Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Gonna need a vaca

Not from blogging, but from work, home, etc.

I need to go someplace where seakayaks are a thing, and get some professional training.

Love the boat, but, its WAY more seakayak than my skills are up to.

And admittedly, going solo does LITTLE TO NOTHING towards inspiring confidence, and sadly, solo is my norm.

She’s fast. Bloody FAST. The top end shown was my normal paddle stroke and its a full 2 mph faster than Blue Jean wih the same stroke. I never pushed hard. The low moving average was because I spent A LOT of time in shallows playing with edging, hip snaps and laybacks trying my damnedest to get comfortable with how Liz feels.(I was on water well over two hours but ‘moving time’ shows 20 sumpin minutes) Better?Yes. Where I need to be? Not even close. The fit is much better with the hip pads in place, but I am still adapting to the whole ‘knees together’ seating. None of my other boats are like that, not even Duh!kee. And its tossing me a hard left turn I haven’t figured out how to negotiate. (I know B: seat time, seat time, seat time,,, whaduya think I’m doing out here. 😆)

Still a barefoot paddler.

I know of a couple places where I can get that training, but ain’t a one ‘close’ Great Lakes area, Charleston SC, Savanah GA, or Floriduh (in your area Big Country,,,) so a vaca would be classes ($$) lodging ($$$$) and loss of income during said time ($$$$$$$$$) So, I has some figurin’ things out to do. If I want this (by gum you frillin’ know it) and I cant get more (supported) seat time locally,,, I will have to seek outside help.

On the upshot, the water was very pleasantly warm today. Downside was the weather didn’t hold and it was pissing down while I loaded up to leave, and I won’t ‘fart around’ if there is no one here to make that call of 9oneone if shit goes sideways.

Experience trumps education everytime, but ya need the education to get experiance sometimes. This is one for me. (And I probably already have some bad habits that need removed, and why I am struggling,,,)

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