Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

been one of dohz weeks

day in the field yesterday for the J.O.B.  then home to get the home fires burning again (easypeasy when the stove has a well banked load of hot coals,,,) and research.   LUVS me some internet,,,,

When I worked as a wrench back in the early 90’s, learning the ropes on drivability, one indispensable tool was ALLDATA.   Now, these days, you must be a shop owner to justify the expense of accessing ALLDATA, but they do offer a plan for a DIYer, that isn’t hateful,($20/month, $60/yr $130/3yr,   BUT, only for one specific vehicle. not a spectrum like the shops get for very kingly sums.)

Tha’s not the route I chose though: I’m a notorious tight ass when it comes to cash (mostly because its a rare bird in my world while I live on the outer fringes of society.).  Boolean search terms, and I found most of what I need on several different sites.   and not through Gigggles, I used StartPage: A lot less corporate bias on that one.  Key ground points, whats connected to each, ECM specific points, LOCATIONS on vehicle (like G304 and G305, ECM specific, one on the rear right head, the other on the rear left head. Could have missed either one not knowing there were two,,,)

Soosss,,,,     today is “climb all over buffalo making like a grease monkey again”,  PowerProbeIII and other steel type tools in hand and CHASE THIS GHOST DOWN AND EXORCISE IT.  (Note: Keep an eye on HF, they sometimes carry the PP3 at around half that price, and its original PP, not some chinee knock off.)(mines over 20 years old, bought when I was wrenching, and the only replacement its needed was the switch on the front)    

I dunno what kind of fuel milage I’ve been getting this week, but it can’t be good, and I have babied the hell out of her so I don’t do further damage, BUT, I couldn’t just let her sit either: no back up plan in place (Preppers wisdom: Two is one, one is none.   Hatez it, but its the frickin’ truth. )(and I need to work on that back-up plan ASAP,,,) To boot, yesterday I let her warm up (was 19 degrees out) before hitting the road, and when I came out, could smell a varnish-y smell lingering near the truck.  May have a load of bad gas in the tank ON TOP of the other issues. Multiple symptoms on high milage twenty year old truck,,,, Yup, chasing the ghosts out of her.

So, its starting to get light out, have had the Coffee, fed the kittehs (little socialist piggies!), its time for me to don the grimy accoutrements of a sacred Priest of the Wrench, arm myself with the Books of circuits and wiring diagrams, PowerProbeIII, the can of  HolyWater,  and exorcize her demons.


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