Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

I dunno, think I’ll keep lookin around

Let me fill ya in a bit:   I loaded up one of those ‘singles apps’ on my phone, mostly cuz I wanted to ‘see whats out there’ since I live under a rock and all.  BUT, I gotta tell ya.  seems that most of what I saw was some bot of some sort and so far out of range (actual distance-wise, not standing)    AND the damned app was so full of money sucking features that by the time I would have paid up, I could have spent a MONTH in Vegas with some top-notch escort service and died happy. (I exaggerate, but not by much,,,)

And some of the pictures,,,,   

Have ya ever seen the socio-path smile (I know you have, you watch politicians like I do: as if they were highly poisonous snakes,,,). Some of these women had that ‘look’.   its really located in the eyes more than anywhere else, but oh, did they have it.  

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I see that look and i’m like “NOPES, don’t even want to tickle that nightmare,,,,”

Am I being particular?   Hell to YES!!!  I am 54, ain’t ded yet, still have a few more good years in me, and I don’t want to spend them fending off KRAZZEEE,,, nor finding out that the ‘perfect date’ is another Ghislaine Maxwell CUCK type front or something.

In my current digs, I have met a few of the local wymenz,  

if I have to explain every other word out of my mouth,,,   I don’t mind giving a definition or three every-once in a while, or even realizing I need to turn down the education factor a grade or two in my speech, but what I catch here local is so far below even that!!!!!   

My 6 year old Grandson knows bigger words!!!!  And more of them.   Seriously, locally, it seems as if the entire compass of the language is less than 2000 words.  And here I thought the lowest number that could still communicate effectively was 3000.   Oh, I see the problem: key word EFFECTIVELY,,,,    

I know there are people here that don’t fall into that category but I live under a rock, and haven’t found the doors into that circle of people.   And like everyone else around here, they are suspicious as hell of newcomers, especially newcomers that don’t have the right ‘twang’,,, (and it has cost me a job at one point, though the actual reason was listed as ‘incompatible with workforce’,,,)  I don’t really have an accent.  If you hear me speaking with an accent, its what I have picked up locally to avoid the side-eye thing, NOT MINE.    I found me doing that in Texas, California, and the Carolinas.   Its not even a conscious thing,,, I just parrot the local twang to some extent, but not so much that I can’t understand myself.  And believe me, around here, the scots-irish/Gealic brogue can be INTENSE.  Its english, barely,,,,  (admittedly, I had several New England raised English teachers as I was growing up, and DICTION, ENUNCIATION, etc were POUNDED INTO MY SKULL.   And I can usually spot a native New Englander by the way certain words are linked together, not just the way they are said.) (a little history from our founding days.   Jefferson was NO FAN of Webster, and it had everything to do with the way each spoke.  Dan Webster was a New Englander and demanded concise wording.   Jefferson was from Virginia and there was a lot of that Scots-Irish thing even then.  There was definite friction between the two even though they were both High educated Intellectuals.)

But back to the hunting thing,,,  I guess you could call it that,,,   Not seeing much out there that doesn’t send up a red-flag of warning before words are even exchanged.  A couple, yes, but so far out over hill and dale that I just don’t see it as possible , if they are even real people.  Thats one of the biggest problems with these things, being able to determine if someone is flesh and blood or a pirated picture on a computer bot.  Then there is the trying to determine how “woke” the other one is, and I mean how much of the indoctrination are they still holding onto.  The ones with multiple colored hair in their 50s are probably still drunk on koolaid so get an immediate ‘pass’ on my end.  Those and the ones that look like they tripped into a tackle box and lost the fight: pass!!!!   

And the opportunities for meat space around here?  sh,,,,,,t.    Maybe if I went back to college for a term or two,,, but there are no bars locally, no nightclubs, no real social life outside of the churches and I am not going to try that route,,,, would feel  like I were lying through my teeth the entire time and thats no way to start good relations of any sort.

Or I just go back to living under my rock until such time as I can make a move to somewhere with a more compatible to me social scene,,,,

Thats sort of the problem with kayaking,  one, its a rare thing around here.  two; it’s very much a solo sport (one person per boat, no exceptions, except the tandems which we call divorce boats,,, ).   NO SOCIAL SCENE in the highlands of America,  only along the coastal and great lakes do my sort of kayaks start a showing of social scenes.

*sigh*.   Ain’t gonna give up my boats,,,  keep tryin’


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  1. Spud

    Lots of all of that available here in central Floriduh son. Yet I’m afraid you’re at the age of few desirables which are single. Met a lot of single guys in their fifties while on our sailboat. They all stated the same thing , that I was a very fortunate man to have a woman along for the ride. A sane center of the road one at that.
    Yes I am fortunate in that regard we are both liberal about life in general yet deeply conservative in what counts. Fortyfour years now together ! Yup she’s old and wrinkled , but by gum , I’m the one who wore her out and watched all those wrinkles appear. Lots of beach babes here , but I wouldn’t trade mine for any of those .
    Not much white water here , except in the ocean. Lots of bayoos and river action tho.
    Best of all…endless summer and few libtards lol. Although away from the coast , y’all run into the same education level wimmens. Here on the coast you’ll find a mix master of all types.
    Lots of work too, but very pricey col rent wise tho.
    Hell there are no perfect places…


    December 4, 2022 at 6:59 pm

    • ‘Hell there are no perfect places’ straight to Gods ears!!! Closest I ever came was north county San Diego, B4 things really went leftard,, early 90s and it was just starting to get strange, but damn did I have a blast living there. Snow ski in the morning, ocean surf in the afternoon and never traveled more than 200 miles all weekend to play like that.


      December 4, 2022 at 7:16 pm

      • Spud

        Know the area well. Lived there from 76 to 80 while going to UCSD . Would run down the cliff at Scripps to Blacks and body surf almost everyday. That and raced motocross at Carlsbad, South Bay and Riverside too. Spent a lot of time tearing up the desert out at Ocotilla Wells. Yeah a nice place to live , but way too many people for this boy from Idaho. Left there in 80 , after stealing a swabbies old lady while he was stationed at Miramar. Still with that same lady too.

        Liked by 1 person

        December 4, 2022 at 10:02 pm

  2. B

    “Tripped into a tackle box”……ROFL. I will re- use that one!

    Liked by 1 person

    December 5, 2022 at 3:02 pm

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