need a new GPS. that one is good enough to use as a dashboard for things like this, but the maps in it are all wrong. And Garmin no longer supports it: hasn’t in several years. SO, no new maps for it and my breadcrumb trail in it shows me on land for half of this little jaunt. No shoreline, but ON land, by several hundred meters in one instance.

C’est la Vie,,,, It can wait, as I have no real need of it currently, and what I have does work, it just doesn’t do ALL I would like of it. And a breadcrumb trail is a breadcrumb trail: what the ‘map’ says doesn’t have to correspond to the territory you are in, in this case. (and have you seen the prices on new units, sheesh!!!)

Tomorrow is domestics day, and “fix someone else’s truck day”, doesn’t seem to be much moving in the world of the FRAUD this weekend, so I may not post anything tomorrow. If I do, it is guaranteed to be frivolous and silly. I’m feeling kinda silly this week.

wet day fun day

Man, talk about a week. Still riding on that rush of testosterone from last week. And I plan on adding to it today. Just as an aside, ya ever have one of those workouts that caused you to have itchy connective tissues? If you have I don’t need to explain further, but if you haven’t, its a DEEP itch, that you can’t get to, right where the muscles hit bone. Been feeling that the last couple of days, in my chest and lats. Did a little math on the race, just for giggles, and came up with roughly 6300 paddle strokes to complete that race. Thats A LOT of push up and pull up motion and while not as strained as a push up or a pull up, it adds up, and makes for lean muscle growth.

So those peeps that like the long pig won’t find me all that palatable. I’ll have some seriously tough and stringy muscle mass that won’t make for good eatin’. LOL.

Yah, Gallows humor; sometimes it’s what carries you through.

Did some reading this AM before donning the neoprene, which I am warming up as we speak (it can be COLD when you first put it on.) and saw this,,,>> <<. over at Emeralds Substak. (you’ll have to C+P the link, I don’t want to embed it and get his “ICK” on my blog.)

That there are people with such self loathing, loathing of their own species,,, even a five year old can hear the circular logic in this POS’s words, and yet its Crap like this that is up there guiding the world towards whatever. Their own hatred drives them to such positions. Why them and not us? Because WE just want to be left alone and those pieces of shit can’t get that particular point through their heads. THEY are compelled by their own self-hatred to force the rest of us into their mold, and then cry rivers when we don’t comply (or worse, throw tantrums and cause genocides and the like. )

Am I othering in this case? DAMNED STRAIGHT I am!

I have a feeling listening to this pustule that IF I were ever to be in the same room as him and he opened his pie-hole, I would shove his foot into it with PREJUDICE!!! Not that I would ever be in such a place and time, I am way far below that level, and happily so. That filth is why we are suffering the things we do, when in fact, the world is full of resources and opportunities IF ONLY WE WEREN’T REGULATED TO THE POINT OF ASPHYXIATION.

But no, these people don’t see the human race as viable or worthwhile (Their words) all while being a part of that (or are they? that could be debatable, and why we ‘joke’ about lizard people,,,). And they wonder why people like me despise them so much. Even a stray cur dog has more sense of self-worth and belonging than those POSs display. I think the proper term is NIHILISM, and “THEY” display it in Brobdingnagian proportions.

OK, time for me to get my narrow ass to the Church of the Two Bladed Paddle and reinforce the proper attitude to get through the dearth of proper work and finances.

Misc Debris from the front

Not much to add to today. Just a little disappointed in one of my recent purchases, so I figured I would share it with you.

Buffalo needed new doorhinge bushings, and the only way I could purchase them local was as a pair of ‘kits’. New Pin, new bushings and a retainer clip. $10/each kit.

Now, I have never had issues with these before. Done this a few times on chevys since the design sucks mucky pond water. The bushing wears out and there becomes a half inch of play in the door and all kinds of heck starts to happen. In Buffalos case, it was a noisome gap at the top that continually whistled and allowed rain in when on the highway. Not much, but an annoyance to say least.

SO, kits in hand, do some strange framing and straps and blocks of wood with rolling jack under the door to hold things ‘kinda’ in place while I hammer out the old pins: Easy peasy. Then I get the new bushings in place. This is where things started going sideways. Dunno who is making those bushings for Dorman, but they SUCK!!!! Shattered two of the four, JUST PUTTING THEM IN PLACE. Wasn’t even hammering on them, just slipped them in place and levered the door in to hold them there, and crack!; they fell into pieces. Not going to even bother trying to get replacements, I needed that door in place to leave the ‘Stead,,,and, well, you’ll see. Redneck School of engineering and Machine shop services came through.

So, I started digging around. Found a chunk of old copper pipe that was heavy walled and and just the right ID for the pin: chucked it onto a drill and did some redneck machining with a grinder while the drill was the ‘lathe’. I did use a my dial caliper to make sure I didn’t over do it, but that was as high tech as my little shop managed. Those bushings are supposed to be hammer forged brass or bronze; they were simple cast parts. Cast won’t hold up to the stresses a door places on that area, PERIOD. I’m just glad it happened while I was in there doing the deed, and not later on this week (if that long) and really got under my skin. I hate to do shit twice, when once should be good enough.

Seeing how I like my Chevy, and that such a small part is now crap from the factory, I think I am going to make a die to manufacture new ones. Something I can clamp into a press and form new parts with. Old brass washers are good enough and with a proper die, they will form nicely. Anneal the washer before pressing and it will work harden I have the old pins and dimensions and making a die, is really just turning two chunks of steel in the lathe. (three since there are two sizes of bushing: different internal dimensions, but same outer).

Or not. So many little projects going on as it is, those parts can be turned on a lathe in about 5 minutes instead of making a die that I will need once every five years or so. Just another piece of clutter in a tool shop that doesn’t exist yet,,,,

And I really need to get on that aspect seeing how there are things I can make that other people are going to need and with issues of the day: IE supply chain snafus, parts backordered till next year in some cases, etc etc,,,,, Well, a guy with a welder, grinder and Engine Lathe has some serious collateral for bargaining. And Knowledge, gotta have the knowledge and a “we can fix that” creative attitude.

Altered sTaTEs

As found @ BCEs place

Call it what ya will, but what I see is a small group of, I guess people is a loose enough term, though human is too specific, that wish for a large portion of the world to die off. That they manipulate resources to ‘help that along’, is what I would call voluntary manslaughter or conspiracy to commit same.

THE GREAT RESET, Right? That plans have been made by ‘Great Minds’ <sarc off> with apx 7 billion inconvenient facts wobbling around the surface of this rock,,,,(IF you can trust census’, I’m not so sure anymore)

If someone is tryin’ to kill you, you try to kill’em right back.” Malcom Reynolds Firefly.

Its Friday, its not the time I want the flush of positivity my race weekend gave me to ‘go buh-bie’ . I’m still feeling plenty of good vibes from it and its the crap loose upon the world that wishes it gone. If I am muddled in the quagmire of world events, I am not an effective unit against it.

Orwell and Huxley are drinking heavily on the otherside, lamenting, ‘why didnt they frackin listen to us’,,,

More later, gotta earn the TP that peeps still accept as currency for now.