Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Trip, boop! SPLAT!!!

another trip down memory lane this afternoon,,,,

rain out at the J.O.B. and I ain’t complaining, (except for that ‘no work, no pay’ thing,,, ugh!!!).  it was COLD out there, and wet as all get out, and my ‘job’ today was an install of an intelligent (they ain’t) gate.  Welding included and I hate welding on icy steel; things can get a bit exciting when a sheet of ice slides right into your welding puddle,,,,

anywhooos, did some chatting with B (he was at work, but slow day for the same reasons we were not at work,,,,) and I sent him a link to my first blog-site.

I’m dying here,,,   That picture in the side bar,,,, Yeah, that’s me,,,  the year was 2004 and I was on a gig in Newport KY, and the young things I am surrounded by were a dance troupe from NKU.   And the Photographer was my Ex,,,   (not that this pic led to that demise,,, that was years later,,,).   All day today, I kept looking at that pic, thinking, “Christ!  I really was young then!!!” and knew NOTHING even though I thought I knew Something,,,   I knew sound, and how to turn a wrench, and that was about the extent of my skills.  Oh yeah, March in formation and shoot expert on the Marine Corps ranges, both pistol and rifle. (and part of where that moniker snuck in at,,,  )

 I was thirty-six and felt like I had the world by its short-hairs.

I think the chorus in that song sums up my life then,,,,   

and that blog, damn I was a chatty rat wern’t I?   LOL.   Prolly why my posts tend to be quite a bit shorter these days,,,  I feel like I already said it all,,,,

and to what end?   

Nothing changed, or at least not for the better,,,  Maybe I learned a shit ton more, but the more I learn the more I realize the less I actually know, and that one person is going to have about as much effect as a fart in a hurricane.   There are exceptions of course,,, but ultimately, those exceptions are rarer than hens teeth in the short term.

To be honest, reading some of my words from that time, I am surprised as hell we are HERE now,,,   

and maybe that’s a part of why I just ‘dongivafuk’ anymore.    Oh, I care that there are shitstains in the world that are bound and determined to be the top of the heap even if that means dropping the living standard of billions into the cesspits,,,   but what can I, ME, Little ol’ lonely ME on this hillside do????    

Laugh at the fucks,,, laugh at the stoopid antics of those that claim to be better people than such as me, or B, who would pull a complete stranger out of the water and try to save his life, or Mark, who just paddled 45 flipping kilometers today and so far has paddled 6600 kilometers (give or take, he has hitched a ride here and there,,,) with the message ‘Reverse the Bad” and not harping on the ‘Glorious leaders pretend” bad shit, but OUR bad shit we do out of callousness or just not thinking.

in one of those posts I talk about the Oblammymessiah and how the turd never did a days worth of work in his life, still hasn’t, and yet,,,,   Hell, the turd didn’t even WRITE the books with his name on them,,, And I would bet his ghost writer doesn’t make all that much off them, if anything past the one time payment Oblammy-o-boy coughed up,,,,  

Trust me, writing/publishing is WORK!!!!  This from a guy that toured the US as a roadie!!!

(and I am not giving the ghostwriter shit,,, any money when you are trying to ‘break in’ keeps you moving forward,,,)

And I am not hammering any political side in particular, just one individual in this case.    Actually, when that pic in the blog was taken, we had just hit the $4/gallon mark while The Shrub was in office, so one side ain’t no better than other.  Actually they are the same coin,,,,   a plug nickle and worth about as much IMO: and looking back at my writing then, I was just learning that,,,thanks to Bill Buppert from ZeroGov, and Larken Rose, and a deluge of other older writing all the way back to Spooner and Locke,,,

Keep in mind, I was also teaching myself Machining skills, foundry skills, gunsmithing, and breaking away from the leftard indoctrination,,,  All while faking being an IT professional (I had the certs, but not the background,,,   And another reason why I think certifications are a sham,,,,    )

My REAL education didn’t start until I hit 40, and I made up for 40 years of wasted bullshit in short order,,,,

And I’m still learning,,,


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