Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Usual tuesday slump

busy day at work, but a slump in the writing thing,,,

Only so much you can add to the fray, and I have had so little time today being able to catch up on my usual reads, that what I have to add can be summed up in 

Kitteh kibbles.

Worth about that much too,,,

Finally have contact info for the kid that up n faded last weekend.  Seems his lease was up (end of month) and he had to panic move (why he was not at work on Thursday) because the landlord had found another tenent,,,

or sumpin,,,

I don’t blow the story off, but I have seen too many instances where excuses are easier than boning up and telling the truth.   Just how many times can one attend their own mothers funeral?   Not saying this is ‘that sort of case’, but will note the circumstances, and watch,,,

Three strikes you’re out, right?

And this kid strikes me as deserving of three, unlike some of the turds we get,,,

Told bossman and son years ago, “don’t have me lead crews, because I will fire every one of the jackasses before the day is out”.  And I have fired a few.   ‘Sit in the truck till we are done,,,,”   This job isn’t hard on the brain (unless you are the fabricator trying to make the impossible happen,,,,): you punch a hole in the ground, put in a pole and fill with concrete,,,   The rest is details, and the crew leader is in charge of making the details happen.   If you can’t perform the first part (punching holes,,,),,,   

We get many that find that ‘difficult’, and not just because its physical labor,,,   Had one guy that no matter what you did, he could NOT drive a hole perpendicular,   It was always at some goofy ass angle.  Put him one a hillside and that hole would be angled down hill.  

Fortunately, I rarely have to lead crews, and usually its one person sent out as an assistant for me because I have a lot technical details I have to attend to, and drudge work, like cutting trenches for wire feeds, would add hours to an already long install.  (installing powered gates and all the sensors and security devices is one of my many hats,,,)

So, Swapped contact info with said kid, He did have my intro card with my phone number on it, but lost track of it during his panic move.   And yes, he claims he is still wanting to kayak.   I’m game mostly because I truly prefer having that back up, especially as I gain familiarity with a new to me boat.  (I’ll take Blue Jean out on anything and be comfortable, Lizzy or Duh!k,,,  not so much, not yet anyways.). Back up in this case is “if you see the bottom of my boat and see my hands, get the bow of your boat near my hands ASAP, I’ll do the rest.”.     In the case of our first outing, I will be spending more time with him, showing him paddle strokes, sweeps, and reflexive bracing.  He won’t have a skirt (don’t have one that will fit him snugly, skinny ass kid) so wet exits will be easy if he fails to listen or gets too cocky.  Not that I see him capsizing since he will be in BlueJean and she is the most forgiving boat I have ever owned.   But ya never know,,,,

Time to play catch up and read what section of the world is on fire today.   I know I have been hearing warnings of Nuke exchanges,,,,    Same old reaction I always have with that one: “if they do, all I can do is hope to survive it or die quickly, and if neither is in the cards, I’m gonna find some way to take some of them with me before I get too far gone.”.   It’s not like I have any controlling influence over those with the keys to the canned sunshine.  If they give that nightmare a spin,,,,

More tomorrow as I get caught up at work and caught up in the world,,,

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