Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

So why all the fuss

about an ergometer???

Many reasons,  but the most important is conditioning.  Conditioning my muscle memory to use proper form when paddling.  Since I am not worried about actually moving a boat in the water, I can focus on form a bit more.  The wobble board conditions me for how my movements will effect the balance of the boat.  I have found I brace if I get a little to far over one side or the other, and its becoming automatic, almost reflexive (maybe thats why they call it a ‘reflexive brace’, hmmm, may have something there,,,  DUH!!!   lol)

Conditioning for distance, and since this thing goes no where, time is how I am conditioning there.   Set a time period to ‘paddle’ and how I adjust the tensioner makes a difference too.  Usual incremental build up on time, adjust tensioner same way: build up and push limits.

I WILL be ready for this coming season, even if I can’t get out on actual water very often.   While that may not have won the last race I was in, I do feel I would have seen a much tighter second place than I did.   Then again, maybe it was hull designs in competition then, not just paddlers: seeing how he steadily pulled ahead of me the entire race,,,  Dunno, but I do know I was not conditioned for race and felt every pull on that paddle the next few days.

Now, the pulling the rabbit out of a hat and fixing Buffalo and NOT ding my work schedule.   Yah, I could have started pulling her apart today, but something told me, hold off, use the coming weekend to do it all.  A three day weekend, I should be able to get, if not finished, on the last legs of such, and if that happens,,,,   Whelp, the J.O.B. gets a call and I take whatever time out I need to get finished, and will work out the details of what needs paid and how much after the fact.   The fact that I usually double(or more) the minimum payment, gives me some flexibility in budgeting, though I bite the bit when I get pinched enough that I am forced to do the min.   Doesn’t happen very often, at least it DIDN’T happen very often, but with the way things have been going with inflation, and decreasing hours due to slow-down,,,, A slow-down I might add, in part due to other people feeling the pinch and tightening purse strings,,,,    

Makes you wonder if the WonderEconomists at the Fed even have a clue how things work.   OR, if they do know and this is malicious intent on their part (which would fall in line with the ‘great reset’ the schwabbies and davos crowds keep crowing about.)

ok, back to the ergometer for a minute, still in line with the ‘feeling the pinch’ thing.   Doing this, I figured some stuff out that wasn’t very clear in the videos or the plans I purchased from some dood in Ontario. ($7.04 USD).   SOooossss,,,,   I have been taking mad pictures, measurements, detailing certain sections, like that tensioner ( it uses all of the parts from the original machine with only one replacement part, the wood guide.).  I am heavily detailing making the ellipse wobbles.   I had the original cobbled up wobble board with a simple arc and it was highly unstable: the ellipse is still spritely, but reacts much closer to how a boat does as it approaches its ‘secondary stability’.   Yeah, I plan on posting up the plans for sale on another page here, and possibly (really should, but need vid editing software and,,,) making video of it in action, and detailed vids of some of the details (also part of the sale package, but need to research how to do that without using Utoob,,,)

I don’t expect to make a lot off of it, but a little something is better than nothing, AND, as Bruce said, there may be a way to turn this into something a little more lucrative in the local paddling community.     (and my next one will be even better, as I figure out whats working, what didn’t, and how to streamline the process.  Those ellipses are tricky!!!)

Ya know, B and I joke often enough “If I could find some way of getting paid for doing this, ” while we are out paddling around.    Too old to chase the whitewater scene like Dane Jackson, but the Sea-kayaking thing,,,   Hell, look at the graybeards in some of the Autumn Gales videos,,,  Sea-kayaking seems to attract the higher age ranges.  And I look in the mirror and see WHITE bearded me,,,,   running about 50% white on the top too,,,   Ain’t gettin’ no younger.

And if I could get paid for it,,,,, 


3 responses

  1. Mike

    Howdy Bro. Good to see ya getting it together on ‘The Machine’ so’s you can stay in shape and improve for the upcoming season. Listen, I wuz looking for a tip jar or sumthin’. All I see is the books (just ordered ‘Flying’ cuz it looks cool – I like that kinda book!). Am I just being a rather blind dumb a**, or is there not a tip jar?? If not, that’s fine – I’ll just hafta buy books!😉 I NEEDS an excuse to buy more books – NOT!

    Bummer ’bout the Buffalo, though. With that kinda mileage it’s hard to fault it. Good diagnosing, there. Most don’t have a freakin clue how to do that if they can’t hook sumthin electronic up to just tell ’em. Could always be worse🙄

    Y’all take care,


    November 28, 2022 at 5:32 pm

    • I had to think about it, cuz I DID have a tip jar at one point,,,
      I dropped it when PP started their tantrums with Conservatives, and I never established a new one. There is an Zon link for gifting me stuff, but I know thats not quite the same thing, but the royalties from book sales help too. Of course the zon sits on anything headed my way for three months, so’s they can collect on whatever interest may accrue is my guess.
      So no, no tipjar at present.
      Thanks for buying Wings. Heres hoping you enjoy it and I swear to you, I AM working on its sequel,,, (as mentioned here often enough ,,)


      November 28, 2022 at 5:57 pm

      • Mike

        LOL! F*** PP!!!!!!!! The Zon ain’t a lot better, either. I can see from the summary of Wings that I’m a’gonna like it – spod’a be here the 1st. I’ll letcha know what I think – but it might take awhile – I only got about 5 or 6 dozen (or more – likely MANY more 🙄) in the backlog. Dang, I hope I stay on this side a the dirt long enuff to finish ’em!!😏 I just might, if’n I’d quit buying the blame things!! Dam if I don’t keep finding other ‘stuff’ to occupy me besides me books! Gotta do something ’bout that.
        And – I’d betcha that the Zon sitting on the $ is for ‘Zactly that reason! I’m a check some of the others that ya have listed too. And yeah, I’m a dead tree book fanatic – none of the other descriptive terms seems to do justice. Don’t want a dam ebook either, unless that’s the ONLY way I can get it!

        Y’all take care,


        November 28, 2022 at 6:36 pm

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