Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

the grumbles of age

and ya, I know I have readers that are older than i,,,,

BUT, the age still creeps up on ya and when you least expect, changes need made to HOW,,,, How you live, how you move, how you think even.

One little change that I started making this week, and I am still working on: Salt Intake,,,, I’ve always been a salt-a-holic: goes back to my Marine Corps days, when ‘salt your food to taste’ was the order of the day and when you are burning through copious amounts of water, you burn through copious amounts of salt too,,,

but lately, that salt has been doing bad things. Like feeling dizzy when I stand up, Yeah, BP counts are over normal,,, and there was another aspect I wasn’t expecting,,, Cramps. Potassium levels are off. So, SWITCH to the Potassium Chloride ‘salt’. :: One week,,, cramps are starting to fade off, and my pallette is starting to adapt to the taste, and I don’t use anywhere near as much as I had of the sodiumchloride tablesalt, gold of the desert-folk,

quick check this morning and my BP was 119/73, and thats right after I woke so its coming back down. (BPs tend to be higher when you first wake up since your body is in ‘get moving’ mode)(and I am quite aware that the number listed is ‘really good’,, it was running around 130/90 last week and was scaring me. I ain’t 20 no more, but when I was in my twenties, my BP ran around 105/60 and I had more than one ‘doc’ ask me “are you even awake?” while doing the checks.)

Just the fact that I am checking my BP twice sometimes more, daily,,,, Thats one shift. That I started paying attention to what the warning signs of this vehicle have been telling me,,, Thats another shift.

It sucks gettin’ old”,,,, “Aint no gettin’ son; GOT!!!” *sigh* And if I had thought I would have lasted this danged long, I’d have tried to take better care of it. LOL the lies we tell ourselves,,,,, Who the hell am I kidding, I wouldn’t change a thing because I wouldn’t shift my mentallity enough,,, I like who I am in me head, and that ‘me’ didn’t get here by being a ninny watching every molecule that passed my lips,,,,

and I AM still young enough that I can make some corrections to the course, which I am doing.

What won’t change is my genetics, and my genetics have likely doomed me to an ‘early’ death from heart failure; ‘early’ being mid to late sixties. All of my moms brothers died in thier sixties, and all about the same way. Got home, went into office and ‘passed out’ dead as the proverbial doornail. And the majority of my genetic code is obviously from my mothers side,,, I am the spitting image of one of her brothers at the same age. and I tower almost a full foot over my dad.

And ya know what? I am ok with that. My sis is probably yelling at the screen right now, follow along, you’ll understand.

I have had a DAMNED GOOD LIFE. And it ain’t over with yet, and I don’t plan on becoming that ninny that watches every little stinking detail in fear. I can make sure I eat well, and do my exercisees, but it won’t change the fact that a heart has an expiration date assigned to it. And I know that what is here is just one stage of ” My REAL Life”, (if you think my posting about Mackies Christmas was ‘just’ fiction,, read it again,,, I BELIEVE that Woo-Woo heebie-jeebie stuff,,,,) Rather like my looking forward to the collapse so I can see whats on the other side (and I may not live long enough for that, and if I do, very likely won’t see its wrap up.) I look forward to learning “The WHY”,,, Why are we here, Why are we “alone”, why why whywhy, like a 3 year old on a roll. Tons and tons of questions that physics and metaphysics only tap at, never answer. And interestingly enough, I probably already know, you probably already know, its just THAT information is not permitted in this lab/classroom/playground,,, I dunno, but I WILL find out,

Wow,,, This post took a right turn around the bend, didn’t it?

Its flipping 20 degrees outside right now. Grizz keeps coming in, popping up in my lap with COLD paws and telling me all about how cold it is and why I need to fix that,,,, Brrrrr Sorry kat, you can go play in that shit, you’s a furcoat. this hairless monkey is going to do half an hour on the Erg in place of taking Lizzy to the FRICKIN FRIGID LAKE,,, just about 3 months out, the SKAW is scheduled and I intend on giving it hell! 13 miles of mostly open water in 2 laps. Gonna be fun pushing and pulling with Bruce (not doing tandem, both in solo, but you can bet we will be neck and neck the whole race, giving hell to the one slacking at that moment: and I expect that ‘slack’ to walk back and forth between us as we get our second/third/fourth winds,,,,)

3 responses

  1. Ohio Guy

    Keep warm ya ol’ cobber.

    Liked by 1 person

    February 5, 2023 at 12:08 am

  2. Spud

    Good to know that you’re still with us…
    This past year has been one that has been the big one for several old friends of mine . Sisters husband just two days ago . Then, Another life long friend and business partner just before that. He was 69 , same age as I. Yet here I am still kicking.
    Get paranoid when blogging friends go dark. Old Bison and I got to be fairly good friends over the years. He really impressed me as being one of the doomsayers that actually lived what he preached. Yet , when I got into that bad accident back in 2014. Here I was , receiving donations from a guy living in a hole in the ground . Never once suggested needing help either. Then just last year he up and disappeared. We always exchanged Xmas cards , but this year’s card was returned as undeliverable. With no card from him either.
    I’ve sent him a couple emails since,….no response. He is about the same age as you Dio.


    February 5, 2023 at 7:11 am

    • If I stop posting, it will be one of two ways: I post up my “syonara” post and kiss this shit goodbye,,, OR I have been swatted and things just cease to roll here. I have a backup plan in case the latter happens, but there may be a delay between event and a post getting up from my ‘source’ to let you all know.
      That Bison went underground, without warning,,, dunno what to think there.


      February 5, 2023 at 7:15 am

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