Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

NO, they don’t

HT to Chris

And then,,, Over at Francis’s place,, we have a metaphysical question, or is that a socialogical one,,, Dunno, but it had me thinkin’ all night.

One of the biggest issues I have with the Constitution resided on one word: “Happiness”,,, The original word was “Property” but the New England delegates took offense at that (that whole slavery thing, people being considered property, etc etc. The whole ‘aw hell no’ from the New Englanders is rather illuminating, seeing how many of them AT THAT TIME were still slave holders,,,, You tell me who’s calling the kettle black here,,,, )

The real problem with “happiness” is how subjective it is. My happiness is not your happiness, is not his happiness, is not her happiness.

And I think THAT is where Fran’s question hits the roadblock. It presumes that happiness or freedom be a prerequisite to the argument. You can’t make everybody happy (without large quantities of mood stabilizers and psychotropics in the water supplies,,,,) and there will always be ‘that one’ that desires to tell others how to ‘BE’, (modern parlance calls this type Karens,,, but those are only one such type of the same species.)

I don’t have an answer for Fran on this one. My take on it, IF and when we regain the Freedoms, we, those that ‘just wanna be left alone’ need to start being proactive in maintaining that. Don’t go ‘hunting’ but when those that want to tell others,,,, get involved, WE the unwilling, the ungovernable need to get in their faces, grab a belt loop, and ‘do the deed’ that has so desperately needed done these past 250+ years. Start with the ‘punch in the mouf’ and escalate to slitting throats as needed. BUT there must be that proactive side to make sure that those that would lead from behind others, know they will not be tolerated.

How do you decide? And thats the problem: ‘the state’ is always lurking nearby, just waiting for that one willing to make the grab. And as Fran Illustrated on his fictitious planet ‘Hope’, even the ‘leave me alones’ can become ‘The State’

still thinkin’ here,,,,,

But in the meantime, I’m busting out Starship Troopers and “Then there were none” again. Between the two: enough state vs libertine to get some thinks going.

Is there an answer? I have my doubts: the human species has some issues that need addressed and that may make the whole argument moot. And I’m thinking Aldous Huxley sorts of ‘addressed’, influenced by ‘the state’ and that fits neatly in line with what the WEF hints at,,, scary shit, really scary shit.

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