Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Hear Universe laugh,,,,

ya wanna?   Make plans,,,


I geared up so that I could hit the river after work today.   Not grumping since it made the hateful kold mornin’ a little more bearable.  I was wearing the stuff that I would wear under my wetpants/drytop combo underneath my work garb.   To clarify, I wear cotton stuff for work since cotton holds up better to spat burns than synthetic materials. BUT, cotton is a total crap-ass watersport material that will help the water try to kill you: the stuff under my jeans and longsleeves was polypropylene, and works wonders at cooling and warming a body.  

SO, All ready to hit water and get some seat time in, run through the whole day doing all the stuff I had cut and notched, but had to ‘take a break’ and head out to a clients homestead to ‘fix’ their powered gate.     Simple fix, turn it back on.  (had this problem several times, the caretaker will let the gate open then turn off the controller so he can come and go as he likes, but then forgets to turn it back on, and the client thinks its broken because their remote won’t close the gate.). Get back, back into the welding scheme and wrap up the last frame I needed to make.

And the sun is setting,,,,

Water time?  Not today boo-boo,,,  Universe laughs,,,, (and no, there is NO WAY IN HELL, I am going to try boating on THAT river in the dark.   Way too many downed trees, UNDER THE SURFACE, that can cause you issues.)(AND I have boated in the dark, and its kinda freaky, and not a good freaky,,,)

And i know if I take BJ off the racks, the weather will turn to summer overnight and,,,,

Yeah, thats just how it would work, but as soon as I went to put her or Lizzy back on the truck, things would turn Mucky, or nasty with a quickness, and that Arctic Freight train would come screaming back down the line, straight for my neck of the woods.

Leave the boat(s) in place, stay prepared for chance, and thats the plan.   Tomorrow will be out right off since its a shortened week and I will have to make a bank run, and I know it will be full dark by the time I can ‘cut loose’.   Then of course we have Turkey day right on its tail, and that entails much running around, like said turkey before they tossed his carcass into a freezer truck.

Ah, but there are a full three days on the tail of that and YES,,, I’ll get out because the alternative (insanity) is too horrible to think about.

And MAYBE, convince a brudderbyanuddermuther to join me,,,,   MAYBE, Possibly, ain’t gonna hold my breath,,,,(far more involved in that than I can or care to divulge without his permission,,, and I ain’t gonna ask,,, just keep it mum.)

different road ahead,,,,

Has any one else noticed how silent things are with the Poly-TICK-ians the last week or so?   My “something is up,,” nerve is twitching, HARD.    

Good?   Bad?    dunno, the nerve is not that kind of accurate, but its usually dead on that something is about to ‘turn, switch, escalate, something”.

Keep your nose and ears to the winds, we may be entering that twilight zone epic where the lizard people show their manual “How to Serve People”,,,,(Its a cookbook you fools!!!!)

It could be due to that link I posted in my last post, or it could be that the gravity of the STEAL from this (s)election cycle is telling them “shut up, sit down and MAYBE, the people will ignore you when the hemp rope starts swinging”.   OR, maybe its that just that Turkey day is on us and its best to just ‘give it a rest’ before Bubba Bufford, Mr Commoner, gets fed up with the Shit-show festivus they keep trying to sell.

I’m gonna spend the rest of the night digging around and see if I can find something to clue us, but I have this feeling, whats coming is gonna be a surprise to even those that THINK they have it all under control,,,,


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