Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

getting watched over?`

Posted my trepidation of ‘just anudder manic muhnday,,,” this AM, and maybe someone IS watching out for me. Didn’t have to munkee with monkies today: all on me lonesome, chasing down electrons and ghosties,,, Or in the case of the last ‘repair’, find out dummy broke key off in security box,,,,, Thats pricey since now I have to replace the entire unit, not just the keypad within,,,,(son of bossman said to find the problem, and if that meant replacing unit, so be it. Out come tools of destruction so I can get to the problem child within,,,,)

can’t fix stoopid, and that business is notorious for “Zero Tolerance” so there isn’t a single body willing to step up and say, ‘yeah, I screwed the pooch,,,’ Their problem, its up to me to rectify the destruction and get things operational again. And I look at it like this: they want to hire low IQ and skill level and hold zero tolerance for mistakes,… I have job security,,,,, NO ONE will fess up when you know if you do, you are pink-slipped on the spot. That sort of ‘management’ has no way of wheedling out the true ‘fuck-ups’ from the diamonds in the rough. They’d rather pay my company service call fees and repair bills. They also have no way of rectifying diffferences in inventory with actual production because the middle management lies through their teeth to protect thier job status,,,

Damn, a microscopic version of TOP DOWN Government at work,,,,, who’d a thunk,,,,

I was in the Corps right around when they started the whole bottom up thing. The NCO’s had tons of discretion allowed to them, and the ossifers started having better numbers showing up, with a whole lot LESS flak from the troops. Becoming a Lance or Corporal carried weight because you were actually in charge of PEOPLE, not just some aspect of the motorpool or comm shack,,,

and if one of your pogues F!up!, you stood the beating as well. Maybe not as severe, but you were responsible for that man and you took it too. Same thing went up hill, all the way to post command. It would get spread out some, but if a unit screwed up and caught the attention of the Commandant at 8th and I,,,,

TOP DOWN never works for too long. Bottom up has longevity AND is far more flexible, so long as the mission roles are well defined. When you start doing things bottom up, problems get resolved faster, and in such ways that most times, it doesn’t become a REAL issue. Got a guy that is missing PT or something on the reg,,, the NCO’s deal with it as best they can, and that is usually MORE than enough. Got a slacker thats pulling the whole unit down? A little one on one with his platoon buddies after hours usually straightened those up, Or ran them off,,,

And while at the time, those ‘corrections’ may seem harsh, the reality is, the problem children were protected from the weight of the UCMJ, which can be a real mother, and one that can haunt a guy for decades. And that protection helped the unit as well. If one of them continued being the screwball, then things would escalate, and the unit was absolved of responsibility since “they tried their best”,,,

Anywhoos, I am home now, relaxed since I didn’t have to deal with a circus today, and breathing easy for that. The bottle of Beam is safe from me tonight,,,,

now, back to my REAL job, and that may be another all-nighter if the guest in my head has any say on the matter,,,,


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