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may be feelin’ a little perturbed (now w/update)(and more)

Short story, I had an “office space” moment,,,,

There is now a HP carcass on the burn pile,,, I was attempting to do some changes to the blog here, and Mac is notorious for running slow on the WordPress site, so I chose to pull out the PC,,,

and the frustrations ensued. After the 50th popup while I was trying to manipulate code, I blew the fuck up, slammed the lid down, walked it out onto the porch and tossed it in the yard, went back in and grabbed up the .22 and dumped an entire tube of BBs into that manifest frustration machine.

And it burst into flames as one of those bullets passed through the battery.




yah, I may be feeling a bit touchy on things today,,,, a little anger management issue type thingy,,,, A deep abiding hatred of everything Microsoft could be in play too,,,, And WordPress is NOT helping any, with converting ALL OF THEIR SHIT to block editing,,, Totally fubars the code process (I am NOT a coder, I copy and paste scripts, and if that doesn’t work, I have no clue how to MAKE it work,,, And the HTML crap isn’t working,,, period! (and all the changes WP has made to their stuff is the cause of Mac slowing down on the site. I continually get “this web page is using excess power, closing it may help speed up your computer’,,, And their offline editor ISN’T offline,,, I use an offline program that has to be converted in most cases (unless through the phone)

And here I am, trying to do what SHOULD be simple cut and paste, and finding that the code is totally IGNORED by WP,,, GIGO,, Garbage in, garbage out, so I know it has to be something I am not doing right, and not a clue as to what. And the Zon’s help page took lessons from Microsoft or something,,, Help it ain’t.

JSYK, I have been tapping this post out, trying different ways to get the links that ‘Zon supplies to work and NOTHING, doesn’t seem to matter how I put them in: under html, code, syntax,,,, All my previews TOTALLY IGNORE what I put in, with the exception of the link, which looks like gobbledygook. I was hoping to use this for those books that I have on my sidebar, but making changes there, wipes those books out of existence in my sidebar,,, I tried embedding it, Nopes,, not a URL so it ignores that too,,,


I am putting the beast up for the evening, going to do a little reading from the dead tree library and let Wings stew overnight before my current attitude starts to color what has been moving without friction the last twenty four hours. I am setting the whole Zon-nightmare aside until such time as I can face to face/or talk over phone with someone IN THE KNOW, because I have had it with it today. And I don’t want to go so ballistic I shoot up my MacBook,,,, (MS, HP, trash ‘puter IMO, and it was Win10 and sucked ass to boot,,Hell, since I pulled all my writing files off it on Saturday morning, it had become a paperweight that needed charging: No great loss to me, but damned satisfying to see it burst into flames after a few rounds through it. )

UPDATE: cruising around, digging details out of ‘Zon and WP, yup, wasn’t JUST me,,,, WP requires a BUSINESS PLAN to run the code that ‘Zon writes their links with. Digging into the WP wiki now and I may have the solution, WITHOUT shooting up any more ‘puters,,,

Update to the update,,,, Look at the sidebar. those send me some shekels now, OR, I should say MAY,,, Dunno till ‘they work’


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  1. Must be something in the air…I’ve been having tech issues up the wazoo for the last week too!
    If I didn’t live in suburbia. I’d have probably put a few rounds in my laptop last night. Today I’m just ignoring it and doing some woodwork – no ‘puter required except the one between my ears!

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    March 19, 2023 at 5:10 pm

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