Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

do you feel it?

like something is shifting, drifting, pulling apart or pulling together, I can’t tell which,,,,

my morning started rather early,,,  usual these days, (with last toozday being a huge exception) I take advantage of them since the katz are still down from the late night triapsing of the ‘hood, and the world isn’t waking up ‘just yet’,

and the last few days, the signal seems to be moving.  Not so  much a jumbled mess of white noise from chaotic minds, but something that seems more resolved, ready, or near so, and more than a little fed up.   I really noted it over at Chris Muirs today, in comments.   The ‘narrative’ is changing.

Or am I having a bout of wishful thinking.   ————————

I had an assistant at work on Turdsday, and some of you may remember me talking about this’un a time or two.   Rabid Baptist sort, but a nice enough fellow, just a little over the edge on aspects IMO.   We had some serious talks, and I showed him ‘this pagan’ is formidable in a battle of wits, especially when you show up to the fight only partly armed, hoping God has your armor ready,,,,   Thats not being mean, just realisitic on my part.   I don’t recommend assailing a castle with just a knife,,,   And I have had years to build my castle walls, and its defenses that can be turned offensive with little effort.   

Anywhooos,,,, dood wasn’t prepared for me to quote bible passages at him, including ones that he was completely unfamiliar with.   Nor was he prepared for my argument about “you can’t call it the word of God if its in it’s 5th HUMAN translation,,,” and then showed him why I feel that way, using recent points about communications between the translators for King James,    And I showed him that here are more versions of the bible than just that one KJV that he swears is the FINAL word.  Books such as the Russian Orthodox Church, that still contains the Gnostic chapters, and has been translated (supposedly) without the bias of King James scholars (who were also covering thier asses under a despotic king,,,) 

And then I dropped some CS Lewis on his head. “You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.” and proceeded to use the quantum physics thing to prove MY POINTS, Not neccesarily facts, I dont have those; but to prove my theorem so far.  I made the point of telling him, “My beliefs are not contradictory to yours, in fact that are complimentary, but they are NOT the same beliefs,,,” and then I made one point that caught him so far off guard, (and he fought until I clarified that he had misheard; he had)  WE are all GOD,,,  (totally stolen from Micheal Valentine Smith RAH)   and he countered, “no way could GOD be as messed up as me”

my response,  ” You didn’t hear me correctly,,,  I didn’t say YOU were GOD, I didn’t say I was GOD: none of us individually can be that, BUT,,  WE, collectively, with all of our goofy ass fucked up quirks and mistaken thinks, can be, since we were made in his image,  from him, etc etc  QED: WE are all GOD.   

Now, before some of y’all go shooting at me, there was much more than my excerpted version here, to include stuff from my Mackies Christmas story and other points I have illuminated here and there on the blog.   I dumbed down my arguments for this guy.  I had to, since it was obvious that he is stuck in one mode of thinking, and has not explored all the aspects of the world that he can.   For your consideration, he is the one that begs forgiveness and strength, then turns around and repeats the same old shit and wonders why his life is crap,,,   And he is a recovering(?) Methhead, so there is that too.    

Seriously, the ONLY thing I did was prove to him that he has SO MUCH MORE TO LEARN, and that making critical judgments on people JUST BECAUSE they don’t think JUST LIKE YOU,,,   Bad mojo, seriously bad Mojo there.  That sort of shit is why we are where we are.  

BUT, I get the distinct impression GOD (my version, IE, the collective consciousness of humanity, as goofy and messed up as it is) is getting a might tired of the silly bugger games that the left has pushed on us for the last hundred plus years, and one aspect of this schizophrenic GOD is getting ready to gobsmack the shit out of the other aspect that has been holding the reins.  Its nothing I can put my finger on directly and say “THIS, this is my proof that things are about to turn around,,,” , its much more a feeling I get when I am reading words written now and comparing them to 2, 4 and 12 years ago.   Something is shifting in the tembre of the language used.

(and a prouder point, people are using BETTER punctuation,,,  And I know I am not the poster child of proper punctuation; I use it as a tool to color the sentencing, not by the rules taught to me those many many years ago.)(I am also a BIG user of euphimisms, and that makes translating these pages ‘awkward’ for some of the AI translation machines,,,  Apologies to my non-english speaking readers,,,)

Did I change my bible thumpers views on his beliefs?  I doubt it, but that was not the point I wanted to make.  My point was I wanted him to open his eyes that there is more than one way to achieve the same ends/understanding.      And I think that we are about to see another shift in world thinking similar to that which took place back in the 1770’s but without the words of Paine, or Locke, or any of the other philosphers that inspired out Founders.  

It’s called Evolution, and it happens in the minds just as much as the ‘real world’, and can happen on much shorter time scales.   

I think we are at that cusp,,,

And the current leaders pretend are shitting bricks about it.

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