Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Smells of fish,,,

this whole thing with the recent release of info on “three flyovers while OrangemanBad was in office”,,,,   Seriously, there is something fishy about the balloons, the timing, and the media, and The feeling I GET, is telling me this is actually more of an internal struggle within the courts of the swamp,,, (not the judicial courts but the courts where the preening and posturing happen among the un-elected and unaccountable.)

Seriously, if there had been three spy balloons over the CONUS when Trump was Prez, the media would have blown it all the hell and back, anything to make Trump into more of an ogre than he already was.       Now, I ain’t saying there weren’t, I am just saying that if it had been made even partially public knowledge, the media would have been on it like a pitbull on a porterhouse steak.  

I smell fish.

The fact that under the oh so well loved Xi-den>sarc< there was a kerfluffle about it,,,, WEll, it was lower in altitude than ‘usual’ weather balloons so people could see it with the naked eye,,,  Kinda hard to disclaim that, AND China was releasing statements claiming it as theirs, and OOOPSIES,,,, We lost control of it,,,,

BUT, the fact that they waited and waited, and waited some more,,, Until the bloody thing was over deep water, but stlll in controlled waters,,,, 


its starting to stink in this shop,   Need to open up the windows and doors and air this joint out,,,,

I think the internal squabbles between DOD and INTEL are still in play.  I think there is some movement within the Ranks of the DNC to get Joe removed from office somehow, someway, and they are in a conundrum over it right now because  Kamalalading-dong,,,,,   Peelousy not being in line for next up kinda puts a spin 0on it that they don’t like either, but her popularity was on par with KamelToes,,,, and god-forbid Occasional Cortex be in line,,,,(that would actually be the funniest 5 minutes of American history, but I digresss,)

And there are still the WEF  members in the machine to contend with,,,,  


ALright, so what my point?   Only one, and you know it and may not want to admit it.   


Don’t think Trump can make a come back, don’t care either.   Don’t think Desantis has a snowflakes chance in hell (even with or especially with the endorsements of the BUSH Cartel,,,)   

And I find I just don’t give a rats ass anymore.    They intend on collapsing the system, every effort they make is claimed as something else, but the end result is always ‘one step closer to the end’, and they are raping the coffers for every last whiff of revenue.    You do not write 30 trillion in debt without making sure the payback is so far down the road that you are guaranteed to be dust when it gets here.

Don’t worry, I have no intention of going off the deep end and doing anything stoopid,,,  you know, like talk to FEEBS and get set up in some sting operation as some white supremecist or some other bullshit claim.     

And if I DID go off the deep end, it would be quiet like, no collaboration, self contained.   I am a firm advocate and follower of S-S-S,, especially that last S,,,

but you don’t have to worry about that,   I have a life to live, and kayaks to play with and when things do get frosty, I will be in shape enough to help in some manner because I am not sitting on my ass trying to berate a beast that wouldn’t  even acknowledge my existence, except as some scapegoat to keep the normies in line.


Long day today. totally solo on a “me” job, that was started with help last Turdsday,, (Never gonna have that assistant EVER again, details don’t need vented, since Son of Bossman agrees, even though he was tickled as all get out by the details,,,) But, the install is complete, and information passed along. May be called back out as the educator/trainer for the system, but the install is solid and tested three ways to Sunday before I left.

one day of four down and out of the way, Da’s doc appt on Friday then its CAMPING,,, and my soul is feeling twitchy in anticipation,,,,


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