Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

observate’n and doin’ stuf

in my last post I mentioned how I feel about ‘current events’ and how with human nature being what it is, there isn’t much to be done to correct things.

That!  that apathy is getting more and more widespread is what I am observing.  Not about human nature perse, but about the FRAUD in general.   Xi-den and Krew pass legislation that makes VAXxnottaVax passports mandatory, and the crowd,,,,  crickets.   Totally against the Constitution, American freedoms, and pretty much commonsense, and the American people are like ‘Meh! whatevs,,,’  (this among other serious levels of BS that this FauxAdministration has been up to, to include cover-ups, Money laundering away tax revenues, etc etc etc,,,,,And I won’t even go into the outright face slapping of the American people by various ‘creatures’ being placed in certain appointed positions)

Maybe a lot of it has to do with the pinch everyone is feeling with inflation, supply chain disruptions, pretty much full blown recession unfolding around us,,,,

Maybe it has to do with the fact that Holiday season is upon us, and people are just trying to hold on to that one NORMAL point for a little while longer,,,,

Maybe it has to do with Sensory Overload of all of the above,,,,

but the APATHY is palpable.

And I fear that the level of STOOPID is about to go over the top due to people just flat IGNORING the Leadershit of this country.   These asshats thrive on attention and to deprive them of it makes them go a little wonky, more so as the level of attention drops.   

“And collapse is always followed by dictatorships”

I can think of one partial exception to that, but it was still a dictatorship in the strictest sense (think Helicopter General,,,  tossing communists from helicopters to make a point, then took office and got the country back on its feet through an iron fist, then stepped aside(as he had promised) to let the people have it.)

I can think of one way that our country going into dictatorship would be a good thing,

and I don’t see it happening.

I only wonder how much longer the apathy can build before people say ENOUGH,,,


IF they ever will.


Buffalo is back up and running, Lizzy is loaded up, but the funding is super tight this week: partly being Buffalo to blame, partly seasonal conditions in the J.O.B. and a whole lot of that RECESSION thing, with everything being stoopid high in pricing.(especially fuel,,,): gotta stretch the funds I have, for more days than I like.  I found out today that the SKAW is scheduled for the weekend of April 23rd 2023, and I fully intend on running Lizzy in that race.   B and I will be running same class and really, the race is between he and I,  with other participants as a bonus.  Where we place is irrelevant, we will be pushing and pulling each other through that race, cajoling, razzing, and cheering each other on: I gar-un-daggum-tee it.  Dunno what he is planning on running, (likely Selkie, but he has Ghost now too,,, Both fall into the fast seakayak slot, same as Lizzy) but its gonna be a fun one, no matter what.   

and that means I need to get seat time in Lizzy before then.   I will soon have the Erg to condition me, but shape is NOT enough with a lively boat under you in choppy water.   Gotta get my ‘Sea-legs’ on too.  (we have been getting better, but its been at least three weeks since I was last on water,,,,   weather, truck issues, fuel costs, you name it, oh yeah, stoopid excuses too,,,,   can’t forget those.   Mea Culpa,,,  ) *sigh*.  

hatez winter (even though TekAnick-lee, it ain’t winter yet,,,,   Coulda fooled me is all I have to say)

And i spent the day finishing, or nearly so, getting the ergometer running.   It works, but there is a bit of tweaking needed to make it much smoother, closer to how I would actually paddle, not the strong armed herky-jerky crap its doing now.   And I need to work on the spring loaded pulleys,,,   The ‘return’ stroke is faltering and I ended up wrapping excess rope around my foot a time or two.  That puts a stop to the exercise with a quickness.   I’m very happy with how the ‘wobble board’ aspect is doing.  Lively, but not squirrelly.   it will ‘rock you’ but not try to toss you over.   I only had to brace once and that was a time when I also wrapped up my foot: totally threw me off balance. I have weaker springs to use, but I think they are too weak, and I think I can supplement them with some bungee cord.  The ones on there currently don’t stretch at all when I am ‘paddling’ so there is nothing to pull the loose rope back in.   

Hey, its all experimentation at this point, but I DO want a usable unit for me, and knowledge how to do it right first time around so if someone else wants one, I can make it and charge for it.  Not a robber baron, but I am a capitalist pig. LOL.



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